The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 10, 1996 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
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Thursday, October 10, 1996
Page 16
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C2 THURSDAY. OCTOBER 1O, 1996 T PERSONAL HEALTH HEALTH THE SALINA JOURNAL Smoker's face Another reason to quit the habit The doctor could tell the patient had once been an attractive woman. But now, though only in her 50s, her face was etched with wrinkles, her features gaunt-looking with prominent underlying bones and her skin shriveled and gray with purplish blotches. Diagnosis: smoker's face. JANE BRODY The New York Times 4 Dr. Douglas Model of Eastbourne, England, added this condition to the medical lexicon in 1985 after surveying 116 patients and correctly identifying roughly half of current smokers by their facial features alone. The distinctive characteristics of smoker's face, which makes people look far older than their years, were present in 19 (46 percent) current smokers, 3 (8 percent) former smokers and no nonsmokers, irrespective of their age, social class, weight fluctuations and exposure to sunlight. Dr. Jeffrey B. Smith, a senior resident in dermatology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, recently reviewed the effects of smoking on the skin in the journal Dermatology. He studied 311 reports of smoking-related skin conditions. Smoking damages cells and tissues in so many ways that it can have myriad effects on the body. Among them are these: • Wrinkles: "For some patients the threat of wrinkles may be a more powerful motivator to help them stop smoking than the more deadly consequences of smoking," Smith wrote. He explained that, as with skin that is overexposed to sunlight, smoking causes thickening and fragmentation of elastin, the elastic fibers that are long and smooth in healthy skin. Smoking also depletes the skin's oxygen supply by reducing circulation. It decreases the formation of collagen, the skin's main structural component, and may reduce the water content of the skin. • Skin cancers: Two kinds of skin cancers, the more curable squamous cell carcinomas and the often lethal melanomas, are influenced by smoking. Smith said that although smoking did not cause melanoma, smokers with melanoma were more likely to die of their disease. They are twice as likely to have advanced disease at the time of diagnosis and are more likely to have their cancers Smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day more than doubles a man's spread within two years of diagnosis, probably because smoking impairs the immune system. • Other cancers: Cancers of the lip, mouth, penis, anus and vulva are also more common in smokers than nonsmokers. Smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day more than doubles a man's risk of developing penile cancer. • Delayed wound healing: The problem of slow or incomplete healing of wounds associated with exposure to cigarette smoke was clearly demonstrated in laboratory animals in the 1970s. Then surgeons began reporting on similar problems in patients who smoked: larger scars in women undergoing exploratory abdominal surgery, more complications and skin sloughing after face lifts and a much higher failure rate of skin grafts, for exam- risk of developing penile cancer. pie. The more and the longer patients had smoked, the greater the likelihood of impaired wound healing. Even resuming smoking during an uneventful recovery could lead to adverse effects. • Psoriasis and related disease': Studies of both men and women with this unsightly and discomforting skin condition have shown that smokers are about two to three times as likely to develop it as nonsmokers. And the more cigarettes smoked, the greater the risk. Palmoplantar pustulosis.a difficult-to-treat skin condition that resembles psoriasis, occurs only on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The skin blisters, then forms a scaly rash. It occurs almost exclusively in smokers, and it does not necessarily go away when the patient quits smoking, Smith said. • Oral lesions: In addition to smoker's face, there is also smoker's palate and smoker's tongue. The tars and heat of tobacco smoke can cause tiny red pimples in the mouth that result from an inflammation of the openings of salivary glands. Smokers also often develop depressions on the surface of the tongue. Potentially more serious, however, are lesions called leuko- plakia, which are about six times more common in smokers than in nonsmokers.. Although benign, these white patches in the mouth can become cancerous. • Buerger's disease: This blood vessel disease results in poor circulation in the lower legs, causing skin problems like burning, tingling and ulcerations. T VISION LOSS Diabetics must protect their eyes By The Associated Press Too many of America's 12 million diabetics are neglecting the precautions needed to protect against the vision-robbing condition called diabetic retinopathy. These precautions are especially urgent for persons with juvenile-onset diabetes. They are at greatest risk of retinopathy. But the precautions are also important for adult-onset diabetics. Undetected and untreated diabetic retinopathy can cause severe loss of vision, even blindness. Fortunately, ophthalmologists have a number of tools that help preserve vision for diabetics. Good control of blood pressure and of blood levels of fats and cholesterol are important, but blood sugar control is the cornerstone of diabetic retinopathy control. Treatments for advanced diabetic retinopathy can include laser therapy to seal leaky retinal blood vessels or prevent development of new vessels. A number of studies have shown that laser therapy can prevent loss of vision. In severe cases, surgery called vitrectomy may be performed to remove overgrown blood vessels and scar tissue caused by retinopathy. _A_ FREE WINE TASTING "0" TEN DIFFERENT WINES • DANCING AND POLKAS ALL THREE DAYS l rfiT T U T LIVE( TOURS OF THE WINERY AND VINEYARD LIVE GERMAN BAND ON SATURDAY 2-4 PM LOTS OF GERMAN BRATWURST, HOT DOGS FOR THE KIDS, SOFT DRINKS, AND MUCH MORE Authentic German Dinners Served both Friday & Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. Wine tasting starts at 7:00 p.m. Reservations Only 913-825-2515 1-70, NINTH STREET EXIT, THEN THREE MILES NORTH ON OLD 81 HIGHWAY. Come see the many sides of Sears V MEDICINE Many use lysine to fight fever blisters DR. PAUL DONOHUE North America Syndicate Dear Dr. Donohue: Both my wife and I suffered from cold sores until we learned that lysine can be helpful. We have used it for decades. I take a pill a day; my wife takes two. When we feel a fever blister coming on, we double our dose. In several days the sores go away with no scabbing. Why is lysine not generally accepted as a working cure for cold sores? We think it's great. — " F.M. Dear F.M.: You have placed me squarely behind the eight ball. I often am reminded by readers of their personal success with lysine for cold sores, which also are called "fever blisters." I look into the newest literature each time to check my facts for a response. Lysine is an amino acid. In laboratory observation, it seems to slow the growth of the cold-sore virus. Yet, controlled follow-up studies with humans never have proved effectiveness against cold- sore outbreaks or their duration. The letters keep coming, however. I cannot in conscience and in the face of science offer the implied approval of silence, much less outright endorsement. So I must leave the lysine story stuck between the anecdotal approval of my readers and scientific doubts such as my own. Dear Dr. Donohue: My granddaughter; age 9, was diagnosed with herpes in her eye a couple of years ago. Now she has it again. The eye doctor prescribed Virop- tic drops. I am concerned for her sight. How is herpes spread to the eyes? Is there any way to prevent its recurrence? — H.W. Dear H.W.: It's the nature of herpes viruses to recur. The virus can find a lifelong home in nerve cells, leaving the nerve-cell lair from time to time to cause infection. How did your granddaughter get the eye infection? It usually happens through self-inoculation. The common understanding of "inoculation" is of a needle injection. But it has a broader meaning. Transmission can occur from touching a cold sore loaded with the herpes virus and inadvertently touching some other body part with the same hand. We call that "self-inoculation." Anti-viral eye drops such as those prescribed by your granddaughter's doctor usually are effective in controlling an infection and preventing serious eye damage. No one can guarantee there will not be a recurrence. If the eye in- volvement recurs, your granddaughter would need the eye drops again. Loss of eyesight, while a real threat, rarely happens. Dear Dr. Donohue: What exactly is a D and C? — L.N. Dear L.N.: "D and C," among the most familiar initials in surgical history, refer to "dilatation and curettage." In a D and C procedure, the cervix, which is the lower entrance to the uterus, is stretched a bit. That is the dilation, which permits entry of the curet, the cutting instrument, into the uterus. With the curet, the doctor gently scrapes tissue from the uterine lining for subsequent microscopic examination. D and C procedures often are performed to explain abnormal vaginal bleeding. The microscopic examination of the uterine tissue can be informative. For example, cancer cells can be identified. Suspicion of cancer is not the sole reason for a D and C, but an important one. Jean Curry 2737 Belmont 823-5129 We'll always be there for you. Shelter Insurance Cos., Home Office: Columbia, MO MISS AMERICA HOMECOMING CELEBRATION PRATT, KANSAS ~ FRIDAY/SATURDAY ~ OCT. 18-19 Ticket Order Form: Miss America Luncheon (Oct. 18) $15.00 Ticket Deadline - October 14 Miss America Banquet (Oct. 19) - $25.00 Ticket Deadline - October 14 Miss America Gala (Oct. 19) - $10.00 Mail Order Ticket Deadline - October 14 Will Call Thereafter (316) 672-5168 Add $1.00 for postage/handling Total Enclosed: $ Miss America 1997 Tara Dawn Holland Friday, October 18 - Miss America Luncheon Pratt Municipal Auditorium ~ 12:00 noon ~ Ticket Required $15.00 ~ Catered by Larkspur Restaurant of Old Town, Wichita Saturday, October 19 - Miss America Parade Downtown Pratt ~ 10:30 am ~ Everyone Welcome! Saturday, October 19 - Miss America Banquet Pratt Municipal Auditorium 6:00 pm ~ Ticket Required $25.00 Method of Payment: '• Check/M.O._ Credit Card#: -VISA MasterCard Exp. Date: . Mailing Address: Phone: Send by Oct. 14 to: Miss America Homecoming Tickets „ . . ... . . in ... . . _ . „ „ c/o Miss Kansas Organization Saturday, October 19 - Miss America Gala Performance Box 8611 Pratt Community College »_„„ KIS ,*,<,.. 9:00 pm ~ Ticket Required $10.00 Pratt, KS 67124 Premier Installation ecause Saar* cares, we're remitted to providing you icked the right! '-' - Idecorwool. Congoleum on sale! save $ 2- $ 17 sq. yd J Plushes • Textures 1 Sculptures • Berbers All rugs on sale save 10-40°° All vinyl on sale tr\°' save 10 ° MAhNINGTON :JWEAR-DATW A c A B p E T (Armstrong MILLIKEN S'lAlNMASTHk I MIX 'Excludes special purchases which are nol reduced and Buyers Besl Buys which are at low everydo $ 139 6-It. 6-ln. X 7-ft. 10-ln. Rtg. «IW Buy 2 and save an additional 15* Children's Imagination rugs. Interactive rugs for children. Choice of patterns. 62521 save $ 50 Marrasheen decorator rugs In rich fashion colors. 100% nylon pile with Mlllguard protection. Additional sizes also available! 52532R, 52552R, 52572R, 52542R, S2562R, 52582R 199. 149 99 S-fl. x J-lt. 5-ln. to 6-lt. x 7-lt. S-ln. Sp.clal pmchgw : Continental rug collection. Choose ! from traditional or International •, patterns. Includes shapes and runners. Made In Belgium. S9092R YOU CAN COUNT ON SEARS FOR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK Thi* advartiiamant inriuriat n, anv reduction*, Hem wo* not reduced. Exclude* limited offer* L, a . f ,°. u ' r tf",!S! S??J a .L?Ll»ii?. nd li«K.2°''19' n 19 1 !yp'Xou' •r'vwiMi f«wiwiivtw* Qnd iiwitiv u low price. Item* at mott larger (tore*. Outlet Sear*. IMPORTANT CREDIT DETAILS 7 Sale'i'tax' tSB? u/f 'I"**** 1 ' P nvllonm « n ' al «urcharge* delivery or Initiation not Included In month*i a « W 5 !l y to fi2. v * ad «9ua> »tock of ly payment* «hown. Actual monthly payment £?M*h'"'* d lf l m f' w ^? n ? ut ,°'u"°? k .! OCCUI - mav »• » l| ahtly hlatw In VT and may vary WUSSSi S«5?5*!>.« !«'•#!•*, "" 2 >. o ftEffr' on Wurort account ba!ance V ntage dls- $400 minimum purchate required to .»»...,».y item at the tame peiwvmuye ai»- counl If the Item wa* reduced, or J) an equal or belter Item at the advertlted price It the SeariCharge PLUS account. 91996 Sear*, Roebuck and Co. . open a

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