Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1907
Page 8
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m P TELEPHOICE TOUR WAKT AD8. TO | FOR RENT—Farnlshed down stalra THE REQISTER OFFICE. As anv accomodation, the Register receives ttds for Jt8 want columns over tbe telephone, but expects the advertiser to:calI at the office and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too smail to warrsnt the e-xpense of a collector. Telephone vbur want ad to either phone. Xo. 18 or and it<} will receive careful- attention. WAMTED WANTED—Two .voung men to board and room at private house. 4ui South Firsi. WANTEI>—White House. cook at Ida WANTED— Com 105—13 Gas city. huskers. Phone WANTED— Farm hands. A. B. Mull. Ca^jyle, Kansas. MAN WANTS to do house cleaning. InqjOre 601 South Elm stfeet WANTED AT ONCE—Expcrleuced chambermaid at Arcade hotel. Uuud wages _to right party. .Tooms for boaaekeeplns* Walnut OH LOST LODBE KNKIHTS OF KACClBEESr- Knig^ of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nights in each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander; R.B.Por­ ter, record keeper. W. 0. Camp No. 101, meets In K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele. C. C; A.H.DaTls, Cler* Visitors cordially Invited. OIGHTS OF PTTHU'S^Neoslto Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. ol P. Hall. VislUng brothers invited. W.S.Thompson, CO.: Chris Ritter. K. of R. and 8. H. W. A^Tho M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in itf. W. A hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. H Anderson, V.C; W. A. Cowan, Clerk WANTED—House cleaning to do. Phone 1112. WANTED—second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second stret WANTED—Stock to winter. Call on or address Guy Turney, lola. WANTED—Good. - sound ynung horses wanted at The lola Veterinary Hospital. See W. A. Frazler. WANTED—Boarders in private family. Have modern house, newly ^furnished. Inquire at No. 1 liast ErwiB. foil SMU "§UUUL eSTATE FOR SALE CHEAP—Two houses, good improvements. Reason fur selling, going away for health. 7«0 .Voilli Cottonwood. FOR SALEJ—My four-acre tnicic patch, good four roomed houso. unc mile from square. Alex Miller. FPR SALE CHEAP—Seven room, modern cottage, two blocks froni square; short time only. Uruce Arnold. FOR SALE OR TR^VDE—A good Arjunsas farm, well improved and stalk. For further Information inquire at 412 West MarUn. BOTAX NEICIIIB0B8.-Iola Camp. No. 86S, Royal Neighbors, meets sec ond and fourth Tuesdays ot each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 West Street Recorder. F. A. A.—Golden Leaf Council No. 468, F. A. A. meets first and third Wednesday nights in each month ID K. P. Hall. C. B. Lacey. president; Misa Mab'le Rhortack. secretary. FBATEENAL BBOTHEBHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 rneetd second and fourth Tuesdays of each month to A-O.U.W. Hall. VislUnj members cordlaly tovitod. W. H.An- derson. president; Golda Elam, secretary. The wedding announcements^ also disclose the fact that Bill Kretsinger's name is ^really. William S^ueL' As has been the rule for several .vears th# ' liabfUties of the-' Missouri University football teani- seems to be greatly in excess of the assets.' ?lew Toric Society Jioted. Prom the N. Y. Eyerildg Telegram. Miss Rosamund Street daughter of Mrs. William A., Street, is considered the most expert dlabolo player at Hot Springs. Va. Jfr. and Mrs. J. Plerpont Morgan are still at their estate in Highland Fails. Mrs. Morgan who arrived from • _^ loneer wa llv« the more we a aua 'pliys Aroqntl beyond tbe.fact t2iat fhe Is «s8liy'aiamMd. Evelyn Thaw won't tell'ber story next time. The trouble with Evelyn, however, Is that, sbe told it. the last time. ^ The really happy man Is the one who gets as much joy oiit of life as the college sophomores gets out ol his pipe* . Pretty hard to tjell nowadays whether you are reading a report of the condition of the W4shburn and K. D. football teams or the result of a collision between passenger trains. ranged to open her house, Madison Avenue and Thirty-sixth Street, about the middle of November. Miss Julia Cooper and Mr. Schuyler Schieifelin have decided to be married manages to be married two or three I times. 'We have noticed that the manager acnieneiin nave aeciaeo lo oe niarriea - baseball team alwavs thinks he I'i"l!-=fI„^"~ ^A^^^^^^^ S gUrto^irbutTe ^ma ^nSTr 'ol the residence of Mrs. Charles Cooper. Graberoy Park. Mrs. Vanderbilt has as her guest at her villa. The Breakers, in' Newport Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton McK. Twombley. Mr. and Mrs. John Wy8<»ng have i. football team Is always pretty sure that his team will be beaten. Another peculiar thing about a man is that he is never half so particular lu picking out a father-in-law as he decided to return to New York next I'" selecting a bon-in-law week from Hot Srings. Va. We have noticed that u wUe will nearly alwa.vs forgive her husband foi gambling—If he wins. We notice .that a good many iiuople wh(t consider this department CUHPHC Grover Cleveland's ailment has been variously diagnosed, but the real trouble with Mr. Cleveland is that he is getting close to the ond of his string. There-Is a good deal o| talk about I taking the bull by the honia. but uur are! reading Three Weeks with Intel- j advice to you is not to try it est.' Near St-nator Gore's ilieoiy that ihi- farmers should have free I'aniiing utensils is faulty iu one respect. Fariulug Isn't done with utensils. It Is our experience that nothing iiukes a homely man so "sore" as to hear a woman refer to another man .IS handsome. FOB SALE—^Mammoth Uronze young turkey toms. Pr.lce $3 .ou to 15.00 If taken soon. Maple Lane Houliry l^^lin, Bronson, Kansas. Junior Order Untted American Me chanks.— Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A Wldlck, Councelor; C. B. Black, Rec Secretary. BUSIHESS amBOTORY JEWBIJCRS. B. F. Pancoust, old reliable Jeweler. 110 East street STAMMER. Complete court at thi* best ncboo for stammerers in Aiherlca at one- half pricei this fall and winter. Whlt« for information at once. McKie Schoo! for Stammerers, 2706 East 12th Street Kansas City. Mo. Register TTant Ads. Ic a Word. fOK SALE CHEAP—Pony. .N'orth street. Phone 1005. 507 FOB SALE—Household goods. Call phone 1170X. FOB SALE—Heavy team, wagon and harness. 1205 North Sycamore. FOR cheap. SALE—Two Going away. young cows: 107 North I'Irst. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE— «40 acres In Hodgeman county, Kansas. Only three miles to railroad; aao acres fenced. Price 115.00 per acre. .\lso 200 acres gas laud near Thayer. Neosho county, Kansas. Price $6< J.<H) |ier acta. For further particulars, see L. Hobart. FOR SALE—^Two large jinnies, four and five years old, and a young black jadL Inquire O. K. Livery barn. La Harpe. Kansas. Phone 16. FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe f«ir lady to drive. Inquire 8'a2 North street. POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Because its the Best Ac^e|>t No Other Wm. Oberdorf, Agt. Emkin'm Hmrdwmre Ammunition put up to rumply with the pure feud law. hfi iSunth Kentucky. Pboue 123. A Kansas City preacher *iys the best time to be married is right after the Wednesday evening prayer meeting. It probably Is If you want to avoid a crDwd. We have noticed that a man always has a few suggestions to make after he has watched a woman alight from a street car. I'omplimentury to This Uepsrtroent. A Topeka woman who has just returned from an extended stay in New Yerk says the .New York men are the homeliest in the world. .\ good deal of trouble is avoided by the fact that a man cnn't come back and kick on his tombstone. Science wants to know If animals reason. Here is an opportunity for people who own dogs to tell it again. Still, it Is probably safer for your boy to play football than it is tor him to be mistaken by a hunter for a deer. Plans for strengthentog the Mis- I sourl University football team are being discussed. A change iu coaches I might help some. You will notice incidentally, that the plan for the opening of the Jaihestown Exposition again next year was sug- There is some talk of chaiigiiig tiie wedding ring from the third to <he r;*';"°'""" .^^^^^ little finger. We have always c.^ienC -lf^^^^^^^''^^^^^^^ ed that the proper place for the wedding ring Is the nose of the man who buys it. One i>r the prettiest girls in town has decided not to go to parties thi,- whiter bpcause the man in tbe case can't be here. This Is a fine exhibition of loyalty, but the girl can take II from us that no man is really worthy of It This department Isn't much of a sport.. It has so far refrained from betting the udual twenty-five ceuts on the proposition as to whether the current number of Scribner 's magazine is as dull as ever. It has been discovered that a diet of prunes will cause falling of hair. WTien a man wants to attack something that is perfectly safe he takes Having ocasjonally to refer to the ^ ^ cigarette, .society columns of the Topeka papers. ^ i" <• ' ^ we are curious to know just when the statute of limitations Is going to run on the recent Whatcom-Stonebridge wedding. "l was the only child in the lainily.'j said Jay Swisegood yesterday, "and 1 didn't come along till after the tardy bell had rung." Br.van says nine-tenths of the Ke- uubllcans are Democrats and do not "tuow lu It is pretty hard to be a Democrat and know an>-thlng at the same time. The .Ministerial Union says Topeka is "dry." or words to that effect. The Topeka newspaper;! are also making icP'iBlonal contributions to the dream FOR SALE—Mare, «>30 North .Main, Gas City. FOB SALE—Choice Uuroc male pigs. For sale cheap, if taken soon. A. B. Mull, Carlyle, Kansas. FOR SAIX—Sideboard, dining table and chairs, cooking and beating stove, washing machine and other household goods. 811 North Jefferson. FOR SALE:—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street FOR RENT—Furnished rooujs for housekeeping or sleeping. 212 West Madison avenue. Evans ^os. rjnm i 0ftlot wUm Where quality Is main consideration, we buy the best Where demands will justify, we carry all grades and prices. ¥fm SoUoM totm Ti SOUTH SIDE SQUAU FOR RENT—Two good oflice rooms. CaU 10% North Washington. FOR RENT— Furnished rooms for gentlemen. Mrs. F. J. Oyler. TO RENT—Office rooms In the Steven^n budding. • riIItIST.V.l.S PKESE.\TS .N'othings better tlmn a magazine for a friend. Kor your magazines see 4. E. HE>DEBKO>. IMiune 4U y. Buckeye. Unfortunately, however. Sim ^Vatt 'sli ^j"" term in the county jail will expire long' before the next meeting of the Falri ^ ohlcasha nmn claims he enlisted .Assocuiiion. |,„ jj^ujy eleven years .1, J .1 . .. ij.. . , "Id. The Chickasha man seems to We find Uiat when a politician real. to the rccnUtlng­ ly knows a things he says he doesn t. ..^ t^^. reporter, and the rhanees , . ... . . nre that it was the reporter. This department notes a reeeiit reference by Col. Matson to the cadowy.' Of course. Col. Matson was speaking of the 'kldooey.' The best of us fal' into oocaslonal error. If a man has broad shoulders the women are very apt to think he is {'good looking. Daniel (Juggeuhelni says there isn't •lis a girl and weighed 3 pounds i ;',-4 ounces.' writes a happy father to this department. Every father imagines that the weight of his liaby is of considerable importance to hlii friends. The short sleeves are to l>e displaced by longer ones, bnt at any rat*; we have learned just how ugly a gii I's elbows are. A Bold Step. To evereome the well-grounded ami reasonable objections of tbe more intelligent to the uae of secret, medicinal compounds, Dr. E. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. ¥., some time ago, decided to make a bold departure from the usual course pursued by the makers of pnt-np medicines for do> oestic use, has publlihed broadly to the whole world, a full list of all tbe ingndlents (MiUop of his widely Tbuti he has taken James Chapelle l« worried because the route of the Topeka-Soufhweslern railway is laid out through his farm. Mr. Chapelle seems to be more credulous than was generally supposed. cast and snd com entering ln> celebrated r The New Pure Food and Drug IJJW. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, colds an diung troubles Is not affected bv the National Pure Food and Drug" Law as it contains no opiates ,or other harmful drugs, and we rec- .trens and patlenU jnto jommend It as a safe remedy for chlld- Tbns too he has re- net from amonc secret -c-rx .donbtfnl merits, and made tbsaMteMciUn <tf Known COmpottkm, ren and adulU. Burrell's Drug store. DEVELOP OIL FIELD AT KINC.MD. Good Showlnit of Oil and (JBK Made This Wwk. Jiife|[^^g8li<j^^wii|ii^^ On^UghtntmingWbHet ThikiitfaeNb.27A«taautic ;Lift,Swen FRMit Whhe. hff 'a gijrdl machine and Jiinade ; fiofc thioK whodcsire an extra fkeartkk. Sofnethingtiniqtier httt at tbe saine^ime a thorougWr practical ihachine. Let us show you Why a White is more Con- vement, will rim Lighter, will Make Less noise, will Sew Better and Last Longer and is Prettier than any other machine. We also have cheap machines from $5 up. Look for tbe Flag. A. W. Beck, Proprietor ^H£ ilCGEST •TOCK SHANNON'S To Be Sure PERFECTION SAFE CQNVEHIENT ECONOMICAL t(7oar dealtr don't iMmOe it, wriiA (o -me STANDARD OO. COMPANY Tbe p3 .stor of the U. B. church. Rev. IMisamore. desires every nfember of his church to be present next Sunday morning. LivinqstoD Co t^ontraetnn ani BKIMITS. Alt khids of work « tpeclatty • aoetli jSjcamora. Phoas mi bottle FOR BENT—Furnished house, modern! Apply this office. i ^ts Economy I To have yotu Cartiels and Btigs cleaned by 'JheiabRif Factory rMONt JH)>'T HEAD THI8. UM [es .s ou are seeking flrst-class In- veslmeuts. There will be fortunes made this fall in listed meritorious .N'evada Miiinlg flocks. The recent decline has placed tbe market in position for the biggest boom iu many years. Our advailce iuslde Information turn ished for a portion of your profits. Write at once for full particulars. THB ^IM?IG FlNATfCIAL BrEEAU OaUaa^ CaUferoJa. Kor Bale Cheap, Good Farm and City Property.' See tlte THX JinUWKEB USh CO. for quick resnlta. tM Conrt Hons« ttandard medical worl •cfaooisot prsetle^ extrseta from (KIncald Dispatch.) To Frauds Black is due the credit of developing the greatest showing of gaK and oil in the KIncald field. I* iibn~MiairoM *"» of ill the different Saturday afternoon and there Is quite ilor Twy pamer- » showing of gas and an oil flow estimated at five barrels per day. Wlilln tbe output of neither gas nor oil Is large enough to pay the And indlcatog that this well Is dose to a larger supply of both gas and oil. The way the situation presents Itself to us Is Oils: • Tlie gas and oil san^ In this tte WTiMofs'o^ fMdfDI ou« _ _ _ cUent contaloed - gM«f ttMM ^nto toDTs: ^viS^vSSSXSi^J^S^ilSM-\'^»^\ only a few feet thick, and w KECaSTEIC >VA .\T ADS. PAY because In Allen Couniv nearly everybody reads the Register, (iunranteed the largest circulation of any paper in Allen County. - FiTZSERMLO Siormgm atHiTrmnmfmr ' Company OflSce and Storage Wart; Rootn at 1/5 Siregf. Phone 3BB Register ^Vaut Ads. Bring Bruits. FREE TO YOD-^MY SISTER njJ nwts of (reatTsIaetalM that aome bt believe tiiat where this well Is hicaf. nd deHlluted itpmen. were a torsli In fsct. one of the and debUfwed'wpmen. were «» rr»,br UwlDdlaas fersiBflM-sUmcots tffecUnf tbHr Mut*i. mo(t vslusble a tbecopiMrtUoa ^.ffworow iteriac^nto •5 ed Is just on the outer edge of tbe main strata of sand that extends from the southwest to the northeast., and that if a well was put down either to tbe right or to tbe left of this well, gas oould be found in paying i]uantlty. which means that KIncald can bavq gas by putting down two more wells, and perhaps It oould be found) by putting down one. • i ^ An effort Is belnfc made to raise' ^ ]enough money by aqbscrlptlon to put' - dpw«. a well in the city an dwe hope 'tile effort win be successful. Fr*«.<o You mtk* KVMV SlaMr *«tf> tortas from Waman's AflnMr:U. 1 know wonun^a au !r «rlns&. Ifaiv«faandtlie«ur«. . . I T.ih n»Jl. free of an;/: chonje. my ^*>B0 Vnt^ TicsA vdth ^Jl! laatmctiona to u>r !!»«««•» .CtoM ollKitnts. I wnnt to tsll sH i»oiivn.'aiioat tills eurc-O'Ou, my roaJcr. for younaU. tour dkt«ht«r; your inolHcr. or jot.r .'.L:',cr. I yi%nkto toll yoftliow' lo c::re yr.nnclvrei nt ti-jmo witkoofe the l(»Ii>. a< a rtocUT. M«.Tcannot uriderstiyid wanMo'a sulfarins.^. Wh*t wo woraan \>^-r frmnexTcflMiJe, wo know tctur tJ>a:< Bny tl -y.rxr. I icnow that ntr banatMst* rxmt. to n "rafo .-uiU cure cinp Jar Uacan'IWM «.^ WhltUb dkcharccs. t&crttlM^. DimbceuMtoc ^SS^'crri^ T ' aUe pains in the {wad. back and bowcaTKirtif dMm (ccUnzi. n«rv<W|saM*. cre««iK iMm^Mi wavfaMil. dcidiMrH^ t>i«M<>r trotiHsa whom caaMd nufciMSlH paeuUar taoor Ms. 1 want to Mad TOO a completo ten «nt 'a j mat csuraiy tfee topiovo Mna tt«[tyw»j ^M^ttlh^^adWwtbWMattfitarearetlnmadVea athome.'; Every wonan abodU, ban H; i

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