Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
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TOIOXE X XCMBER tSS. EIGHT PAGES. lOLA, KAKSAS, XOTEXBEB 7,1M8<-SATUBDAT ETESUiG. EIGHT BASES. noci TWO oiliiL i m MONDAY NIGHT THE PIAXS FOB THE BATIFIC'A* TlOIf WEBE COMPLETED TODAY. EX-8ENAT0R LAMB MAY SPEAK mnTATION WAS EXTENDED TO lATES CEXTEB OBATOB TODAY. 6M Hons and Bed Fire—Local Can- dilutes to Talk—Band, Black and Tan Quartette. MOTION OVERRULED FOR BRIGHTER lOU XATTEB-OF MPSABCH POBTLAND BOOSTEB CLUB DETEBXIXES THIS BECEIYEBSHIP UP 1> COUBT. SHALL BE SPOTLESS TOWX. Ptatatlffs Motjaa to Contlnne W. S |A BIG MEETW6 LAST NIGHT Orerroled-Xotlon Was Then With drawn to File >'ew One. CLUB MEMBEBS ^ADE SP,L£yDID ADDBESSES. ' CANVASS IS SLOW C03niISSI0 >£BS WOXT FDTISH UMIL LATE TODAY. UID THREE PRECINCTS ASIDE LAKE UNDER GROUND MAJORITY GROWING IT WILL IMPEDE WOBK 03f THE BEPUBLICAN VOTE IX lAHSAS, PAXAMA CAXAL. XOT YET COMPLETE. The conunittee, appointed at the Bepubllcan city club meeting night -before last to arrange plans for the ratification^^ Monday night, met this mbmlng and completed the details. A committee was appointed to circulate a paper around town for subscriptions to: meet the cost of the celebration. There wDl be qultie a little expense attached to the affair and it is hoped ^asking time to search for evidence that they did not now know existed. |Xo Partkolar Date for '^'leannp,'' Bat It Means Xow—Talk Insnnnce Bates in Citj. When the matter uf an application for a receiver for the Monarch Ce- nieut company, of Humboldt, came up in district court this morning, the Gaynor Engineeivng comiiany. the plaintiff in the action, asked that the case be' continued until the 23rd, James A. Cole of Kansas City is the chief counsel for the plaintiff and he ^hc Booster club held an enlhusias- set up m his motion for a continu- meeting last night. It was well at- ance that he had been too busy In the tended, and a number of the members Jackson county Missouri circuit court speeches. A numbeh of import- to secure evidence In the case. a''^ matters were taken up and dls- Wm. Keith, of Wichita, attorney for ^asaed and it was shown that while the defendant, in resisting the motion ^^^^°SB do not make much show ou the for a continuance, said that according to the motion, the plaintiff was that every Repub,lican does his part. li.,L. Northrup. chairman of the Republican county central committee, and president of the city club, told the members of the committee that after they had circulated the subscription paper to come to him and he would give one fourth of the total I amount t-bey had raised. Plans were also made for plenty of noise and Illuminations. If Ihe funds hold out about 600 horns will be purchased for distribution among those who take part in the jollification. lied fire will be placed at each corner of the sqoare dtiring the cVfening. He also opposed the continuance on surface, much is being accomplished. - Among the matters discussed was a proposition to make lola a cleaner and brighter city. It was suggested that each member of the club make it the ground that having a receivership especial care to at once clean up case hanging over the company work around his residence and place of busi ed a great Injustice upon them" and he ^nvi keep them neat and tidy. No thought it should be disoosed of. particular date for a "clean-up" was Judge Foust refused a continuance. The engineering compaay then with drew its motion. This leaves it open lo file another mom}u for continuance and it will probably be filed today. It will be remembered that the Gay- designated. It is to be a concerted movement ou the part of the club to carry out the slogan, "lola. the city bcauiiful." It is not lo be taken that lola is a dirty cit.v. On the other hand, this city is one of the brightest nor people claim that the cement and cleanest In the state, but too great company is indebted lo them to the an effort in this direction cannot be extent of about tSO.OOO. that It is In- °iade. tolvont and has much out::tanding In- The matter of insurance rates was A public meeUng will be held cither debtedness aud ask that a receiver be also taken up and discussed at some at the Grand theatre or Majestic, iho place has not yet been decided detia- At tJIs meeting the "W. O. W. and the Black and Tan tette wUI furnish the music. . There will be also au abundance Itely. battd appointed. The cement people s-ay they regard the suit in the light of a joke, quar-j claiming that they owe the engineering company nothing. .Alillcr and Clifford of this city arc length. Another meeting of the club will be held lu the near future. ELECTIOX OFFICIALS MAKE MIS TAKE SEALIXO UP CERTIFICATES Got Them In With Election Returns— Travb and Judge Foost Carry Woodson by Over liO, OWES HIS JOB TO TAFT. of good Republican oratory. In adUI-j assisting the Gaynor people, while E. tlon to local speakers, an invitatiou ^V- ^I>"Jer Is heiping Mr. Keith in the has been extended to ex-Senator G. ca^^H. Lamb, of Yates Center, to make an address. It is believed that hcj can be secured. The candidates will j also make talks. The Republicans of lola and .Mien A. Goldberg Employs R. Bisiiop Since Taft's Election. NOW 111 NEW HOME PUPIL THREATENED TEACHER. lEd. Shannon, Colored, in Jail for His Misconduct. Ed. Shannon, a colored boy living In Baesett, was arrested yesterday by James Frederlckson, marshay, charged with 'having attacked aud threatened his teachers. Miss L<eeka and Miss Lee, of the Bassett school. Shannon was taken before J. B. Smith, judge of the juvenile court, and later sent to jail to meditate over his wickedness. It Is said that Shannon has been refractory for some time, causing much trouble. An ofilcer warned him. but it seemed to do no good. Wednesday Shaunon, It is alleged, was up for pun liAinent for some Infraction of th<-. rules. He resisted aud threatened th-? teaebers' with a rock. His arrest 07 Marshal Frederlckson followed. ment Xoi«. comity are highly jubilant over what a„^„„^,j „d tandy Mannfac was pracUcally a clean sweep in Ua-, ^ Operating Every Depart- tlon, state and county, and tli€y are ^ expecting to have lots of fun. Thcj streets will be alive Monday night •wiVb: Republicans rejoicing over tli /1 great victory at the pol!s Tuesday. Brownfield and Davis, caudy manufacturers, have ccmpleled their move into their handsome new two story brick building ou ICast Madison avenue. Every department of this firm's big business is now in splendid work Ing order and the great volume of businesti which was temporarily interrupted because of llie move has beeu resumed with increased facilities which it is expected will be adequate to fulfill the requirements of the firm's growing business. lower floor of llic building W'heu business men said they would employ more men if Taft was elected they were telling the truth. Some time ago A. Goldberg, the lola junk dealer, told Ralph Bishop that if Taft was elected he would employ hfm to travel through Kansas and Oklalionia to buy junk, but if Dryan was elected •hc^would not need him. This morn ing Mr. Goldberg ctosed a deal with Mr. Bishop, carrying out his agreement, and incldentaly showing that he has confidence in the business situation under a Republican admlnistra Hon. EMPEROR WILLIAM IN AUSTRIA. A Visit to Francis Joseph in Vienna by Germany's Ruler. HOW Ift THIS FOR LUCK? GARNETT THE VICTOR. lola Basket Ball Team Defeated Scor* of 42-24 Last Night FetyOpossum Walks Right Into the Arms of Billy Groomcr. '•Billy Groomer, tie well known col- "^ored man, must carry a rabbifs foot or charm of some kind. The morning after the election he arose early and started ont to his bam.' When he Pfissed out the door of his house he soUeed an animal coming toward him. It kept right on, turning neither to -the ieft or ris''::t As its outline became more distinct he saw that it was . aa^ opossum. Did Groomer let him •WBt- Kwrny? . Not much. You knoir i^UHs- ' ^ XJTiumber of spectators. . A ShorifTs SalCi ^ . ibedff C. O. Bollinger tSiis moro- iiM ^i ^iwid at the south door of the tte O. L. Steinman home- imUal^ « Jadement secured L JSartagB Loan Ass6ei»f The'total amonnt i*^ cotts WM lUM.- rniQi ud KfMBkoQBep;^ On the are the private business offices of Brownfield aud Uavis and the retail deijartment. Urilliantty lighted and beautifully finished and furuibhed they make a haudtome aud inviting appearance. The upper floor and ^ase | ment are devoted to manufacturing and stock rooms. The equiiiment Is modern aud compleit; iu every respect, placing the factory in the same class with the large cltji institutions. Brownfield and Davis are two of Ida's youngest business men but by their untiring energy and ability they have built up one of the most successful businesses iu this section of the country. The factory commands business for miles around and brings mucli money to loia. Vienna, Austria, Xo\-. 7.—Emperor William of Germany, arrived at the castle in Schoenbrunn, a suburb of Vienna, at 6 o'clock tonight on a brief visit to Emperor Francis Joseph. The coming of Wi'liam is regarded as a demonstration of German good will toward the Austrian attitude on the Near Eastern question and the pub- in large numbers to cheer his majesty. Lutheran. Regular Lutheran service with preaching in German In the G. A. R. hall Sunday, November 8 at 2:30 p. m. Ittvltatlon to all. J. W. WERUNG. Pastor. Miss McDowell, of Garnett. is visiting La Harpe friends this week.' by THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight and Sunday; imoderate temperature. Data recorded at local ofllce, U. S. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago: Yesterday Yr. ago Garnett defeated lola in a closely contested game of basket ball at the Y. II .0. Ai last night The game was Interesting throughout and waa watched with much eagerness by a large The score was 42 to 24, an]} the lineup as follows: lola Garnett Osborne forwards H. LewlslMInimnm temperatnre W:-.celer Forwards Brown | PrecIpltaUon, 7 p. m. 2 p. m 71 69 4 p. m. ...r 73 66 8 p. m 67 60 8 p. m. C7 57 10 p. m 56 54 12 midni^t , 51 61 Maxlmtun temperature ...74 70 ...45 S7 ... 0 0 Ifelson Center .. Boot "... Center S. Osbom^ CkiaidB Bobb B. Lewis S a. m. Potts 4 a. m. 6 a. m. Today Yh ago .48 43 ...40 Vailley Ball Tenrght. 8 «. m. .....^43 The loU business men's volley ball 10 m. m. S6 Mttpi will play the Hmabold^ team in 1^ noan 67 tli« 7, IC Or A. fawisbt mntmaOan, J 9^ n. ... 0 SI 60 60 63 63 The official canvass of the returns is proceeding slowly. Tbo commls sioners will likely finish the work today, but It will be late. It was thought yesterday that they would get through today noon, but the count bad dragged along more slowly than was er pectcd. Both Republic's and Dem ocrats are staying with the commissioners, watching their progress. Mucli interest. was aroused today when it was learned that the board has laid aside the returns from North and South Elsmore and North Geneva to be taken up after the rest of the eicclioa results gone over. It seems that Iu the above named precincts the election officials Instead of sealing up the certificates of the election in the .separate envelopes provided for them, to be directed to the county chairman of the parties and the county clerk, sealed them up with the returns. This was not noticed until the returns were brought to the county clerks office where they were oiicned by the officials of Micse precincts iu (he presence lif the county clerk. It seems that the commissioners want to consider this I matter before canvassing the vote iu I those places. ! Tiiosc wlio are interested in the ad option of the Barnes high school law have been watchhig tiic vote on the measure closely. The country precincts voted against it. but the indl cations are now that the cities will pile up a sufficient vote for the proposition to overcome the vote in the country. Not including North Geneva, North and South Eismorc, the country precincts gave a total vot^ of 603 against the law. But Humboldt gave it 155 majority, LaHarpe 08 and Gas City 08. It is expected that lola will give it a majority of COO. Hence to beat the proposition the three pre- cnicts which have not been canvassed would have to give a majority of over 288 against the proposition to beat it. It is thoguht that both conslitutiop- al amendments have lost. Frank Travis received word this morning from Woodson county that the full vote was now In there and that he had carried the county by 142 votes. Judge Foust carried that county, it is said, by a little larger majority than this. FIRE IN AN OFFICE. Thought Sparks Started Blaze Lanyen Company Office.; in The city fire department was called today to put out a fire whlcl) was started in the Lanyon Ziuc company office. The fire, however, had been put out by the company's department before the city firemen could reach there. Jhe fire which Is thought to have oiiginated from sparks from a Missouri Pacific Railway company freight train did but very little damage. Water Is Under Site Which Was to Be JJACKSON STILL IN THE LEAO Used for » Big Lock-Will Cost "More Money. I TAFT MAI CABBY VOTE BI FICU UBES CLOSE TO 4»jm, New Orleans, Nov. 7.—.V report reached here today from Colon, Pant^a. that a subterranean, lake'found P*^'" Are 96^-^ under the site of one of the proposed big locks of the Pauama canal at Ca- tun, will result in a delay of set-eral years in completing the canal aud a much larger outlay of money than was at first expected. third of Precincts Heard From. RELIEF FOR POOR Captain Harry Butler of Salvation Army, Planning Work for the Winter. Topcka, Nov. 7.—Returns are still dribbling in at Republican headquar* ters and the longer they come the larger the pluralities for Taft, Stnbbe and the entire state ticket appear to be. /There are 2,225 precincts In the state and 842 of them had been heard from last night These precincts are scattered from one end of the state to the other and are considered a safe basis for a percentage estimate of the Captain Harry Butler, of tlie Salva- 1 entire vote. The returns received up to last uight indicated that Taft's plurality in the state might reach 40.000 and that Stubbs'e plurality might go to 36,000. Attorney General Jackson is leading the state ticket up to the present time. His plurality at the present time la 17,000 and this comes from a littl^ over one-third jit the precincts. • It looks as If 'bis total plurality when all tlon Army is planning an extensive relief work among the worthy poor of lola this winter. It seems the army has been impos ed upon by chronic beggars and other unscrupulous Indlidduals and. the captain, who has made relief work a study, will endeavor to guard against this feature. The army's resources will only .meet tie needs of the. wor thy poor to a limited extent and there of th6 precincts are in, might reach s nothing to spare for professional ^2,000 or 43.000. So far the returns beggars, or to encourage shiftlessness. have been tabulated only on president. Clothing or provisions will only be governor, secretary of state, attorney given after careful Investigation. geueral, state treasuerr and. state aud- The army will conduct a rummage 'to* v''^'^ precincts have - been sale beginning Saturday. November lieard from on state auditor. These 28thi and possibly continuing all win- sivo Nation a total plurality of 16,000 ler. Captain Butler considers this by ^ttd he will undoubtedly have about far the best plan of distributing cloth- tlip normal Republican majority, ng etc. It gives working- people au There is another way of getting at opportunity of securing needed arti- t^e pluralities and that Is by coun- cles which they could not afford to ties. Counts aud estimates have been buy new, it illuminates the odium of coming in ever since election and last charity, it -helps worthy poor people "'eat 95 of the 105 counties of the state had been heard from.. These •rive Taft 34,000 more votes than Bryan and the 84 counties heard from on the governorship, give Stubbs 29,000 dHANGE IN OUR WAY who would not accept charity, it does not take away the self-respect of its beneficiaries, it makes the relief work partially self-supporting and should there be a profit from this branch ofl'i'orc votes than Botkin. work It will be turned into the general fund of the local corps. A special room will be secured for relief work and ^ suitable person put In charge, and all of the charity work of the arm^- will be done tbrougli this department. Every application tor] help will be considered, investigation made and worthy cases as far as cou- sistent with their needs- and the de- nartment's resources. The public is invited to coHjperate with the army in Its charity work with donations of money, provisions, clothing, etc Address, Salvation Army, or phone 943. Bert Taylor Disposes of His Interest in Restaurant to His Brother, Guy. A change in one of lola's populfr business firms occurred today when Bert Taylor disposed of his Interest. In the Our Way restaurant to his brother, Guy Taylor. .Mr. Bert Taylor will go to Parsons where ne wiy enter the employ of the railroad. The Taylor brothers came to lola about a year ago, have built up a fine bosl- KANSAS BANK MAY PAY OUT.jness and made a host 6f friends. Mr. Bert Tay,lor, on leaving lola^ ha§ the best wishes of all who know him. r Mr. Taylor was well pleased with his business here, but was compelled to leave on account of <bis health. He takes a position as conductor with headquarters at Parsons. / Oepositors Won't Lose, a Director of Arkansas City Institution Says. GONE AOJOK. Watson to Arkansas City. •W'. T. Watson, bank examiner, went to Arkansas City, Kas.. yesterday, to Investigate the affairs of tihe Arkansas City bank which is closed pend^ Ing examination. It Is said that the failure of a big commission | firm in- Arkansas City left the bank! boldIn|i; many thousands dollars of worthless paper. Wlille It Is believed that the bank will pay out in full to depositorf; It ve-as thought best to close fbr the present. Col. Voglcaong Fined. Col. Geo. Voglesong was fined 919 In police raurt this morning for-attacking H. W%itson hi the court hooM park yesterday afternoon. FettcdIy Not Oullty. A jury in tJie court of Justice J^Q. Hoaifii this afternoon retamed a Te» diet of not gallty in the ease ot ^ sUteTTB. A. O. FOttarlyt.cbwriod with cruelty to anlmilt. i 1 f Arkansas City, Nov. 7.—^The closing of the doors of the Citizens and Farmers' State bank of this city today caused much excitement and gronps of the depositors could be seen |n 4 vfri ~¥aw tiwn Standing about the streeta discu'^slng the affair an day. Where Meant MeCalleeh Stooi Tkere Mr. Sanders, cashier of the bank. y^yf LMi4«Locked Bay. stated today that the suspension of the bank was due to the lending of San Francisco. Nov. G.—Accbr^OK too large a sum to the Wells Produce to officers of the revenue cutter Mc- plant. The bank was unable to real- Culioch. just returned from a cniiye in Ize on the security. The produce com- northern watere. Mount UcCtillpch^ pany Is still In operation. which thrust Its head up from the cen- W. T. Watson, of Tola, state bank ter of Bogasiov Island, sixty miles examiner, arrlyigd here today. One west of Unalaska. last year, has djsap of the directors of the bank said to- peared in the throes of another vol- day that there was a good supidy of canic change. In Its. place, it is said, cash on hand and that the depositors is a land-locked bay three miles wide, would in timo be paid in full. The into which the cutter Rush sailed and eaplti^l stock of the band is 150,000, made soundings. It was found that the and the surplus Is $12,500. W. D. C0B9ISR VCAB. Ballree4 Mas Feaai Bead In Boei a Cblenfe HeteL Chicago, Nov. 7.— William D. Cornish, of ^'ew York,.second vice president of'the Union Pacific Railroad I water showed a depth of from eiflit fathoms at the edges to twenty-flTe fathoms in the center. ^ Monnt HCCoI- loch, which was first seen a year ago, when the cutter after whMi tt 'ii aam- ed arrived off the coast, bad a Mgjit of 300 feet.' KO 6AHE TOXOBBOfW.- Although the management Of: the gO|np»nr| %pd director of inany other Triplets, the lola toot tmll ttinr. ^t*de 99irpor»tlons, was found dead in his «very effort to'saotre tor Uk- II thja Anditorlnm Annex early to- morrow, no open 4Mtm «daM be day. Dehth appareiitly was dne to found, consequently 'tbere i*Ut 4!» »» betrtdiMwr. lame St Becttte Mi1c?tBi^pri «v. Try.'tilt Itoflitar Want Ad. Way.

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