The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1951
Page 3
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W, t951 BLllflEVILU! (AKK.) OCRJWBIl HEWi PAOB Tactical A-Bombs Won't Exist Until 1953-McMahon 2,000 Physicists Hear Chairman of Congress' Atomic Energy Group CHICAGO, Oct. 26 W—It prob »b(y will be two or three years before we have tactical atomic wea pons—bombs for use In battle. This was the Interpretation some scientists placed on the talk of Senator Brien /McMahon (D-Conn.) last night before about 2,000 physicists—the scientists who make and improve on A-bombs. The senator spoke at the dinnei of the American Institute of Physic; whose members are holding thi world's greatest physics meetini here this week. He is chairman o the Senate-House Atomic Energy Committee. The dating of the new weapons was attributed to McMahon's remark—"our men cannot fight in 1951 with new atomic weapons which will not exist until 1953 or 1954." The context for this statement was art explanation of McMahon's proposal last month calling for $6,000,000,000. annually for the next several years to expand atomic weapon production. In a news conference, McMahon was asked whether It Is possible to convert our strategic (big) bombs W Into tactical weapons by splitting r^ .them up into smaller weapons. "Obviously," he replied, "what you put in you can lake out arid split UD." He refused to be specific. His reply was taken as further confirmation of the recent reports that we have succeeded in making smaller atom bombs. He said that the expanded atomic weapon program which he proposes will not be a substitute for conventional weapons, but he said that It would enable us to reduce some other military expenses In a year. "Next year," he said, "we should be able to cut back on a considerable Quantity of long range equipment." Asked for examples of such cut; 1 he said: "We would not next year star building a new TNT plant, or a new tank factory. "Our problem is to integrate at omic weapons into the defenslvi establishment just as fast as » can. We must help the military develop a concept of integration o this atomic fire power into our mill ^lary establishments." <W^ Asked how the H-bomb will at ' " feet the expansion program he re plied: "Our work on the H-bomb is per fectly consistent with this pro gram." HAL tOYLE'S COLUMN Seen from Lower Berth, America Is Wonderful And Exciting Adventure Tour* Orrfw Gtts Rid Husband — and Razor Bladtt in M, Too Railway Express Will Up Rates WASHINGTON, Oct. 2«. (AP) — Tlie Railway Express Agency haa received government permission for an 11 per cent general increase in its express rate. 1 ;. The company had asked for increases averaging 25 per cent. The authority, granted yesterday by the Interstate Commerce Commission, would allow the rale hike on 15 days' notice to the public. The increases will apply to all -. types of shipments except dally ^snevspapers, milk, cream and • A corpses. . Although the commission estimated the new rates will increase express charges by $$9,650,524 a year a commission official said this "' not take the express operation out of the rf d." ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP)—Amerca Is a wonderful adventure—eeen from a lower berth. You can roll up the country you love and see it speed by In the night. Maybe It is darkness, or magic, or middle-age, but it always gives me a thrill. The excitement I felt at traveling on a train at the age of 12 I still feel at forty. You would think that ing around so much, seeing guys sell Imported needles In Baltimore trying to peddle the United Nation! goal of a free world in Dubuqui well, you would think a man would either stay juvenile or become cynical. The truth is that neither happens. The United States still is drock base of optimism. And the lolce Isn't therefore so simple. You ay as young and eager as life firs .ught you. People are spying In near place nd dying in far places to preserv ic basic American goals. What they achieve, nobody ruly measure. But lying at night in a lower berth i a railway car rolling across th ertlle fields of our land, one can ot escape how far they stretch ow much they mean, how empt icy must be right now for thos •ho used to be 'there and now ar omeplace else, holding the Amer an line afar. It humbles you quite a bit. Th road acres of harvested grain surg round you. washing away like rai hrough smog. This is the heartland of our tim he cultivated acres you see from ower berth as you speed across th growing places, lit by the fires of he spaced but unsleeping muscled jaunts of steel. In summer you can bookkeep the housands of fireflies as you wheel Other times you can count the music of the wheels—that where George M. Cohan got the idea theme ,r "Over There." A train gives a feeling of movement. That Is' why riding a lower jerth makes you love your country more. You roll up the curtain in the night. You look out at the landscape that other people own, but somehow it belongs to you and you belong to it. It flashes by in the night ... a darkened barren farm ... a neon sign selling beer . . . while bulbs welcoming the high school crowd to hamburgers after the basketball game - . . ft silent store with white flaring signs saying "Buy Color Television Now." ... You lie stretched out at ease, you in your lower berth, and gaze at: the troubles and victories of your, time as the. communities and people wtiizz by. It is all part of you. . . And all so far away. You are part ; of. it" all and yet away from It all. Lying in that law- berth you are as separate as if you were in • Jet plane flying toward the Yalu River. There Is a fat man puffing himself to sleep in the upper berth above you. There are two stem lady ileunen wheezing in sleep beside ou. You »re all knit together as the ain wheels on through the night— nd yet kept apart in Purian priv- cy by the tradition of i green cloth urtain. Looking out »t night from the oft white meadows ot a lowei serth, you gaie at America, the lov d land too wide for tny eye to hole r any heart to cup. Wide and wasteful It streams by too much lor you to spear in th dark, too wide for daylight under landing, just America, seeking vorld focus, Its many empty acres Tying for employment In a crowde world LOB ANGELES, Oct. M. W)- Mrt. Hope WLsdom obtained a court order for her estranged husband, Champ, to move out of their house and stay out. alter she told a woman Judge yesterday that: She didn't mind so much when her husband got booted up and threatened her with a butcher knife. But it made her nervous when he put ra»r blades In her bed, OSCEOLA NEWS Bj Betty* NclU SUrr Mn. Cud"* I* Speeker Mrs. Pr*nk Sander* wu [uect speaker for the Garden Club when It met In the club room Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Sanders topic, "Orow Houseplants to Add Distinctive Foliage to Arrangements" by containers was filled demonstrated with. house- Good Habit formed THE PAS, Man. (/PI —Vera Ann Spencer must have one of the best attendance records of any Sunday school member in Canada. Now 16. she started going to Sunday school at the age of two. Since she was 5, she hasn't missed a week. Texas has 168,230 miles of hlgh- Or so It seems from a lower berth, ways. plants from her own collection. The members brought flowers from their gardens and containers to make arrangements before the club members, Mrs. Bruce Ivy was awarded brass container from her arrange: menl for * little girl's room. The container was in wedgwood blue and the flowers she used were pink baby rambler roses. Mrs. r. O. Gwyn received honorable mention for a black wooden bowl filled with mushrooms and sprays of Johnson grass. The Garden Qlub's project for the year' it to landscape the library irouncU. Kach member contributed oward this project and work will begin Immediately. At the close of the meeting the hoitessu, Mrs. Lloyd Goclley, Mrs Louis George and Mrs. David Laney, served refreshments. Centering the refreshment table was a large silver bowl filled with yellow and orange marigolds interspersed with white ageratum. Mn. Ohlendorf Kixteu Mrs. Harold Ohlendorf Invited five guests for luncheon and afternoon of canasta in honor Mr. Ohleudorl's mother. Mrs. D Ohlendorf, on her birthday. The centerpiece on the dinln table was an arrangement American Beauty roses compli meriting the table appointments. Those attending were Mrs. A. W Dowen, Mrs. B. M, Klncalde, Mix Blanche Cleere, Mrs. J. H. Hook and pink sundaes were served. and Mn. S. D. Carpenter. Blrlhdiyi Celebrated MM. Roy Cox and Mrs. Nathan Weluberg complimented their son nd daughter, Gene Cox and Lynne Weinberg with a dance at the Hut Tuesday night. A carnival theme was carried out i the serpentine and confetti dec- ratlons. Sixty boys and girls celebrated ,ynne's 12th arid Gene's 13th birthdays. At Intermission, the guests were seated at small tables tor hot dogs and iced drinks. Bridge Club Meets The bridge club of Mrs. Joe Cul- !om, Jr., met at the home of Mrs Bettye Nelle Starr Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Melvln Speck won high score Mrs. Wade Qulmi second. A dessert course was served. Leigh WHJy Honored Mrs. Leroy Wildy Invik-d n boy and girls Monday afternoon to hel[ her daughter, Leigh, celebrate he fourth birthday. The children were given Hnllo ween favors and gnme.s were playc in the yard. A tiered birthday cak Mrs. Melvln Speck Matated M*. Wlldy. Mr,. SUverMatt Hoetee* Mrs. Billy Sliverblatt ent*rtekt*4 tier bi-monthly club Wednesday fterrxxm with a dessert-bridge. Quests playing with the mem. ers were Miss Boo Balloue and rfrs. Earl Putch, of Ocali, Fla. Pall flowers were used in the Ott- 'erblatt home for the occasion. Miss June Rhoadea won higbj score and Mrs. Sam Hodge* w«* second high. Spaghetti Sueper Mr. and Mrs, William Bard Bd> rlngtou are giving a spaghetti supper at their home Saturday night complimenting their week-end guests. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Crane, of Memphis state College. The affair Is also being given for the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Edrlngton, and Mrs. Madeline Campbell Mr. and Mrs. James W. Campbell of Belleville, 111., Mrs. Eart Putch. Ocala, Fla., and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Plannigan. Memphis. Locals Mrs. Anne Richardson had u her weekend guest MLss Pat Ingram of Memphis. WARNING ORDER Acme Equipment Company, B. E. Company, Hannan supply Company, Hlggins Incorporated. The Sterling Brass Company, The Texas Company and N. O. Nelson Company, Inc.. are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty (30) .days next after the date of publication hereof, to answer a complaint filed against J. W. Fraser, themselves and others by Blytheville Federal Savings & Loan Association. Dated this 25th day of October, 1951. ' HABVEY MORRIS. CLERK Marcus Evrard, attorney for ptf. 10,26-1112-8-16 For PieFlrst Time In All History .EXCITING NEW CREAM SHAMPOO CURLS, WAVES HAIR IT'S ALL IN ONE... Safe, New, Instant Curling vMCfnf CiM • • • Amazing Cream 4cft»//y CrYes Soft natural-looking, long- lasting Cur/* and Hfavt* While You Wash Your Hair A successful hair beauty scientist has juit discovered an amazing chemical that actually curls and waves hair without permanent waving, and blended it into an amazing new cream shampoo. Now while you shampoo out dirt, dust, ncesi oili and loose dandruff you shampoo IN personalized curls and waves that flatter you best... a halo of soft ringlets or a loose, natural-looking casual wave. Mariene'l New Hair-Waving Shampoo is an entirely new principle that's at easy u shampooing your hair, but the wares and curli jtaty in. No worry about split ends, no dry, brittle, fuzzy hair, no conditioner, BO special extra shampoo. Not * ware set. No heat. Leaves hair soft, mintgetblc, fairly glowing with new life and luster. And you can try on our money biclc offer that proves every word beyond all doubt. Ewyttwng Btended into One Wonderful New Cream Shampoo Yes, Marlene'* contain! The new, iaft niir-wtving chemical. This *afe j him poo actually impacts soft, lovely, manageable oirlj and waves aj it washes out dirt, exec? i oils, dandruff Kales. All you do it ibampoo with Marlene's New Hair- Wiving Shampoo. You need nothing else. Then put your hair up in your regular curlcn, or *« in pin curli. Preito! When hair is dry, the wire is io> and k will last and lull Get MarlenVi todty. Safe for dyed or bleached hair. Wonderful for children's »fr, fine hair. Ide*l for dry hair and oily hair alike. Pint shim- poo must wave your hair H it givci yew the finest shampoo you ever enjoyed, M return in 10 day) for money b*ck. MARLENE'S HAIR-WAVING S HAMPOO KIRBY D ' u < 406 W. Main Phone 4591 WARD WEEK BIG REDUCTIONS ON BUILDING NEEDS Wavy Edge Siding—now reduced 10%. Storm Windows save fuel—reduced 10% Reg. 4.25 Asbestos Roof Coat., 5 gal 3.77 Reg. 1.25 Semi-Gloss Enamel. . 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REG. 6.95 CLOSET SEAT 5.88 lominotecl hardwood, •namlrVMih. Sfror>o,y»« RgW ant ***- Went o-ddiorwo'p.CWome ptotod hinge. REO. 109.50 JET PUMP 93 . 50 Wa ' low W '* JO* Oowa on T*ra« Ixduitvt BakeHte Impeller fof high tapacHy wr* qu^t operation. Pumpi up to 500 gallon* p«r hovf, up to 22 foot lift. Includes 20 gotlon tank on4 f — •rob. Of»-fovrth HP motoc, with i

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