Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 8
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Any $15.00 Suit In the liouse. epecial price tomorrow Al-y $1*0.00 Suit, special [irice ,\ii.v .?-'l '..".0 Sull. ^•i»eclal inlcc ' .\iiy S-JCM^ Suit BiJfcial price Any ;!0.0<.' anil, special iniir Miy .Suit, s^itecial price Any UKW Suit. .•;j>eoial iirlce ?!.'».^iln.•cial ifiiCe .V fev. SiK-Mi .lacliet Suits in ali color.s. wyrili up lu $oo .0U. Clioi :e..*Wh We Kubw Kabo Consets to be the best Corset in the world for the money In one feature. They haven't any competition v/hatever and that Jn the eyeless. Kabo'Corsets have lio brasa eyelets to rust or corrode and Kabo Cor- scfs ure the most perfect fitting Corsets made. All new models in Kabo .Corsets have loni? hips and liish busts iiiKiirins a perfect fit in (he late^-t style i ;o\vn?. Th« new dirertoire niod- ei !ias ]oi\i: hips and back, hi-^h buht and extra wide biipporters attachetl; price *{-*0 Oilier Kabo Corsets priced at !jl lo !?.'» We also carry a completo line of Xenu) and Thoinp^jon ' Clove ritllii^ Corsets at §1 .00 lo, JSIWO IIMVK tOTTOX TAFFKT.V rETTl- ( O.ITS 0.> SXhK. $1.1'.'. I'elticoats on sale for iH>v $1.0 Petticoats on sale for A sjwcial sale of perfect fUtlng. populaj- priced Munsing Uudemear. women and children. If you liave never .worn Munsing Underwear, try It now. wh^ the price is not only as low Jjuit lower than you have ever known .Munsing "VJ be priced. We offer this sale as an inducement to you to try .Munsing Undei-wear: once worn, always worn; for fit and durability. Muii- sin^ has no equal. Siiecial prices are for three days only, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.. ' r >Oe .Mun.'^ing Underwear on sale ... •. lie G.'jc .Munsing Underwear on sale Mc Tr.c Munsing Underwear, on sale 59c Sl .O 'i .Munsing ' nderwear on sale 8 .JC .Mun.sing I'ndcrwear on sale .... $1.05 ?i $1 .50 .'.luiiriiiig underwear on sale .... #1^ S\.", .Munsing Cnderwear on sale.... $IAS •.'•3 $2.0 'i .Munsing Lnderwear on sale . .. *1.6.> ii .Munsing I'nderwear on sale ... .... ?2.15 V'l $:;.oo .Munsing Underwear on sale .... *2.15 f ^ .Ml iTic I'lidcrwear on sale for. iU: .\ll :'.."ic Underwear, on sale for. Special sale of .Muslin downs, embroidery trini- ui'.'d. C.'ic value on sale for lic $J .2.> Cowns neatly trimmed, on sale for b9c SHOF:S A special tale of Mioses and Child- rtn s School SUiocs. lufaiils' l^.'.c Soft Sole Shoes on sale lor 21c r.Oc Soft Sole Siijcs on sale for... 12c Cr.o Tnrn Sole Shoes in black and tan, s-liecial )irico .lUc T.'ic Infants' Shoes reducecl io....Wc S".e Infanis" .Siio^s jeduccd to ....(!:?c ::iie Iniani.-' Siiots rodnccd lo G7c $1.00 Iiiiants' Siioci reduced to Sic .•?l.l'r> ]nfaiu>" .STiocs icduced lo 9Sc Sl.'o'J Children":! Shoos icduced to $1.±I SI.T .'i Cliiidreii.s Shoes reduced (o $1.45 f-l.W Cliildrcns Sljoe.s reduced to $1.«J» •$L'.LT> Childrcus Shoes reduced lo $I .S!) .<J ..'.0 Cbildrens Shoes rodticed lo $lM9 $.J.OO Chiidreiis Shoes reduced to $2.1.j ljuy'.s Shoes, s.ize i ^'i: to IJ'i. $l .,"iU quality on sale for ifl.'l 'i :?I.T.". Ikiy.s' Shoes reduced to 00 liu\.^' Shoos reduced l(i....$l.C9 liijy.-,' Shoes reduced to ijil.SiJ $:'..".0 IJoy.s' Shocri reduced to >5i .lft $:;.0() r .oys" shoes reduced to t2.\o RUBBERIZED COATS Hain or shine, the most iiractical Coat of all is a rubberized Coaf- fancy plaids in tan and while or sioy and white, coals wortli .$^.00. and $0 .r ,0. Special' price *5.00 Other values up to #25.00 Swell Tailored Suits in blue, browh an<l green in brnadcloih. seiges .and chevicls, yaiiii lined jacket and fold trimmed skins, iiriced at— i>il5.W», .^17.50, :S*iil.lH), )f±l.oi), ^'2:,M Children's Selsooi (,'oats in good, sorvicablo coiors. size 0 to J'_* years, worth $:!.."••> and .?4.t'it. Imy iliem in this |.i,^ sale ai $2.49 ?(;.'0 as'.d $7. .'•11 iiiaid and iilain color Childien'!: .SeliDol foals, e".eiy one a ^iiiiiiisie Ijar .'^ain: chtiice.... . .ijSMO f'lii'drcns ll.arrjkin CiJat.s. worth ?l '.'iii. i »n sale fi;r ii>l.95 i;far.-:;<ln Ciiris on sale for $2,J9 Ladies I'leece Lined Dressing Sac- diies in I!-.;!:: bine, pink and laii, wurili C'>c. on sale for •19<' Fell Slippers, fur trimmed, all col­ ors, price $1.00, $l4l5 and $1.50 I I Ladies' Rubbers in all sizes 2Vj lo 8, good quality, low Instep rub­ bers, regular COc value on sale for pair 170 Children's Rubber lloots, wool fleece ^ned. size G to 10 »i, price $IUiO Missc-, size 11 to i', price $1.75 l.«idios'. size 2 '/it to 8. price $2.00 Children's Jersey fleece lined buckle arctic over shoes, size t^ to io'/s, price 75c LADIES SEPERATE SKIRTS A bargain in Ladie.-.' Separate Ski: is blue, brown, red and biacK, separate skirls gored or pieatcd sjyli>y.'; e ,5U- lar price S5.00 atid .^••>..:.0:' on >a!e for. ••iCJ.ftN Special sale piiees (Mi ••-vry seji- arale Skht in the bouse. ."fti .OU Skills on sa'e for Sljil .'i SG.riO Skirls on sale for ^."».1.'» $7.00 Skirts on sale for :i!."i.:»9 $7.r.O Skirts on .sale for ^i.m $ti.00 Skirls on sale for $(?.25 .$'>..'.ii Skins on salt ff-r ^!.li9 $!t .oo Skirts on sale for.. $7.»Mi .<!'.."•0 Skii-ts on sale for $7.2» $111,110 Skin.- on sale for $7.<;'» Sklr;s oii sale for $7.95 -">:||.00 Skin .'i on sale i'ur .$l-J ..-.0 Skirts on sale for .^i ::.."0 Skiiis on i-a!e fur $9.95 .<l.^..(ii.i Skirls ui: sale for $n->9 §i7.."nt,Skir:.s on sale for $1;L.1(> Kichly iriiiin'.'d .N"ei Waists in .Vral;i;'.n co^or. wonii ^2. no. on sale for $U9 Comforts and Blankets liaiiisa.v's li.ive always been known to be I lie besi place lo buy Comforts and I'daiikeis: you are always sure of finding jus: v.lim yun want and at a saviim in piic;-. Notions and Toilet Articles Handkerchiefs Ladies' new lleudkerchiefs, rullnian Pure Linen, idain hemmed lland- kerchi<'fs. each 5c Per doKcn ."Vt 'ic |: Ladies' I'nlaundeied luiiial lland- X kerchiefs, piiie linen, price each 15c Per dozen $1UJ5 Ladies' Fancy Ciuss l>ar and Stripe Handkerchiefs, made of yood quality Handkerchief Lawn, price each... 5c Ladies' cross bar aud embroidered corner Handkerchiefs Price each l.>c Per dozen $1.50 iPure Linen Cross Bar and Initial Ladles' PuHman Haodkcichiefs, Y-- Per-dozen $2.75 • Neck Girdels .\ew doable rueliinji in cream, jiiiik. I.ilne and while, nv^ra quality silk edge 1"- incli'.'S wire, jiiice an inch.. . .2." P GOc .Special Saie of ,\eck ti'irdlos. l'.">e Girdles reduced to 19r ;].".c Giid'es red!ice<l to 25c .">0c (jirdle.-- reduced lo 39c 7 ."ic Girdles reduced to 19r $1.00 Girdles nduccd io fi'u- Teddy IJears in while and cinnJmon. lirice 75c. $1.00 uud $1.25 Gloves Kamsaj's $l.<.io Gloves are equaled by nolle: once worn, always worn: the best tiiovi- on the niaiket for ihe price ail colors and sizes, price, j)air. .$1.00 Gu(."l l.?lai!kets in S'CS •'^il'e 1''-!, IJIankets ii.^iially f-ulil at G'.c; unr iirire pair 50r lilstia iarsc Wankets in white, grc/ and tan. price, pair $1 .0o Cliildren's Crii) Uiankcis filled with mai.'Tih laminated coiiou. both sides covered wiiii .^uod quality siikoiiiie. I'rice each i $1.00 lleauty Pins, worth li'.lc. on sale fo,- ^ lOc Violet Talcum, wortli ITjc, on sale for ' 10c .Mennen's or Colj;ates Talcum. price 15e -Good quality Fins, full count price Ic Snia'l size ListeriHc. oji sale for 22c Lar.iii: size Lislerine, on sale for •J7c Waste Pajier baskets in beautiful floral patterns, on sale for 25c Envelopes and I'l sheets of paper in beautiful hoUday bo.xes, price ./ 25c, 35c aud 50c r Colgate's or Aniole Shaving Soap, one pound packages, price :!5c Violet V.'itcli Hazel, 50c size 39c Violet Witch Hazel. l '5c size ..19c Ur. Grave's Tooth Powder 19c Colgaies' Ucntal Powder with tria ^i size Caohmere lioquet Soap, iKick- a^ie compktc 20c Coljiales Palm Soap 5c Sandalwood Toilet Soap 10c ("ntiema or Packers' Tar Soap... 22c Wire Crown Pompadors, with combs attached on sale for 25c Perfumes and Cologn, GOc quality ou sale for 39c Children's Hose Supporters, black or white, price pair 10c Good quality Toilet Paper, roll ...5c Six rolls for 25c- Sana Dermol Talcum Powder, daintily lierfumed with oriental perfumes, price ; 20c .Vlligalor Coin Purses, woriU 41)c, ou sale for 29c Sozodout or Rubifoam, price 22c HOSI£KY One iot of e:<na ijuuiity heavy rib­ bed Stockings in sizes G to y'j. worth l*Oc j>aii, while they last choice... 15c FXniA SrFCr .lL large size Com­ forts, filled with pure white cotton covered with fine silkoliiio. worth fl.'.n, sjiecial s:ile in ice $1.2t> C.<K)d qiiaiiiy bed Pillows, standard size filled v.iih mixed fealhi>r», price, l^air 98c Fancy ruffled Swiss Curtains for lit d rooms in cross bar and allover de­ signs. Curtains worth %\:i'> pair, on sale for. pair 65c' Lai^^e size Cocoa .Mai Kiigs. for r.iiny da.vs. sijecial in ic,- 75c FiNCY WASTE BASKETS Fancy .lapanese Waste Paper Uask- eis in round, square and octagon shapes, pink, blue, green and red col­ orings in ricii orieiiial patterns priced at 50c aud 75c .Now is the lime ic subscribe for the Delineator: you get four copies of LUiiterick Fashions aud the Delineator one year for $1.50 Spedal Sale of Woolen lOLA, AT(;iI,!SO> ASD riTl-SBL'VU. KANSAS. OUTHBIE, 0£IAHOMi CAKTUAGE, MISSOURI. One lot of Swrges, Panamas, Bril- llantines and Batistes iii^ blue, brown, red and green, regular price 5.0c and 65e. special three days' sale price, .ilc' One Jot of Wide Wale Serges, Fancy Cheviots, Taffetas and Panamas, col­ ors blue, brown, red and green Jl.OO and $1.25 values, on sale for 81c • Uearsklu anjLGi'ey Astrachau, worth $2.25 yard, sx»ecial price flJKi 'i>8-iuch Twilled Cloaking In bright red ^nd delft, blue, the proper thins o for Misses' Coats, price per yard 11,50 'ml Butterlck ;Pattw ;n8 10c Andlocrni^ ivl bJicher. 1 \

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