Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 7
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lei ttie Niiirs OF EA WE 0. W. HAXPTOX HAS PUKCHASED SOrra JTAIS BABBEB SHOP. fjnn!tig3t<rrEMiBity- gift TOOK! POSSESSION AT (^ CE On many a cold winter morning you vfill wake to find the fires "out" what are you going to do about it—sKiver? ^Pire^uc now for the emergency with a PERFECTION 00 Heater (Equipped with SHI^CCICM Devlec) and you 'll have genial glowing heat—instandy—wherever you watrt it—without tmoke or smell—smokeless de- ' ^ vice prcvenli^-tufw the wick as high or as low as ll you like. Easily carried abooL Brass (oat holds 4 quarts of oil—bums 9 hours. Handsomely fin> ished in japan and nickel. Every heater warranted. THE LOCAL SECOXD FOOT BALL TE.UI IS PL.iYI>G iS0B.4X. Xhi XoTember I9th Dr. J. E. ("atlifll Will Lcctnrc Ifi tbe Motbodlst Episcopal C'bnrcb—Personals. Has I'areliastil Barl>er Sliop. O, W. Hampton, ot Gas City, has purchased the barber shop on Soudt Main fctrect anil tias taken charpo. He has l>eeD worltihs in the shop fur the past several days. WJU Meet Tuesday. The local o.rder of A. H. T. A. will meet Tuesday evening of next week. There are a nuiiber of important busi ness matters tp be brought up for consideration. A ^^mm 'w —•^ eruing—fchUia]il.^tlcad7 ^•^^ liglii(orrtadint oriew. ing. Made at tmi. nickel jXalti tni equipped wjlh ike UM imprvnj central drail bnnKf. Every lamp; wanaoleil. B yw dealer doesi'l carry iKe Perledioii Oil Heahr aad Rayt Lamp, write our nearest agency ior dacripthre dicular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (Incorporatca) Are Piajlnc Today. The La Harpc city foot ball t<?atn and the Moran team arc playing on the MacDonald grounds ncirrh of tnc cliy this afternoon. This is the second sninie tn be iila>e(l wiili the Moran team. The first which .Moran won from the victors by tliF'cIosc score of 5 to 0. Trojan Safety Powder MEA>S JrST WHAT IT SATS. Better than any other powder oa the market. >'o glycerine in its composition. Does not freeze no matter how co!d. Absolutely no danger in handling. Use Trojan instead of glycerine and save the lives of your raeu, and your company from damage salts. C^W.Coverdale IGEXT Boom 6, Stevenson Bld^lola BASKET BALL GAi/IE .Vn Interesting: Liae.up lor tlic Two Teams at the Kink. The basket ball game at the skating rink tonight will be between old players and will doubtk-ss be hotly contested. Tlic high school team got their wiros cros ^sed and ih»' game will be between the Auditorium loam and ex-high school plajcrs who came forward to deff-nd the high sthooi^i name. The lineup of The Audiioriuni iucudes Blair, the tall boy from tlx.- short grass country who is attending The lola Business College. He is playing at center and is said to ix? a \vouder. The res!*of the ttam i.s nia'l.' up of lola boys who an- well kiK .v» i: .. 'Kjd baskc-. bail rlayors. Uoi- • • lis. 'Fulton and .Vliou. Th<» i.. lOO. players are. Kef.-. Eplin^. :.rr. ll'-igole and Itankin. The gaui •••111 i l«> called promptly at 7:'0. jooooooooooooocooo PEBFITIES For a fine assortment of Perfiime-s and Toilet Waters s<ie our new line and new orders. Waters & Danforth Drugs and Jewelry. O o o A BEAUTIFIL FACE. O O O O Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7 ;i :t p. m., arrives St. Louis S:2:" a. m. Through sleeping cars. This C train connects wKh tbe cast •bound trains at Kt. Ixjuis. For further particulars call and see us. C. P. Hale, Agt. O Tbe Secret of Parisian Women's 0 Bvantiful l!«mplrxi<>us. O oooooooooccoooooo (I-'rolu Chicago Record-Ikrald) To ihe minds of most wuuivn, Parisian uieiius beauty —.so world- famous ar»i I he ladits of Paris for making theaiselvt.-s charming and beautiful. And yet it is a fact that I 'arisitnneP. xj far features are conc'.rnerl. h:;vt.n': beauliful faces, as a rule. Tlicir beauty consists largely ot iunuacuiate comiilexions. \ii .\iueiican ladv, visiting a friend in Paris, obtained from rier TIJC secret of the clear, charming complexions of French wunien aud says that it is a wash tjiai is prepared ar home and ap plied to the face daily. Obtain at your drug store Ro.^e Water. 2 ounces: Co- .loguc Spirit.=. 1 oaiice; Eiipotone,^ 4 ounces. Put the Eppotone in a pofnt • of hot water (not boiling), and after 1 dissolved, strain and let-cool. Then add the Rose Water and Cologne [Spirits. The above wastfi.s easily and quickly prf'i'arod ai hiaiie. ami is a ^lo^:t de i lightful toilet preparation, barmlcis jeven to a babys face, aud scjothing to tender skins. Its aplicatiun daily will work wonderij with even the plainest comijlexion. transforming »lif sallow and unsightly intu fhe frei^ii, ile !i<afe b'coin of youth. HIS RELATIVES HERE? The Body of D. H. Pingree in a Kan sa; City Morgue. David H. Piugrce ilkd of heart «Jl3- ease yesf onlay at loG Aldiue court. 11.'.', (i' org'.' B. lioini)son, cnromr. h'M jau autopriy on tli<> !M >d.v laAt niuht. .Mr. f*Ingrce's n-Iatlvrs ifi lola. Kas.. wt-rc notified of his doatl). He wa>j a member of tho B'ks' lode. Tin* body Is at Eyiur'h undertaking r<.«mi.s—Th liansas Cfty Star. Tlte foP'BOlnp uferx to Mr. I'lu- gree. « formf-r propri' lor of rhi" Penu sylvauia hotel In thi.< city news of whose death was giv«n In t'.e Itegis- ter yosterday. Itt has^ not yet been Ifamed who the relatives, if an.v, ol 3Ir. Pingree are in lola. Leads on tbe Professor. The Harpe foot ball team defeated our boys on the La Ilari>e gridiron. Saturday by a score of 3'.) rti 0. A clean game was pl.iycd on th» parr of most of the team of I^i Harije. Tiiey had our boys out-clas.sed as to \vti'r;lit tnd practice. They pUiyed one pro- e.'isional. one of rlieir professors, he iaving been paid fer p ayin:; in form- r games. Notiiirig nr-ui'd tfX) ccw- .rdly for htm. He iuteutioruliy crip ,Aed Roy Hamilton by injuri:i!.' his mkle and struck our captain. Homer 'iarta. npon the nose with his fis* A :th such forbe as to break it. .Vs we ^'11 to press the swelling in •(hick- ngs" nose has subsided K< one can •ico the ends of bis mouth :iiid <'yes. 't is exjM'cted that by ne.xt he •vill be able to dres.; hiuinelf an 1 vi»\v his countenance In the glass.—Bron- sou Pilot. ISTEOPATHT— DB. W .0. ALBKICIIT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Bank Didg. ' Phone 145. Only Osteopath In La Harpe. NEWS OF m CHA>DLEB»S DBAT TEAM BAX ATTAT TESTEBDAT. L. D. Gibson Yesterday S0I4 His Interest in Carl & Gibson Butcher Shop to Ills Partner. BEEB CBEEE. 7 Sold Out to Partner. L. D. Gibson wlio some time ago purchased an interest fn Isaac Can's butcher j hop, has sold out to Mr. tarl. .Mr. Gibsbn began work yesterday for- j. E. Hunter. .>lany .\itendeil Sale. Mau\ G.ih ( iiy X'eople attended the -,alc of fiiMS cattle on the T. J. .\uder- son ranch <r <;sterday afternoon. People from all over the Missouri Valley were present. • School Board to .Mn-t. Tbe board of educali 'Hi of the city school.s will meet this evening in adjourned session. There are a number of important matters to come up for couslderaticn and it is hoped tliai every member will tjc present. The allowing of the teacher:;' salaries will !)o ine'iuled in the bill.s which will be allowed this evening. .Vaufher Bun \-nay. Tlie dray team owned by George Chandler scared at a passing engine at the Kary deitot yestf-rday" afternoon and ran ;.viiv Besides breaking out :he tongue 1;: t.-ic wagon no damage war, done. Politics is still the order of the day, notwithstanding the fact that election day has just passed. Mrs. Dean and Miss Ina of Portland. Ore., are here visiting relatives 2nd fri-^nds. They spent the day last ThiJrsany with Mr^. Gantt. Miss Eihci Gantt came home V\*od- nesduy for a few days' visit. Mrs. •Lon.g.strt^rh's guests at diiiner Saturday were Mrs. Dean and laa. of i'oriiand. Ore., and Mrs. and Miss Mr. and .Mis. .1. E;istwiK3d. of Silver l.'Mf. .Mrs..Rita l^^.i. of Chicago, .md .Mr.s. Kruest Mull all Sundaycd at .\. H. .;.!tr:-.i. Mr. George B.itts and family spent Humlu;. :!t .Mr. Wilson's. :.'.iil .\!i>. .Franklin visited "at Vi 'iii. \Vi.kiii.-.ou*.-i Simdivy. .Ml. .S. K. G:;nrt and family aud .Mr?. Deal/ ami daii;:;luer Sundayed at J. ^^•r tkler'.s n ";ir Colony. Mrs. L?erth;i Dunran has gone to Tiinton, Okla.. to t :;:'.k -c Jier honfe. Tom \\'iIkinPon ex'iect.« to start on Thursday to N'owata. tJkla.. to visit an eincle. , Miss Ve.irl V.'iison .-.pi ut Saturday nd Sunday ar home. Mrs. J. C. Strickier spent Monday nigp: and Tuesday with ?.Irs. Gantt. .Mr. aad -Mrs. Slierry and family of lola visif^d at J. E. Clark's Sunday. l'<rs«mils. Mr-:. ^5. IX. SW;M! who has been ill for the past M'Vi.ra' <!ay.s L> reported as being much Ivti^r. Wiiii'T r.;ov,-:; Moved from here to Tola vc ^ieiiiay afternoon. ?.Iii.-; Fannie .McDaniels of Parsons. Kas.. was in the city yesterday on !)U ?ine-;=;. Mi.-s Eunice Harris, of Nevada, Mo., > visiting relatives. .Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Williams, of N'eedesha. ar-"" vi--itiug friends here • his week. KIDLETS LOST GAWE Good Bowling Contest at the Royal Alley Last Night. of Dr. J. E. Catbell I-* >e.\t. The following is wiiat the .laiuei Clarkson has to say of Dr. .1. E. Cathri xvho will lecture here Novfiniier iSTli: Janips S. Clarkson. riiited Statr .-i Cuf^tonis Service. Port of New York—1 am delighted tu know tiiut •ou. with yiur abuudant endowment f sppuch and i>ower and trained >::»i -.v]edgf oi' human nature and liu- li;::) need, are going into tlie ('li :ui- i.-^ii'liiu work. I know tliat you v.ill ;3 ;rv nfw stn-iigth to fhf lt .ear':s <>[ til the ili ^^u.-andi v,!io shall hear you. hat >(j';-wi!f giv<- inspiration not only n the voting whrt are locking upward :"or txample. lui: to the many weary • nd despomiont ;imong those who shall hear you. f ;r liiDse of that cla.-s •.vlio ari' alv .ays looking on flu- darl: idr of ife ai^d walkif:-: iu tlie shadow ['cii h;'.v<- the Kreat giff ef encoiirago- iieni iiud ii'.-pir.itly.-r. J.-as: evening at the Royal Bowling ru]> y a tram of young men known as the •Kidlet.'?" played picked team from the members of the Booster and Royal teams. The two' latter teams ' ave been p'aying matched games all .season and wnre naturally in far better condition for the game than were the "Kldlcts." The picked team won the irame by only 99 pins. The members of the Ki^Ilet team are inexperienced and the majpority of them played their first game last evening, while the members of the other team ari> men who have follow ed the game for years, hence the Kid- lets are to bo congratulated upon the excellent work of last evening. A tournairent is beins arranged for later in (he sea.son and the Kidlets after overcoming their stage fright and getting a few^ weeks of good practice will be able to carry off most of the honors. Broderson of the picked team was credited with the highest score and the largest number of strikes, while Housh of the Kidlet team carried off the honors iu tbe spares. Following is the lineup of the teams and their rfbpM .-tive scores: Picked Team. Gard -152 Ciildrcss 12S VtrodcT?()U 50s Tucker 49. Root 4uC PiTsonal*. Pirry H'-JiifJi and family I'^ff .^'s- tcrday for /><•.< .Moines, la., where Ihey ill Mtike their fiiliire lioine. . .\. r. .Mershoiu ;md \\\fv and baby ill If ive hoon •ff)r Colorado wh're th( > will make their futtire hoi'ie. C. N. ."^'ttiltli left jc-bterday for -/lig- cUisvi !«• Ml), where th'-y will nuikf tin ir future home. Tile PriHtf Is In Ibi- Eathiir. Wfdildnt you rather pa.v a few cents more for an ovsier that ta.^ies like an oyater with tn true, lrresl(<t|- bti' Bait »ea-taiig".' Thai's the kind .S. .•'^lil|.!". Oy .-^irio .The prieo of ".SI alhhlpl" I-s a triflt- ilghcr; but iliH actual eoti is Ir.--*, oecause >ou g'.i ho much n:oie for • our moiie:-. Atid th«' d'HeioUis flavor >f "St-al^hlpt" in beyond comparlfcou— uperior 10 the taste of "The wished- juf. flabby o>?t^rB Fold from tu's. Ge* :i pint <if •"Sealshipt" O.^-tnn. Sec tiie difference for vourself. I They ir<c so'd from the white porcelain ?a.^e with the blue "S'-alshijjt" trade mark. We sell •Sealbhlpt" only and gtiar- antee them. Fryer Biothers, Otty llnze, -Our Way." Malaria is duf to impurities in the blood which destrov the rich, healthful qualities of the circulation, and reduce it to a weak, watery fluid. TTw bodhr is then deprived of its necessary nonrishment and strengfth. and is unable to resist the countless disorders that assail it, and the general system suffers in consequence. The appetite fails, digestion is weakened, chiils and slight fever are frequent, t^hile the sufferer loses cnergv and ambition. Soils, Skin eruption?, and sope times sores and ukecs follow when the blood becomes deeply polluted with the malarial germs. Both a Ionic . Malaria and S. S. S. is best fitted fof Garden City.. Nov. 6.-r-The first baby named for Taft after the polls closed is undoubte&iy William How- blood becomes deeply polluted wiin me nuuanai K«BI =. Ilenshaw of Ulysses, Kas. Young and blood purifier are needed to cure Mailaria, and S. S. S. is best fitted for ^^r. Hfenshaw was born election day this work. It is the most perfect of all blood purifiers and at the same time- * Y?" -^u^'^^" "' 5 an invigorating, healthful tonic. S. S. S. g<^ down into the circulaUon. Howard-, and removes evoy trace of impurity or poison, and gives to the blood the liealth-fiustaining ijnalities it needs. It cures Malaria thoroughl v aud pcr- inuiently because it removes from the.blood tbe germs and poisons which pcodnoe the disfaae, and while doing this tola^ up and strengthens every part of tiie ^rstem. Book witii iafonnatkMi iboot Malaria and any medical ^vicii forliislied free to all «Ao write.'.'V- ' THESWIFT SPBCmC CO., ATLAHTA, GA IN KANSAS, OF COURSE. First Baby Named for President-Elect Halls iFrom »unflower State. Total .. . tjowa I'd .. Stovf r .... Meila':' ••- . ruuiuutius ilotitii . • • Kidlets. .2335 43.-? 1:0 77 1 To'al .2230 Slind Your Itusincsn! If .vr >u don't nobody will. It iS your business to keM' out of ;i!l (lie trouble you can and you can and will keep uitr of livf -r ;ii!d hnwd trouble if you take Dr. Kinjr's New l /.vi-r Pills. They ktMp bilioitiifHS, malaria nttd jatin- tllre out of vriiir .^yiStetii. 2.'>e tit all Iriigglnii". Notice. The .MeCcok Po^t will have an im- lorlaut tu<" t;ii:i inmorrow e-veiiing at l-.Zn. All iiieiii!>ers ure' urged to be VrCiieiit. George Jeffers found it a very tlrfr some trip coming from Oldalnyma over land with the?roa* Col. McFann Is mlsains school to help his fa^r husk com. •-• C. J. Preston b^'home-" gas pip^to ,the house and Is now burning gaStT' Hanna WTgner is here visiting her mother at present. Mrs.^Vandiver, T. H. Riggs and John Preston spent ^ Saturday night at J. >i: Preston's. , ^ Mrs. Terrill carried our mail Sait. urday. The little girl made .the rounds with her riding her little pony. -' " FHrncr Peck took !EMla Peck and the children to the timber nutting Saturday, but they did not get many nuts. Say, farmer. Hunters who do not care enough for the law^ to respect it will not respect our fowls or stock, "o lets adopt the* plan that when We fitid anjone hui>ting In violation of the law lets pbouc to an olBcer to eome out and read law to them a while. WTiat is the *U8e of tavl»g phones if we cannot use them when we need them? Mr. and Mrs. Lncky took dinner r.-ith .Tosle .Jone.s one day last wfcck. Mrs. C. P. Clark'* niece and hns- ibard from Gas City, spent Sunday v.ith her. WESLEY CHAPEL. Fri- Mr.s. Iliggins visited Mi-s. Fi>rr •ay afternoon. Mrs. and .Mrs. Franklin Smith and visited Mr. Allen Davis at I..a :!arpe Friday. Mrs. John Young and daughter. Luna, went over ro see Mrs. Jobti Conner and little daughter. Thursday. Miss Laura .^acksrin was on the sick ii-=?t the first of the week. , ^Ir. and JTrs. King and daughter, .^trs. Vermi lion, drove to La Harpe 'i'uesday to nave Mrs. King's teeth •: reated. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Turner visited Franklin Stnith Tiiesday. How Is Tonr Visrentioa. Mrs. Mary Dowling of No.-228 8th .vve.. Srtn Fr.^ncisco. recommends a reint»dv fi >r stomach trouble. Sh« says: 'Orafitude for the wonderful effect of . F'ee^rle Pittera in » rase of acute in- I'-e'iMon. prninpts this testimonial. I i.m fitUv convineed that for stomach ird liver troubles E'ectric Bftters Is rh" iirst remedv on the raacltet today." This great tonic and alterative medf- ine invigorntes the system, nnrlfles the- blood and is especfaMy helpful (in 11 forms of fem.ale weakness. 50c 3t nil dniggists. o- o PRAIRIE ROSE. 1 Tl:e L;iny(>n Zinc comp.riiy have i'lovod their gas drill on Mrs. Miller'? . .rm v.Lerc Will Woor! lives and cora- ! if^nred driWins the first of the week. Kd and Will Wood. Gen. Ford. Jim ilobb and Mr. Bceson itave been haul' -g f,ut coal to be usod in d:-f!ling. Mrs. .N'olaii and daughter. Loanna. •'id Hattie were guests of Mrs. Knapp I ae.sdpy. Jim Rrger.s ai;d family spent Sun- l.iy nt the r.^rent;>l P.r.rris home in '.M ir .irr'e. yu<. .Maitock returufd to her d.-'ngli M'?. Mrs. }.?cFar^and. Monday after .1 few weeks' vi.-it with her son. Jim. ;:.d family. Me.lora Wood has been kept out o rhool th!.- we-'k with a sr^vere at• 'ek «jf netirolgia. yr.<. Var Rogers l:,'id Mr:;. M'^ 'snd nnd Mrs. Myrtle Mnttr.r!: a- her -•uests election day. Mr. Dave l-iliue made a business rip to Fort Scott Monday. Sercu Years of Proof. "I have had sevan years of proof that Dr. King'.^ New Discovery is the ^e€t medicine to take for coughs and •olds and for every di.seased condi- •lon. of throat,* cheFt or lungs," says "A". V. Henry, vt I'anania. Mo. The •.vorld h.-td ihirry-cight years of • •roof that Dr. Kind's New Di.'icovery :3 the l)r.-t remedy for coughs and "old.';. Iu grip!;e. asthm.-t. hay fever, ijroncliiii-. lieinorrhage of fho I'tngs '.nd the early stages of consumption. Its timely use a'ways prevents the development of i»neumoniiv. Sold im- .!er g'l.-jiantee at all drug Gtores. HOc and ?l.OD. Trial bottle free. CKESCEXT VALLEY. tl -o --O or- was a KC :.0Ol JUIU iCkkVa MVUA WW M^'-y. ... .... Henstiaw. to the William Howard 's grandfather. B. C. Henshaw, of Garden Cttj, says: ""We named him ,William Howard after TafC.and claim 'ee.ia the first baby in the United I States named after the next presi- jdent after tlie-poUa etosed. BrgMer wait ai» briag i«s«lb. —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. Most (.hildrcn eat too much, overta.v the digestion, get thin, weak, laiiguici, stop growing—that's nKiInutrition or non-digestion of food. Scott's Emulsion has helped coinitless thousands in this condition. It is Ijoth nourishment and nurdicinc—a most powerful aid to digcstioiL A small dose three, times a day will work wonders, but be sure lo get 5a>tt'«. 3ai4 tW* advotocraiRrt; tailrtfcfir «M aame of papci' la' wfiicii it »ppear(. your adJress and (bar cent* to cover pocta^e, ami we wUI tcai yoa % CwarleteHaiklyAUasofthcWarU" :: r. •iCOTT & nWVNF, 400 Pearl Street. New Yol* Ifusking corn socjps to be •ler of the day. Owing to bail weather there small alleudaiicc at Sunday Sunday. Mr. aud .Mrs. PHtohett visited with .Mr?. .Maj' Simiiioii.^, Sunday. .Mr. Dave Haxlty and fatiiily vis- fed at .Mr. K. It. Uo-;.s Sunday. .Mr. .r. K. Simmons arrived-last Sim(!a> from I<otigraoiit. Colo., where they weut abitut two month.s ;igo to re.nlde. .Mr. SImmona says he liked H well out ihei-'-. hut his family WHB not satisfleil, h^nee they came back to "Suimy Kansas." iioy SiramoiiK la working for Kalph StowarL R. M. Cunningham was down from Tola Sunday visiting at (1. D. Ctinnldg- ham'». ."Ur.^and Mrs. W. M. Endleott and daguhter and Mrs. ,1. M. Willhite and family visited at Walter .Willhitc's on St^nday. • The pic soctal which the Home de partment gave at the school hopse on Friday night of last week was well attended. The proceeds amounted to $10.10. Mr. and Silrs. M. J. Adams visited Mr. John Baxley'a Sunday. WEST OF THE BITEB. -O Then? will not be any preaching at the M. E. church in Piqua Sunday hut Rev. Kelley. the trcsiding elder, will be here the 14th and lath and conduct quarterly meeting. Cary Cloud. Bel Clark, Josie .Toneu, Anna and Sarah Preston spent TueBi day with Mrs. Eidrldge, it being 'ber aeventy-flfth birthday. . .•" Uncle JesBie Riggs stayed Saturday night vfrith Mr. McFann. Ethel lliUrtead visited Rnth Jone* Satorday night. Pat ;tfcCabe seems not to have found a renter to bla /arm yet SOUTH FAIRTIEW. More rain, more rest. Olie Pool, wifp and little Bertie ^'ur'davp^ at Henry Cady's. >Trs. John Turner spent the time 'rom Saturday until Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. B. Brown. Will. Perry and family visited at Pea-1 Pool's S^^urday and Simday. yrr. Criiy roT %f yat*>s rent*»r spent -Stirdav with fr^^nds at Palrview. Mr. Tester T>anlel<! who has been •attending B. U. at Baldwin, came in Sundav inomlnir for a vtstfe with hla narents. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene TVinlcls. Mr<?. Istac Ball of Blue Mound. Ka.. 3 visitlnar home folks this week. Miss Mnnd Danle's spent a few days tast week with friends at Redfleld and Tola. Dl^mane of near Majella. Ks., •'.-ho Is worMn?r-<>n Mr^. AntMfc-Brown'a farrn .sttind .Tyed with honr.e follrs. Sehnol at Rpc!:low was clo«eT Thnrii Inv and Friday, the teacher. Miss Fay .'Noye.<!. having gone to lola to take ho er-imlnation. In the olcotric <rtorm Sunday after- v'jon the large bam. owned by %rarJon Johnson, was struck by Hghtnfng and w 'as burned. It !s not icno'wn whether he loss was coveerd by insurance or net. Mrs. ElTiott Is still continuing to mnrove. Her condition now Is not ;onsIdercd as serious. George Budsoe was On the sick list few days last week. B. Brown's condition remains un­ hanged. COTTAGE GROTE )rr. and Mrs. RussSll Hottenstetn ook dinner at D. W. Matsler's Sunday. Myhew Stewart and wife sj)ent Sonday with their son. Will, of Harmony. EdTia and Myrtle Johnson spent last Tuesday with E. B. Johnson and fam- !y. • There was prieaching at the chiirch Saturday night. Rev. Oechsli will hold protracted meeting, here beginning onlght. , Mrs. Yoiint visited her mother, Mrs. Stewart, one day last week. Jack Elliott has returned from a isit in Muskoege. He' will retnm to California soon. Mrs..'ftfat8ler called on Mrs. J&ba- son Friday. Ed Adams Is still quite IIL .Miss Ruth Johnson visltedriast wa«lc with her cousin. Myrtle JolTnion. A. M. Hack and son, of Humboldt, are doing the carpenter work onrthe barn .Mr. Leitzbach Is having bu^t • Miss I.4iura Day was on the |ick Hat last week. ; L Charley Johnson spent Saturday ight with Cfuy Smith of Hartnoupi? There wa.s.quarterly meeting at: the church Sunday but nn accuant oC tbe weather, few attended. ^ J Rev. Oechsli and Elder KclIey spent Sunday night at Mr. Matsler's. • rri; Mr. Day's son-ln-Iaw. J. D. Bennett, and family arrived from .Mar^CP, Ohio, to make their home here. r John Yount and family vlalted at Mac Reeds Sunday. '^'r Mrs. Rollin called on Ina Butler day. 1 Ruth and Myrtle Johpaon vlaited the chool Friday. , ' : Ralph Stewart called on bia uncle, .\fyhew Stewart, Monday. : Tom Hogan is gathering bis crop pn Myhew Stewart's place. 3Irs. Maxwell and children vlalted he school Friday afternoonl <" i Guy Smith called at Mr. Johnson's^ Sunday. > : Earl Brandon who has been sick at the home of his father, haa noved to fiis home on the Bur^art place. Texaa' Lawiiu See us about GnlCi Goast Goin #y lands that can be '1>odJnt "<i^ .^cni ^y. payment plan', landa ttat wUlIfftHl^ froin |30e tt >f660 per acrel-;a^ fOOM Over Our Way.

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