The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 19, 2001 · Page 20
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 20

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 2001
Page 20
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C8 THURSDAY, APRIL 19. 2001 THE SALINA JOURNAL Horoscopes By Joyce Jlllson Creators Syndicate Inc. • ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19). You continue to play the leading role, and you may soon get an opportunity to play the part of a hera/heroine. Remember that your actions are now being watched by those who can bring iuci< and success. Asl< for a special favor tonight. •TAURUS (April 20-May 20). A hunch will turn out to be right on the mark. A Scorpio may add helpful ideas that you can use In the future. Inspiration will come In the night hours. Plenty of rest will fake care of a headache. Solve problems with your vast knowledge. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). A new physical-fitness routine will make all the difference in the way you feel about yourself. Taking part in group activities is lucky. Watch expenses. They can rapidly exceed the limit you set for yourself. A Libra is failing In love with you. • CANCER (Juno 22-July 22). Remembering the past Is the theme. Family traditions can be included In your social plans, taught to children successfully or renewed within your heart. An old, true love that has been haunting you must be laid to rest. Move on. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You have plenty of restless feelings. Do you yearn to run to or from something? Team leadership Is up for grabs; but If you commit, you must follow through. A Scorpio rival wants a showdown. Don't hold back this time around! • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (April 19). Although matters of the heart will dominate your thoughts In June, August and October, you'll quietly make your way to the top of the career ladder without hesitation. Family events will bring very big changes in July and may require relocation, at least temporarily. Get a money adviser if expenses get out of hand. A new job opportunity will come your way In November. Your lucky numbers are: 2, 6,12,18 and 24. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). ;Watch for an exciting turn of events regarding a financial matter. You're ready for any test. Try to give an envious competitor the benefit of the doubt when he or she challenges you. Have no fear, for you are protected by the stars! • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Perhaps your dream journey Is close at hand. If is likely to be a voyage by air to a distant land. Your in-laws or relatives will depend on you to solve their problems. Patience is your best friend. They will respect you more in the long-run. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Your workday holds well-earned surprises, rewards and pleasures. You feel most comfortable with co-workers from other fields and cultures. Don't think twice if you're considering going back to school. Sign up nowl • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Fascinating new worlds will open to you through your mate or business partner. Travel opportunities may arise from new associations. Enable yourself to accomplish the entrepreneurial goals you've been thinking about. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Your home is the source of ;great joy and inspiration. A child will bring special pride to your life. Cooking or hosting for gatherings will advance your interests in being an entertainer. Count on a Cancer to understand your heart. •AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). All the networking you've been doing is starting to pay off. Support for your original ideas Is available through the connections of a cousin or sibling, but it's your reputation that is earning such renown. A Gemini Is flirting with you. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Expressions of sympathy will help a friend in a time of loss. Home expenses can be equally distributed to your housemates to make them affordable. Your boss has higher-ups to answer to and may not be able to give you a raise. Salina forecast Today High: 77 Low: 62 Mostly cloudy and windy. Tonight, mostly cloudy and breezy. m 8:11p.m. 6:47 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Friday High: 83 Low: 55 Mostly cloudy and windy. In tine evening, mostly cloudy witii a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms. Saturday High: 77 Low: 53 Mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. Sunday High: 70 Low: 54 Mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. Monday High: 64 Low: 48 Mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. * Source: Salina Journal Weather Station TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record/Year High 67 68 94/1994 Low 30 46 27/1953 • High and low to 9 p.m. PRECIPITATiON Wednesday (to 9 p.m.) 0.00 Tuesday (24 hours) 0.00 Aprirtodate 2.41 Average April 2.76 Year to date 8.06 Average year through Apr. 6.68 Average year 30.43 Kansas today NEB. Colby COLO. 83°/44° Sallna 77°/62 Kansas City rS'/SO Topeka TO'/BO" Liberal 84°/51'' Wichita 77°/62° Pittsburg 74763 OKIA. ©2001 AocuWeather^ Inc Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy Sliower s T-storms Rain Hurries Snow Ice U.S. today 808*— Pnuun: ® (D High Low Showers Rain T-stonns Rurriea FRONTS: COLD WARM STATIONARY 19 2001 AccuWeather, Inc. m m o ^ ^ Snow Ice Sunny Pt Cloudy Cloudy Kansas data U.S. forecasts HI LO PREC HI LO OTLK HI LO OTLK Chanute 64 30 Albuquerque 79 52 PCIdy Miami Beach 76 57 CIr Coffeyvllle 66 31 Anchorage 45 27 CIr Mpis-St Paul 63 41 CIdy Concordia 66 36 Atlanta 70 32 CIr New Orleans 75 46 CIr Dodge City 74 33 Baltimore 60 30 CIr New York City 58 38 CIr Emporia 66 30 Boston 51 .30 CIr Oklahoma City 76 53 CIr Garden City 78 34 Charlotts.N.C. 70 29 CIr Omaha 74 45 PCIdy Qoodiand 81 33 Chicago 65 36 CIdy Orlando 76 46 CIr Hill City 74 34 Dailas-Ft Worth 78 56 CIdy Philadelphia 58 32 CIr Hutchinson 66 29 Denver 72 40 PCIdy Phoenix 90 68 CIdy Lawrence 64 30 Honolulu 81 69 PCIdy St Louis 73 48 PCIdy Manhattan 66 27 Houston 77 51 CIdy San Diego 64 56 PCIdy Russell 69 35' Kansas City 73 47 CIr San Francisco 61 51 Rain Topeka 65 34 Las Vegas 82 63 CIr Seattle SB 41 CIdy Wichita 64 32 Los Anqeles 67 54 CIdy Washington.D.C. 61 33 CIr KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-800-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highw/ay Patrol NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE WEB SITE weather warnings, forecasts, radar • ADVICE People By The Associated Press Jane Fonda files for divorce ATLANTA — Jane Fonda filed for divorce from CNN founder Ted Turner, who said recently their marriage broke up partly because of her decision to become a practicing Christian. Fonda's divorce petition was filed Monday in Fulton County Superior Court. The couple aii- nounced in January 2000 they were separatift'^ after a little over eight years of marriage. It i§ the third marriage for both of them. They had no children, but he has five from previous marriages, while she has two. Turner told The New YorkerJn an interview published this week that Fonda's spiritual decision played a role in their breakup. "She just came home and said, 'I've become a Christian,' " he said. "Before that, she was not a religious person. That's a pretty big change for your wife of many years to tell you. That's a shock." Prinze, Gellar plan to wed LOS ANGELES — Sarah Michelle Gellar could now be called Bufty, the bachelor slayer. The actress is en: gaged to wed fellpjijsr teen-cinema icon Freddie Prinze 'Jrv, his publicist, Malt Labov, said Tuesday. A wedding date hasn't been set. Gellar, star of WB's "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" TV show, announced the engagement Satur- File photo ^7 V ^oL*? Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sh.fJ''^ Sarah Michelle Gellar ^^'she and Prinze, pose in this file photo 25, met on the set of talten in January. the 1997 teen slasher nick, "I Know What You D id Last Summer." Pee-wee starts new adventure NEW YORK — It's been 13 years since Pee-wee Herman appeared on the big screen, but Paul Reubens is bringing him back. Reubens, who starred as the overgrown child in the movies "Fee-wee's Big Adventure" in 1985 and "Big Top Pee-wee" in 1988, is working on two new projects. "The one that's written abready is kind of a grown-up movie — I'm seeing it as a PG-13. It's about Pee-wee becoming a famous pop singer and being brought out to Hollywood to make movies," he told Entertainment Weekly in its April 20 issue. "The other one is a 'Playhouse' movie. It starts and ends in the Playhouse, and in the middle is a 'Wizard of Oz'-Iike made-up land." These days, the 48-year-old actor plays a flamboyant hairdresser-drug dealer in Ted Demme's "Blow," which co-stars Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. One won't own up to behavior, other holds a grudge Dear Ann Landers: I am 38 years old and have been married to "Kirby" for 17 years. We have three children. Kirby was furious when I became ^ pregnant with our last child. He wanted me to get an abortion, but I refused. For the last four months of the pregnancy, he wanted nothing to do with me. We slept in separate bedrooms and barely spoke. In fact, he didn't know I had gone into labor until 1 phoned him from the hospital. He replied, "I told you I wouldn't be there for this child, and I meant it." That was two years ago. Now that the chUd is here, you would never know there had been a problem. He adores her. Unfortunately, that hasn't made me feel any better about the way he treated me, and I cannot get over it. I have dis- ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. « tanced myself emotionally, and we rarely have sex. I have never cheated on him, but I've been tempted more than once. Kirby is a wonderful provider and a good father, but I am lonely I have asked him to go with me for counseling, but he refuses. Please tell me what to do. — Dis- • connected in New York City Dear New York: If Kirby won't go with you for counseling, go alone. He apparently doesn't want to take responsibility for his reprehensible behavior, and you are still holding a grudge. You need to talk to a professional about your dysfunctional marriage. Get going, and good luck. Dear Ann Landers: My best friend has financial troubles he is unaware of because his wife has been keeping it a secret. Apparently, she has been taking out loans from various banks in order to pay their bills. He has no idea they are in debt and continues to spend money. thinking he can afford to do so. His wife told a girlfriend about this in confidence. The girlfriend mentioned it to me because she knew I was a good friend of the husband, and she believes he should be told what is going on. Should I tell him? I don't want to get in the middle of something that is none of my business, but I'd hate to see my friend wind up losing his home because of this. — Money Trouble in Virginia Dear Money Trouble: Talk to the girlfriend who mentioned this to you, and suggest that she tell the wife to be honest with her husband. They must work on their financial problems together before they become unmanageable. Marriage should be a partnership in every sense of the word. Beyond that, MYOB. Dear Ann Landers: I just wanted you to know that I am 100 percent on your side regarding the "tradition" of smashing a piece of cake in the bride's face af­ ter the wedding ceremony You said it was disrespectful and crude and that you saw nothing funny about it. I was upset when my husband did this to me. When I mentioned it to him later, he said I wasn't a good sport and accused me of having no sense of humor. Ann, smashing cake in my face was a pretty good indicator of things to come.: He turned out to be a domineering and cruel husband, totally unconcerned about my feelings. If I had known, I would have left him at the wedding reception and saved myself a lot of grief. — No Longer a Bride in Chicago Dear No Longer a Bride: Thanks for the confirmation. I know of no clergyper- son who thinks smashing cake in the bride's face is acceptable. I checked with several denominations, and they all thought it was disrespectful and appallin ^y Write to Ann Landers at BO. Box 11562, Chicago, IL 60611. TV TONIGHT 4/19/01 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 QPBS, B.H.-Hays Movie * * * * "Schlndler's List" (1993) A war profiteer saves his Jewish workers from death, 227987 Keeping Up B)TNN Martial Law 604345 Movie * *«"Target" (1985) Gene Hackman, Matt Dillon. (CC) 734426 Horsepower 0 NBC, Wichita Friends 2180 Weber 890 Will 5600 Just Shoot Me ER5906 News 3179548 Tonight Show @Coni. Central Movie * * * "The Witches of Eastwick" (1987), Cher Cont'd Sports Night Sports Night Dally 6862161 TUrn Ben OF0X,Wlc.-Sal. Movie * * * "Set It Off" (1996) Jada PInkett. (CC) 24600 Star TVek: Voyager 66567 StarTrek: Next Gener. 63426 SNIclcelodeon Thornberrys Brady 881971 DIff, Strokes Facts of Life 38Co 775451 3sCo 941567 All In Family All In Family. OWB, Wichita Gllmore Girls 82529 Charmed 91277 Double Date Wichita 23433 Blind Date Married 52155 Gg )ESPN Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conf. Quarter. Gm. 5 ~ Sharks at Blues 709890 Baseball Sport8cenfer (CC) 778068 Q Access 6, Sai. Love Unity Saves 34258 Sallna 2155 Words of Encourage. 95451 Smoky Hill 62398 GSESPN2 Stanley Cup Playoffs; Conf. Quarter. Gm. 5 - Sabres at Flyers 6665703 NHL 5376616 Life 7152258 Strongest Man OWGN Movie * * "Backfleld In Motion" (1991) 206987 News 325451 Heat of Night 335838 ' > GS Family Chan. Major League Baseball: Yankees at Blue Jays 526529 Expir.Unknwn 758819 700 Club 751906 QPBS,WIc.-Hut. Sun.Jourrwys Gardener 4203 Movie "Schlndler's List" A war profiteer saves his Jewish workers from death. 324364 GO TNT Movie "Nuremberg" (2000) Aiec Baldwin. (CC) 666345 Movie "Nuremberg" (2000) Alec Baldwin. (CC) 609890 QABC , Kan. City Whose? 79906 Whose? 94703 Be a Millionaire 22161 Primetlme Thursday 46797 News 2969839 Seinfeld GBCart. Networl< Johnny Bravo Dexter'sLab Bugs 6918567 Tom and Jerry Fllntstones Scooby Doo Johnny Bravo Dexter'sLab : fQ ABC, Wichita Whose? 5074 Whose? 7971 Be a Millionaire 40971 Primetlme Thursday 33635 News 1575838 Nightline GBsCi Fl Crusade 1279242 Movie ** "Helibound: Heilralser II" (1988) (CC) 1362906 Crossing Over Crossing Over G9 CBS, Wichita SurvWor-Aust Outback 39819 CSi: Crime Sen 48567 ' 48 Hours 28703 News 1560906 Late Show ES)AP Sharic70258 Big Cat Diary Encounter Twisted 95513 AnImalX 40093 Insectia 48432 Shark 10161 Big Cat Diary IB CBS, Topeka ^urvlvor-Aust Outback 77093 CSI: Crime Sen 80513 48 Hours 73277 News 8353155 Late Show GS Lifetime Unsolved Mysteries 765109 Movie * * "Deceptions" (1990) Harry Hamlin. (CC) 745345 Golden Giris Golden Giris fQ Encore Movle"Stone Cold" (1991) (CC 6927451 Movie "American Pie" (1999) (CC) 96003890 "This Is Spinal Tap" 37765432 GBUSA Nash Bridges 238221 Movie iiU "Buried Alive" (1990) Tim Matheson. 133677 19 Showtime Movie * * "Snow Day" (2000) 749722 Extras 860513 Movie ***s "TheTaiented Mr. Ripley" (1999) 218838 GO) CNBC Hardball 1643890 Rivera Live 1669838 Brian Williams 1649074 Hardball 1642161 fBJHBO Real Sports (CC) 771155 Movie "Light It Up" (1999) (CC) 6429161 Driven: Rrsl G-String Divas G-StrIng Divas ED Encore Pius Movie "Merrill's Mar." Cont'd Movie "Jekyll Island" (1998) 6348242 Movie "Night of the Generals" 4623819 IQCInemax Movie **« "Nixon" (1995) Anthony Hopkins. (CC) Cont'd Movie "Extramarital" (1998) 434398 832426 SSTLC Secrets-Science 526513 Tornado Alley 608161 Landslide (N) 522797 Secrets-Science 525884 fElstarzl Movie ** "Next Friday" (2000) IceCUIM. (CC) 1918838 Movie * * * "Enter the Dragon" (1973) (CC) 9670567 SFOX Sports You-See This! WTA Tennis Family Circle Cup. 426600 Preps 690797 Sports 156708 Sports 960068 gS Discovery Medical Myst 415567 X-Creatures 491987 Ghost Detectives (N) 404451 Justice Files 414838 @A &E Biography 400635 Movie "Horatio Hornbiower: Retribution" (2001) (CC) 317971 Law & Order 409906 BIttzer 663600 Point 595797 Urry King Live 533613 CNN Tonight Spin Room Sporte 833074 Moneyllne 03 BET Oh Dramal 956345 Comlcview 965093 BET Live 952529 BET News BETTonlght : Movie "The Running Man" (1987), Yaphet Kotto 34260242 "A Low Down Dirty Shame" (1994) 82394635 ^Unlvision AbrizameMuyFuerte 88797 Ml DestinoEresTu 60345 Mis Alii de Ramona 80109 P.lmpacto NotksleroUnhr^ M'A'S'H M'A'S'H Married... WKh Married... WKh Commercials 3747884 Animals Attk II3740971 @AMC Movie "Papllion" Two Devil's Island convicts plan their escape. 727B0068 Movie ***)i "Dracula"(1931) 7966118 01 Odyssey Medicine Woman 1789221 Movie "Day of the Roses" (1998) John Bach. 1684677 Rescue 911 Rescue 911 Qg) Disney Movie Cont'd Movie "The" (2000), Dom OeLulse 71385529 Movie 'TJieTJiree Musketeers" 3495364 @MTV TRL 750277 Tom Green 663797 Cribs 389249 Diary 112093 True Life MTV Moments OS El Scandals Scandals True Hollywood Story 418155 What Women Want 501819 Stem 301906 Stem 214426 CHANNELS NOT LISTED: IQPrevue, fQEducation Access, ^Government Access, B|Weather Channel,S)Headline News, ^Horne Shopping Network, gQQVC, ^VH-1, ESFItTVI, EE) Court TV, ^MSNBC, ^Home & Garden, Q) Knowledge TV, QffFox News, QQThe Food Network, GSAmerlca's Jewelry Store, G3CSPAN, G

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