Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1907
Page 5
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I Noticeitbyjthe way they're flocking to the New York Store, the first store on their mind when it comes to buying shoes, you get values, style, quality and comfort all at the same time. Onr shoe offerings are tempting. They're shoes that need ifo mending. Wear them as long as you pleeise, and solid comfort will never cease. 20 Styles of Ladies New Fall Shoes In all leathets, button or Incp, latest lastH, toes and heels. Choice of any these styles at Compare them with any I4 .00 or I5 .00 shoes sold I in town. 15 Styles of Ladies New Fall Shoes Gnn Metal, Patent Colt and Vici Rid, in button^ O or lace, all 1907 models, yonr choice at Compare them with any $3.50 shoes sold anywhere in the City 10 styles of Ladies New Fall Shoes In all leathers, Welt and light soles, np-to-the rainnte in style,. wear guaranteed, no better shoes made at $2M Compare them with any $3 00 shoes in town. 10 styles in Ladies New Fall Shoes id, Oak U $2.00 Made for solid wear in Patent I<eather and Kid, Oak Leather Soles, solid leathet counters, good fitter. An honest shoe for little money, price , Compare tttem with $2.50 shoes dold in other stores. The Big Store With Little Prices. Sole Agents for Home Journal Patterns Mm VmloHmmry Hosphml HOTEL CAUGHT FIRE West Street, lola, one block from • square. Diseases of domesticated! animals successfully treated,charges . Xo FutalHles Are Hepftried But Guests moderate,good box stalls for patients Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. FrmmkS.BmiWm, V.S, Honor Qraduate of i Ontario Voter- fciary College, Prop. Hospital Phone t068 Res. Phone 139 WtTP DrWen Into Streets by Flames. RATS! Get rid of them. . - ^ RAT=BIS-KIT ChicaRO, Nov. 2.—Dozens of guests of th(> Plaza hotel on North avenue and Clark street, fled from their rooms I In confusion early this morning when a Are broke out In the basement of the hotel. The bnildlnR quickly filled with smoke and many of the guests had difHculty In reaching the street. About one hundred men and women fled down the fire escapes to the flrst floor from which they were assisted by firemen. The Buests most of them thinly clad, sought refuge in stores nearby. Some of them have been slfRlitly alfflcted by smoke .ind about forty women bocoming exhausted were carried down ladders and Jlre escapes by remen. Several were severely bruised. The property loss is only five hundred dollars. Does th« Work. Either for Rats or Mice 15 Cents a Package At SPENCER'S DR. J. F. JAMESjOX, The SnrceiMifnl Anc- iloneer, Veferfnarian. FniTii nalesor PnliRicttl slock MIM m:\ie »iiywhcrr. Vctcr-j iiwry calls annwrrrd day or tn'Kht. Office with UouKtasK Broi. Phonr 13, rnttde'nce 400 ipi.A. XAKSA.S. CITY jtmL Dr. Wllley, Ocnibt. DISTRICT Peputy J. L. Harbaugb. of the- Kni^ts and Ladles of Security, is here this week in the Interests Of that order. This Is notar one of the strongest lodges in Parker, with about seTei\ty niembere, and prospects indl cate that it will reach the hundrei maik soon.—^Parker Message. Free dirt at Luccock's. MJSS NELLIE and Mr. Geo Grove of Hants. Kans., and sister. Miss Flora Grove, of lo'a. attended the woddin go! tteir cousin. Mr. .W. T. Grovib last Thursday and returned home! Friday-—Parker Message. A BREAD BREAJiTNG SERVICE. RPT. J. W. Hk?k.s Has Plan to Recon file EnemlPM. A br?a(l breaking servlcp. a i?er\'ice wh'ch is set aside i>y tlii» church for the coming togeUher of enomies in the church for the purpose of baking biead with each other, putting th« p.^st behind thorn and becoming friends, is to be held- in lola one week from tomorrow at the .Unit«?d Breth em church when Rev. .T. AV. Hicks, the ev.angelist, will close his series of spoc'al meetings in [lola. It wi'I probably bo the first time in the itistory of lola that the bread baking service has ever been held. R«»v. Hicks says that all throujsfa the where he has conducted revival meetings this service has been held and has been the means of bringing together porsous who have been antagonistic for years, but when gath ered at the church for the service the wrongs of the past were put away and Ohey becnme frl^nda again. Tomorrow is baptism dny and it is expected that a, dozen or more per- son.s will iM? baptized at the morning service. So far fifty conversions h.ive' resulted from the meetings and of this number 30 or 40 will Join the church tomorrow. Rer. Hicks will also continue his sermon on "Heav en." In the evening his subject is "No Man Careth for My Soul." The revlva' meetings will Tie con- tiaaed all of next we6k atKt wli/ close' next Sunday night With - the br^d breaking senrice. MORE ENTERTAINMENT Bnrnnrd Orchestra's Entertainment a .SucceKN—Church to Olve .Series. Tho plan of Rev. J. .M. Mason, pastor of tho First Methodist church, to give free ontertalnments at the church and paying the expense of o;\cli entertainment by talting up nn ofieriig. Is me.-^tinir witii the best kind of success. Ijist night when fne Barnards, a musical orgiinlzatlo:.. consisting of C o- 7 pificps. gave their concert, the cliurcli was flllrd to the doors and $.'.2.&n was taken up in collections. This amount Is a great dual more than would probably nave been rais p<l Ly rlmr^JnK at 'bf^ door. At. tho same (inio four t uws ilie number of pii;|»!o fMijnyed ibe enipri .Tinnient. The program w .is cxcel'ent and everyone wlio attended was well pleased with the evening 's entert.ainment. The plan of fre.^ entertainments has worliPd so well in the beginning that Rov. .Mason has decided to carry out that ilea fiirtbor. and give more free entcr(ainni ;'nfs. An expert i)ipe or- gani .st and the Rniporia Ladles Qiiaf- tf.ito are .some of the numbers to follow and others will be arranged for later. Diirng an intormii^sion night, Rev. .Ma .soii took a few minutes te expl.-iln that th? free entertainments were being given* by thechurch for a piirposo and (hat purpose was the salvation of men. He explained that by gl\-ing such entertainments it wou'd draw the people to th? church and thus make a rlose acYjualnlance possible. TRUANT FOR 15 DAYS WILL PAY I.WO.OOO. Supreme Court Dceldes AniDst Ram. sff of Jfew I'ork. .Vew York. Nov, 2.—A verdirt of five hundred eighty-nine thousand dollars against .Joseph Ramsey, jr.. former tiresident of the Wabash railroad, in a suit brought by John S. Jones, financier and coal land operator, was handed down tuday by the supreme court. J. n. WOODWORTH, of Oenova. O., came in last night to take the body of hlB son who died at St. John's hospital [ Thursday night, to Ooneva. O.. for burial. Young Woodwortb' came to the hospital ffom Bartleavllle. The father did not know .of his son's 4eath until he arrived last night. Begfster Want Ad*. BriBg Besnlts. Ernest Pagre IVas Jn JareoJle Court Today for Playing "Hookey." Earnest Page, an East Tola boy, whose friends have dubbed him "Cotton" because of an abundance of light saffron locks that adorn his head, was In Juvenile court this morning on the charge of truancy. The testimony of the teachers in MoKinley school, the truant officer and the boy's father. In dicate that the lad'a efforts to play hookey have not been altogether im- successful. Out of thirty-eight days which have been possible for the lad to spend in school this fa'l. he has succeeded in squandering fifteen in romp'.ngi over town and along the banks of Elm Creek. The hearing brought out some Intei^ estlni; facts with reference to the Page; family. Several years ago Mr. and Mrs. Page secured a divorce. The children In the family numbered an even dozen, six girls and six boysl The six boys lire with their father, who has not re-marned. The six Xr \9 live with their mother, who has remarried. Mr. Page's work takes him tiway from home and consequently he' cannot give much of his time to his children. He said that he would see that the boy reached the school Ground but he wou*d not guarantee that he wotild' stay there. 'The court gave the boy a good talk In which he said that he must go to school ragn- larly or he would be compelled to send him where he would have to go to Hchool. In this connection It Is recalled that last February the boy drew a knife and razor on Truant Officer Isaac Le massters when he attempted to take tho boy into custody for truancy. Mr. Lcma.<<ters related the incident today. The lad. it seems, has a vio'ent tera- rier. He is a brother of Emma Page. th.= s'xfeen year old girl whom ard Stevens al>ducted some lime nro. Tho couple went to Chanute where they were taken Into custody Stevens Is now in the reformatory as !• rasulr of the escapade. O^erooaim KU styles and colors of Men's Young Men's and Children's over< COtt.'J. Men's $7.5010 ^25.00 Children's I1 .50 to ^10 .00 Che BaiT/ay 'SStelA THE STORK THAT SATI8FIB8. (CbABiit* dttt*) Was ft a victory orrdafest, and for Which side is the qdeation which is puzillng the layman In regard to the Tribune Ubel «ult The attorneys .ota each aide deolare broadly that It wa» a vindicatloh for thel^ particular client. Wlhldi IB correct Is a matter of conjecture. At least pnxseedin«» In •I the much heralded ault were hroosbt to an abrupt lia.*t this fflomlnx by a settlement. Judge' Fbust uneaithed the peace pipe and was directly In- itmmental in lMcarin«r an araicable settlement of the case, thereby earning the title of "The Neosho County Peace M.ifcer." among' the local hai^. The settlement In substanee Included a nubKc apology and retraction by the offending paper, the payment of Ita own costs, the court costs, and |60 to- wprdft those incurred by the plaintiff. The st]ggPstion of a settlement rramo from Judge Poust when court convened Ihla moiming. 1 *6 plaintiff outlined some of the essential points wiileh they would be wlillnit to consider whereupon the counsel prompt- Iv ndlourtied for a conference'which lacied unt'l 11 o'clock. It Is nald that Jiid?e Poust Invcu- tigaled the evidence sulBdenlly to discover tlint if tho case WAR allowed to coipn to trial so much bllferness wou'd he enpendcradi durlilr the hearing that permanent friendihipft would he rupt 'Ted rnd life 'on* enemies mnd". Both sirtCB. it Is alleged, ware nronarcd to introduce some startllntr facts and it wan to prevent a lelral feud that the court took measures to prevent the cane reaching the Jury. Tcstorday afternoon was eonsunHfd In securing jurors and making the opening areumenta to the court and Jury. Otto J. Briley outlined tho olaintifrs case In a forty minute state ment followed by H. P. ParreHy who stated whati tho defendant expected to nrove. Several molkms were Introduced nroctpltating legal wrangio In wh'ch tho plalnt'ff secured a shade the 'best of the controversy. One of these was a mot'on by the atto^ neys for the plaintiffs to snpnresB certain depositions that were to be In- troducad In testimony. The court sua- Jslned llie motion and' ordered them fthrown out. Among these was one attacking th«? character an* Int^tv of Cant. "Wfalker. A motion by the defendant that jad^gement b» taken on tf <e nleadlngs was denied by the court. Another motion by the plaintiff srrantlne them tjermlssion to alter •••e'r not It (on instai^ter was allowed W thn court over tho strenuous ob- {oetinnR of tho defendant. Thp ?<iilt !•< what has been common- U cnl'pd "the Pecksniff case." tbdt ho'ne thp anpel'lntfon anpl'ed hv fhp Hefenflants* naoer*! to the niaintlff anfl •ho nr {nc <Dnl twrfion of the offen-Hnp "rffclo *n wh'ch he took evoeotlon. Tho ;<Itnee'T /lefomflforv artlCl" wne nuhHi»»<iPd durine tlie -Innt mnniefnn' eqmi>plen. and rof»rred to Cant. WVil ''er SB a Peek«n <ff ij, noMt'cs For fh" '"liirrr to his reputation he detnande^ tS.I 000. BEGIX WORK TOMORROW. Xn. E. X. Jones Will Commence Work at Bassett ChapeL Mrs. E. N. Jones who was recently employed by the Brotherhood of the Presbyterian church to act as an assistant to the pastor, Rev; Hiischer, began her work in the capacity the flrst of this month and tomorrow will be her first Sunday. * Mrs. Jones will have charge of the work In the Little Builders' Chapel and the Bassett church. She will visit the homes of the people of. Bassett and will also be subject to the call of the First church, visiting the homes of the sick. Her work wUl be something of the natui-e of t|^t done by the helping hand institutions in the cities. She will see that the needy of the town ire supplied with clothing and the necessities of life. She will devote all her time to this work and will receive 1 regular salary from the Brotherhood of the First chnrch.- FAINTED SIGNS LAST NIGHT. Youths Had Forgotten That Hallow­ e'en Was Past; Some person evidently thought he had done something very brilliant on Hallowe'en night by painting signs on the windows about t/bwn. and was justified in repeating the performance again last night. On several windows about town he nol^ted fresh signs last night, causing the merchants to put In several hours more of hard work In. removing the same. If the practice is continued the guilty party is very likely to find himself in the lockup over Sunday. (Formerly the Bachelor) ETEBT KIGHT «iM to lAtSt. Vatlneea Sattdayi. TaeKays, TbnMiays wl Saturdays^ Prog ram GEORGE DEONZO. MISS KITTIE WALSH , WALLACE & OOODWW. WALDEN & WE.ST. THE SPARK08C0PE. Always a Good Show. Have the right kind of entertainment. When yot^wlsh to pass ati evening pleasantly at borne with friends one of the beat meatis of enjoyment is a Pfaonognpfa. If you do liot already own oae of tbcie instrumenis now is the time to hny 4nd provide youneli with eater- tainment for the cold weather. If vou have got a Phonograpb. come in and hear the latest records add make yoor selection. All the latest now in stock. John V.Roberts Music House PROBE LAND FRAUDS Senate Committer on Indian Affairs Bnsy With IpdhiB Lands. T. M. C. A. WON GAME. Score In Basket Ball 43 to IC Contest Was Tho number one basket boll team of the Y. at C. A completely outclassed the Gas Citv team in the game last night at the Y. M. C. A. court, the final score being 45 to 16 In favor of the lo'ans. At no time during the game did the Oaa City boys have a peep in but the Tola team had Its own way from the start. Warren Allen, who played 'n the football game yestsrday, played only one halt In the game last n<«ht and Harold Fulton took h'a position. FIek) goals. Tola 14; Gas City, 6. Fou's lola, 14: Gas Qty, 18. Fouls thrown, <oIa, 12; Gas City. 4. The line up: G(w City Y. M. C. A. H. Bp'tng Forward Wteeler Tra^ue Forward Heylmnn Vsdihi Center Allen r. Bnllng Guard A. Nelson O. -Bplhl^ Guard H^hkowtlz ' FOR 8AIiE >-^RoIier top <^liiee desk goo4 edndHfon. 10^ Nortli'^shlng- ton. Eagle Pass. Texas, Nov.. 2.—^A senatorial investigation 'of the alleged frauds with regard to the transfer of the lands of the Kickapoo Indians was begun last night by Senators Teller, of Colorado, and Curtis of Kansas, members of the sub-committee of the senate committee on Indian affairs. Picture free with each Pound* of Candy at-Mundls'. A NEW LAW FIRM. B. H. Bennett and R. E. CBUISOB Fart* . ners—Mrs. Renaett to Retires Mrs. A. M. Bennett who has been a member of the firm of Bennett Bennett, lawyers, will retire from the firm and start' an investment company. R. H. Bennett and R. E. CuUlaon hnve formed a law partnership wfaiish will be known in the future la Ben-' nett & Culllaon."" The new firm will be one of the stroiigest in the city. Painting. 1181 y. Paper Hanging. Phone J. T. Tanaer, Beeasei aa< M4 sale erier, SOS 5«rth ~ CItj. ... G. A. R. members and famtUes dint at G. A. R. haU,BI0nday. ' -i-

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