Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1907
Page 4
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CHAsixs r. sdoif CIRCULATION 4,000. Reporters' Room .... J ...222 BuBlneas Office ....18 SPSSCRIPTIOK BATES. By Curler in lola, GCM CItjrt Lanyai* Tlllf or IA Harprt One Week 10 cntn One Month 44 cciilH One Year f fi .OO Br MBII. One Year, In advance 14.00 Throo Months, in advuneo 11.00 One Month, in ndvnnce .44 Entered at lolo, Knn<<afl. Postofflce, as Second-class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. BIG flAM£ BETWEEN LA HABPE AXD EUREKA rA.VeEI.LED. SAMcMAY BE PUYEO UT£R 8TERLI >'a REED SUSTAINED LOCATED M'RIST, OFFICIAL PAPES^CITY OF BA8- Odd Fellows Wore Onosts of Itcbeeea Lodire at a Social Last • Ereiitnir. auw'T ^cItiitloiw "WBS TRtdereflJJTbe eireaihr''i^':dQierwIse/spieat SQc»^3'^ XeiioSUst ProtestsBt Chsreb. jRerlTal conrices close Sondar sight About oeventy-nevcn profesoiona se- onred. .^Sunday school nt 10 n. ni. PrencblnR nt U and THH. 'Christian Endeavor nt n;4r). Evreybody welcome. ' he eats a heartr «u»er, ~btii aliotit" jehar^ time be. bile another attadk asd'staTs at'home. He Takes up Monday morning refreshed and is able to go to wotk, and does not bare any .symptoms or the dlftease untfl the- rnllowing Sunday. • • Roniody.'—"Be not. deceived: Qod-Is not niocked."-rflal.'vl. 0: XEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The loU Oallj Re^ster is • member of the Assechited Press and Rerelres the daj report If that great news or- faaliatlen for Exelnslre Afternoon PablleatloH ID lola. REV. SMALL IX lOLA. Wni Glra Three Lectures Here and Then Go to Home In Georgia. lola, Kansas, is to be the last town in vtaica ReV. Sam Small, tbe great Georgian lecturer, is to lecture. The Rev. Small is to be In iola tomorrow and-give three addresses, and will then go direct to h!s home in Atlanta, Geoteia. In tbe morning Rev. Small wiinecture at tbe First M. E. church. At three o'clock in tho afternoon he will lecture at the East Tola M. E. and^gain in the evening at the First church. Rev. Sam Small has l)een traveling through the middle states trying to raise J2,.">00 for his church work. He b-as now succeeded in raising that amount and so will go back to bis home. Iola considers it an honor to have him select this town as his last stopping place. Hnrt in Foot Rail Game. Sterling Reed oi this city while practicing foot ball sustained a dislocated right wrist. Although tbe injury is not considered severe it is such as to prevent him fronv working for some time. While running he was thrown to the ground with his right arm falling under him. Big Game Called OiY. The game of foot ball which was arranged for this afternoon between the La Harpe and Eureka high school teams was called utt yesterday afternoon. It is believed that the weather would be so bad that the crowd which would witness the game would not be large enough to gmrnntee the expenses of bringing the Eureka team here. An effort will be made to arrange the game for two weeks from today. •Two OryhUN." "Two Orphans" will be the attjTic- tion at Peel's opera house on the evening of November 14tfa. The play has been a success on the American stage for a -quarter of a centur;; and today the chances for it to live triumphantly for years to come are bright. The bill will be produced in this city by a company of noted players. XelhodlNt EIIINCOIWI Chnrrh. Sunday school at 0:4C n. m. Preaching at 11 ii. m.. followeil by communion servicot SJriiiuit by JI. A. Church, of Vntes Center. Young People's and Children's Rally service at .1 p. ni. Illustraiud uddrcHs by II. A. Church. Bpworth League at t!:.10 ji. in. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. by 11. A. Church. * Xoles. I Our reviv.ll sorvlcps close next Sunday evening. Will you help to make the day one loug lo \to remcmlterpd. .May we not hope to see every member at the communion service Sunday morning? The afternoon meeting will he a great meeting. While the service is primarily In the Interest of. the young peOiiIe and children every body is cordially invited. ^ Wo hope to receive maiiy new members that day. If you have no church home and ours is the church of your choice, come visit us that day. A certain minister on « Sunday morning, handed each member of his flock a card containing the foilowbig suggestive remarks: .Vorbns Kahbatleas. Morbus Sabba ^cuR, or Sunday sickness, a disease peculiar to the church members. The symptoms vary, but it never Interferes with tne appetite. It never lasts more than twenty- four hours. No physician is ever calloil. It always proves fatal in the end to tihe soul. It is becoming fearfully prevalent, and is destroying thousands every year. The attack comes on suddenly every Sunday; no symptoms are felt on Saturday night; the patient sioep.s well and wakes feeling well: eats a hearty but alKnil church lime the attack;.comes ou and continues until morning. IRA M. DENHAM, Pastor. Preshjrterliui (.'harrli. Kov. Harvey W. Mathls, pivilor of the I 'reHbyl (>rlan church of ChnnAc. will preiicli MPM Snbbnth morning and evening. ServlceH at 11 a. m. and 7:!I0 p. in. .Mr. MathlH is an excellent prenchor and you should hear twoi gooil Bermons. Snhhath school nt 10 a. m. .Tnnlon meeting, at 3 p. m. Young People's meeting at C:.10. Next week wo expect to have piench UiK Wednesday, Thursd .ay and Friday niglits in connection with thi> special services the following Week. Rw. T. S. H.iwloy Is to" preach every night beginning November nth and the meetings will continue until otherwise announced. .IOHS, H. BRIGHT, Pastor. fiABDCK cm COXXjPNITT HOBBI PIED BY UJCIYILIZED DEED. BObYHAD BfEN KEPTA WEEK PAIIKXTS OF DECEASED WERE AT DIX.NEB WIIKN POLICE ARRIVED. Fanllly. One of Iguoniiit Germiui Class >Vhu Work In tbe Beet Fields. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Campbell returned yesterday to Humboldt after spend- iiif; a woi 'k in the city visiting friends. Davi.l Urown of Elsmore was In the city yesicrday on business. riia.s. Snyder shipped in a car load of horses and mulea yesterday. .loel Canady will leave in a few days for Missouri where he will visit his brother. We have secured (he agency for rOino Jjaxatlve Fruit Syrnp. the new I.nxatlve that makes the liver lively, purifies the breath, cures headache and regulates the digestive, organs. Cures chronic constipation. .\sk ns about It. nnrreil's Drug stflre. Rebecca JEninlalHed Last Night. The Relwccas of this city entertain-i services are over for the ed the Odd Fellows in their hall in j Then the patient feels easy and eats a his city last evening. A program con- herirty dinner. In The afternoon he GRANDMA McNaight was slightly injur.-»d while in To'a week ago last Saturday. WSth her daughter, Mrs. Willett, of this place, she was walking along a board walk when she tripped on an end of a board causing her to fall on her face. The (Aeck was sllghlly injured and she was shaken up but not sorlonsly injured. —Moran Herald, / For ReAt and Qilekest Resnlfo the Register Want CelRmns. Garden City, Kh .s., .Vov. 1.—The Telegram says: A shocking example of the ignorance of sanitary laws possessed by some of the members of the German settlement near the factory came to light this week throngh aa investigation by some of the factory men. The case in question was the keeping of the body of a dead child In the tiouse for nearly a week with no attention from an undertaker and no intention was shown by the parents of the child toward bnrying it. The child died early la .st week but little was said of this to the other people of the settlement In soqie way, however. Superintendent of Construction Muekle heard that a child had died in the settlement and that no move had been made toward burying it. He notified the police Jit the factory who made an investigation. AWien.the officer visited the house where tlie child had died he found the family at dinner. Back of the stove was a wooden box. He opened the lid of the box and there he saw the body of a; dead chM and its condition indicated that it had been dead several days. He learned afterwards that it had died four days before. The officer secured a suitable box or a cotrin anfl the child was buried Sunday. The family,of the child Is one of the German faniilies which come to Garden City In the spring and remain here until after the sngar campaign. All the members of the family who are large enough work In the beet fields jfmlnic thBr &maler.- ^Alttoa^ tfaeee rerd are pSi ^ood -?a£es yat ia vaiter cas«s they I1T » la the pbereat Btsaaer Ixoagiaable; • The camprnt keeps a close tratch da them but maxiy of the families dot tiot seem to ufider- stand and this incident is thought to be the result of Ignorance on the part of the parents. ' WANTED FOR EMBEZZLE.MENT. Jack XorreTI, Arri>Mt«d Ilm. Xnst Go lu .WUslMsIppI. (Coffoyvlllo .Tourtml.) Chief Kloehr returned WedneKdiiy evening froth loin, "where he went to got Jack Morrell, whd i» wanted in .Mississippi for alleged embezzlement. Morrpll formerly was a ^phimber In this city and was actively engogea at one time In organizing the labor interests into unions. Some months ago he went to Meridian,, to con- llnuo his union work. WBiile. engaged there the charge for which be Is now under arrest was made against bim. Moreeil has made a statement setting forth his side of the stoiy. which in every particular sounds plausible. He says that if he were arraigned In the north on the charge for which he is new held, he would have no fear, but he feels certain that the Jury where his trial is set will sure go against him. The latter part of July Morrell was appointed a member of the finance committee at Meridian, to raise money for a labor celebration. He was to lie paid 125 a week for his work. He collected the money, deducting his salary from his collections as he went. The celebration was pulled off, bat a few of the bills were left nnpaid. August 2 he left for the north. A state warrant was immediately sworn out against him and $50 reward offered for his arrest Nothing -was heard of him : until he was apprehended a few days ago at Tola. Governor Hoch has honored the re- qni.sItIon of the governor of Missl.s- slppl. The ofllcers from that state are now on their way to get their man. This Is Worth Remeraberiag. As BO one Is immune, every person should remember that Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of kidney or bladder tronble that is. not beyond the reach of medirine, Burrell's drug storp, • Regbitrr Want Ads. Pay hecanse in Allen Connty nearly every body rends the Rcffiater. , <rii ^t«iitil The Most Enterprising People Need Credit Help at Times! We know that the most diligent and hard-working people require credit accommodation occasionally or continut^lly. - Circumstances may be a little against them, and while they are working steadily and conscientiously, y^t the current expenses at times exceed the income in spite of everything. So it's no undignified act io ask for credit. The best people in every community do it when occasion requires. We are glad to give credit help to every family in lola, no matter how great or small their earning power. We have faith 9 in the people—trust them thoroughly. We endeavor to give each customer the credit service which his particular requirements demand, arrange the terms of payments so as not to inconvenience the person a particle. It's dignified credit, confidential credit, the most helpful credit being given to its customers by any clothing outfitting institution in America. A SpeoM Purohmme of Mew BtBok CoBim tor Woment: Inclnded wHfa them .a •umfactoreV sample line we bare arranged for .Saturday, inclndes all next week a most Interesting sale of new Black Coals, the very lat^t styles for fall and winter wear. They are made of tbe finest bmadrloth and light weight Kerseys In Blaek, Tans. Blues, Reds, Greys, Browns, Castors In a great many different qaalltieK. The sale prices range from $3.75 to $35. These prices are considerably less tiian tbe real valnes of tbe Coals, but we henght them at less (ban the regnlar market prirex, and we •ffer (hem (o yon with oar selling price hase4 apon the rest. Tonr Income, your finanrhil rondlllon or your earning powers eat aa figure here. HONESTY is the only rapllal required to eper an ar> eooni here. Any one Is able to pay iXM or liJKI a we<*. Ton need no Intrednrtion, «<Xo Pall." when (he salary envelope Is fnlL Jnst bny and pay a little yfhy not a charge account for the wage earner I. The wealthy ehiss e« bny on erellt entirely. Bay where yoar word Is as good as year cash. Men's Suhst nichrst ExclnslTcness Di«(Inr« (ton Tone (he hall mark of every garment shown. Represent riothea of distinction In point of tailoring, effectlTeness and flltlng possesses an indlvldBallty and tone seldom foand In ready< for*Kerrlre riothes. The fall snlts range in prtre from $13.50 io $25.00 Meu'm A Boys' FumlmMigm- £. J. Roe Hats require no latrodae- tlon. We are agents, so are many other shops. Many,buyers believe prleea are the same everywhere, bnt they are not when quality Is considered. Some charge you S5 per cent loo much. We sell Roe Hats for (he fewest prfeea (he fae(ory permits. Xen's Flae Troasers from 91,50 to 15. Beys PaBta iSe Men's Wark Shoes , 91^ Xew Fall Overcoats range from 95.M to |25J)0. Ellcti Ken4aD Shoes for tbe IlUIe ones. Boys and Girls, Ladles' Geats. From SSc pair to 95.00. A eomirtete line of Underwear, lle9« iery and Faraisblnga and Farsi We are bM4««f rtero ladlea maa-taU. ored Sklris and Shirt Waists. RSBre the Saving with that Popolar "Live and Let Live" Store oo the Soathwest Corner of tie Square.

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