The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 21, 1986 · Page 14
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 14

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1986
Page 14
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Photon lovers play Star Warriors in 10,000-square-f oot new game CHICAGO (AP) — A new futuristic fantasy game is "beaming up" would-be warriors for fast forays in deep space. Photon, played out against a six- minute clock in an arena with space- age trimmings, attracts people who fidget while watching science-fiction movies and want to grab their own laser weapons and stalk intergalactic bad guys. "It can be exciting, it can be frustrating," said Mike Hastings, 33, in real life a U.S. Air Force air traffic controller and, off duty, a regular player at the Photon Amusement Center in Denver, one of five now operating. Working out strategy for Photon is a challenge and "it gives you a good workout. If you're vigorous and really try to score points you're going to be running all over the place," he said. The game's computerized scoring system, keyed to the opposing team's helmets, chest plates and home base, gets high marks from Hastings. "When you're a kid and play Army or cowboys and Indians, you never had the opportunity to tell whether you zapped somebody," he recalled. "This provides an environment to play in and lets you know... how you did." Photon isn't kid stuff. Players are decked out in 15 pounds of gear — the computerized chest plate, helmets with stereophonic headphones, a battery belt and a pistol beaming infrared light. "When they're too little and they put on that heavy equipment, it's not fun for them," said Janice Younger, a spokeswoman at Photon's Houston center. Hastings said he hopes it will become the winter alternative to softball games for himself and his coworkers. "A lot of older people — I consider myself older — get a kick out of it," he said. In addition to the five operating centers in Dallas, Denver, Houston, Toronto and a Newark, N. J., suburb, 94 are planned in North America and Japan by franchise-holders, said Kathy Davidson, director of advertising for Dallas-based Photon Marketing Ltd., which developed and franchises the Photon centers. Photon founder George A. Carter III was inspired by the original "Star Wars" in 1976, Davidson said, but his Baby dies after doctor stops 'heroic' efforts BOSTON (AP) — A severely ill 3%month-old boy died Monday of respiratory failure, two days after his doctor agreed "enough had been enough," the child's mother said. The parents had threatened to file suit to block doctors from prolonging the child's life. Linda Bellingham said she and her husband, who owe at least $700,000 in medical bills, would continue to press for legislation "so the Ricky Bel- linghams of the world will be able to die with peace and dignity." Ricky had been in the intensive care unit of Children's Hospital since he was born Sept. 24, five months premature. He had a deformed esophagus and trachea, a liver infection, internal bleeding, an enlarged gall bladder and a hernia. He had undergone three major operations and 10 other surgical procedures before Bellingham and her husband, Jack, asked the hospital early this month to quit performing operations and to disconnect the child's feeding tubes so he could "die in peace, not pain." The couple visited Ricky in the hospital Saturday and notified officials they were going to court "if they didn't agree that enough had been enough," Bellingham said. "Dr. (Craig) Ullehei agreed that no further heroic efforts would be taken, and they gave him morphine and kept him very comfortable. Two would-be intergalactic warriors play the fantasy game. plans were delayed until March 1984 while technology caught up. The game opens with a statement from a disembodied female voice that begins, "Attention Photon warriors!" After the countdown, teams — distinguished by the tiny red or green lights on their helmets — compete on a 10,000-square-foot, two-level playing field that is a warren of ramps, tunnels and hiding places. A central column emits smoky "Martian mist," music plays, highly focused beams of light spear the haze. There's an observation deck for onlookers. Light-zapping the opposing team's base, targets placed at opposite ends of the field, three times is worth 200 points. Zapping an opposing player on the helmet or chest plate is worth 10 and "disrupts" him for five seconds, turning his helmet lights yellow and deactivating his gun. Computer noises through the earphones signal hits and misses. But the game has its detractors. Plans for a $1 million Photon Amusement Center in the Chicago suburb of Palatine sparked opposition from parents and local officials concerned about its impact on youngsters. Concerns about the game were resolved with a provision requiring parents' permission for players under 18 at the Palatine center, to open in April. The Fed uses comics to teach of money NEW YORK (AP) — "Once, long ago, in the middle of a very big ocean, there was a very small island called Mazuma." So begins "Once Upon a Dime," a tale for children about money, inflation, lending and other weighty economic topics as told by the most powerful central bank in the industrial world. In a 23-page comic book, the Federal Reserve describes how the make-believe island moves from a simple, barter-based economy to a modern one. The text is geared to children in the fourth and fifth grades and is intended to help them learn about coins, currency, checking and banking, the Fed said Monday. Natives of Mazuma discover the disadvantages of bartering in Part I of "Once Upon A Dime." Dr. Millicent Diligent and Captain Sharky put their marriage plans on hold while they try to trade fish and medical expertise for flowers for their wedding. The florist doesn't need a vaccination or fish but would like a new mosquito net. They attempt to trade their wares with the netmaker but he would prefer coconut milk. Dr. Diligent and Captain Sharky despair of ever obtaining the flowers. They bring their troubles to King Bomba, who comes up with the idea of using something that all the inhabitants could use in trading. The wise king tactfully discourages a suggestion of using fish, noting they aren't easy to carry around and don't keep well. King Bomba recommends using stones painted with the letters D-I-M-E, standing for the artist's favorite words: delightful, imagination, mineral and eureka. The simple story sets out some fundamental concepts of money as a medium of exchange. Money is readily accepted, widely recognized and a convenient way to transact business. The economic trials and tribulations of Mazuma's inhabitants continue in Parts II and III and the Fed delves into more sophisticated monetary subject matter. Besides "Once Upon A Dime," which is available free from the New York Fed, the central bank has numerous other comic-style booklets available that bring economics humorously to life. [First Published in The Saltno Journal January 14,1986) M THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ICHARD L. HOLMQUIST, DECEASED NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS CoseNo.86P-3 le Stole of Kansas to oil persons oncerned: You ore hereby notified that on anuary 7. 1986. a Petition was filed in lis Court by Darrel N. Holmquist, an eir of Richard L. Holmquist, deceased, raying that Ihe Will filed with Ihe etition be admitted to probate and ecord; that Roger Colby be appointed s Executor without bond and that oger Colby be granted Letters Testa- lentary. You are required to file your written efenses thereto on or before the 5th ay of February, 1986. at 10:45 o'clock .m. in said Courtroom 303 in the city of olino in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and ploce said cause will be eard. Should you fail therein, judg- lent and decree will be entered in due ourse upon the petition. All creditors re notified to exhibit their demands I oinst the estate within four months the date of the first publication of lis notice, as provided by law, and if leir demands ore not thus exhibited, ley shall be forever barred. Oarrell N. Holmquist Petitioner HILIPR.HERZIG 56 S. Santa Fe .O. Box 854 alina.'Konsos 67402-0854 913)825-7218 Attorney for Petitioner (3tsp) The Salina Journal Tuesday, January 21,1986 Page 14 (First Published In The Soiino Journo! Jonuory14.1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY KANSAS 'EOPLES HERITAGE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, corporation Plaintill, vs. )AMMY LEE BRITTENDALL JR. ANGELA K. BRITTENDALL. husband and wife; and TERESA D. NELSON, I k a ERESAD.STREIT. Defendants. NOTICE OF SALE Cose No. 85 C-306 'O: The above named Detendants and fa all persons who are or may be concerned: By virtue ol an Order of Sale issued o me out ol the said District Court in he above entitled action. I will on the 5th day of February. 1986, at 10:00 A.M. of said day. at the Iront door of Ihe Saline City-County Building. 300 West Ash. Solino. in the County of inline. State of Kansas, offer at public sale,and sell to the highest and best Bidder for cosh in hand. Ihe following described real estate, to wit: lot Five (51, Block Thirteen (13). Leavenworth Addition to the City ol Salina. Saline County, Kansas. The above described real estate Is taken as the property of the Detend- ants and is directed by said Order of Sole to be sold, and will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order ol Sale. Dorrell Wilson. Sherill Saline County, Kansas Connee A. Scott 1129 Wonamoker Rood, P.O. Box 4600 Topeka KS66604 913-272-4003 Attorney lor Plaintill (3tsp) ions, conservators and trustees of such of the Defendants as are minor or are in anywise under legol disability; and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any person alleged to be deceased. Defendants. PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 60 OF KANSAS STATUTES ANNOTATED. SHERIFF'S SALE CaseNo.85C-336 By virtue ol on Order of Sole issued out ol the District Court ol the Twenty- eighth Judicial District, sitting in and for Saline County, Kansas, in the above entitled action. I will on the 31st day of January, 1986, at 2:00P.M.. at the main door of the Courthouse in the City of Salina. Kansas, offer for sale at a public auction and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, oil the right, title and interest of the Defendants above named, in and to the following de scribed real property situated in the County ol Saline State of Kansas, towit: Lot 9. Block 2. in Replot of Beebe's Second Addition to the City ol Salina, Saline County, Kansas Said property is levied on os the property of the Defendants above named and will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. DARRELL WILSON. Sheriff of Saline, County. Kansas ATTEST: BETTY J. JUST Clerk of the District Court DANJ.SKUBITZ Attorney at Law P.O. Box 355 Wichita,KS67214 316-263-5267 Attorney tor Plaintiff (3lsp) Help Wanted MCPHERSON COUNTY, an equal opportunity employer, Is presently accepting applications for a full time office manager. Business college degree or equivalent educational or job related experience required. Accounting and secretarial skills essential. Farm background helpful. Specialized on the job training provided. Please send resume to McPherson County Weed Department, Box 105, McPherson, KS 67460. The deadline for submitting appllca- tlons Is January 24,1986. Help Wanted 249 HAIR STYLIST wanted. All resumes confidential. Send resume lo Box Y-895, Salina Journal, P.O. Box 740. VOLUNTEER COUNSELORS needed. Requirements: The desire to help people who are experiencing a problem or life crisis and a willingness to be an Important participant In the betterment of the human condition In Sallna. No previous experience or degree needed, training Is provided. To become a HOTLINE volunteer par- aprofesslonal telephone counselor, call the HOTLINE at 827-4747. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. PHARMACISTS Saleway/Food Barn is now accepting applications for pharmacists in Sallna and Topeka. Must be licensed for State of Kansas. Excellent pay and benefit package. Liberal vacation plan, paid holidays, and good weekend hours. If interested mall resume to Safeway Employment Office, Box 441, Kansas City, AAO 64141. Equal Opportunity Employer M/F. INCOME OPPORTUNITY. As semble products at home. No experience. Details. Call t-613-545-872ii. Ext. 365. LOCAL AREA business needs welder repairman for )ob shop duties. 913-667-2915 for Interview appointment. EOE M/F, NEEDED FULL Time advertising sales professional. Salary plus commission. Apply to Sallna Cable TV, 144 North 7th. CAR RENTAL Agent, part-time, some training or experience preferred. Send resume to Box Y-906, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. SECURITY OFFICER for retail business. Experience preferred. Send resume to: Box J-152, Salina Journal, P.O. Box 740. CERTIFIED GERATRIC aides. Apply at Kenwood View Nursing Homes,825-5471. EOE. HAIRDRESSER WANTED! With Clientele. Apply In person, 1004 West Crawford, Chalet Coiffure, 8am-6pm. (First Published In The Salina Journal January 21, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS PEOPLES HERITAGE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a corporation, Plaintiff, vs. GARY LEE TANNER and BETTY J. TANNER, Defendants. NOTICE OF SALE CaseNo.e5C-344 TO: The above named Defendants and to all persons who are or may be concerned: By virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me out of the said District Court in the above entitled action, I will on the I31h day ot February, 1986, at 10:00 A.M. of said day, at the front door of the Saline City-County Building, 300 West Ash, Solina, in the County of Saline, State of Kansas, offer ot public sale, and sell to the highest and best bidder for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to wit: A tract of land situated in the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/4 SE%) of Section Twenty-six (26), Township Fifteen (15) South, Range Three (3) West of the 6th Principal Meridian, in Saline County, Kansas, which is more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point on the East line of said Southeast Quarter (SE%), Three Hundred Thirty (330) feet North of the Southeast corner thereof; thence due West, parallel with the South line of said Southeast Quarter (SEVi) o distance of Two Hundred Fifty (250) feet; thence due North parallel with the East line of said Southeast Quarter (SEV*) a distance ot One Hundred Ten (110) feet; thence due East parallel with the South line of said quarter section a distance of Two Hundred Fifty (250) feet to said East line of said Southeast Quarter (SE'/i); thence due South along said East Vme'ot said Southeast Quarter (SEW) a distance of One Hundred Ten (110) feet to the point of beginning, except that part taken for highway purposes. The above described real estate is taken as the property of the Defend- (First Published In The Salina Journal January 21, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of EARL ROSCOE VAN METER, a/k/o EARL R. VAN METER, deceased NOTICE TO CREDITORS Case No. 86P-9 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that on January 15.1986, pursuant to o Petition for Probate of Will and Issuance of Letters Testamentary filed in this court by Erma Irene Van Meter, the Will of Earl Roscoe Von Meter, a/k/a Earl R. Von Meter, deceased, was admitted to probate and Erma Irene Van Meter was appointed executor of the Last Will and Testament and duly qualified as such executor. Letters testamentary were issued to Erma Irene Van Meter on January 15, 1986, by the District Court of Saline County, Kansas. All creditors of the above-named decedent are notified to exhibit their demands against the estate within four (4) months from the date of the first ; ublfcation of this notice as provided y law, and if their demands ore not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred. s/Erma Irene Van Meter Petitioner CLARK. MIZESLINVILLE, CHARTERED 129 South Eighth - P.O. Box 380 Solino, KS 67402-0380 913-823-6325 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp) XEROX AGENT seeks sales representative to market Xerox product- s.excluslvley, In the surrounding 8 county area. We provide training, high Income and bonus potential and a benefit package. If you qualify for this professional sales position, send resume with sales and earing history to: Box Y-901, Sallna Journal, P.O. 740, Sallna. BEAUTY SALON has station for rent. Send resume to: Box Y-900, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. DRIVERS: Due to government contracts we are seeking drivers with good driving records. This Is team operation, women teams wclcone. For more information contact, 316-6636131. NORTH CENTRAL Kansas Livestock Feed Manufacturing Co. Is seeking individuals to service current accounts and expand their growing customer base. Responsibilities Include promotion of activities In company owned outlets and direct sales to customers. Forward resume with references to Box Y-904, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. FULL-TIME POSITION open for Delsel Mechanic. Must have mafor mechanical, maintenance and service experience. Job Includes operating lay equipment and semi-truck drlv- ng. Mail resume Including salary requirements, brief sumary of previous employment and references to: Box Y-894, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. OWNER-OPERATORS NEEDED! Due to new government contracts we are needing late model tractors pulling our trailers in 48 stales. Good pay, must be a team operation, man and wife teams preferred. Sun Leasing, 3400 Line Road, Hutchinson, KS, 314662-6663. Ask for Jerry. MEDICAL INSURANCE/ TRANSCRIPTIONIST Experience desired Reply to: Box Y-898 Salina Journal P.O. Box 740 LOCAL RESTAURANT promotion needs 8 telephone receptionists Immediately for advertising program. Sales experience helpful but not necessary. Ideal hours for housewives and students. Good wage and pleasant working condition. Apply In person at 228 B South Santa Fe, 9am-2pm or 4- 8pm, Monday- Friday. ' DIRECTOR OF Laboratory/Chief Medical Technician. Immediate opening for an aggressive Individual to oversee the functions of the department. Previous hospital experience required. Located 60 miles northeast of Wichita. For further Information call Paul Wilson, Admlnls- trator, Sf. Luke Hospital, 316-382-2179. Classified Advertisements Dial 823-6363 Or write PO Box 740, Salina, Kans. 67402 10 WORDS MINIMUM $1.50 Minimum Charge 1 time, per word 15' 3 times, per word 35' 7 times, per word 52' 31 times, per word $1.93 Rates apply to residents In Salina retail trade area only. Open rate is 15' jjer word or $9.00 per col. inch per day on weekdays, S9.60 per col. inch on Sundays. DAILY NEWSPAPER looking to expand its pressroom operation, Is seeking a pressman with experience on a Goss Community Press. Excellent fringe benefits, competitive salary. Send resume or call, Jeff Knaak, at The Dally Union, P.O. Box 129, Junction City, KS 66441, 913-7625000. SERVE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! AVON WANTS YOU Avon's famous products have been an American tradition tor 99 years. We care about people. As an Avon Representative you can earn up to 50% of everything you sell...PLUS earn extra money when you sponsor others as Avon Representatives. With our free sales training and encouragement, you're on your way. Discover Avon today. Dorothy Plowman Box 98, Bennlngton, KS 67422 913-488-2229 SURROGATE MOTHERS needed. Bring |oy to a childless couple. Artificial Insemination. Must be healthy, over 21, given birth 1o healthy chlld- (ren). Medical expenses and living expenses (M50/ month) paid for two months. Call 913-233-1344, Hagar In- stltute, Topeka, Kansas. MONUMENTS - LET our years of experience guide you In this Important decision. In our 3rd generation. Our 53rd year. MEMORIALARTCO.,lnc. 1608-10 823-2981 Funeral Directors & Monuments 11 THE ALL New KNNN Country Radio 55 is currently seeking a part-time announcer. Experience preferred, but willing to train an outgoing, reliable Individual. Written applications taken from 8am-ipm weekdays at 660 Westport Blvd. KNNN Is an equal op- porfunify employer. FULL-TIME IMMEDIATE opening for Food Service Supervisor. Must meet state qualifications. Benefits available. Should enjoy working around elderly persons. Apply In person at the Country Club Home, 400 Sunset Drive, Council Grove, Kansas 66846. D.O.N. St. John's of Hays a non-profit 60 bed skilled nursing facility Is offering a career opportunity to a registered nurse with BSN degree and management experience. The Director Of Nursing position will be full-time with paid benefits and a salary commensurate with experience. If you are Interested In working with the elderly In a Catholic-Christian facility that has a tradition of caring for both It's residents and It's staff, you should apply. Please make application af 2403 Canterbury Road, Monday thru Friday between the hours of l:30pm- 4:30pm. Salespeople Wanted 265 SALES MANAGEMENT Trainee, 11,800 per month guaranteed salary, commissions unlimited. Willing to work, desire to learn, no experience necessary, we train. Call 823-2820. WHOLESALE COMPANY has opening for Sales Rep In Kansas. Earn big profits on commission sales. Call Deanle, 913-626-9638. TUBBS AND Sons Ford Sales, Colby, Kansas, Is currently taking applications for one full-time mechanic, 3-5 years experience necessary. Apply In person to Tubbs and Sons, 810 South Range, Colby, Kansas, 913-462-6746. Personals 29 DRINK AND Eat your way to a better feeling about your health, friends and security the Herbal Way. Ask me howl Debbie, 825-1011. PREGNANCY UNPLANNED? Birthright cares. 1414 South Santa Fe, 823-3113. Free tests. Confidentiality. ty b ants and is directed by said Order of Sale to be sold, and will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. Oarrell Wilson, Sheriff Saline County, Kansas Connee A. Scott 1 1 29 Wanomaker Road P.O. Box 4600 Topeka, KS 66604 913-272-4003 Attorney for Plaintiff (3tsp) WATCHED YOUR HOME MOVIES LATELY? Let us make It easy; by transferring your 16mm, 8mm or Super 8 film to Videotape. Mid-America Productions, 227 N. Santa Fe, 823-3908. MEDICAL ASSISTANT for Salina doctor's office. Will train In specialty procedures. Nursing or medical office experience desirable. Send resume to Box J-145, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. EASY ASSEMBLY work! MOO per 100. Guaranteed payment. No experience/no sales. Details send self- addressed stamped envelope: Elan Vital- 836, 3418 Enterprise Road, Ft. Pierce, Florida 33482. LOCAL AREA business needs salesperson. 913-667-2915, weekdays for information and interview. EOE M/F. ROOM AT THE TOP Due to the promotion in Sallna, three openings now exist for young minded persons In the local branch of a large organization. If selected you will be given two weeks of classroom training at our expense. We provide complete company benefits, major medical, profit sharing and optional pension plan second-to none. Very good guaranteed Income to start and all promotions are based on merit, not seniority. To be accepted you need to be 21 or over, high school graduate, have a pleasant personality, be ambitious, eager to get ahead and free to start work Immediately. We are particularly Interested In leadership ability and people looking for a genuine career opportunity. For appointment call Sid Middle at 9)3-825-6406, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from9am-5pm. EOE. Special Notices 35 PUBLIC NOTICE -To whom It may concern: I will sell household goods, and personal belongings of Cheryl Jones, 911 University, on January 25, 1986. Anyone having legal claims to this property call 825-4842. 4-year-old lives on mother's milk OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - A volunteer network of women in 47 states and an air express company are helping a 4-year-old girl survive her allergy to all nourishment except mother's milk. Lacie Smith of Milburn, Okla., can drink only water or mother's milk, which is provided by 2,500 donors a month, said her mother, Phyllis Smith. Lacie, who doctors had said might not live past the age of 3, must drink about three gallons of mother's milk daily. Individual donors usually give 1.5 ounces to 7.5 ounces, Smith said. Lacie drinks much of the milk by bottle, which her mother compares to a constant oral IV drip. Lacie first developed her allergies to nourishment other than mother's milk when she was 6 months old. Doctors say the longer Lacie lives, the greater the chance she will outgrow her allergies. "We would like to think that she is on the road to much, much better times," Smith said. Jo Ann Dalcin of Bethlehem, Pa., was one of Lacie's donors three years ago when her own daughter was an infant. She now coordinates a milk bank out of her home, finding volunteers for Lacie and four other children in the Pennsylvania area, Smith said. The network has at least 30 chapters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and the District of Columbia and she has found about 1,400 donors for Lacie. The milk has been delivered without charge by Federal Express Corp., the Memphis, Tenn.-based carrier, since 1982. "When she sees an airplane flying over, she says, 'Momma, let's go get the milk,' " Mrs. Smith said. Lacie is still growing at a normal rate, although she has cut down slightly on the almost three gallons of milk she had been consuming daily earlier this year. Lacie also is sleeping longer. Instead of the usual four hours a night, she sleeps six hours. "If we can keep her healthy, (doctors) say she'll probably overcome it eventually," Smith said. Linda Burchett, a Federal Express employee, got the company involved in helping the family, a service which could cost $30,000 annually. "I guess you could say it's an investment," Burchett said. "But our return on the investment has been a life." (First Published In The Salino Journal January?, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS In the Matter ot the Estate ot ROBERT H WARD, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING CaseNo.B5P.203 STATE Of KANSAS TO AU PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in this Court by Donald L. Ward as one of the heirs of Robert H. Ward, deceased, praying lor a determination of descent of the following described real estate owned by decedent at the time of death: The South Half (S'M of the East 82V of lot Nine (9). Block Two (2). Morrison Addition to the City of Salino, Saline County. Kansas (448 South IDth) and you are hereby required to tile your written defenses thereto on or before the 31st day ol January. 1986, at 10:30 o'clock A.M., of said day. in said Court, in the City of Salina, in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. /s/DonaldL. Ward Petitioner DAN D. BOYER Sweet & Bayer 1 JO South 7th P.O. Box 813 Salina, KS 67402-0813 913-825-2277 Attorney for Petitioner (3tsp) LOSE, GAIN or maintain weight the Herbal Way with the Nation's No. 1 nutritional progam...Mlndy or Gene 823-1757, 'CONTRACTOR NEEDS Estimator. Familiar with pipe valves and fittings. Fringes Include: Profit sharing, health Insurance and vacation. Send Resume to Box Y-904, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. SALES MANAGER, Ground floor with Sallna based publication. Set up your own staff, travel required. 20+ potential this year. Ad sales helpful. Send resume to SALES, P.O. Box 2387, Sallna, Kansas 67401-2387. LOSE WEIGHT the Herbal Way Proven 100% Safe and Effective. Krlsty. 823-3889. LOOK GOOD, (eel good, Herbal Diet. Keith,825-4140. GOVERNMENT JOBS. $16,040»9,230 year. Now hiring. Call 805-687 6000, ext. R-9444 for current federal listing. WANTED: COCKTAIL Waitress, part-time work, starting minimum wage. Call 625-9537 or apply In person after 5pm, Sale Barn. (First Published In The Salina Journal January?, 1986) IN THE TWENTY-EIGHTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT DISTRICT COURT, SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS CIVIL DEPARTMENT GMAC MORTGAGE CORPORATION, a corporation, f/d,b,a COLONIAL MORTGAGE SERVICE COMPANY, o corporation: Plaintiff, vs. BILLY F. CAMPBELL a/k/a BILLY FRANK CAMPBELL and MARLENE CAMPBELL, his wife: LOIS ANN CAMPBELL, individually and os mother, next friend and natural guardian of CHRISTEEN BERNICE CAMPBELL, a minor: CHRISTEEN BERNICE CAMPBELL, a minor; STATE OF KANSAS: and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, and assigns ol such of the Defendants as may be deceased: and the unknown spouses ol the Defendants: the unknown officers, successors, trustees, creditors and assigns ol such Defendants as are or were partners or in partnership: and the unknown guard- NOTICE Classified Ad Deadlines 11:00 AM 2 Days before insertion for Display Classified. 11am Thursday for Sunday 4 pm Friday for Tuesday. Ads over 'A page 1 day earlier than above. The deadline for WANTADS and deleting want ads before normal expiration V.OOPAA day before insertion. 10 am Friday for Saturday 1 pm Friday for Sunday. 1 day earlier than above when holidays are Involved. The Salina Journal reserves the right to edit, reject, reclassify, or refuse any copy. Business Opportunities 279 MOTEL: 21 Unit In Sallna, Includes real estate, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Low Interest assumable loan to qualified buyers. Call Carol or Don at Realty Associates, 827-0331. LIQUOR STORE for salel Must sell due to health. 823-7489. Want To Buy 289 USED UPRIGHT or grand piano. 825-8448. We'll Buy The Mortgage You're carrying. Sell your Real estate note to Jim Sullivan for Immediate cash.823-7133. PLEASE CHECK YOUR AD! I The Salina Journal Classified Department makes • every effort to avoid errors, but when we handle * hundreds of ads each day, most ordered by tele- | phone, mistakes do occur. • Please check your ad the first day of publication • and call before 10:00 am that day for any needed | corrections (1:00 pm Friday for Sunday correction). • We can then give you the necessary credit and cor- ' rect your ad for the earliest possible edition. The | Sallna Journal regret;- that we cannot be respon- • slble for any errors beyond the first day If you fail • to tell us about It. | CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. (913)823-6363 I I ,J Lost-Found-Strayed 48 LOST: BLACK and white spotted miniature poodle, name's Max, In North Sallna. Rewardl 827-4111. Schools-Instructions 49 CAREER EDUCATION - choose from 9 career programs. You deserve the best. Call Brown Mackle College. (913)825-5422. Help Wanted 249 DAYCARE PERSON needed near Meadowlark School. Two girls, and 3. youg home or mine. 827-5831. NOW HIRING COUNTER HELP. Apply In person only, 5pm-8:30pm. Sunset Cinema. ' LPN, CERTIFIED Geriatric Aide or Certified Nurses Aide to care for elderly lady, non-smoker. 627-9373. . SHOE F?IT CO. Will Be Closed 3:00 PM Wednesday, Jan. 22 Till 9:00 AM Thursday, Jan. 23 To Prepare For Our Big BOOTandSHOE Clearance Sale! 122 S. Santa Fe Salina 823-2146

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