Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1907
Page 3
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Sperlnl for fl.SO, iB.:.0. $4.00 nnd W.OO. Mss Goods and Trimmings. If yon are in need til' a new Oown ii wllf pay yon to visit our Dress Goods Department and see our elepant line of Dress CitXMls and Trlm- minRs in every new color and weave. Prlee.s ranslnB frotn $1.85 to ll>e J.eryar.1. MlUkfil' " Richardson's Morning serrtoe' at 11 a. m. Sermon, "A CHrl Skved by Her Father!'* SWth." [7, No evening service. Sunday school at 9:45. A corlial Invitation and a hearty weicotne. i IXJUIS C. HABNISH. Pastor. lAiyoB Cento-. Sunday scho61 at 2 p:- m. (An hour earlier than usual.) - L. C. HARNISH, Pastor. The Chrtetiaa Cbirch. The mbrnlDg seMnon will be Jn recognition of the hfUeth anniversary of the Christian church in the state. The subject wlil be "Fitty Years in Kansas." The subject of the evening sermon will be "The Christian 's CIU- denshlp." The Bible school meets at 10 a. m. The Junior Birdeavorers at 3 p. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:30 p. m. The teacher-training class meets on Monday at 8 p. m. Visitors are cordially invited to these services. R. H. ELLETT, Minister. « • c > > « < At the firand »xt W.-ek. Cow Puncher. Tuesday. Belle of Japan. Thursday Dixie Minstrel?. Samrdiiy Few people outside of the draniaih profession realize what It means to .i manager toflhda suitable play. \ nooA play Is as rare as the mo.'si prerlous gem. It mn?t contain a strong ploi plenty of good comedy and have a heart Interest that will aripe.-ii to tlit one who buys the parquet i^eat a>! well as the boy in the pallery. when you succeed in making your audience cry as well a.s Jaugb. then you have fount, a play that will stand the test of time \Mien the audience leaves after the final drop of the curtain feeling perfectly satisfied that they have beer well entertained, the success of your play Is assured. Such s play Is •Thir Cow-Puncher," by Hal Reid. W. K .Mann, the manager. Is said to Jiavt read many manuscripts before he lln- ally accepted Mr. Reid's play as the only one that would frll the requirements. B«^e of JajNiii. One of the very best performance- of the season, namely. "The nelle of Japan." written by H. Gratton Donnelly, author of "Darl£est, .Russia.' "Woman In Black." "Ship ..VTioy • and others. The production which is under the management of G. Harris Eldon. IB of the highest order of merit, the entire stage settings and sccnerv which are carried are remarkably real Mfic and handsome and were made from sketches drawn by the famous .Tapanese artist K. Tagaroo. The play 'is not of a farclal order, but has a well defined plot that holds the Interest of the audience from the rise of the curtain to the very climax of the last act. It Is the real theatrical novelty of the season, combining comedy, pathos, sentiment and a strong heart story, intermingled with songs and dances, which are the necessary ele* inentfl of a successful comedy drama. "The Belie of Japan" has met with most flattering success everywhere and will oo doubt be greeted by a packed house here. Dixie IflBBtrels. Dixie Minstrels, an all colored or- gaalt «tloa. i» one of the best op the roa dtoday. The flrst part is one eboire the average as Ift also the var­ ious'numbers tallowing. SAS WAS TOO HEAVY >nov Ha* Defeated by a Score of IK to 0. On a muddy field, where it was Ini- >ossible to make brilliant play .<i. the .as City football team tleffafed the • ,eRoy team yesierdny afienioon by he Pcore of lt> to 0. ne.<»Id :'S out- •'np.slng their opponeiit.x in every par 'cular the Gns City l>oys wen- much . teavler. The first ten minutes of |iliiy indi- ^ntod that the Gas City team would 'LIVP some dtfllculiy in defeatins their liphter opponents. The tiiue was .al:en up in a punting contest liplwenn (he LeRoy full back, and .Mien of Gns ivhh honor.s about equally divi'icd. In the last five minutes of the first half the L?Roy line began to weak »n Ann the rushes of Barker. .AMen iJid Campbell began to tell. Gas was ;?iven the ball on a fmnble on the for<y yard line and with consecutive line bucks made their gains and pnsh?d the ball over the goal line for the Qrst totich down. Allen missed an easy goal, leaving the score. Ga-s City 5. LeRoy fi. The ball was then taken hack to •be ceiit?r of the field and kicked off Then time was called, and th" first half was over. Only ten minutes rest was allowed. Gas City kicked off. l^eRoy j'unted •he ball back twentr-fJve yards. Ga? •r^ed a quarter back run but fumbl.-^, Campbell falling on the hall. l>eRoy was penalized five yards on the next lown for an off side play. Campbe!! was then given the ball and went straight through for the second touch lown of the gam?, but liefore Gas City was penalized for tacklln? a man in an open field who was luif carry Ing the ball. .Al!en kicked a difflculi 708l. The score. Gas 11. l.eRoy fl The ball had hardly been put In play again when Allen carried it over the lin.» for the third touch down of Home Made Sausage of all Kindt. Cash Paid for^ Poultry and Hides • OTTO HINZE, UTTO-OATE MEATMASK^ III But MudJMS : the game by a cain o£ twenty five yards on a fon»-ard pass. This was the brilliant play of the game. Al'en missed another goal, leaving the score Gas City 16. LeRoy 0. The ball was thei\ returned to th? center of the field where a punting game wa.s resume!, with honors about equally divide<l when time was callrd and the gnm.^ was over, tlie final score being lf> to n in favor of Gas City. ^ • The game yesterda.v brought out tl.o fiict that Leslie Cnmplte'l is th« "find" of the .'jensoii. Campbell is n youn^ fellow with a great physlqu* lut who has never had a great den! of experit-nce in the game. Allen Norton and Street jilayed their usual good game. Allen was esp>cially strong In Interference and tackling. Many times he carried his man back for big losses. K.tin .4.S.S0ri.lTI0.> «.\>K1{IPT. ivmsm Race Track Sold t« SallHiy Storkbolders. Kansas City, Nov. 2.—L'pon the pe tition of Edward Corrigan, of Chica.ijo. and George Witt, of .Memphis, the principal stockholders, the federal court here today ap|)ointed James F, Halpin. recpiver of the Kansas City Jockey Club and Fair .Association. The court ordered the sale of a track valued at four hundred thousand dollars which is considered one of the fmest in the country, and the division of proceeds among the stockholders. Practically no racing has been held at tlie track since the enactment of the .Missouri anti-pool selling law. TO TRY LIQrOR C.LSES MOXD.IT. Judge Culiins JIss Fonr fa.xes Set fur Trials. The cases of Rob Reynolds. W'.ad* Clark. Ttm) Ferguson and H. Garner, who are charged tmtiar the city ordinance with the vlo'iaiion of the pro hibltory law, will come np In pollc court .Monday. Garner gave bond tlie day of his arrest last Monday and the others are stll! In Jail. WTien the city ha.s diKi|osed of the cases the itate will stop In and pros<!«iiie the men- It Is said that the c«se acnlnst Qurner wl'l not be pushed as he was but technically guilty. The ovldonc' tgainst the men was worked up by ^etectivcu. HENRY Dienning, who has been •Mnflned to his home at 701 South Buckeye street for the past week, on account of iU haalth. was able to be out afain this morning. Daytist Chnreh. Sunday school at 9:<5 a. ra. * .Morning service at 1] a. m. .Sermon. "The Need of a Vision." B. Y. P. U. nt 6:30 p. m. i?venlng service at 7:30. Sermon. "The Wages of Sin." .Second Baptist Church. .Sunday school at 10 a. m. Pralso sertrtcea at lA:3%a. m. Lord's Supper at 11 «, m. Preaching at \\. tn. Sermon, •.\o Room for Christ." Every one Is cordially Invited to these services. eLt us have a large attendance throughout the day. J. W. GORDON, Pastor. I'resbTterUin Church. First thnrch—Preaching service at 11 a. m. Subject, "The Third Person, and at 7:30. subject, ".Man in Eden Christ the Coihpnnion." Sabbath school nt 9:43 a. m. (". K. meeting at 0:30 p. m. S. S. HILSCHEB. Pastor. Ltltio Builder's Chapel — Sabbath school at 3 p. ni. Choral Builders" meeting 7:^0 p. ro .Mothers meeting Wednesday after noon. MRS. E. N. JO.NES. "Supt. Rassett Chapei—Sabbath school at .1 p. m. GpLocopal Cbnrch. There will be services and sermon at the Episcopal church tomorrow mornipg at eleven o'clock. The Rev. Dr. Krum will preach. Subject of ser- Imon, "An Invltiatlon." Sunday school iit !>:!'• a. m. .All are cordially invited. First Methodist Church. . Sunday is to be an extraordinary day. President Murlln of Baker Univerr wiiv is to be with us: also Rev. SaJil 9r'^M of A'lanta. Ga. This is the last Suiula} iliut Rev. Small can be with us in the north and he Is to be with me ;iT both services. Dr. Miirlin cannot he with lis in the evening and there- fiire all are urged to be out in the forenoon, particularly does this mejtii the members. Come early and et'ery ime is cordially Invited to attend ail the services. J. -M. MASC.V. r. U. Chnrrii. iCvangelistlc services continue with unabated Interest, over fifty having confessed faith In Sunday will be a great day. Sabbath school at 9:4.^ a. n>. Preaching at It n. m. by lllcks. Stib- iect, "Heaven." after witich the ordinance of baptism will he ndminstercd md iho doors of the chttvch opened for the reception of members. .Jr. C. K. at 2:30 ji. m. Sr. C. E. at 0::!0 p. m. Preaching at 7:.'!0 p. in. followed l>y :i great fellowship lijecting. The public is cordially invited to all these .services. The revival will continue through the following week closing Sunday night with a great service. O. G. MIS.AMORE, Pastor. First Church of Chrbt, Scientist. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching service at 11 a. m. Subject, "Adam and Fallen Man.' " Testimonial meeting Wednesday at p. m. Services are held In C. S. hail at 110 east Jnckson avenue. The hall is used as a reading room from 2 to 4 p. m. each week day; The public is cordiai- y Invited to the services and reading room. .MRS. EMMA E. JONES. First Reader Eaut loU X. E. Cfaarrb. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a .ni. and 7 :no j). m. t^pworth I .eagtie at 6:30 p. m. At the morning ser^-ice Rev. Shul- ienberger, of Richmond, Kansas, will preach, and at the close of the service the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper win be administered followed by recep tfon of members. We specially urge all who may to unite with the church to come to this service. The revival is growing in Interest, souls are getting right with God. Let us help them. In the affernooH at three o'clock Rev. Sam Snmll will preach. The evening service will be under the leadership of Rev. Perry who is conducting the revival. Services every afternoon nnd evening during the week. All are cordlal- Invtled. A. Jf. HARKNESJl, Pastor ly THE FIRST shipment of Colorado potatoes was recelvM in Iota this eek. Up to the present time the home grown potatoes have been go cheap (hat Jt was nnprofltable to ship from the outside. The potatoes received in lola are exceptionally large and smooth. His business demands it, the itnportance of time demaqda it. From the time he gets up in the morning-until he goes to bed St night his every action is regulated by time. So. long for thLs job, so long for the other, so long for. [, so long for recreation, so long for sleep. | A watch touches a man's activities everywhere,' and the necessity for a good one Njs .apparent, (not necessarily expensive). " . Weiavetbem all prices, all grades, at Iqwest ["possible ." prices. .J. W. COFFEY & SON, Jewelers £as SideSquilre ' PIT IX XE\S TOLL ST.VTlt)>'.S. Home Phone Company Will .Hake Im- |irorement.«i In City. Following the'announcement of the Bell Telephone compiany that hereafter Ihelr long dist.ince toll rates would be the same at night as in the day tima the Home company gives out t*ie Interesting information that they will continue the present rates and are already making preparations to distribute a half do7 .en more toll stations alxjut the city. The Bell people say that th3y have raised-the rate for the reiiwn that with the night rate Into effect', the btrsiness has been made lopsided and that immsdiately after six o'clock, the time set for the night rate to go info effecfi the force is hardly able to handle the large amount of busi ness. With the night rate taken off the business would ba distributed throtigli the day time wh'ch. would make 3t easier work for the night foi>ce. The night rate is usual'y Just aliout half of the day rate and the taking off of that rate would make a great difference in tha price of talking. Foi 'nstance, the day rate to I^awrencc has been 45 cents and the night rate s 25 cents. To Kansas City the day The quartette of young ladiL -s, Miss •s -•.'.ft cents. lOL.V POBTLASD PAYS LICE5HE. Cement Company Enriched General .State Fund |34»7^. Register Want Ads-. Pay.bwanse In Allen Connty nenriy everybody read.n the Register. COMPOSED WORDS OF SONG. MIsM Minnie Thompson llnN Written Words Which Are Set to MUNIC. (M'irnn Hera'd.) The Herald has bean presented Willi a copv of a song, the words of which are by .Mliiuie i,ynn Tliompson. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Thompson, w'-o live nor.hwnst of town. Miss Thompson is now at Pherryvnle and the .Touriiai of that place the following to .say: " 'Only a Dream of the Dear Old Cottage.' a new song, brsathing a beatitlfnl sentiment and splendid words, written by M;ss Minnie Lynn ThompsoiK.a Cherry vale young lady Is hecomin=;,qtJJte popttlar among mus'c ians and all who can be .seen nt the hook and music store of W. -A. Curtis. "Mr. Curtis pra'sed the song high•y, both on account of ths words and music, and stated to a .Toumal reporter that he was making arrangeinents to order a sufficient number of copies to .siiniiiy the trade. "Miss Thompson is a saleslady at the Temple of Economy^aiul came to Cherryvale from lola early this s::-n- mer. Sh* is a talented and gifted oiing lady and has written a number of poems, but 'Only a Dream of the Dear Old Cottage' is the flrsr to be m to music and be published." Recister Want Ads» Ic a Word. Topeka. Nov. 2.—The state charter board yesterday evening granted n license to do biislnt 'ss in Kansas to the Tola Portland Cement) company, 1 Wjpst Virginia, corporation with its manufacturing plant at lol.i, Kansas, and the general fund of the state Is enriched S2.327.50 thereby. The company is caplUilIzed at 14,500,000, and it.s rtfficers are: President; George E. Nicholson. lola; vice president, .L .\. I^ewis, St. Ix>uis, and secretary. J. W. Perry, St. Louis. Heretofore the license has been paid by the local company, but this year the. West Virginia comjiany which owns the stock In the local company paid the license. 0\LT A FEW It any, fair-minded people fail to realize what a potent factor Is the press in influencing public opinion—it Is 'he mirror that reflects the passing shadow. Wh .1t yon are tioing today •nay not interest John Doe, but It may strike Richard Roe Just right. Next week it may he the other way around: therefore it behooves the merchant to •teep. on hustling every day. There s always so much trade to be gained ind the race ,1s invariably to the iwift.. In conjunction with good copy he Register keeps its advertisers in he forward van of progress. Climb !j. nei.sihbor, climb in. STOPPED A DAVCE. Police Culled to Make Neighborhood Keep Qnlet. Policeman Ira Smith wa.s called to Camphelt street last night to stop a danc which was about to start In the residence next to the home of Bob Sharp. Mrs. Sharp and little daughter are lying in a serious condition and the noI.«e of the dance would have disturbed them. The dance Was slopped at (he r^suesf of the policeman. WE.ITHKR BCREAl' IN.SPECTOB. \. n. Conger Here to Jfake Suggestion (or Better Resnlts. Norman B. Conger, inspector of the United States We.iiher Bureau, came in today to look over the local station. It is Mr. Congers duty to visit the different stations and make suggestions for the improvement of the service and also to ascertain the attitude of the public toward the Institution. He suggests plans for creating interest among the people and effecting co-operation on the part of the public and the weather bureau toward making the weather bureau " a more successful institution. ITH^ Junior Department Store A teautiful line of Black Mercerized Underslcirts, beauiifnlly made of high grade material and made especially for ladies who are particular. THe prices are very mcderate, being $1.25. 1.50, 1.75 2.25. 3 oo and 3.25. the last two prices are for onr beautiful Heatherbloom numbers. In buying caps for the girls, you cannot afford to overlook our beautiful cloth atid bearskin-aps in pi Ices as folkiws: I9c, 49c, SOc, 69c, 79c. $1 .25 and $1.49.

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