Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 5
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.'•I / r9« DEPOSITS Jun« 15th, vm I 5,730.31 July 1st, 1908 13,862.29 August 1st, 190b 17,178.67 September 1st, 1908 22,97?.48 October 1st, 1908 24,0G8,89 November 1st, 1908. 38,546.69 Siaie Savings Bank CmiMml 0aa.OOO Mm. Kmmmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A few bandred U sections ^o. 1 western land at IIOOO and np. GOLDEN WEST UND CO. Office OTcr Iowa Store. ^ Thorpe & BoBgh ^ Ontraetoni, Engineers, Snrreyors. Fully equipped'for all kinds of nrveylng, estimating, patent draw- liS, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, enrbing, and farm drainage. Office Oyer *TamoBi.'» Short Stories ion Happenings Oil After ilie din of the buttle, ii lius just reached tliis rity that llie Kiidiroii warrioi-s front here who journeyed to lola last Sunday to plflv foot ball. «-eie snowed under in a luosr nierci- Icijs manner beneath an average of about ITl imuuds averdupois. The final reckoninf? stood in favor of lola by the great majority of 95 to ». Talk abJ^i your shiufibicr.—inaependeuce Star. It U the liQ\eatf6h -'<Mr ibbee otibfitV I}- connected with the- >CrW. Parker Amus^ent company' to reload the propertr. which w'as attached, upon the show cars tonight 'about .10; o clockrr Tte property would have been tufn^ over to the Parker people this morning by Siieriff Ogg but.hedecld ed that the bond of 91300. which was filed with H. H. Null, oIeti{ of the district court, was not suflacient, and be demanded an increased tmnd. Mr. Ogg told the attorney for Mr. Parker that if the bond was not given, he would turn,the property back to Constable Hall, from wliom it was replerined. The attoniey for 3Ir. Parker got busy and gave bond for 16 .500 with the .Vatlonal Surety com pany as surety. Jlr. Ogg must hold the property for twenty-four' hours from the time the bond was given. A Parker trainmaster and his assistant arrived this afternoon to look after the loading. A uumber of the former employres of tlie Carnival company are leaving the city today. .1. F. McQandless took up a collection last night with which to pay the raiiroad fares of the baud boys. T. B. Guthrie, the director of the band, extended thanks on behalf of the band to .Mr. .Mct'amlless.—Cha nute Tribnno. —lulst OB having "IT. 8." floar. I'rahe Floreuce. The lola uni'^i'B speak, viiy highly of A. F. R'orenro, formerly county ai orney of this cnuniy. ;is a caiuiiaiKii sjieaker. He was out almost every night for iwo weeks prior to the election and turned out a hii^h grade of political oratory. We of U'oodsoii know that AI i.s an entertaining; .^tlieak- er.—Yate.s Center News. I wii; be ready lo deliver friiii iiees liday afterncKm and Saturday. Have fine trees for sale. \. H. IM -own. .'iirt SoHffi {^otfonHood. ' • —Fltegerald Storage and Transfer Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—belter than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET Wo handle only the Lest of Fresh Meats, Bmoked and Salt Meats. .We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the highest laarkct price in cusb or trade. Come fn and see us. Wo are solo ageuls for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TBAS If you will give this Hue a trial you will li^e no other. Fryer Bros. ^er Phone 301, 808. lola, Kansas. Evans Bros. mmmkm, atmltmitmfjr. TsmmwrMmm MmPm»m*f Onimm Mmmmllmm Where qnallty ia main eonilA- •ratlon w* boy tha beat Wbaxe damaada will lutlf^, w« earry all gradaa aad prloaa. •tilfe lUa fflUNk I«I% Kaat. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. MaaBfMtortri. WbotoMla u4 R«taD DMlars CRYSTAL ICE And DiitllUd Water Itir G «U mnr* WtUj Ux SutaiMBi PhtB* m, FRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. Stoves Set tip and oomiected, also aoy other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. Fort Scutt Is I'ruud. -A foot ball team from the Kalpa Ivlub went over to iola a few weeks ago for a .i ;anie with the team from that city. The boys were almost ashamed to come home, having been defeated by a score of 3S to 0, but they are now boastiit^ as to what good ball they played, and in the light of recent events they are found to be good players. Independence, u town that has played foot ball continuously for many years, sent a team to lola a few days aso and they were defeated by a score of SS to 0. I-'rom reitort.s the game more resembled a foot race than a foot ball game.—I 'l. Scott Iteptibllcan. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. Ulvhup ou Trip. IIIkIi ' Itev. .lohn .1. Ilenuessy. bishop of the Wichita diocese of the Calh- olln faith, yeblerday started out on a lour over the diocese, lie will administer the Holy Sacrament of confirmation. MIshop Ilennci-sy administered coiifirniation yu^iierday at Coldwlcli. Today he is at Andale.—Wichita l':as1e- —Six per cent money; no commission; no delay.—Smith A Travla. .V ISpecial Luburatury. Tli«j, l.'niversity of Ivansas lias judt completed the eiiuipmciit of a special laboratory for wafer analysis in connection with the state wtiier sur\-ey. Special problem.^ of jmblio water sup ply. sevvage and industrial waste will be taken up this winter. The work lor the r. S. Geological Survey in analyz- iiiK the waters of rivers and streams in the state has been completed. *~It—Our Way Soda Water. I'fHise Bollinger. Char/ie UaUiitgei: a lioinbun cuim- ly bov who has held the office of sheriff of .Mien county for the past two years, and who has made a j:ood officer, was re-elected by the lai;scst majority that any Allen county candidate received. Mr. Uolliii:?er is a brother of E. S. llolliiiger. a Fifth ward politician and also u brother of Fred iiollinger. late of the police force and at present jiroprielor of a livery establishment on .Market Siiuare. Char lie was «?(ected by u majority of I.:;00. His deputy. Roy UoairiKht, is also a former I-'ori Scot^ boy. lloih men have made ?;ood and after KoIliuKer next term expires IJoatrighi may become it caadfdnle for the office of sherifi.—Kt. Scott Tribune. NVaboo or>c per bottle al Muudis*. duMrtaiUr^gfren on all work Voted Frlnouern. y Coniily Attorney J. L, Caldwell an noitnced thi .H afiernon (hat aproi>oe of considerable complaint regurdint; tlie voting of j/rhojiers from the clly and county Jails, be was making an inveMlKutlon. It is nndcrsiood that if tJic law offe+« a remedy for this luuciice that prosecutions will follow. There were three or four prisoners from the calaboose who voted instead of only two. Jerry ASTiite voted and it is stated that Siurms, another cala­ boose man. also was jirivileged to vote. • Chas. Uunkertcn was voted by Sheriff Hesser. , Mr. Caldwell says the parties who voted these men were hard up for votes. There may lie some sort of a demand for warrants for the persons who voted the prisoners.—Ft. Scott Tribune. Co. HouseUld and yian* wovlag; largest titore room In city. I'bone S«C Has fa rittabarf. M. Schoenbrun. manager of the iSlobe Shoe and Clotlilng company atore in lola. was among the Tisitom in the citv today.—^Ptttaburg Head- IfSht. To Uvt Billy Sundajr. Plans toward securing "Billy"' Sunday, the noted evangelist, for a revival in .loplln next spring, will be made at a meeting of the .\rinisieria2 -\Jliatic«> I'-riday morning. The»cvan.gelist has his lime etiKaged two years ahead, but the local ministers hope to se;;ure oiiv of his cancelled eimasenien's next spring.—Jopliii Herald. foneraVbf IjiarV^Win L. Galia- wa^ was held at the deceased's fiome^ nbrlh of -the city tl}is morning, and was cohductied by Rev. Bohn. pastor of Ail Saints' Episcopal church. A large number of friends attended the service and'-the floral offerings were^ exceptionally large and beautiful. The remains were interred at Deepwood cemetery.—Nevada Mall.. -' —Soda Water, the Our Way kind. Captain £win^ Is Out Captain Ewing who has beeu quite ill is now able to be^out. His many friends ai-e congratulating him uijou his victory at Tuesday 's election. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steam heat in each room. Baths tree. VH Two Wells. The Lanyon Zinc Company has two new wells, one on tlie Xorthrup farm soutiieast of Lu Harpe and another oii the J. Brister farm. Both have good pressure and a)>])ear to be in tne same pool as the big weH on the Means farm. i—Our, Oysters. Way. Open Uruevry. Wm. Ileadicker has opened ills ni'w grocery store on the east side. The goods iind fixtures were purchased al Kansas City and moved here. —Drs. Lafbrop, Onteopatha, Phone 48a .May Locate Here. iJr. .1. t;. Woodin, a physician at Kansas City, is thinking of moving to lola and opening an office. He has leen in a hospital for .several years lis a sur.ueoti. Dr. Woodin is a brother n-law of .lohii Devlin of this city. —Sign painting, phone 1128. Fred Rowden. iianfurd in Town. Tin- ('has. B. Hanford show cum- pauy was in lola several hours yes;- erday afternoon while enroute from t. Scott to Ottawa wlicn' they sIidw- nrt last iii;ilit. •?'»~T—?a I '11- -L-IJ I.L - Vs:iVr Exfraordinury .yahses. :-nJ !H».i" ing in .Men's Suit.>< ^t^1 I.Tr., newest, fab- tics, latest styles, niediimi aijy;.,peavy of Wfight. SiiVtal.le--- Ynr -'-Sf^^^^lfWife - weaihei„f.oi'lmsini>.-s or dress suits, thai are einial to any JIn.imi or $:;o.lJO • •• •,. •••^ ^arujcui. L(ft_ itoiliiiiK pr»'ven(" "tour cuiiipaii.'^ojt-i»f ,+heso .splendid values. —Oysters any style at On/- way. —Always time to eat at Our Way. Hurt Phiylug »»bimij. •"Shinny" has become tiuiie popular | once more with the youths in school and ai recess and after school hours. Stewart Clapp tu Oklaitoma. .Master Stewart C'app. lola's exi>ert oiler skitter, jiassed ihroush lola yes Tf ^rday while eiirout<> from Ottawa to cities in Oklahoma. Siewan is mnkinj; jiood around Hie circuit. usual! I'or a short time only, yon can buy iWahoo at :;.''e jier bottle at^luudis. the bunch lines tip for their game. This afternoon one liiiie fel-! low was hurt bv beiny; struck in the; Come Up Saturday, head with a shinny club. Thai wimc j Tiie case of Ben Kailovi; vs. Ira D. came to a sudden conclusion and the{K<'lly. a buit lor damages, was called bov was taken to the office of a sur-|"J> this morning in district court but geon for treatment. " ! ^as passed nntil Saturday. —Paper "^ Hanging, Phone 1128, . Fred RowdeU: Twirler Would Play. Pitcher Higglnbothapi of the St. lAiHis Cardinals who is winttfving at Yates Cculer, wants to ploy with the Triplet fool ball team. Higgs. as he Is called. Is a big strapping fellow and a iood man on the gridiron. —Re a Booster—Home Industry- .\'eosho River Cat at Our Way. Wcut to Chauute. Uoli;h Hunt drove to Cliaiiute terday In his "automobile. —Frank S. Beattle. V. S. Phona 139.; iu kun.«u.> ("It;. , .\. .M. Wood, of lola, and .Mande .M. —Dr. J. B. repper. Dentist. Phone 163.;iJinj).s. ot Basset 1. yesterday secured a !inarrlage license from Probate .lud;;e Opened 8 Itlnk. iSmlili. They will live in Kansas City Sallna. otherwise an up-to-date town i oiicned Its .skallu.i; rink for the first time this season a few days jmo. Taft Means Prosperity. ••/'aft means prosperity."" said a c. «-../»» e •^t">io<-'rat at the court house today. -Cunningham & Aruett, C per centj:.^,,^. „,^. ^,^.^.^5^,, '"''"''y* I cow doubled her milk.." he contintied. After his Republican frieutis laughed at the joke, the J>emocrat said, "Bnt you see I forgot to milk ..>e night before because I was so excited over the results of the election." Daie I'eterson'.s Hmtlicr IJcud. Dave and Alfred Peterson went to New ton yesterday aftei'uoon in response to a telegram thai their eldest brother had died there of pneumonia. The body will probably be taken m the family home for burial.—Chanute! Tribune. Men's and Young Men's J ^(tra Fine Hand Tailored Saks .Made by the leading ma.'iufacturer of tlie,'eVuiui^yi'-afl* the late St vies, choicest fabrics, plain and fancy colors. • .V..-*uir. Vhal .Vin5' Young man is protid to wi-ar. Values thai apiieal to the iKOStr critiwl-eyes. .\ctiially worth twctiiy-ijve dollars. Voii can .iJef V>iie hitreV •< • $20.00 Suits and Overcoats at $9^fS The values of these good§ art* enormously 4 >veiy seiise of ilie word: colors Ir.own and thibt'ts. I'er ~nU biit'.aJid tsiicisfXiiig "in nraV - ^tfiWes'.CTblack .- .••••lf> • Pepohr mmm Price Clothiers Nea&Bo;s »-» -clique. MAKE MAYOR SIGN Contractor (.Jlfillaii. It l> Said. Mu) Ceiupcl Fort Scott Oiliriiil to .Sla-H Conlrjct. $1.00 l)ottle of Walioo for j O. Muudis & Co. i.=;c at .r. »ir.t 00. J .0SP0N-5HRUr« KU.-VC is over, lets get busy and buy that Suit and Overcoat. Buy a "Henley" Suit or Overcoat, the best made, most per- iect fitting clothes in America. ••Henley" clothes arc absolutely all- ^yool and hand tailored thronghcut. There are no others their equal. Come tomorrow and sae this ITne line of clotliing, SI8.00 to $28.50 Other Suits and Overcoats |>enleB'^--^loth«|| $5.00 to jis .SO Barclay-Shields Clo, "The Housp of .QuaUti^" .Vceordiii .i; to tin- I 'orf Seoii Trilmiit!. C'cniracior Cilfilfari atid ihe nfficiulf I of Koit Seoii are on ihe iioint of gel- ' ting in lav. over the paving. The Tribune i-a.v.-: Ma.^or Hariis has indicated that In- will not sig'i the contraci for lite paving of Second street, still adhering to the idea that Ihe city is goin.g too deeply in debt on street work. He (iiefers having the coutracf held ovCi' iii'.iil spring and the council is coii- .-idering means of bow to proceed to .:ompel him to siun the contract. Ex- iicily this situation has never been i.iet v.itli before in .ndmtnlstratlve affairs ill this city. The mayor threaten td once before 10 refuse to sign some ordinances, but the council indicated that it would tias.S the !.>ine over his head ami he later rescinded and af- luclied his offieial seal to the docu- meJKs. There is soim> probability that iii- asnnich as ilif ordinance forjthe paving of Second street luis passed and beru properly signed, etc.. the con- tritclor. 1:. S. (infillan. mi.irhr maii- datuus the mayor 10 comiiel him tr, sigij^tl'.e contract. Then there is another (jiicsiion. The fact that the ordinance has been passed seems |4) cheek the iiuesiion of si.guiiig the rou tract up to the mayor as a duty, tiild if he refuses there is some legal belief that he might be technicaliy impeached for failwre 10 iiei=form this duty. A uiejii iiianv bi-lit-vi- ili.ii tin- iiiay- or is right in his belief.iliai too much paving shoiibl not bn done at this |i;ir- liC'ilar time. Hi- favors public Im- 'provemeiiis heartily, but bijlieves mod prarion sIxMild Ik - used. <'oiitra<*i<ir Ciiflllaii has hauled con ^iichM able brick re Sifcond street"s w(!st extreme and l\ua ever.\ thing in n-ailiiie-s in begin worit. l.>I.UKin.VTK UKLIKF Fruut Coutths. Colds. Svre Throatri and lli>ur«>i-uc.«!>. Itj iWai: llyoinel." When you catch cold you want lo get rid »>f it as (juickly as yon can. .You don't want to lie around the house for a week swallowing haOseaiing drugs. You know when you do this {hat you are not only making your own life nilserable. but are a nuisance to everyone about you. Wliy not avoid all this? Why tiot relieve your cold in five minutes? Why not cure if. ovei- night? You can do ft by using iiycme/.' the eitre and guar- ameed cure foi' colds, coughs, sore Ibrout. catarrh., bronchitis-and asthma. (fydDiel (prouDu'nced High-o-me) is medicated and antiseptic air. 'You breathe it into the lungs through-a small pocket inhaler, and t ^s ;|pofhiug influence as it passes over the inflamed meuibran ^;of tlie respiratory Till- vaciniui sucuon agitator of the STEEL KI\C Washing Tliachiue will wash in less time tlrair'any other ma- chiue without wearing or tearing the clothes. Take one home uiiil tr> it: Eicry uiie is fully giiarunicvd >by the .Manu I'actiiren*. Kor salt? 6nlr by Brighaffl Hardware Co. i.A^T ,Sil»K ..SHjCARE. B. S. BARNARD 3:.'l-:tu>« -North Buekrye Street, Idlu, huMSUn. Yuii start llffllT. eud right To)i the iiiarUei, (itft a stmuye deal. Doh'i pay any eouimlsalon or "express-eharjtef!,: Don't Veil to any trust or ghii'" middlemen jiiny profits and. dotrt have any regrets when you ftjilp or sell to B.S..PAPNARD Be Sure You "re at the Itight Place. tract, stops' tli ^ij|jiui:^"asj dlschafge, allays the inflaiunjaCujlil.'aud the cold is cured. - A couiJftletJB.'^.\|iyomei iojitflt, and' CM^^ B. -Speiicer & Co. wilf'refund y43urt^^^ if it fails to cure. --".7- •"", ~ • r ^Wt ai l ^oy. .'.ilrs. ilfirJittVgss^i ipd Mrs. H. L. Hai-rls-ieft this afternoon for a two ^days' .Visit .with Mr. and; Mrs. Frank , Hartwell at- L.ei<oy,:.^ausas.

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