Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 4
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fflk OT LaHarK* IM We«k i SO oeats m HoBtli....... ...44 cents Ou» Year i.... 9SM B7MUL OM 7etr taistie ctntf ICJ* INK jear eatcMe eeaaty HT' fhree Months, In prance....... |L00 Ona Month. In advand* .....b.....44 iTFICIAL PIFIB, CITT OF BIS- Telepkaaes BlUlDCM OfflC* - - editorial Boom - - - 18 228 ZIP! BOOM! HORRAH! The nepublicans Will Hold a Big Rat ineafloli Next Monday Night. Zip! Boom i Hurrah! The Republicans of lola and Allen county *I11 celebrate the great victory achieved at the polls Tuesday when Wm. H. Taft was elected president of the United States. At the meeting of.the Bepufolican city club, which was oi;gani^d last night, ft was definitely decldecl t6. hold & ratificaUoa on Afa>nday nigfdt. ! A committee composed of J. B. Atdiison. W. H. McClure, Captain H. P. Travis, Ool. Sapliar, Dan Brewer a.nd L. L. Northrup was appointed to have complete charge of the plans. Everybody present was in favor of holding a celebration and a rbunlng time is expected next Monday nJg^t. ; :Mff !Ui A iOXUMEXT TO BOGEKS CLABK. To MlmJo Whom Other Reward Was denied a XcmorlflL >4tropolis, III., Nov. C.—^A mouu- menV to the memory of George Rog- ecsClark was dedicated at Foit ilas- Bac'noar here today, u was erected under the auspice^ of the Illinois bi^aich of the Daughters of the Ameri can Revolution and commemoi;atcs the first landing of Clark on Illinois sc41 and.the probable hoisting of the Anier lean' flag over the stale. IClark landed at Port Massac on ..-.^9S# 24^1778, The fort has been re- cenUy'reBlSi'eatrttir arraiiproprleWoo of 110,000 granted by the Illinois legislature. It is on the banks of the Ohio rh'er and commands an extensive view up and down the stream. MARSHALL FIELD IN Z10\. WOI fitart a Htere and Bank In the Beorgaolied City. Chicago, Nov. 6.—Changes of whidi John Aiexauder Dowle in his life time never dreamed are taking place In 2ioh City, *A new and greater Zion 9f factories and comniorclal activity on the site of the old la the plan of Receiver Gus D. Thoma.«. Herfafter property in Zion will be disposed of under the lease plan originated by Dowle. Thote who hold leases which expire In the year A. D. 3.W00 may yet deeds by paying a small fee. The lace factories already have been sold. The receiver reports the total assets at $1,709,647, which will not investors about 28 per cent of their' elainib. Marshall Pleld & Co. have Iwugbt lots /and will start a store and a bank it is claimed. • • . 1 • . • •.' • Bth ^L HoMiMlfa ;l |oaAf BibiAie fhMivm ati fex Htint . OeAcsco. N. Y.. Not. e.-^^-^tfUiel Itoosevelt «as riding behind the hbunds In the.-Qenesea ralley .clnb's io^ hxBAtoiU^-w^iffiLheT saddle'glfth slipped as her. aoimt- was tafiing a fence, .he hedune fractione and It locdsed for a moment a» though Miss Roosevelt was in for a bad Harry Wilson of Ckin^eseo rode np and put Miss Roosevelt's horse under con- troL OBAND CHIEF TO COME. The PjrtUaa Sisters ITUl HoU Xeet- iaf Xoaday. • 3Irs. Etta McManaman, of Wichita, grand chief of Pythian Sisters, and Mrs. Mable Webster, of Bronson, grand protector of the order, will be in lola Monday afternoon and nigUt 10 attend a Joint meeting of the K of P. and the sister lodge. The visitors will make talks fori the benefit of the order. A BIG BOOM IN IRpN TRADE. In Twenty-four IHours After Election 50,000 Ton> Sold in Alabama. Birmingham, Ala.. Nov. 6.—-Alabama iron manufacturers sold 6(^000 tons of pig iron in the first twenty- four hours after the election and in- (|uiry for a large tonnage is in hand. The iron spld is to be delivered the first quarter of the coming year. MARK SMITH IS BEATEN. Blind Representative From Arizona Beaten by Republican. Phoenix. A. T., Nov. C—AVith practically complete returns from every county in Arizona but one. Ralph: H. Cameron, Republican, is elected to congress, defeating Marcus A.' Smitli, Democratic incumbent, by 500 votes. Mark Smith was known as the "blind representative from Arizona." He is an old band in political affairs in the territory, and was sent to congress four different times. He served in 1889-1895, 1S97-1S99. 1901-1903, 1905-1909. • TO IMPROVE SERVICE Lights and Motors to Be On Separ^ ate Currents in the Future. An improvement now under way iq the city electrical department will be a distinct ad^-antaae to nsei-s of electricity. A crew of linemen is now at work constructing an additional circuit from tlw power house to the city. When this work is completed, on one circuit Vill be placed all city motors and, the otlier will bo the light circuit. This will give the useru of oiectriclty for light or power good service as the current on both cir- cutis will be even .and powerful. A line is also being ooustructed from Cottonwood street west on Brood way which will carrj- the motor current alnog resident streets instead of along the square as present. A nqmr ber of big. unwieldy and unsightly transformers can tints be talien off the square and distributed aloug Broadv.ay and along other point.s. WILL DIE IN MINE -WXSTS TO SEE PBOSPEltlTr. Says Every OM Whe Obeys Laws WOI Be Backc4 by tncle San« _ BBt—lfoc to th« Cmselts. Cincinnati, O.. Nov. -Speaking to the Cincinnati Commercial club, of which he has been a member for fifteen years, Wi|iiam Howard Taft last night brought every member of tlie club to bis feet in an address sounding the keynole of prosfwrity for the country for the next four years, "EJvery business man who is obe.v- Ing the law may go ahead with all the energj* In his possession, every enterprise which is within the statutes may proceed without fear of interference from the admUiistratlon. when acting legally; but all Interests within the Jurisdiction of the federal government may expect a rigid enforcement of'(be tail's against dishonest methods,' was the substance of what Mr. Taft said. The speech which Mr. Taft delivered here last night created a profound sensation among the substantial business men of the city, who are mem bcrs of the club which gave bim tbc dinner, arranged long before the result of the election could bo known, and they arose as one man to the sen liments he expressed. "Seriously," he declared, "tlio Indications arc already apparent, and the hopes which I entertain are that the business communities and the investors of both foreign nations and among our people, will take heart in carrj-- ing out the great enterprises which have been projected and which must be carried to a determination if the countrj* is to reach Its full need of prosperity. "Business men are to be shown the lines of legality and are to be directed in keeping within those lines which have been emphasized (Turing the last four years. Business men shall know that they are to conform 10 the laws upon the statute books arid that no favors are to be expected for those who break the laws. 118 VOTES ON JOINT BALLOT. Republicans Are Sure of That Many in Legislature. Topeka, Now 6.—Returns received at Republican state headquarters from all but five of t'jc representative districts, and all of the senatorial districts, give the Republicans total of lis votes on Joint ballot, with 41 Democrats. I Independent and 5 not yet reported. The five unknown are in the follow Ing districts: Trego county, Sheri dan county, Wallace county. K(!arny county and Rawlins, all of these being in the western part of the state. The wny it stands in each branch of hte legislature, according to re turns received, is as follows : House Senate- Republicans — s:i Democrats Ofi Independent I Not Reported 0 35 Total 40 BUFFALO JONES TO LECTURE. Joke -on Joe. Everybody who travels over the Santa Fe knows Joe Collins, the Veteran conductor on the Southern Kansas Most travelers also know Joe's radical political aflUiations whioj- render him an ardent supporter of tiic Republican cause. Last week, on a trip from Wellington to Kansas City, a well- known traveling man who is some thing of a practical Joker went ' through the train posting the i)as sengers and then suggested to Col 11ns that they poll the train on the presidential ioandldates. Joe was more than billing and was alibwed to col loct the ballots in a hat loaned for the occasion by a fellow traveling man. There werell2 passengers on tne train, everyone of whom was "next" and.when the straw vote was counted not a isingle one appeared for Taft. Collins was dared by the result at first and retired to the smoker to think it over. The more he tliouiht of the vote the madder he got. until he was finally put wise to the situation Just before the train reached Kansas City. Now when anyone suggests straw votes. Collins discieetly hies himself away to the smoker and makes up ticket reports.—Chanute Sun. Company Can't Besrnc Four Workmen From Death at Bond, IIUnoLs. Chicago. Nov. t>.—The hope of rescuing four miners burled in an cxplO' sion in Rend. Illinois, wa.s abandoned today by officials of the W. P. Rend compan.v. CHANUTE TEACHERS HERE. Spending the Oay Visiting the lola Schools. To Hold Conference. R'jv. G. E. Bertch came in from Pittsburg today to hold the first quarterly conference of the year tonight at the U. B. church. On New York Trip Will Probably Plan to Go to Africa. Keep Baby HeaWiy; No chiid can be uell and strong unless its bowek move • regularly every day at the same hour. Such regularity promotes good health. One passage is absolutely necessary, while two are not too many. Tliere is one remedy that is especially adapted to the j needs of children, and which thousands Of American mothers are using today, and that ta Or. OsMweU's Syrjup Fcpsin, the great herb Iszattve cmnpound. Its genUe action, so free from griplnar, its tonic e~ " purity, vouched for Government, makes it an ideal children's Garden City. Kas.. Nov. 6.—"Buffalo" Jones will leave this week to begin ibis lecture tour In the Central and Eastern states, and before he returns he will have settled his plans for next year; ^whether he will go to Africa and rope big game. "W'hile.East this tiihe Mr. Jones will go to New York, it is likcl^. and will see Dr. Zane Grey, who wrote his life, and who wants to take the Garden City man to Africa. Mr. Jones will accept tlie C-ampfire Club's invitation to be its dinner §Aiest iu New York Jani'iry 9. It is more than likely that tfae G'ar- deu City nature man will take the African trip next year. He very mtlch wishes to do so. TEDDY TO SENATE effectit, and its' perfect the United States laxaUve tonia Mnt M. r. Casli. of Webb, Okla., is an old-time friend of this wonderful child's remedy and she she coukl so«mi]r kera house without it. She became ac' iiualnted with it throuffb Dr. QridwcO's offer of a free trial botUe. wglch she found so effecUve on her toby that Me BOW always keeps it In the hooss. Mrs. K. I.. Stout, of LouisvUle. Ky.. «|so first nsed it ln_«, free aamide. then bouglit It of her drugsist at the re«ular prise, whldi her Uttle gid a splcndtd It gsve 8ynq> I>iepsta onee flnds iu way faito the borne it makes a Itfe-loog friend. They •oon dtocard niti. pUs and powders. Thaw wbo baWe nerer yet used Sr. FrebMent Roo «)CTclt Mentioned to Succeed Senator Flatt nt Washington. Washington, Nov. C—That Theodore Roosevelt may be the successor to Senator Piatt In the senate is considered by many in Washington not at ail improbable. Those regarding this as possible declare they have the assurance of the president himself, that he would not be entirely averse to a senatorial office under couditions pre vailing after March 4th. !itdies',Chiidreo'sReady=to=wearGarnieflts NOW QOINQ ONI cone TOMORROW 300 Beautiful Goats and Suits now on sale at Reduced Prices IOL.K STKTH BKNK L. E. nOBYlLLB, President 1. W. BECK^ Vice-President Directors: L. E. HorvIUe. A. W. Beck, J. A. Robinsop. Geo. E. Nicholson. H. L. Henderson, Frank Riddle, J. H. Campbell. DkTEBEST PAID OIT TIME DEPOSITS Safety Deposit Boxes for rent J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. L. C. B0BI5S0?!, Ass't Cashier. Stoebholdcrs. L. E. Horvile, A. W. Beck, Frank Riddle, H. L. Henderson, J. A. Robinson, Li. L. Ponsler, Geo. E. Nicholson, L. C. Robinson, L. A. Robinson, ' II. T. Evans, John T. Watkins, Franlt Wood, J. H, Campbell. Ttie Quickest Way of all-Register Want Ads GOMPERS TO DENVER Prcsldpul of .\. F. of L. Will Tell About Ills Cnurso in the Cam- puigD. Washington. .\ov. C—Ready to ana- j wer before the convention for recent attacks for his course in the late campaign. Samuel Gompcrs. president of the American Federation of I^bor, left for Denver today to attend the twenty-eighth annual meeting of that body, begipning next Monday. He declares he Is not averse to re-election, though he is not seeking the office. ENTERS TAFT CHRYSANTHEMUM. Florist Has New Flower for Chicago Show. THE KEXALL STORE Chicago, Nov. 6.—More than 1.000 entries have been made for the national flower show, which begins at the Coliseum tomorrow. Twelve entries were made by Howard Gould from his famous Port Was'-ington estate. These entries consist of chrysanthemums, foliage and decorative plants an<l miscellaneous flowering plants. One of the novelties of the flower! snow will be the model gardens,; which will show the same back porch and yard undecoratcd and decorated, with flowers and shrubbery. i In honor of President-Elcct Taft,' Elmer D. Smith, of Adrian, Miob.. has originated a huge white chrysanthemum which he has. with the consent of the president-elect, named the Taft" ohryhanbbemum. It is a giant Mem'bers of the Comiskey Band white bloom, frinsed whh foliage of Wmm n«/.iar»,4 i«.iinihi« dark velvety «roen. and was enter«l Declared ineligible. .vestonla.v. Florists say that it is one Cincinnati. Nov. fi.-For participat- of the finest flowers ot its kind ever ,ng ,„ ^^j, the I^gan Square produced in America. One hundred independent club, iu Chicago, which CIGAR SPECIAL Officiat Seat Perfectos Regular 3 for 25 cents V On Sale Saturdays 5c Stragbt Burreirs Drug Store WEST SFDE SQUARE 'WHITE SOX SUSPENDED, TOO. 8UFFRAGI8T8 TO PETITION TAFT. The President-Elect is to be "Placed on Record." Thirty-^ve - teachers in the city schools of Chanute. are visiting the lola scibools today. They come up this morning m the ping and took'In the town before the schools convened. They are dividing their timW among the lola school buildings. The Chan.- ute papers df last evening state that the teachers would go to Kansas City but it seems that they chalng«d tteir plans and came to lola. ^ ' Maviiifl to, Coffiyvllie. ' fter ..C.-C.:«CiaiB|»ftt is tpday mov- isigiOB 1ions<b61d jgoods to.<^fteyvlUe where be-takes the pastorate of the IT. B. chureh fhere. = II Caiawetra S^vp Fepeia Should boda to hous^old friend. In order to aoqoslQt 2S Ti"* J*LP*^..** no «cP«»«e to yoar* ««the doctor wiU send yon a tn^imt bottle on receipt of name and saffrses- tt has been Jtutly called tne nattai's^ anard to bealtb In the oun of ei tJon. dyroepeia. heart barn. Hver rick hw^^eTsoar stomacb ind disesdve aUments. If tbere Is anything iOMBt your ailment that yon dcKa 't UQdentand, or IT you ivaat aay medical advic^ arrit* to the doctor, and hmJwfn' yoaAriljr. Denver. Nor. 6.—^A big iKtition to be circulated among the women of America and then submitted to Pres Ideht-Elect Taft is tbc immediate plan of the National American Woman's ^tfraglst association. Announcement oC this fact was made yesterday by tbe Rev. Anna Howard scaw, pres ident of the association. A special appeal was made -to tbe Colorado women to. assist In the movc- iRent by aecoring ibe signature of every woman In the state. "Mr. Taft has often said that he was wiUlng that the women of America should have the right of frianchlse if tSrey desired If." said Mrs. Anna Shaw. "Now Is the time to give him an ooportnnlty to sfaaw what he meant ^ tbla stataaMnt," blooms of this flower will be kept in condition throughout the show. TO TESTi NEW AERODOME. Professor Bell Has Tetrahedral chine of 5.000 Cell.s Ma. is In violation of the rules of the nqt ional baseball commission, nine play* ers of the Chicago .American league club have been placed on the ineligible list, by a ruling promulgated'^ by the commission today. Tie players upon which the ruling is made are White. Atz. Donohue. Fiene. Smith, Altrock. Purtell, Owen and Roth. Several weeks ago the members of the Sydney, N. S., Nov. 6.—According to W. P. <Baldwln. chief of Professor _ Alexander Graham Brill 's Cape Bre-! ^vashingTon AmerYcan league club and ton laboratories.-a new tetrahedral:^j.^ Minneapolis club of the American aerodomewlll be tested November lo. jasj^ociation were placed on the inell- The aerodome is built of the samc.gj-,,,^ jj^t for playing against the model as the cygnet, which success- 18an ^,p i„,,,.dent club. Tlie dubs fully carried t^c late Lieutenant Sel- having title to the players against bridge into the air in December ot_^.i,o,„ rulings were made have been ^^v**^*''' ^. ^ ,„ I requested not to enter into any con- The new machine, which will con- tracts with any of them until the inel- tam approximately o.OOO tetraheidral igiblity iJas been removed, cells is much larger than any prev-' lously constructed by Professor Bell. The mentor and aviator will be stationed at the center nf the machine in a small space left for the purpose EXCHANGE OB SELL. Ust your property with me. I have a large list tq match from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. . I .have 2*0 acras In Neosho county, Kaa. .to exchange for good lola property. J. T. 1IILE8. Bo«B 10, 014 Cawrt House. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Good property-, close in. Call 110 West Monroe. Watched Fifteen Years. ••For fifteen years I have watched the working of Bucklen's .irnica Salve and It is expected that the new ma-,and it has never failed to cure any c'-ine will experience little difficulty- sore. boil, ulcer or burn tp which it ^na kart ui vpkkMt nay Jt ItffMer ira«t wtj.; 5 ^ In lifting the combined weight of the engUie aad^ man as did the cygnet in lifting a man.a)one last year. Try ^he R*§i«ter Want Ad. Way. was applied. It'has saved us many a' doctor bill." ^jiys A. P. Hardy, pf East V,niton. .Maine. 25c at all drug stores: Register Want Atfil. Bring Resiritta^

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