Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1907
Page 2
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THE lOIA PAILt BmStER SAICBaAT 1.1. KoTtlurup, President. ' •3> --J^J^, I Northrup ^^^^ lifjiltiry W t |M Piitit.St »tH 'State If intu AlleiCrait7 d 11 XI, BBCXBAUeH, CasUer. Eitablislied 1869.; Kleit laik !• AlkiCi. We Will Keep Your Suit Pressed Free if you Pay $15 or over. "rf: yi. Do You Think For a minute that if we did not believe in Stein Bloch and Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes, we wou'd be staking our reputation by advertising to lola that they are the best .ready-to-wear clothes in America? We believe in them because we Icnow them. You will believe as we do when you wear them. They will fit you with an incomparable style that spells to the eye workmanship In every line— the workmanship that neglects nothing. They are the best clothes you have ever seen, these STEIN-BLOCH and HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX 'Clothes. Suits $15 to $25. Overcoats $15 td $35. Copyright 1907 by rijit'Sihaffprr iS* Marx Your Chance to Own a Fine Rain Coat for $ 15. At (he close of last season we bought 850 RaiiKCsatiand divided them among all of our stores, anticipating this sale. Buying at such a time, the price we paid was almost absurdly low, especially when one considers qualities and styles are of the highest class. We have them in sizes from 34 to 46—just a chance to show them to you. We'll accept your check on all local banks in payment for Merchandise. '. ACLOTft/ffG A Fine Line of HighCutfioots for Men $3.50 to $7.50. Hl-^GKY AXD SCFFEKIXG. Agent Downs Is Blamed for the Ute Uprising. Gossip of Society LOVE'S STAR. | Oiip thorp is that looketh down fo iiu'I Loss liUo a facp than llko a star, fnrj when ' ^ With closed eyos I would think wiui'i it Is like, I onlv ran ronionihrr that it sIiiiM'p. ' —K S. I'ht'li.s. I of IIlllll-l , (if chill-:! i:. Allison. .Mrs. Oeorge FaRiio. H. If. I'inik and C. C. AiL-^hprnian. Tlu- lios- lesse.s clo.'^ed thi" ev.'ninK with an ol- :ilK)nire lunrhoon. Red and wliito <'ar- ii.ilions were used effectively lo dec- fir ;!!e. The Riiest list is: .Mr. anil .Mrs. C. .\nsh.->rm:in. .Mr. and Mrs. II. F,. Allison. .Mr. and Mrs. .1. If., ("anipheil. .Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Funk. | I .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. I,, .lonos. .Mr. andj .Mrs. Honten, .Mr. and Mrs. Gt'oruej Fasno, Mr. and -Mrs. Ceorce Fry. Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Dre.sbach. .Mr. J and Mrs. I-oich Hnnt, Dr. and Mrs. : Red. Mr. and .Mrs. W. C\ Teats. .Mr. j .-ind .Mrs. Mont. Palmer, Dr. and .Mrs. i ; S. A. Coffinan, Mr. and .Mrs. ,1. A.| I Whoel.-r. Mr. and .Mrs. .T. I.. HMKIICS, j Mr. and Mrs.. W. I.. Crabli ami Mrw. F. .1 Harney liarh. of ("li llicoilic. Mo. •!• .Mrs. Alfr-'il II:inson and Mrs. IJeiiiicrl are homo from Moiiroo t'iiv. Mo. • * • now twontv chiMron m the home and • The f.-deralod cluhs. ('urnnt Fv.-ni. this larKo" niimher necessitates .lii:- 1 S'rosin. I.'nily and Propressivo. an- Look aL Our I.ibbey Cut Class. Kook- wood Pottery .iiid Hnml Pnlnted China. SewalUewder and Optician I 10.} North Washington. .Ml.=s .Miiiy Chanilierl.'iin l)Oldl. is h<-io for infcliii;: to which slie helonss. ' + + + The Art ciiili had a nici-liii? y<~i>:day aft?rnron in the Y. .M. C. A.' rooms. .Miss riiamlji-rlain ili-- iii--^-. dent .was not present for tl:o session.| t•!ls^io:l of home affairs. Thoro :ir .<;o the metid)ers carried out an impromptu proRratn consisting <ir pHpeis and the <!i.«cnssion of art. Tho work on tho part of the matron ject of the exhibit was not lak^n ii|>.!:,nd .livctors. Tho little p.-oplo an- T'"" "f Th.» fol'owinK memliers woro |ir j looklnir forward to Thanlt.ssivin---1 * •'«'"' hostess is asps!. y timo with a sreat doal of enthns:as-m i f'- ^" F'evert. Mrs. A. V. I.-d-'o. an.i arc ptannins for tho nsual I KnBli^h and Mrs. I{. li. and frolic. ; Si<^vons.m In reeeivInB. Watches The sale of Class Timo- jjiccps is an important feature of our business, and we sell strictly high grade watches at extremely low prices. We never misroproseni onr .goods, hut will ill all limes sell yon an honest watch at a close jirice and gnar- antro to give yon full value fur .\oiir money. MctlElL BROTHERS. THE jrWCLEKB. TWO FA.MILIE.S .\KED IIKLl'. Aslied Poor ronimissloner for As.sist- aiiee Today, Washington, Nov. 2.—A very seriotis breach has arisen between the ITte i Indians at Hhunder Butte station, S. i D.. and t.hel ragent. Major Downs, and ' iliere is danger of a hostile colll.sion ' at any moment, according to the re; )iori of Captain .lohnson, tho army of- I llcer sent to ilie scone of the trouble jiii the effort, to placate the IndliAa. . who ;ire said to have unlijnited confl: dence in him. Captain Johnson in his re|)ort, dated ' yesterday, appeals to the authorities here to support him. and cause the agent, .Major Downs, to abate harsh treatment of the Indians. I Tho reori says the Indians objected to sending their childron to a distant boarding .school; alsn that the agent jcut the rations in half; that the Indians wish to live in poace, but that Downs rofiisotl to consider their prom iso to I'omply with his ordors. Captain •Johu.son says the Utes are hungry and suffering, and believes they have been ' unjustly treated. He says they asked him to act as arbitrator, and they would accept the result. '"The agent," Captain .fohnson says, : "put a vote to the head men to this effect: Would they obey him in the school matter, and in all the regula- tioiis. They replied they wished to see Captain .lohn.son. This appears to have incensed 1 ho .•igent, who required them to cast their votes at once. This coun cil nil voted 'no,' and then followed the excitoment which caused the call for volunteers and troops to be sent to the nte carnp to compel them to comply with the agent's wishes. "I told the Ufes that I .should ex^ lioct them to retract their vote this, morning. They informed me that they would gladly obey the agent in all mat ters of regulations. I presented this Wni. Kuaiip. commissioner of tho cr.unty poor, had his attention cul'.ed today to two families which aro alleged to lie iti nood of h.-lp. One is ' decision to .Major Downs, who refused the inwhich a widow with a to consider their promise., Harsh and daughter in a delicate condition is ' severe remedies are to be applied. One st'id to need assistance, and ths othor hundred pounds of flour and a little I.t a family named Thornton who j,re : I'atience is a more potent factor in I living in an improvised crook. tent near F.lm IJO.\l» .S\Y.'<» I.KVV I.S Tlie .Simtii F( Asks i "(ir n <il37. KX( K!s.<;iVE. Itcl'niid of tho solution of. this problem than 100 soldiers." Comii<sioner of fndian Affairs I^cupy will confer with the president tonight on the matter. .s.urrii n» TAKE .NO ACTION. Vorl> ciiy w;.o acted as an • ontortaining .Mrs. W. T). Wolfe today. 0 in ent: Mrs. .lames Mc.Murrav. .Miss Florine A\"heeler. Miss lt(.s:il-a Charles. Mrs. .Tohh Delap. .Mrs A. c.j Thompson, Mrs. C.oorgo .McDiai il • Mrs. Byrd and Professor Woslov. i * 4- * ! The Jjidie.';' Music club will m.->.t ' on Tuesday aftsrnoon. .N'ovemhor 12 j with the president. Mrs. Makolni Hughes. I A .•. t lonipli'tod in five woi'ks and proinis"s | ,„j. to be proiluctivi" of mon- than nnlliii'"^ !ir\ ii'siilis b'cause of llio loisun-1 \vliic!i is a happy loaturo of the lives I-517 is Tho attorneys for ti.e Stmia F.> agent of'have called the attention of the coun- s I ir. .^i^,.t- to what they claim is a mis-' taxes assessed against tlio Tho Woman's Holiof Corps tnoni- "Tho Fellows'* enfertalnod with an , The Art clnb will havo a crielC A.R. hall, meetint: ai half past six o'clock this' yddod to ths fund to be evening at the studio of .Mrs. Carrie! chaso flags for schools. have arranged for another ,|i„. I olahorate banquet on Thursday oven- i.or to b? given on pension ,|a.-. i •••g at the Our \\ay The toa^^ts W.MO which is tho approaching Monday, j K'vou by .Mr. Gletm t) I^nnev Carl The ladies desire to announce that i Sa'^^- ^-^O. \l. Bushfield and Hank all who desire to attend will be coi-.p-*'""; The tal liia'lv welcomed lo the dining room.! 'iclited by candles. The proceeds will bi' used to p'lr- There were o! .American women of the rtinal /.oni\ | schoo Tii# foo^l stuffs there are (juite oas- ilv ineparocl. cons sting largo'y of fiuilF. so that housekeeping is light eiioil considerably. Tho eigltt clubs aro known as tho Cfn -ci .na. Culobra, Kinpiro. Cristobal, Cat Mil, Paraiso. I'edromigiiel and tablo WIS elaboritelv ,lee-'"""- ""'"PS being taken frotn ll:o HalUe'e.^ eSm .s an^l i -"'r,^ '"tT'T^ "^'^ '""i federation will soon join the general Byrd on East .lackson street. The j two Initiations and MrR. Lena Bmwn members are to confer w:(U their pros j and -Mrs. .Mice Newman wore rocoiv- ident. Miss .Mary Chamberlain, re- e,) as members. gard'ng the daie for the art oxh'liit.i At the next mo-ting Mrs. N'ora The date and place will bo naiiif d and Soailes and .Mrs. Daniel Klink w:il a .set of rules made regardini the ar- lie iiiHiated. tides entered. I * <f • ••• •> ••• j .Mr an:! Mrs. C. H Shields .ind .Mr. The board of ))atroiiosbos of the Or- and Mrs. K. D. Shields save a i.iost phans Home held the usual monthly delightful party last evening in the meeting yesterday afternoon in the form of an hour at progressive euchre, court house rest room. There was no Tts guests of honor were husbands of iiniisuall.v important business and tt.e mombors of the Friday Euchre club. aft?rnoon was occupied by the dis- The [uizes were awarded to Mrs. 1!. ARTISTIC WEODIMG PRESENTS There i.s nothing that oflfers so wide a scope for selecting upefu^ aitistic and beautiful presents as ibc articles done in Sterling Silver that 'wc have here in fucli incomparable array. The articles are so numerous one is sure lo find something "just right." "TbeffHaatRpmm" is one of tile many patterns we show. A cold meat fork f 2.00 and up. Th.-' ladies who: wore the guests aro: Misses Beulah ' .McCance. .losephinr Ttlddlo. Boss | Hy !e. Kalherine .lonos. Emma N'ow- trn. B.ll HorwJtz. Blanche Pon.slor. Myrtle Wa'ls. Mrs. Finney. .Mrs. Miishneld and Mrs. Colo. • + • .Mrs. R. D. I/mg has gone to IC'do- railo Springs, for a vis't with her sister. Mrs. D. Bartholomew after a week with .Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Karris. • •:• Mrs. .John Funkhouser has gone lo Lawrence for a visit with friends. • + • .Mrs. A. P. Charles is home from an extDuded visit in Portland. Orognn and City. * * * Master Coffman and Harry W'hittaker, assisted by a group of buy friends will give a party in Nfasonic Hall this evening. •!• • The Dyke Builders, one of the aux- Ilinrles of l.lttio Builders' chaiiol. j which lias a number of boys iis tli.> meniber» hits been reorganized for the winter and will meet for the first time on .Monday evening. Mrs. E. N. .Tones will be present and b->g ii tho study. • • • The PriscI'Ia club will have the first social meeting next week at tho residence of Mrs George Bowlus. * * * Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cook. S02 East street will entertain a nuqiber of relatives at six o'clock dinner today to c.'lebrafo the fiftieth wedding anni- i versary of Mrs. Cook's father and | mother. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Farmer federat on of women's clubs of tho I'nitod States and is known a.~ the canal canal zone federation. .Mrs. (;eorg.^ W. Oootha'.s. wife of the cliiiirmaii of the cana' comnii.-sioii. is iiresidont. .Mrs. l.orin C. Collins, who is llio first vice presiileiit. ami will lie the chief worker, was at one timo vice pres'deiit of the Cbic.igt) Woman's Club, on:- of tho lar.gesi ami most efficient women's dubs in lli>- I'nitod States. + + + Miss .loanelte Tyler, Miss Be.s,; Hamilton, .Miss Oenivieve Taylor and Mr. Ron Sorvey attended a dance nr tie Clianute Roof Garden on Thur^^ day I'venin-c. Th.-y woro guests of Miss Edna Ivoith. + * * Mi.-s Bess Condit of F'redonia was .Miss .Inlia McCluro's guest during a brief slay in Tola. • • + Tho nnartelte of .voung ladies. .Mis- I-'loronco Root, Miss Katherlne Dennis, Virginia Dog.^tt- and Miss Oract^ Ball are preparing to represent tho I<j|a high schoo' in the Thanksgiving contest at Coffeyv lie. At this time the teachers association of Southeast- i orn Kiinsas me.Ms and the contest I.^ an aiinuiil event. The young ladies are under the direction of .Miss Kath­ erlne .fonos. who is lo chaj»erone them to CoiTeyvilli'. * + • M»r. A. V. Ixjmastors pleasantly en They claim that: an excess of taxed against tliom for tho library fiinft rn G.-'nova towii- i sliip. Their claim is that there was In 2 mill levy made against them when the law provides that it shall not excood I'i mills. They also cite Hiimbold: city whore they say tli:\v h.ivo been taxed an excess of S mills or $no for floating; indebtedness. Tho niatior was referred to ih.' comity .Ttforiiov. Pioliaie .Judge Sirrir IM Was Paroled mder General Charges. Probate .Judge J. H. Smith.saM today that he expectefl to take no action with reference to the case of Eddie Fredrickson who was in probate court a few days ago on the charge of stealing two garments from a local store. FIvidence has since ben found that points to the Innocence of the boy .Judge Smith says, however, that he placed the boy under a parole on gen- oral charges and not stealing of the .garments. .lAN'lTOR Cruniiey has taken up the conn yard seats and ptorrd ilioiu for tho winter. MAYOR Wliee'rr. of R.nssett said toda.v that If wa.s considering the ap |K;:nlnient of a police judge to succeed .TudJo Peter.s who resigned a few days ago. Tn\'DKRSHERlFF Boatrght is ex- prctod in from Burlington this after noon with C. rtartpence. who is charged with ravisbin.g Alyrtlo Duffner of (his city. For Best and. Quickest Resnlts Tse tiie Kegister Want Colnmn!*. - Hey TheroF • "Where are you going?" , "Goins: aft-r a sack of Um Sm Pmimnl Flonr. My wife won't tise anything else." Mmwtom KHItlm SL Ehfm Oom f0 iiPRiGE:s BAKING POWDER A of LaHarpe. The out-of-town guests j tertained the me.-nbers of her claa.i MMml Mmmm «, I. 4- T. Wstek IM»«ei*Fl,, ore : Mr. and Mrs P. E. Farmer and children, Medford, Ok 'a., -Mrs. U7?.]o Ciminilngs. Harrsonville. Mo., Mrs. Anna Paton, .Toplin. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Sm'th. Mr. and Mrs. A. TJoyd, Dr. and Mrs. Winfrey of Kansas City. <' -t' <i' The P. E. O. chapter will be'enJer- •<aln?d on Monday afternoon at the hoe^o of Mrs. Chtiuncey L. Evans at Ivflllarpe. • • * Clnb women who are Interestc-l in hearlD'c f>t nrperess their siqtors over the t'or'd arc making wU* perhaps be surnrieed to know that 1 ne Isthmus of Panama has a federation of wonten'.<i c»Dh4. The {deration is one of ejrtjt dubs from as many towra. the to*iil m^nfbershiB apmberMtff Stn women., Tbe. omnivattoa wwi perfteted ter UlBs Heien. Variek Boswell of mw, In the Presliyterlan Sunday school. There was an hour with neodiework and Mrs. Lemasters served Ices and cakes. Those who enjoyed Mrs. Lemasters* hospitaVty are Miss Fiorina Wheeler. Miss Ma'vin Krltton, Miss Ednii Klein, Miss Marj- Crouch. Miss i Bertha Swisart, Miss .Mice McCaH. Miss Lela Holmes, Miss Irma Thompson, Misa L^^ltorCppeland, Miss Miriam HugHesC'lilB's Gratia Allison anY M:S9 ElIzabetlwApt.? For Ex«iiaag». Panning landa in-Paolundie. Texas, for farm lands, or life stocfi. or for lola. Gas CltT or I«~:I]arp9 Teatala. WHiTAKER PURE,healthful, grape cream of tartar powder, the only kind that can be used without impairing the healthfulness of the food. Makes the biscuit, cake and pastry more digestible and wholesome. Absolutely free from alum and phosphate of liinc. Chemkal analyses ihqw the low priori powders made ' * qnamitie* ar nlplnnc acid.

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