Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 3
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ihi/ riY? Simply because^ Here you'll fiiifd the greatest vArlety if dependable new fatl merchandise fn; Hi^^ott'tt find the fairest prices. " Here you'll find the newest, the prettiest arid the most desirable. Here you will find appreciation and courteous store service. Here you*ll find a store that spent here i TV III iiiaw appi «»>ici»iv.a »»w.« T.»-- . — ^ ""T - — never considers a sale made until the customier is perfectly satisfied. Here you'll receive a guarantee that will insure you that eyei^ cent will be well spent. And now let us tell you of orir spt;cidl inducements: Our fine of Clooks and Skirts never before Equalled at the Prices. 53J XJic Kroudclotli Coats urr tiif bol iippcHrhi^ styifs tliui can be iiuidc to soil nt *I.'».(H). I'lucliuscrs will roud- ilj- sec tLal Ihej are excepUonnll} noil lailore«I, that iill the materials esitcrially the hroadeloth nnd the sntiii liriiiitr, iire of grent deal fiucr giiulU th's fliiiii hinr rver iM-fore hvi-n put hi loats 111 Ihi.N price ^i:,M iiruudeinlh (uuls, Mil in lined, nitfdo in tlie uppruied Knipire ^tjle nilh ur i\ithuut eolliir. prellf euffs, trlmuied vllh Milk tehel nnd hruid )iil.>.(iO Seini-Fitled HruiideNith (vain fnll lined Avith .Mirn^lyed sniin. 'd inrbeN lonir, double breii ^ied hud toMarless, .^v'cHi'fs and collar tritnnied atlratlhely with uide l{ii >M 'an braid $I .'..«IO Other irrand values (o *!l«.(M» >Ve Mailt jon to SIT the Itest line eier shown in l .adie-,* (oats at !p'».(MI, $7.vO and m.m. JXF.WTS, 1 lllLDKt'N'S, MISSES' AM» .MMOIf (OATS. If )ou are luoklnif tor the uet> and prrtl> ihia::s \\v oiil> ii»U jou to <«ei] thif) line a> iie haie a Idf.' u>sortiueni to >hon }oa in v\vt\ f|uulil} und price. M;n sTvi-i;s i> LAUIKS" NKIKTS. Tile most utIraetiH' new models in exeelJcntlr tailowd skirts (>»' line lun- terials. Strouir values* tor ^5.(M). ifti.'M ^T.-'U aiiil -^llMMl; liaiidsoineiy triiunieit ill silks satiiis und lintluus. See win­ dow dis|>la). Knit UnderW^ For Wouod and t 'lilidrejT' This timely sale includes special-, pnrrhttNes of first quality Ubeit; the ^ price In each instttHce has bocn 'Wde HH nttntrtive ns iwssible, affotdfais sHvIniR) rarely arallable at tbe hlgltt- of the reason: vests or drawen. eaeh 2:>c, oOv, 7r>e, and if I.(Mi. Vidm »^ r>Or, Hoc, ;->c nnd $1.00. CbUdren's I'nioa Salts 2.'ic and oOe. (JUKAT .Sl'ElIAL IS HLAxNkKTfV Itnn't wait uiftii they are nil gone, an the} ure Kolufc fast. Flue donMe lilunkeiH Npeelnl for this MHIC -Oii; Kc, 7 .>e, )!il.(iO, $1.2 .*i. ii;i..'>U and.prices rau|r> iiry lip to tJie finest iMinhs wool hlunk* ets Willi iiandsonie borders, $7.r'>0. We want you to see our fine line of oiifiii:-' flannels at from .>c to 10c per iard. Important Values in Women's Trimmed Hats! Hal* >iia |iis of f«It, »rhi) ai:il : atin, all riehly nnd In coiiiiiiifl* (rimiiii'd, e!<iN(|> »\IU winsr**, fancy feathers u'i!d flowers are ais"> nsed in many Uisteful ef/cels, a splendid >>howin?.'. Onr ->li -s ( loelielt has (rliuined a lot of the finest lalnes we liave eier shown from !iy.7r» lo^i.OO; otlser splendid luiues rieJil* trimmed fu pinnies nji |y $15.(''U. These hnts eablly show their worth an dncu-r before has Ihis millinery ilcjinrliiieiil met with so much futor as it has this season. Another lot of >ew l»rcss Umiin received this week; more new silks and satins. Every thlny new for tho Street andKu'nii.'g: (Wmn jon will find here. 118 B/ASt IMEoiclison THE NEWS IN THE PHILIPPINES. HASKELL HAS >OTHI>G TO SAY. Americans Across the Pacific Inter- Tlhimes Uesfs Oil Suit for the lilee- ested in Taflfs Victory. | tlon of Kepublicans. .Maniio. Nov. .'.—Tiic IIL-\VS of lliu fkrtiou of William H. Taft to tie Presidency of the liiiied States was received witli tin- rreatost eiitluis-iasm l>y all classes throupliout tin- Philip- "iiiics.^. The first niessas<,' iiulicatins liis victory came from .\'<>\v York, and the first definiii; news tliai HiiRhii; liad been rf-(.lecteil .uovi'rnor" of New York and the iiolitical com|»le.\ion of Congress had not boon c'aiigcd, was from the same source. Tho progress of the count as buH- "thied tlirough the day was sent to muuy points in tho islands aii-l was lollowed with aitcntiou. Toni^lit crowds are gathered at ilie ojura housfe and at tho University and Arm> and Navy clubs, li-str-nins to tiie latest disviatclies. All bulletins received ';erc are flashed by wireless tolegrajib to the ships of the .Vmcrican fleet in Mani'a bay and at Olongapo. Governor Cleueral Smith, tlie Philippine commissioner, and scores of personal friends liavc cabled congratulations to Prcsident-Kiect Taft. The politftal fortunes of Governor Hashes .• have been followed with the keenest interest ami bis victory is re- <A?ived with satisfaction. It has been annouiietd tbal Mr. Taft will come to t ^M> Philipplurs or. a visit while he Is President. IJuiiirie. Oiila.. Nov. .">.—CJovernor liaskeli hiid no formal imervicw fdr the newsi)apers when lie returned yes Itrday fioni .Mu.-^ko;;ee wlu i<' be voted. "i diMi'i know luueli lo la.k ahout."' be .^aid and liien licuiiii asking alioul ivsiiKs id (liffiM <-nt jiaiis of the state. H'' ^Aiitl tliat lie bad :iiways lieiiived iliai ilie .--late norMian> was not in<ir<- ibiiu 18 .0O0 Deiuoratie. His {;ri-iUor , niajority u year auo w as due to the ide«.ir<- for ;:^iale!iood.' Me felt thai } Creamers eviction to Congress in llie Third di.-^lriet wa.s probable a ;jd .said iliai if iie Iiad n<>i stopjied I I K- \Ve.--t suit against tb'- oil interests Creageis muioriry would U;IM I M-CU r >,i'0<.». iJov- e:n( r Haskell liad notliiiig lo say ;iloui r .ryan or the national Conimit- Was Rank Butchery. V .y defeating Ind'^peudence in a game whir'j was a little short of a Moody massacre' tola niaib- possible two tnuifs for Ciianuie. Tin- Triph ts toolc tlie long r ud of a I's lo <» .s.o!" fri 'in Inr.fpfinli'iie'-. an.I now wliile tlie (i "o-I)evils jilay tlie wiuiii'ia the local higli school Champs can match a game wif; Indepenileiice. Tin; latter .-iqiiarl has been showing great form as tiii> season advances ami f.)ii!(l easily hold tJie IndeiK ndenee ol< vi n to a )io- ^.r(.^e game. Cbanute plays the Trij>- •let-^ at Athletic park Thanksgiving and goes to lola for a return game ..ri.stnias.—Chanutc Sun. Coming This Way. •loiui W.-ftioius, deputy internal rcv- rnue collector, went to Humboldt yes- leiiiay after visiting the cigar fac- toiv here. He is calling on all the «M -ar iiianulaciiirers in '-is territory and ir is qnite a job as tiiere are fifty- of ilKni. —f'hanute Tribune.. FOWLER WOULD BE SPEAKER. A BALD-HEAIIED WOMAJf tee. UOOSEVELT Oi THE llESILT. •>Vhat the Victory Means as (he Fresl- dent See.*. It. Washington. Nov. ."i.—I'rcsidcnt Uoosevelt gave Iiis interpretation yesterday of the victory of the Hepub- lican parly at the )«oils yesterday when he said to the newspaper men whom he received in bis ofllce: "This adniisiistraiiou has iiitaut a steady and progress whiL-h shou'd never be allowed to deviate into an unwise radicalism on the one hand, n»ir into an uiiwisi conservatism on jfae other. The nomination of Mr. Taft 'as a triumph over rc8Cti-ouary con- .•^crvatlsni. and his electi'/n was a tri- uniidi ov(!r uiiv.ise and improper radicalism." T/sitiofT JobD Bublc. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Pacbett. of Humboldt. Kae.. are vlsttlng their daughter. Mrs. John Ruble of West Ninth.— LiartJesyllle Kuierprise. ^ AITO.MOBILE TJtlP ^AS FAT.Vl. 3ris. J. It. Knrrow Dies From Attack I'roioked by Exposure. T.'pekj. h*;..-.. Nov. .". -:\Irs. .1. i!.. Itiirrow. wife of former secretary «>f !Stale .Foci R. P.nrrow. dl»d at In-r home hi Highland park Tuesday afternoon f>r piieiinionia. from wbieb slie was fcuff»ring for a week pa^i. During the early months of the fall, .Mr. and Mrs. Burrow and jiarty made a trin to Colorado and returned in tl'.tir auiomoliile and it i :j iliought thai «'>;posiire sufiered at that tlm(> brougiif on the awuck of pniMimonia which eoot Mrs. Burrow her life. !|.KATI.>« BI.NK t'OLLAl'SES. .\o One Hurt WbcD Wall of Lcatrn- worth BulWlnir Falls. i I ^t iv. nwortli, Ivas., Nov. .'i. —The Hipiodronie skating rink here, owmd •by c. K. M«»nsing. formerly of Kansas •Ci'y. Collapsed Yesterday ns a result iff the r-.intractor on adjoining let c.x- j.Mvating under the wall. Mrs. .Mcn- ; ting and some helper Iwys were the only one;: lu the, rink when the crash came. They had miraculou.s escapes, iii .td !;c .-icciduut happened a few (I '.ouiE la '-er, Iiundreds of Children might have been killed or maimed, aj a big masquerade affair was planned (for that eveninij. Try the Register-Want Ad. Way. SOUVENIR i**JUST to REMIND YOU" SUGARS REPlNBa'S PUCES Saturday NOVEMBER 7 CHINA CUPS, SAUCERS IK ADUiriON TO USUAL CUHCKS WITH Spices. Extracts, Chocolate, Cocoa. Tapioca. Cornstarch. Tea, Coffee. Etc. PHONE 336 New Jersey Representative Has New Shorn of Her Crown of Bcaatj Xoises Scheme for Running House. la Loic and Mtatbige. " Hair is certainly most necessary to ..ew York. Nov. r,. —Charles N. Kow-•-^voman. Who could love and marr^' Ic-r, chairman of the comjnittee on a bald headed woman Wliat charms bank and currency of the house of could one array to offset such a dis- rcpi'csentatives and. representative of figuremeni.' the Fifth district of Ne^v Jersey, wlio A woman's .noal is usually lore and has just bof!ii elected for the eightli uiarriagp. Her crowning glory is her time, receiving a plurality of about hairj The loss of:tec hair mars her 9.U00 announces hims'-lf as a candi- beauty, happiness and success. Yel, , dale for speaker of the in the right here in lola there are iSixty-fust congress upon the following thousaiidsyof women who are neglect platform: iug or injuring their hatr to such an •'The house of representatives shall e.vtent that it l.s only a niatler of time elect a board of managers, consisting when it will bo utterly ruined, of seven members, which shall be Many women destroy the beauty of charged witli ti at direction of legisia- their hair through. tboughtlessaeEs or lion which is now a.ssunied I>> the icmiranec of certain facts. They use t -iieaker of the house." .curling irons over-heated, or to exces .i I which destroys the natural oil of the. SHOULD FOLLOW HEART'S CALL. hair, causinu it «^to spllL break and ' Iconic out. They do not shampoo their However, Italians Wotild Like to See hair often enough, or too often. Tfhey Duke of Abruzzi Marry a Princess. ,UJC soaps or preparaiions which ccMi- jtain ingredients positively harmfitl'tor; Uoine. Nov. .'.—The Tribuiia, wbieliithe scalp and hair. i .H a government organ, in an artie'e As a result oj sodi treiflmeot. daifd.. on the marriage of the Duke of Al>- ruff is ereated. tbf« hair loosens-, loses ; iU7.7.i. any-R that the m:ijority of Ita!- color. fa'Is out and baldness coui- ians, whil»: preferring that the duke ,ui.n<es. iiiileos proper anc prompt pre s-on!d marry a royal princess, do not,cautious arc tak^n in time. Then deny that lie should follow the die-j again, mierolies and cerl:iln dlseafies tpt '-R of Ills own heart. ()iit they iP - i)iitig alx^ut iiiihe.iifhy •;ea!p and hair mand that tin- iiiiesliou of liis ntar- 1 co'npi ii .Mis. riage to .Miss Elklns be olBcially con-i Aiinost anycme may rid themselves nrmed or denied, thus putting an end;of dandruff and diseased scalp and to the fusillade of the .American u'svs-:hair if they will bnt use the right papers, which deeplv.wounds the 1 1 al-• remedy.- We have that renied}', and • - - • • • X 4.1 «. 1 ^ pai>ers Jan sensibilities and may result in reaction In public opinion. Ills SOTKS WEBE PBOTE.vrEI). • ——~— I'rinre Heilr d« iintnin Mn^t Cuj Braler 11^. i ;\ve will i>o.-iitiv( ly guarantee that it I will either cure dandruff and baldness Ice,- i! will not cost the u.ser anything. That's a inetty broad statement/but . we will back It and p^ove It with OUT own money. Hexall Hair Toalc Is ibe remedy that will grow h^r and- o\ ereome ail sealij and. hair troubles^ • oparis. Nov. ^..Tudgment in .he s-.oo I' will grow hair even on bajd hewlc; of |l ;:iOl) was obtained in this <M.y !.,-iunlr:^s all life m the ha r roots had day against Prince Helic de Saga.: on ;been e.vUngui.>lud. the follicles clOBcd.. certain protested notes give,, i ,y u..- and .he scalp is glazed and fihlni,.. pon. They Included the genera rs t:e .M to try Re^ll '93 and the plumes he wore in battle. ill^Jr l^"'--- a'"sk.. You surely _^ J«;:MI!:C - iose aiiy.hiug by doin^ so. -.liiilc .von have - cverythiB* U> g»Ui- VILI^ llBEll lx> « 10 U BAYS. ycu had better think, this -ovef; aii«| POZQ 0INT3IENT 1& guaranteed to ;th-:n come in and Eee us 8lK »a*»tW§ of- cure any case of Itching, blind, bKedJfer. Y'ou wjii be well repaid for >odr Ins or protruding piles In 6 to 11 da>;fi visit to our store. S. R..Burrell» Th*. :or money refunded '0^* Reynl Ston- "Weat Sfde Squire,^...

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