The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on February 28, 1956 · Page 4
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 4

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1956
Page 4
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-- THE DAILY MAIL, Higtrstewn, Mdrylant iP arm ;+ c C nr , riMttn, F-efcrvarr n, 1H». ' r t S r i M l l O PUI Dawson Reports Some Signs Of Business Leveling Off n Approaching warm weather has boon anticipated by a number of countains who ire planning to have some construction work done. The county tax assessor's office issued a total of 15 permits during the past week. Die largest total in several months. , * * " lofi of orders in the industry remains high. Industry spokesmen if orders will pick up much;, . awhile but they have enough; | ( , SM ^ T| 0 , her sjx to keep them busy for months. , w o r f for ,,,,,,,,.· t . onstrl , clioni vllu . d »,|j m ,i.d ' ' Sy'.SAM DAWSON Hand. But in spite of a drop in YORK of--Signs of a lev- new orders in January the back- eling. o f f . in business appear today from several sources. But that's all it is-a leveling off at a. ,vcry high peak. The same sources could put it, just, as ac- curatclv, another way: business is! Retail trade has been leveling good-^it just isn't Belting much off. Department store sales stay,., , .i ]inB . bottT at the moment. above the year-ago mark. But t h a t : " ! " " ' *,, , Today's signs are mostly in the! if offset by the drop in retail auto Edgar P. Pryor four-room con-1 f i - I d - o f ' n e w orders A number of'sales and to some extent in home crelc block, on \\hite Hail Road.! companies report thai production furnisliings as home building ta- T. C. Hitter, six-room brick, on remains St a'peak tmt new orders pers off. · Tammany Road. · , aren't pouring in at the same rate The National Automobile Deal- M a r y V. Biscr. one story «s a few months back.' ' crs A.«sn. takes a dimmer \-ie« room Ins. if" Pondsville. The' BilSine^s Survey C'ommiltce than do the auto makers in DC of the National Assn. of Purchas- troit. The association says a check ins Ascnls says its February re- of its members show many operat- port "cojifirms the sli«ht leveling inc. at a loss in J a n u a r y and Feb- off in mojastrial business conditions ruary. Seasonal factors get part of t h a t \va|; reported in" the blame, but association spokes purchasiiip executives." M^st'itia- men fear the, industry oversold terials should come into a better last year and will have to wait lupply and item a ml balance in the for the demand to catch up. next six Sjiiiiths. , Auto makers are more oplimis New (inlsfs for maoT»Be tools tie. They expect new car sales the Fairplay-Spielman Road, have slijfcoff from their yearend this month to top January, al- Leo Eichclberger. one-story four- peak, the National MaqhinJ Tool though*,4o fall short of last year's room, OB the Williamsport-Pines- Those for two- Kenneth F.. Note, five-room brick, on Route 40 west of Hagerstown. CtttetoB E. Haupt. J r . one story, five-room*lumber, in Ml. Lena. Kenneth Miller, five-room brick, on Williams Circle. Robert Cox, five-room brick, on, Kent Avenue. . Paul Metz, six room brick, on Builders Assn. reports in Cleve- record. Dulles Says Russian Not Changed In "New Look burg Road. TMtother types of construction were; ' j Luke M. Pelre. to finish two rooms and a half bath on a ' Weaver Avenue dwelling. j John D. Kcrshner. to build a i concrete block addition to a gar' age. on Linwood Road. ' , . . , . · ' Charles E . Kaetzcl. t o build an PHILADELPHIA Of*--Secretary'state declared confidently "we addition to a dwelling in the Chew sol Stale. Dulles warned Sunday]need not be panicked." ;ville District, thai Russian aims had not changed Part of the answer to the new; Howard Ariz, to build a eon under a "new look" foreign policy. Soviet threat, he said, is for Con-terete block garage, on Rench He said the:t'nited Slates cAuldigrcsg to grant authority asked by ; Road. defeat those aims under a program the administration to commit about, Catherine R. Arli, to builrt a of continued and expanded eco-;ioo million dollars a year for sev-'dairy barn, on Route 40-A. nomic ai.d to needy countries. ;cral years towards long-range ceo- Martin P. Katzenberger. lo alter In a major speech at the P h i \ a - G n o m i c development projects in dclpliia Bulletin Forum. Dulles Soviet target countries, laid (his/country's basic policy is He said also that the government to try tA hasten the day when;needs about 100 millions more in Russia will be governed by "men 1 new money this year tian i! ob- ivlio mil the welfare of the Russianiiained last year to help counter people above world conquest." ithe Russian campaign. One Convicted, One Acquitted In Car Deaths One man was convicted ind an other was acquitted of man- daughter by auto charges In Circuit Court here ycstordiy. A jury found Thomas A. drams, 17, Boonsboro fioute Two, guilty In hc auto death of Richard F. n« aaiu miuuif lui|Ut M guuiy M a»k .^L. «| _| civil negligence er reckless driving, LJ \^f\ \ |Q (611 but not manslaughter by motor! ^Nichols testified tilt he was driv- l l U r t ID ng only about 30 to » miles sn tour just before his car went Into a skid on th« wet highway on a ment, killing one woman. Coscns, when the crashed January 15 Grams auto on ill. Lena Barbara E. Balrd, eight jear «U daughter of Robert Baird, ItaiU curve on Christmas Eve. The on- 1. Booiuboro, fell from a «Udtog coming car went down an embank- board while at achpol ) tnrl fractured her left arm, Sht rt- in Uie first manslaughter case In- «iv«d r *» tm « nt ln *« «»««««y .·olving Grams, 18-year-old Richard;""TM! of Washington County Hoipl- Coscns was one of five persons I n l ' a l where a cast was applied, he auto which loft the highway on) Steven Boblnson, four year old . a curve and rolled down an em-["on of Victor C. Robinson, Cave, bankment into * ditch l t o w n Bnx M ' ''"rated his left hand fosens was thrown through lhe,m a fall. Three sutures wer« ap- windshield of the car and died of P"« to the wound, a fractured skull. j Carolyn Barnhart, eight ywri According to testimony the car,!?". »«,g*£«. Greeneu^ was being operated al a about 80 miles an hour from two to f ""' «uuuv ou iimta an nuui j i u i i i iyi u iv ' ,*,,»· five minutes' before the accident,! 8 ";"; but Grams said he was traveling at. about 50 to 60 miles an hour before! the crash. Road. The jury, however, recommended leniency. In a later case, Associate Judge D. Kenneth McLaughlin acquitted William M. Nichols in an auto death last December of Evelyn Goodwin on Route 40. west ·( Han cock. Nichols was driving his moth er and his five children at the time his car collided on a curve with another car in which Evelyn Good win died. He was represented by Attorney Norman Broadwater. ] The judge said, in view of the de (fenrient carrying his own mother anil children, anil in view of other I evidence-, he did not feel Nicholsjwithdrawls fiscal year $45,245.272,'would be jsuilly of sross negligence, 1288.84. total deht S279.722.1)77,540.31, cut on the forehead requiring S cast was tpplied. False Alarm ft wr s in ischarged ,(.*r. TREASURY POSITION WASHINGTON. Feh! 27 UrV-Thei* . . cash position of the Treasury' A false fire a l a r m was sounded peb 2 i" from the box at Hamilton Boulevard and Irvin Avenue last night. Balance $4.465.430,623.94. deposits fiscal year July 1 *39.056,647,916.64, U. S. accidental deaths declined from 96,000 in 1952 to 90,000 in 1954. TWO IMPORTANT sections of the Hagerstown High School Band are shown in these pictures. Left to right, the girls with the bells are Ginger Weddle, Rosemarie Nigh, Dorothy Myers and Karol Schmidt. The boys in the percussion section, left to right, are James Shillingberg, Ben Wade, Robert Jeffords, Joseph Stouffer, Rodney Woolridge. and Donald Bulls. dwelling, on the Eakle's Mill Road. Keedysville- House Passes Brewery Bill "new look" emphasizing "political " cooperation with left- wing Socialists, whom they former- lie described Russian ; policy the as In calling anew for greater leeway in U.S. foreign spending, Dulles asserted that without this long- range authorily sought by the F-i!y detested." and putting heavy | scjihower administration "we take stress on trade and economic a s - ' a risk which is iuite uniustified listance for less developed coun-|having regard to the small cost of tries. avoiding it." Slating that this policy hai'. wonj The effort of the President to for Russia "a considerable popu- win congressional approval for lar prestige" in some Asian and!long-range foreign spending corn- Big Pool Young Man In Navy Seaman Apprentice James C. Murray, son of Rev. and Mrs. W . , F. Murray, Big Pool, is enjoying a the measure by a 74-38 vote on 14 day leave prior to his reporting Saturday. It had passed the Senate Another Man ^Pleads Guilty j Governor McKeldin now has the; Leslie James Mason. Jr . Hag- controversial bill which would[erstown. pleaded guilty to a charge S block' establishment of a Carting, 0 / 1 £ rcankin « Ibrewery in Baltimore County. The House of Delegates passed Sentencing was withheld, pending investigation and report on Ma. .. son's motion to be placed on proba- ai me Naval Training Center. Bain- earlier. ;tion. bridge. Md., to receive instruction The Carling firm seeks to erect. He pleaded guilty to breaking as a hospital corpsman. a 512.000,000 factory in Baltimore( a nd entering Stout's garage at The t r a i n i n g center reported yes- County. jPikeside. near Martinsburg. tcrday (hat SA Murray has just T ne beer controversy has Two other Hagerstown men African countries, the secretary o f J m i t m e n t s has met; jtewra'm-. withTM m P 1 ° 1led nine "« k ? o f . i n ^ n ^ e ' e d ' m u c h ' i n t e r e s t among distribu- pleaded guilty to similar offenses ---- - - ' basic training at Bainbndge. Tne [ Ors a nd dealers in this a r e a . l a s t week. WATER SHORTAGE? Use our self service laundry to save your water. With * Ibl. (er *3C Ringer's Self-Service LAUNDRY Aufhori;«d Btndix dlfl 4 Strvlct 640 Frederick St. -- Phone 3331 the Navy was a teacher at the Boonsboro High School. He \vas sworn in at the Baltimore recruiting station. He is the husband of the former Dixie K, Gordon of PREKRIPTIONJ PRO'.IFTIV "FILLED:: Middlekauff's Drug Store 31 N. Potomac St. Phone 1589 ''pSe^'^^howera.readv «un.y n.n » · «»*..,« of Sh,p., has asked Congress to boost t^?^'*. f «? ,. b ± r ,1 %TM*\ cign aid expenditures to nearly Sl.900.000,000 t h i s year, which would include monies for long- range projects and the added 100 millions Dulles spoke of yesterday. Dulles, making it clear that he "did not wish to minimize the threat rjf the Soviet 'new look.' " said if the free world plays its '"projwr part" Jt "can /ace the! future not with complacency--that would be disastrous--but with confidence." Concerning the "notable shift" In Russia's foreign policy, he s a i d i America "must assume that the! intent behind the Soviet economic campaign is to subvert and com munize the nations fiat are its targets." He also said: · "Today changes in creed and conduct are looked upon a* ways to make it easier to achieve old! goals of conquest. "If there a less apparent Intel-1 erance and less reliance on vio-1 lence, there is perhaps more reliance than ever on diversion, en-| ticement and duplicity. .. i "But the f a n a t i c a l teachings of a generation cannot be erased all! at once. Also the change had n o f ; sone so far that there could not be. | almost overnight, a sudden reversal to the old practice of intolerance and violence." ) had IS CO3VHNG TO H A G E R S T O W WATCH FOR ADVERTISEMENT Tennessee had 22,548 irrigated acres in 195 compared w i t h 1,012 in 1949. Over 40,000 Maryland Homes Now Enjoy Sherwood Oil Heat Got an Olt Burner? Get the best from your heating equipment with our compl*t« Fuel Oil and Oil Burner Service*. Our famous "Oriat T«t" and "Mea«ured Heat" can eavoSTf to 10 r ; on fuel bill*. With Sherwood Oil Heat you can pay your hcntini coeU in equal monthly payments prefer; vtfthout «»y interest or carrying charge. ,Changing Your Heating? If you're planning to modern!?*,- get all th« facU about thf Sherwood Oil Burner and tht qomplet* Sherwood Oil Heat "package." You pay nothing down--liik* up to 36 month* to pay for your new Sherwood Oil Burner. All Sherwood heating urvicet are backed by the marketer* of Bttholine- Sinctair. ^ For Informotipn er prlc»« »r M crdir phon* Hofl.ntewn 6070. SHERWOOD OIL HEAT SINCLAIR RERNIN6 COMPANY ' , m SHERWOOD DIVISION Fradwick Sf. H^ntown Md, WANT TO LIVE IN FLORIDA? ! nUwf hom»j!fe» of ] V / . nUvvbliNC SOVJH nejrida'tN«wWert«fr«n(C«mmunlly i run MICE OF ONIY /5U " T BY SUBSCRIBING TO nnin Magatine n[ Saulhtrn Lif'ig All 1OTS SAME niCf C.en Wuhir, Oe Hxk Ol The Waierlrtnl MO IfSS THAN 1. NO M0«t THAN S IQ A, ·U»CHASI» *25 OOWN $ 5 ° MONTK Sunr^ie bnnqi you thlnrji you -·»· lo Uov about He'iila . . . epportu- n)tiit (or butirteil or retirement IM | the Sunirune Stall'. Thii colortul pub- Ikai'C" v ledir.ateii le help Florida · arow ' and «ith thil pufpoie in mind THIS GREAT OFFER IS MIN MADE, frepari now to own your own home in Ihil beautiful tropical el- t',Ki}, St. Auouillne South, on Florida I til! Coijt Highway No. I «»d th» fnlrjcoaital Wlter*ay Connection, il only } i"ilei from thi cinter e the MltoriciJ city of Sr. Au^ultirte. wher* you have a fine lhoppi"9 center. tchooJi. moviei. banli. churchat and trantporlalion. Tnare ere recreetlonal fdcHMTei qitore In end around Sf. ,Augu|t!ne, with iti refreihine; ocean tatliing e»ery type o( boelinq and (lilting. There il NO Stall Income Tel hiri. and reildriU Ire granted « S5.000 tn eumption en their hornet. ! So Why Not Livi Ungir letter i» Floride. OVER 2 MIUS OF WAf ERFRONT j AT ST. AUGUSTINE SOUTH i IS RESERVED FOR ITS RESIDENTS Miil thi ceupon (er dftcrlptive Folder I.IUq you about ST. AUGUSTINt · SO'JTK and Ihil uoilui! o('«*. Find out about the amiiing conditiont under I whlth you -"»y buy thii property: your EXCHANGE PRIVILEGES: yen' MONEY SACK GUARANTEE: your FREl · WU INSURANCE fOLICY. 0»n'» ] detiy. MAll THIS COUPON TODAY! Subtcrlpl-on Department ' Sunrlie Migaxin* { St. P«t*r«biir|. florid* KeeM tend «t« Jitulftin (older eietal»ln| (hit offer, Thlf if »nly an InviT*^ J«« not ebn,,te m* l» any -ay. ' Stvlrd to be admired! There'i diilinrtion in every line . · . and inside, immaculate lame in every a p p o i n t m e n t of this Super 88 OJrljmobilr. You'll love it on sight! But von mi:«t sample ita action to know nil lliat it means to o«n this masterpiece. The smooth, eager power of the Rocket T-330 Knglnr, the grealwt Rocket of them all! The brisk getaway of Jctaway Hylra-M»lic*, the new«*l in automatic drives! Anrl the roaH-iure hanrlling ease of ths Safcty-Ride Chassis! Come in. Measure the Super 88 againsl your fondest eipectations. 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