The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1946
Page 5
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PHI DAY, JULY 20, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Gasoline Cowboys Ride Ranges But They, Too, Get Their Men HV KI.DON IIAKKK'IT United 1' stuff Corresjiondi'iil SKI EM, Ore. (Ul 1 )—Old Henry' are being violated or operations are expected. Losses (IriMlly Keduced Sheep theft Ls nl a minimum Bon-legs may hoist his spurred s"d- because each band has a hoarder die boots up lo (he top ri:n ol who has constant watch on his the country store's pot-bellied slove flocks, bill beef cattle roam Inn the and cuss the new-fangled ideas open range often arc at Ihe mercy that have found Iheir way Into the of rustlers. "wide-open spuccs" of Oregon, but I However. Oregon's theft Inspection tnke off Ilk sombrero when he tor system has greatly reduced los- BCls lo the subject of Ihe "gasoline Lses of callle in current yenr.s. cowboy." Proof of the efficiency of Ore- Clasolinc cowboy Is cognomen I" 1 eon's system was evident iltirlim; liveslock theft iiive.stijjator. Tlicy.lhe war when losses in adjoining are Oregon's Cl-Men of Ihe range. |stales were far greater than in .These hardy, wcll-tniincd men Oregon. Nelson said, one of the least known Death Penalty Sought for Nazis American Prosecutor Opens Arguments as War Trials Near End NUEHNBEHCi, July 20. <UP> — Hobett n. jacksoii, "chief American prosecutor, today called upon the war crimes tribunal lo convict 22 ranking Ni./.is on clu of war yutlt an<l clinics which the 1 British prosecution charged included a minimum of 12.0M.COO "calculated, deliberate murders." The prosecution, led by Jackson, oiieiicd the summation of efehl mouths ot testimony aualnsl 33 lo|> Nazis, including" Martin lior- inanii who is being tried in absentia aUhougli he limy \K dead. While he did not mention Ihe death penalty in so many words, Jucksou left r.o doubt that the prosecution felt thai the court should automatically invoke a penalty of death in 'event il finds the men ijuilly. The defendants listened lo Jack- Ron wilh varying; reactions. Heiclls- marshul Kermi.l'.n lidding whose conduct has been listless and disinterested for months stirred in Ills seal and 1ml his face in his hands when Jackson called him "half militarisl and half gangster." One-time Foreign Minister Rib- :;te wlt " sl:l(L ' .eoMiily and federal l:entvop appeared drawn MU! an-: |ilw enforcement office ery. He conferred occasionally wiltii wotk is co-ordinated Ooeriny and Field Marshal Wil- eouirty brand inspectors, helin Keilel. For instance, if state police their routine, duty of truck shipments of callle and horses become suspicions, tlie livestock PA.OK'fTV> Towns Urged To Make Most Of Resources execute one of the but very im|»itant duties of Iho stale agriculture department-—that of preventing livestock theft,- and of rounding up rustlers. . , , Their work doesn'l slop wilh cat. tie anil horse rustlers. They are called upon lo trace chicKen Ihicvcs. sheep slcalcrs and Hog heislers. t Frequent IiOn<£ Chases' Investigator Hoy Nelson says one or two typical months of his experiences would be .sufficient lo fill a book. .Sleeping under a sage- brash in a rainstorm or early [nil snow is a frequent occurence. one cas c ollen calls for a week of travel by automobile, horseback or o« ; fool. 1'hcse gasoline cowboys co-oper- ..Tlic days of llie old-time rustlers who went onto Ihe range iui<l re- branded livestock arc gone, Nelson believes, lint lancher.s now nre faced w uh a new type of professional rustler who backs a bis; I ruck into a hidden ravine nl nlijIU and loads his loot, cither dead or alive, and i.s hundreds of miles away before the toss is discovered. Army Leavings A Life-Saver To Tokyo Zoo TOKYO. (UP)—A dally purchase of 550 pounds of potalo peel and kitchen leftovers from SCAl LINCOLN. Neb. (Ul')—Ikiosters of Nebranka's small towns have come ui) with a list of recommendations designed to mukn small community lifo more atlracHvc limn that \ n cities. The Kiisgestloius were made nl (he first animal In.slllutc on Small Community i,if c , held by the University of Nebraska. Towns nrgc<i lo make (he most ol Ihelr resources and lo build on inch assets us unique traditions distinctive features and leadership. Standards of education and local government should be Improved, II wn.s said, and xoor health and dietary conditions eliminated. "In spite of cliques and petty factions, any community can be .shamed lulu Improvement stimulated by conipelltlon wllti other (owns,"' n r . Howard Y. Cluskey O f (he University ol Michigan lold th r Al Meyers. Jr., of the office of small business, U. C. nep:utmciu of Commerce, MigRcsted lha'. Ihe flair embaik on a program ol biiildiiii' up home industries. Seven new Ili-leis-fooil i-.r<l f.-cd. cliem- iii'tsy iiroilud'i plant.s, IjeveraRe. cold SUI\,K> . te-i -ler. h;vh!e and build- lo;; ninlcrl.i 1 ., liidi^trles - can b; open* d up o in -j,. r; i, -... (uci'ials in M: T.jir. o. s.i!d ISsiablishnu'ut of such work would provide home opportunities lor u7 University Committee to Discuss Plans Price on Aulos To Be Increased OPA Bares Plans To Approve Increase For Cheaper Cars. WASHINGTON, July 20. (Ul 1 ) — nui-tliii' ""' eost or lower priced automobile will he Inerensed $75 lo cow lilitli- 1UJSSELI,V1M,E. Ark., July 20. (UP)--An educator.-, eomniHlei 1 , lei-cully formed lo discuss Ihe Possibility of settlni- up a <i| Unt- slty to handle the overriow of pupils In Arkansas' schools, planned to hold its flrsl at Arkansas Polytechnic .....,...,..., hero today ''"' dealer marHlns nnd Slnlc ' Education Commissioner ' ; '»"'l!' 1 » <'»«w Ihe new Ol'A irnism- K'dph n. Jones, elialrman. snld Y""- "" °'' A .spokesman said to- (lii- cotiuultlco would repoi'l lo day. Oov. lien Ijiney whether such a 1 , "«•' sl ' w move would b« Justified ana how I l!i expected lo cosl $1.070 after Ol'A II mluhl. be accomplished. . ' I'fMlori-tt dealer mark-ups to I lie •I'hi' uroup was set up after cd-l 1( '' u '<-'- |l "'e ll '«'l of 25 per cent, Cotton Oil Mill In Fort Smith Damaged by Fire TOUT SMITH, Ark., July JS (Ut>)— Flrcmciv here today continued llielr fl«ht against a, cotlon- oil-fecl flic after a blaze nt the KoiL Smith cotton oil Co. was brouijIU under control last nlglit by irtx Jlre companies. The. blaioe, fed by cotton oil and stock feed, was expect»d to 'continue for several hours today.'No estimate of possible damage could be obtained Immediately. Missionary Raises Funds by Magic iieidors reported thai there were lllul makes hitilier allowaiu'e for suiue 5,000 lo 6.000 more students, [mi'dHnR charge*. Previously In the slate than present could iieconiinodntc. The SHI consisted of taking over a plus Kovernmenl ns Cuinp Robinson, for selling the school. ••.n-vin it II- IUJVI'I H li UI1I olj/il* IS I "J'l" «---.j ;rs, and tlicir proving a life-saver r.t Tokyo's bli;- ' ''"""if I'^'l'lc who cannot find (hem with that ol I gest Ueno Zoo. where tlie'aiiiimils < J n Ia rm.s. he said. It would make theft investigator is notified. And when sheriffs, who inusl sec that producers' meal tags arc placed on all carcasses of dressed meal sold within their respective, counties. Murders Total 12.000,000 Jackson was followed by Sir Hartley Shawcross. British " chiel prosecutor, who told the court thai 12.000.000 was "the lowest compu- lation" of Nazi murders "done not. in battle, not in passion, but. in a cold, calculated deliberate attempt to destroy nations and races, to disintegrate traclilinns. institutions and the very existence of free and ;:neieiit stales." In a 20,000-word stimmalion of tile prosecution's efforts in the eislil-month trial. Ji.ckson said there was no doubt that each defendant, played a key role in seeking lo place the world under . the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. Jackson's stinuin;; denunciation left little doubt that he wanted the Nazi leaders to pay with their lives for liieir "mad and melancholy" crimes a»alii*t. humanity.! The defendants include cicieriiiK, former Foreign Minister Joachim, , , , , von nihbcntrop: Rudolf Hess for- lot!a - v lo lum off lllclr sas supplies mor Nay.i dcnuly. R-nst Kallon-! ! .'i. "l?... nlclcl ' s '"' lisk " OMil)le cx - hrunner. lieacl of the Ni./i secret police, and Franz von Papcii. the"Gray Fox" ef German diplomacy in two wars. Twc'nt v-four Nt:7is wcte in the indictment, but only 21 were in the dock. arc having a hard time Iryliijj lo 1" overcome the city's current food Inspecting shortage. I Tlie garbage Js collc'ited dally under an arrangement slaYidin^ in effect since lasl November, Commissioner Tadamiehi Ko(;.x of the •mo said, and although noi sufficient lo locd all Ilic animals; -ihey ItiKl somcllilng wrong, .again Ihe ^..P'"^.'" 1 to - BCt - nlo "B «»'«- itivcstiyntoi 1 is called in. Many times state itu'cstigutors call upon federal men w^ere intersliitc l:uvs Milwaukee Crippled by Utility Strike MILWAUKEE, July 20. (Ui''~ i The strike-bound Milwaukee yas and liBht co. warned Its customers with food from other sources. The zoo's team of inner Mongolian camels were first to show signs of malnutrition wilh n diminution of Iheir humps. Elder male of the pair, which is about iGvear.s old. is nearly humpless. while five-year-old "female living in the youth umlmtniul that il can realize any ambition in a small town. Criminals In I'eace. Too Jackson declared that German documents of "unnuesliotied authenticity" proved that the. Nazis were guilty of crimes in peace as well a.s war. ire imnlored the court to ignore oral defense teslimnnv vhtch, he sairl, was loaded with "lies, doublctalk. fantastic explanations, absurd nrofesstons. flimsy excuses and naltrv evasions." "Tim fact is I hat Iho Nazi ha- Housewives, restaurants and hospitals were laced with the problem _ of providing- hot food for the city's 11!lmc( j' 800,000 persons without using ga=. Liruno Rahn. president of ttic company, said" there slill was so" 10 gas in llie mains, althouglr production stopped when the skeleton crew walked off the job last night,. Pressure in Ihe mains was falling off rapidly, however, Rahn said. He warned that, air into the partially-filled mains ir.i^ht create a highly-combustible, vapor which could be exploded by pilot lights. A gas explosion occurred last, night in the heart it Menomunce Falls, Wis. Cause of the explosion same enclosure also hasn't, much of a figure left,. "They are nol likely it is nol likely they 'are suffering any pain." Ko|(a said. He attributed the humps i;oini; down to substitution of oat.s in their normal diet wilh potalo peelings from American billet kitchens Least to suffer from the food shortage are Ihe 30-odd lurlles at the MO. which can RO without food for long periods and can subsist on but a few sardines a day. They are among the lie varielics nf animals at the zoo, Including ISO mammals find !•! kinds of birds. Many of Jim dangerous, beasts were killed ~drjing the air raids to prevent possible public danger. -- ' -» •'•• •- . Heaviest caters among the animals arc 30 giraffes, each of which consumes 20,000 calories per day from a menu ccx.iistini; of 25 pounds of wheat bran. 30 pounds War on And Lice Urged For Poultrymen Lice and miles usually take ihelr loll in poorly cared for flocks at this season of the year. Miss Cora Lee Cnleniaii. home demonstration agent, said this week. She warned that mite s multiply fast. "Al summer temperatures," Miss Coleman said, "e ^ laid by julull mites hatch in 411 hours. These ^ newly-hatched Individuals lay more lo die and | eggs in Hum a week, "Frequent examination of houses d birds for miles and lice is an important, detail of summer inan- agcmenl. Commercial products. Gi carbolineiun. are available on Ihe market for use in fight lug miles. But be sure to be thorough 111 Iheir application." City Dwellers Safer In Lightning Storms I'l'ITSHURail IUP1 -Tile Chanres e,f helm; hit by lightning in a .Minuoer storm are about :tOT>,(lUO tti one. according lo a noted .sin- ilriU oc lightning phenomena, Dr. Ci. D. McCann. llghlnlm: research expert for WestbiKhous- 1 Kluctrle Corp. for (he past decade, as been trapping thuiitlcibnlis lib special instruments UuU count heb- frequency, pholograph them ml measure their Intensity. "Most lightning efisuallle:; occur L! small towns and rurnl com- nunitles." Or. McOann said. "Tlio ity dwellt'r is relatively safe. chlcr_ because he seldom has lar t" to reach shelter, and, lou, the heller is bigger and safer." Tall \>nlldli\Ks afford nlnxwt •umplcto protection because Iheu ileel skeletons serve as eleclricii 'omluc<or.s. Dr. McCanji polnled ml. The ordinary clly dwelling wovldps a good haven, too. Ur. McCann is studying lightn o Unit WesUnghouse enuluii'rs nuy develop Improved circuit jreakcrs. and other - ( >rrj- cetive devices lo make electric pt>\v- jr systems lightning proof. of potatoes, 35 pounds of oninns Las Vegas Made Air Gunnery Base LAS VEGAS. Nev. (UP)—Tills gambling city's luck held out wild it:; Army Air Force gunnery, se-hoo wns continued as a permVnent base fo- .3.SOO men. Las Vegans feared the school which trained 50,000 aerial gun HITS, would become a ghost community nl Ihe end of the year. The Army said il decided to i make Las Vcpas a permanent base ST LOUIS (UJ')-Tlic Hcv. Pnul l.loyd, c. M., director of the Vln- fntlim Foreign Mission Society 11 $095 Ford deluxe ci r j /. here, uses his abllilies us n maRl- elan to raise funds for rebuilding ohineso missions destroyed diuln Ilio war. Chaplain of th c InteniRtloMnl , , - - - - Brotherhood of MaBlclans liihir dealer ma, B l,, s lo 104 NO., I, the priest Sto,"«i. ffi J»lw us a prrxtlitlgltntor and lunw thu receipts over to Iho society. Il.s funds also have been ainjiiieiitcd by masjlc slmws, slaned here iinnu- i"y by him for thc pasl llirec yearn, with the aid o l fellow muBiclans who contribute their services. Despite the mot ho could nol In- ili-c his tiiste for manic while sei-vlnu nliii! yours in Olilna bclorc Ilic war. he Is anxious lo return He likes (he Chinese, he said, even IhoiiKh they are likely to atlillmlc lo the (level anything they arc unable lo understand. Per cent. Kvi'n hlliher Increases will be Kninli'il by Ol'A on more expensive •ill's, the .spokesman snld. Clolhin K prices will bci;ln I" limb .slmrlly this (nil, necordliiK d OPA. Tlie Increase Is due lo a lew prielni; formula under the price law. Price boosts will ;e i-ranlcd on practically all (exiles to rcriccl the IHuliesl prires in raw colloii nnd wool plus aver- ii:e reconversion cosls and 19:10-4) Ol'A i-sllniiiles (hat (lie aven 1 ;-" nereiise in Ic'Xlile prices will be iroimd 20 per cent. Most loiuls will return lo liie June 30 ceilliiKs exeepl those which conlliuie Ui be dei-mitroHMl-mllk. ijralns, poiillry and e ( ;us. Tlie mti-n- cy expects In act. Immediately lo (TliiiiKs on bread, cereids, and oilier Items made from uraln. A number uf minor food Items are expected 1<i be decontrolled i Meanwhile. OPA ,wll| have l<: adjust, its restauranl prices to allow for (lu> decontrolled Hems from which food Is miidc. Read Courier Hews want ads. TERMHIX TERMITE CONTROL Triple Guarantee 1. Gtunnlced by . Brace . Tcrmlnlx t'ompinjr. ... t. Guaranteed br'T,. L, Brace O. I. 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ITCHING 4 PIMP £VS : ' L BLACK HEADS' I • T Ml LL 1 ON* SKIN SUCCESS OINTMENT Minnie Lee Jones Music Studio ENROLL NOW for Summer Classes in Piano Phone 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawba Blylhevllle, ArkmiMJ RCA VICTOR RECORDS ADAMS APPLIANCE Co. J. W. Adiims, MRr. Plume 2071 20«-<W W. Main and a generous proportion of dried because of superior flying comt!- urass. Occasionally they are led tions In tile desert country, where buckclfnls of milk from a nearby suitable wcalhcr prevails 3(i;i days Ktnble of cows. : , vc ar. bit of ccniiomi/ing in the use of hr.d not been determined althougll truth pulls Ihn fouiidniinn nn<. s Meiionioncc Falls is served by l !lc from under their own defenses." Milwaukee company. The blast Jackson asserled. "Lylnc hii s al- shattered windows and ricstroyert \va\\s been a highly approved N r a/.i I V AO buildings in the <lo'A T ntown dis- teclmicjue. tricl, but no one was injured. "When for year.-; Ihev hav n tie-1 Striking CIO United Coal, Gas. reived Ihc world, nnd masked Coke and Chemical Workers broke falsehood with ivlavisibiiitii-s, ran off negotiations with the company I an>'one l;o suri)risrd that Diey nignt and pulled off a skele- coiitiniic I lie habits of a lifetime'ion crew which had kept a limited in this dock?" I surmiy of gas available to housc- Jackson declared that the Nazis wives. used Ihe deceiving background of. mum charged (hat the union their testimony to asl: (he tribn- hr><3 refused his offer of a factual to clear them of planning.) finding committee to mediate the executing or conspiring to commit dispute. the long list of crime:; wilh which I The company's officcworkers. they are charged. | members of an independent union "The lime has come for final' decided to take a "voluntary boll- judgment and if the casc I PIT- day" until Monday, ^enl seems hard i;iid imcompro- i The clO union struck Wednesday inising," lie added, "it is because and Ihrew a picket line around the evidence makes it so." the company plant. Where Your Flowers Are — You Are! One call to 113 will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan I^FLOWERSHOP EAR RECAPPING Fast, low-cost GoodYOar recapping gives old tires "new bile"; extra non-skid protection. Leaner tires free while we save yours. $7.00 6.0Ox 1* USE OUR BUDGET PLAN GOOIVVEAR TIRES "' SERVICE STOtcc HOW. Main Phone 2491 ™. t. M. (MM) WlllUm, owner Anywhen Gfeu«*e BIdi. Judge Word has the AHII,ITY TRAINING KXIMORIHNCE needed to make a sood CIRCUIT JUDGE He has the endorsement of the Members of tbc Clay County, lOlHr 'strong. Twenty-five, years e\|n;- rieiKD in tlic ffcui'nil practice of law—eivil ami i-run- ilial cases—in all roiiris, iii- fluilinB llic Circuit Court, wliicil office he now seeks. Horn a nil reared on ;i Clay Counly farm. His family consists of a wife, llircc sons and a ilaiiKhtcr. AJI three sons are veterans of .World War II, {he youngest serving overseas in tlte Soulli 1'ntific. Began career as School Teacher; taiii;ht five years in I'ixK<>1l Schools. Barhelnr of Law Decree from Lincoln-Jefferson University—licensed (o practice law in all State Courts, and Federal Courts, incliuiinx I' 11 -' U. ,S. Supreme Court. 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