Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1907
Page 8
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•J THg fOIA DAILT BEfllSTOB. FMPit IirEm6,_yOVEllBE «J»J9 ()7A THE HUMAN MAGNET-Born to Heal The Wo^M Mystified, Scientists Puzzl^f Physicians Amazed. Call and see this man with mai^vel- ous powct* He will Heal you* The Pale horse is seen in the dim distance, his reckless rider, whose name is death, is bearing down opon yo0, disregarding eVery human tie, every family love, the pleading of a dear mother, devoted father and loving children, all are ruthlessly trampled beneath the feet of this reckless rider, and are traveling in solemn procession to an early grave, hat like Manna from Heaven Prof. F. H. Peters, The Great German Healer, The Hf^man Magnet, The Man with the most Wonderoos Power, whose magic totfch allays irritation, redoces congestion, overcomes inflamatlon, imparts tone to the nerves, ^rotfses the vitality of the weak, and all who comes tinder the Wind of his Magic infloence experiences a dellcioos sense of being a new lease on life, to convince yoa of the marvelous power this num possesses bring some afflicted btend into his presence amd have yoor name enrpllcd with tfie thotfsands of 4he world's mystified, and the scientists that are ptfttled and note the amiatcment of the physicians, by this gladiator and champion of Modem Miracles the German Header, The Man That Was Bom To Heal. Read testimonials, thotfmnds of original, in own handwriting in the Professor's possession, open to the poblic« Note testimonials are not ^om Main or California, they are surroondlng yout own town, tfiey are genuine, all in phoning distance. It is p to yoti, it costs yotf nothing to witness this Greatest of Great Healers. The healer will core in from one to 24 treatments. The House in wHich Prof. Peters was born The house that I was born in, when first I saw the light, When mother-love with tired hands, rocked nie to sleep at night. It was here in this, my dear old home, when mother's tender care, Watched over me day and night, for she loved to have me there. PROF. F. H. PCTCRS The Great Healer TO THE SICK: Many of you stand in the shadow of the valley of death, your afflictions have been pronounced hopeless. You stand ikling through the veins healthy blood and with each pulsation of the heart, the life giving element is purified. The poisonous gases are forced from their hiding places and seek escape through the pores of the skin. Prof. Peters has discovered through his Miraculous power that health is the natural tendency and is written by the finger of God on the body of every living person, but by disturbing natures laws you disturb the human machinery and find! yourself wrecked on the sea of disease. But help is at your command, under the soothing influence of his hands upon your bod}-. Prof. Petcrf will lead vou back to health and happiness, as it were you will have found the spring of ipiortal youth, like the Magic Wand, disease will give way to health, and coming generations will^rise up and bless the name of the Great German Healer. While the Professor lavs no claimi to being a Divine Healer, he is a conscientious Christain man, invoking the blessing of God before retiring and upon rising in the morning. Read the testimonials carefully, what he has done for others He Can Do For You Prof. Peters will be in lola 3 to 5 weeks, when he can bel consulted at his rooms at 309 South Washington Ave., Col. Saphar's residence, from 8 a. m, to 12 noon, from 1 p. ni. to 6 p. m. Only a Limited Number will be treated each day, appointments by phone or mail. In severe cases when parties cannot leave the home Prof. Peters will call— but only in cases that cannot leave the sick bed. REMEMBER OFFICE AT COL. SAPHAR'S RESIDENCE SIPI'RESSEI) MEXSTRrATIOX CURED. Osawatotnie, Kans., Oct. 20. "O". I was afflicted with .supprosacd nieii- Etrualion and badly diseased kidneys for many years, having to urinate as many as twelve times during the night and have suffered agonies for the past five years. Have tried all kinds of medicine, and several doctors, but without any help. After the first treatfent by Prof. F. H. Peters I slept well and did not have to get up once during the night. I am now a well woman, after taking several treatments, and will answer any suffering woman's letters. Prof. Peters is certainly a wonderful man. Mrs. Ivoltie Van Pe Wailer. rWE TAKEN AWAY. Olathe. Kans.. Sept. in. 1907. : I ha/1 my lephurt by fulling from u Wagon six years ago. ;ind walkod with a! rane over since. I find from the first treatment fmm Prof. K. II. IVtcrs I don't need my cane, and nij- limb is pelting stronger rvory djiy. Yours. M. McCarty. (•A>rEH riREI). Vnlloy Fall!;. Kan.. .Ian. S. mOfi. I will make the following staioment of facte. I had a growth on my face, pronounreil Cancer by several doctor."?. The same was very painful during the past year. I truly say that Prof. F. H. Peters cured me in one course of treatment. He also treated my eyes. In which there has been great improvement, and il recommend Prof. Peters for he has benefitted me in every way. Z. S. Miller. KT1»ET A>D BLADDER TROTmE CFRED. Valley Fails. Kan.. .Tan. 17. lOOB. ' To those that are afflicted, I will make the following statement, so that others may he cured by the wonderful powers of ProfI F. H. Peters. I was . troubled with Kidney disorder and bladder trouble;, and also a constant pain in my bowels, and I can truly say that in one course of treatment I I was entirely ctired and have had no > pain since. I can cheerfully recommend Prof. Petetrs. » Mrs. L. Z. Gragg. GOITRE CURED. Valley Falls, Kan., Jan. 14. '06. For the benefit of others afflicted the same way, I make this statement. I had a goitre on my neck for the past 23 .vears. Prof. F. H. Peters cured me during one course of treatment and I recommend the Prof, to sufferers. Very respectfully, Mrs. S. A. Fowler. STOMACH TROUBLE CUBED. Valley Falls. Kan.. Dec. 2, 190.-;. I win make the following statement T have been doctoring for stomach trouble for the> past thr*>p years with prominent doctors, but received no benefit. Have now taken 12 treatments frpm Prof. F. H. Peters, and I truly state that I am cured, as I can eat most anything. I have gained 10 pounds In one month, from the time he commenced treating me. B. J. Miller. SPASHS IH CHILD CUBED. Valley Falls, Kan,, Dec. 18, VS. Our two year old child had a severe attack of spasms. The Instant Prof. F. H. Peters laid his bands on her they stopped. We are thankful for his powers. Mrs. Dorcas E. Miller. IN HER OViJi WORDS, WEIGHT REDUCED. Valley Falls, Kan.. Nov. 17, 1905. My first treatment with Prof. F. H. Peters was taken Monday last. The sensation ever since has been peculiar. I feel drowsy, a drawing withering sensation. I was what might be classed an abnormal eater. After first treatment, my appetite left me, but now I am eating moderately. Prof, promised to wake me at twelve. I awoke at the exact time, my health Is improving. The Professor's powers are truly wonderful. His influence over disease Is no longer a doubt I have been treated by many physicians without results. I am loosing flesh every day, (which Is my greatest desire.) 1 will suffering people to go the Prof. F. H. Peters. Thp cost is little, the benefits are not to he computed from a money standpoint. My general health Is greatly Injproved. 1 sincerely believe Prof. F. H. Peters can and will help the suffertng. I am. Sincerely yours, Dorcos E. Miller. P. S. In one month ray weight has been reduced I.T pounds. Friends and relatives remark upon my looks and appearance. Mrs. Dorcos Miller. Witnessed by BetUe Gragg. STO-MACH TROUBLE OF SO YEARS STANDING CURED. Hoyt, Kans., Oct. 2.'. 1905. With others I will cheerfully add my testimony to the healing powers of Prof. F. H. Peters, as a magnetic healer. I had suffered for more than thirty years with a stomach trouble and constipation and kidney disease, and had no expectation of relief, only by the good angel of death, but Prof. Peters came my way, and from the first treatment I began to improve. My back is so much stronger. I can walk erect. My stomach is well, all as the result of Prof. Peters wonderful IKJwer to heal, and by the blessing of God. Several years may be added to my advanced age of 78 year.s. Mrs. A. B. Johnston. r .\TARRH AND WEAK LINGS CURED. Hanover, Kans., Dec. 7. 1901. I will make the following true statement. I have for the last year had a severe case of Catarrh, and my lungs were weak. I took a few treatments from Prof. F. H. Peters. I began to improve from the first, and got better each day. I thank the Prof, for the great benefit I received. With well wishes, Miss Anna Schultr. NEURALGIA CURED. Atchison, Kan., Nov. 14, 1906. This is to testify that I have been troubled with Neuralgia in my head for several weeks. I called on Prof. F. H. Peters, who stopped the pain at once, and I haven't had any pain since. I recommend him to those suffering with aches or pains. Mrs. Lulu Giles. DROPSY AND HEART DISEASE CUBED. Clara. Kans., April 2, 1905. To the Afflicted: I have been bedfast for three months with dropsy and heart dlt- eaae. Three doctors gave me up, and one refused to take the case at mil. I heard of Professor Peters and sent for him, and to my sarprise. In oat hour's time I had my clothes on and have been Improving ever sine*, ud am now fully recovered. (All letters answered.) , Mrs. Maggie Bowmaker. Witnessed Mr. and Mrs. Wittzini. BLINDNESS CURED. Holton, Kan., May .3, 1904. To the Public: This Is to certify that I am a plasterer by trade. I strained by eyes while 1 was at work last June and was overcome by blindness all at once, and while at york. Was taken home unable to see, and suffered for nearly a year. 1 had three operations performed and they were not successful. 1 was told by the doctors 1 would be blind. (Ima.gine my feelings.) Just in the prime of life. I called on Prof. F. H. Peters, could hardly see anything. After taking his treatment my eyesight is restored and I can see well out of both eyes and I thank God that I am like a new man and am at work now and doing fine. A. Robbins. E(:ZE.\IA CURED, llolton, Kan.. June 25, 1004. I have had Eczema for seven years. I took H few treatments from Prof. F. H. Peters. My Rcr.cnia disappeared. It disappeared while he was treating nie. My last treatment was on Friday. On thf fonr)wlng .Monday there 'was no trace «)f it to l)e seen anywhere on my face or my body. 1 am thankful to Prof. Peters. Edith Chase. DEAFNE.SS RELIEVED. Holton, Kan.. May 13. 1904. I lived in Holton 23 years. Carpenter by trade. 78 years old. I have suffered with kidney and bladder rtouble. My eyes watered, and sight poor. Was as deaf as could well be. Have tried nearly all kinds of medicine and a good many doctors, but got little relief. Finally was induced to try Prof. F. H. Peters. Took four weeks' treatment. 1 can truly say Prof. Peters did me all kinds of good. I am relieved of my kidney troubl^. My eyesight is better and eyes are get- ing stronger. I can now hear ordinary ocnversation. and honestly recommend Prof. Peters to all. Jackson Baker. ASTHMA CURED. Holton, Kan., Aug. 16, 1904. Dear Prof. Peters: I feel so very grateful to you for what ynu have done for me, that I would like to tell others about it I have had the .\sthma ever since I was twelve years old. After taking a few treatments from you. I have no symptoms of the Asthma. My chest Is developing and I feel well. I hope you may live many years to carry on the good work you are doing. Your well wisher. Hugh E. Wells. FRACTURE CUBED. Marysville, Kan., July S, 1903. rwikh to state that about six years ago I had a compound fracture of the arm, and since tfie bones were set I was not able to move my arf to my head. My fingers v/erc all drawn out of shape. 1 called upon Prof. Peters, fthe German Healer.) stopping at the Sherman House, for a treatment, and to my 'surprise In the space of five minutes time, I could place my hand to my head, and fy fingers were also straightened. F. M. Kemp. BIRTH MARK BEMOVED. Beatrice, Neb., April 12, 1904. I will say that I had trouble with mr eyes. After taking two treatments of Prof. F. H. Peters I felt cured. He also removed a birth mark from my face that had been there since chlldhobd. May Wilson. NERTOUS PROSTRATION CURED. Washington, Kansas. Everybody in Washington will remember Mrs. Root, mother of Mrs. Asher Parks, who for years was bedridden off and on in this city, and so nervous always that on occasions when there was any celebration In Washington she lay near death's door for days afterward. The shooting of a firecracker threw her Into spasms of pain, and a disturbance of any kind made her so weak that she was unable to sit up. She went down to Oklahoma to live with her daughter, Mrs. James Jones, but the change of climate did her no good. Last week Mrs. Parks sent her for treatment to Prof. F. H. Peters. It may seem impossible, but after two treatments she became BO free from nervousness that ^he was able to attend the circus and endure all the hideous noises with perfect compassion, and enjoyed the first perfect sleep she had for years. Her neighbors and friends unite with her family In their Joy at her recovery. 'We, the undersigned, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true and correct in every detail. .Signed. ' Mary F. Root, Mrs. Ada Jones, Emma Parks, Daughters of .Mrs. Root .M. A. Root, son. Supscribcd and sworn to before mo this 29th day of August, A. D. 1904. J. A. Ayres. Jr.. Noatry. Public Commission Expires Dec. 11, 190B. SCIATIC RHEUMATISM CURED. Hebron. Neb.. March 30, 1903. I was afflicted with Sciatic Rheumatism, so that I could not walk, and with one treatment by Prof. F. H. Peters, which lasted ten minutes. I was able to walk and do my work. The severe pain which I had was entirely gone in two days. Mrs. B. B. Brown. Above statement witnessed by Walter Wallace. GOITR ECURED. Hebron, Neb., .Tan. 13, 1903. To Whom it May Concern: I was troubled for about two years with a Goitre. Prof. F. H. Peters removed it with the third treatment. It docs not bother me now. Miss Sarah Ford. PARALYSIS. Marysville, Kan., Nov. 30, 1903. To Whom it May Concern: This is to certify that my mother, Mrs. E. Lau, was stricken with paralysis about eight months ago. and she couldn't walk or move her hand. Today after one hour's treatment by Prof. F. H. Peters she was able able to walk from one room to another and to use her hand. Herman Lau. POOR CIRCULATION CURED. Oskaloosa, la., March 8, 1906. I took treatment from Prof. F. H. Peters for poor circulation, together with weak heart. I give the Prof, credit for restoring me to normal health, for I am well. Mrs. John Zacharla. PAIN IN BACK CUBED. Hanover, Kan., Aug, 7. 1905. I win make the following statement, which is absolutely true and will ma'ke oath to the same, (If called upon to do so.) that for eleven years I had such pains In my back, caused by my kidneys, that T had to fairly crawl along. Also had to ge up three or four times every night to urinate. Prof. Peters cured me sound and well with a few treattments. Yours truly, V. Heck. STOMACH TROUBLE CURED. Washington, Kan., SepL 5, '04. I wish ta state for the benefit of others that I was affi.icted with stomach and kidney trouble, in fact my system was entirely run down. 1 took three treatments from Prof. F. H. Peters, and am now sound and well and -feel ten years younger. Yours truly, Wesly Houska. INFLAJtED .JOINTS AND SOBE FEET CUBED. Havana. Kan.. March 9. 190.5. I wish to say that I was badly afflicted with inflamed joints and sore feet, they were so bad I could scarcely walk. I called on Prof. F. H. Peters, and he gave me one treatment, which I am pleased to say. helped me so much, in fact relieved all pain, that I cheerfully recommend Prof. Peters to all. Respectfully^ May B. Schulto. LAME BACK AND STO.MACH CUBED Nortonville, Kan., Oct. 17. 1906. I write this six months after the last treatment given me by Porf. F. H. Peters. For four long years I was not without pain In my back and my stomach would not retain any food without much distress, also my side-was hurt from a fall. I suffered all the time. I went to Pennslyvanla to one of the best doctors, was treated for fifteen months. He and one other doctor told me 1 could not be cured. So I came home to Kansas and Prof. F. H. Peters the German Healer, was sent to me to heal me. He has done the work. Today I am a well woman, and he has cured me, so he can heal others. W^ill reply to all letters. Mrs. Henrietta Gladfelter. HIP DISEASE CURED. Nortonville, Kan., Oct 15, 1906. I have been a great sufferer for more ilian twenty years with hip disease. No doctor could name the disease or benefit me. I had not walked in all these years without the assistance of some one. nor get around thj house to do my work. I can truly say since taking two terms of treatments of Prof. F. H. Peters. I can got around and do all my own work, and walk, a thing I could not do In all these years. He also reduced my flesh 15 pounds, which Is also a great relief. Mrs. M. Cline. CATARRH AND KIDNEY TROUBLE CUBED. Nortonville. Kan., Oct. 13, 06. 1 have been a sufferer from Catarrh for about twenty years. Ha d been treated by many doctors, and got no relief, but I began to Improve from the time that Prof. F. H. Peters laid his hands upon me. He also treated mo for kidney trouble, and today I am entirely cured, and I feel better In every way. I cannot recommend the Prof, too highly. Mrs. J. N. Kemp. CONSTIPATION CURED. Nortonville. Kan.. Oct 15, 1006. To sufferers of like diseases. I was troubled with Chronic Constipation, which often produced high fever, when by chance Prof. F. H. Peters, the great German Healer, came where I was, laid his hands on me and the fever left me at once. I took one course of treatment I have been well ever since. -.j Homer H. McCalla. CONSTIPATION AND OTHER TROUBLE CURED. ? Mohaska. Kan., .Inne 7, 1907. I have been afflicted with Constipation. Stomach Trouble and Nervousness for the past year. After taking two terms of treatment, from Prof. F. H. Peters, I aim better In every way. .My stomach is entirely well and my nervous headaches have disappeared. I therefore faithfully recomend Prof. Peters to suffering humanity. R. J. Williams. IXFLAMMATORY RHEUMATISM CURED. Menasha, Kan.. June 10, 1907. I have been afflicted for sixteen years with stomach trouble, headache and inflaniatory rheumatism for the l;ist six months. I have doctored a great 'ileal and found no relief, until after taking six treatments of Prof. F. H. Pciers!. I feel Ike a tiew wdmim, and feel rnmplelcly cured. -and^^faeer" | fully recommend Prof. Peters to those suffering from any diseases. Mrs. Barbara Nutsch. SrOMAlII TROUBLE CURED. Marrville. Kan.. Feb. 6, 1907. I have been afflicted with stomach trouble for the past twelve years. I also had a severe pain In my back. 1 tried all kinds of medicines but got no relief. I have now taken six trcat-i menis from Prof. F. H. Peters and can truly say I dont feel any pain in my b.irk and my stomach is entirely cured. Therefore 1 recommend Prof. Peters to the people. J. Hellman. LUMBAGO CURED. Blue Springs, Neb., Jan. 11, '07. To Suffering Humanity: I will make this statement. I was afflicted with Lumbago, in fact Rheumatism all over my body. I tried to ge cured by medicine and received no benefit Last April I wen to Prof. F. H. Peters and he cured me in six tre:»tments. I know what I am talking about and cannot too highly recommend Prof. Peters to the public. Mrs. C. A. Jenkins. Witnessed by R. Nuse, her son. RHEUMATISM OF 10 YEARS CURED I Paola. Kan.. R. F. D. Route No. 6. 1 Having had Rheumatism for ten years, doctored with six or more doctors, tried all kinds of medicines, but found no relief until Prof ..F. H. Peters commenced treating me, he giving me ten treatments. I feel good ^nd can get up and down easily, am 76 years old, I feel greatly benefitted by Prot. Peters' treatment Mrs. Carolina Kelm. Paola. Kan., Oct 23. 1907. I have suffered for nine years, or since my first baby was born, 'having had prolapsys and lacerated scrvex. I suffered constantly. Have had four said nothing do me any gave me ten different doctors, and all but an operation would good. Prof. F. H, Peters _ treatments, and my womb Is back In place, pain relieved and 5 feel like a new woman. Will answer all letters of imjulry. Mrs. Bertha Kim. PILES CUBED. R. R. F. Route 6. Paola, Kan., Oct. 20, 1907. I suffered with Plies ; for many months. Prof. F- H. Peters cured me wiht a few treatments, and I have l^ Ed Kim. i sign of them now.

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