Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 2
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IP I WERE KING. If I wore kInB—ah. love. If f in klng- What tributary ti.ntioris would r lirinj; To Rtoop hofoii' your .^ofptfr :iri(i to BWf>.ir AlWaiicn to voiir lii'^ ami (.yt'-i .nnd hair; Bpneatli your foot v .iiai tro-isurcs would I fling— TJiP stars should Ix^ your p.'-.tils upon a sXrlng, Th*' world a rnltv for your fiiiKiT And you should ha\i' iho 31m .inil mnoa to wnar: If i wore kin::. fiiioKi-iio MiU'hoil who wiis a .^5 *IstinR I' hostess sann two mimlu-rR. ••DrPiimiiig." and "Lovo Mo and the World I K Aliiu." .MUs Rcatrlco Dox- fii'o also plfiynd soiiin hpfliitlfnl pinno iiumb(U-8. Tlip favor of afternoon, a hantlKonio brrry spnoti. was prp- .spnlPd- .to Mrs, Dosfro by Mrs. William Vczh'. Mrs. C. W. Apple, who has knov.ii till* lionor Ruoat for many yoars. oni'rtainfd pupsl'? with a r«'ft(lliig. I'fv own <oiniio.^iti.">ii. ix- pif-:siuR vc ^K 'i Ml th(» di ^partiiro of hi- fiirrily fiom lo!a anil oxprossliig rh(^ ?oo.1 wi.>-;i<-; of nil I hi- c'^^.urch. :\Irs. .Jamison sorvrd a iirctty lunch••011 10 lUT vi.uior.^ vvlih dcooratloi!.-; Loi ihoB-o wild dreams and wildrr'of forns and rfd an I w'niio caniations. words take wins:. | T'af.s.- AV I IO r.; ihcr- wore M.-.s- Decp in the woods I hoar a .sliophord (lar.>f !;.-iK'v. Uichanl-; npiiiiins. Masing jthr\ ;'..rni. r Ai);dt\ Clark. CrisiJpr. A simple ballad to a sylvan air. (Fiinl:'i:;':;.ri. >:ri,.;or. Cofli.dd. Davis. Of love that ever QMs your facp-McEw- n. Do^f!.'. Willinm-on. Vozio. more fair; I oould not. givo you any Roodliii- thi:is Tf I woro kins. —Justin Hunt ley .McCardiy. •T« k' Klein, Tiio'nivsoi). Ivanda!. vTftrfieUl. Major. Mnndon, <31adf*'lt»>r. Finn. Goodwin. Hi'nt. Mi.-;': Mitcholl and —Fltxperald, .Vulo Llverj. J'honj*. In NcoLho Falls. Mr. ;'i;d .\. I. \W:\u^ arr iii Visit Mrs. Fttzflerald. I .\-.os o I ^iU.^ will, frionds for a wo-k's ___ —-.-^ ------- j^oria uucKeye. • ,Mr. aud Mr.-;. .1. II. I'arls, of T.arnfd vi..i.. | i ^%M\M9U\MM | Laner. Cpra Coble. • ^IGUTS 4 )F MACCABEEft^ arrived last nlBbl 10 bo .!... .u.-s.^ • ^ ^. % u FOU § XOHJkN0£ i Knights of MaccLeeB^fthf^ of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Fil^ecr.ald. Mr. Afier .-.oon T.;,. . :r> • • r: , For V.s.tmg Teachers. . meeta in K P Hall. Vecond Sd tettrtf and Mrs .Parte -Hvr.d in-lold olRluo.n ' will in- a ,0, on th,- ap- , , , , Several to.^cllers in the prad-- Six Clear J,a Harpe residences $7000 g.t„rdav nlchts of earh rton^^^ vfiars ago so ' vlsir is o;;nor!ally 'nmnf-nirtt: TiK -^lnv ^'.fi.-.n -M .n at th.and also ih- jiarlnr.; wor.» filh-d schools gavo sra.ill dinner panics to- and |.?000. Cash for merchandise or Pnstwalt eomm-.. t», n .1 fl -T pleasant for rhr-m. l" of Mr.-^. .1. W H.dto,... Tho ni-'wiih ^rou;,.-, w'lo were .Mijoylng the ,iay for their friondi; from Chanut<>. farm. W. O. I^nhart. lola. Khs. recor-J keenc • 4. .^ ri.^tin- hoster ,K.-- will !.<• woiiieii „r .li\<-i-.-?ions iilaiiin-d for them. Ho- The teachers in the .sehools there are ,, , ' .. i.i• ... _ . <•<=•. ictu. j ivcci^i,. ^ To Reoraanlze Club. ihr fir.qi Methodi.u ohnr. h. | fn-,siiiiunih w.:.- s. and there spending the day in lo'u vlslUhK th(v LOST Mil FOUND ®' W.— Caiu; '"^ ei»- In Auditorium TOMOHT Basket Ball .Vudilorliim. Ex-IIIg^h Sohool Roberts forwards Kecs Ellis forwards Eplins l ?iair (•(•nicr (iai«iii.^r Fn'ion ;.:ciinids Hfi ^ojr. Allen }4iiards Kaiikih Gama Called 7:30 Unity Club.^^^-"^'^ Mrs. George T. Talbert, of Sontb Walnut fltr«et trIU have the ' yolty .dttb on Mbnday- afternoon. Six O'clock Dinner. ifr. and Mr.=!. William Readlcker gave a very pretty dinner party last evening for severtl out of town friends. The table and also the dining i»om was beautiful with decroa- tlons of carnations and the menu iras served in courses. Places were laid for Mr.-and Mrs. J. II. RIckel. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Rickel. of Chnnute, Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond. S. Walker and baby of So. Dakota. * • * Another Week for the Ladlet. It has been decided to devote the mornings of one more week to the ladies who desire to learn to skate. The attendance everyday this *eek has been most gratifying and many ladles aro rapidly learning to skate. The attendance mark for the flyo days thus far lias beori close to three htm- dred. Next week .igain a'l ladies aro Invilod to avail themselves of the rink floor and the skates absolutely without charge. • • + Art Club to Meet. There will he a meeting of the Art elub on Monday afternoon at the home of .Mrs. Carrie Bird. 712 .North First htreet. .Memhcrs am requeBtod to bo present at liiilf puat two o'clock. •J. • • Miss Chamberlain ComlnB> Miss Mary Chamberlain^ of Ilnm- ' lioldt. will be in lola on business on , .Monday afternoon. She will be pres- :Mir {If tlie Art oluh mcetlnir aiRn, <• • •> To Kanias City. Mfs. A. II. Campbell wont to Kansas TCy«>ANr-l5;i)0frt»rlTate monpy on^ fanii lin'd 6 per ii/feDl .—rola Land Co. WANTEJD-^Two'young Iadle .1 to solicit. ,C. P. Florence, Rooms 10 and II, Evins Block.- WANTED—All kinds of second hand household turnltnre.—The lola Furniture Ex<Aange. A. W. Beck. Prop.- Phone 25. WANTED—E-Xiieriensed cook at !.'> North .lefferson. the old Warner Cafe. , WANTED—To buy a good second hand buggj-. Ph^ne 40.". or 1092. • • • • DR. MILDBED CUBIIS • Pbjrslrian and SnrgMD. • Office over Bu'rell's Drug Btbr* .» Office Phone 554. • Residence 214 B. Jackson • Phone 569. • • • • Special attention given to th» treatment of all Chronic Dlaea** es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Otice 32, Res. 232. Office over Burrell'i Drug Stor* West Madison. • WANTED—lola property "to ex- cbflDge for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store. lola. .Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS^ M |io!oO pur week and over can he niade lelKng New Campaign NOTeltiea from cow until election. Sells to Stores, County Fairs, Picnics and Private t'UnllleB. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO N07ELTV CO., fiO Wabash Ave.. Chicago. WANTED—Young men to prepare for coming examination .for Railway City today. Bhe will spend several \ Mall and other Government Positions, Superior Instruction by Mall. Established 14 years. Thousands of sue-1 • day3 there, ' Miif»' Brewer Home. MiKs Mable nri'wer lias returned • •. * Phone 687. Rei. 701. • DB, 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Nose and/Throat •• Spectacles Properly Pitted. • Office A, O. U, W. Bldg. • • • • M 0fflc3 Tel. 1083, Night Tel. lit " DR. R. 0. CHBISTIAir Physician and Sorgeoi ^ .4* Rooms 7 and 8, Evana Bldg. " • • • ces?ful students. Sample questions;. fro, mPittsburg, She visited Mr, and. and "How Gov't Positions are Se- Mrs, E, W, T.omaster.^ there. * • • Birthday Surprise. The Lady Maccabees were guests at cured" sent free. Inter-Srate Schools. 291 la. Ave., Cedar Rai»ids. Iowa. WANTED FOR CASH—From own- a party at the home of Mrs. M. Klb- . o-> . 1 by. 31.^, Nort-i First, street .vesterday er. 40 to 80 acres improved or unim- affernoon to celebrate the birthday of proved near lola. Call or phone their ho.stcfis. Several appropriate immediately Cataract hotel, lola, gifi.-j were presented to Mrs. Kibbyj — „ and elaborate refre.<;hmcnts were serv-i fOfI SALE'^HHso^UunBOUS ed. Those p-esent were: Mesdaues ~- — Fanchon P. Core, Mary E .Stafford.; FOR SALE—An organ; 511 Sonth P. H HABTDr, : Surgery and Oiieasei at Women. • • Office and ResldeiJoe Phone 67« • Office 7 North Jeffersoa. • JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jewelfc 110 Bast Street. Lodge Dfrectoty iKImlly Ilimes. Ada Moore. Bettio Clay- Cottonwood, ton. i .issie Peres, Claravv Gates. I.ole ^ ^ -jrrz ~ ~ strode. Mcrtv Kihbv, S. E. Broalus.. rOtt H&ff' mi »omimK90U9 .1, K. Averett. A K Statler. .T. \\llson.,. RENT-House, Jennie Rile.v. Maude McPhcrson, Mln-.j^Q^th Buckeye. K»IG11TS OF PITHIAS^Neoi^ Lodge No, 43 meets every Monday night at.K. of P. HaU, ViSltlne bw- Inouire 20S ^^^^^ Invited. W. S. ThoiEtpion. B. C ^ Ghrls Rft.fsr. K. of R. and S. ^ KMGUTS 4)F SACCABSES^ : Knights of Maccabees .of the WorW meets in K. P, Hall, second and fourtt' To Vi-'it Erotiier. Women of R, N. A. Camp 1281 have decided to reorganize ihei:- eluh. ihej Royal, .ind have a series of parti<:<j .\Ii.'.,s Uuili M.inow, of Dnrani, 01 ;I:i . during the winter manths. Ui .'il y <'ar; l-onia, i-- a cn-s; r,f h.-r l.p.itlKr. D.t'.i afternoon meetings wore I K -M twit-.- . xtoi ni>\. Ti':: I'asi .ladifoii sir. ft, each month and in this way the-mem- hers wore given an opportunity to bc-1 in Err.ooria. were piles of apples and heaping se'-ools. platis of lafty in all tin' rooms dnr-' I hi- ••v <-nl !i;;. Violet Club. The Hieoiinp: of tin- Violet ehib ie)i ha.s l)>'iMi po.'^lponed from time Mrfi • • •^ Returns Home. U'. I.-iwrenrc Wilson LOST—On South Kentucky, sjiiiall lackage containing caMcii, etc. Re- and ; turn to this office. come better acquainted. The first' Mrs. A, V, l.odue is a guest ofj!" tin'- duriuK ' I H " fall was held ,v.>i< liuslrioKS meeting to conslilt -r affairs frii-nd-; In Eipporia for a few days, rjvlatlvo-to the club will he hold in' •:• two weeks at the liome of Mrs, T, .M. Goino to Maltlaod. Slack. 412 North First street. At' ,Mrs, A, 1.. llrninliHitah l.-ft at noon that time officers will be elected and today for .Maiilnnd. Mo., to vl,^;l r< lathe schedule of parties planned, .lives. .;. .jk .J. . 1 .;. Entertain Other Lodge. I Missionary Meeting. , An invitation has been exU-i)d<-d i 'ih'-ri' w ;is a shun luisin',-^:; inc-1- from It. K A. Camp No. l:'8l to ing at the Init .d It.-eihr-n ehureli Camp 303 for an informal reception .vesterday afti-moon for the Mis ^ion- for the evening of Friday. November ary eoeieiy, Thi>"f was no prosrani 23. Tho visitors have also beon ask- as tlu- ic-.\! hooi; ; na-,,. not y.>t avriv- Th. IcS-.tJOM SlII''- • rliO ,-l for in'\! In Yates Center. .Mi.-s i;nsj.' Millor of lola. i." h-r \:sirtim -Miss Clari,-^,sa Cro.s.-;. S'ws. For Visiting Girl. .Misr-o.^ .Maiioti I>ois Talhert, Viol ^d to do the initiatory to roeeivo some <• new members. There was a me«»iin;r nv -t tin:: v.ii of tho lod.:;*' la .=;t night at whie.' i!;. above mentioned event was planned. • •:• For Mrs. Doxcee. As a farewell to Mr,=;. C, .T. Do.\ee< who is leaving soon for Kansas Cit.\; Airs. A. H. Jamison of Wheeh-r Heights gave a pleasant party ycster- n .-.y. Um !i .M..r:ov.-, vihcl Spink, .\nn day afternoon. The puosts wore ni«*ni- iimran-, fJrou-iten /.eiul.-r, not Pow bers of the Aid .'^oeiety of the Itap- oil. an<l .Mei^srs. Spin);. Dot: Low<!<'! tlst church and other friends and tho milk, Frank Tllonlp^^•in. Coffnian o<;casion was made very pleasant h<- M ,-. Livingston- and .Mis. Wendorf cause of the pleasant association in \v<re ;:!ic.^to ai the homo of Mr, aii' work for the society represented. Miss M:- S , D. C , .Morrow last nisht fo: pni ;y thoy i :av- to introduce tlu-i ; =stir. .\ff.-s IJ'Tl!) .Morrow, who is vis i;int; •••I'o. ,-4^r:zos in two ?anios wer< U 'voii >,ii<A ,Mati'jn l.ois Ta'borl and .Miss T)oi Powolt. A (h'inty siipnor wa.s arranc (I at .Msr. Morrow \v,i.-< aKsisiod l)v .Mr.s. Wendorff. •:• • • Missio'iary Program. .\lr.s. (has. 0.-:ljonu' hail a.s lier ;;ii(','t:; yL';-ti"."day the Missionary soei '•ty of 'ho RofoMuod church. Tile j;en •••lal .snhj.i.'t of the inwram • lirayi.r" and to clo.^e tho program ihiro was a round lablo discussion \lr.s, ?chnlty. pU' .^rn'od a very eom- uro'ionsivo jiapi r atid Mrs. llennnn Klaiiniaii also ha I :i roadini?. Rare Designs in fUbbey Gat Glass fmw and come In and »ee opr 'etoek of Libber Cut fliasx. Ifs eat g |B88 of the better 3ort. KptejUie,,dazzling iulUianq}—the „ flni^ den^alc cutting—the eloar sharp Betp Bete Meetlnn. T' I- IJoio i!,>to lircrnry so Irly of iho hi'-ih soliooi met after three o'- clocl; .\..Hti 'r:'a\ in the Aiidltorlnin. .Music w.-i^' a I'-afiire of the progrnin and t!i'-ro v..-r.- f -spi -clallv pood recital ions. •:• • • In Independence. Mi.'-s Jos'-pliine niddlo l .-i iti Independence fij; :i werl;s \ i .;it with friends. ring M ike glast-^U costs no more aia oti a*. P IC , Sanfa fe ind !SL'K i T. ' Social at Y. Mf C. A. Brttwecn eightv and ninety yonir; reoo'o spi -nt a MTV liapny hoii'- at tho Y. M. C, A. biiiljin' 'ast evening. The oc-.' was n social imder the anv iiJc^.s of 1'e Bapti.-:t church and this was one of the most sucee 'iftn -ivon for some lime. Rev. and Mrs; W. H. Gorfleld. assisted by- Miss Walters, Mios Emma Dunlap. Mr. Rowden and >Tr Alexander, planned the games and other amusements and the big gymnos K-rdijy aftirne.on, Mrs, F, A, Wagtier, •!I2 .North ,';iroci. entertained the mem hers and a part of the nif-eting was Kiven over to business, ,Mrs, C, A. Iliuchinsoti was iderted president. Five o'<Iock lea was served, Tho next jiarty will -ociriir in two wi f-K.-^ ;it ihc hotn^' of Mrs. il. .V, Pow- ol in W'hooli.-r Ilei.ciht.^, • •:• • From Kansas City. ,Mr, .and Mrs. John Devlin have K-tnrnid from a trip to Kansar. City. iTh.-v saw David Warfiold in "The i Mv.< :• .Ma.'-tor." V •:• •:• Mi.«;s Egle Here. Mis.-; ItHhi E K Io was in the cit.v a fiw !!onr- yostcrdny. tho Riioh-t of .Mi.-s ll.riha Sickly. Mi*r"Fgle- was • •nroiite to hor homo in Ixalfarpr afior .•I s ori :-iay in Lawrence, •;•,>> Exrhaiine Sale. W'oinoji of liio Trinity c tireh will liavo an rvchaime sale of pastry and cooked food on Saturday. The sale will bo conducted at tho Froyor store on tho i-asi s :do of iho sqiiar.-. •> •:• <• fAu^'ic Club. Tl"- nioctiirj of ilio I.adi 'S' .Miisic flnli will ho ln-ld on Tiiosday .-ifi'TiMjoi! of next wi'i k. .\I."s, P, !•: W.aiisli. nH ; .N'urth Washington av lino v.ill i)c !lu' liosies.-i. The pro Ki-ani will ho from Sr-arlodi, (laughter. Lillian, left this nfiornf»oii for Ucnvor. Colorado, She has boen visiting her mother and brother here. R0D6ERS IS HOME OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. SeiH tembcr, you know. Is the time to have the summer dust cleaned wt of carpets, , We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. iOLA RUG FACTORY . Phone Sit. Tone's Spices are not .merely pure; they are the finest of the PtPPtt amum «u.snc£ cuns tuinin pure. Careful selection and im{)roved methods of grinding combine to produce an unusually high seasoning value. In QANMON BfUNO •you Ofe ?B«of .ih< ii»«-•|>i »fKr' Wti«» bplk spice.-., .through exposure and poor selectiou,-.. = usuidly lack. They .TO put up in ,nlrftight patkag»-s ,'a! " .ya rotain- inj; original sucngi!:. Tbcre arc two Uo4s bt (plcn—TOS E'S •ad "•Ocn." TOIffMps., D M Moines, The Prealdent of the Lanyon Zinc Company Expects Good Times Now, J. O. Rodgers. president of the Lan- .von Zinc. smelters of this city, who returned last evening from Now Ye-k; and a trip through the east, said that since election is over he believed good times were in store for everyone.' 1 -Now that the e'ection is over loOOOOOOOOOOO-OOQOO believe that we will have good times.' Q JJ remarked .Mr: Rodgers. O ADDITIOX.IL SHORT STORIES. O In speakinp: of the local smelter sit- _ _ nation, '.:e said: 'We are still waiting on ore. Just O O O O O O O OOO O O O O O O O as fast as it arrives more blocks will ~ |T IP started until every block we own I „ , . . ^ A""."'t> 1^ t> • will be operated. Tlie price of spe'- complaint of C A. Barker. P.- Ie:- has advanced from J..^ to H.s .v fV ^Vagner and b. . Hufford were arraigned in Justice C. [ S. l»Dttcr's court this afternoon and • fined on the •charge of hunting on the V V vi-i.«-^ T,- _ .. «-«!• farm of E, W. Crowell without per- S^ri?.- n . i "?f • "Mission of the owner. Tbey p'eaded Mr, K, h,, Vickers and family arrived 55 posts each, ye.-;tcrday from Pomona, Kansas, and wi;: iiK'ke lola' (heir lioine having located at 10.1 Kasr streei, .Mr. Vickers! K. of P. Hall every l-nJuy flight. T. Steele. C. C, A. H. Davla, Clei* Visitors cordially" InTlted. _ M. W. A^The M. W. A. Lodfr meets every Friday night in M. W ./A. Hall. Visiting brothers InTited. PJ ft Cofflelil, V C, W. A. Cowan. Clerk.,: ROfAL XtlOIIBOBS^IoIa Cafll^ No. 2ib, Royal Neighbors, meeU M» ond and fourth Tuesdays of ea# month, Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraelet Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Str«l? Recorder. FBA'r£I{N.U. BROTHEBHOOB^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 me«li> second and fourth Thursday of eai* month In O U. W. Hall. VlslUafi members cordially invited. W. H. Mli^ derson. pi^ident; Golda Blam. •i^i''' ^ funeral Contriactw, „ '"-"^ Flagstone and Cement SiMwalks amt /Curbing a Speciaity. • - Office 115 Last Jacksea Aftk ..v FhAne j.. ^ .\lCTIOXEER LOCATES HERE. Pay Election Wager. .\s the resn't of a campaign wager. it an .•uictionuer by professioii. havins jto,i Vamer. of the citv clerk's ofBeo. recently graduated from the Jlissonri to take Gav favlor. proprletov of Auction School. He comes to lola the Our Wav cafe a ride around the with excellent letters from buFiuess stfuare in a wheelborrow. Owint' to ncn aud resident.^ of Pomona and^will ,iie pav dav rush in the citv clerk's ioubtiess build uji a good business office. Mr. Varnor'hasn't had time to I perform his task yet and an effort is ~; : ~ ; '. being made to .set a date acceptable to i Kelfo to Begin both parties. John Kelso returned this morning, fifWi Caney Whcri! he went on bitsi- iioss connected with, his $3;>,ft00 paving contract there. He expects to begin the work on the paving tho first Real Estate, Insurance' ityand Fattn ljoia$ Low, Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at eay time w I tlioiit notice, and In^^ terest ceases on amount paid. Long or Sliort Time Loans. Cunninj^ham & Airhett MAGAZINES .\?fD PEBIODICAI^ ' can besecnrMvdf • ' J. E. HeaderMM I who deals with the, pabllshers anif I furnishes them at'the lowest prior ; possible. Trial Buljsorlption to Va» Real E.stute Transfer. M. E. and O. M. Fulton to A A. Os-! v„,,„_7- o'"~ltC'nr' born, the following described property j """^^^ 25c. of "thrw;;:r WhUe he wa^ Can^ "V-^ Tlitir Phone 98., 414 N. Bnekew yeaterdav word was received bv Sen- f'""^ soiithea .si anarier of the south alor Po,-ter f .u .t the lionds by'wliich wc .st fjunrtor .'...-IS. coniinencing at a- point .1.31 chains east of the southwest 'h ;.Vry^;1o "to Okinho';';; f^'""'""''' «f In r.'nt»'nn<i ^^'^^ f|uarter at Moiitheast corner of - '"f '-^^ shown iiy plat of I5iinds sni>- dlvisioii, thence iionli AGCiV^ feet, thence east feet, thence ,soiiih if,C,.C,2 feet thence west 4CC.C2 feet to p 'aco of i'CKinning, containing five acres, Considoiation $1100. money will In' rained to build tho electric Uiu! from rh had been sold Postpone Contest. The matrons' contest which was to have been given at Trinity church this week has been postponed until Ttie-^- day evening. Several members of the Aid society will participate In a literary contest, the iiroceeds to go to the improvement fund of t'-e church, Bourdette's New Job. Clarence Boiirdette. formerly of this city; -but now located in lola, where sis parents reside, is in tho city with Prof. W. E. Steins, the legless skater and bicycle rider, who is doing an ( .Miss Thompson Home. Mi.s.s Ona Thompson returned !a.=;t evening from Clianute where she has been for a week visitins friends. AnnouBcemenL Dr, Sutcliffe wishes to Inform his erhlbltlon turn- at the Star Skating farmer patrons and the public that he rink each evening for the remainder has resumed the general practice of of the wcek,Ft. 9cott Republican. medicine, 'combining it" with 8urger> \ 3 and —Be sure vember C'earance »nd read Sleeper's,No- " « °'' » »*> inceSalead. . 7 to 8 p. m. Vi/E hav .e just rv^ived full carload ot. ftf*9t<clM|t> up-to-dptegranite nupiimeilttll^ and to those cont^iDpla^bj^' the parchase of a motiitmeit^^^ we lespectfully Invite '.yoVu^l call and see our stock and/ our prices before yon your order. We do alpji work with' pnenmatlcVtiiL,^ and guarantee our stDcki^^il wqrk. .

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