Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1907
Page 7
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[ WAMTSI TELIPHOXK YOIR WA>'T ADS. T« THE KEfilSTEU OFFICE. As nil iiC'^oniodatiun. the Krplsirr receives ads for Us want r»liin)ns over the tclophoiio, but exptfis tUo advertiser to call at the olTice and Fettle as Hooii as convenient, ns the hlllH are lfx> uniull ti) warrant the expense ot a c.olleciiir. •rclc |ilii)iie yoin- w;inl ad ID ciilier plioiic, .\<i. IS or and It will receive careful titlentlun. HELP WAHTEO FOR RENT—KiirnisbPtl down Ptalrs rooms for hoiiackeeplng. 316 South Walnut, LOST and FOUMD V.'ANTi:i)—While r.iok at ilola ll'iii';!-. \VAST1;1)—forn hiiiiVcr!;. I'linni- 1 -1., -t:-, Ca;, t*H.y. WANTKI) -Kuiin hand.. A. M. .Mull. C.irlyle. Kansas. MAN \V.\NTS to do house clcmUiK. Inciuire COI South Eiui street. W'A.NTKD. cntLS to work at the Ilrown Smoke House. WANTICn AT 0.\CK-i:)< ehanil>eiinaid at Arcade hu .waKc.^ to ritlit p.iity. prrienci 'd WANTED' 'MisoBllanBous WANTKU—Second hand Wlnchf^stfr pop. gun. In'.iuire 1".'> South Second si ret. LOST— lYlday the ISih. lr«lv.-cen fJanand I M Il.-irpc, )<iove liearlli. Jli wanl. .\otlfy A. .1. ('(dlinv, l,a llarpi'. FOR EXOHAHOE LODGE DIREOTORY. K.\t«IITM OF .M.\nAUKi:.S. - KnlyhtH of MnccHheen of die World iricetrj In K. V. Mali, Hecond mid fourti: \Vediie :^day nlKhls In each month. .1 W. r't)stwalt, comninndcr; II. H. Porter, record keeper. WANTED—Stock to winter. Call on or addrco."; Guy Turncy, lola. W.\.\'TI:D—Cood. sound youuR hors;es wanted at The lola Veterinary Hospital. Sec W. .\. I'nizier. WANTED—Hoarders in private family. Have modern lioiise. newly furnished. Iminiie at No. 1 Ka:-t 'Erwin. FOR SALE'^REAL ESTATE FOR SAp: CHEAP—Two li.iiisf... j;iiod iinprovcnienu:. Re:i .;i >ii f'u- scil- iiiR. goinj; away for health 7ur, Xmiii Cottonwood. . KO}l SALE-My foiir-.irrr tru.-l; patch, tiodd four roomed hoii.^c, one mile from ;;(iuare. Alex Miller. KOU SALE CHEAP- S -'s -11 r ."iiM riiodfjni <i >i(;iKc, iivi> Idoilc liom MHuajc; short linic only. Cir ;\i e .\i n<dd.| IMi; .^Al.E f)U IKADE \ y "\ Aikan-aH larni. well jiiiir.i'. I nd :-L;iIk. iMir further tnfnrtna'i"!! i:i ',i .ir" at il: .Martin. FJR SAtE 'Miaoo//an«ou» \'OR i<\I.K -Heavy fr -mi. w.isoti and liariivs.s. V-".'i .N 'nrth riycamoie I'OR S.\LE—Two yoiinc: co-.vsi: ilicap. 'Joini; away. 107 .VKMII Kirsi KOU S.M.E—Cood drivin;; nunc. |i,- <iuire at I'l Ea^t Calhoun. FOR SALE OU EXCILVXCE—'ilu acres in Hodgeman coumy. Kaii.-as. Only three miles to railroad; .'ii'ii acres fenced. Price 51.".'-''' per ;'.crc. I'lm acres i;as land near Thayer. X'o- hlio county. Kansas. Price jr .u uO iiPr .-icre. Foj- furUier jiailicular.s, L Holiarl. FOR S-VLE—Two lari;- jin:iic.:. (our and five years old. and a youni; lijjck Jack. Inquire O. K. Livery barn, l.a Harjie. Kansas. Phone l'). FOR SALE—A drivjnK mar.- and liijgs.v. Horse city Inok". ^.'if^' foi ;:id> to drive. IiKiiiire sV.'^ Nortti sttc"'. ^FOn SALE—Mare. f.i'.O North .M.iiii. (las City. i FOR S .\LK—Oioice Uuroc unlc liizfi. yr-r -sal'- cheap, if tak'ii ••••>., A B. MuU. Carlyle. Kau^ar.. W. y. \\—Camp No. 101 meets In K. of P. Hall every ividaj* night. W. T. Steele. C*. C; A. H. l)avl«, Clerc Vl.sitors cordially invited. KNIGHTS OF VVTllIAsT—Nen-iho Lodi;^ No. 4:! mrecji every Moiid.iy niKhc at K. of p. Hall. Vlslllnj; brothers Invited. W. S.Tbompsoo, C.C..; Chria Rittcr. K. of U. Hnd S. M. W. A.— The M. W. A. T^.d;^< meets every I-'riday nicht in M. W. A. hall. Vi?itlnK brother.'? Invited. W. H Ander.son. V. C; W. A. Cowan. Clerk KOY .AI, >EHJnBOH.S.-IoIa C;,mp .N'o. M.>. Royal Neighbors, mecta i'-.''.- oiid and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Sir"-et, Ilerorder. F, A. A—Golden Leaf Council No 46:;, F. A. A. meets first and third W-dnesd.iy nlt :hl6 In ea <-h Jiionlh In K. V. Hall. C. R. Lnccy. president; Miss .Mable Rhorlack. .•secretary. Fnt>TElt\Ali BltOTHERHOOO.- Fr.iternal Brotherhood No. 3.S0 meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month In A. O. II.W. Hall. Vistlliig uicmbei.^ cordialy Invited. W. H..\rider.'ion. president; Gfdda E!:iin, necrc tary. Junior Order litifed Anierlrnn .M^ rlianics.-Meets everv Wednesday ev- onini; at S o'clock In K. P. Hull. All visiilnp iiiciiilicrs Invited. It. A \V|dl<-l;. r:oiincelor; C. II. Ulaek. Rcc !-''-vri'tary. BUStiiEss oiREorrmr .lEWELERS. n p.. I'arrcoast. oiil rell.lhle Jeweler I In K:i t !;tr'-.t. STA.MMKR. Comj.l'te court nt the bcft n<h,o for sl.i:i;ni";rers In America at ono- :;a!f price this fall and winter. White r >ir l-iform.itlon at once. McKle School .'or .Stammerers. I'TOO East 12th Street, Kan .'ias City. Mo Ke !:lNter Want Ads, 1c a TTorJL FOR SALE^—Good tnjt o w-ltli fopj Call a; "Jio West street. PiM REM1- Mlsoalt»neoas KOI! lf);:>i sn acre larni. Iiiipi'u- . •! ,l..h:i A Mi.i ii;,'in, L'liJ^ .^'Ttli S-i-- t l-OH Ki ;vr Kiirni /icd icoin; )•.! Iio'iicj.iii;' "I li" pin:; '..'l;,' ' ! M.idi ••11) .i.i'i ' |-()li ~If i:V I t ••• (•• t '•(II--.- i...,r,r (• ill pi' Ill 1 )iiiii,:"iii FORKKN'I :sl'.-i-. Inn, ili"d t 'l 'im.-. y.Uh tiii 'li .1' 'li<- 11 .11 1 1 • !.la<''. I :l ;:i>i;th V.' Init I'll'"!'-- 7i) • Ml-. \v r •r.\ici-. Fim K.'.NT l ^irni. ii.-I fioiti- lor t'.i'U^^r.' Mr.:. P .1, Oylcr TO HEN r Mir;-.• t'l- m.. in tiic :;'.v- c;i.U)!i biiildias. POLAR BEAR fLOLIR Has Stood the Test Brcaase its the Best Acc^jjf No Other Wm Oberdorf, A^t. Vi'iniiiiiM 'c; pri it)> !'> "oinplj v.ifh lln- pure ff :• I law. I 'tJ Sw-U h'nlii'|.j. ilX Eva!\s Bros. Ohm, Hottkm. 0/jM«ft.*»e*a 8«ht»ol Simmlimm Of Ham tvnnltmm. l!'h ».fM </'ml!tv /f;;|lf) cotJsM- 01 .'i"tl. w" ii'iv (1).> hint. Whcr« deiiKind.i will Ju'-'ify, »-p rnrry All »<rHdoB am) prl '^OB. »OUTH tlDC SQUAHK iola, KanMi, I J FOR UF.NT~l"ur;r;s!n.<| IK.USC. nmd- ern. AlPly t!;i~ ojr." P Wc Will Keep Your Suit Pressed Free if you Pay $15 or over. FOR RE.N'T—'ni!"> unfiiinlshed n"iii:s. liiijiiJre .'"•'•I .'^••ntli Hiicjieye. Its Economy To have yotir Carpets and Rugs cleaned '»y Tkeiola Rag Factory ' 9*iOHi 5ia, - on, J HI:AO flll.s. I 111''.;- !:i'<'niiiu 111 .TI-cla.-;; iii: vi'--;!!- i! ; 'I 'tiiic will lie fiirluncs •mad. il;i, fall in listed meritoriou.; .Wv.-ida .Miiinii; Stocks. The recent de- ^'•liiir J;a ; /ilaced th<' (iiark'^t in po i-| jtitin fur the lii::c"bt liooiii in many | Oijr <^d-.aii''- iiK ^ide iiiform.\i'on furu 1. f ^ir a por'ion of your prolitj Wild- .(' uttf fur hi') partjcijlar.--. TIIK MIM\<; FINANdAL IMKEAr, Oukhiiid, Calii'iirnfn. Copvripht IQ07 hy Ih'- ••'.^ir-ncr '•Jf Marx You Think lor a minute that if wc did not believe in Stein Bloch and Hart, ^chaff^er & Marx Clothes, wes wou d be staking our refutation by advertising to lola that tlicy are the best ready-to-wear ck)thcs in America? We believe in them because we know them. You will believe as we do when you wear them. They will fit you with an incomparable style that spells to the eye workmanship in every line—the workmanship that neglects nothing. They are the best clothes you have ever seen, these STElN-BLOCrt and HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX Clothes. Suits $ 1 5-$25. Overcoats $ 1 5-$35 Copyright Hart SchafFn! If; 07 by :r 'Jf Marx Your Chance to Own a Fine Roia CoaL for $15.00. At the (lose of ssason wc boui^hl 850 Rain Coats and divided them among all of our stores, anticipating this sale. Buying at such a time, paid wa> aim vA absurdly iow, especially when one considers qualities and styles are of the highest class. We have them in sizes from 34 to 46—just give us a chance to show them to you. the price we A Fine Line of High Cut Boots for Men $3.50 to $7.50. We will accept your check on all local banks in payment for Merchandise, NO DAMAGE WAS DONE ;<'l;i \ "tin'r--r» rs < <'li'lir;i(4-d lliillo»<''iMi ' llitl V"i| ill nil Oii.-!i-,in' Win. ! I Til. Lid." :r U'll ir- II)'- nl.'.-r • I. ml;-. .-.11. 1 IM -ii III. : li.. liiriii'il ci:il . I:. .1 Ill-Ill III Ii:r. • il'.'ii ,ilinii.-il filii nl iiii; pr ;nil, . M|'I 1 I IIK - pi"p 'i- <il :ln- I II Til"- i -r'>-.v.| wlii .-li « .1 . tiiit r-'-l 11. i 111 U.I.- . riiwil;. i |i :ui I, .-IS liiiii: (111 Inr M-ar-i .iml pi.M --ii -;iMv ,-iII oi t^M- |ir ;ili!<s pl:i\c(| cil ;i li;u-|illi'-ii ;i ' inr'-. Tilt- p(i|ii-p in;i;i- no frfoil I -!op iln- vonnKstiTK f'oiii li;ivii:s ili ^ir^ fi;n liiit liiiiit"d lh<-ir fun to .-n-t.s v .hii-ji ' il d lint; d <-st |-oy piO [)crt.V. .\o iiiMitioiiiil piilifiii '-n won- imt 111 l:i.-:t iiiL 'ht lii 't ail ol" thi. il.-u :i :id r .ii 'ht. forc-i- \\:»s o :i dn-y. At t'-n o'-, r' the littli' Iwiv.^ woro sont homo !'•• till' JIO1:P-> and ordi-r.s were KIVOH i thai wUf^li lUo towii dork slnie'i; \Z Mio older oiiL-s should turn in or c 'sf ' lal :i- cliaiu -ii. mi licinK .•lrl•^•^'t'•d, .\'it an aiii'h.i wa.-; mailt' and ilit- y:\ jilll-- ii -il ilaiiiai: • was dull'' n'.ir ID v. II rniiihd Oriiriniil Simis. TliiJ'- i.. lj<i ijiiiilil Inn llial lln- iiouil III l,ll\.'. ulio •.-.I'tll .-il.oiil Willi .1 p;iil oj Mill III); paiiil:ii« s .i-.iis on till- vltulo-.-; .-It.Hind iln' sipi.'iro, wi-ri- f ;l(l <d nl .li ,-i iii '.ii di-.-il of ori«iii.-ilil.\, •Ml arniliiil ttii- viMi .iio \v>'r ' illsi-ilp. tiling (if .1 liMiiiiiniii . <-li ,-M ;iil <'i. ."-^n-in- nt Mil- IHI \.. Kill' iiii -aii III n,'• (i (i,-f ((i( <i|i .villi'- iif (lie nimi:- >vl |irli i -aii ::i -d till- iii '-ri InniM an Imiir':; wurK (Ills iii 'i'iii"" '11 •>;'-t'in;-. rid of ili '-iii S<i:i|Md .V|i-c«-l Ciir Triicli. .M r.a:. I'lty ini- liii-rliifr iii :il ,i -r: ••Lilt Im.-.;. •• ;iiij ••ii ;'p'd llif slri-''l i-tir ir .H-l, Ml till' m-adc wi'.-^i of town fur ill"' disiaiu-i' of a block and caiisi'd' tlu; .-^tri 'i 'i <-ar nnti to worl: liUo Tiirli.s .siiinKiini; sand lii 'for.-> the cars <-onld niii . This iiiorninK on tlio sUlo of '1 I- scinai -i' in tiunt of th<> Wntson pool hall, .nil assorinii lit of a half dozen w.r.;oii.'<, l )ii (;i;irs, farm niaclilni'r,.^, lioxi"i. poi <-li <.-liUr.-s. swiiiKH, oic , lilii(-lvi-i| till- sidi'walli. \ liii)4>;y was fninid Mils iiioriiini-; tiiinod ii|i side ilown In Coon <'ii-.'lv mar lln- W'liKliliiKlon avoniK' lirldt". 'I'IM' jolo' was ttirnod on mio of ilw CTiin^. 'I'lii-.v had taken ii .icrap .T hr loiiKini: to Coiitinr-.toi- (tllfilliiii .-ind liiiilcd il lo Ka .sl lola and wor.j pro|i; to Ir-axi- it In front of a siorc Mhfii onii -i -r .^I'th HildreOi apjinarcd nil tin- M -i-no and dldn'lr do a tliinij liiit m .il ;i- till" ;;anB lake 111'' [.'-rajirir h .ii -k to If. right p'ac'. \l>l>pitiHritis I • du" III a lar^p nifas-.ire to aim;;'- of fill' liowfl.;. b.v cinployins drastii- luir- '.-ativi's. To avoid all dancer. u<f' only Dr. Kiiif,-'.-; N«'w Life I'ilht. tho safp Kititic (!f.-iii.-;ois and invi.s-'orator.-:. (Iiiariitpod for hi-adafho. liilioiisi es.=. ni.ilaii.i .-ind j.inndii-c. at all druir stori -.-i. 'St<: BASSETLHAS NO JUDGE Arbuckies' Ariosa Coffee u cleaned, roasted and packaged by machinery vrithout the touch olf a hand. 'A machine, constructed in our own shops, packs the coffee wei^s it, wraps .it, and seals the wrapper automatically. It reaches the cup the cleanest, most v/hoiesome and cheapest good coffee in the world. A .Rni :cl-a >K nrOS.. N-W Tori: city. BLOOD POISON A SAFE HOME TREATMENT In .S ."i. nature hns provid'-'d a certain, .safe, home cure for Coiitnfri 'iii:; I'll I I'oison. It is a iiicdicini.' made t-nliri-ly of roots anil lurliM of ri(i';.j i-.:;il liloiwl -purifjinp value, and i.s tlie one ineilicine whirh is aiilo t<j ;'i I i! lo lliir root of tlie troiiiik- and remove cvtry particle of the virii:;, .uiil :-l thr r aitic liiiir l )<n<-fi( and hiiild up thf ."^y -stcin atui ;r<--iieral hoallli. So li.iir.iliil 1 nuts tvir follow it.s use, as i". .so often the case when .•;troii;:r min. 1 1, 'I nil 'liriiK s arc used. An scxm llic .system jjet.'; tauler the influciir*' nl :. .S ilu- lii.sf-niic li< j^ins to iiiiprovo. and when the remedy has thotoitjriil y ] ttrili- <l the 111'*.)!! and <IrMen out every trace of the poi.son, no sipni; of Ihc iM.iiIilc are ever seen ajjain. The j;en«;r.'il tnanife.slations of Conta ;;ifiii:; i;I ".il PoLMin .'iticli as f.illin}; li.iir, roppir <olore (l jipots. iilrerated moiifli and til" it, ;i)i(-sai )(l iilrrns, efr., arc nurely .symptoius of the poi .'-.oiif.d rotvli I Mil ul file Mood, and in most cases rc-ipond (jniekly to local treatiiuiit. '.vliijr ,S ,S c; is ,],,w^ tile nt -n -ss .iry work of rlcansinjr the blood. Our ' limiu Ti<-;itiuenl " hook is of jrn assistance .ilonp this line. It I.-, a • oiTijidi. friiide for trcatinp^ the trouble, containing in.stniction.s for the dilw r' lit r .la;:es of the (, and also valuable suggestions about the local 'ti.itiii 'nt. that will be most helpful in effecting a. cure. We will be plad 1 1 •-. -t-l .1 of this lK >ok, free of charge, to any who desire it, aiicl it r -il iiK -dtcal ad%'ice is wanted our physicians will take pleasure in snp- ; 1' i;i ; it without cost to the patient. If you are sufTering with Conta:•; .ti'. Hlood I'oi.son you can cure }'ourseIf in the privacy of vour own home by ilic use of S. S. S., an absolutely safe reiuedv. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.,.ATLANTA,.GA. Tin- pa ^-tor of ilif |- IJ clinreh. Kev .Misaii 'ore, dc^iics every meiiilier of Ills i -hnreh to he present next Sunday iM<iiii;iK. Kfi:i.»t»r Wuul .\th, I'a.i lireaiis" In .41lpn ConiitT nearly everjUody reads llii' I.'ei-NMer. Wondi'rf'iUy and tjiiiekly rilievi .-; and cure.- Ih-' p unfnl nit'Tiri;--; of wiiiiii'ii; lo till- nia;(|cn, the mo' hi'i . the v/oinan in iidddle iif'- it i.i a fiii-iid indeed, lliiiidrods and evmi tlunisaiid-. of .~i ,-kly. fiail and deliemt* woniPii have IK-I?U rust on-d to vit-'oroiis lii.iltli through its ii .i- So '".-I'l .V"'1 l-'or tull iiiloriiiatioii. leslimonlals and a r>iie Imx of (In- remedy free, i-all on ' MRS, MARY E, BECK, (H7 Vorfh first. I'liorie lola, Kau-^as. Local Mgr. The Woman's Mutual fleneflt Co. Joliel. lil. Agts. wanted. mmm OF m\ Kire OesfKijed a UI«rk of tJie 'JosJ- ii'-^*; Disfriet ^S^•^erilI Year:* Xco. rii • 'A-Ur rv-idrnt'-. of lola "(vili ii-,iililv v--'-nii to mind the Hallowe'en i-i|ilir.i:iiin in lo!a in l.'^'.il. •w-lion al- iiii .;-t an cpMrf li.'iu-k of what Were tlit-ii Iii^a's l>e;a bii !ldin2s. were des- tr-ivc ;• liv til'-. Tile fire d'-Ktrfiyall "I tlr^ I 'H 'ldiii'ls fioni tlif Evans eor 1,11 til i'-'^ w'^st wall of the present M'-cU linil'I'nK Tli.- I'ls:- of tli-l tire wa-^ i-s'ii'iati'd at nun Th"' Hallowc'i-n tiiis-i-iiii-f makprs h:ii|. ill til 'ir .-;pir,i' of fun. taken f1if li'irkct • iiff till- thref public wells, ihi'ii till- iitily fir"- pro'"''ii'>n 'lia' lola li.iil Till- r-'in't wa.; that wlicti the tin- was di-.eovernl tli" v.-*.(|.; wer ^ useless Tl.c lire w.-c; ili;f-')verci1 alio'it K'XO and Ihi- alarm w.-it; KIVI-H by sonic yiiiiiii; |icop |i' Willi been .1; tcmlln-r a llallo'Ac'eii priil.\. Tln-y ' c.iticie(| ill IV -ry dii'ci'iiii slioiitiii;; "I-'in- I-"ili-•• bill i-inilil not arouse people ,-|s iv -iyolii- ii:)iiciiiiis of a Hallow • •en ii:i-l; sii III.- lire wa^ Wi -ll mi iiei- w.iv li.-r.ii- tile Imvii WIS half ,-.W;i),i' \V|i II III • lieiiple arrive .l ,-|f Hie p.ii -i- ,111 .1 i ;:o 'le.l II. Il;;lil lb<- lire Ihiy Win- hi.irinc'l If. Ilml thd the biirlel ; i.f till- t' re>- public v-ells had I.e.-11 1,1k n ..If and wete u>.Till- I'M- • iH .id fi.iin liiiil-liiii; to li 'iiMui^ ami bill fi>v tin- fact lliat the .\ W P.- ri, -••Hie w.ill wa ; imp-ne l-.ll .'e tt,e V. l !'>!e if Ihe lilocl would Ua\c been il sirovfil. That JURIII 1;^ oiii- that the old'-r citizens of I'.I.i will iiciir for>ret I'! iiMe i"ri"' 'vi'h Candy at .MnndN" •"Il p..mid of (Kl l>K OIL LSFPTMO ( K.NT.S .Staridiird Is P'"in«r i»r Crude Oil This Week. (Mnmboldf Herald » Tlie .-1; injjein y in the monpy mar- '.rt I, .IS not effected I'be rdl market to iny c',! n! In f;e-t it has slinui'at- "il It si.iv.cwhat . The iiriee of oil ha<= nr.i'.o lip two Cent.-. The low Rrade lit! now hrini;-^ .la cents the other oil ha." tone up in protKiriifUi. ror'TV l'K\I,Tll Otricer le. f). "bri-^'iai; .-stcrday Pled with tho •mriifc clerk the st.-iti.stlcs of mar- -iates births ;.rid deaths for Allen •omitr for the period of Oefober 1st '9iir,. tf> October 1st. 1907. There -are ?•"> marriages, 554 births and 161 deaths. i'olire Judice Pet^-rw Resigns uiiil .\o AppoIutnirDt HUN Itceu .Hade. Hassett. Is without ji polico Jiidnc. fliicU; I'elers, who has* been filling that ofUce. has resigned to CTJ to a we-citertt state nbcre he will engage In the real estate business. He eever ed his connection with the lola Portland with which ho has been connected for noarly eight years, yestenlay and wri leave shortly for tbe west. An effort was made to get Mayor Whee'er over the phone today to ascertain who wonld be appointed to fill .Mr. Peters' place, but the mayor is sick and unable to leave his bed. A member of hi's family said, however, that no appointment to fdl Mr. Peters' place had ibeen made, and so Bassett is without a police iudg3. Bassctt has a marshal, however, and a vacant police judge's office therefore offers no satisfaction to anyone contemplating breaking the law. SCEU CIIA.S. ILVHX TODAY. .f. HiifcJier and t". Ilanxen Wonld Ee« cover on Aecmint and >otc. .James Hntrher brought suit In dl:- irlct. court this afternoon agnlnr.t; Chiia. Hahn to collect an account ot |;!71 alleged to be due them from tho defendant. 11. is claimed lu tho petition that a settlement wart had between the principals In the case In .May, 1907. at Which time it was agreed that there was still due them from the defendant $"*71. They ask judgmenfe for the accriiiiit and interest at six per cent. Hahn fomicrly conducted a meat marker on the side. .SHUKTAGE OF .VLMSTERS. Rer. Moronr Says Missionary Work Takes Them From Pastorate. If is probable that the lola Episcn- tial church of this city will exp.-'r- ionce a great deal of troiib'e in st -cnr- inp a pastor for the church. Rev. Morony of Kansas City, Mo., who was formerly pastor ot the lola church, says that at the present time the supply of ministers in his church is not adeciuat«» to th? demand and as a res"I' of this fact the salaries of the ministers .-ire poing up and ther*- are six or seven place.^ open for every minister without a pastorate. Mr. Moron.v say.s that the .^ihort- •tz:' has come as a re.-.iilf of the church doing so much iiii'inary uiirk. both here and abrnad. There ••- also .-) Kr<-af call fi.r the iiiini -;)ers o.' the; church in lb.- army and other ir!-.-(iii /.itiriiis wtilch tends- t,, cut il 'iwii th.' siirpliis of iiiinisters } Tills vi -ar a larui- iiiimher of inln'.'j- •MR will Krailn .ite. friiiii tie church •iil'ec • ; over tll<. <-rit |lirt 'l Whf? will 'o siiMe nxliMil lit) away with the pres '•11' sliiirface > ,' The I 'lla chiirch exprcfed lo employ a niliilvler this fall, but ha:-, not yet = nii ilei! in s?'ciirlni: nn'- How to Cure . Gonstipafion Fow people altogether escape a disorder of the bowels. You may catch cold, over-eat, over-drink, worry too much, not exercise enough or do a. hundred and one other things that result in constipation or costiveness. When the trouble comes it is well to know what to do for it. In the opinion of thousands there is no better cure for constipation than Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Fspsin, whic 'n anyone can obtain for SO cents or $1 at a drug store. V.'e all have constipation occasionally, and the .sensi'ole thing to do is to have a boltte o( 'Jn 'M n-ine-l-y al-^ars la vh'S house You take it ir. ni.-i-.t on n^iirr.u-. fee example, and \^tien yxi -.r.iky up in the matnag »l your nsua'i \ rvii-cs its rt j-'jlts, ; YoOr iiocacU in.sia.-i tly t)« cosies li^'bter. jo'jr head clearer, roure-.-^s briirhier. . TOU foel acli-.-o •nd spry oa-.-e ai.-a'n. your a;.i>etito has turned and y.u are t-.wW '-o work: witli enibu- Riasmand Tipor. .i*!! tni-t may not; ha -z-J t.-iken more than a dose or l -vu. ai. :i ci>st nui ii> eice -jtl two or three CPD '..^. ';;iii vnu nlTinl LO ftsl Ijad When 7on can fe-;! goryi I T .SO liitit)? Dr. Wilson broTn. ot -M-.'.roroIi9. II! .hasno hesltaopy la sarins tha*. Dr Caijweil'i Syrup Pepsin is the Kreifist of al! Iaiati -Je3 and ha ttunkly admlu"! to his ra'i^ny that if they used It when the sconiach. livtrlor bosrfU tot out of order they Would h.ivi: less need of him. li is withouvdoubt the Icj-t caro for occirilonal or chronic constlp.itieD. di'ti^ltei;!., h'lioisness. Jaundice, nour .sio-n.-ii-h. t:izv Iiror. UaluIeDcr. diarrhea, and oiniil^ir 'li,:— -twa (ll.i m i>:'J or jouni:.' ItlaathoMsaail um-s twlfr tlrjia suits orpunratlvo wttl-^n. ri 's ir -ntlv b i». hurclv. I'l pleasant t<> tho tiistc, ii.>--not jrrlc". and curej p «nnancntly. f Jo to j-our druifijisf. "n'l ift. a .'/i cent or }t bottle and sue U our cl.iir.-'i are not iavMhiil. MRS, H. R. BEVTTY KECOVKRING, Sister of Evans Bmlhers Return from i MIchlv:un SanUarium. Mr:: I). K. Realty, of Houston. Te.v . iister of Kvans Bros r>r this city, who lias been in the Sanitar'ium in Batt'.e Creek. MIchican. for somje ftnie is reported as a great deal better. .Mr. W. .f. Evans returned yesterday from Battle Creek, -where he went to get his sister. • Ho brought her to the home of Mrs. .loe. Beatty in Ottawa, where die w-i'l remain for som? time before ?ontiniiln? to her home in Texas. CPCC TKT Th" n wMMnff to fry Of.Ctld- ina can have 1 tree samoie '<'>tii« 'cit m meir toamtlv thtOiRMny. TMialTerMto vttm tiMtlhs reoMily wUI DD «a we dslm, Jnd is oiily eoen to tliosg wtio htve nercr Wm II. Swi tor tt If you luvo any umi «B<ni«(ttoniicli. iiv«r or bowel dinase. GeiBtii C I nWitefnctlvt laxjtiire tor children, women and old , kt.n naranlteit pcrmiwient home fjre. THE PUBUO VEROICT: "No Laxa'lyc So Good ani Suna» OB. CALDWELL'S SYRUP PEPSIN." Thh prodiict iwaanntytganniM No. 11, wajtimictom 0. C. PEMIM SYRUP 00. tlOOaldwall Wldg.. Wowtlcello, IH, THE B\K>ARI)S .4BE HERE. - . Orchestra Will Gire Eniertaluuient at I'burcb Tonight j • • 1 The Barnards, the musical ornaniza- fion which is to give an entertainment It the Methodist church, arrived in 'own this morning. The entertainment is to be furnished to the public at the expense of the chufch and there will be no charge made at the doors. The "ain will not interfere with the enter- •alnment. The public is cordially In -i vited to attend. PERFECTION WICK iffi OIL STOVE 8«FE CONVENIENT ECONOMICAL H TOOT dealer don't h«ixlte it, write tq THE STANDARD OIU COMPANY

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