Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
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Thm m^^Mmr HmmihnLmrumk OireiHmiloa tm Mllem County of Any Howmpmpor^ PubHrnhonymOM County. TOLUME X. XDMBER, 822. EIGHT PAGES. lOLA, KA\8AS, XOVEMBEB 6. lOOS.—FRIDAY EVEMXO. EIGHT PAGES. PBICS TWO CS1IT& M 100 MEMBERS A BEPUBLICiS CITY CLITJ WAS ORGAMZED LAST XICHT. FOR A 1,000 MEMBERSHIP BELIEVED THEY CA\ BE SECURED I\ IOLA, lOLA TWP.. BASSETT. I. L. Northrnp Was »adP President of the Organlzntloii—Clnb Gets Ready for the fItT rnmpaltm. < At a mpotinp of th(^ nr >phhlio.nns of lola city nt the hf-adqiiattors Uird nipht a Tlppnblican club was orfiaii- Ized with a mcnibor:*.':ip of l>iO. ITnlrss an siRiiR faif th<! mpinbor- slilp will roach nearly inoo within a fow weeks. jCortainly^ho IntGr<\"?t manlfoEtod last nlsht-insures one of the largest, and ino.^t rftnctlvf poJiil- cal ehihs ovor Dr^nnizori in ih»» e-ounty. The meetins was cailrd m ordod tiy Iv. L. Norihriip, chairman of the Uo- publican county central conunittee. A motion was made and carried with a "whoop" a Republican city dui) be organized. Ft was later amended to ihclndn Bassott and lola township. L. Xorthrup elocted profiid<ut by acclamation. Afti>r his oltctinn Mr. N'orthrnp said: 'Tioutlemt'ii, I thank you for th<' eonfidence you bave imposed iii nie and T assure you that I will do overythinfr in my to bring success to tho prineiplo.^ for which the club stands. 1 ask th*^ loy- a! support of I'.o mombors and fully beliovc that victory will ho ours it the members enter into this move- mpnt with undivided interest." A. F. Florence was olecied vice- president and hi? election was followed with cries of "speech, speech." ?.lr. Florence is always a ready talker especially on Itopufalioatiism. end Jiripfly referred, to the groat victory of the party in the nation, state and the county and fhon added "about tlie only thing left for us is to wipe out the Democracy in loia." The THE'WEATHER. Yr. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight and Saturday; slightly cooler tonight. Data recorded at Local Office, U. S. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago: Yesterday 2 p. m 04 4 p. m •>.'> 6 p. m .fit 5 p. m .-..';.'•> 10 p. m r,3 12 midnight ...'.2 Maximum temperature ...fiO Minimum temperature/.. .52 Precipitation. 7 p. m. ... ft Today Yr. 2 a. m. ..-.ft 1 a. ni .' .l*^ C a. m I;'' n a. ir 17 10 a. m 12 noon fiS Precipitation, T a. m. ... 0 • - ago 64 (-.3 .'•>'. :,\ 4.'. 41 41 ft ago :?f» :?9 ::o •i:'. r.7 r.i 0 Bayard Justice Here. Sam Trimble, ju.sliee of the peace, at Bayard, was in town today. Wlille going down tlie street yesterd.ay he ran onto a bnnoli of. hoys who wero flipping pennies on a crack In the walk and gave them quiiH a scare. TO GET FREE GAS fITY WILL ASSIST THE SALVA- TIO\ ARMY. riaini (|f J?(t5 for Death of a Horse DIs- aJ^owed—iHy Council Xews Nole.s. In regular session ln;-( ni-^hi the city ^-nuiicil wciir ilirough a large bud- cei nf rnuiliie businesi?. Tliere Avrrc lo mat(ers of usual imjiortance irans- icted in open session. The council wei?t into executive session ai about i>i d'clock. On the fi'-ound • that the Salvation •\nuy is a reHgicus insiirutlou, activc- v :':Mi:\fifd h\ doing Christian worki/ ii\ inia. Harry Iluiier. captain in coni -J^ - WHITE WAY NOV.. 10 FIRST TRIAL OF NEW IDEA IX lOLA THEN'. BLOCK ON THE EAST SIDE 2«0 CANDLE POWER LIGHT IX FROXT OF EACH BlSlXESS HOl.SE Win Give JpiYerson Arennc BriUianI Appearance at Meht—Work on Lights Began Today. The first trial of ihe flrea: Ahlle Way in lo.a will be on ihe r-v.'iiing of .November JO. Ai first It will Include only the block on .lefferson avenue between Kast street and .Madison avenue. . I>aifr the entire business portion will piv)b.ihly adopt the Idea. In the block which is to giv.* the While Way idea Its flriit trial ilu»re ari- nine buslnes.s houses. In front of etch of iheM? hou.-^fs will be in.stalled a 200 ctMulle power llglii. The lights will be kepi a.v.dw iinill alioiit niidnighi each night. The iuHiallation of the lighl.s will make the block In the night as light as day. Supiriniendent Stone of the luunic- it)al lli'lit dejiartmeni this morning bo- liiv' v.-oi-k of stringing the wires for tlie lights and all will be in readiness for the fliBi trial on the evening o;" Xovcnibjr lu. 'ihe White \\'.iy idea has ivr.' wilh great siiccctfs as a liaild. r in other Kansas cities and wiii doulil .(.us prove as grtiit a success in lola. Math ine:"chani who shares the benefit in this iniii:il trial of the Whiie Way in tli's Mty pays hii share of the cost 111' installation and ra;iinienaiicc of the ll.e!ith-. A BANQUET FOR FUNSTON. Leavenworth Citizens to Honor a Fellow Kansan. SEND MORSE TO JAIL XKW YORK BANKER SEXTEXCEl TO l.-> YEARS IMPRISONMENT. CURTIS NOT SENTENCED DECISION srSl'ENDED BY CtH RT -Jl KY FAVOKED LENIENCY. Bolh of Accused Men Are Hiarced Willi .Making False Entrks on Bfl(»k of a Bank. MANY BUYERS WERE HERE., The Cattle at Anderson-Finley Sale Sold Cheap. Buyers from Iowa, Illinois, Missouri adn Kansas were licro yesterday to attend the .sale of fine cattle at the Anderson and Finley ranch. The better cattle were gobbled up at prices which wilf make money forltlio purchasf^r.';. Several local farmers made purcha.scs to start :i Wni. .\nderson and George Ander.<;on. bothers of Toin AndiMsou. utieinlcd ilie .salo/W. C. .McGavock of Springiieht, 111., managed the sale? while Col. Silas Tgo. Fred Reppart. and l.afe Burger acted as auctiouc^s. BOOSTER CLUB TONIGHT. Ready for Business Now Since Election is Over. . - !"'>f i^avcnworih citizens, are eoing-to aiand of the local corps, iast evening ^^^^^ ^ banquet for General. Fred Funs- isked the ciiy council/to grant the the evening of November J irmy free use of the city water and n.;„pg e-vs that the affair will Florence referred to the clean but \ ii- nroiis county carnnaign .virried on in this county by tVe Uepnblicans as something the najiy yi-luyild be proud ^of. A. P. Harris, who war, ma^le sec- retijry, re.sponded to calls for a sne. cli with some pertinent remarks, pointing out the weakness of t':e pre:ieni riivj administration. W. IT. .\iider.'^(in. wlioj was elected treasurer, made a s!)i)rl talk in whirh he (•^•llres^^ed o hene that every men>I)er piit ?:is show .!ei to the wheel and brjna SHOP, s.^ to ilie party. The speerhmaking wa^ cnn- eluded at the close of the meeting by rousing talks by Col. Atchison. Chri.^ ' Rltter. R. E. Cullison and otherr.. A paper was passed through the house for the signatures of ti ose who Intended to become iremhers of the club and every map in the house Pigncd it. y\ committee of two in each voting prceinct 5n lola city. lola townshin attd Bassett. was appointed to enroll members. It was the belief of those at the meeting last night that a membership of 1.000 can he secured. Moreover every while voter present said he was heartily ip favor of taking t::e colored voters into the club, and they are requested to join at their earliest convenience. It was decide<| to hold meetin?:; fre- ouently during the winter in j)repara- tlon for (he spring campaign. A place of meeting will be secured for these .sessions. A committee is to he appointed by President Xorthrnp to draft by-laws anji cortstitution to be pre.sented at the next; meeting which will bf- held at, the ca'l of ^the president. - During the evening music was furnished by Art .lohnson and "Hoc Toy" the two colored boys who .sang in the Black and Tan qpartette during the Ramjpaign.j They wore called liaek several times and a handsome purse was made tin for them. "Hoc To\" arose and thanked the cluli for the purse. These bo^s gave their time willlnely to the Republican committee this fall. luaklng nij ^ht dr'ivot over the county to sing at tte different meetings and the committee appreci- fltea tholr services highly. The detormlnaiion of the members last night to redeem the city next pprlag was more than waj? expected It anpears that tbo Hepubllcans have made up their minds (o hhow the rer.f of to eountv and the state that lo'a city Is Ronublican. j Tbo following is the committee on eDroilmcnt: Fli-st ward— R. F. Culli.son and JF. W. lifyler. ; .Second ward— Dr. F. If. Uirsh apd -GMV Pees. . i Thira ward— W. J. Thrig and J. IA. I^ariob. " jBost^ecinct of the Fourth ward Frank- McKenzie. the Fourth ward Chrt3 Bitter, footfMai to 9*t»r I>oy« fett lake favorable action. Moiiihly report of J. M. Collin'--, police Judge, and .1. S. Walker, .sireei c.;niMis^i(.ner, we.e sulmiiited to i!ie nieiiiliers <U' ihe coiuH'il and w.-.'-e i-e- to ihe iirojicr coininiiiei'.^. .V i'!-op(!siiion to extnid water ser- vii-, in s.-veral parts of the city wiu: reft:* id 10 the water omiuiitii. Thi- cnnditlon of the alley soiilli of the eouniy jai! w:is reporn.d as needing .nipioveiuent. The matter was If rrcd m the strert and alley coiu- niii • e. I-! wt .erty, owners presented a peti- tien lo the city council asking that the sid» -vaik on the west ."<ide of Wa.-^h- i:jg:.')n avenue, from .Neosho street south, be moved to within four feet of the curb line. The pet it ion was re fenvd to the sticct and alley com- niif.rc. .\ claim presented to the council, asking for ihe payment of $G."> for the death of a horse alleged to be due to the negligence of the city, was net allowed, it iK-ing decided that the claim was unjust. '.\ I (port of the exi>enbe of bnardiiig elt. prisoners showed the sUm now dii"; to be $47, the itemized account •;howing '.H days at .''.O cents per day. The council last uighf decided to iiivi'.'iigaie the tiiaiter of additions mad< to biiihlings within ilic fire iim- itH wi'hout permits. The lire and pub ie unprovetnent cotniniiiep have the luaf^er in charge and will write to similar committees in other cities asking for information concerning fire limit ordinances in effect abroad. wort J. Elaborate preparations for th • ban- qnetare being made by the. comniit- tee. Notice. Trere will be no service at St John':; Catholic church toiiigiir. —Read Sleoner's Clearaiic? SaL- ad. It win save vou nuuift.v. HE RAISED A BUMP The se.vtons of the lola and Highland cemeteries filed thcfr monthly ici.'Mts last night. 'lie regular estimated for ihe paving t.nd public iniprovonieni work now t.ii.ler w.iji- were read and approved iiiht ni -Jhff. Th<) matter of Insurance for the city firemen was taken up la.-u night and F. .!.> Oyler. city attorney, will inv«»sii- gale. It Is propoMd lo find out who has charge of the money and see that the firemen gel the benefits intended for them accruing from the fund |>ro- videil b\ law. Biff. Biff, Biff, cm. Yogelsontt's First and W. II. Whitson Has a niack Eyf. The ))aths of .glory lead but to—oblivion sf.metiines. Wliilc the pheasants, the squirrels and tho bantams, the pride of the heart of .Moses .\lc- Phee. have been holding sway as the chief attraction in the cour; house park for lo. these many moons, they were ingloriously snubbed and relegat ed to obliglon—icmporarlly—this afternoon. .\ little politics—espcciar.y t!ie after-election kind—is a dangerous thing, and more of it is more so. W. W. WhUtsoii was fitting in the par'i tliis afrernoon. talking about the ballot I M).\ blunder of Wednesday. There were around who joined in ilie conversation and later a ramlliar (iff- ur<f came along and stopped to have his' ; liare in "v.hat'.s going on." "I was talking about the ballots in the t'lhird ward." .Mr. Whitson said, "when Cot. Voglesong came j'.long. He said t<> me. what do you know about the bn lots?" I answeiod that 1 knew some little about It. A word or two followed and Col. Voglesoug stri^ck inn three limes in the left eye. 1 weal after him hiit (he fracas was stopped. I said nothing to provoke an assault and it wa.j wholly unexpected and unjustifiable." Mr. W-hit.son->, eve bear.-; out his siatemeni about bf ii:g airiiek, the re- su!i li! inir something like the size of a henV rgg right under the left o|iiic. Mr. Whitsen .said that he would probably swear out a warrant for VogelH(<n,-*s arrcti this afternoon. The finance committee last night re noried that the condition of the ac- ;counig of the city for the fiscal .vear had been audited and the report ffed. It Was Mr. Taylor's Complaint. In' the Register yesterday It was stated that WRl Haddock tad been arrested on comiilaini of Mrs. Taylor, who alleged that Haddock insulted her. The item sliould have read, "Wm HaddiQck' was arrested yesterday on complaint of George Taylor, of "E^st lipiUi, who alleges that Haddock In- mm ^ti^ wife." V BEAT BARNES LAW Canvaes of Returns Indicate That Proposition Will Lose in Allen s ' County. The canvass of the county comrols sioncrs tMs afternoon Indicates that the Barnes law juay be beaten unless tii£ cities cast a heavy vote for it. |The commissionera are now working on the returns from the coantrj' precincts and In these the law was voted Against heavily. In Deer Creek there were 10 vptes for it^and 91 against it. • , - • i,' j-lfatjcb tor Sl^oper's' XoTeniber CiearoBce Sale ad. New York, Nov. U.—Charles V\'. Mor.v wa-; soiueneed to tifieeti .vears liiiprlsonniei.t by .ludge Hough of the United States eoiiri today. The .sentence t,f Curtis was suspended. The :;enti'nee on .Mor.'ie is based on the ver diet of giiiiiy of the misappropriation of funiis of the National Ilany of North Anicrica and making false entries on the books of that bank. it is nnder.^tond that if .Mnrse goe.- to prison he will be confinr-d In the federal prisim at .Mlania. (ia. .\r.)i-.~e. until a >ear ago a dominant figui.' in financial ciicles, and .Mfred H. Curtis, ex-pre.sident of th.- .Xnlional Hahk of North .\mi'rlca, wcie found giiiity In tiie criminal brancli of the Cnitt'd Stat. . circuit court. There was also the charge of conspiracy tlie prisomrs, but iln' jury acquitted the men oii this count. Wirhiii five minutes of the time tlie jury had r«iidcred its verdict, .Judge Hough had refu.sed to entertain r. motion for bail and had ro.nmitLod the j two bankers to the Tombs pri.son. 'ilu- judge said that he would hear any nn- lions .he lawvers for the jirisouers desire to mako ai lo:30 o'clock this inorning. The federal statutes provide a minimum iieiialty of five years in i)rison for falsifying tli.; books or a. bank, and a penalty o fiwo years in prison for in!sapi)rop:iaiioii of funds. No alternative o.\cept impvisonmenr is provided for conviction on the char.^e of falsifying the books of a bank. The max imiirn (icnaKy ou this chaigo ia ten ycAis in nriso'.i. The jury recommended cleniency for Jlr. Curtis, but mode no reromniondaiitm iu the case of Mr. .Morse. A ten days' stay of exec:;!ion was .rranii-d Mur.'^e by .ludge Hough. U i- tuider.-tood that a notice of appeal will lie filed initnediately. .Morse vas paroled in tlie custotiy of Mar&hal Ilainkell prnding action which may be taken flming the «tay granted by the cnil.-t. .Mor.s:^ v.a.-; takr.i lo the Totnbs i.ris on ai one u'tliK -k iliis afternoon. .\t luit tiir.e ii wa:; ;;iii;oiiiiced that lu) Hpplieatiiiii f'.r ii -ItM .ic on b.til v.o;tid br" made mday. The lola Booster club will meet tonight. It i.s urged that everj- member attend fhl.s session as matters bf im- ponanee .ire to come up. Sine the election is over business malfcrs are rapidly re.suming normal condition and the opportunity is> again at hand to boost for lola. It'.-, the Iwo.'^ter'R duty to boost tonight. AN EXCELLENT TALK MIS.S .MARY BROOKIN.S .SPOKE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. 5fany llenrd Ihe Interesthi? Leclnrt— Jndge Oscar Introdnccd the Speaker. CANVASS RETURNS The Board. of Commissioners is in Session This Afternoon.—Candi- adtes Watching the Count. The board of county comirii.ssionern is in .session this afternoon, canvassing tlie returns, of the .general election. The members of the board were ;o have met this morning at ti^n o- clock, bur Mr. Reynolds did-not get in from the coiint:y at t.iat time, and ihoy did not gei down to business until tiii,s afternoon. .V number of can- didat.js are present, watching the pro- gerss of the work. The canvas.s will not he completed until late this evening and probably not until tomorrow. There is a differ<?nco in the reports on thi' vote in Woodson county. A n-em her of the Republican committee stated this atternoon that he h.-ti '-card by phone that Mr. Travis was leading Oyler by about l.'O in AVood.ioii county, witli four preducis to hear from and that .ludge Foust woii'd get a still better vote. On the other liand .Mr. Oyler said he had learned by phone at noon that Mr. Travis was loading him by Zr, in AVooil son county with four precincts to hear from. > BLAIR WAS FINED A Heavy Sentence in Police Court for Man Convicted of Bootlegging. •'.Ninety da>.-i and >1"0 is your medicine. ,lohu." This was the seut-nce imposed upon John Blair - in police court this morning by Judge J. M. Col'lns. Blair was convicted of bootlegging. When he was arrested several weeks hgo, Blair pleaded not guilty and when asked when he would like to have I'is trial he said that it didn't make any difference to him. Judge Collins asked him if he could give a $200 bond. Johnny said that he didn't "believe that he would bother abonf It. but he might make up •tin mind to do sd later on." He didn't conc'ude to give bord so ho remained in jail several ".-coks thinking It over. Death of HR Infant.. An infant child of Mr^ and Mra. T. Conley died-this morning.. Burial will he made in the Ida «emetery. .\ good crov.-d henrd Miss Mary !5rcnki!;s. of Minneapolis, Icciiire at the (irand theater last nighi. on, Chris tiin Scioiue. Judge Foiist introduced the S))eakei-. Miss llrookins made tsii inlerestiug talk, saying in jiarr: The scientific unity of all real is especially noticeable in the two gr.-'ai avenues of iiitei'igi^nce. science and reiigion. which arc also the two generally recognized, avenues of hflp. la no respect is the inspiration of this system lucro appa.reu; than in this matter of i.uleniifying ticienco wiih religif)u. * "- •"• Scienc.-- i:. simply knowie^'Se made i.iactical and .-ipplied r.ud all real knowledge iiiu.;t 1>e (iivine. Christian .Science is then liie ))riii- tical aiipiieatio:! <^f fho dooiriiie.-. forlli by the .Nay..->vcne Te.,.-her explicating by precept and pr.^of ihe deep and eveilasiing iitipori of His word.-; and works. " * '= So far from neglecting to piay. the fact is the Chrl.svian Scientie^^ts rely no entlreiy so absolutely, upon thi.-, avenue of the divine I'avor, thai tiny are on tin; other hand ofti-Ji caih d fjinatical on this .'tubject; and evin tiieir cnnunon .s -.ii .'-e is call"d into que.siifui because ;hi-.\ do li'.t e.vluiiisr th'- i -.-K !;iirces of iiiuteri.i luedica iiefore t;il:iri.g ihi'i;- sick (It <;<i (i ill prayer. liiii v.-hy rhonld inrinite aii.l e \jer pre;'"til :.'<<i »diie -s ;iiid Love be :nad" :-:(rt;ndai-y to man-made medical theories, that lay jio claim to e.xacturss but are indeed, self confessed s.vstems of experimenting and guessing, which often lack even the redeeming feature of agreeing with each other'.' Is the w:.sdom or the skill of man more leHable than Omniscience that we should give them i)referencc in time of need'.' Is human power worthy to be v.cighcd ia the scales Willi Omnii.otence iu the hour of man's extretuiiy.' Tlie l.csi demonstrator of Cod's was wont to say: "Of mine ov.n self 1 can du nothing; the Father that dwelleth in me He doth the works." Thus he re- pudialed not onl.v all material remedies, but all hypuoiic influence and .••ontrol. .\n habituul declaralion of man's unity with the divine and inexhaustible Life, the real and inde- structib'e Substance, the infinite and omuipoteut L,ove, is the effectual pray tr that .availeih much, in that ii heals and redeem.; the siii-si(!k and bodily infirm and casts out ail manner of evil. To the extent that prayer ci-ases to be an attempt to inform omniscicnil Wisdom or to petition infinite Love it becomes the prayer of faith that sliall and does save the sick. * « * Now we believe Science is a r.^discovery of what .lesus taught and demonstrated ;!s to what God is and what God doe.^. li is man's discovery of hint.self in the Image, fh.i character of God. Spirit, .Mind, instead of the effigy in matter, that physical sence to.slimony would have fastened upon him. • ' ' This conviction of Truth came lo .Mrs. Eddy at Ihe point of well-rounded v.omanhuod, chnrac- terlz»rd by more than ordinary mental and spiritual endowments. H .'.ving received a libeial education under the carefu' guidance (.f well qiia .iried lu- struptord. her thoughts round ready and (.Talctul expression in l^th prcse and poetry and »ho was a frequent ind v {ilue4 cnpiribiitor to the pnper<« and magazines of the rmie. Born of ireply religious parents, and reared n an atmosphere of strictest moi ;aIity she was early imbued with lose of ;he things of Spirit. From earlyigirl hood she was a constant mcjubcr of the Congregational church, and her whole life has been devoted to the iiurp<»es of good. With loftiest ideals before her and undaunted iutegrlty and fidelity of purpose within, she his discovered and made known their pUn of salvation, that has already emancipated multitudes from the. fetters df falM and; ueedl^as btmdage to sin and BttUering. BY A LEAD OF SIX DEMOCRATS WILL GET THE JflS- SOIRI LEGISLATURE. TAFTS LEAH 18 4,235 VOTES AYERAC.E LE.IB FOR .MINOR RE- l»l BLICAN OFFICES IS 2.000. Results on Amendments Arc Laclciug Now—ScTenty-fivP Percent of Votes In. St. Louis. Nfiv. fi.—Supplementary returns early today failed to disturb materially Taft's lead of t2 ?,r, votes in Missouri. The state legl.slature .seems fixed Democratic by a majoritj- of sis on the .foint b.illot. though this Is subject to change. Returns thus far Indicate that the average Republican lead will be two thou.sand for minor places. Less than seventy-five per cejii of the vote is Included In these reports. The results on the amend-, menfs are lacking. The figures ou Taft .-md Hadley arc based on reports from every county in the state, with totals a.s good as ollleial <m a large number of them. In the aggregate they represent about ••JIO.OOO votes. There are still 'liousand votes out, but there Is nothing on vihioh Democrats can h.ave any hope time the Taft lead can l>e cut down even .so much uz io bring it b**- loiv 2.000. There is good reason to estimate that he will go above .•},O0O. ruo chances are the^ final totals will 'le .somewhere between :?,i1t10 and SflOO plurality for Taft. As for Hadley, the only question about his plurality worth .^peculating on now is whether t will pass the 20.000 mark. FIVE HUNDRED WERE THERE. The Readicker Grocery Entertained Its Friends Last Night. -More than .'.t 'lO people aiteijded the oi)en ng of Ihe new Readicker grocery at .leficrsou aventie and Ea&X sireeit last night. WItii its tandsonfo t:-:.-nres and tastily arranged and com- p'.,t.' stock, brilliantly lighted and adequate force of courteous clerks, the i-ioie presented a fine appearance. Every guest rtCLive 'd .a beautiful car- ur.iion as "a souvenir and during the evening an orcho.-.tra composed of I »-slie Moroy, .Ies .si.-« Mon-y. Stanley CMiurch, Howard Morrison. Edcll. .Tones and Alex Hodal.<;kI played delightful music. It was evident that the crowd wa.^ liichly pleased with the new store and that it will find much favor with the public in a commercial way. -jlj VICE PRES. PATTERSON HERE. He Came to lola on Business Yesterday. R. Patterson, vice-president and geueral mamiger of the Union Port- '..••.iid Ceiront company, which proposes the erection of a cement plant on the Loran farm three and one-half miles northeast of Gas City, was in the city yesterday on business. He said that there was nothing now for publication It tiie present t,irae. STRUCK A CARRIER. A Man Threw a Stick at a Dog and Wounded Uncle Sam's Boy. V. J. Fancher, a city letter carrier •.m Route 7 was walking along in tho vicinity of East and Kentucky streets tills morning, arranging hi.s maU for the next stop. Suddenly a' heavy piece of t\Vo-by-timber crashed Into his the region of the mouth. Fancher looked: up to see what it was all about and obs.?rved J. Slgler-ap- proachinp. full speed ahead^ 'It was purely an accident," Siglcr raid. "I didn't-mean to lilt. you. I was throwing at a dog. trying to make him get." Fancher saw a streak _in tho distance that 'ooked like a canine "making it away" and he wa.=; convinced. - GO TO STRANGE CO.MMUXITT. Mr. and .Mrs. Ininsr Hloe Are R«COD« ciled. Omaha. Nebr.. Nov. 6—-Tr\-lng Rico and Ills wife .Vbbie are reconciled and annouiicetl today that following the close of the trialjof CharloB E. Davis for the murder of Dr. Rustin, ihiy would begin life a new In a •strange commiinIt.v. The woman I« the chief witness In the Davis trial and wijl likclv he released from Jail -^.ooa. 3 KANSANS ARE GOVERNORS. Idaho and Missouri Chose Men From the Sunflower State. T.awrence, Kas.. Nov. 6.—Three Kansads were elected governor qf as tnany states in the election Tuesday. W. R. Stubbs was elected In Ibnsas. .lames H. Brady in Idaho, and H. S. Hadley in Missouri. Enroute IJeific. The company of Wichtta iiUTestors who went to Humboldt. yesterday paM ed through lo'a today their homes. Mi

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