Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1907
Page 6
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•y - T THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAT ETEyrSG. yOTEOTER 1. IW)?. •^•••••••••••••••••i vlaiting their relatives, the WrIghtB VT^.- — * ! A \\'llBon>. th\a weelc.: iNCWS 01 luQ WOUntV •^"8'* IJeh 'la Wilson of Morau was I '^•'^•"•••'^ visltiiiK relatlveii here Sunday. WIBKKHK^KKKI^igKt^llgg/gggggt Alviu Kerrl8 >t\ivni Siin- , I day with hl» parents here. J ~ 7^—1 Aliss Ut-rtha Hayless wn» vihiliug I GOLDE.V VALLEY. | her sister in Gas City Saturday, and >y L ... was also blioppiuj; some in loja. The rain was acce^itable. * JJerdiant. the depot- a«eiit here Mrs. John L^ury entertained a few le;ivfs alxjut N<ivenilier 1 for lola, ' <>r her friends Friday with a good din- wlutii- she will take up work. We are tier and an old fashioned sewing bee. sorrv lo lose .Mrs. .\lerrh;iiii a she has Itegardless of the rain there were 2C •J"'"-' K'>"d work here and was well there. They quilted one <4iiilt and I'ked liy ^veiy one. lacked a comfort and sewed some car- '"'red li>'l;ind of lola sp^tit Sunday ]ier. raKS and had a good social time. vi.siiin^' his part-nis who reside a few Mtthew Mitchell called on Tip AVil- ">'l''s "orili of Itronson. liahis. -Mr. and .Mrs. riay I liner returned Mr. Jarkson .fnd Charlev Kord had f'"'" ••^''v«Mal nioiitlis' visit • a sale Tuesday.; Mr. Jackson will go I '-laiives in the w.-.<i. Sunday to Canada to five. AV'o hate to see Them go: vei such is life. ^^'-^^ l>.ail.-r i.tinn.-il lo her honi.- m Johnnie'noberts and wii> weie up •'^l'"""' • alter s |M -ndiii;-' s.-vei- from Par.sons visiting her sister, Mrs. ^^''1' l'^"'' I""""''- l'^"^West Smart. J UarL.-r and I:.IIH 1>. J. \V. GiiUetl lion^lit some calves ol ^Ir. -.Maxson Wednesday. J. \V. Oiillett de!iV(?re(l liuvir- to Kis- more Wednesday. Mr. :iiia Mrs. Smart took supper with -Mrs. Ciij'eii Tlnirsd.;>. Lola I'.rowii is tiiKiuK a cmirsc rii short hand ;ii ilie lula l!ii,siiie.-s ('(il- U--4e. Cecil WalVicr 'ook Jier si.<:frs in tci l-;illarpc .\loii(l:i.v. It was ;i di ivf. The >;irls iiii- ,^llill;^ lo sclnxil :il iliat place. • J. W. i;i!ll.-n !;ad (•>»• K.-ssl.-i- h. Ip drive cattle .\Piii(la>. Hid Williams. <if I'.aiinin.;'. Citiif. sends joiiie cil his pienni-s in liiiVerem foi-nis. He HIHI liis wile [tmU ii.iiiu..!. Cecil Wliiiiiiw is teachinu a very sticcessfiil sell. .Ill ai liie V .illev. ||.- is a nephew nt WhllUiw. ni" iitnur !ety. We had an old iiirke\ II.MI <III 'ft with, ten Utile ones. Tli.-v .say thai Is a sign of a late fall.' "Wo hear au Indian was seen In LaHarpD. Well, Lallaipe i.-. a town • for events anyway. .Mr. Krunk Hardlti nn<\ si>ter. Peuvl, Ix'onard Dontiel nml feeii Waikei were out (<> a party at (•<iliiiis' mi dav. Earl Collilis noes in Cnliil ado to live. I I'U.VIHIE HAM,, • J ,.5^ ^ ... This rainy weather is nui very Iileasant hut It will make stock water, and that Is wliat some <il' ilie t.iiiiier.- Were badly neediti^. •Mrs. Nannie Kindlier ami eliilldri-n and Lydia Murray, of I^allarpe. spcni Kriday In the country with Mis. K<>- sena WllHanis. Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts from near Parsons are visiting .\lis. Koli- erts' sister. Mrs. West ley sJmait. at the present writing. Miss Jeanetie Seyimnir visiieil with -Mamie Troxell a day or two last week. Lydia Murray spent Fiiday nijiht in the Hail iiei^ililiorhood with Pearl Hardin. Frank Myers' new >iarn is iieariiii; completion, but the recent rains have been quite a hindrance to the wink. Mr. Black and Mr. Williams have been heliiiiig Frank Myers. Mrs. Etta Stewart and Mrs. Susie .lones were I.aHarpe visitors .Monday afternoon. J. R. Stewait. of Humboldt, was out to his farm the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. O. W.!e were in lola Thursday of last week, to hear the "Whitlow trial. Mr. ard Mrs. I-'r;nik Myers ami fatuity and Mi>s Ora Card toolc dinner at -Mr. and -Mrs. .John Sevnioitr's Siin- dav. kev. JJiirber filled his usual appointment at the Hal! Sumlay mornin",;. Leonard Donald, who is workin;; for the Hardin boys, spent .Saiiirihn iiiKht !uid Sunday in I.allariie with home folks. n'ert Hardin, who -t.i •!.•,) 1,, f'ali- liirliia la.-t WM '.-- thai be is .-eelng solue 1,;;. .iie|,,!j .!::.| > in;; a pleasan; • ,|' .\K(».SH«» V.VM.KV. IH:<»N.«iON. .1 ler dan-bier ()K :.l . a le llel 1 The iiev.- preacher. Kev. C. W. Sherrill. moved into the parson:i!.-e at this plai-e im Tliur.-Ala.v of last week, and prea<lied on Siinda.v evenin.y. .Matiy of the friends of the Fisher iaiiiily. the l-.Mlis family ami the .(en- .<f;i ill!..-. Weill, to loia TJinrsday to sei- ibeni "If on iheir lonj; journey to I'.iiiiornia. li is hoped that these de- IMiieii iiei^liliois may lind their new liemes Itoth profitable and plea.saut. K I'., r.uiler liiis over live hundred a.-e.^ of- i;iiiwinK wheal which still ei;;iil.s liim to the name of the ' .\llen r.iiMiiy Wheat King," which was ap- pHeil to liim several ye.irs a.:;o. I". II. .\niold. of Crandall, tind .Mrs. lanes Clark of LeKoy. were with Hieii liioiher. C. L. .A/iiold. the lirst of tile week .Mrs. Webster t'lreen returned more Ib.ili a ueek nno lioiii K.'ilisas City. wliiMe tihf hail been taking,' iii'almeiii I'eli-r. Vo>ili;i \\em 111\lelie<- the miilille 111 Hie week where he is ileal- In:; tor a lioiisi. ami loi .\lllioimli lie lia.s disposcil ot iiiii.-l 111 bis tail.* -luff, be si(II has .1 few ilun',;s to sell. The i.ilii l'"iiila> ijwailid .it least mo soiia' events, that up lo the nioriilir: 111 the ilay iin'iiiioiieil luoniised to be lull of inieiesi to thoso wli«i were lil.iiiiiiiii; ilie/iccasions. One of these evellls uas a biriliibn silipiise on Mrs I',, l". .Millmali. In order that the uipiise mi'.;lii be as loiiipbMe as pos- .-ible. Ml Frank HieK.-,. of'lobi. a loiisiii 111 .Mrs .Milliuaii. weiii to her home ihe eveiiin;; previous, that she nii-.iln have lu r interest engaged in slime houseliold alfairs at the time the -HI prising' party would arrive. ,\s it • ijiirc Were only .\lr .Miller's fatii- ily of lola. Mr and .\Iis. I'eier ami .\1)' and .Mrs S I". Hansen ventured oiii. 'Ilie iourai;eous paities were well ;ii--asei| with tluir reie(ii ion. 'and en- ileavoreil lo niake the noon hour and afternoon iiieastiiii for the famil.v ai home They left as a mark of consid- eratimi and res.ueci for .Mrs. .Milligan's lii'iy-firsi birthday a ni<-e berry set, wbich was contributed to by all who lii:ureil in planning; tin- atlair The |iie siicial that was lo lie uiven it the school (nnise on Friday even- In ~' was rained out. .Mrs. C. i/. .\rnold has been conliiied III tile lioiise diirin;; the p.isi. week liy rea.son of a seven- coid llarve Kush. who hut recently re- .oveieil Cidin .-i sick s/iell. was again visited several limes by Hie liuclor. The rei.ijise uas caus'-i| by a I'resh cold. .Miss Wliei-ler. who teaches at Neosho Valley, had to her scliiiol .several d.i.vs Ibis week on acioiint ol beinu sick K. ."^nivel.v. of lola. was with liieiMs on the Wcsi .*^ii|e last H e,-l» »KSr(lK TIIK IHVKIC, W e had a tiiix fmsi .^^iimhn iil^lii Ml I 'ecks children are lioiiie this . ,.el; I bell- le.iclicr heiii;; -icK UU .Ie a colony of people Imlll solllll . t l.illarpe caliilpcil .il Ci.iliilna Hav -nil - doiidav lli^'lll. elliollle lo I'oloia do oti'ilaliil \:iee .-;l|ol IM\ IS sM>in;-. «llh ll''l- G.B .&CO CLOIHINC It's time to think of Overcoats Our new stocic ii ready for your inspection. C o in c and at the new tiiodeU. All the newest things in overcoats. j f'vcry line is T^TIJ^ --L -rr^^ widrVaHs^Tdi ¥ L iFl-J: Hack. Inlaid velvet collar or full velvet collar. The price is withiii the reach of any man. 'SUPERIOR TO TAILOR-MADE" Because you get a better garmciTt for less money, better made and better wearing—and it's ready to wear. INCOMPARABLE OFFERINGS. Broad and far reaching in its scope. Vastly important to the purso of every woman within fifty miles of lola. Forest Mills Under- v/ear. Now ready for vmi in rr.iv .'-lyle ami price. Tlii.s hraixi < f rirlcrwcir lu-ctl.s- no iiitrodiicfinii. Vt»it wr-11 know it'H j;odcl qu-ilitic-;, aiid llic iuiptittaM item, it co.sti no more li; m thf pnor, in- fcriov kittd, Wc art^ si*U:^cr.l^ in lliis SL'cti'")ii for Forest Mills Under wrear. Siu'.'Ic v;;arment^ from—• 25c to $2.50. Union Suits from- - 25c to S3.50. Knit C'-rstit Covtr.s— 25c a'nd 60 For tlic !^<;s! r.ii.l Oniiiiu- DressGoocis.EargyTis As usual we ."-laiHl :\\ tiie lop of llic list with the clioiccs'.. Ic -i.,e-,t and most reliable sLock. r, iliiug you can widh for, in any color.-; jnd weave?. 25c, 50c, 75c, 98c, $1.25 and S1.50 Phenomena! Suit Business 'i'lie _t;reatesl trou])lc wc h.iVL- c.\j)crienccd .so far !>-• to trot.I hem liero fast enoup;h. No trouble to sell llicm after tli.-y rtMcli here. Come To-morrow .•\iid ,'ie tlu- sTtiiial munbt .-rt« ('flVrcd at— $12.50, $15, $18, $20, $25. Big Sale of Ladies' Coats. Mole .>-hi;>nu-nls ri -aclied ns this week, and wu t:.iii .s ifi -h' .^l i!f, they-re t!ie l"e->t values we Irtve ever been able lo pro ;.rc. Ko on sale Ti^-Mt )kR<)W, S \T- IRPAV, a'. SI'KCIAL TRICES. $5, $6.98, $7.98, $10, $12.98, §15, $18, $20, $25. Specials in Millinery. Cliildren'.'^ "v.-lieycunc liat.s" in navy, re I, j ::rt'U, (,-iu au.' l »rinvu \\\\\\ scarf trinniiini;s, .sp .:ei il, 75c atul 33c !•"> .sW(.-ji (rimnied Hats, .swell m •iul.'-', rci^nlar priee if l.'.is, choice $2,SO \'l nobby trimiiT'd Hals, lari.;e or small niodelf=, regular j 'Tic'.' To nnl ^7..'4), choice, $4;35 beautiful •'Patterns," re^^ular • if I2.CI) value, your :h i.e $7.50 Misses' and Children's Long CoGts. Over tifly .'lylcs ti .scUcI fr .^m, :iii'l ihi.^ cotd, wet W (Ml ill! wil! syr<:iy inakc you think iif llicm. I'.i it!;-. \'oiir -'iris in S.'iliiiday and !*i w. lii tliciii oiit. I'lice.s are all li -Xetl, as lli..-;" r.prc i -iil all .sj>c- cial purchases, $2.50, $2.98, $3.98, $4.98, $7.98, $10, up to $15.00. Children's Bear^kiii Caps, ] i In all colors to iralch the Coats, 50c to $1.98. November Sale Blankets & Comforts As direct selling sgcuts for rtinowncd mills, and havinv, p'aced our orders jni^t twelve months ago, we are in a posititm to save you 25 per c^ut on your purchsise of Blankets and C(^mforts. CKHIU tins WfiAi. visit {{ ti'W ii;i>- \sii!i t!;, .1 .\1 I'l.-.iiiiu lii(il< IIMI!IIM- \1 I.MII.I > (;ii> ll.irl:iii. Ill' 'i'lli" hlilll Mil- iiH'i'l in:' Ini- .. iili i -M yu- Nil: :il |i •xpi-rl III t'i. I(iif I 1,1-1 III Oil- v\i-.-l; In.11- .lii.n- w .i- c.illiil III Ni'\;iilii .s.iiiil.n Ir. 111,. !!••'> Hint .Mr I I - rt.i .Ml'. ii.» i!i il.i- liii :ii:i! I iiii- i'iiii-1,1 \iiii:iii • i I II- i-itiiiii.i In I- Inn-. r I. Iiiv.-iiii M ..;|.-i| : M MI !•', .Ifi:-i-'-- 'IIIIIHI.I < M. l-'l;il,i I.- I|-Mi;i- .1 m/ii;; 1:1111- •v^lll ,i-l|rii.l .ii;.iili lIllN -'lil'ili il'i!ii-> .\|r I'l-i-ii .-.Ml' III I ':iii:ii: ill.i 111. i-:iiui' u 1*1-U. Wi- .1;.- -Ill ; V 111 'i-:iin tin.-' Ii:i\i•li;ii)ii ! lit 111 Otiliiii Oji-i-K iji-l. W'l- iii-;i :• .\11 s .I".i!.;i.-'i!i :s i'litii ii\ in-- ..;i-iM>" ^ii.'•• -41)111.-. Ill Ml-Xilli \llii-; .i;iil \'.'iiiii' .li-'isi-ii ui-iii to ••.'lit •! -.1.1 V. :'U On- . ;::ii-'i-. l-i.-l:--: . Wiill.-n'i- lliiil .•iiiil l:iiiiil. .Siiiiil.m •! Ill III MI1-.I11I \\llli 111;, Imilliii l.'ii.- :ilii| t;illlll>. .\|^•^. S. Il I II .1 IHII-II III I V. ;i < i|t.l |i- .'-ji k SiilJil;iv iil:;ii' ;ii .i| MHIHIIII Willi I.JiilliS .\i.l .^iir-li'lv ;il .Mrs. Unit \'i i'iiiii-:,il:i\. Iiiit v.i' ilmi'i ilijiiu riii- iliilli 'i>' iMiHuii: 111 :i --M.- -.M-n lllr; nil till- l'illl<i'I Inn 1)1.1 l-l'jllll I il lllli' \-. 1 ; I1-. Uii \ I I It I • !' .1 .r I II I i,.i !•i;!:il .-1 li;i't iim I ln-.i-• nl l-'.l.<iu<iri-. y;,ili idmjinl .\Iyri'- .iinj I:I|MI!,- V; •'.--! , .• lit Siiiii Hi'liii.-. Siini!.i> \i Wvri Will. .\!:ii!n.s hii-, iin-ii \i-:Ii;r--" .,.,,1 ^ii r. Ml , .1' I : I i'l li' i II Ml".', il.i.i :h'-'-. nl ;ii \\ 1; Ml Kiiilii" ••• il'i' .i:iil 111 : I" II :-il''.l. .illil :^l .lllilni.i iii '.ii-. \v III! !l,l.. . I I'll IliJlllJ llli'li' <l|l iK'CilllIlt 111 vi^!!i:it; llii-in, -; 11:: i.i--i .•'iiii-l.') 111!' I'll I V. ••••Il iiiT I i ,.-.,:--i- |-"i.-i:i I . rtiili I mil. I liiill'.lll M li'lllll iif •I Ji-iil-..-,. |'|-.i|ii-r HI i- . t.l|.j|ll|M^ ;i! i:,i. ,,,l|.' I .-lM \\i-(,'U. Ill- |i;il.|. < I'i'iiiii .Viniiil.i I .<.:i 'ii I'll- til,-III 1.1- I'.'.iilc I- Iiiiu N.i'inr, |i: I 'l'11:1 ; fli-m-i -i- .Inm--^ i.-. i;-i. s ••!; I • -Jii III I •.-iliti.i - I II- .-\|.i-r' ; '•• I'li'-^ lUi il i;:.,- .1.- -iiiiij .1. ).•• -^i-r.- Il' ! .\ raiiill> l.v lin- |i;iiiii- nl" i'l-- 1'"' '•<••••> < I'll '!.-•.-•••: "I 'i-M- III .\Ii!ii;i- .Iniii-s.-, I;iiii..i- .Mr. S->-!•:,•:>( , ..- l-'i i i.jiii- itii.i ti •.-.•.if 1.. Itiiflil!.; ••• '•' • '•••• "" i nil \.j 1 V. T: I- ;;• ^. |';i.-l;i| |ii .'iiliii-il lijs til'--.! ,. , . Oiin:\ ;ir ilu- --rlin-jl limi-" |;ist .Snn •I !.. 1 ir - .11 |ii;l 11: I.- ,lli'- III null i IT |\M1 Ui-l-t) 111 1,1 111 .1; 1 ll.iliiHi- ' h-- p.i l'l,i;\.S.VM VAI.I.IV Mill.. • -'-n' ! i( III, The People's Store ri:\ii;ii: DKI.I.. M: :i:i.i .Mi - 1; I:-L..- 0;.n!i -. K,:! .1.-, .Ill- ii .-i<- lli--:i,ll:- .-111- !n|- ill- 'ii-'.\ -.ii'.iiKi-iiii .11 W.'i.i- l',.i);!-i'. \'-. i:;i||,ili |ir;il-;.- m-il tidiii ii-l'-- ill! 1,' -, v. I':. '.11 :i ml M . .-^.ii'. \.l:,tii^ 111 0.i\,;;i., KiiK.- M- Itnl-i ii i'li. ;,-,i..i.ii I'.t Mi-, i-'i.iiik .^.ii^li "'hn .ir<-i-ir|,.ii;i.-1 lir, -:i.|.;ii '! ill I'li • : >• :i .:,t^ - V:ii-.i I.. :.iii.-( 1 ••; i-,-. !;i li •rui--il IN • 111,, ,. • - ,) :: III: 11- :• v. :•): , ••'iii Iv f I • lii 111 11!. li>;i.!11 II..|.:i-i i'l.- I I 'l I rrii-ii :iinii i f\',ii • . lliii ill Nl .-. .M --\.In li:;i| 'I'l'Ml )i-l;:i .Slii-iiil. li:--.- i-'ini-l hi.; I'.iiiiii-. ;i-i- Oiilll lt.ll-Ii)!i. Oki.llinlli:i. Tlii-v I- 111 Inia <'t -s.- Sli .'ivir, i-, < ni.v,il .-><-im; imiu .;. .ii i.ii k ii: u {ihiiiil IHV'.'-I 1 .Wiiiliii.- Kill:- h.o j . riinlil 1 11 1.-. \\ i-.-k I 111 I .;i.'. i-li' l-nill i.ll!i|. .In.>i-]il,[l..- Ili-aiiU;. uiln li;i.'ii-i-Il .-^i.-k. IS liilli II Jiii|.|-iiVi ij UnW. .'^Ili- liMil .1 NiiiiiMi'li .--11.1! Iiiiv. i.| .inuMi-. Ml.- 1-: ItMlli! :i |Mi -;i^iiiiI -11: • 1.1^1 Satiiiil.n nil-Ill. u li.-ii tin- '•|i.-lii|> .111(1 nriL'liliiii s ill :-iiiii-.l ill nil !n-l ill lliil nl- n: ill-: li - , I .. • r-i i-nll-l lii i ' li- ill.v \.ll-|- Silnl-iM- 111- i-ll'-l ''IJ.- li'l illii Cinnk rvilli 111-; -.-.•ulv -uiii- ill.- .11 .ST<»\Y IMUXT. Is ll-I-\ lilHM l> 'Il Sill- ll.l- l.-l-ll -ii-k In Mi'> .M.i; -.ri-'-.ii! iiii .i iiiiio liiiip. MIS |{ii!ii:i.-;nii i- i. inc.iKv ,|l| jii |iri'.-i-tii. tit.t- n; ri...iii|iir<' Hiilllillnirs lin\.- -;il)|ii'cl .nil! -;riilii.-i| 111- kiii-i- .Mn;ii|,-t\ wlift- -it ^1 inni. mill 1)^ siilTiMiii'-- \Mih ;l lllll>i(1iT,ll-:\ ill |l|-.-:-i-!lt S |l Hi ;illi|r|l'. 11 1 illlil \«if>- iil|i| W [•' llialiilriiliui;; ami taiiill^, l.lllli- 'III li-r\ litlil Mill Km. nf 'I 'lirnii K,ilis ;i.-: .111(1 .MMIIC .\liioti- t(li(t li«T cliilil- ri -ii (if I 'lirMiiiii. Kaiiiiiiij, till sin-tit Siiri- (lav with till- riiiiiily of l{a.Mit<>ii<l liar tail Mt>^ l'i;ici\ and Mrs. Mnor'.- :•.!!; Before anaemic people use Scott's Emulsion * their blood is thin and starved, their general health poor, and their spirits depressed. After they use Scott's Emulsion their blood is rich and abundant, their general health excellent and their 'spirits bbuyant AUdnifiiM. SOc, aiui <1.00. ^^^^^ in- I'.-- I .\'i .n.i.\ l-".i: \\:ill,.-; Ill- li.H ill-; llin\ i-.i in I I l.llliiiillll I'IKIIII- I-I!I '.- i ;i -i-li.-\\ I;:-. 11 lllli.- \i-il(-il iiii- l.iiiilly all ia n \.ii -H l-'riii>'K Jiili.s ami wil-- .-i)i-:i: S.ia-i.i; a I .Strnli'.- iii-nii.;i' I-; !i.-. ir ami i,..ii.i- . 11. ! .Mi^. j ;.-(j '-a |-'llicli vi.-iti-.| .'ili-s. Ca:; ; i.In; |:j-l \\'- -ihn-silaj r l"ii ..i-;:i- 'i'liu asfrnl tin" iii;ili-.-- lllli nil llfllnl to ji:is|i-r (ll.-i llllMS.' aii'l Piii'ii ill'! (i;iiiit ami IIHJUT flu- iii- i.-idi- lin a'sii litis sniiin af» cai'ii-I.- -1, l-i-lii-i a-i.! a;.- :i. - 'a! i '"' ^'''•J' '•"liif"i-talil.). win-., '.ni-.iia .ill!iiiii:-lr ill. In",;., !i,-;,- liiiv,-'""'-^ 1 hfniish. ,,„ I,,.;,;,; ;,,i|,; ;i„.,; . l".-- 'il'-. .11-' I 'l iM"'" 1.-^ tO bf 11 pil- SlipiK ^r lU tli- jvi.|| i ;ii-..- • MIIDHI lioiiM- tdtiimit Mir SI..11 I'lii:-' 111- ;!.i!.il-iiii ' — - - l'.lni-K(--. U'lUlcV. lit i'.'.ilirnniii'. ;,n;iu- ~*~ iii|ii-r a^aiii. 'i'lif .-ui-.liim lia.s '.•;"• I (.KNKVA. lis ;n\vi-l lillllis. 1 ,111 I;is lii.\-.i-|., .ir(- •;. .;. -Ill: liln.iii-i|. Ill- lias (lialii'li---. i V. «. «V. BKaK, VIonPromr J. H. ttAMPUeiX. GM»h. SOLA STATE BANK CAPITAL $1S,S00 lOlA, HAHSAS, omeoronsi \. W. !•...•!:. I,. I-;.. Ilorvillo, J.^.V Knl.inMnti. H. I,, n-ti(Icrr.oii, J. fx' , CattiiiiivU. f',ri>. H. Nicli(>lpoD, Vratilc Ki.Mle. \ .M i-.s, ri -i -;Oli:- • i-ii-i 1-1 1 liu; fl.i-. .'. 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