Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 8
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An extraotdlnary l^cky porchase of Umbrellas. Christmas irill soon be hpre, just seven weeks, and what could you think of for a nice acceptable gift (hat would he more appropriate than a gold or silver handled , Umbrella? An eastern manufacturer made us a very tempting price on a speciaJ lot of holiday umbrellas, provided we could use the entire asEort- ment. The deal was made t,h rough our Atchison store and our share con- cists of about one hundred of the pret tiest Umbrellas you ever looked at. All of them will lie placed on sale Tri- day morning at 8:30. LOT 1—Rich gold, silver and pearl mounted handles, 26 -inch tops silk .ind linen, the most sensil>lc tops made, steel paragon frames. large silk cord and tassel atiached; $4.M,, and $"..00 Umbrellas on sale Friday morning at 8:^.0. Choice , ^A9 IX)T 2—Gold, silver, pearl and natural handles, silk and linen. 2'.'.-inch fops, large silk cord an dtassel.attached; '|2.7.'J, ??..00 and |3 .r .O Umbrellas on sale Friday morning .it S:?.0. Choice S •. LOT .Natural wood and fancy handles, silk and linen. 2r,-inrh lops. $L50 .and $1^7.1 Umbrellas on sale Friday morning at 8:30. Choice... $1.19 We know Kabo Corsets trf be the best Corset fn the world for the monej- In one feature. They haven't any com- |)etition whatever and that in (he let3. Kabo Cor.=ets have no brass eye-lets to rust or corrode and Kabo Corsets are the inost perfect fitting Corsets made. .\1I new models in Kabo Corset.s have long hips and high l)usts insuring a perfect fi; in the latest style Rowns. The now dlrectoire model has lung hips? and back, high biist and e.vtra widi^ supporters attachecl, jpr'ico $!?/iO Oihor Kabo Corsets priced ar )?1 to We also carry a complete line of .\cnio and Thomp.«on Glove Fitting Corsets at $1.00 to *3.50 R.\LrK COTTON T.\FFET.V PETTI- f 0ATS OX SALE. $1 .2 .'j Petticoats on sale for 9Sc $1.0 Petticoats on sale for $1.I» SHOES .V sprfial sale of llis.=es and Children's School Shoes. , Infants' 2'>c Soft Sole .Shoe.s on sale for 2Ic r.Oc Soft Snip Shors on sale for.. .42c c,',c Tiir.n .Sole .Ihoe.i in blarl: .-uid tan. special prico '. .'»0« T.'.c Infants' Shoes rediicod io....'>Oc sr.f Infants" Shoos reduced lo Hie Wo luriuiis' SliooA reduced r(»....«'<' ?1 .00 [nfanr.s- Shof-s roduced to 82c .^I.LTi Inf.'Miis" Slioe.s reduced tn JWc I 'hiidrcn's; Sliocs reduced lo *t .22 $1 .7." Children's Shoes reduced lo ftl.4.'» $2.00 Children's Shoes iy>ducc-d lo $I.C» $2.2.-, Children's Shoes reduced to $US9 $2..=)0 Childreu'ri Shoes, reduced to $2.19 ?3.00 Children's Shoes reduced to $2.4.'. Roy's Shoes, size S\i to ir.Uj. $1.30 quality on .sale for $1.2.'> $I .7 .'i r>o.vs' Shoes redured to $l.l.-» ?2.00 no.v.s' .Shoes reduced to $1.G» $2.2r. Boys' Shoes re<lflced In....$1.80 $2.oO P.oy.s' Shoes roduced to *2.1fl ?3.00 Boys* Shoes redhiced to ... ;$2.4.> . '•-i -if-^'*^*^'-'"' r .-.i A special sale of perfect fitting, popular priced Munsing Underwear, women and children. If you have never worn Munsing Underwear, try it now. while ttfe price Is not only as low but lower than you have ever known 5rut ^?ing to be priced. We offer this sale as an inducement to you to try .Munsin.g Underwear: once worn, always worn: for fit and durability, Mun­ sing has no equal. Sp"ecial prices are for three days only, Thursday. Friday and Saturda.v. .">0c Munsing Underwear on (J.'ic Munsing ; Underwear on 7i '>c .Munsing Underwear, on .«LOn MunsiaK Underwear on $1.2". Munsing Underwear on $Lr .O Munsing underwear on $I .7.'> MuasiuK Underwear on $2.00 .Munsing Underwear on $2 ..'n Mun.=jng I'uderwcar on §3 .00 Munsing Underwear on .\Tr2oc Underwear on sale for... .\I1 3.'JC L'ndcrwear, on sale for.- Special sale of Mu.slin Gowns, embroidery trimmed. (».->c value on sale for 47c $1.2 .'j Gowns neatly trimmed, on sale for sale sale. sale, sale . sale, sale sale, sale . sale sale. RUBBERIZED COATS Rain or shine, the most practical Coat of all is :i ruliberizod Coat fancy p!iil<l.=; in tun an.l white or jirey and while, co.nis wonli $0.00. ami $n ..'pO. S|)cci:il luirc $.'i .()0 Other \alii<'s up to $2.'j.00 Swell T.-iilored Suiis in bine, brown and green in lirotidclnih, scrgerf ;md chevidis. s:iii:i litTcd j.ukei :iiid f<^'ld (rimtncd !-!ciit .^t, p.iccd al— . $I.'».«MI, $I7..'.0. !(!20.00, !!(22>.0, $2.1.00 Children's Sclioftl Coats in j;ood. servic .Tlile roior.-^. si;;e in 12 years, worth $."..."(> and $!'.<fO. bny iliem in | this big s:ile :it $2.49 $(5.50 and .?7 .riO plaid and plain col- ' or Children's School Coats, every one a genuine bargain: choice $3.19 Chi'dien's liearskin Cnai>-. worth $2..".0. on sale Tor $1.9.% $3 ..'J') IVarslTin Coats on s.ile for $2.49 Ladies I'^leece L'med l)ressiii,ir Sac- Z q»o>i in light blue, pink and tan, worth C.'»c. on sale for 49c Felt Slippers Fell Slippers, fur trimmed, all col­ ors, price $1 .00, $1.2.> and $1.50 I-idios' Rubbers in .TII sizes from 21-1' lo S, good quality, low instep rub* hers, regular tiOc value on sale for pair 47r Children's Rubber Boots, wool fleece lined, size 6 to lOT^, price .....$1 ..)0 Misse,-, size 1! to'J, price $!.".» Toadies', size 2',i to S. price $2.00 Children's .Tersey fleece lincd.buckle arctic over shoes, size .T to lOVz. price 7 .JC LADIES SEPERATE SKIRTS A bargain blutj, brown, skirts gored lar price for Si)eci.Tl Si aTiite Skirt i $t;.00 .Skirts $f ;.r >0 Skirls $7.00 Skirts $7..^0 Skirls $8.00 Skins in Ladies" Separate Skirts red and '.jlUck, separate or pleat>?d styles, regu- .00 and 'i:,.'>(>: on sale - : $:J.98 ilo pricij^ on eevi\v sepr n the house f)n srtie- for $1.9.'i. on sale- lor '^'t.i't oii'salf- for $.1.:{9 on sale- for. $«.00 <in sal ft for v.$(!.2."» .«iS..",n Skirid on sale for. SI >.00 Skirts on sale for. Sfi.r .O Slfiris on sale for. $10.00 .Skirts on sale for. $10..-,0 Skirts on sale for. $11.00 Skin.s on saie for. $t2.."iO Skirts on sale for. $I3 .r .O Skirt--^ on sale for. Jl.'i.OO Skirls on sale for. $1T..">0 Skirts on saie for lilchly iriintned Net \Vj • bi:in co:r)r. worth $2.i for list; 10. $fi.<;ii . $7.00 $7.2.} $".6."> $7.9.-. $s.i.-. $9.00 $9.9.-. $11-19 $lS .r,o ; in Araon sale ... $U9 Handkerchiefs Ladif.s' new Ilondkerchiefs. Pullman Pure Linen, jilain hemmed Hand-' kerchief.'', e.ach Sc Per dozen 'MC I Ladies* Unlanndered Initial lland- kerchiefs, pure linen, price each 1 ..C Per dozen :.. $1.6.'. I..adies' Fancy Cross Bar and Stripe Handkerchiefs, made of good quality Handkerchief Lawn, juice e.ach...oc Ladies' cross bar and embroidered corner Hand:kerchiefs Price each I'>c . Per dozen . ......... $1J '.0 Pure Linen CroBs Bar and luKlal Ladies' Pullman Handkerchief:', price, each 2?<? Per dozen . $8.75 NeckGirdels New double riKliiiig In crenni pink, blue and white. <'Xti;i quality .«llk edK'' inrlies wlie, price an inch.... 2c Per \n.<l fiOc Special Sale i.f Neck (Jirdles. 2 .-|C (jirdles re<liiced ti) 19c S.'ic Gird'es reduced to 2'»c .-.Oc Girdles reiliiced to .*>9c 7 .-C CJirdles reduced to iJlc $1.00 Girdles roduced to fi."»c 'I'edi'.y I'ears iti while and cinnatnou. liricp 7.-.C. $1.00 and $1.2.'. Gloves Ramsa>s $1.00 Gloves .nre equaled by none; once worn, always worn: the l>est Glove on tlie market for the price all colors and sizes, price, pair. .$1.00 Comforts and Blankets Ramsay's hrve tilways been known to l)e the hesi place to buy Comforts and Blank-it;; von are always sure <ir findin;; just wlm^yoii watil ;ind al a saving in price. „ Good Bl.inkei.s in grey, size lO-j. Blankets usually .i -nid ai r^\.\ onr price P.-iir .-,«r F.Mr.i iarso Blaitket.- in white. t;rey and tan. price, pair *. .. .$1 .00 Childrens Crib I'.ianket.-; filled with inaisli hinfinated cotton, both sides coveted with grind quality .silkoline. price each $1.00 Notions and Toilet Articles Be.any Pins, worlli 2.')C, on sale for 10c Violet Talcum, worth l.'.c, on sale for 10c .Mennens or Colgate's Talcum. price \oo (U)M (inaliiy Pins, full count prire ' Ir .'^iu.i'l size Msreriae, on sale for 22c;c size Iji.sterine, oti sale for 47c Vio 'ic: Witch Hazel. .'.Oc size .tOc- Violet Witch ll.azcl. 2 .'ic sige^ 19c Dr. (Ifnve's Tcoih Powder.... 19c Col.i,-n!e.,' Dental Powder with irial size Ca.shmere Boquel So.^p, pack- a:','e eompiete 2flc Collates Palm Soa|) .'.c Sanda'.Vxood Toiler Soap lOc Cntictiraor Packer.^' Tar Soap... 22c Wij-e Ciown Pompadors. with combs attached on sale for .2.''.c HOSIERY . . ..... ... .. One lot of extra quality heavy rib­ bed Stockings In sizes f. to worth 20c pair, while they last choice.. .ir»c E.MIIA SPECIAL large size Com­ forts, filled with pure white cotton covered with fine silkoline, worth $l .."iU, special .sale price $1.29 'C:ood quality Bert Pillows, standarii size filled with mixed feathers, price, . )iair 9Sc Fancy ruffled Curtains for bet! if)onis in cross bar and allover de- s^>;ns. Curtains worth $1 .2.". pair, on ./•lie for. pair ft'ic AVaste Pa)>er Basket.^ in beautiful floral patterns, on sale for .. .2.'>c Knve:opes and 24 sheets of paper in beautiful holiday boxes, lirice .. 2.^, a.'.c nnd oOc Col;;atc's or .\moie Shaving Soap, one pound pack.ages, price 2'te I • • I Prrfunie.s and Cologii. :<(jc quality on sale for .1S)c Children's Hose Supporters, black or white.' price pair 10c 'J Goo<l qualitv Toilet Paper, roll .. .."ie • / Six rolls for ' 2.Tte :i Sana Derniol Talcum Powder, daintily jierfumed with oriental perfumes, price 20c .Alligator Coin Purses, worth 49c, on .sale for 29« Sozodont or Rubifoam, price 22c 1 FANCY WASTE BASKETS Fancy '.lapanrse \Va.=tte Paper Bask- eis in round, square and octagon sliape.s. pink. blue, green and red cof- oriii:;s in rich oriental pattern.^ priced :it .'.Oc and 7r .c Spcidal Sale of Woolen DRESS GOODS One lot of Serges, J'anamas, Bril­ liant incs and Ratistes Iij bl«6, brown, red and green, regular price 50c and t*,.je. special three days', sale price. .41c • V

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