The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 4, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1964
Page 5
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Friday, Dec. 4, 1964 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE PAGE5 CLASSIFIED RATES 1 iiuertien 4c per word 2 insertions 7c per wwd 3 wertions 9c ptr word 4 insertions 11c p«r word 5 insertions 13c per word t iiwtrtions —— 14c per word Minimum rate — SI .00 Charges are at a reduced c«sh rate and apply if the ttd it paid within 10 DAYS at- («r the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue they appear end report any error' at once at no allowance can be made lfter the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL — ySc per line. MEMORIAM - Ik sir Fine. CARD OF THANKS —|1J5 Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A. M. for insertion same day, except Saturday—call before 9:00 A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL I0.-C5 A. M. DEADLINE. : : DISPLAY RATE ' Cass, per col. inch 90c 1 inch per mo. daily $18.00 Each additional inch _ $11.00 (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) FOR SALE-T-1957 Ford. Call OS 5-6168.after 5:00 p.m. C-54 FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROGMARTIN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jeffewon St For Your Car Needs See CM) FOR SALE-REAL ESTATE ACCEPTING OFFERS on sale of cement block building formerly used >by Omar F. Brewer on South 1st Street in Tipton. To close estate. Robert E. Brewer, P. O. Box 6, Bremen, Indiana, or phone Bremen, 546-8441. P-57 ^ THE FMBIEM OF QUALITY ~ 120 S. West St. Phone OS 5-4941 Tipton SERVICES BE GENTLE, be kind, to that expensive carpet, clean it with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer, $1.00. Carney's Drug Store. C-54 SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone. Elwood'FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tf FRONT END ALIGNMENT — Wheel" balancing, EBERT Sinclair Sarin. Phone. OS 57125. C-tf WANTED — iFurnlture Upholstering and Repair. Lawrence PickreH. OS 5-4358. C-tt SEE LEWIS D. HARPER for real estate sales and listing. Insurance loans. Phone OS 58060 and OS 5-6139. 121 S. Independence. Fri-Sat-tf FOR SALE — 40 ACRES — Has modern home with fireplace, hardwood floors and basement. Good barn. All tillable level black land. Located on black top road and priced to sell. JOE ROSS 120 South West Street ,M( • GENERAL MOTCDRS CORPORATION ', TRUCKS cnottt V. TO «0 TONS SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. XOTICE OF ADjnjUSTBATIOST In the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana. Notice is hereby given that Betty Weftz was on the 1st day of December, 1964, appointed: • Administratrix of' the estate of Margaret Ethel Glass, deceased. All persons having claims against said real estate, whether or not now due, must file the same in s^id court within six months from tlie date of the first publication of tbis notice or said claims will be forevtr barred. " Dated at Tipton, Indiana, this 2nd day of December, 1964. KOSS M. HUFFORD Clerk of the Circuit Court for Tipton County, Indiana Joe Heaton, Attorney \ 53-59-65 XOTICE TO XON-KESIDKXTS STATE OF INDIANA, TIPTON COUNTY In the Tipton Circuit .Court September Term, 1964 Rosann Widup Holt vs. Victor Gary Holt Complaint No. 8 875 Comes now the plaintiff, by counsel and files her complaint together with affidavit that the de fendant Victor Gary Holt is not resident of the State of Indiana and that this is an action Complaint for Divorce and that each defen dant herein named is a necessary party 'thereto. Notice is therefore hereby given that defendant, that unless he be and appear on the 11th of January, 1965, the same being the 1st Judicial day of the January Term, 1965 of the Tipton Circuit Court, at the Courthouse in Tipton, Indiana, in said County and State, and an swer or demur to said complaint the same will be heard and determined in her or his absence. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of said Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 4th day of December, 1964. ROSS M. HUFFORD. Clerk 53-59-65 WANTED FOR SALE TOE SALE—Spinet organ, excellent condition. Reasonable. OS 5-6263. C-tf FOR 'SALE — Awnings, storm windows and doors. Ornamental iron. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5-2646. C-tf UUSIC m YOUR HOME. Pianos — organs. Rental plans available. OS 5-6558. P-tf FOR SALE—Men's roller skates and ice skates size 10. Baby •bassinett. Stand type Shop Master jig saw on metal table. Simpson V.O.M. meter No. 260. Also Eico No. 145 signal tracer. OS 5-6017. .- C-53 X.MAS TREES—Get your tree early this year! Our own Scotch Pines. At Harold and Berniece Lee's, Vi mi West of Road 31 on Road 28, South side. Phone 963-5335. C-tf CHRISTMAS TREES Ronnie and Judy Sottong. 120 West Jackson. C-tf FOR SALE—Bicycle, girls 24 inch Schwinn, excellent condition. Call OS 5-2713 after 4. C-tf FOR SALE—New carburetors. Carter and Holley, new Carter fuel pumps. Check our prices. Direct factory dealer: Elevator Auto Parts, 538 N. Main Street. P-53 FOR SALE—In stock water and fuel pumps. Factory remanufactured. Reasonably priced with trade in. Elevator Auto Parts, 538 N. Main Street. P-53 FOR SALE—Bicycles of all sizes and kinds. Hillan Bike Shop, 536 Mill Street. C-Fri-Sat-66 Xmas trees sheared scotch pine. R. Griffy, N. Main Street. C-67 FOR SALE—3 piece green sectional and 2 end tables, lamp v and matching coffee talble. Call OS 5-6352. C-53 1964 SINGER CABINET $36:08 FULL BALANCE Beautiful walnut cabinet. Assume six payments of $6.01 monthly. Monograms, appli­ ques, darns, sews forward aflB reverse, equipped- to zig-zag, warranty included. Call OS 52135. tf LIVESTOCK FOR SALFA-7giKs*and"l boar, pure bred Hampshire. 963-2551 Thomas Duncan. P-54 FOR SALE—7 milk cows. 9 on 107, Atlanta, R.R. 1. Perry Miller. . P-58 FREE XMAS MONEY —Just bring in your scrap implements, complete cars,, trucks or farm tractors, junk batteries, copper, brass, aluminum and lead. Scrap prices are high at LEVI'S (scrap yard) Tipton. P-57 OPENING NOTICE — Levi's Elevator Auto Parts, 538 N. Main Street" is open Saturday- 'till 5:00 and Sunday 8:30 to 12:00 noon. OS 5-4781. P-54 CARD OF THANKS We sincerely wish to thank all of our friends, neighbors and relatives for the kindness and sympathy shown us during the illness and after the death of my sister, Nellie Wihelm. We especially wish to thank Rev. • Kenneth Mitchner and Rev. David Tirrell for their comforting words, visits and prayers Mrs. Paul Roadruck and Mrs. Ray Stone for the beautiful music. The Baptist women and Wesleyan Methodist women for preparing meals. Everyone who donated food and the beautiful floral offerings. The pallbearers, all those who have sent cards and the Young-Nichols Funeral directors ffc>r their kind and helpful services. All these acts of kindness will always be remembered. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Moon and family HELP WANTED SALES SUPERVISOR $706100 per month salary, plus •bonus, for experienced salesman, or similar experience. Willing to work with and train men. No age limit and no traveling. Write Box F, Tribune. P-53-54 FEMALE HELP WANTED FEMALE HELP WANTED—Refined lady 25 or over, waitress work 5:30 to 12:30 evenings; Good salary. Briggs Restaurant. Telephone OS 5-6343. P-55 FOR RENT FOR RENT-^2 ibedroom apartment. South Main. New remodeled and redecorated. Heat, water and sewage furnished. Phone OS 5-6812. C-tf FOR RENT—3 bedroom ranch style home with gas heat and garage. No Pets. Phone OS 54928 for information. C-54 FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment,' upstairs. Adults only. Phone OS 5-2348. C-57 YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. RMdick Piano Co, 1 C-tf FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment, 460 N. West Street Phone OS 5-4544. C-55 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO . TAXI'AVKBS Of ^DDJTlOVAt. Ari 'KOFRIATIONS Notice is liereby given the taxpayers of Tipton- Community School Corporation, Tipton County. Indiana, tliat the proper leiral officers of said municipality at their regular meeting place at 7.: 30 p.m. on the 16th day of December. 1964, will consider the following additional appropriations which said officers consider necessary to jpeet the extraordinary, emergency existing- at this time. Reduce the following appropriations: ' - i B-ll Kindergarten ... $2,700 F-2 Insurance : 1,800 F-4 Fuel 1,000 Tojal .. ' J5.500 -.Increase the following appropriations: C-4 Transportation $5,500 Taxpayers appearing at such meeting shall have- a right to be heard thereon. The additional appropriations as finally made will be automatically referred to the rotate Board of Tax Commissioners, which commission will hold a further hearing within fifteen days'at the County Auditor's office of Tipton County, Indiana, • or at such other place as may be designated; At such hearing taxpayers objecting to any micli-additional appropriations may be heard, and Inter-! ested taxpayers may; inquire of tha County Auditor -when - and where such hearing will' be" held. S TIPTON COMMUNITY BOARD OF SCHOOL TH rfflTKES •> Charles-AV.-Hlffe/ 'President Robert L. Ha Her, •Treasurer'! Gene Doversberger, 8 »cretary • • -c-n-a, IN MEMORIAM In memory of Robert Gene Butler.who left us on December 3, 1963. Many are the tears that have been shed, Many "sad moments .to bear, But the loving memories^ ye-, can cherish forever, Until we meet again and all foe together. Sadly missed by all his family who loved him so much. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Butler, and family Mrs. Carolyn Butler and family KREBIOZEN BACKER—Dr. Andrew Ivy, 71, accused with three others' and Promak Laboratories in a 49-count Indictment Involving the drug Krebiozen, is shown in bis laboratory at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Dr. Ivy Is the chief medical backer of the drug, which has been termed worthless In cancer cases by the A.M.A. and the Federal Drug Administration. Financial Gossip By JESSE BOGUE NEW YORK (UPI) —Marketing, like other phases of business activity, has its rules or at least' its accepted practices. Sometimes they are broken— with good resinrs. The exceptions are f £W but notable. Peter Godfrey, vice president and director of marketing, Menley & James Laboratories, Philadelphia, subsidiary of Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, tells the story of one case. It deals with the marketing of a cold remedy, Contac, which in three years has gone to the head of its class against an opposition from others well entrenched in.the field when Contac put in its appearance. ' One of the major innovations in putting the remedy on .the market was^in introducing it nationally all across the country in the fall of 1961 without any test marketing whatsoever. This was a complete about-face to the current marketing approach of most major companies who take 6 to 12 months of market testing before going on a national basis. It furthermore offered the product at above what had, until then, been regarded as the $1 barrier for such medications. The company, also, in case it now has been forgotten in the rush of others to follow suit, put its remedy in a new package, a sleeve and frame slide package, where boxes or bottles had been the accepted enclosures for remedies before this. ' . > toujour Child And School By DAVID NYDICK UPI Education Specialist Good school systems have many things in common. In order to offer the 'best possible educational program, a community must place every effort into building the areas of the school program which have the greatest effect on the quality of education. In the past, schools have competed on the ball field. Communities have had pride when their schools have son games and championships. It is time for every community to compete in the classrooms. There should he even greater pride in having outstanding quality in all parts of the program. There are many ingredients for a good school system. Let's look at these from the standpoint of their importance and their effect on the budget The foremost item is the staff. This by far accounts for the major portion of the budget. In the better school systems, this item usually accounts for oiver 500 per cent if the total expenditure. Is this justified? Actually, the teacher is the one part of any school system which is essential. Consider the extreme case. Remove.all other parts of the school program leaving only the teacher. There is still an educational program. As a matter of fact one of the first forms of education in the United States was the traveling teacher or tutor who worked with students in their homes. This teacher had very few materials to work with other than her own knowledge. We have learned much since then but the fact remains that teachers are still the most important part of any school sys- em. The success of the learning process depends upon the relationship between a teacher and her students. Therefore it is important to obtain the most qualified teachers who are available. Building a good staff is a complicated affair. It involves paying good salaries and offering good working conditions. It also involves continuous training and improvement once an individual has been employed. Closely connected to the teaching staff are the administrative, auxiliary, and supervisory staff. These include superintendents, principals, psychologists, science supervisors, math supervisors, etc. ' The purpose of these individuals is . to help the classriom teacher do a more effective job. Progress Alliance Indebtedness Hurting By JACK BRANNAN United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Inter-American Committee on the Alliance For Progress (CIAP) has recommended a three-point program for halting inflation, a monetary problem considered a major threat to the Alliance's prospects for success. The program was outlined in a recent CIAP report on the accomplishments and prospects of the co-operative and prospects of involving 19 Latin American nations and the United States. Briefly, the inflation-control program invoves the following: —A reduction of government deficits. Increase of Goods —An increase in the amount of consumer goods available on the market —An agreement on income policies among government, industry and labor groups. The CIAP noted that inflation is not a. problem throughout Latin America. But since it is prevalent in some of the larger countries, such as Brazil, inflation is a problem that must be considered' in overall Alliance planning. The report said an increase in the amount of consumer goods could actually reduce the cost of living. Such a program "should include high priority efforts within the overall limits of monetary and credit ceilings to insure that food stuffs in distant parts of the country are brought to major urban markets," the report said. Goods Are Wasted A CIAP source said the com­ mittee felt that many consumer goods, particularly food products, are wasted simply because they cannot be moved to adequate markets. Thus, those goods that do rea^h market are scarce and draw high prices, while similar goods away from the market are not used and simply wasted. The CIAP recommended that the government and the private sector of labor and industry work together to control wages and prices and prevent their inflationary, upward movement. "There is, in short, no substitution for a deep communal understanding between government, industry.and labor in the form of wage-price policies which avoid the process of inflation via mutual expectation, and which systematically relate wage increases to the average increase in productivity," it said. : ' < NEW YORK (UPI) — A Re- queim Mass will be offered Saturday for Harold J. Marshall of Chappaqua, N.Y., president and director of the National Bank of Westchester. Marshall, 59, died Wednesday night. NEW YORK (UPI) — Mrs. Morris L.' Ernst, wife of the noted civil liberties lawyer and a respected etymologist in her own right, died Thursday at university hospital after a brief illness. Send greetings daily with a Christmas gift subscription to THE. TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. Read the Tribune Classified Page RUSTIC AUCTION RUSTIC 77 Miami Drive in Riverwood, 4 mi. North of Noblesville, 25 miles North of Indianapolis on Highway 37, beginning 1:30 p.m. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12,1964 Lots 77, 78, 7? & 80. Lot 77 improved with rustic frame and log home. Living room with fireplace), open stairway, builKns, knotty- pine, open beams; kitchen plaster and knotty-pine, builtins, double sink, disposal; dinette; built-in front porch; aluminum windows and doors; built-in side porch with entrance to basement; family room in basement .with fireplace, bar; utility room with oil furnace; 52 gallon electric water heater; laundry room with Westing, house washer and dryer, goes with place; 4". driven well with Myers pump; shower in basement; full bath on.ground floor;.'/* bath up with 2 bedrooms; front and back door chimes; telephone extensions in basement, ground floor, upstairs; patio with outside covered oven; garage with rustic living quarters above; separate septic systems for house and garage. 3 extra lots with frontage .on Miami will be offered separately on request; otherwise goes with property. All fenced. Absolutely high and dry. An outstanding offering. We invite and urge your attendance. TERMS: $1,000 down, $l,000"on or before January 12th, 1965 with'possession; Immediate possession with $2,000 down; balance, $100 per month including insurance. At the same place beginning at 11 a.m. Will sell all. household goods and shop equipment including extra good 21" RCA color TV; G.E. refrigerator; apartment she, electric range; Philco wringer washer; chair.and ottoman; settee and chair; maple living room suite; metal Vi bed with springs and matress; stands; lamps; hanging lamp; rugs and throw rugs; Formica top chrome breakfast set with 8 chairs; round oak coffee table; chairs; rockers; utility table; twin tubs; lots'of fruit jars; folding chairs; canner; dishes; large and small electric heaters; large window fan; fireplace sets; lot of clothing; metal yard furniture; picnic table. ANTIQUES: Old Seth Thomas clock; old wall telephones; oil lamps; old pictures, frames; chairs and rock Irs. TRUCK AND SHOP EQUIPMENT. 1952 Ford, ifi ton, good rubber; Huffy 4Vz horse riding mower, good; 18" rotary power mower; wheel barrow; 23" Home Lite chain saw with new chain; new power skillsaw; vice; buffer; hand mowers; assortment oi hammers, saws; tamps; electric drill; step ladders. A BIG SALE. Lots of other articles not mentioned. TERMS: CASH. Lunch served Frank & Ruth Cgin, Owners Foland & Lewis, Inc. in charge of sale. PR 3-0780 896-2441 Italian spaghetti supper. True Blue Class, East Union Church. Saturday, Dec. 5th — 5:30 to 8:00 p. m. Adults $1.00, children $.50. C-53 GOT TERMITES? RATS — MICE — BO ACHES GET FREE INSPECTION GUARANTEED PROTECTION ^ Arab w a JUfln AND SON, INC., Tipton Phone OS 5-2304 TefepAoq* Today/ IMPORTANT REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER AN INVESTMENT WITH AMERICAN NATIONAL TRUST 1. Trust assets now in excess of $6,000,000. 2. Trustees bonded for $1,000,000 by the Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. 3. A. Current dividend rate 8% per annum. ' .... .... ! B. Dividends paid monthly on trust share accounts of $1,000.00 or more. C. Dividends liiay be reinvested monthly. . i ^^^^^sd^^i*^-^^'- ; 4. Earnings from the first of the month for all accounts opened by the 25th. 5. A. Share accounts may be opened anytime at our District Office or in the privacy of your home. For information and Prospectus phone Elwood, FE 2-9311. •• B. Share accounts may be opened in amounts of $100 to $10,000. $10,000 to $25,000 maximum accounts only as approved by Trust. C. Joint ownership accounts available. 6. 90% of Trust earnings must be distributed to you during the year, as provided by Federal Law: DlC Code Section 856-858; Legislation passed by Congress in September, 1960. 7. Federal law provides that 75<fo of all monies must be invested in real estate, not to exceed 20 f 0 in any one project. ..„;.,=, . 8. Your earnings are based on carefully considered real estate investments selected for growth, income and diversification. OFFICE IN TIPTON OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Daily: 9 to 5 Closed Wednesday 12 Noon EARN 8% GENE WHETSTONE District Manager Representative Alexandria-Elwood 117 W. Jefferson OS 5-4648 SERVING: TIPTON ATLANTA ARCADIA WINDFALL ELWOOD FRANKTON SUMMITVILLE ALEXANDRIA SHARPSVILLE GOLDSMITH AND SURROUNDING AREAS ON YOUR INVESTMENT CURRENT RATE PER ANNUM PAID MONTHLY. The following chart will show the Monthly Earnings on your investment account: Size Investment In Thr Truot Monthly DMrll.utlon To You $ 100 ..._. S .67 $ 1,000 1 5 6.67 $ 2.000 -- '„ $13.33 S 3.000 „i.„ $20.00 $ 4,000 L— 526.67 $ 5,000 .... ... $33.33 $ 6,000 $40.00 $ 7u000 . 1. $46.67 $ 8,000 ^ ... $53.33 $ 9,000 . —JC5 $60.00 $10,000 .. \„. ^66.67 Made possible by Federal Law: IRC Code Sections 856-858 This is neither en offer to buy or sell these Trust Certificates, the offer is made by Prospectus only. w . • —CLIP AND MAIL TO: — — — . I American'National Trust 3201 South La Fountain Kokomo,, Indiana 700 i | Please give me additional information and current prospectus without obligation. I NAME. .Phone. Address. .City_

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