Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1907
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FBroAY ETEyPfC, XOTEMBES 1. 1W7. This is Great Shoe Weather Notico it by the way they're flocking to the New York Store, the iirst store on their mind when it comes to buying shoes, you get values, style, quality and comfort all at the same time. Onr shoe offerings are tempting. They're shoes that need no mending. Wear them as long as you please, and solid coraf ort will never cease. GAS GITY« ITEMS Two Arrrsi« Frightened Youthful Hal­ lowe'en Jokers—Mrs. Saniplc Here. Hallowe'en Mas Quiet I^ast iiiKht was the quietest Hal lowc'en ever experienced in tills city. It is believed that the young people and the American Boy became frightened and went to their homes early, Two arrests were made early in the evening, the result being that the boys sioi)j)ed their disturbance and creeped quietly to their sleeping place and pullea down the blinds. The St rets did not have the usual experience the moniiiig after HallowiAsu the night when the young American boys l)elieve they are at liberty to do almost anything. . 20 Styles of Ladies New Fall Shoes lu all leathers, hultou or lace, latest lasts, toes ami licels. Choice of any iheiic styles at $3.50 Couii'are tht;m with auy $^.i;o or $5.00 slices :;olil in town. 15 Styles of Ladies New Pall Shoes Gun I'at<;nt CoU :>nd \'ici Kid, in bntton^iO or lace. I'lc; niolcls. yiv .ir choic: at Cxjnr.UL- ihcin with any $3-5o shoes sold anywhere in the City 10 Styles of Ladies New Fall Shoes In all Icalhcr.-J, Welt and light soles, up-lo-lhc niinntc in style, wtnv guaranteed, no better shoes made at $2.30 Corupare them with auy S3. 00 slices in town. 10 styles in Ladies New Fall Shoes Made ior solid wear in Patent Leather and Kid, Oak Leather riolcs, solid Icalhci counters, Koi)d filter.'^An honest shuc for little money, piice mfW^ m%M%^ Compare them with $2.50 shoes sold in other stores. LeKoy vs. (ias I'lty Today. The game between the LeRoy and the t ;a3 City team is being witnessed by a large crowd from lola. Gas City and IM Harpe. The game promises to be a good one. The Gas City team Is i(iiii|)i>r;ed of many lohi and I^i Harpe players, maliiiig the team one of the licst All the state. It has been suggested that the team be called the Tri- I'iiy team and that it be supported by all three cities, Ui Harpe. Gas City and lola. If it should bo decided to give it this name the games could be played on some centrally located field as the Kleelric park gridiron. .Mrs. (Sample Here, .Mrs. Sample, wife of Kcv. O. L. Sample, formerly i)astor of the Meth- )disl Kpi.scopal church of this city. Is in tJio city visiting friend.s. Kev.. and .Mrs. Sample, are now making their home ill Ho.sion. Mass.. where the Kev. Mr. Sample is attending sriiool. Mrs. Sample was called to the home of her iiareuts in Haldwin. Kansas, Iiecanso of the illness of her father, but since he has recovered she came here fo visit old acquaintances and fiieiids. < KKT.II.M.V m»KTH TKVI.Vf.'. tola Vmicriaary Hospital \ Weslottcit. Iiili. i)t:c Mock li(!i'i :.cjii,ii<'. nis'-;c."-. Ill lir'tiicslif .Ttcd animals.MIM.-L . I ii 1 !i ;;'-.ited,clt:ii TiioHcralc,'.',' l >i '.\.-l;i)isiiji paiiciils Cali - aii.'.v ;!"';i;ii'iy iii<;hl or day. 20 yea: - <-.\; - !ic;:ce, Wtcrin- ary Dentistry ;i ;;|)eci.illv. Franks, Bc&Wc, V. S. Honor (ir.idu.itc of OeU.Trio \ cter- iiiary College. Prop. Ho.-^rit"! I'lione tOoo tici. I'honc 139 ; Ill' li . .\n:n- lii;-.h. 1. nr. Reynnld?. i'liiine 828. Ren. «H. r. E. >Vaugli. Deuilst. Phon* 1«. Oilice OTcr Hurrell's Drog Store. Get \\<'x uf I'lCI!!. RAT=B1S-KIT D .;c .s Work. Eithi-r fcr Muts •jr Mive 15 Cents a P.!ck3ge ri;\.\K PvOP.INSO.V uli.> was i^p- vi'Miy yi'.-'iTibiv ii!>i: iiui:; •v.:,::.- Mi^- [j;.' :ii lii.-: lioiin- :i! ! :;;;•;•> I. is n -jMiri.v| ;i> \:v\ .iw\ it is i -x ;'.'(i,il that I: •'• ; • I (• lip w^-Aw in ;i vi-r I'lIllC. I 0.1 - ii .•11,<1 I.,.!!" Iiil.ii!!-, cliil'ii.n. Mi.s .^Ts .all : iz' 1:1 diily the ln'si •I" and L'li < I P;ii'i!il,iy. V\"l\i;K.s; li;ts I .•tiinii'i I 'VMi;' 'i'liv". .\Ii .-:.<)i ;:i. wbt ri' in- ii.i. 'lit-.-'' . vi.-iiiiii: liis iiini!n-i'. ;ir-. Tape.- llanuiug. I'lii'in "i'r .r< !11,11 S [M-i -i .i; -A I SPENI When ueediii- anything in tl:c Jfwciry line. I • •• \ IS l;<-itii id. K;iM.-.i:-. i^• • • 'v visiiiiij; W.> <is;<'i. !;. ^•y.v •:. I»;iv:> i . ' N'lW \iri> 1 (1 iiijii<(.' i!i:(l 1111 'l. f. .T. V. Tnunrr, lirenxed auctioneer nnd ^all• crier, 50^ North HcUea, Gas ( ily. 1: I',11 ).'ii>i.'iy \\\< h .ii'ISdiiV. ;;i::ii.iiilf-i -d u Satisfied 6-5 -4' PRAISES. 6-6 -4 f.^ f/if only prepa.Ti.tior. that is si'it^blr fnr u^e on G^s. or Gasoline, Cooking l^jnges, because if dcsfrnys rust, is qvAtcr $ndl gra'se proof, dries in 10 minutes ihd U applied like patni. \'l '{(i \r.<\:\ .loliti ALii.^l!.!), ulio .-IS •!> li; • II-;.:i of ("TJIII \ • . , • Jil Ui" li«'^in!i:!i:.' <if I 'li.•!•, <.(' i-f.m. w;is in tin- <iiy in- .It Miiii- .\i.-tiTilay whip' on bi.; Ill (lir.-ril 111 Kaljsas fily. H •n iti rra« I'Td <(/':tit.v sini- !'a\ii:-.; lieii'. .-issistilig in tiKiit,'iiii;i; li'l- He is an assistant n'tnr lii'v ^-i-neral lor tli.- sliilc, and IIIIK ani>n)p!)s)jeil niiich good for 'hc- • aiis.' of toiiiper.tiic?. —Ft. ,Scf '(t Ki"- p||ii';<-aii. Says .Many TeVsons Here fan Be .>[aUe Happy .\gaiu by I'sins This, Tlii-ie is so much rheumatism here now lliat the following advice by an eminent authority will be highly ap- prociati-d liy those who suffer. (let from any g (K «I pbarmary one- half ounce Fluid K.\tract Dapdelion, one ounce Cmnpound Kargon. three (ini'cfs of Compound Syrui> Sarsapa- rilia. Shake these well in a bottle and take in teaspoonfiil doses after I 'ach me.-iland at bedtime ;also drink plenty ofgooif water. It is claimeil that there iire few victims of this dread and torturous disease who will fail to find ready relief in ibis simple home-made mixture, and in most eases a permanent cure is the result. This siihple recipe is said to sfren::then and cleanse the eliinina- livc ri.ssiies of the kidney.s .so that they can tiller and strain from the blood and svsieni the poisons, acids air' w;i ;<(e iiia((<'r. which cause not on' rlieumalism, but iiiimerous other dir easi's. Kvery man or woman here who feels that tlirir kirlneys iire not bi-aliliy :ind active, fir who suffers Iroiii ;uiy urinary IrouUle whatever, sbonlil iiDt hesitate to make up Ibis iiiixiinr-. ;is it is certain to do much uiioil. and ni.iy s.ive ynit from much iiil .si -r.v and sitlfi-ritig iifier while. jpOE JFOUST Tyil -Ii TBX 81. Popular Judge Has BIR Task in Ifeo* sbo County Court. Erie, Nov. 1.—^Judge Poust of the Alien county district court, asked , Judge Flnley'of the Neosho. county I district court to furnish him- witlL a list of the cases he wanted him to try while he is on the bench het^. Judge Finley did so ye^terda.r. The number somewhat disconcerted the Allen county jurist. There were thirty-one alto.sether. "If I don't get .along any faster with each one of these than I have with the cjises I have tried so far. I am not likel.v to get through hero -soon." said Judge Foust. He liegan work here Monday and this,morning finished the hearing of the second case which ho had taken up since he came here. About half of the thirty-ono cases which are to como before Judge Foust, ma.r ho disposed of in a half day. as they are cases In which judge­ ment is to bo taken by default or other lirief action performed, so that the t.isk l.<! really not as formidable as it seems. ' Saturday Matinee and 51ght. "Swoolast QM- In DIxlo" Special Matinee Prices 10 & 20c Xlght Prices 2oc, 35c, 50o Trimmed Hats in practical .ind attractive st.vlcs. Richardson's, ISKV. L. G. .MOROXY TS TOWV. Episcopal Minister Recovering From Lous Illness. Ilev. TJ. G. Morony. formerly pastor of St. Timothy's Episcopal church of this city hut now pastor of St. Paul's Episcopal • church in Kansas City. Kansas, is here today on a combined business and pleasure trip. Rev. Morony has just resumed his pastoral duties after an enforced vacation of four months. Some time .a.go he suffered a siege of pneumonia which was followed b.v a nervous breakdown. He was advised by his physician to take a comideto rest. VV^ith his family he went to Tre.go county and spent four months on .a ranch hunting and resting up. He comes liack to his work much stronger and believes that he will now be able to look after his duties. Rev. Morony returned to Kan- TAs City from western Kansas last week. THEATRE (Formerly the Bachelor) EVERY. :VfGHT S:«0 to 10:30. Matinees iSnnilays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. '•Sweetest Girl in Dixie" at tho] Grand Saturday matinee and night. ''1)1X1 K GIUL" TOMORROW. Popular .Sonihern Play "ffili Be atj Grand Afternoon and >'s;:ht. Program • YOi;.>G S.AMSON. 1 ERM;ST MACK, V- 3 LKSIJE POMEBOY. W S COLLINS & HAWLEY. ' 4 THE BAISDEXS '5 THE SPARSOSCOPE. 6 Always a Good Show* WO'AH Semim-lOo wv.uv.. I'lidcr .Sherlii' Kdatriirlii Xrreslcd IMni ill >Vood >ion Coiinlw \Tri;\ni:i» I>SPK( Tn»\ OF t OHPS. Iiilu I.adie .^i Event in l.iili'-- 'nil \ciy stii.ii! or v^ry i.i: KI'IKI:''!. iMi "an lii fioiii liji; - c'l'U.::;! <•;• ('i>;il^; si''i'lld:d liciiii J.'', ii" ii) $:;ii.t'ii. 'Iifi: I'iHJ.Ni-; ill <r,;;ii;y alim i;i'> > "ftii''' liiss alii 'i'ir'HMi dis- f.<\- liii' >1 tiT ;ilir.'ii ll:i Iiniirs .\I r I 'l-.i! • ii-i n sr> luisy nf l;it'- •'•ai hi- li, -.ili -.i .-.l I.I p;i\ hi:-- plum.- I':M. .in'l li 'S iijiiTi:.- A :i - i ii! ^.ff iln- liM. !!•• u;i;- i'"i :iViH<' uf ii uiii 'I sinni' i-.]>- \>lii ii.iil li,-.'>i ;•^.^!l^.; in !:it liiiii rii'- !-!i "ii" .-r! Iirc 'imoii < ii:iri<'e<l 'M U •! llli'.l nViT ^iiiTilfs pboiie. tn!.>riii< .1 l.liil I'l til!' wac'l. lb' I' liil at I'lH -e. af Rig Chaniite. (Chanute Tril)Uii:\) ^Tr.s. Charli-s Harris, of Rniivirin. who b;is been the uuest of Mrs. .1. C. I\ liny, inspected the Cbaniiio corps i >r III"' \V. R. C. Tuesday afternoon. S)io is cliii'f of allies, and the inspec- ii'nii is III;T<I • annuall..-. The affair was atlnnd'v^ b.v a dflegation from lola. o'li.Msiitig of .Mrs Phillip Heigle, Mrs. T. S. Hal', Mr.^. S. R. lamb. Mrs. J. ilKii ibe liors.' is liicr'^il.. Harliaimb. Mrs. C. \V. Thompson .1,1 iiiTxlncf tho animal I •'^Irs. K. P. I.oran. Mrs. S. Broadus. M's. .Andfrson and .Mrs. S. E. Vaughn. fml-'i ."-^Ip-iilT I!(i;ilii-.;lil .irrivcd il'llne irnlll WIKKISOU ciillllly l;|,;l lliulll ii.ivir;; i:i liis ciisli'dv Cii'ii. ('iip|iy who is iii.irj;rd u-ih i<iiii-.:iliii^ ,-irir| rciiiov- ii;;; imniir.i^ctl iiropcriy. 'L'li(> ccim- pl.tiiii \va.- sworn to by ('. Trine wli" s:iy> tii .i! Ciipi'v cniK 't'.ili'il a Imrse nn wliiiji 111'. Triiii'. held ;> iiinrluncp. wliiili l);i(l Imv: sime bcrcime (liw. Ciipnx ruiiiiil ill WiKidsun rnim- ly. Ill- s.n ; .I 'HI tJMI III- < .:i am- liiiH'. Mt- :-..ive bund bi.:| ii!;;lii I "I- 1.1- iiiiii'l-iirrfiii-e. There is no cnutit the watch- v.ord of the .American paople today is •Hustle" but it is .ilso true that when they turn from their labors to recreation they enjoy most the pictures, j stories, ami scenes wherein all is calm and disnifled. Ir is a pleasure to] get away from this workaday world of ours and revel in dreams of ro] mancc and enchantment. Such is thf> reat promised to those who witness •The Sweetest Girl in Dixie" at thf Grand Saturday, Noveniber 2, matinee anil night Just Received 500 Pairs of Sample Shoes No two pairs alike. Everything that is made in the shoe line. Now is the time to get a pair of shoes New Fall .Models in Women's. Miss and Children's Coats, made exclusively J that will fit and suit you. for us at very interesting spi'cial prices. Richardson's. r<M)K LOC.VTES AT PlTTSBIRtJ. Respectfully, .Sewer Contractor Will Open Hea <M quarters There for Year, A. G. MUMMA, Prop. fPittsburg Hcadligh!.) I .^^^IJ|? •\V. W. Cook, the sewer <'ontrartor. l^^^rlK will establish his headf|uarter offices in a room in the Goodwin building on west Fourth street and it will be in char .ge of his daughter .Miss Cook who has-been in charge of the ofTice in Muskogee. .Mrs. Frank Cook and family have arrived in the city and the family will make their home in Pilt.sburg for a year at least. The contracts now held by Mr. Conk in Pitt'^burg Epwer work will keeji him h^re so as to be ronvenient to his work. The main otlice is located in Jiini 'tion City. EST TOVES s ^HE \ nlGGEST Bs TOCK .V.-u- V \\'..;-i. fill: i< • Hi' 'nr.! -•in 's. iiiii 'd liy !inv [.•r:v. s ..l\i' Ml il'!fi'l.-- f ..•i 111.' S. Hi'.rli.-r. lit If.I .I. Is'aii.. iiiwii-si'iit; li-cnii -i- ;.i lb • • \ :1,.' riilli':;.' liii.^ lii'iitiiii:; siilij. .1 .(f ".Mi'iai'liyi;!.',)! ." .\ "..iiiili'r .if ;<i'v<n |""> |.:.- •.ii 'vc [.ri-;-iit !<ir till' ail.irc.-s—Km I'uriM <;:i,'.il.'. Wiiii 'itrs Ki'ii I' \vi -:i r i.'iiiiirk- i -i'.- 'I' -. Uii-liaiilsnii'.s. .-^II|;'!:KI' <" O l 'i ..iliii;;.-r n'lurii".! t 'i':!'.- i'r.ii.i 11 Iiiiis.iii. Vili .ii' 111' -.Mil' i.i f .i .'.i- IM FlllliT, /be .iljlo r. ;<i III'- ii 't ''.. .\j:;iiiii I', f'lr S'i.'i I W 'l'Mr ami S.'ini- |i:.,'... (•iirrr <-i biH 'ii.iili-r;i:r!\ ini.-.'il I,':, i'.ii il-"!i' i; V. ;i 1 l.:is Wanted—Everybody to know that W. Ii. K. '>>• & Son have moved their (_,,,, r,.|. storage oflice to 211 S .i 'i't: Wasliiriston. Office and liny riuiiie -j'.K). Residence and ^li.^hl Phone 17. \'>'.)'. isirr C.irsiM.-. I.iv'i. Ki' hal.lson 's. th.' he.-i FITZQERALO Storage ana Transfer Company OITice aud Storage Ware Room at 116 West Street Phone '356 'III,I'll.I. W. :iil "1! I'l .^.'Ill- ill. U.I. m.-r li -oiii l <i!.-i .-. -.IKIII PHI/I...>••, ..II till: ill.'. • . .\Ir. G'ltihiii li.-.Iii; I- i-p :rii i '11M.-I' s.' lill .^i II.-.- s in III'.'III •Tin Ml.11 liii'' -11 III' (111 :iii.| >;;i . Iii -li. Hi .N .i ;.ii .-i; llii> \.-:ir . \f-.-'-<| I fill II".I. H" is am. Hi:; ntli.T tlii'iijs liiiili !iM'.r s.--.'.'!i iiiil '-s 'ii' sir."-' 'riil'.viiy :it P,:iril.-svil'''. Mis IM;III>i -',i !-l .<c<>:t fii.'iids :ir.< ;;I:i .l lo l.'arn (.1 lii> lir.jsji -1 ill .—F'li t Sc 'li K-'piili li.-an, 'i HANNON'S Foot Wear AH kinds fif shoes for d'css or wnik Hi;;:h Top shors of all kinds. Rubber boots, Ajtics and light tubbers. Keep you feet dry QicBafcIaylSfifelds. THE STORE THAT SAnSFIES. For the strong—that they may keep their strength. For the weak—that they may regain their strength. For the young that they may grow in strength. Uneeda Biscuit the most nutritious food made from wheat. Clean, crisp and fresh. In moisture and vr dust proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY ' S * g^TORES To Be Sure WKSIiKY CHAPEL. Vera came home Thurs- 'lay and visllfl homo folku as there wii;; no .s<ih (K >l. ^ Flora and I'Mna Itogers went td Mr. R.'ad's SiHHlay after church. Mr. Ilening's baby is some better ; I at im'.sent. Mf. and .Mrs. .1. R.; Turner won.t I do -All to .Mr. .lackson's sale" Tuesdajj. Sunday is qirirt<'r!y meeting. Key. Bernard Kelly will b« with us. .Mr. Rohe'rt. Fiiriieaiix'.-; Ilttio girl 1 been iiret'r sick thi.-; week. We I h'>p'> she wMlI soon be well again. Tho rain stopped' the meeting for la while at the fliaiiol. .Mr. Talle .T and Fr"d were helping 1 Mr. Clopton gath'^r com Monday.^ -Mrs. Everett Reade and children J ;-.|>-nt Monday and Tuesday at- Mr< (,Jqe Rcail's. Everett Read.- is helping Mr. Chlt- I wood paint his house and bam. Mr. Chitwoo.1 and Mr. Young went j to tola Monday. The friends of Mr, Frank Olmstead of Hot Springs. .\rfe.. are sorry to h^^ar of his serioiisl illness, biit WQ. hone for his speedy recovery. [ i Mr. Htmiing's' son' who was''hurt by his team running away last |^eelc John Fumeaux took first prl^ oa . ' com at the farmers* Instltnt©. 1^ • • is able to be up-aad'Uromidi J^j^i

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