Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1907
Page 4
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MHi Unr KEfiiSTEl CHASLE8 F. SCOTT CIRCULATION 4,000. Telepbones. Reporters' Room 222 Business Office 18 SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In loli, Gaii Citj, Lanyon vUle or La Harpe. One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Year 15.00 By MaJL OneJTear, In advance 14.00 TKi-ee Months, in advance »1.00 One Month, in advance 44 Entered at lola, Kansas. Postofflce, as Second-class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on ' Application. OFFICUL PAPER. CITY OF BASSET. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED FRESH. Tke lola Dally Register is a member «f tke-Associated Press and Kecelrrs tke toy report if that great news or- gaalsation for Exelaslre Afternoon PvblleaUon In lola. CITY NEWS. TONIGHT at the Y. M. C. A. co\irt the number one team of the Y. .M. C. A. and the Gas City teams will contest. Both teams are in the pinic of condition and the contest promises to l>e a very interesting one. The lineup win 4>v the same as given in the Register a few days ago. ATTORNEY A. H. Campbell is in Topeka today on legal busincEs. HARVEY Howard has accepted a position in Spencer's drug store. He •formerly was employed there. SOME of the carrier routes of the Register were not delivered until late yesterday evening, due to a slight accident to the press. HERBERT Allen, who has for several months been employed in the Kansas Portland otBces, left this morning for Independence. Kansas, where he will work in the offices of the company at that place. Mr. Clark of LaHarpe. who has been connected with the lola offices, will also fo to the same place. THE NEW home of Dr. S. A. Coff man on East Jackson Avenue, has been completed and Mr., Coffman expects to move into it In the next few days.' >H BS Irma Cantrell":? ghost partv afforded a happy hour for twenty guests last evening. The company also vis'ted several other friends /whom they serenaded. j Miss Lucile Ritchey was among the hostesses of Hallowe'en guests last evening. ; Miss Telline Evans entertained a party of school friends with a taffy pull last night. Miss Laura Bayless, state worker for the Kansas Sundav school association, Is'the suest of Miss .T?.=isie Von Ste*n,. of Lanyon Center. Miss Bayless and' Miss Von Stein were schoolmates at the Hartford vchool of Religious Pedagogy last year and both came to Kansas to take up th.^lr chosen work. It Is probable that arrangements wl'l l>e made to hold a conference of the local Sunday, school wnrk- .••rs at Lanyon Center during Miss Bayless' visit. The Most rising People Need Credit Help at Times! Wc know that the most diligent and hard-working people require credit accommodation occasionally or continually. Circumstances may be a little against them, and while they are working steadily and conscientiously, yet the current expenses at times exceed the income in spite of everything. So it's no undignified act io ask for credit. The best people in every community do it when occasion requires. We are glad to give credit help to every family in lola, no matter how great or small their earning power. We have faith in the people—trustthem thoroughly. We endeavor to give each customer the credit service which his particular requirements demand, the terms of payments so as not to inconvenience the person a particle. It's dignified credit, confidential credit, the most helpful credit being given to its customers by any clothing outfitting institution in America. A Special Purohame of New Black Coats for Women, included with them a niannfart'irr's vnniple' line we Imvo arrnnsrd for Satnrday, inclndeN ail nrxi ivrrk a most InterrKling sale of new Black Coats, the very lBt4>st styles for fall and winter ncnr. Tiiry are mmAc of the tiaest broadclotii and ligfit weight Kers<>.TN In lilark. Tans, Blues. Beds. f<reys Browns. rastorK in a great ninnv dift'crrul i |ualities. The sale prices range from $3.75 io $35. These price.', are considerably les.^ than (he real ralnrs of the ('oatj:, but we bought them at less than the regnlar market prirr.s. and we offer them to yon with our selling price Imxrd npon the cost. Yonr income, yonr financial condition or your earning powers cut no tignre here. HO\F„STY Is the only capital reiiulred to open an ar- connt here. Any one Is able to pay $l.fl« or f2M n week. Yoii need no introdurtinn, "\o rnll." ,In.>.l buy and pay a little when the .salary envelope \s full. Why not a charge account for the wage earner! Hir wealthy cla^s cs bny on crelit entirely. Bny where your word is a.s good a.« yonr Men's SuUsF Exclusirenrss Distinction Tone the hull mark of er- cry garment shown. IJcpresent clothes of dlNiiiictioii in point of tailoring, efl'ecliTcncss and tittiug possesses an individnalily and lone seldom fonnd in ready- for-servlre clothes. The fall suits range in price from $I3.50 to $25,00 Men's & Boys' Furnishings .1. !<<•<• Hats rc<niir<' no iistroduc- tion. IVc !ir»> Hi;cn(s. SH arc niiiii> other slioii-. .Many luivcrs liclicic prices are the same i ycryuhere, hiil (licj an- not nhcu qHalil> is considered. Some chiir-'c you i't per rcnf too nnnh. We sell Hoc Hals lor the l )»wcs(" prices (lie iiiclory i>(iiuils. Men's Fine Tron-ers friini $!..">(» to $•>. Ilojs I'iinls 2 .')C .Meii's Work .Shoes fl.LV) >cw I'al! ttierro:ils range from $.">.flfl to Plh.m. ¥.\M\ hrmlall Shoes for the litile ones, Koys and d'irls. Ladies' (jenls. liiMit -I'n' pair io !^"..»0, A complete line of I'nderwear, Hosiery and Fnrnishinirs and Furs. We are lieihl((uarters for ladies man-tailored Skirls and .Sliirl Waists. Figaie Ihe Saving wiih lhat Popolar "Live and Let Live" Store on ths Soolhwest Corner of ths Square. liTe People's Store Outfitting Co A ttirPLE srniDED. Graple in Sprinefield. fcss.. Fonnd Dylne «f Ballet Wounds. Bprin^eld. Mass.. .\*ov. 1. —Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Kirwan of this city wcrp found in their room at ,!a local hotel this morninc. They are apnarently dying from bullet wounds. The couple was married last .lune. Kirwan Is twenty-six years old and his wife is elehteen. Both hid bullet wounds in their breasts. Kirwan recovered siif- frciently to tell the physicians he and his wife had decided to kill ihem- selves. He did not give a reason. •NOT A YOrNGSTKR in the crowd but a good audience of older people." said Secretary Starkey of the Y. .M. T. A. In speakins of Ibe lerlure "Japan nnd ibc .lapancse." which was Riven at the Y. M. ('. A. last night. The lecture was illustraird by ninety-eight views of .lapan and proved very interesting. T»K FOURTliKN year od dauch ter of Mr. and Mrs. Tice. 214 South Indiana is sufferinf; from an attack of .small iwx. f'onnfy H-'alth Officpr r »r. il. O. f'hri.stian this afternoon (iuaran''ine<l ihe homo and every other effort will lie made to i)revent the malady from .spreadln*-'. The patient i> not thought to be in any serious condition. TUB .MlLl.KR Tjindy company has jtibt finished havlnc a fine cem^^nt floor put in their liiiiMlng. The work was done by .Myere. the curbing con tractor. Always Right Remember our Prices are always reasonable, never cheaper or higher today than any other day. Our stock of Diamonds, Watches, Rings, Hand Painted Ohinaware, Cut Grlass, Silverware and Novelties are the most up-to-date in every jiarticular to be seen anywhere. ! See our line before buying elsewhere. WG take great pleasure in showing oui* goods whether you buy or not. J. W. COFFEY & SON, Jeweler5 €m» Side Square READ PROF. Peters' ad 'ast page of today's pai)er. on the MYMCft Atehla'n retiirn.^d this af- !ern<Kin fmni Ind-pendt nee where be BEDWELl.. & RAY yesterday : old | lias be.ii visiting (Jr.'li.-ini for the ''W acr? farm of Art .Sleven.son \ ihe past week. .Myl.r .^.lys lliat he is to O. (5. Prewitt of Lincoln. Xebr. | a final deal li.ttir. lie i.s jiisl reeov- The farm lies one half mile n-irth of, erinK fn>ni a .severe attack of typhoid the Kansas Portland Ceni' nt plant. ; fever. LOC'.-VL Recrniting: Oflicer Chas Pot i ler nH -eivo(l word this al'Ienioon that i he wf)uUl be iraiisforri'd to HarlJfs ville. I. T. November .">th. .\lr. Potter s;iy.s he has ni;i<le many ajireiralde i acsnaintanees since he has been her;-; whom he re ;;rets vcrv much to icave. | B<H>n FOR CANADA. GREW MISS LEWIS' HAIR AND WE CAN PROVE IT The Brtat Dandirina Nsver Fails to Proiluea tha Daslrad Ratults ]\^l.'%S I.rwis" linlr itn.i \rry ihin and il \vii.<! Vsn ihnn Iwo frri in length when ^h^ l.rjjnn iisinR Dimdrrinr Shr sfl%.s lirr hmr and sc-alp are now fairly teeming with new life and vigor. Tiiat's lli<- main sri rrt ipf lliis ("rcat rrmrdv's Ruccrw as n Kair Rrowrr. Ir en- vcns. iiu ijiorntcs and inirly rieclrilirs I I IP fiaiP glands and tiSSUVS oF the scalp. craiaiinR unu.s<inl and uniicardol /irlivily em llir part of ihrsc lun mnst impor- lanl orjjans, resulting in a strenuous and continuous growth of the hair. Tlir (nllowiri* is n rrproHuction nf W\s^ I.r\vis* last Irttrr: " C llitchcoeli, Ibe Actor. Sai<I to Be .M.ik- iUg' Ills Escafie From (he Law. New Vor 'K. Nov. 1.— Kvery el\ie i.s hein!e run liown to eaiilnre Kaynionii llileiieork, Ihe aetor. .\ ;-e.irch is also heins made iiv the {'liildren's Society and police for Delia AlacKenzie. one of the pirls whose stories resulted in Hiteheeck's indictment. .\n aReiit of llie Children's S <K 'ieiy s:>i<l today that the pirl had disappeared from her home on October 1. and had been seen in the coin[iany of the actor shortly before his disapi>earancc. Kiiiind for Canada. Hostoii. Nov. 1.—Advices reeeiviMl from various sections of New KiiKland tend to show that Hiteheoek. Ihe comedian, is lioiind for Canada if he has not alread.v^ crossed the boundary line. It is asserfed Iliteheock left Kiitlanii Vermont, last niuht for .Montreal. PR (.'. W. SHAfJWnrK. who MISI .Tined a broken rib while <-ari!iK f'"" a yonnff horso some time ti.^o. has fully r.-^eovered and iv able lo lie out airain. Ho is nov/ preparol to answer all calls. . <t)H' THE ( ABl.MiT .1IET TODAV. l*re*;idcnt Kooscrcll .Says Financial Condition X.eed no >en Action. \VashiiK::iii). .Nov. I. — I'rc-ide'it fvo 'iseveli w:fo in coir:ii!i:itioi; will' the cabinet ihrc" hours loihiy. The tiTian- cail sinr.uion di.^iu; i :<>il. liit it was slated that K :iiistuiti>ry coiuliliuiis at the present nionient wjirraiHeit no new at-iion. Secretary G;ntitl'I -:>id tlie leiieral appointments lor tli'j ^t.nrr> of Oklahoma had nearly i ii deriilfd upon. He F<)n:rht at «;ell .islMir'.'. Haviil Park.T. of I'.iy.Me. N. Y . Who lost a loor .Il (lciiv^|.,!ii;. write;;: "Klectiic l.iiliMS !;av<' (I(ii:e me inoro Ko(«l than any mfilirine I ever took. For Sfv:;;! y..:irs I had stomach fnni- Iil<'. ,'iiil jiaM iiii iiiiiiii money fejr tiieiiicir'- til !ii:lf (ni! iio.-'-. until 1 l>e- Saii laliink Kiecirie Hitters. I would iiiii lake $'.".011 lor wliat they have iloiie for till..' Ciariil ionic for the aseil and ! for f«iii;ile weaknesses. (Ireat altor- !aiiv<- ami body tmibjer: best of all for hiiiic back and weak kidneys. Guaranteed by all druggists. r>Oc. January' 3, 1005. Dear florlnr Knnwllon: — Vnii knnvv I |f>ld yoti in mv firi^t Irlirr llial my hair U'ottld nnl rrai 11 niui li liplow my stiouldrrs, and that all of il Ingether onl_\ inadr nnr liny lirsiii. I am srnd:ng \oii ni) photpgrapli, v\ liirh I had taken atStevrni Bros. Il irils ihr ^^h(>lr slcir>- iirtirr llian I can tril it. K^*"i>l»odv I ln"vv ir. iisincl Dandermr, so >ou see I am doing Bomnbmii I'j Sito.v n.y ap ^Vrccislion. .Sincerely joins. (Miss) EVA LEWIS. LatMt Phatecrapli of MISS KVA LCWIB nn Nwnilton Avtnira, Ohiooso Danderine maltrs the Malp Keahliy and fertile and keeps i< to. |i is the creatrsl MH I P fertilizer and therefore the greatest halr*producing remedy the world has ever known It Ii a natural food end a wholesome medicine for both the hair and s. alp. EvBn a 25c bottle off It will put more genuine life In your hair than a gallon of any other hair tonic ever made. It showe results from the very start, i NOW at all dnifSiats I N tllraa . Zfisents, SO OMUanrf SI. par battle ^ V HI'. m l»ree Mmple trn* \>y mnni IKI II to aur one who drrin* c«.. ChicaKn.wtth ibulr luuM and adamt Md WCMtl la itiv :r or sittfflvs lo pay poitaga. Rug dale FOR ONE WEEK ONLY At the following reduced prices: gxi2 Bacdad WtUons, regular $45 at $37-5o This brand is the best of all Wiltons. gxi2 Arlington Axoiinister, regular $45 at ... 37 50 9x12 Velvets, regular $35 at 27 00 9x12 Eleclras Axminlster, regnlar $30.00 at.. 25.00 9xt2 Smith Axmioister, regular $2-.50 at.... 2-.50 9x12 Saxony Axminister, regular $25.00 at .. IQ.OO 9x12 Roxb^ry Taps, regular $22.50 at 18.00 9X 12 Velvets, regular S22.50 at 18 00 9x12 Taps, regular $i8.ooat. 15 ''o 8 3x10-6 regular $13.00 at 10.00 Great redaction on all other rug sl.ock. SLEEPER 90N i »4V

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