Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 7
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Mott aunoftetartirf «nd i^i^iNfiefl daaaita , Iteiott WiMli. A d»ei)tkWCKUtCBia;g estnr-ii wWC«ne<t inautfwhrm. A dmmi sAlntnatteffen the dealer a thoiuaiid lOe dK«* « My $70 it ttaouMDd. . He fAiwMin a buadred trmm to induce ^dealer to boy. MMffly aveiy frank dealer will admit tbia if yeoaikbim the iKiltit^Iank question. - Business sense must tell us. that.470 uiorthal worth of d^ar» cannot be bou|^.fi !ir ,|7&.' ttiy. of dgsrs plus $7 worth can be bibghrfbr $70.' ' ilifedldttV drit MiiaudilDMhatef!^ i dteli«itoMMeaaiflla,i oi :Jl6 ^ thoiiaind'&i tba THE aiT COnXCIL MET DT BE €»r. LAB SESSION LIST XIGHT. QUARTERLY REPORTS MADE NEXT SnfDAT WILL BE BALLT DAY AT YETHOBIST CHrHCH. MemmtttoCigan ar^ simply the best tobacco we can buy« made by the best labor we can birtf, in a senipaib^sd^ eUaa, tanJighioJ and venti- tated Mhopf after methods we have leaned by making thia brand of cigar eontthaotutr for 19 yean. 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They taste alike, no matter whether they csjEn4--from the finest cigar stand, the handsomest buCGet or the comer store, alwajra right. AMkyotirCitarmanforaWereantiit^ oatofRie^MGlaMsHmtuthrJ0i3fo,25' ••Ric«"5 Glasa RnmIdor"lB tbe orisiBal nad only sa«- affecti tBetn. Dralrrn wflL^crve you with "Mercaotfles'* If yoar dealer does net earn: MercantOe CtKars. Bead ireyi ont o( this Jar U you ask. TbU •plendld packaae U a vai> ab]« at moat dealer* to smokers wbo buy Mercoatila Oirarshiloca of 50. If yonr dealer do< us hU name an4 we will arraasre to supply you. F. B, BICE UEBCANTILE OOAB CO.. St. Lonfa. Ho. ractory 30S-^lrat Dial, of MlaaoaH Raw f ura! B. S. BARNARD 32^336 \oHh Barkeye StrcH, lolc, KansAit. You Bt.Tft right, pnd rishL Top thp markpt. G^'t a .'^auare deal. Don't pay any oornmI<«lon or express charges. Don't nel! to any trust or give tnlddlemeL any profits and don't have any regrets^when rou ship or-sell tn B. S. BARNARD Be Sure You're at the Risht Place. The vacuum suction agitator of the STEEL KL\0 Washing Machine will •wash in less time than any other machine without wearing or tearing the clothes. Take one home and try It. Erery one is fnlly gnaranteed by the Manii fnctnrers. For sale olily by Brigbam JardwareCo. .. CIST SIDE SQCtBE. Trojan Safety afEAX.S JrST WHAT IT SAY.S. Better than any other powder on the market, >o vrlyrerlne In hn eomposftlon. Dn(-< nnt freeze no matter how cold, .Vhsolutely- •0 danger in handling. Use Trojan instead of sJyrer'.ne and save the lives of yonr men, and your company frnra dnmairF inltii. E.W. Cover dale AGENT I Boom 6, Stevenson BIdg.—loia TAe our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward ar- Leaves lola 7:19 p. m. rives St. Louis S:2.". a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east lx)und trains ;it St. Louis. For further particulars call and see us. ^P.HIle .Ast. MAGAZDfES AXD PEBIODICAL*' can bci^secnred o^ J. E. Heodrnoa rhn deals with tbe publt-^h'^rw npf turniahea them at the low^-' ;.i-lor possible. Trial snbscription Va? Norden's. 3 months 2Bc. Phone 98. ' 414 N. Buckijye (First Published October.5, 190S.) SHEBIFF*S SALE. ' The State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the District Court, Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, sitting In and foi Allen county. State of Kansas. Midland Saving & Ix)an Company, et al, Plaintiffs, vs. Oliver Stelnman, et al., Defendai^ts. By virtue of an Order of Sale issued l)y (he Cleric of the Thirty-seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County, State of Kansas, in the abnvp entitled cause, and to me directed and deliVRred, I will on the S*>venth •lay of November, k. I). 190S, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, af (he souih door of the court house In the City of lola. Allen County. State of Kansas offer for Sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real e.'»tate./to-wit: 1^1 Three (.'5) in Block One Hundred and Eleven flli) City of lola. Allen Conn ty. Said lands and tenement* Hill be sold without appraisement tr satisfy said Order'of Sale. C. O. BOLLIKGER. Sheriff of .\llen County. Kansas By J. If. KERR. Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff's office. lola, Kansas. Octo- THANKED NORTHRUP It I.« .Said Vkf Cockerill .^ni'ltlag Com. pany Will Start Their East Works in a Few Days—Fersoiials. Foot Ball Today. The second foot ball team and the Moran team are playing on the MacDonald grounds this afternoon. The Xforan team defeated La Hftrpe last Saturday at Moran by the acore of .5 to 0. A good .game Is expected. Walter Xewis Entertained. Walter Means entertained at: his home southeast of the city last evening. A number of friends from here were among the guests. Republleant Extend Vote of Thanks to Chairman of Republican Co. Central Committee.' the Republicans were rejolc Ing over the returns which were coming Into headquarters yesterday, fibowing the election of practically ihn entire ticket in thia county. Dr. J. S. Bass proposed that a vote of thanks b« extended to Mr. L. Northrup, chairman of the RopuhUcan county central commlttf 'P. for his untiring efforts during ttac campaign to bring success to the party. Mr. Northrup was then in the room but owing to his modesty declined to put the motion. Everyone In the room offered a second and when, the motion wa." put by Dr. Bass it received an affirmative vote that could be heard for a block. The action nothing more than right. During the fight Mr. Xorthrup woriced day and nlsht to carry the ticket and hl.s Influence had much to (io with the declsivp victory. He was ably supported by the other members of the committee, leaders in tl:e party and the candidates. When the vote of thanks was extended. Mr. Xorthrup said: "Well, there is one thing, boy.s. that I know, and that is that our campaign has been conductod along clean and honest lines." \ HELD TP MERL 3IAS0\. .Vorehofld Bandit ronfps.«es Offense to His Cell.yafe. .NEEDFIL KNOWLEDGE. lola People Sfaonid Learn tn Detect the Approach of kidney Disease. TliP,s.vmptoms of kidney trouble are so nnniistakablc that they leave no ground for doubt. Sick kidneys excrete a thick, cloudy. offensiv<» urine, full of .sediment, irregular of passa.ce or attended by a "sensation of scalding. The back aches con6iant<'r. headaches and diz2y spells may occur and the victim is often weighed down by a feeling of languor and fatigue. Neglect these warnings and there is danger of dropsy, Bright's Disease, or dia betes. Any one of these symptoms is warning enough KJ begin treating the kidneys at once. Delay often proves fatal. You can use no better remedy than Doan'6 Kidney Pills. Here's lola proof: Mrs. Annie AdfcJns, of 311 North street, lola. Kas., says: For some time I waa subject to attacks of dall bearing down pains across ray loins and some times felt k Just over my hips., iielng sure that tbe caiise was some derangement of the kidneys and Seeing Doan'« Kidney Pflla blRhly recommended in our local papers. I went to Chas. B. Spenoer k f'o.'s drug store and got a.l>ox. 1 used thoni as directed and muat say that th<>y did me an infinite amount of good, i have not been so well for years As I hare been since using Dean's Kidney PUls;" For sale: by all dealers. Price 50 cents. FosterrMilbnrn Co.. BntTelo, New York, sole agents for the United States. ; - Reicei9btr the name—Doan's—and take BIO pthc.-. , According: to the Clianure Sun. the hlKhwa>-man who held up and roi)l>«?d Merl .Mason of this city, at Cherryvale several months ago is in ru.^iody there. The Sun aa.vs: no.vd, Reeves, the bandit, has onrifpsspd to two other crimes sinr-f In* has been confined to jail, sa\.^'iho Cherryvale Republican. Ho .idniiited having biiiKlarlze* fh»» resi- dpucf of th:irlos Barns last .Aucust. srr:iiiii(; a pn'.d watch and about JIS In niorifv ll(»' w;i.-' al.-o overheard tellinK S;tm Kin::, who W.T.X hlH cellmate, that h** h.-lil nil Mori .Ma*on in the lUiwon (t.chnid uUi.xn thf same tjni*>. Thus li»' tny.tfiy rf two recent criiiies hl.s lifrii .soivnd. Kepvcs also told KiiiK 'hat had ho mu been cauuhf thia tin'.p lip had a -dpai" on that would h:ive neiiod hini |o^0o if ho hud Iffa buocofsfitl in carryinpr it thrr.ii?h. as he \v;i.s .-uro ho would hnvo 1.0^:1. Uf<-vi'.- is a dr: lavrtl chriracfer for so yrjiins a injin .'ind ha.-; iho look of a criminal in ivory lino of bin foa- tnro.^. L.-c .Mri:Htain and Marshal Wat.snn spniU'tl the pint of Sam King and R>»HV(s JO delivor the jail last night. Thoy v.-(TO .spou at work by both nion :ind wore clo..;ply guarded, o'so fhr> s;:.(l> v.-'.,uld have l)roken out. East SmHter to .Start The furnaces at the East Works have been fired and it Is said that they will be started in a few days. The smeller has been down for the past several months and during that time has undergone repairs which make it almosr as gocd as new. Will He visiting Day. , .N'oxt Friday will be visiting day for Iho te.ichcrs rf the local schools. The teachers will visit the different schools In the state with the hope of .cettin;^ now ido.i.-i which can be u«ed In romlucting tho local school.";. SEVENty-EIGHT AGO .Vovo to Colorado. noorge 0. Fox of this city will move to Colorado. Some time ago Mr. Fot and .Mr. Halgler of this city purchased a real rstate bu3lnes.q in Colorado Spring!3. He will move there and take personal charge. PERFL-MES For a fine assortment of Perfumes and Toilet Waters see our new line and new orders. Waters & Danforth Drugs and Jewelry. . lStAs famous old medicine became fovorably known as an effective remedy for Coughs arid Colds. . Today EXPECTORANT is known and used all over the world for relieving and curing Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, PleurLsy, Croup, Whooping-Cough, Iriflammation of the Lungs and Chest, and Asthma, Countless thousands of hemes aro :iever without, a bottle of this standard rr.etl.c '..:v:. Sold by all dnigsists, in three size bottles, $1.00, 50c. and 25c. Dr. D. JayM's Tanic TanBifteg* Is equaUy well known as a gentle and effective tonic for tbe whole fsmil^ BUSINESS IS BETTER The constant dropping water wears away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser masticates the toughest bone. TTje con.stant wooing lover carries away the blu.shing maid. And the Constant Advertiiser Is -the man who gets the trade. Habitual ti) ffoyitf pcrvtoiwnlV orcrcovneWsnMr ^efinal IftxaUve i ^osUUmrspcaM, %vhicK enable&OM«tia (9m rrtolar half m«v W ^miaJih tliMse ^Milti Miiiri «Kiit «iit. Methodist Episcopal Chiqrcb. Remember Rally Day is near. All plan to come next Sunday. A large attendance Is expected. All little and big. come without fall. You can if you really try. Do your part well. Lend a hand and try to Interest your l)apa and manima. Yoii come and bring them; come early. A nice souvenir for each scholar. Cfood pro- Kraiii. Good music. Short illustrated .sermon by the pastor. Sunday school at 9:4.'>.« Rally day program begins after Sunday school. Special rally day sermon at night. Subject: "Eternal nutlders." All parents aud teacher and Sunday school scholars urged to be present both morning and evening. Help us by your presence.—S. T. Green, supt: Elsie Stevenson, sec; ira M. Benham, pastor. OSTEOPATHT— nn. W .If. ALDRIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Bank Bldg. F>hone 143. Only Osteopath In La Harp«. Conncll Held Regnlar XeHlng. The feports of the city clerk a'ere received and accepted at the meeting of the council last night. Recaitse of .•illeged overcharges the report of Police JudKo Clovenger was tabled to i)e taken up at some future meeting. n ihf» meantime the alleged over- .h:.r-os wiil be investigated. The wjicr work.s committee was In- .^fnictod to inspect the dam and order the necp.ssary repairs. In order to protect the local merchants from mail order houses the council at their meeting last evening instructed the city attorney to draw up an amendment to the bill posting ordinance so that it would be an of- f»»ni'e to circulate their advertising. roBditions Over .Country Improving Since Xews of Tail's Election Was Received. Washington. Nov. 5. —That the coun try responded immediately to the elec lion of William 'H. Taft as president was shown in dispatches reachin.^ the capital today from all the big industrial centers. From New York came news that sensational advances In stocks were due to orders for thousands of tons of structural and railroad steel, telegraphed to the nillis us soon as it- became known positively that Taft was the ^victor. Thi.s presages heavy building operations all over the country, millions of dollars for railroad equipment and. Pinployineiii for thousands of men. Advices from European centers al- .so showed that financial and commercial Interests abroad were pleased with tbe election of Taft. areuiup that it meant a stable, sound and reliable administration, careful but progressive. This feeling was reflected in all the European bourses and boards of trade. The only disgruntled element in Europe seem to be the As:ra.c;ariang of Oermany. who believed they would fare better in tariff dealing* with^ Bry- 1 an than they will with Taft. BESKET BALL GAME High .School Team Will Cnifnt With the .iadltorinm Team. Toniorrov.- nl«;ht the first basket, hall .same for The Auditorium wilt be f.u: on. a team from the high school [•laying a team from The Auditorium. The ,:.'pme will start at 7:30 and will 1)0 over by.8:.l0. During the intertnis .sl-ui v^orween halves skaters will have the i.'iKir so that the ordinary skater who starts in about S o'clock will not j lose any time. REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE MEETS. Wilt Close Up Businett of the Campaign Tonight. Personals. Miss Rilla Egle came in this afternoon from iJkwrence. Kas.. where she has been vi.siting for the past several days. I... R. Stoddard left yesterday for Kansas City on a bnsiness visit. Miss Patterson iefi today for Broh- son to be the guests of relatives. .Mr. and .Mrs. Hyames. of 3farshal. .Mo., were here yesterday the guests of relatives. Mr. and .Mrs. Wood returned to ihejr home in Vaie.s Center, Kas.. this afternoon. HELPS THINGS ALREADY. Public Sale Bring* Big Pricea After Election. The cattle, hogs and farm ^ Implements !>old at t::e public sale held by Mrs. Jane Hales, east of the city yesterday morning sold from 35 fo 50 per cent more than was exi>ected. A great many people remarked that. it was because confidence had been restored with the election of Mr. Taft as president. lIOXL.tXD WOXT START A WAR. Got^rumtmi Beaiea Raaun Thmt Tea. maela la t« Be Itjiackei. Wil'ematad. Curaeeo. Nor. JS.frThe colonial government iasqed a eaaunor nicatloh today to the pet^le of.Cnrac- eao in vbichit set forth that ftcr m- qiors current recently (bU the corera meot of Tbe Netherlanda irqnid takf some boBtlle action against Venetuela on the Urat of November ware witfaont fbandatioA. On .Monday. Tuesday and Wedne.<*-\ ••ay nights .lack Fotch, a comedy skat\ hi. comeji. Comedy skating Is entirely I'.ew to the patrons of the rink and Kotch vill undoubtedly draw well. The ladles are still t.-iklng advant- The Republican county central com-• :.<:»> .if the tnonilng sesslona In large mlttee will meet tonight to close up • ;iiimher3 and are having fine times. the business of the campaign. This I ^ will probably be the last meetln.s; fori - Lodge Meeting, some time. There are several mat-j u. x. \. camp Xo. 12.SI will have a ters of Importance to be disposed oT.\r'i-f^Hiti tonlsht in Woodmen hall. Anyone having bills agalnsrt the com- '• theiu in! The he.«t and qal^kest way is ralttee Is asked to, present time for thia meeting. n^eMfT waat iray. Big Opening TONIGHT Readicker Grocery and Meat Market EAST SIDE 30UAR£ ^ SOUVENIRS FOR GUESTS

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