The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1950
Page 13
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TUESDAY, APRIL «, 1980 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WHIiom. •LtTHBVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Maj. Hoople PACT * PLW M* FAi C«M THAT B6 MY OU> J GOOSe Ml OUR. BATTLCR 0= tHE »W<5 . SPRI46 AND MAT, (S THAT •M06ED A BANAMA AWW T THE POET AMP THE ROUGHNECK Political Announcement The Courier News has been authoj- 1?,ed to announce the following can- diciates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 25 and August 8 FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland, Green and ibe mta- tnfr ten thai ttuf strange witb- ' 'awn man approved of net Syne did not attempt to make on versa i loc during the oezi 10 minutes It wa> Pien wtx talked FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE • ' L. H. Autry Re-election Past No. 3 Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No. 2 i E. C.- "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election Post No. <) k£ \ — — -' •Ok • For Slate Senator ^^ • W. R. Nicholson J. Lee Beardon KMy No. 31 Fescue Posture Mixtures, Alfalfa, SEED CORN State Certified COTTON SEED and SOYBEANS BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. J900 W: Main, Phone 6856 RAP AND , TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service , Reasonable Prices ! Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Coliihan llOSo. First St., Blythfville to Clemenr?. !• • fcwff.i /CLEMENCY bad changed tnto the sol* frock sbe had—until bet trunk arrived 11 w» • yellow-gold crew witt oo trimming except a burjcb or black and ret- low Hower* «o one tnouldet Ibc bodice wa* made vtUi • fquarv neckline and the sleeves were Me. witb their fuilne gathered into wrlsl bands rbe coto whlrb could bave been trying, m perfect with Clemency 1 * elevr cream slnn snd ?otd nair UK) the dark lipstick which ffie bad used. There was nirprlsed uoo on Jon's face Then. as be moved forward, Syrie saw ber >nd called out: "Come m. Mis* Norton." Jon laughed. -1 didn't recognize Miss Norton. I was wondering who ft was—standing like » hour at the gates at Paradise." "CM—what?" There was a definitely Ironic Inflection to Sjrie's question. Piers had risen, putting down : hi» paper' "Come and oave a .-drink.. Miss Norton," be Invited •; "and tell me what you think a rRed Aloes." She looked at aim "The bouse," he said, lated Into English the-nam* at tt is Red Aloes." "Oh, I didnt know. «"l the most fascinating nouse I nave ever been In." It was obvioui that sbe meant it, and there was a little less bleakness chan usual ua til smile he gave ber. Piers dropped a piece ot Ice Lot the long glass be held and tiliec it up. As be handed it to her be The FBI examined 792,029 ringer- print arrest records In 1949. This exceeded 1948 by 4.3 per cent. orotn«r (hrov- >K In an occasional remark What- ver the elctei Amberler» faults were, tie was courteous enough u ry to matte the girl (eet at aotne. But sbe was thankful wben dinner was announced—though tfae beautifully served ana exaulsitely cooked meal Became a sort at nightmare as It continued. ; JNFORTUNATELY tar herself. Clemency nad always oeeo very sensitive to aonocpnerc. out •veri to the least sensitive person t mud nave oeen pretty otmous that mings were not well to ml* household. Syne talked to uer. i argtng on the amenities at Biskra, not anything like what It lad been before the war—oo tour> st» could come, out ft was at east somewhere to escape to. she said. , Prom his end of the table. Pier* laughed. "You talk as if you were in prison, my pretty sister." She shrugged her shoulders. Clemency waa crutU nrUln ol at As certain as tot wa» that yne nao aalj aiddeu oei jown Mre thto •vening at • oufld t»- ween peocle wbc would otberwiae nave rouod tnl> am aight at reunion Insupportable. As toon nm ootBibat Clemency iade aei eacapc Back in the rightly lit nurserte* see loto ner- selt that the Amberleyr orivate ffau? were really aothlng to do with oei With UK sudden reeling that sbe must bave s breath at (reato air, Clemency ili ot>ed oer paddea tilk dressing-gown over her pa)ama> "A prison without bars," raur enured Jon, looking up trorrj tne 31as» at wine Into which he I oeen staring mofxtily. Therefore." said his brother tc his clipped, cold voice. ; "one tram which escape ts always possible." . "Nrrf at all 1 believe a lot at prisons are run that way to these days; but" there Is—oo escape. 1 Syrie glanced at her husband. He made no comment He < looking across the table at' his brother,, and as Clemency saw th expression in bis eyes, her heart missed a beat; U ever there rtac been stark .hatred In a man's ey< it was in Jon /Vmberley's then. Piera kept hte own nxed an bis plate bis tace quite unreadabl and she thought involuntarily There's something terribly wroc between these two. no opening went outside. ber ' window sortly AFRICAN Dl«ht> can be amazingly cold to con era* to toe warmth at the dmy, : aod thla aiceptlocx Above, the great vault of the sky wa> like a dark sapphire and all the myriad stan of the desert bung down like golden lamps. They seemed so near that as sbe ooked up at them. Clemency nad the, Fancy that she could toucij them by reaching up. She put up a band, and shaking ier bead at ber fancy, dropped rt again Phe stan were out at reach —like so many- other ttiingy Sbe was nan* leaning oc ibe balcony rail wben at a sound below she drew back abruptly But tram where she stood sbe could ttlli see the man woo bad emerged from the shadow of the bouse and paused, ogar In oand. staring across the sleeping "garden. It wa* Piers Amberley Trie moon was coming up. and In its silver light Clemency saw him clearly Hw flrst impression of that strong, clear-cut (ace aad been was hard and rather cynical During" the evening the Impression had been more than once amended When ne smiled there was an extraordinary chann about It; but he was not smiling now.' She Celt jiist as she bad earliex about Syrie It was almost as though a mask had drouptd, showing the mac behind it and Clemency thought that she had never seen such bitter on any man's face. (Ta Be Continued) FRECKLES AND Hlfi FRIENDS BY MERRILL Hooked "What right has Mr. Morton to try to kits me? I'm Mr. Grant's secretary!" WERE JUST KIDS, ^ \VeVL AND IF -IDU'RE SCAPED snow TO PtAY US, BE MEN , ) YOU ENOUSWTb ADMIT If/ I WHOS / -'SCARED/ MAME me DATE/ IT WAS NO GAME'S C»LUN« ME YELLOW/ I'RISCn.LA'S POP That Finn! liife KY AL VERMEEB VM WRITING TO MY .„. CONGRESSMAN, -7\ COMPLAINING / ABOUT THE . , ECONOMIC )(( \ SITUATION! ' DON'T BLA1 GETTING S< NOTHING LEFT IN FELLOW'S TAKE-HOME MY WIFE LETS ME KEEP AFTER I TAKE IT HOME! VIC FLINT "Accdents?" 1JY MICHAEL O'jHALLEY and RALPH LANB But op in New,England an old friend_of Say It With flowers" Blytheville FLOWER MART ate m phis rtiway Phone 64WZ AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT 1,000-Gallon Storage Tanks with all hose and fittings $497.50 '26750 '297:50 Barksdale Mfg. Co South Broadway Priori. 2911 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES RENT A CAMERA Low Rates on Box of Flash Cameras al! 3647 — West Main BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. "Say. It With Flowers" BLVTBEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Hiway Phone 6»oz SHEET METAL WORK' —•—: OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone ZfiSl Hearing Aid Users Now,»you can gel fresh, pre-tested Batteries for Any Kind of Hearing Aid at KIRBY •J3RUG STORES FOR SALE C«nerete cnlTert*. 17 Inch to 48 inch, plain or recn'orccd Also Concrete Building BIock> cheaper than lomber for barni chicken houses, pump bouses, tenant hoBM*. tool sheds We deltrer Cali v» f*r free estimate. TILE OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. tat. Concrete Culvert Tile Sixes «p U M In Corrugated Metal Culverts Sixes «p to R4 In. Aitomitlr Flood O«tes Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile "es;' Trices We ItaHter A.H.WEBB 'Birhmj *1 nl SUte Une Phone 714 «*c*«tsmrs PERSO ARMORY HALL May 2 Advance Price .. 1.20 person At the Door 1.50 person Tickets on Sale at Kirby's THOSE'ACCIDENTS* HAVEN'T 8EEN TOUR MULT, ALSO DARLING. I THINK SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL MOD / MR. HINT. BEAUT I HUH?/MAKES Mt mine was beginning to ffgure that sprinff canied for him the menace of death. TEEL LIKE A SCHOOLGIPL A6AIN.TONY. ANOTHEB ACCIDENT AGAIN TODAY, BOB8Y/ WHATONEAKTHISTME MATTtR WITH ME? CAPTAIN EAS? BY LESLIE TURNEB WELL TIE.OUR HORSES i roicfM Hro ccme BAOC KEEP BACK. O' MB...AMD E& BEADY TO DEOP BC-MIMD A B0ULPEE. PRONTO' WAV USB A GUM; ».FT£E WOT HE SEEN DAY! MOW TH6VRI K*» Ffcn TH 1 ACCIpfUT THATll. RIO \>*0f THE* N1K1. THEY WOWT BE SEEM IF THE PUGH SOYS BUGS BUNNY All for it Penny There's One Now NEXT TIME KILL A TIGEE. KILL IT DEAD.' OJST LEMME LAV EVES ON ANiTTHEE TISER.' SO HELP SCATTER HIS BRAINS ALL OVEE. THE MAP OF ASIA.' ILL... Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OWW' EDGAR MARTIN

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