Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1907
Page 3
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\ THE lOLA PAILT BEWSTEB. FKIPAT ETgyiyfl. yOTEJTBEB 1. 1907. styles, Supreme Satisfaction, Econ omy and this Store go Hand in Hand This Store strenuously endeavors from day to day to give you all that you can desire in merchandise, at the same time offerinj!: to you unc;xccllcd opportunities for practicing economy. Some of those opportuitios are presented below: Unequalled Coat Values (or Ladies. Misses end Children icim-'i. Clf,.-),!!,.!. Oiii .i, W). ci .niit I. Ml- nt ijiM ii:;. IIKI'I'- IMU lit ,'.ir no iiuilt.-r II! li"V. l.i.itf ;.i'n ail- S; I 'liili'I va!iu'> fiMiu ^t.' III .llllllnl ('ll.tls ll'iill (<> #1.•>.<!(» >|.lll( (II jfll.VI ^ sl.J-, (o !i7.;.(l Warm Underwear for Wen. t adies, Wisses and Children .M<n'.-; I iiilciw (Sir. ."iric ijilJllily fnl ;;7 'jc. .Till- valiKs in U;iiJU>.i liai- iMiMi- •h-.ix ran 1 .1- licnmlif Im 2 .">r, .*{.">«•, :.".0c, 7 .V anil sfl.dO iirr }:ui'nii'iit .Missrh i;,mil' 111- ivm l.'ii- \» .">(!«•. ::»« I 'itir,-. ol UaiMi UlaiikfK fi-iin :.«f to #7JMI |MT pair. Tiiiuiat'l llat;i in inarliiMl anil jiiirait'lvi- ;,i .':i> .>••!.•.•( ia I Im' #l."»0, W.rid, 'HasM, ii.m mui #'i.<i(». '.I M .U I- is! <i ; Dress Goods and Trimmings. in :'i-.'.l .-I' a '1I-". "".•n. - i; v.'11 p i> '."i vi i; M::I- Ii;-'-... ir a :H -IT "nr .•|f^,uil Wvf ii( I in •• ^ < . a iiff I'l :;n •. . .•iliTanil i>i i \'V i invin:- iiuii! ?l ''."i In l.'ir NOTES FROM lA HARPE imwu wn.i. sjjtvi: ni;\; GH TUESDAY. KOVEMBiR 3IH I u\\ v'\ \ iiv ri \ \ IM. n: > Ni;^. UHIIJ t H Uiitfn- iviiji;,. i /Y- t> (»;r JIi«' K <Mi| IJnII «;aiii.- I i>(laj. !:(';ii>r }'r',u->'a:n i -J ;ii;fti n! •))•:•' : .1 lU- lidiiii- III II.'v. C K :: .•.!.-'i>:' ••! th- clin.-i'a. a;;il ;ii ':n:lit rhi- --vas ;iaii.— ••!, lir I vcrjiii'- Was .-j "-n: .•inriallv. ., il. <^''.f'il :hU ui'.-i'.n-.: TI. scrvt- .' -<);'<•• y Till <i'.:t\. Suvimi -f :i I'.iin:'" liniiiHii'-; "n Nurtli .:: Iiia :!i. nill i MI .p :ii iw'i nf iir-k .''i;':, I-;:; >• ID fiiriii ii'iMnk IMninT Mi'iin. i'> Hliij )\>-:c<'- I '.i'ips Slav 1 •• ,ii;;>. j . • S:'i!i . I.;.:- V:.;;.'^ V I < lilnaltil H:il|ii-.w'iii. i .TJ)/ Am- ; ii-ni ::i hi • .'• !i 'iatii >ji 111 ila!;"U ''i :i !.• •• ••• i-, • , a 'loii; >';:;li: i .'i-;;; ;.:.>l ln -i .• . .-n .1., ] /iiiii' ai :i! 1 '.<••'•;< !i< |..'.'.il ''x-- .-' ' " •\ :tii h .-r / a i..- a'lil • •• -i: '! ^ : 1 • 1 1. ! u.- .. ; ; '•••If') > all" V n I'i I ii; * - '• i' J -I • I v. i. I: i •!.,! -tn; •;. Tl.l •1:. ;• ...I \-:,.i;.:.n .•• ( . 1:. Siirial I iu''ila«. II •, r . Cia-'k"- ~ I'l.-U'. . (•.•l.-i< 'a'.,< ; aiiM ' 'I'tf' • • Vrr U itii4'>->iii;: (••.is i Hi (.HMII-. !/> liai ;'i- 'ii.k tlif af : ii"-a I a I" I 'l ' hi- -. ji' ;M i i; • :.• tl;>-\ :-i • •.\ •.•••.'•^^ili.: (ia -I .i 'U 'i' u'I:M' I'. Irrii 'i -ii::; iila' ' •• -f .-n I.-' Man"- I- >• .•' .-' :a i; : ''iiV Iial-i S::'-. 1 . :-; ;-f- 'a. Mai'i-- T:,; ••1 ,'M,,.-, • ui::-:-! 1" !i T' — • M--,' I)..-- <-an -ii.- •• ar,- ij,-' -I •;• 1. i" i • • •nj .i'- '-'I l'> ;i • n :-''..fri..\,-IJ ;'i:m -• •ak'ii Ma. . • a:;'l j;-i r";. ;.: • (.r .ilM-- Hi (.nil!." ..• : •"• • i- - iiai lim I-; ifi-- 'I::,a . X. v. < s -a*. > :ii .i "it H V. • ;••(-••.:•..• liijiii'.- iif CiiM • "l; I • Ir was a ;;ijod sizt-d ami appi-fi-ia- 1 i]\ aii'liciii-c that listcneii to tlio li-i: tin.- lit' H. V. Artains. -fniloi- tin- iKiijiK- litli- 'fliajpfs lit' Ccijil. " tlif k'l- i>u'?.-nifil a iihi 'Dsopliii -ai Iml li'ii'iiia!- ili .~(-iis.-iii)ii III' tin- jmwt-i- uf ilii:':u!i! as ii iiiakt-s I'lir lu-alth. liap- I li-i.'.-s ami •;(HHIU<'SS. l-"<ir R <-i>n.siil- '••r.:.;i>n -n aiisiiai-; a .-nliji-i-i in a ni:i nil-! "a; unri' »'nuTtainiii« and iii- 111!-..- tiiy all ilassi-s. tlif li 'i -'iiii- • 1 i nil- 111- Miipassi 'il. Ml-. Adams' .: ;iii r uas ! Iiis winds wiTi' \vi.>ll • li -.11 1 i- sinrii's wi-ii' iii -w iini! • il.liM-u. VM-Il ap|.Ii''d til sliiiplif> ..1; 1.1 ihi- di -'|ii -r iintlis pii-si tiii-d ill- la;- iyi> 111 IMS till- aililii-ni -i• '.—i -il all i 'r.-\ wiili'iiil tlinnnhi nl •'i< !M -i! liini- Kvi'r .Mim- is li.nk : M:- fi.vai'l 111 MI Adams' r>'tni'ii In Health Economy Galumef Balong Powder .Best bV Test fMm Made in New York fTiniS si ore ^Tows big-^er every year. X Our old customers come tack and advise their friends to buy here. For Benjamin Clothes make steady customers. The cut is always up to the nun- ute in New York Style, and the another lecture." . maicing is of the highest order. Benjamin Clothes begin by looking right; and they stay looking right. ' Correct Clothes for. Men iSxclusive Agent Here. Birth. A daughter was burn lu .^Ir. and .Mrs. Hilbe yesterday. Oetobfr :'."tli. La Harpe H. S. t>. Eureka li. S. .Manager Wendell Plillll|is of tint Harpe high schtnil root ball team has arranged a Raim^ of fool ball with the I'Jiircka hi>:h school team to be played on the La llarpi' field noilh of this riiy it-si Saturday aflvrHoon at two thirty nVlock. The liurelca team was out' 111" the lios-t in the .state .'ast ycai md is ;;I>IH1 this yi-ar. If is believed, hat they will jnit nji iui e.vrellent lanie for the l.n Harpe l/oys. As the }X|>ensos will be hea\y it is hoped a ar>:e crowd will be present. The lineup for IM tlarpe foilnw.--: •'orai-y. -i-iitc;-: '.Mlbcrt. left Ktiard: •^tevrn.s-dii. ri?;hi cuard: Gates left taekle: llyaiiies. riuht tnck!e: .Moore- lead. ii -rt end; .Myers, riplit end: Fel',pi-. iinai-iei- back. July, full l)ack: laker, richt half: Hacon. left htlf. PerMtnaN. .Mr. .Tail .Mrs. W. I, Oi liismi. ,tf«. trcnsiiit. «as in (IK* <-!(.>" .<csfcrija.i mi I visit. Will Smith of Hai:tfo|-d. was Ih:- iupsis of friends in the city last iiiKh! .^!r. a:id .Mrs. .Martin HliMid.sop. of an- vir -itin;; al tin.- In.nie i,-f re'.- tivi's in this city. K. O. Martman of riilon ;iii''ii w .i.- II the I'ity yesterday mi biisiin-ss K I .\ni!ers-.ii. of Omaha. .Neiii >'.-is <-aliiii^- oil the iniTcliaiits \isii-r-[ laj. \ Hani Uebl t<> Va}. I oHc a ili'lil iif );raliliiili- lliat laii • •viT 111- paid off." writes (!. S Clurli. if \\ i'-t()i-ld. Iowa. •for in> r-srii- i -oni ilealli. ');- Di". Kinc 's New |>ts- •i>\i-i\ J5i)i)) Iiiims wi-ri' so M'tiou .'r. I ffai -li-il tliai (li-:illi v-ii-!iii -il imi'.iitii III. i •Iicil I roIlllili'lK-Pil taking .Vi-v,- l)i.-: oviiy Tlie nminnus div. Iiiu-kiliu oilirli i|i)il brfori' tbe lirsi li-itl!* was 'si'il. and two moll- boltli-s made a •i.iiiplt -te i -'ire" .N'otliiiii; has evc;- •inalnl .N'-w Dlsi-ovt-ry for eoiiKlis. oliU aiiil al! tluoa; and IniiK rotii- • '.lints i;naranti 'i-il by al' dniK:;i.-:ts. I:- ami Jl.i'n. Trial bottle free. 7 FIREMEN OVEEGOME FKISCO BA>KS OPEy. Seifn Snfforatrd WliHe t'bchUn;: (.'hi- caeo Fire—W.IO.IHM) Loss. Chicago. Oct. —Seven firemen were overcome, with smoke and a los;-i of three hundred fifty thousand dollar.- was caused in a fire in a livJj story buildius on State and Quiucy streets, oceiipied by the Holden Shoe coniiiany. early today. «oTenior GUIette Declared « Uolldvy But It IVasu't >'eeded.' San Francisco. Oct. 31. —The banks here opened for business today is usual in spite of the fact that Governor Gilleite had declared a le.ijal holiday. A police officer was stationed at each bank.but there was^rto excitement and but few iiobpfe^Sfpf the employee;; were at the bnuks when the opening hour came. The otqck exchanj^e and produce exchange opened as usual. II(>M> FIXED AT ii,iHM. .\>frnt for a M«nnnieal <'oinj>anT Km- Itezzled Funds. Abilene. Kas., Oct. 31.—M. K. Dnr- kee. a^ent for the Dosscllers ^lonn- meiit Dealer house, was arrested here niTl;i charce of embez/.linK ninety do- lars of his employers' money. 1 He is ill jail and his bond llxed at two thousand dollars. KECEIVEK APnil.VTED F«»K BA.\K. I'ri'sldent < M ' Dollar .SaTtnt;:^ Institution i Has Shortasre. ; .\kton. O.. Oct. :'.l.—.losopli Dafinei. president of the l^dlar Savinss bank, was appointed receiver for that institution today as a coiiseiitieiice of lb suicide of Fred A. lioraii. the cashier, on Sunday. .Mr Ilagnel has a .shori- ; ase of thirty-ei.clit tliousand d'.'llai -> ' amply secured. If you look as though you couldn't do the work, most men will jump at the conclusion you can't. Right clothes pay big dividends in good opportunities. That's why wc say— M^iilf bv f.fnpoM. Solomon bv on- pro- Kiltndtiilh, Chitaco. l>oM bv on-pro- /o)/? G f' ^ J;rv•^iv^. deiilcr !ii ii)o»f .-vciv iit\. ^•|ll^il (ind W ^Jt/%4~A^ d> It v.cil -.vo.-iH your ivhiUi fo look iiim up. y^y\A^/iyi C/C/< rut: >.ivv SKKUs AIH.SHII'.S. lalliion-. 11 Valuable Adjunct. Sajs Keiir Adm^al Ihester. .\i-.v Yort;. Oct. :'.i>—"Our navy must •ijivi- a rorps of airships If it is to main- aii its standing as a naval iiower. rii.> l;alloou is the -.iiit'dol;' for the M'jliiarinfs. beini; the i -.\es of the bat- —ir ^iis" Tiiis ("i riaraiioii was niaif today by ••ar Ailniiiul C .V. fliester. 1". .S. N.. 'I an aildii'ss on the subject of war befor • the .\eroiiaiitie con- !.ss in the .\iro Club of .\nierica. . \<Iii:ii-it" Chester made a stroll--- plea; •o- tlie a'l-ship as a part of t '.-.e naval ! •iiniiimeiit of tin- rniteil States. It . ••as the most important aiix'l'ary ih", •;">aip eoulil hav-. In- asserte-i. ; TIK- Kn.ssi.-ms rsed lln- airship 'Laitist the .taiianesi- with uri-at sue- rs.s." salil 'lie .\diiiii-al "On more 01-- asions than one balloons from tb"' V'adivo-iok fb -i 'i «eiit ashore, ex -n!ii I' <• .lapanese I 'oast unknown to Ii" .laps and made valuable 'oiforiua- I '1 I'd t /.e Russian forces." Th • admiral declaro-.l thai tlie bal ''<ui was a v.-oinlerful a '.'v of the 1 at(o slrii. • It 's able to deief- mines" he a bl- -il. "Til' I'liifeil .Stales overniiie.-lf ioul.i lose tio tiiiif ill i -stablishiiii: a r of airships. .Austria and olher a-ions use th>'m with areat siiecas.i ff.r scoiiiiH'-' inirpiises." Prof. Wil'is I,. .Mnnie of the w -a: er iMic -aii. sa"'l that l"i" .-rrslii'i li.-i<l I lie to stay. It would be found use- 111 ill i-NpIoraf/oiis. in flu- delivorv 'if >iail. and in war. .\s a sport he de- "ired. its siaailiiiir was a'cnad.' Ilv d Me dill not lielii -vi- thai llw ba' •i >n Would 'Vnl- I -il -oUle ll-erul in f'lM •u-i -i -.v rill' p -.vas III 11.. an im iiM -tant factor in the d "M 'lopmeni i -f •ivilvat 'i .n. Hever^it of llif i -on (.'.i( atil - Mi -i -ent St. I.o-i s ra'e |.)M ..f fjn-ir >'\ ' -rii IK-ei- D»iniy, brwiiching. So cfurming And brigM, Her gimatts art staved On the light running White. This a the No. 27 Automatic Lift, Swell Front White. It's A swell machine and is made ^ for those who desire an extra finie article. Something uniqtie, but at the same time a thoroughly practical machine. \ Lot us show you Why a White is more Convenient, will run Lighter, will Make Less noise, will Sew Better and Last Longer and is Prettier than any other machine. WG Can ProvB Itf 11 its 3 piauo bargain that you are looking for—you will find it an easy matter to djfive a trade with us. We are showing different mafees and all the different styleS made, enabling you to suit yourself, both as to the finish and size and price of the instrument. Come In tudaj and bear them. We will i:nnr.iiitre yon will be; pleased, r John V Roberts 'Piano House Distilled Wster One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water sultabia for family uau. Try IL FKANK RIDDLE . Mtr. ^ home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Pajd for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZB, UT-TO-DArE MEAT MARKET tH liast Madison QROCflRY HMd^iiartara far Goo^ Things to Eat. telei>hoD6 159 lola Bosiness College UtoM or 0»y Semalom ;Pennian5h"l |i. AritbDietIc, Elociitloa. rtookUrrpIni:. Knglii^h. Thysical CuK jturc. etc.. .Shorfhand. Letter Writing. A Sfi;nllirant I'rajer. 'May the Lord help joii make BiieU- n"s .Vrnica Salve known to all." writes .1. (,. .leiikins. of Cliaiiel llill. .\. It i|ui(-kl.\ took the p;:ia out m' ,i '-l"ii for me and cured it in a "onde;- ill-. sb'-rl iimi\" I'-c:-' "U laitli in oii-s. Iiiirii- .'iiiil woni!(l. •"."•r ;il .'ill Irni; st-ires We also have cheap machines from $5 up. R. S, GtLFtLLAM, Ceneral Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalk" Cnrbine a Specialty. Office y.HHt Jacksoa JIVK rboBo 194. i M- «-0 THK HATK.S. • IK Mcanicf!. are I roHd<'d yllh KtTila Shipnitnt'^ ti» Kurope. . r."Ston Oi't. -'M --.\r. -I result of in n i-e ill trrain exports -.^W ihi- m- liip lines have advam-ed tln-ir raii-.i tn future bookinf,'s. The ^rain rate to •iverpool has jumped from t celUs to I'llts for li .'-i -mlier an! .Iatiu-ii> I adiiij; ^iiid in L'-n-loii ii li .-is |iim :.i -l III .". Ill i; i -e;-.!.-,. On all otln-r eom- iiudities till- rat".- bav" aih-wii-ed i:i ri'l' i .i' f'-k ;lip lio 'imiias fm- spro-e s-lioilu led to sail in No • .'IT. I ii. .-ni! i -i and .laiiinn .IE .•;i (|.c) 1 ii 'iillimi leisliel'. atl'l Mils •••-1. li.'i . tarte'l ui'h nnini'iill;> iii- rrif.. for .-^paee. i .'<ii i'Mi<-l; srain lias lii ->-n lio ..l <ri| i:liiu the 1.1-1 ft-w days that it is ii'-.i'i'e ihai on- or tvo tramp II iiier-, ai ;i- I.- i -iiaiierid for shlp- .!--it> to p'/it- not riarii'-d 'ly ri-gular i.;- rs from In-ie. Tie lola Furniture Store Look for the Flag. A. W. Beck, Proprieior a and 5 Hast Madison Ave. KFI.v CASE ronoKKuw. V-Miiill I UM- Will He Tried in .Iiisllre I'liMer's riinrl. The i-a.~e i.f stale is .1 I' •ill III- I lied in .fiisliie Potter's i-oarl '•niorriiw moniini: Mr Keit.i i • •iiM 'Ked tiy K O. firuner with assault vlth a deadly weapon. It wil; be re- M .i'iniiered -Mr Keim and yir. Hruner foiiKhi at the street car depot .i( l.a Harpe several weeks uKit. in the tight Hruner was rut on the MMC ' o fthe head wirh a knife. Kcim had . I'.ulier Hi 'iosied in I a Harpe polii— ^ i-oiirf with assault Hruuei- was le-., '•rised and the co.sts were aJi ^es*ed to the l'(ll|lplai.>I!n^ witne.s.s. Tht" Junior Depanmtnt 5lore Buy Your HMllowm'mn Favosa ana Jaok'O'lamtornm of g ^ W I IV O 13 1« J> 1 O K 111 8oatk WasblDKtoo^Hella tU. Well, Friends i l';.iii> aiies ai" in ordT. We have the I m.ff'i.'iil >h fti.'ik" '!ieiD of. I'Haliiton i'\ C. flour, per pkg 19c'' [iKalstoii -I'repi'Pil l'-- W. Flour, per pks 10c Poruna Wliole Wh^at Flour, 12 lb sack BOc IJood Fresh -Meal, per sack 20c Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maple, Fancy Table, "White Table, and Sorghum. FOK .SALE—Sideboard, dining luble aud chairs, cooking and heating stove, uashin;; m.ichine .-mil other lii>ti.-u>hii;)l yoods. Sll North .letfersoii, Willi lm^ Marble and granite Worfcs .Afuted t«> our new xbop. IMl S>iitit! U'aithlui!:t»n .Vte., where ne arf better prepared than ever to turnliib high grade .MonumentM to any. one needing aDjthing on our line. C,£. WiiUAMS, ProprMor. Telephone 676. 301 South ^'tuthtngton. FRYER BROS. Oroc»ry and Mea* Market Phones 308 and 301 i For L'.\change. Farming lands in Panhandle, Texas, for farm lands, or IWe stock, or for liila. Ca-i Cii- or T_l.tlarpe rentaltt. \VlIlT\KKIt & DONNKLL.

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