The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 2, 1971 · Page 27
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 27

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1971
Page 27
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Friday Night, October 8.1971 6:30 The Circus, 2, S, 11 Courtship of Eddie's Father, 10, 13 — "Tell It Like I'm Telling You It Is" - a delivery m;in slips on Eddie 's roller sk«il« nnd Tom is sued for $.'100,000. You're On, 8 Ilee Haw, «, 7, 12 7:00 Brady Hunch, 10, 13 — "The Wheeler-Dealer" — Greg gets stuck with a clunker when he tries to buy his first c;ir on his own. The D.A., 2, 3, 11 "The People versus Saydo" — A ride in a police cir and involvement in a shootout convinces a youth oriented against police to testify against a revolutionary. Making Tilings Grow, 8 7:30 NBC World Premiere Movie, 2, 3 II "The Impatient Heart" Carrie Snodgress, Michael Brandon, Michael Constantino, Marion Ilailcy and Hector F.lizondo star in drama of a deeply concerned socal worker who even turns her love for a fishmonger's son into a c.'ise study. Thirty Minutes With. . . 8 Partridge Family, 10, 13 "The Undergraduate" .Shirley receives a call from the parents of a college student who has developed a crush on her. OTIara, United States Treasury, fi, 7, 12 — Frank (iorshin and Victor Huono play a couple of snialliiine crooks whose dream of striking it rich seems about to come true at the sacrifice of a Treasury agent's career. 8:00 Bridge With Jean Cox, 8 Room 222, 10, 13 "Welcome Hack Miss Drown" — Gail Fisher guest stars as a returning divorced teacher whose | marital problems affect her teaching ability. 1:30 Hollywood Television Theater, 8 - "The Typists" CBS Friday Night Movie, 6, 7, 12 "The Face of Fear" — Ricardo Monlalban, Jack Warden and Elizabeth Ashley star in the suspense drama about young woman who, believing she has a fatal ill ness, arranges for her own murder through t h e San Francisco underworld and then tries to halt the hired gunman when she learns she is in perfect health. Odd Couple, 10, 13 "Sleepwalker" — Oscar becomes a sleepwalker and pummels Felix to re lieve his frustrations. 9:00 Uve, American Style, 10 13 - Anita Gillette, Nan cy Walker, Nancy Dus sault, William Windom, Kobcrt Morse and Shelley Herman are among the guest players In a quartet of love stories. 9:30 The Toy That Crew Up, 8 Stand Up and Cheer, 2, 3, 11 10:00 Scene Tonight, 10, 13 KSN News, Weather & Sports, 2, 3, 11 News, «, 7, 12 10:30 The Tonight Show, 2, 3, II Doe Scverinsen sub-; slitules for Ed MeMahon and Lawrence Welk will guest. Ten Thirty Movie, 6, 7, 12 "(James" — Simone Sig noret and .lames Caan You're On, 8 Dick Ciivett Show, 10, 13 Milton Ik-rle will guest. 12:00 Midnight Movie 7, 12 "Ma & Pa Kettle" -Marjoirie Main and I' e r c y Kilbride All Star Wrestling, 2, 3, II 1:00 K.SN Late News, 2, 3, 11 Top Twenty Shows By JACK GOULD (C) 1971 N.V. Timet Newt Service NEW YORK - Robert Young's starring vehicle, "Marcus Welby, M.D., finished first in the season's initial A. C. Nielsen rating survey. Not one of the regularly scheduled new series joined the American Broadcasting Company's production in the "Top Ten." Two film attractions made especially for television were among the leaders. They were "Columbo", starring Peter Falk, in the National Broad casting Company's mystery movie, and "The Forgotten Man," starring Dennis Waver, in A.B.C.'s movie of the week. "Bonanza," n perennial win iter in past years, was not included in the first thirty shows, an apparent victim either of age or the Columbia Broadcasting System's decision to run a movie early Sunday nights. Television officials said the first Nielsen report had only limited value. They noted that the week under review, Sept. 13 through Sept. I!), did not include Monday night's professional football on ABC. or several minor schedule changes. On the basis of the preliminary figures C.B.S. registered an iverage weekly rating of 19.0; N.B.C., 18.2 and A.B.C., 17.1. A rating point equals the percentage of homes tuned to an average minute of a program. The top 20 shows In t h« Nielsen list, with new programs identified, follows: (1) Marcus Welby, M. D. (A.B.C.) (2) Flip Wilson (NBC.) (3) C.B.S. Sunday Night Movie (C.B.S.) (4) Lucille Ball (C.B.S.) (5) N.B.C. Mystery Movie (New) (N.B.C.) (6) A.B.C. Movie or the Week (New) (A.B.C.) (7) A.B.C. Sunday Night Movie (A.B.C.) (8) Boh Hope (N.B.C.) Hi) (Junsmoke (C.B.S.) (Ill) Laugh-In (N.B.C.) (Ill Cade's Country (New) (C.B.S.) (12) All In The Family (C.B.S.) (13) Medical Center (C.B.S.) (14) Dick Van Dyke Show (New) (C.B.S.) (15) C.B.S. Thursday Night Movie (C.B.S.) (Ill) My Three Sons (C.B.S.) (17) Mnnnlx (C.B.S.) (18) Adam - 12 (N.B.C. (19) Nichols (New) (N.B.C.) (20) Funny Face (New) C.B.S.) Among the stars In "The Last Ten" were Shirley Maclaine, appearing in "Shirley's World"; Don Adams, in '"Hie Partners"; (Jenc Kelly, in "The Funny Side," and Elizabeth Montgomery, in "Betwitched." Tliis Week's Movie Fare "Billy Jack" continues extended run. Fox '"Jim Stewardesses" here for extended engagement. Ayr-Vu. "Blue Water, White Death" and "Light, at the Edge of the World" will play Sunday night. Featured Friday and Saturday are "Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice" and "Cactus Flower." Soutliuteh Playing Sunday are "Dr. Phi bes" and "Blood and Lace.' Scheduled for Friday and Saturday are "Wedding Night," "The Swappers" and "Two Gentlemen Sharing." AccuColorgoes PORTABLE! The SENTRY MJ 416, New Villa* cheHll lO'dlagonel picture Quality AccuColor performance In an 18* (diagonal) portable. A.F.T., AccuTint, many luxury features. Reg. $389.95 $33995 LAWSON APPLIANCE 1301 N. Mala Dial 2-7751 TOP URLUG! BIG FAMILY-SIZE SCREEN! ® handcrafted 20 COLOR TV table model with AFC and ATG arc AulOKI/illC Fine-Timing COIIIKJI Automatic Tint Gourd Contiol Super Gold Viriflo Guard Tuning System Famous Zenith Quality $ 448 80 ZENITH/ Tho quality goea In before the nemo goea on* The BOTTICELLI • C4208W Grained Kashmir Walnut color. 6" x 3" Twin-Cone Speaker. • Handcrafted Chaaala • Super Gold Video Guard Tuner • Automatic Fine-tuning Control • Aulomalic Tint Guard 510 N. Main W Hutchinson, Ks. RECORDS - TELEVISION - STEREO Sales & Service HutcJilnnon New* Saturday, Oct. 2, 1971 Page 7A Saturday, October 9,1971 7:00 Bug! Bunny-Rood Runner, 7, M Dr. Doollttle, 2, I, 11 Jerry I^wls-SU Down, 10, 13 7:30 Woody Woodjieeker, 2, I, 11 Scooby Doo — In The Ncwi, 0, 7, 12 Hood Runner, 10, 13' 8:00 Deputy Dnwg, 2, 3, 11 Harlem Globetrotter* —In The News, 6, 7, 12 Funky Phantom, 10, 13 8:30 link Pnnlh .T Meet* thi Ant and the Aardvark, 2, 3, II .laekNon 5, 10, 13 Help It's Tha Hair Hear lluneli— In The News, 7, 12 9. (Ml Harrier Reef, 2, 3, II Pebbles & Hninm llainin — In The News, (I, 7 12 Hewltehed, 10, 13 9:30 Arelile 'H TV Funnies - In The News, 6, 7, 12 Take A Giant Step, 2, 3, II Lldsvllle, 10, 13 10:00 Sabrina, The Teenage Witi-h - In the News, 6, 7, 12 Curiosity Shop, 10, 13 10:30 Major Astro, 2, 3, II Joule & The Pussycats -In The News, 6, 7, 12 11:00 Johnny Qtieiri, 10, 13 Hob Seaman Show, 8, 7, 12 WSIJ Football highlights. Mr. Wizard, 2, 3, II 30 You Are There, 6, 7, 12 The Jelsons, 2,3,11 Lancelot Link, 10, 13 SATURDAY AFTKRNOON 12:00 American Handstand, 1(1, 13 TIIA, 2, 3, II Saturday Noon News, 12, 7 Across The Fence, 6 12:1.1 Many Happy Returns, 7, 12 11 Wide World of Sports, 10, IS 1:30 MIC Saturday Report, 2, 3, It CHS ttvening New* with Roger Mudd, 6, 7, 12 7:00 The Partners, 2, 3, II — "Waterloo at Napoleon" —Detect I ve.s (.'rooke and Robinson l(ii 1 1 up an assignment and the KM I. (Jetting Together, 10, 13 — "Where Are You, l.illlo Slar" - - When Hobby goes to Lionel',-) high school re- I ioiiel 10 (|e- of lliii-r Hollywood union, he discovers has exaggerated II grce Sucre Wei 7:30 Funny Face Movie of Ihr 13 "Thiel" trying to break with I criminal p:c-1, inu -,1 Iind 7, 12 licnri, 10 a man a a way to gel money quickly to pay off a debt Richard (Ircnna, A n g i o Dickinson, (' a m e i o w Mitchell, third ll ;it(l:l(( and Robert WCIIIKT .star. 12:20 Saturday Noon Sports, 7, 12 12:30 Don Fauibroiigli Show, fi, 12 Rainbow Theater, 7 Young Seen.', 10, 13 KIJ Football Highlights Around the Town, 2, 3, II 1:00 Jerry Joy Show, «, 7, 12 —Friends Univ. Football Highlights 1971 World Series, 2, 3, II Sports Challenge, 10, 13 1:30 The Menkes — In The News, 8, 12 NCAA Football, 7, 10, 13 Michigan at Michigan State 2:00 CHS Children's Film Festival, 6, 12 - "For Hoys Only Is For Girls, Too" A Russian - made film, dubbed in English, about a young girl's determination to prove she 's as capable as any boy when It comes to playing soccer. 3:00 Hill Anderson Show, 6, 12 12 3:30 Larry Kane Show, 8, 12 4:00 The World Tomorrow, 2, 3, II 4:30 Death Valley Days, 6, 12 Wilhurn Bros. Show, 2, 3,j II 5:00 Porter Wagoner Show, 2, 3, II Kay Conover'n Jamboree, (I, 12 Three To Win, 7 SATURDAY NIGHT 6:00 KSN News, Weather, Sports, 2, 3, II News, 8, 7, 12 6:30 iJiwrence Welk Show, 6, 7, 12 Thli Is Your Life, 10, 13 Lassie, I, 7, 12 The (Joint Life, 2, .1, II — "Wrecked Hullcr" liut- ler Albert Miller break:! a leg playing tennis and (hen nearly breaks hl.i back to keep ;m efficient .substitute from taking his job. 8:00 Saturday Night at the Movies, 2, 3, ll --"l(.clurn of the Seven" -•• .Stalling Yul Miynner, Robert Fuller and .Ionian Christopher. When Chico, mm of the Magnificent Seven, Is captured by a hand of outlaws who are harassing JI Mexican town, bin only two former companions Mill alive, Chris and Vin, come to his rescue. The New Dick Van Dyke Show, (i, 7, 12 8:30 Mary Tyler Moore Show, «, 7, 12 - Mary Richards gels good vibrations bul. not. necessarily good grades from the teacher of her night-school class. 9:00 Mission: Impossible, 0, 7, 12 - To help the IMF team break up a crime- syndicate specialiizng in brain washing ox convicts Into committing political assassinations, li a r n e y substitutes for a former rulsoJier looking for an o|>- eration to give himself a riifiw appearance. The Persuaders, 10, 13 — "The Man In The Middle" — l /ird Brett Sinclair is suspected as a British Intelligence traitor and Danny Wilde is believed to bo his accomplice when the two try to help the 'British trace the real traitor. 10:00 News, 0, 7, 12 KSN News, Weather & Sports, 2, 3, II Scene Tonight, 10, 13 10:30 Saturdav Playhouse, 6, 7, 12 - "Now You See It, Now You Don't" Jonathan Winters and Luclana I'aluzz Night Gallery, 2, 3, II Four segments dealing with a headless writer, parents and a demanding off spring, a retired surgeon, and a father with a a problem child. Best ol Hollywood, 10, 13 "J'rie<; of St, !/>uis" 11:30 Twilight Zone, 2, 3, II "On Thursday We Leave For Home" 12:00 Midnight Movie, 12 — "Seminole," — R/ick HuoV Don and Barbara Halt) 12:15 ABC Weekend New*, 10,13 1:00 KNS Late Newt. 2, t II

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