Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1907
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY BEeiSTEB. FRIDAY ETEyiyG. KOYEaBEK 1. 1»7. L. L. Nortlirnp, President D. P. XOBTHBCP, Second TlcerPrett North ru F. A. NORTBBCP, Tfee-Presldent. Iflfiiitirj Iv tie DUtd Statci *• lUeiCtiity JL .1 H BBUaiBAUGH, CnsWer. MELVIX FBOXK, Ai^U CMhier. 1 Establislied 1^. Itlsfl Bill li illii Ci. Assets ii,200,000 Women's $ 1 2.50 Coat Sale A collection of coals that are entirely new and out of llic ordinary—coats that have been made by the very bc^t makers, materials arc imported Broadcloth, light uci^ht Kcrspy and Mellon, colors are black, brown, tan and red, bea"tifuiiy trimnie 1 and lined lliroughout with eegant satin. An endless array of styles from which to mike your selection. These coits are considered good values at $l-").0(> to ?!(> 50, our price tomorrow St^mSO Women'* Coa1» at $6.93 Tomorrov.'wc ofTer a big as>--()rtmcut of 5U in< h :oti?, loose, l)lack eoat?=, lined throughout with satin,trini- iiiod '.villi velvet and braids. Coats that were (X)nside:cd r. aso!ial)'c at ;aiO.(K). on Sp-.-i^tl SalcSaturdiy. SS.QS iChildrcn's Garments Children's g.^r^^cut^* ;})t:iully priixd for toijiorrow $i,sip, $2,50, $,$3.00 S7.50 Our$6.50Silk Pc'ticoats $4.95 (»0~beauliful silk i)i.ltic<>rtls whi^li \>c will fell tomoirow at liiis rmink^ihly low price, they arc m do of high gr/uk- rustlinjfdaffeta silk in bi.ick and the new colors, made with a full circnlar flounce made good and full, well worth the regular pri^c (jf th..">0, on saU; u- niorrinv while tlicy la i $4:9S Embroidcricd Iic:'thcrbIoom Petticoats l.'nlircly new at $3 and STmSO i! Lon^ Brown Kid Gloves i; Assortment i <i brown Glace kid gl(,ve< rcc:»'i\cd ti.dayatS^ •''nd $3. SO i' • Dress Goods for Tomorrow ' 5i) j>:t.ce' < ! W '.ol dress gowls, tluy r.'nie in MK- • weaves a^: Panann.Check .Viiiliiii:. .S.i.idovv Plaids an 1 .M;xt <jc-;, all tl:is :-LM-oil's nev/colors, worlli b-'jc x.< 7k- ptr yaid. on I 'ale 43G \ We Cdrrij a Com|j1ctc line of MIcCall Pat ferns Derrmher 8bec,l^ now in ' The LiUIc (Jlcancrr- will iii'?':t (•) morrow attfiiioon ;ii ih*' honi'- I'f Mrs. Know toil, i']:; h'omli Third S'. C'^ncral topic under nhicli UK ' of arlistjc i|i ,'VL 'Iu|)nu'iit. II i.s hopt'O that the |)iil)lic will Iciid its as' sistariff ill niak .DK tho tinaiicial i>art ; of tlio affair a success liy attcii'liuK. M SSI'S Anna Smith. Hlva Ilu.-.-o Ila/'.'l .Mason. Kdiia Vcinn-.; and Clanu- .'ia \'. liar on ttorc .'Mjsv .'Mary H.wi!''- j •;:U'ht>; lasi ovoniiiK at an infonnal i p;irly. Thri' nore ,i iiunib"r of "iiov"': Misses Belle Horwitz. Rosalia Charles, .oirsc Hj-<Je, Eionia H>Ue. Clara Foiist, Kiniiia Newton, Clara Bnincr, Tot Uartles. (trace E>av;s. BiancliQ Fonslrr. Clara Bowius. Haze! Bowhw. : Alice Shiods. Martha WUiitney. Annn- I ><>1 I'addock. .Maude MInrow, Bculah McCance. Christmas Wllbon. Eliza- be'.h Oaiilt. .Josephine Riddia. Eva Brett. -Mrs. Ilac. .Mrs. iJeluh Hunt, .Mrs. .Millard Tiats. .Mrs. Ned Teats, and .Mrs. F. C. Wirt. + * + A roterie of friinds ^njoy.•d an oiri fashioned parly at tlut homo of .Mr. and Mrs. F. .1. Horton lirsl ovoiiinK to colobrato Hallowe'en and als(» tho , birthday Hiinlveranry of their host. iThc evonlnc was featured hy card-< ini'l old fashioiied dances whii-li were enjoyiMl in the spacious third story of the icvldencc. Piiniplilii faces and roil crrysaiilhemiiins were (ilHccd at Int-Mvals ill the room and there was a banquet served at midnlRlit The ' nuwic for the VlrRiiiia reel and other I dunces was played by Rastlis Hall ani i the company enjoyed one of tlii' most dei'.htfiil parties of tho autumn. Amonir those who att'.^nded wer • j .MesKis and .Mes lames I.. I.. .Xortliriip. r. H. Sjiencer. .1. (!. Mittlebach. P. r. .Vorthrup. F. .1. Horton ami r. K. KdK'Ttoii. * + * The .Mtruistic dub boys w<'rf at Lome with .'>li.><s Maude .Miiirow am! i .Miss I'lorcnre .MuiiKer last evenliij; to I entertain fhe'r Rirl friends. A wKeli { f re. pliosi stories and fortuuo tell I iUK were liappily in evidence 1o make I liie party a Hallowe'en evening and I at ten o'clock -n New Enfiland luticr { vas serv.'d. The courses were mad< ] lip oi' old fasliioH'-d delacacies and •' for des'^ri there were tiny pumpkin t-ic;. The tab'o (i:>corations were clirysaihtliemum;;. yellow and white. Tlios.' who were Included in the iiiv - tatioiis were Treaii I.owlennilk .Ma-- nr 'T 'liam, .Mayme Anderson, f.ii'ii ('iiI 1 b <M -tsoti. I.aurn (.'<ioley. Amy .M-.i'^s- ii ' jra'e Ftessle Beci;. Oertriide FitZKer j aid. ICI.^a Hilflii 'T. .I.-iinie Doscr^lt i Fay McDowell. Harold Fulton. Carl j Roijerts. Cay Coss, .lames Wn.idin Ir-'bert Howeii. Mr. McEarle. •:;i<>nTi ; Core. Frank fJardner. Harrison Har I .'on, Delberl Itowen. Kiiz'^iie (.'roue!' William llurlnett. H •rljeil Brown and lierberi. -Mien. •T- -y * Tlic fir.->l of ;i series of leas was «iven by kidi.s of the Baptist Ai'l si-cii'ty al the lic.mi- or Mrs. Oscai Cowan yfsterd«.\ afleriKMin. .'Mi-s. W H. Cariield and .Mrs. Edward Bussiii.c ;is>isti'd in r<'ce;viii>r and in the din ! in;; roiiiu .Mrs. .1. It. Crijllcr. .Mrs .Miin 1 I 'oii. ;>Irs. nwrham. .Mis-> Olive Wil' i;ims and .\Iis -i Klli<d ifay |in>sidi'd al lie •iiiiclienii l.'ihl 'v, wl."c:i were Ir in mei) will) festoons of srarb-t le;ive.v and (•liryKHntbiMiiimi'; of various eo! or.. Dnrliij llio lioiii.'. of i1i.. r»ce(. .•:<n lifly kolr:; atdndv!, in;inr ot wboiii wiMe fr ends •'{ Mie clMiifli ;iiid III •ml crs of i!s auxiliaries, •:- + •!• T!l" aid Mic 'ely of d,' I'. H. rUnir' bad ;i|i :il! diy session yisterday. At ;ieoi] ;i liiiicbi-on Was served to llic I ntW'iidiiii; 1 idi's ainl rii I'le afleinooii lliero was tlu> usual mc'tiiif;. .:• .J- ^. 'I'lii- ICnili-avoiers of tlie ('livi.-l a;; elierdi wi-re ibe vue;;ts of .Miss ClPr.'i .Sled.. aiKl .Miss .losephiiie Steele laj • evoni:i(r. IT. A Mo.v ball [lartie-,.- ;i!om:se to !i' coiin •••xciMdinply jiopiibir Ibis winter. On- of the iiia.iiy parlies Kiveii last < veii Watches The sale of First Class Time- I —pieces is an important feature of our business, and we sell strictly high grade watches al extremely low prices. We never misrepresent our Roods, but will at all times sell .vou an honest watch at a close price and miar- anteo to Kive you full value for your money. McNEIL BROIHERS, THEJCWELCKM. W. H. ANDERSON, A ttoro ey<at*Lji w. Notary and Stonograpber In OflBce, Phone 466. • ' • H. A. EwlnK, S. A. Oard. O. R. Oard • EWDiO, OABD & GAKD, • • • Lawyers. « • • Practice in all Gonrtt. • i • 9% W. Madison. PhoM Ml. • listed, was 'The Deve'opment ,.f |'I'^crsions planned. amo.iB which «a , Cvil Libprty." The roll call .K ^-/'fonmvj tellinir Fhc rooms The m-'tijir of r'.iiK;!ii<'i;, ot ihKins: wa-i pniiion.-d vi ;.:<>tri;i i- cans'- of tb'' iM;ili;!it> of maii;. <•( I'.- nieiiil^ers to .-jli.-inl Mrs. S. ly. iioliiies ii .ul till- S'(ro> s dull memb.'-rs as >;u <'Sls iliirinK Hi" sillily session yestordav af!' riioon. There were n,i I'usjiiess iiialtirs lo presi-nteil for ;\'<il« s sfi tiiat oro- rr^m wa;; 'hi-;prliu-ipal f'-atur.'. Tli'- Hey Theref "Wlicte aic y<iti ^oitiv'" "Goitii: aft- r a sack ol U, Sm Paioni VUwr. Ntv wife won't use anylliinR c!-c " Hmwton Mfllg, A C/v. Oo. ' a. r. moHRif, *trt. an.-wiivd ly nuo 'aiions from the Big li.w paper;-. Tio- paper of the aft'r- iiocn ttas i>'ad by .\Irs, English, who •oo|; !h<- life of TlKinias .l<'ffi'rsoii j-s i'i-r siibj.'ct. I'll" club will ni"et aua n on .\'ovenib-»r 11. •!• -S- + ,\ !inrr.\ ;;:oiii of .^ouiiK p'-op'o v.ori' ;;ii>'sls of .'diss Edna W;r,'ii<'r •::d V.'iri i!ia oii.'s l.isl evening at llio lioair- - f .Mi.s.- .Ioii"s. The mi<-sls w.-re i--,).tiini-.-. i> r'-i)r<>r.,u ph'ists or ei>in i - ch u :"('T.. and wer" <-<iri1lally en !irtaili''l. Tliosi- pi;-sonl wer-- 'ie V.::y. F'i/at'"tli. .'Mar' 'm- F?.-?r'iiei. .^Iarlll;^ Seliiiltz. Fdltli i'ro I. I.iii'l Harrs Knii'ly Sl "<-i !m :,' 'Iii<- K'-lli iili 'TC r I'.essie T •iiip''n , I'ihted with Jaji fiinterns aiot ,'il ImiclKMin lime tliere were delucanjes I .ippiopriate to tlie occasion. .Mrs, • Carrie Byrd assisted in enterlainin-,;. .A uroup of high school students niet j :i> the home of .Miss Gratia Allison I asi evening to idan for a Hallowe'en • frolic. The partv visited the hoiiie,^ ol friond* over the v.ty ami cnjoyd a deliKhlfiil hour. -:• •:• •:• !'«(> of Hie moi-t . charmin? i.i'>iii--o" Eiveii to cl'.-."." the nionlb of and Paul | Octob'-r oTiirrt-d Uii- v.pi-k wbon yu .[.-•'lie. H. Campb'-'l and .Mr;;, D'vrl W. Rfid <~iiierta;n"<! at Mrf. S '-.Ts residoli'-e. Th" firsi afl 'ii !-<i.' ing al the Itoyal v.itli the following couples a>> participants: Messrs and .Me.sdani..'s C. h. Sncher. W. D. I'ort. H, Ci. Gates. C. Hildiier. A. -M. Ew- aig, Frank Servey. II. 1>. McNiel, B. 1,. .McNie'. H. S. Aspinall, \V. S'. Biirdick. .Mr Walt McNiel, .Mi.sses .•\nna lowing. Vilotta Gates and Dor- oILy <'iates. The lailies' score was ted' by .Mrs. W. 1). Port and .Mrs. A. .M. Ewing. <• • * Miss Blanche Thomijson'-s informal party for a few frir-nds was a verry iinppy social event of the wx,'ek. The invitations whch were issued several days ago were written upon note paper decorated wiili witches and other rigiires sup'.;estive of the October I'es- liviitcs. A telegram contest and a huge -sii'iler n-eb which the company I unr.iveliHl were the games which oc- j cupied an hour and M^.s. Charles II. ' Wheafon as.s-isted with the refresh- 'iients which were serv«.>d to Miss/.-s Lena Culberlson. Maude Ve-/,i?, Kdna Nigh, Wilnia Cates. l.eniia .Toliffe, Mablc Vozie, Howard Wheaton. Alvin l.eff<?r. Claude Nigh. Arthur Brishain. Earnest Coffleld. + * * The Christian .\ld for-iory iield th'- i iiHiial week'y meeting at ihree o'c'ocl; yestoiday in the parlors of the cliun.-l:. •:• -!• ,\ "ghost parly" was oiic of tli" Sfv- eral ?ve»ts g'ven by church --ocietii-s !'or their friends last night. 'S]r. and Mi-s, T. S. Rail were al home to thlr ly-five guests last evening, nmnibers of the Baptist church. AH who attended' wore gliost robes and thus con -enled their Identity ilnrln.'.; a serie-- of merry -.amis and imtll the iliniiig roont was tliiowu opon, Tim liostesr served fruits and dainties which were 111 k:'eplng with tli" docorations of Hallowe'en novellieK. • • • til respon.''' to a cord al InvKafi-i-i 'be V soel'-l.v gallir-r'-d al the '-oipo ( f Mivs .lennie McCon-iasy ast i-ven'Mg Micl In company with the M.'lhodV Epworlli le.Tgiie spent an hour with lla'Iowe'en tricks, .Apples, .suspended from strings were objects to be c;:p • ured by use of the te?th j only and -'fler this nieriy contest tliere was music and a feast served fiom tli-^ table where jiiimiikin p'e; wj's th -.iecc de r.-sistaiice. About tlfty young oik were in attendance, •J' .Mr.i, .lohn Triian arrived yi-sterda.v 'i(-m Chieauo and is v-siting 111 s •veek with her dair.hter, .Mrs. Dr. lameson. before coin^ to ,\m:iri!la. Te.\as. to siiend (li? wintor. DH. McMlLLlEf, Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Diaeas- * es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Omce 32, Res. 232. • Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg., • West Madison. • Phone B87. Res. 701. .I>B. 0. L. COX, Eye* Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacle's Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. nidg. • Phone 554. Ida, Kana, »B. EDITII s. iiAien. • Oflico and-Residence over Bur• rell'a Drug Store.. • Office HouK-,—10 to 12 a. m.. 2 • to 4 p. flv, 7 to 8 evenings. • Sundays- by Appointment. F, H. MABTDT, Practice Limited to Surgery. * 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 576. • Dfflce Phone 1083. I»R. R. 0. CHRISTIAN. Physician and Sorgeon. Rooma 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. • 1 * • »R. R . nETLMTTN. • Phj^k-iar & Snrgeon. • Office N. ~E: Corner of Square. • Over K. Q Plumbing Co.'s Store. * 4. Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. 502. • ^. • . • . Phono Fuller BIdg, DB. Specialist. I5y». Ear. Nose and Throat. Glasses Furnished. .DR. L. TOZEIl. • lola Inlirmary, 202 t. Jackson, • y.'c use X-Ray, Violet Rays, • Static, 'Salvanic and Faradle • ElcctricViy with vibratory stlm- • ulation In nervous and chronic * di.seases. Phone 386. * R«a. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. PR. J. K. PEPPER. Denti.-^t. In permanently located' over E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work. Evening work by atipointmcnt. • ; { * •: m * i * * I« p. L. Lathrop, Mrs. fiessie G. Lathrop. (KST EO P ATIIIC PH YSICIA JiS. Special, altcnilon given to Diseases of Women and Children. Over E?st Side Hardware. Office 'Phono, .Main 4C8. .Vaii" r-lfo 11" eii Alldi-rsoii. Ei\ u -M- ro:y-rs. I'.ariie-t Miicl: r!-o-;i;-. , l-:a'r-. Wtmi -r. Mo-.vard .>!or j'.'ar. <JU Tiie-dav and llie seroinl I 'al"! 'i -r-la>. On both :ifleri!O0iis Ibe I-MIII! were ,'»:thin- ,\ii!ci-..oii. I-Mdell .Iiii's 1 b.-iiu bi-aiitifii-d iiy carnations, pin'. u,'-'>d in '^ parlors and bbi-; T.if V 'C]c.i> b.-is d<-<-id"il ilpoii d;i'-- !<'! I'll- pT'- •.i-iil;itioii of llo-ii i-il'-. H-l)"-i'as Triiiniphs." Th • 1 !il< |-»:'iii:rn'nt will lie givi-n in tin ''r:iiid ib'-.-ili'- "ii Novi'iiibi-r I'.'. Th- 'ast f;t (-iiar-ii-i<rs numbers |w ni- .-Ml d>l''- lool i:, oii • tvh (-1. nill admii 50 PerCent Discount All Imported Hai d P,.i itcd Cliina will be dosed out j-t oni -half prici'. Tlie rr -asoii U>v tliin is that we. must have the room to disp'ay our holiday line. Hveiy prirc iir-Jikv-d in pl.iiu fi^Mires and cv»ry piece a leai Liij^oiii. Ho. I 'te., Santa Fe and M. K. ft. T. Watch Inspeetort. so :ns of a si-irh-t hue In the Progressivo euchre was lb" aiior'- ::i<'ii(. lb" prl7 .es oil Tm-sdav go ir-, 1-' .Mrs. .1. A. XUieeb-r and .Mrs. .lobii T 'v\~iiod On Tliiir -d .-i.v wli.'ii a groiii> of \oiiiie<'r wfinii-ii were th" gin-vts, Mb:: t',"ul,ih .^^'•Canc" and .Ml:;s Clara Bow III. W' n III" higbesi number of gaiiii ; On Hi" fl;.:t /ifternoon there v -i" •\vi''v" lab'es and <<'s|erda( Hie cim I-:MI ,- was seal"il al eb-voti labbT dur ing lb - lour al eanr-i. Th" host".jr. had '1"' asslsl.Tnc" of Miss Mary Hi; i "H .iml M 'sK Birlba Swiirarl in rv Ing e'aboraie menu"s. The i-)iiiid"i • P'ii"^t list follows: Mesdames C, F. Y:dg"rton. M. Hllle.s. W F, Dewe-. H. 1:. Alison W. H. Fatiue. r. C ^lI ^l>er'llall AV. C. Teats. C. 11 Wbeaten. F. S. Beattle. ('. H. An' W.ii,^ r, R, .'?»cli'>r. Pan' K'"iii. H. M Funk. F, .1. Horton. E. D. Shields, r. H, Shi"lds .f, <;. .Mittlehnch,, .1 \. Wieeler. K, A, Coffman. W, It. H-vlii!un H. V, Oresbach. W, .1. '"rabb W. T, Watson. I.. 1.. .Vortb r>:p. I) P. N'rthnip. O. O. Slon-- f. II. .S"e;ieer. Fruik IJIdd'*' F. HIIIIM '^on. F. E. Smith. D. E. Bush. A, H Canoibell. C. E. Newton. Oscir Foiist. McRae. Co'. lanynn. A. .N. M'tchell .1 Foiisi, lo'-n Hughes .1. T. "VS'ood. Georee Bowliis. H. Hobari. .1 F Tuner .M. Schoenbnin. H. W*. I,am beth. .M, F. Sickl.v. A. D. Torril. A. P. Hnrrls. .1, I., .fones Claud? Peters, S. R. Burrcll Mel Fronk. Rov ''leeiier, C. B Crick. M. Palmer O, O. Curtis. .I'm Curtis, C. H. De Snniles. fl'enn Finnpv, Smalley O. R. nirshfleld, E. C. Champion. Frank Travis, J. Devlin. Edward Stanfleld. Colds Are Always Dangerous lt '3e?>'?y f; catch a r.cld at any seanon, ofA b^rd to get rid of It unless you treat ii in time with DR.D.JAYNE'S' ^EXPECTORANT Upon the first Kign of a couf;h or cnngcHted cold, go to your drug^i'it and get a bottle of this remedy—thr old est nnd tijoM relJaWe known—for Coughii, Coldn, Brpnrhitii, PteuriBy, liiflammo- tlon of the Lungri, and mmilor dinrniira. In countless numhcrn of homes this has been • standard rocneUy (or 77 Vcara. All dniralst* sell It In Sl.«0. SOc, and 25c. bottlcj. J«ra«'i Toale Termlfa<a Is a splendid tonle for adults aa -.veil as a safe Worm Cure (or children. Look at> Our Libbey Cut Glass, Kook- wood Pottery and Hand Painted China. ^wall, Jeweler and Cptlciar .10.1 Noitli Waslilngtoii. "Flastc make,'; waste"—in llir diLT?- ive orcaps. Hurried esitiii-: brings on Indigestion. Get relief ami cure by Mi-o-na stomach tib'ets. r ,fii' ,-i ho\, Mon»y refunded if Mi-o-na fall:;. ni:i ,s rt. Spencer. .si.npst)> r .\sK ro >Ti >rKii. ^ue^day .Morniii!; rime .Set fur Case in POIUT'.S foiirt. Ill" '-a--'- of the style V,-. .Mori Siimp :on who i; (•!iari-'"d with piekiUK iioek- •!s \v,-is i-ontillfie'l in .Iiis'lce I^IINT':! •ourt ibi: mornin;: until TUP •noinins at nbi" i>'< !o"k. Tjip >••.•..• vas con'Inued 011 the luption rf lb" tttoriiey for llie defenda"'' 'lb'- uake:; tie- ..tvUi tlni" tha* the lar- bren •'iiitliiU'-'l. ."siiup.^on i:; ctiartr 'd villr piekiii:; Mr Itussrll'.; poi-k"i Mr. Itus-iii; i:. :• f.-irni"r li-.inr. noi;li of las City. For i;.\rIi«nKe. I-'.-umill;; !,-iMd.; ia Panli-iiid''-, I'-vn or r.-iriii biad.-., 'ir liv" slodc, tu- fo; ol.i. Gas f'itv (ir Harp" reiiL-ls. WMITAKKlt H UOSSVAA. TI<,VI >E1» M it .si; Mrltr-; a Letter to the l><i|ile. "To Wli'ini 11 May fon "in I .'ini -i iali'"d iiiMsp of iiifp" \.-:ir ' i-si";- nlii" le liti-;|dlil- .ilid" <-i p;. 'lid firr II." IwU 'lif o| ill" people of ida I «i b will f ii 'ild poblisli III' "\ ,i -ii "Mi-i- «it!i Ml" 1'"I liM-.- pi-'-ii;ii:> :oir Vliiol "I was "Ml iideirl-. pro-tr.ii'-'i from iveiwork I li-'d Xi apii'lile, eoiild lot slicp. my kldepy.^. Ilvrr and liow-- •Is bi-<-ame iiiac:l ive. and as I ):rew veiker I cou'd no! retain either nied- 'cln:- or feorl oi| tiv stom.Tch, ar.d -iii.-ied blofid. The doctors said mv 'ondition wa:. crilcal aiH I wor.'.rl ii-obably die, ",\s I liad .ii"n Viiiol pr."s<-rjb"d for iiy paiieii'.s with such remarkabi" I'v •.illls, I d'-elded to fry it Afl'-r (he ir>-t bo'tle I began In improv. I riin- iiniel lis ii,;e. and soon be:;r!i) lo -,b-ep and eal well; every organ in ly body was strengthened and bo- •rame normal, until It seeiiied sood to )c alive and I was rDstovc-J 10 perfect healrfi and slren^Ih, "I advise'al! my patients who nerd strenRtli. rich, red blood, and flesh tissue to take Vinol as it is so far superior to o'd-fashioned cod liver oil, emulsions, or other tonics." Eliza- leth .M. Cremond, Trained Nurse, Bos- 'on. Mass. In Tola we .sell Vinol on a positive guarantee to return money if it fails. S. R. Burrell, Druggist. Skating Rink Now Open! Ladies Prec /Aornin^ and Afternoon Adiiii.ssioii :.t XiK^'l -''' t'culH, ! !,ritKi !!I!( .Sk Ic.s. Roliaway Skating Rink North Side of tho Squaro. Good Mu'i'.. r .iMii ()rdv,i'. G OIK I l.'loor. I J 7ry a Want AdI, in tho Roffisfer Batfis of All Kindi. CUCIUSITW Apartment for ludle8 . Djicofflb Batb House and Miaeral Weil • (l Feet Deep,) Located at 4th and Scott Ave.. Fort Scott, Kansas. This water Positively Cures J{heunlatis^^ Brlght's Disease, Stomacli Trouble and Ainie. Prof. J. Ii. Bishop, the must Ci-Ieliraied .tiassu'/ist and iljdropatii- ist ia the Country, in attendance Riving massage. ' WATEB SHIPPED l> FIVE (6) GALLON ©OTTLES 05LI. £. DEHIOOmB, Prop. 'Vi;:

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