The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 4, 1964 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1964
Page 2
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1 PAGE 2 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Friday, Dec. 4, 1964 TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE SUBSCRIPTION BATES By 'Carrier^ In '"City, Per Weak i . .35 cents By Mail, One Year, Tipton and Adjacent Counties $8.00 Member UnHed Pre** International News Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 1895 at the Postoffice in Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3,1879 . PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY 221-223 East Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana. Telephone OS 5-2115 TELEVISION PROGRAM ROUND TOWN AND THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Maney WE ARE NOW witnessing the side of government that is not. only appalling to the average citizen . . . but a rather distasteful exhibition for growing America to see. It is the SEAMY side . . . the side in which greed, power^and self take over instead of country. We are speaking of the Bobby Baker case—and no matter how it comes out . . . there can be no doubt in any open mind—that there were SHENANIGANS, pulled aplenty in the time the young and brash Baker was in Washington. —RT— THE CITIZEN HAS BECOME so accustomed now . . to the 'sick' scene . .in which a wit ness may call on the Fifth .Amendment to get him out of impending trouble. . . that it has developed info' a scene if T-V entertainment rather than a court or investigation scene He is also becoming accustomed to the bringina of certain . types to the bar of justice, only to have them, walk away unharmed. . . hiding behind • RIGHT of the land. . .made for honest citizens. . .. who never have to invoke it. THEY HAVE NOW watched a • few characters who believe themselves immune from the law. . . and another man who had the courage to start the investigation of the Baker case —Senator Williams. . . only to be insulted by a chief counsel for the Rules Committee, who belongs to the Senator Claghorn generation. All that may be said of the $35,000 they . are 'locked in on now* . . .is, IF a certain company 'goofed' as the boss ssys. . . they must throw money away like they had the combination' for the Ft. Knox safe. ONE WAY . ONE WAY OUT of the squabble about shortage of coins might be to KILL that tax either Uncle Matt, Second Un ' cle Ristine. . .or» second cous- itis (all legislators) passed last .session of the legislature! • MAYBE THE PEOPLE are . ;tucking away' those cents . . . after visiting the supermarkets, drug stores, filling sta- ..tions. etc.! -SO THERE IS a shortage of .coins! Well . . .the magicans who pass our laws, perform our public duties, run government business, are responsible . . . why can't they come up with an answer? One wag told us yesterday: "they might as well print some more money— the dough we have isn't worth half what it should be anyway!" —RT— IT IS SAID that the bankers of Federal Reserve, blame the shortage on retention of coins by stores, hoarding by speculators, (who might be coin collectors) ... and by—GLORY BE! ... a growing economy! Maybe they mean a tendency of some Americans to 'slip back into' the good old custom of SAVING. . . taught by those] "ARCH' CONSERVATIVES . . our parents and grandparents . .. 'who were able to save, . . put away . . . and live without a tender government 'tucking them in' every night' . . .and coddling them from the cradle to the' grave! P.S. THE 'ARCH' CONSERVATIVE', on fjiis writer's part wr.s in awe and respect . . not in levity! Awe, because they were able to do it—and did, respect, because they handled their own destinies without BIG BROTHER help! NOW FOR .THE OTHER SHOE! \ WE SEE WHERE comrade Brezhnev says the" Russ will aid the Viet Nam Reds. . . and we would like to know, whether it wil be with withheld ~U. N. money . . .or 'some the Russ •'dug up'. . IT IS JUST impossible for • a RED to change spots. . . especially PAPA RED. . . the Russian variety. like Khrushchev, 'Brezhnev is starting to . 'feel • his oats' now . . .and we ; will be known as Imperialistic swine from here on in. SHAME ' ON US for asking for money. . . . money that is owed by them —don't we know that this is something that has never been done by the United States before? (This is Brezhnev's thinking) "After all!" . . .says he: What'is money? - Russia gets along without it-jwhy not the U. N. and U. 3.V .,, *B^EZ>IY THINKS: "It i*»vU to. Mva^ontyr-fhi* show*'Vypu are an Imperialist. Don't Russia obtain food End other things without it? Sure we do; Don't listen to the Yanks — they are trying to pattern this great country of ours (Russia)'. . . after theirs, where the people j are starving in a land of plenty and money is-worshipped. WHO NEEDS IT?" P. S. WELL—He's right in one respect. . . they have certainly done alright without paying off so far . . .and from the looks of things will continue unless someone is FED SOME STARCH to stiffen their backbone enough to demsnd . . .DO IT OR ELSE —get out! A SAD STATE THE UNITED NATIONS was founded as a staunch wall against aggressors. When Russia /as included this created a second WALL . . . .rith RED tinge. U THANT now wants to keep things in order by more display of peace-loving activity (for the reds of course). MAYBE WE SHOULD apolo gize to them too—naughty o f us to have asked the Russ for money . . . WILL THAT DO? SHOP AT HOME WITH MAGIC NUMBERS THE MERCHANTS. OF TIPTON have responded well each Christmas time. How about the public? IT'S YOUR TURN now! WISH-TV (Channel 8) Friday, December 4, 1964 4 :00 Secret Storm Jack Benny Santa Claus Early Show Early Show News-Cronkite News-Hickox Rawhide The Entertainers Gomar Pyle The Reporter News-Hickox Sports-Late Show Late Show Saturday, December 5, 1964 8:00 Mister Mayor The Alvin Show Tennessee Tuxedo . Quick Draw McGraw •Mighty Mouse. Playhouse ' 11:00 Booby Trap 12:00 Sky King 12:30 My Friend Flicka 1:00 Linus the Lionhearted 1:30 Party of Choice 1:45 NFL Football: 2:00 Green Bay at Chicago 3:00 Football 3:30 Football 4:30 5:00 5:15 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:00 11:00 11:15 12:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Wall Street Chotter NEW YORK (UPI)—Edward F. Underwood of Mitchum, Jones & Templeton says that although the events of the past two weeks should have little effect of the long-term trend they arc significant enough to create considerable uncertainty over the shorter term. Underwood believes that price movements should become more selective than in the past and that flexibility will be paramount. Above all, he says, losses must be cut and profits .protected. Robert B. Johnson of Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis believes that the Dow-Jones industrial average appears on the verge of breaking through to the 900 level by year-end and that penetration'to the 925 level should be achieved early next year. Wright Investors' service says that although a rally is expected before the yearend, it continues to advise extensive profit-taking in fully priced cyclical industrial stocks in anticipation of a weaker, much more selective and. much more speculative market in 1965. Light-duty detergents, both granular and liquid, are intended for lightly soiled clothes, fine fabrics and . dish-' washing. Anything that can be washed in mild soap; can be washed in light-duty {detergents. Except sweet potatoes, white potatoes and sweet potatoes are 'too much alike in food value ao Deserved at the same meal. For balance and variety, nutritionists recommend alternating sweet potatoes and white potatoes. A L e & p s £a K e I) I A M O M D C . <. guaranteed PERFECT center diamond,'or replacement assured. Lifetime trade-in privilege toward a larger Keepsake. Foster's Jewelry Tipton, Ind. - WFBM (Channel 6) Friday, December 4, 1964 4:00 Match Game 4:30 Bernie Herman Presents 6:00 Bernie Herman Presents .6:30 Huntley-Brinkley 7:00 News-Caldwell 7:30 International Showtime 8:30 Bob Hope Theater (c) 9:30 Jack Benny 10:00 Jack Paar (c) 11:00 News-Caldwall 11:15 Weather-Sports 11:30 Tonight (c) " 12:00 Tonight (c) Saturday, December 5, 1964 8:00 Three Stooges 9:00 Three Stooges 9:30 Hector Heathcote (c) 10:00 Underdog (c) o 10:30 Super Car 11:00 Cap'n Star 11:30 Fury 12:00 Bible Telecourse 12:30 Saturday Matinee 1:3Q Football 'Highlights 2:00 Sports Speical 2:30 NCAA Football: 3:00 Mississippi vs. Miss. State (c) 7 :30 8:0a WLW-I (Channel (13) Friday, December 4, 1964 4:00 TraSmaster 5:00 Bill Jackson 5:30 Rifleman 6:00 News-Atkins 6:15 News-Cochran 6:30 Cheyenne Jonny Quest (c) Farmer's Daughter 8:30 Addam's Family 9:00 Valentine's Day 9:30 12 O'Clock High 10:30 Death Valley Days (c) 11:00 News-Weather -Spts. 11:15 News -Young 11:30 77 Sunset Strip 12:00 77 Sunset Strip Saturday, December 5, 1964 World 8:30 Symphony Backstage 9:00 Timothy Churchmouse 9:30 Buffalo Bill Jr. 10:00 Sheanigans 10:30 Annie Oakley 11:00 Casper Beany and Cecil Bugs Bunny % 1Z:30 Hoppity Hooper 12:30 Hoppity Hooper (c) i 1:00 Land of Allakazam 1:30 American Bandstand 2:30 Bill Jackson Learn to Draw Roller Derby 11:30 12:00 3:15 3:30 WTTV Channel 4) Friday, December 4, 1964 4:00 Mickey Mouse Club 4:30 Superman 5:00 Popeye and Janie 5:30 Rocky 5:45 Popeye and Xante 6:00 Manilla Gorilla 6:30 Leave it to Beaver 7:00 War Story 8:00 War Story 9:00 Lloyd Thaxton 9:45 News-Ungersma 10:00 10 O'cioca JHovie 11:00 10 O'clock Movie 11:30 Les Crane 12:00 Les Crane Saturday, December 5, 1954 11:30 Bowery Boys 12:00 Bowery Boys 1:00 impact 1:30 Lessons for Living 2:00 Hour of Stars 3:00 All Star Golf Television In Review By H. D. QUIGG NEW YORK (UPI) — Dr. Kildare, who has been taking on tough decisions since Lew Ayres was knee-high to a stethoscope's ear, came up with a decision-wracked hour Thursday night- The problem: Only enough serum for one patient — but two of them are dying, father and son. Who is to live? Who is to die? This is a rather stock medical-series plot. But the whole practice of medicine in real life tends to be an extended melodrama. The forementioned Ayres played Dr. Kildare for years, hanging breathlessly on every word of wisdom uttered by Lio nel Barrympre as Dr. Gillespie. Sometime in late 1942 or early 1943, while the World War II draft was hungry for manpower, a bulletin came out of Hollywood. Lew Ayres had declared himself a conscientious objector. The public was somewhat shocked. Then Ayres was taken away someplace. And forgotten in the national desperation of a world war. About 20 years and one month ago, shortly after the invasion of Leyte, the American wounded in one sector were being taken into a cathedral in a little beachside town named Palo. As a news correspondent, this writer entered the town one day and walked into the cathedral. The wounded lay, gray- skinned and still, on cots or on the floor under the light of beautiful stained glass windows. A man in green fatigue jumpers* was going from man to man and conversing quietly, trying to make him physically and mentally comfortable. The face could not be mistaken. It was Lew Ayres. A conscientious objector who somehow had been attracted enough to medicine to get into WINNER OF OUR OPEN HOUSE DOOR PRIZE MRS. JOHN WOOD'S "Thank You" to all our Customers. • ! • • FOSTER'S JEWELRY a combat zone and do his best, Now, the inclination of a re pdrter in a spot like that is to hurry and get out the news that his national figure — for ; he was — had been discovered in a new and dramatic role. Well, I never reported it. Somebody else might have, later:- I don't know. I suppose .my failure, or reluctance, was caused by a deep respect .for physicians and all those connected with healing. Anyhow, Wednesday night Richard Chamberlain, the television Kildare, took on the decision of who lives and 'who dies. He chose the young son as the one to live. Dr. Gillespie overruled him because'the father was a Nobel Prize win ning tropical pharmacologist at the peak of his knowledge and experience andwith-promise of years of service to mankind; The father died despite the serum. The boy, stronger, was able to fight off the disease until a batch of serum could arrive and save him. for the man who values his time ...the Wyler incaf lex superior Rarely has a watch achieved such a remarkable combination of tasteful elegance and rugged dependability. Beneath the 14K gold figure dial is a 25 jewel movement protected • against shock by the Wyler Incaflex balance wheel, guaranteed for the life of the watch and replaced free if ever broken. The Superior has a written waterproof guarantee renewable for the life of the watch. Self-winding, automatic date. $49.95 Wylar Incallai bilanca »«ael C l-V-f-S with ihock...gwanli«l fw lift againil itanuj*. . YOUR NAME ENGRAVED FREE ON ANY WATCH PURCHASED BEFORE . DECEMBER 15 FOSTER'S JEWELRY YOUR MATJIC NUMBER STORE Leffer to the Editor Dear Sir: Your article in "Round Town' in support of J. Edgar Hoover is certainly true and we can not give this good and loyal patriot enough praise for his honest and steadfast faithfulness to our nation. Mr. Hoover has through the ^years of his office, exploited the crooks and evil-doers of ouf land, for the sole purpose of protecting the security of this nation and its people. Mr. Hoover has warned, us time and again of the dangers of Communist influence and infiltration in our colleges and even in -our government. - We know his warnings and advice has been words of truth and the documentations are the proof of his statements. ; Now there are some in our land who would be happy to see J. Edgar Hoover replaced. Why? Because the truth hurts a crook and a law breaker. The communist hate • our F.B.I, chief, and this ought to stir all loyal Americans into action, to support J. Edgar Hoover, and to ask and demand your congressman and both senators to' give him full support and not let him be removed from office. Write them now. Some newspaper editorials and cartoons, are beginning to write and picture Mr. Hoover as an old man and ready for replacement. Do not be fooled by this false propaganda, which seeks to turn us against this man, who has proven' by his work his loyalty to his country. This nation is fortunate indeed, to have a man such as Mr. Hoover at the head of the F.B.I. • ' Remember those who would have him replaced would also destroy your security. May we, as this year nears its close, in expression of thanks for our many blessings, open our hearts to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that He might come into our lives and make each of us a new person by receiving his saving grace. This nation, unless its people turn to God, is destined to fall, and that time may be much nearer than we realize. The Holy Scripture reads in II Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14, as God appeareth to Solomon; "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will'I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. If we care, we will share, and; we will be-a real Christian wit-' 1 ness for those ideals and prin ciples which are real, which are true, and which support the cause of Christianity in our land. Nothing. less than this will save our nation 'and remember we are eac^i responsible • for our own conduct. Each of us can be a Christian witness if we choose to do so. How will you witness? .For a stronger Christian America, Robert Phares . Tipton, R. 1 FOREIGN NEWS COMMENTARY By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst Just north of the Sea of GaU ilee, springs bubble up to form the headwaters of the River Dan which in turn suppties more than half the volume of the Jordan River. The Jordan then dumps into the Sea of Galilee. It is less than coincidence then that twice in less than three weeks Israeli and Syrian forces have clashed near these springs which are vital to Israel's ambitious plans' to bring fresh water to the arid Negev and open up new areas for her expanding population. Ostensibly the clashes involved a patrol road along a poorly defined stretch of Israeli-Syrian border. Israel claims the road is wholly within its territory. The Syrians charge it cuts as deep as 50 yards into Syrian territory. Eleven Killed In the first clash, on Nov. 13, four Israeli and seven Syrians were killed. The Syrians charged that the Israelis deliberately provoked the attack to test the effectiveness of the new United Arab Command, a joint military program adopted by the Arab nations last January, and then used it as a further excuse for "aerial aggression." The Israelis replied that they would never permit the Syrians to use their advantage of higher ground to shell Israeli villages with impunity. The second clash came on Dec. 1 in the same area but halted without intervention by the United Nations truce organization "and apparently without casualties on either side. If it simply were a border clash, the easy solution would be the proposal put forward by lit! 'Cicrt.', Odd Bull, U.N. truce KNOW YOUR UAH "DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP. "THESE WATCH WORDS OF THE UN/TED STATES NAVY WERE FIRST SPOKEN. BY CAPTAIN JAMES LAWRENCE ABOARD HIS SHIP CHESAPEAKE OUT TO BREAK THE BLOCKADE . OF" BOSTON HARBOR DURING THE WAR OF 1812. THE BRITISH FRIGATE SHANNON HAD RAMMED CHESAPEAKE. AND AS THE BOARDING PARTY SViARMED THE DECKS LAWRENCE RECEIVED A FATAL WOUND. HE GASPED HIS . IMMORTAL ORDERS AS HE WAS CARRIED BELOW DECKS WHERE HE SUCCUMBED DURING THE HEAT OF BATTLE. commander, that the disputed area be surveyed by outside experts whose findings would not be : open to partisan challenge: Vow To Destroy Israel It is not, however, that simple. The avowed purpose of the United Arab Command established in January is first the prevention of Israel's use of Galilee waters and second the extinction of Israel itself. The Arabs have beenathreat- ening to cut off the headwaters of the Jordan and plans already are in the works to divert two of the Jordan's -three sources. One of these, the Hasbani, rises in Lebanon and the other, the Banias, in Syria. The third and most important is the Dan to whose headwaters the ' Israelis wish to establish clear ownership. Historically, the Israelis are supported by a 1923 agreement which placed them inside Palestine. 1965 Calendars RELIGIOUS AND WEATHER AVAILABLE Farmers Loan & Trust Co. RIP KIRBY THIMBLE THEATRE bv ALEX RAYMOND -THEY WORKED; MY EVIL-«5PELL COOKIES TURNED HIM IMTO A WHAT IS THAT HORRIBLE BRICK BRADFORD Br Cfaranar* Gray

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