Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 5
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fEBIOLADrnt Once tit Awhito we meet someone who "Didn'6 know that we hasdled 'Checking' accounts*'^—we do, tliough, In .fact we do a General Banking business—•you can get ANY accomodation here that yon can get at any other bank in the City, and more, we receive iSavings Deposits from $1.00 and upward, which accomodation you cannot get at any other bank in Allen County. They do not want to be 1x)thered with such small accounts. But, they are not all small accounts—we have costomers in our Savings Department who have thousands of dollars on deposit. We will be more than pleased to handle your business, be it large or small. We only ask that yon give us a trial. State Savings Bank CmpHmi $2B.OOO Mm. Kmamm* Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights sell: He states la a letter to an a&' qualntance here that site Is an experienced waitress and that- she migiit be found In some hotel at work.— Pittsburg HeadllBht, mm —Paper TTanKiHR. Phone U2H. Ftai Rotvdea Court in Short Seation. Judge Oscar Foaat faeld a short session of court this oiornlnK' to i]Impose of minor court matters. —Always time to eat at Onr Way, Pfying Taxes. County Treasurer M. P. Sickly say- that the force Is kept busy waiting on tax payers. The tax paying season opened Monday but there has been so much excitement over the election that people did not think of their taxes. READ! I A l^w hnndrcd U srctlons \o. 1 vesirm land nt $1000 nnd up. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Office Orer IOTTB Store. ' Thorpe & floogh Cootneton, Engineers, Sorrcjors. Fully equipped for all kinds of irreying, eatimatlng, patent draw- iig. blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Orer Tamoos." J Short Stories on lola Happenings Use No. 7 Flour Gobd as any—better than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresh ft'ieats. Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want ToJir PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the highest ioarket price in cash or trade. Come In and see us. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you will use no other. —Fitzgerald Slorairo and Transfer Co. Ilon.soliold and piiino morlng; largest fitorc room In rity. Phone .1.'t& Dr. CailuniM fs III. Mr. \V. I.. (alhiWiiy WIK. IS ill vviih Iincii(ii(itii;i, IK mil MI \vr>ll lo'lay ;iiii| Ills (•(iiiiliiliwi is very scriniis. IIIK iiiiiiiy lili'iids lio|u' ilini lu' will SIHMMI- l!y iiiii'iiivc.—N 'i'V.Tdii .M.'iil —I»l8t on baring «T7. 8." non. Bcranse of Neplio Tank. The septic tank prnposltinn aiR.far as Cherryvii'o Is concerned, was plven .1 l)lack eye today whon a. case was lilcd In which H. F. E.sles sues iho city of eherryvalc for 15.000 Tiio plaintiff alleges that tlie septic lank is a fiiiliirp. thai it docs not lakp tho prniier care of the sewase and refii-o from tiie fi ;y. eic. lie says ihe corrupt matter from the septic tank has been ihrov.n into Drum creek and that ir has polluted ihe wat- -r .nnd mined his farm.—Channte Snn. —Br. J. B. Fepper. DenllsL Fbone 199. To flrlirg8 »,y SlatJeii. Henry C. Pleak, foreman at the Reg ISter office, left yesterday for a fpw days' visit with friends .IT ^ his old home, Ccnterville, Towa. - • -Cnnnfngbam & Arneft, 6 per ceo money. Or. W. L. Callaway Dead. Word has lieon received here of the ilealh of Dr. WJU L. Callaway, of Ne vada. Mo., who is well kiiown among the corftont. nu -ii of the city. T.'io deceased w.i's a stockholder in the United Portland, whilo a iiro thcr is o»f of tlif^ diroclors. Ili.- •leaih wa.s .';ii>iiliMi and • was (Iii<« tn pneiimuiiia. He nas one of N\-v.i(l.'i'.«! prominonf citi/on.s. —Fix per rent money; no commission; no di'lay.—Smith & Travis. ilcsuinc Piulng. Till- work r ,r paviiifi .S'nrili Sy .ra- inoro Birepi from .lackson avcmic noMli liji .-4 heeii resumed after a dei«y i \ins«>(l by water which stood in the cst-avjillun afior ilio heavy r.Tiiis wlilch fi -ll -everal days j);;o Fryer Phone 301, SOS. Bros.. IoIa« Kansas. —Merchant's Lnnch at Our Way. '.Mnskogcc Ketl" Coming. Oup of iho early arrivals in the Herald oliire ihis mnrniiiij was an incar- naie jire.seniation of the rising sun, wjiich on inve:;ii.«iaiion proved to he Antlrew Ucdnmnd. The Herald has lii^foie sj)oknn of .Mr. Redmond's a(- lainmonts as a ininior and his dispo- ::itiou M) travel. He is now folIowiuK an a.i,'.:;rPRation of hlaekbirds to the land of j)erpetiial snnimer, and merely t^iojippd off in Ottawa to renew ac- f(i>ainiajire;>. In a burst of enthusia.';m this afiernoon h" declared for the Hor- aUl for pret-ident.—Ottawa Herald. —Oysters any style at Cu'-way. Evans Bros. OOm mimnk Bomkm laimmm Mohool aumplimm MroUimel Snmpttmm ommmMmnmUmm Where quality la main eonalA' eratlon we boy the'tiest. Where demands will JaetUy, we eerry eU grades and prloea. leith llde Iqura, tela. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Maaafiactiarers. Wholesale and ftetd Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Vew Cell Stoxmse SeUy fev JMibeu. PkeaeUC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Qmylo tit PrcsIiJe. Till' board of hi .shojis havn decided iliai Mishop Qitayle will have charge of tap nf>x( •.<-es .'-ifm of ihe con- fiTi 'iu'c of v.hifh tlip C'iierryvale pastor is a. inentlioi-. The eonforonee will 1 )0 held in ("offi -yvillo alKiiit .March l.'i, IfiO.'i. iiiii ilii" r\a<t date has not \ei heeii (IrnTiniiitfl.—Chen yviili' Rppiih- lii ^iii. —Fre .sh Oyster?—Our Way. To .\ppeal I 'a sc. Aiiorncy .Melvin of l.,Jiwiencc was Iieiv yesterday »)u Imsincss connected with tile Sclmc'ck ami Siowart cases. .Mr. >le:Yin re)»rei=ents hotli Frank .Schnef^j j>iid TJIIS. Stiwart. -The Republic can say that bi.ih casi^s will jl)p .appealed," said .Me. .Milviii. "Tliere jis pli-iiiy of money to e-arry ihoni tip, land it will lie (ioin-. tn .\Jr,s. Sifwnri '.s i<"ase wi' liavi' ;ilri>ady seen roil an cx: UMisliiiiii of iiO ilays. and wo have no I'xpeciatiou of ilifficuliy in s«itiii;j; Frank's linio cxtt^nded. I came here to sei' the !-ti .noi:rapher in the matter. Wo have already paid in about four Ininriii'd doUar.s and the whole anionnt will not ran intich alKive $7,00. In the iScIineck tlie ston<i.u;raphfr ha.s already itreparod considerable antoiint of tho cyldence,"—Ottawa Republic. Stovas Set up and connected, also any other gas fitting. Good worif and reasonable charges. Phone 39. —Sign painting, phone 1428. Prcd Itowden, At Pittsburg. Mis» Mablc Brewer, of lola. In com- fl)any with .Mrs. I.emasters. visited the tvhool yesterday. The former express e«r horsoir as woll pleased with tlv school after h.-ivlng visitod scliools els4fwhcre.— nu ^ colleffo item in the Piitsbuip: HeadllRht. For .1 short lime only, you can huy Wahoo at :ir .c iier bottle at Mundls. all work Wife is Demented. .Vllt'ffiiifir that his wife. Mrs. ^yrtle .Moore, is dcmenicil and hnd run away from her husband In lola. be has asked the iwlicp to locate her. Ho states that bh'> left MM -eral weeks a;ro to go to the home ot her motlicr In .Missouri, for a visit, hut she has never reached thnt destln:itIon and he fears that she has wandered away in her demented ^ndlttoa and has fallen into bad hands or is somewhere and unable to sfi'e a clear aeconot of her. —Soda Wntflr, tho Our Way kind. .lap How llalh and Toilet Soap is iiiadi- by Viiir own," jierfoeied after years of experinie/iiinp:. "it can noi bo iniiiati'd." Kirk makes it. lienlers sell ii. .Ml —It—Our Way Soda Water. Preach on Amusements. Rev. \V. B. Knowles, pastor of the Trinity church in East lola. will preach on .Tmusements next Smi'lay ni.erht. MIsB Mary Brookins, of Minneapolis, a member of the board of Jecture-,' ship .of the Christian Science church, will speak tonight in the .Grand theatre. Miss Brookins is an excellent talker, and will have something of interest to say. The is from a recent lecture of Miss Brookins: I Bej 'ond question the time has come when Christian Science is being rec-' ognized as a subject of more (han passing, superficial Interest. Very, main.v people having witnessed to some extent the great, spectacle of human strife, and stress and want, and-woe—^and, noting the inadequacy; of all commonly known and applied means of relief, are turning, with-' more "or less faith and expectancy to / Christian Science as a possible deliverer. We have met to consider for an hour or more the subject of Christian \ Science, and it is my wish to present-;, it to you in the light of a practical^ religion and remedy, showing it to be | at once true Christianity and true gel- j ence, and that these two constitute one intelligible and demonstrable exposition of the nature, purposes and works of Cod. No one ever thourfit of associating with his idea of heaven such anomalies as limitation, weakness, wantt- sin, sickness or death. "Flesh and blood e.innot inherit the kingdom of heaven." Hence none of their attendant Ills can lie ifresent thero. Lahoriiig tiiuler tlie seeming presence and power of these enemies of peace, mortals are in a constant, state of unrest and are continually wishing and striving for better con litionn, putting forth every pos.silile effort, as liey Kitppose. to break the disla."te- ftil fetters of cvl'. ami !-'ain .somethiii-i of an experience of imin's rl.Ethtfnl hif- itace of dominion. Bill right liero mortal sense totiehes lie limits of Its self iiniioscii bonnil- ries. It hn.s pl.'ier -il lis hoaveii 11 way iff, .'<oinewhere In the dl.slftiicc; 10 lii- found and enjoyed <ii KOMI'' future ipe. and while it eherlxhe.'t a litijie of Konietinie. Koinewlteie, reaching Ihiit lieutille h'tnte, it is well uMsiired that here IM MO HIICII po.i.«<lhlllly llil.t ;<l(|e of the grave. But heaven is not ji nlnee of abode where one may go nnd find or make himself a home. Heaven is the pre.aenee of Cod. and God beinn everywhere, heaven must be everywhere ton. Wahoo n .'ic per bottle at Mundis'. rouncil .Meets Tonisrht. The city council will meet in regular session in the council .chambers tonight. "While there is a large'budget of bn.siness there wilUhe no items of unusnal importance. —Drs. Lathrop. flsteopafhi. Phone 4ff8 DEAD IN HIS BED L. H. Pingree, Formerly of lola. Slept on Into Eternity, While in Kansas City. An advice recei\-e late yesterday afternoon by Ed. Owen, of the Pennsylvania hotel, told of the death of I... H. Pingree. a former, proprietor of the hotel. Mr. Pingree was found dead in his bed at the Baltimore hotel. As iolaus recall Mr. Pingree. he and hi.s wife dissolved partnership, both as to estate and domestic relations along al>6iit the year libni. Mis. I'in- gree remained here and conducted the hotel for some time, while .Air. Pingree went to Wichita and later to! Kansas City, where his death occurred. It is supposed that Mr. Pingree died )f lieart failure. .N'othing conciTiiiiiir tije fiineial for] Mr. Pingree or the disposition of his Doily has been li 'arnod. That our American forcstt abound la plants which po^ess thb most, \uluable medicinal virtues is abundantly atu-sted by scores of the most eminent medical writers and teacher.^. Even the untutored Icdlena had discovered the ns'iful- ness of many nativo plaut) before the advent of tho white race. This information, imparted freely to tho whiles, led the latter to conttnuo investigations until to-day we have a rich aasorimcnt of most •alnablc American medicinal roots. Dr. Pierce believca that our Amertctn tor- esu aUtHyi^n nost valuable medicinal roots fui the cura^ moat obatlaate and fatal dis- eaiba. If w^noMdotoperlv Inveatlcate them; anci liihwnfrwiflMi of (hU conviction, ha poidi^itb prtdfeN^ thr nlnwwt^TnariPlnua fart* -mrnrlMA eSSSSUUaUikU moaijggoamjmiBiic m.MBic m ' 'known to ila. WJavaUoa.. tei aad evea TalTiilar •wmTaai Irrilrnl.IHaa |f to he th^ TfF >"Tl«nr- Djspep- ^cnrancttoaal other affections ot the bean rleld to lu enratlve actkm. The resKM Mftv it cares these aad xatof other atrectlona. Is clearly shown tn a little book otextracu tsaok theataBdard medical works wUeb la Bialled /ree to'any address by Dr. B. V. Pierca, of BuifalOb N. V.. to ail seadlnr raoueat tor the same. Not less CBarfelooa. la Ihe tmparalMed enree it la constantly maklnc of woman's manr peculiar affectlonih weaknesws and dUlJJasloff deHiictmeata U Dr. Pierce's l''an>rit«>Pi«icrl0tMhKM Ii amaly attaited by tboaiad ^^|^^||Mic[te <jestliii9fllala eoa> Mita Brookina of. Minneapolis.-. Talks on Cftrittljin Aelence at Theatre. SKIRT SALE GEO. i BRMHT & CO.'S, Ul'UB Wmst St., Ma. Lsdies' $2;").00 Cloaks in black, blue, ca.stor and browns going at sts.oo Ladies' $20 0" Cloaks going at Ladles' ^15 00 Cloaks going at $10.00 Indies' SlO00 Cloaks .?oing at $5.00 FUN IN A HOTEL Neat Little Vaudeville Sketch With The Usual "Denouement" This Morning. The early moniiu!.'. fowl hadn't hardly had time to stretch ot'tt on his roost and bat an-eye at the sllVbr streak in the east when a commotion w^as card on the upper floor of a near down town roomln.g house this morn- In.g. "You will keep still," a sonorous oice wa.s saying, excitedly. I won't." came the defying reply, ust as vehemently. "But. T say you will." .shrieked 'the first, voice, wildly, "if you don 't, you et out of here." "Well. I don't know. You don't run this house." •fll show you that 1 run enough of to put you out of heri'. if yon ilou't ouii getting up at a bea.sily hour in the morning and making such a racket around my door that I can't sleep." "Aw. g 'wan. You cnn't. show me nothing." Then, a.s the modern novelists say. developments came thicl; and fast." The ii'oi thickened. The deijaters the hall room mixed. A thinly clad figure stood glaring an opivment who had motinfed a noint of vantage, one stair step above. The glare nccclernted rage. Siiddon- n clenched (Ist s'lot, witli lightu- ng-lilie rapiilitv and .sledge hammer force. n .caiiiRt the features of the tnau on the stair step above. TJieu there OS a clinch and When the notice arrived, a man on he f:treet said everythinir was lovelv and that the' combatants had desisted duii fixed it all up. It must have been o tl -e contending hosts had sappeared and all wa.% calm and reue. Sii theio were no sirauire faces to ilt lieueaih the wilheriiiM glance of M. Collins, police judge, this morning. 'OntJ lot of Ladies' Jojg, black Coat-.' at $^.00 Children's $}.00 Cloak.s going at $2.00 The above are up-to-date in every way and will create fast selling. If yon need a Cloak, now is the time and this is the place. tt. A. JONES, tVlanagar, 481. DID THE WOMEN WAGER? Businoss in the Candy Line Picking Up, a Dealer Says. Orton in Town. L. V. Ortou, who was defeated l)y CaptainjH. A. Kwing for county attorney, was up from Hitmholdt this mo»'n ^iig on law business. .V I'L.Vftl'K «F CROWS. n I'liu^iial Gathering of Mtlack Birds' .VIonp the fancy Itlvor. aatlva pbyUclansbs^ failed. o o Both the aboTS uentloned mediclnca are wMly made up fnun tho ^cerlc t>xtracu o( ^ ?>emclnalnota. The piwew*} em- la tiieir aanafactnre wore orlfftnal p. Pierce, and^tliey are e«"l«S.en.& alna and applUncw «sec1i^ bunt for UiU purnCMA _^ JcoUpely free from alopbol at^ J»dej)ej)denee, Kans.. Nov. 4.—Between this eity and Cauoy along the Santa l-'e Railroad the traveler can .soe thousands and thous.inds of crows at litis tiiae of the year, and when" the trains stop ihe flopping of the iug--^ and the peculiar "cackle"^of the crow is heard. on every'^ide as these raven like creatures search'eag­ erly for food nmojijr the bu.shes and ihn fields, in thi.s country ir is not un!a.wfnl to shoot these crovfs as they do much damage to the farm.' In some states the crow is so scarce" a bird that theyare wanted to get rid of much carrion in the fields and •along public highways. The thousands ',of birds come from ail directions, moafty from the northern and eastern states, where they spend the "summer vocat.inn." Thous- unds and thousnuda of these birds are staying iu the hn.shcs among the hills in thl.-« vicinity. Many complaints have been strongly expressed during the naat few days regarding the plague of blackbirds al%o. They roost • lu the trees by the thousands, nnd mnke life very dlaa- greeahle for the foot nJiBseuger of evenings. Xlie ordliiance against the use of firearms should he siisiiended for a short < time., in order to al'ow gunners to get at them. •Business in some lines is pieKiii:^ up since election," a dealer, in confections said this luoruing. "•Choice caiuly in handsome boxes Is in about as much rietuand as at Cliristtnas time. And the purchasers for the most l>art arc women. Oo you know. I really believe tiiat the women wagereil on the result of the ejection quite ex-' tensively'.''' <- Irf i!i EXCHA>fiE OK SELL. List your property with me, I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 -acreB In Neosho county, Kas, to exchange for good lola property. J. T. XILE8. Room 10, Old Cenrt Hooie^ Rooms for men. Y. M. C. A. building. Stcatn heat iu each room. Baths free. —Ont Qywtere. Way. Vow That* Election is over, Itis get busy and buy that Suit and Overcoat. Buy a "Henley" Suit,or Overcoat, the best made, most per- ' Icct lilting clothes in America. ' Heulcy" clothes are absolutely all-., wool and hand tajl- o r e d thropghotit. There are no others their equal. Come tomorrow and see this ffne line cf clothing, SI8.00 to $28.50 Other Suits and Overcoats SS.OO to $16.50 Barclay-Shields Xlo. Co. "The House of Qiiali^'' ' i. ;

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