Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 4
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. 1 _ ''^foi* I baoBiMlnc Caneantt, Iliii4 A hnA earn- plaion. pimplef ou my fare, nuil inrifoo'i una luiC lOnsttd Mitthonldhave l «<>n. NoWInmeuilrely trfll. mni thaplmplM Mveiill dl»«pp«re .lffom»3r fkea, I nut tmtbfiillr lay thnt Cwknf >i« Inn CUmc« U. Oriffln. gtoridan. Ind. MeTtr Sicken, V.'oakrti or (iripe, IPc. :': K :,^. Neter •old In bulk. Thi* K«iinlii« tablet itntnped CCO. Sanrniilecil to enra tit ynnr luonrr back Sterlioc Remedy Co., C,bIcaeo or N.y. Coo AWIUiL SIUE. TEH HimOli BOXEl file lou DAar lEfiism CHA& F. SCOIT. •ntered at Iota. Kansas. Postoffice. ai Second-GlaM Matter. Adrertlfling Rates Made Known oi Application. SUBSCBIFTIOX BATES. /• c, M4«r In lots. Gas CKj, LanjM' TlUe of laHirpe. tae Week 10 cents iu* Month 44 'centt t»je Year 15.00 By MM. Oa« yew Inside cranty 9iMi tar jMT ontslde connty 9106 Tkrae Months, in advance |L00 Oa» Month. In advance 44 Bendenra- l^tate's ''i>ricdess boon ^ laoMng Hemr Clay. We noticed.. too, that the man vBo dl4.the most Idcklng. on the new tax law. was. geoerajljr speaktng, the man who ha4l always been'able to oonceal Eomeihlng from tho assessor. . The hest indication, how'ever, that a man is getting on in the world. Is the tact that he, has qnlt calUngi it "iiipper" and.has begnn to refer" to It as''dinner." . Cranberry frappe la one of tho now dishes. Looki; like iinother effort to make people believe the rrnnberry is good to eat. Five thousand people hcar^ Bryan at Iflawatba. It is getting so Hiawa- tlia turns out about as well to a political meeting as It does to a funeral. ilxs. Halns takes the l)larae. But you will remember in this connection, that Evelyn Thaw did that. Edna Wallace Hopper will be permitted to keep the automobile A. O. Brown gave her. But it is doubtful K Brown has sufflciont money to keep It '.n repair. f Two more prisoners escaped from the Atchison jail. And it you have over seen the Atchison jail you won't blame them. i Generally speakings an optimist is 1 man who believed Oklahoma would eo for Taft.—J. E. House in Topekp Capital. 'I TAFT . IS PLEASED' WT1CIAL PAPER, CITT OF BAS. SET. Telephonzi Business OfBce U editorial Room 222 ooooooooooooooooo o o 0.\ SECOND TIIOIOHT. o o ooooooooooooooooo Dramatic note: Wo announce, with some regret, that Adel<> Ostval.l IK married. JVll of the p'otxl looking actresses seem to bo married. The Elks are going to give another minstrel .«how, and we'll bet old i>ew Dockstad 'jft is tromblinsi iu his shoes. It is generally boliered the R.-v. Mr. Boikin-v.ill tako his medicine gracefully. You will recall, in tliis co* nection, t'nat Mr. Botkin is acoustora- ed to taking medicine. "I am reasonaMy smart in sonio re.spcci.';, but 1 confess, with somo shame, that I c:in not I'^.Tin m drink out of a boitlo."—Dodd Gaston. We refuse to uiiike nv.y poliiical prophecies tliis uiominK. By thr time yoii road these linos yoii will know more aboutlt than iiny r.roi>ht.i. "I have made up ray irind, to ono thing: I sha'l never loso any $10 pold pieces, while working iu tlio gnr- den."'—iDodil Gaston. We have noticed that tbe most jiro- nounced charactorisiic i>)' the man with stomach trouble is iiis f. ar liiat you are also going to huvo it. Another ren'orty to jrrow hair ou bald -head .s is being promoted. W^' desire to ob.serve. in thi.i connection, that John D. Uockefeller is worth a billion dollars and ; e eouUin't find anything that wouM ninke hair grow- on a bald head. In a country town a man's idea of dissipation on election nuht is to go down to the restaurant after eleven o'clock and order an oyster stew. Mr, Corey did not attend his fel::- ter's wedilinK, but he sent a chock for flftO.OOO. Anybody run stay away from our woddinc if they will wnd n chock for $100,rt(»rt. THI An w;is Tl year.^ old xester- day. How, by the way. did T .si A:t have her namo ainjiutated? This department also apolojrize? to the Dowager Quoou .Afargharita. I.i referring to her tho otiior day w" Fpelled it "Margarita." President Elect Expresses MIK Gratlfl< ration at ReKuIts of Toesday 'ii Voting. Cincinnati. O- Nov. 5.— "I bcliove [ was elected by the business men of the cauntry. Democrats as well as Republicans; that I recoived ray share •if the labor vote, and that the farmers generally stood b\ me. I am very nuch gratified." William H. Taft was sitting In the 'Ibrary of his temporaiy home, tho C. J». Taft rrsidonco, this morning, when he pavo expression to the above declaration. Going more Into detail as to tho refuriLS, he added: '•In ray own state and Indiana the resu t was very mlich affected by the •ocal llcfuor (juesiiop, and k la very iifficnli to figure out Ju.'^i how it' op- "ratod. The sworping victory in Now York, .Mah ^jichusetls New .lc-rj.oy and (.'onneciirui is rspoel .TlIy gratifying to me." OF^lASIJ THE CITT COIWCIL HELD REOF-1 lAB XEETIXG TUESDAY MOHT. ADAMS APPOmTED MARSHALI Wc Will fecp Your Suit Pressed if You Pay .$15.00 or Over. JL E. LADIES AID SOCIETY HffJJi. IXG AS ALL.DAY .VEETI\G. Becanse There Are >'ot Enoagh Dem- Ofrats Here It In Safd That Tiro Loral .Von Will .Vote to Aiiuinsaii. Named G. W. .idams. At the meeting of the city council Tuesday night O. W. Adams was ap pointed city marshal to succeed WU Ham Vaughn who resigned several days ago. Mr. Adams began his du ties yesterday. Will Return Home. Miss Grace .Allstott of this city who has been traveling' with the Ideal Opera company for the past several months, will arrive here soon. She Is now at ElPaso, Texas. An AlI'Day .Vceting. The Ladies' Aid Society of the .Moth odist Episcopal church are today hold Ing an all-day meeting In the church The ladies have a lot or work which they wish to corapleto in the near fu ture. ELLIOTT'S NEW REFINERY. Will Locate $300,000 Refining Plant At Coffeyville. Tho Chauute Sun says: I'laps have been consummated whereby )ra V. Elliott, of thi.s city, manager of tho Kansas Retinery, will build a $nOO ,000 refinery at Coffey ville. The plant, when completed, will have a capacity of 1.000 barrels dally and 'be the largest independent con cern iu this section of the country. It will .«;cc'.iro Its oil supply from Oklahoma, and will differ rfitlically in ',)>iriK )3o from the- oih.-r pl.^^ts in this district. It is int.^aded 'o t;il:e tte heavy Oklalioma oil, wliirh is now shipped to Chanuie aud S ''r»aratft It In the Coffeyville plant, forwarding tho liglit oil here for further refining into kerosene aud gasoline and retaining the heavy residuum at Coffeyville for conversion into what is known as by­ products—cyliiuler oils, axel grease, lubricants, petroleum jelly and similar (marketable products. By such an ar- rangomeni the Coffeyville tciinery woiild be able to furnish sufficient liiht oil for refining to all three of the Chanute plants and at ihc same litiie .save freight both ways. At present the heavy oil is shipped here, a riortion of it refined and then shipped directly ba<>k to tho trade iu thi; southern part of tte state and in Oklahoma. The plant at Coffeyville will <»8t approximately $300,0fiO. It will be built largely by Chicago money, no other Chaniito iuvestors being interested ariide from Mr. Elliott. Tho plant wll' Ix! located on the land between the Katy main lino at Coffeyville and the Hwitoh across Eldiidg)* strcot south of i::imwood cemetery. Thi.s site in south of the building eroct(.d seve.-al months, ago for t^o wood fibre plaster plant. Progrresslec Clnb Met. The Progressive club of this city met last evening, with Mrs..W. N. Leep ar. A complete account will he found in the society column. Will .VoTC to ArkanfMs. Stories are being told on I^. V/ Howell and E. Leslie, two prominent Dem'ocn-ats of Concrete. It is said that because the ilepublloans arc so numerous in '•these parts" they will mov to Arkansait where- they wUI have people of their pollfie.i to associate *lfh. W. C. T. U. to Meet, The Women's Christian Temper ance Union of thi.s city, will meet on Friday afternoon at 2:'.'.0 o'clock wito Mrs. William Wright. Pmoual.s'. . Miss Ida Klnman returned yesterday from Chanute where she has been the guests of relatives. Ed Eillott came In yesterday from Warreusburg. Mo., where he has been ••or the past several months; He will make this his home. A. Kenedy who was quite scvcrel hurt several weeks ago is able to re luru to work again. Miss Ilattie While left yesterday for •jer home in Southern Arkansas. She nas beeii visiting her uncle In this city for the past several months. Miss Maude Hunter is reported on ;he sick list. Honorable Mention List. Tho following is tho honorable mention list .in tho city schools for Octo her: Jefferson School. 8A—Millio Had'ey. Francis MeCall 8B—Elsie Oder. "A—Leon Thorn p.=;on. 7B— .May Himes. 6A—aienis Bartels. 6B—Claude McDanicl. t will be ready to doliv.-r fruit trees Jj tjday afternoon and .'Saturday. Have The result of the election will not. fino trees for sale. A. H. Brown, .'il5 however, interfere in any way with South Cottonwood. When You Btiy Oysters Don't Pay For Water Why GhouM. you get a pint of walir with every qiuirl of Oysters.' Water t- chrap—bltMits and blcarliea the ••v.',ier spoils its natural fl.ivor. You have never known how pord ovstCTB can be imless vou have u Sealsbipt" Oysters 7 Thev are shucked into air-tight steel cans and shipped /lirecl from the l >cdsr— packed with ice around the conUiner.not in contact with the oysters. Vou get all isolid meats. And how fresh, wholesome, a^ietisiag different they are! ^ J . Ask for "Seabhipt Sense," a booklet cootaming new and attractive ways of preparing oysters. / If your dealer't sell "SealBhipt," here are aome who dof FREYER BROS; OTTO HINZE; OOR •The genuine "Scalshipt" Oysleis are always sold f^m • White Porcelain Display Cast bearing the "Sealshint" trade mark in blue. This ia for your |>70tection— look for tt. The '^Ssalshipt" Carrfer System is jxitentcd. Itafriag«- >%.L.MJ3g-'Donovan Murray. 1 2^^ft4 >•^g; meets, will be proeecoted to the full NATIO?TAL OVSTER CAR of the law. COMPi 5A— Bornice Bartels, Lillian North rup. fiB -^Iarold . Au.^herman, Chester Williams. lA—E^a Hall. •IB—Sol Colchensky. 3A—Earl Wurtzenluft. 3B—Gladys Davis. 2.-V—Mablc Durham. 2B—Cclia .lackmau. lA—.Marjorle Garlinghousc. IB—EMwln Stewart. Lincoln School. SB—Hazel Yapp. 7A—Hattio Blherton. 7B—Mario Badgley. 6A—Charles Boughton. 6B—Dorothy Kellcy., <j€orgo Trempala. 4B—Willie 15I?ert. ."/A—John Wilson. 3B—DIvlnIa Cllne. 2A—Helen Green. 2B—Grace McGuire. Louise . Ponsler. IH—I^eo Trempala. IC—Elmer Denton. Washingto'n School. TA—Eunice ML^amore. 7A—Harris Hilscher. '6.\—Lois CantreH. 6B—Roy Farrar. 5.\— Helen Allison. 5B—Elizabeth Marquadt. 4A—Gentry Newman. 4B—iKcttie Trine. 3.\—Cecil Stout. 4B—Earner Largent. 2A—Anna Reglna. 2B—Minnie Chrlstler. . ^ IB—Clarence Velters. IB—Charlie Chrlstler. IC—Velva Irwin. Garfield School. CA—Ethel Dozer. 6B—Bert Tobey. Lillian Allen. Bertha Hadley. ?tk —^Viola Godsey. .•>&—i^clle Spink, Freeda Bhroel. 4A—KelHo Thompson. 4B—Rlioda Sharp. 3A—Birdie Loveland. ^las Schomenis. 2^Royat.Geery. 1A—i>barley»^Gbur. IB—Marjory '^fathcr. McKinlty School. SA-^-Aalph Brumbaugh. 4A—Chas. Lamb. 4B—Irenp Seals.; o *_•».»% McCIpud. ifflcvc Bo\«^man. Goldscy. an— David Bpfcc. lA—Lcona Fulwilder. IB—AUle Colo. Baneatt •eteot. 4.AT-Fannlc McDanie s. 4B—Dorothy'McKlnnpy. 3A—'ElLi Remsbcrg. SB^I>ee Smith . 2A—Winnie Barris. .^B—Carol Hlldner^ Smart style is one of the prominent points in favor of Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes The latest correct models are always shown in this line and there are no otherclothes to equal them in excellence of quality^ in perfection of tailoring and iit. We'll satisfy you in clothes—in blue or black or fancy weaves, finest goods made. Prices— $1S, $18, $20, $22.50 and $25 ^ Imperial and .fohn B. Stetson stiff and soil Hats, in all Iho new styles, are here for yon...^?,.m AM) $;$..•)<) High f.'rade Shoes for men, \eUleton Shoes, (lie best In Awierlea, iMery pair giianni- leed %rt .QU TELLS READERS HOW TO 3f.VKE THE BEST KID\EY .MEDY RIGHT AT HOME. HE- NO NEV/-LAND FRAUD TRIAL, [probably will bo deferred. The defendants alleged the jury was Motions of Hyde and Schneider Over- coerced into groein.g on the verdict i ruled by Justice Stafford. jaud sought to have the jurors intcrro- 1 * I gated. Tile court, however, held that Washington, .\'ov. —.IiLstice Staf-lthat would allow the jurors to testify ford of the Supreme Court of tho Dls-i that thoir verdict their honest trict of Columbia today overruled the; judgment and opinion of the evi(t^nce. motions for new trials made by Fred-, a mattor as to which, according to thf) Readily OTcrcomes all and Urinary Troubles and Safd to AbNOlntcIy IIarnilei<R. oriclt A. Hyde and .Joqst H. Schnolrter, Hheumattsni convict»!d last spring of conspiracy to To make up onough of the "Dandelion Treatment," which is claimed to be relieving nearly every sufferer who uses it for backaohe, kidney complaint sore weak bladder ai'id rheumatism;' KCt from any good proscription phar-' macy one-half ounce Kiuid Extract of Dandelion, one ounce ConipouJid Kar- Kon and three ouncos Compound .Syrup of Sarsaparilla. Shake well in a bottle and fake in (easpoonful dosr-.^ after each menl and a.i?alu at bod- time. Those who have tried it claim that . acts gently but thoroughly on the kidneys, relicvinj; backache and blad- (er trouble and urinary difficulties before you realize it. Many cases of hcumatism are known to have been elieved within a few'd:iys. tho pain and sweiliuK diminshing with onch dose. This simple recipe Is said to absolutely strengthen and cleanse the eli- m defraud the United States in connection with securing land grants in Oro;,'on and Washington. The motion to arrest tho Judgment was not (MA- loosed of pending which tlio sentouco rule, tho rtofendant.s themselves, in- vokod. tho Jurors can not toKtlfy. Preuclied at ^([orun. The Rev. Dr. Hilscher will preach in .Moran I'ro.slivti.rian church on Kri- d.iy nixht of ilii .-i woek at 8 o'clock. Danderitie GROWS H.AIR and can PROVE IT! A lady from Minnesota writes: ".^s a re.-:iilt ot n-.!ii:» Datii'.crine. ir.r is close to five feet in length." Beautiful Hair at Small Cost H .VIK troubles. like irccy oilier c';«e=-ry, Inve bectt ivronelv •"^'se'l L!ti>;:?t!n r n:i-- understooU. 'The lutir iiff !f i.s not tlic tliina to I r,e trcnicd. for the riason that it is a product minafiVO tissues of the Kidneys so thai i of ihc scalp and v.holly .'.eijen.lcnt uroi ii* .nction. rVtav /von filfnr nnH strain frnni tho The scalp is the vcr.v s-.i! iuv.-li!ch tlie hair isiiro- he> can filter and strain rrom tne ^^^^^ n'irtured .-.nd Kro«-h. it :.ione should blood and system the pols -OnS, acld.'^, | ^.-ceive the aueu!i:)n if r^.iiIU'. :;ie I ' and wa.ste matter, which cause not only Rheumatism, but numerous other) diseases. E^-ery man or woman here ho feels that their kidneys are not ealthy and active, or who suffers from any urinary trouble wh.itever, i=hould pot hesitate to make up this mixture, as it is certain to do much irood, and niay saVe you- from much isery and isuffering after awhilo. jr .ST KEEP 0\ WORKIXf.'. When Sixteen Hours* Are I'p Engine Jlen Take Care of Engine. I.e exptctpj. It would do uo earthly gntKl to treat l!ie.«i«m of a plant with a view of nial:iuc ;t Ki<~w sinrl Ixcoiue more litautifiil—the jsoil in wliicli the grow.. mu»t he attended lo. Th,-re (ort-. the kcalp in which the h^ir grows Biutt receive the attention if you are to expect it to grow and.become more beautiful. I.o«s of hair ii caused hy the scalp drvina iii>. or lo^injf its supply cf inoihiure or uuiriaieni; wh»-ii l ,2 :.lne :i-. occurs the tcnl), has 'imply lost all its souri'htnent. leaviu^ iicjllii!iK f''r the liair tn ft>d u^n 1.1 plant or cvcu 4 trc- wonld die under similar conditions.) The Daturi .i tiling lo d.> in eiliier case, i.s to feed nr .dT< 'ilcuish ti...' .soil or • cslp c.s the cu^e'riay hs, anJ y jiir crop will ;;rov.- iniiltiiily .ns nature inU-udtd it should. Knowlton 's Dand^rin-j h^i .t moat wonderful effect upon the l.-ireiands a;id tioiuee of the scr.lD. It t> the r. medy for tho ever discoversd that ii similar to tl-.e natu .-3l heir foods or liquiUa cf tho scalp. It t«enetnitf< il-e r >>rt -s- quickly ard the liair soo:i siiivrs the eficc'ri of.ils wouticrluliy txliilar- alia;; and llfe-prodncin;^ qu.ilitie.t. Dne^.'^cen^ '* i;no;:u'li to convicre yoti of Orders have been issued by the,' i.rpper officials of the Katy, that when I engine crews arc tied up on account t , ^ . . of the sixteen hour law, «he fireman { l*n >'!t ^LY.?:'A ?J?:^ !^!f ^ff'Jl^J' slitill remain on duly lookine afror ilie j engine, seeing that, tite fire is kci >t going and the steam an such a hoight that wheTi the rest i.^ up it wpuld Jake j but a few minutes to ,j;et under way again in ca«<e there i4 no watchman arai 'ttibic at the place Whore they are tied up. If the engine is being "towed" in, the order fiUtes, the engineer shall remain on doty lookJing after the cn^ne; . . ' >.... j fyint: T-:neUj—try it and see for yourselr. »01V at nil rft^QBUU In tlir«o c!ses. 35c. 5&C and 91*00 pcsfboitio. Fficil ^° sl ;=>»r -'"""«^«in'cklyCsa--3rir3 • nets.wev .ni send 11 la-.KC ».an:- ple Ueo hy rttarn laaU to r.uysoe who send* this ue*. eosj»B to the assrjcs cisociiSE ia.. CCISASO. ILL. with their naiae »vA •rfdre'^ aod JCc ia silver or stamps t3 jar postasc. .1 I !<4

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