Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 3
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Nothing to equal the Talnes we will ofEJsr tomorrow has beea shows ia lola this season. Think of it! '7b new I'ailorecl Baits reoeived siiice MohdClyi will be offered to this week's patrons at reductions ranging from $6.00ito $10.00 less than nsual retail pirioes. , Ladies $25 to $30 New Tailored Suits. ChooSe Tliarsday at $I9.S0 . We will ehow yoa one splendid lot of Tailored Suits, th* most up-to-date styles, in leading sha lea of Brown, Blue' Green and Grays, sizes ranging from 32 to 40, some ar*) trimmed with satin, others are th"? plain tailored effeots, all with long coat, graccfnl models. We have prepared for onr greatest Fall Sale in this departm ^ut and, |i will have for this special occasion, fur your choice of these Suits worth up to $30, a sale price of 1^ J| ^ 9^t9\f Others in this Special Suit. Sole will be priced at $11.75. $13.95, $15.00 and $!r.50. (Among these suits you will find many in sizes 14, 10 and IS csp-cially aJap'ted for Missj'?, io pattern and styles.) A SALE OP LADIES COATS YOU SHOULD At! END Beginning tomorrow morning we includa in this Special Three Day 1 S lie every o le 6f oiir Lidies' and Misses coats. Remember that that your coats can be secured during the next .3 days at Frishman's at frum »2.0J tj $fi.()0 less than you can means any othi-r lola trading place can find equal qualities price in COATS COATS COATS COATS COATS worth 19 00 at worth 110.00 at worth $12.50 at worth $15 to lile.tO at worthllS to $20 at $5.96 $^.50 $9.75 $11.95 $15.00 SPECL\L. Ladles' $1.25 to $1.50 Petticoats, clioice . liadies $5.00 Silk Shirt Waists? ai Children's $4.08 Long Coats, choice of onri lot of 25. at each :.. $2.50 One special lot of Ladies' Tailored Skirts, black, blues and browns, regular $5.00 values, choice only .. .jji3.50 98^ *2.9.'> SPECI.VL. Ladies' 35c and 39c Underwear at 25 <-r Onn lot ."Oc and 7ac Underwear for ladie.s and chiidren, Choice ; S .l^ 800 yard.s bc^t 7*6c Outinen at ,>0 S.OOO yards best OV&c and 7c Calicoes One lot regular F.Oc and 75c Dress Goods, 36 to 40 Inches wide, yard 34 <J SPECIAL. .\nother special Dress Goods bargain, 20 pieces to choose /roni. warranted all wool, values up to .«1.00 yard. .\ow on sale, at j-ard, only 50f^ EXTRV SPECIAL— Regular $1.25 yard wide black Taffeta Silk, has rich lustre, splendid rustle, thoroughly deepndabie. Saleprice, yard 89^ RpMEMSElC TH£ PLACE lOLA. KANSAS , She Just «trcat cntf .tiTer BlMSftttl rooiffeM. Ind^ went IO wiki bm thoM Qttif ^ balf tlut ^baftH, lit^ tM JQVWK •ivtpptd for rbbittA. Thtu oritiutMi tbk Encliib Bat the Jotaatir Boll biMteM jima^t make u« bellcTa tbi^t tli«.'Aa»<Nri««fi Lif^t Brabma. tlM mignlflceBtfglk'lit of pooItiTdam, eatM from tueh i cM* tivdletory Mdrce. W» woald abosfr beUcTo tb« Brahma Pootrai (ItidtA )jiUi4 •ome part la' Ita tbakeup. ^Iiqi Mt. Cluunberfaln; tiie American dMglnit«r. ao one tbeaeeret"- ' ' ' * ' ,Wbat a princelj. beaatifnl. bthi' ITI ita kingly 'dlfDlty. fracefui ^xniflr^. manlve atrenitb.' enow wtaite body. WAS A BUSV PLACE A • . Ationiej- GraeraPs Ofllo*! RrKelgcd . With QnestioDH on Ele4>tlon the Topeka Capital says: There wan no busier place in Topeka yesterday than the office of Attorney General Fred S. Jackson. Mr. .larkson announce a week ago that the office of the attorney general would' be open all day yesterday and nil night laet night for the Tiurpose of anawcrlng any questions that might come up MorR the election. He expected business luit nothing like what ho pot. There was no cost attached JO the issuance of opinions and voters and election judges and clerks took advantage of the fact and called up toy telegraph, telephone and In person on al<l sorts of questions. During the forenoon there was bat one man in the office, Preston Coleman, Jackson's assistant. He reached the office at eight o'clock and hardly had time to take the cover off his type writer before the telephone began to ring. How long it had been ringing before no one knows. Then began a rapid fire of questions from all sections of the state. Both telephones were busy, messenger boys were running in and out and Shawnee county! was sending in some queries by party! workers. Coleman was covered up with work until Attorney General Jackson arrived from Eureka at noon. Then both we;re busy during the afternoon and I^st night John S. Daw. son and Charles D. Shukers, two more assistants were pressed into serrice. Tbe questions asked were upon all kinds of subjects. Some were so simple tbat a casual reading oif the elec- lion law woiird have sufficed. All of these the office force Iianddd right off tbftxriddle. But some perplexing ques- tktns'j were scattered along makInjK< /'foessary trips to the statute books. ^very'once in a while. For instance.: a lelephoiijHnessage from Osage conn-1 iy .stated Ittat the square bad bean jMt 'ipff th4 ballots epposife (be namtfs of (he^'fipebills^ and Problbttlon can* didatos. Ilio office ruled that this. was BO CauK, of tbe voter and (hat If be BMdchls'eroas mark wbero tba sqttarM oaHit to baTc b«Mi bis ballot should be couiitfd. A Topeka d^afgiit inquired if be could sell liquor on the affidavit plan yesterday. He knew that the priinary law prohibited the selling of liquor In any form and for any purpose prl- nmry day and wanted to know about election day. The office informed him that there was nothrnp m the general election law to prevenr him from selling liquor under the ordinary regulations ••lection day. A school teacher down in the southern part of the state who had Jui>t moved there wanted to know If there was not some provision of law making it legal for-a man who liad "moved for educational purposes" to vote. There was no such regula- lion and the man was not permitted to vote. Half a dozen people trailed up l«) iMrn whether electlon'^ay wa.s a legal holiday. It Is not. h\ several instances election jiid;,'e.s wanted to know whether they could allcw ra'ilroad men away from home to vote for th'.' whole county titfket whererer they liappened to he. Others wanted to know, what; pi'nci'dnre to fo'low ill allowing voters to swear in their vfjicK. Tlundreds of questions cune up yestrrday that one would nev er dream uf—questions that any child would be expected to answer. Then there were question.** that puzzled oven the force In ihe attorney Keneral's office. .Most of the questions received last night were In regard to the count ing of ballots. These questions continued Io come ill ^om all p^rts of the state unlll late ih the nl.(;hi. ALL BACK TO HOUSE —Ante Garage and Repair Shop for an Und .9 of. repairing. Aatomoblle ilTerr. Pbeee 8». Cbristiao Science Lectare ^ AT me s GRAND THEATRE Thursday, Nov. 0 a AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, P. M. 5 By MissjMary Brooklns C. S. R of Minneapolis, Minn..'member of the Christian Science Board of Lecturship of The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Mass. iThis lecture is given under the auspices of First Church of Christ Scientist of Tola'. All are cordially Invited. . ADMISSION FREE I All Eight Kansas Congressmen Were Elected.—4u>st Bui Few Counties. Topoka. Nov. 5.—Belated returns make sure tho election of all eight Republican congressmen In Kanas by good ihajorities. The. estimated niajority by counties on all but the First. Sixth and Seventh districts were secured at Republican headquarters. ' Conprrcflsman Charles F. Scott's plurality In the Second district is in the neighborhood of 2,700. He carried Allen county by B28. Anderson, 175, Bourbon 150. Linn 150. Franklin 610. Douglas 1.200, Johnson 250, and lost Miami by 248 and Wyandotte by about 250. Congressman Campbell of the Third district will have about 5,200 plurality. He carried Crawford county by 1,020. Xeos'oo 400, Labette 500. Wilson GOO, Chautauqua 400, Cherokee 200. Elk 275, Montgomery 1,200 and CTwley 500. Congressman Miller of tlie Fourth! district won by near'y 4.000. plurality. He carried every county! in his district as follows: Marion 800, Morris 450, Caso 130, Greenwood S09, T^Toodson: 300, Coltey 350. Osage 350. Lyon 400.' Pottawatomie 300, Wabathisee 400. Congressman Calderbead's plurality in the Fifth district borers aroond S.- 500. He carried all but two cotintles as follows: Marshall 800. Washington 600. Blley SOO. Clay 50. Cloud 200.' Ottawa 50. Dlckerson 300. G^^y^iM'.' and lost Sa'ine by 215 and itepuMie by 40. Congressman Murdock's majority in the Eighth tllstrict Is more than 4.000. He also carrijfd every co^ty; as follows: Sedgwick l-U^. McPbor- son 1,033. Harvey 1,000. B(ltle «^#iPj and Sumner ."iOO. • CHANGE IN PLUG TIME. It Will Arrive Here 18 Minutes Earlier Than Heretofore. Attention of thn public Is called t^o a Chang'! in the Santa Fc train tinie here. The plug which now arrives here at 8:18 a. m. will, beginning on .Monday morning, arrive here at 6:30 a. m.. reaching ICansas City at 10:30 Instead of 11:05 as it does now. Several cl'.angCM were recently made in Santa Fe time over the division to take effect •Sunday. T^ho plug does not run Sunday so that its first run on ni-w time will he Monda.v. WOMEN ARE VICTLHS. indoor Life and Lack of Exercise Causes Piles. ,. More women than men have piles. It is because they take so little outdoor exercise and are so often constipated. There is a stagnation of blood in the lower bowel, and no amount of cutting or treatment with ointments aiul siippositorles wi'.l remove this cause. Dr. L«onhardt'8 Hem-Roid, an internal, tablet medicine, will permanently cure any caso of piles, removing the cause. Price, $1 at Chas. B. Spencer £ Co.'s. Fully guaranteed. Dr. LeonhardL Co.. Station B, Etuffalo. X. Y. Write for booklet. TO rrRE COLB IX ONE DAT. Take Laxatlvei Bromo Ouihine Tab. lets. Druggists refund mnn*y if it fails to cure. K. W. GROVE 'S signature is on each box. 25e. Was Paiwlen Day. Yesterday was penalOB dey and Probate Judge BmiU ^e> oOee was fliled With veterans and old soldiers all dajr. if/BbaVe just receivied a ^ full c ^load o\ firstoclaiM imd to tbodie conttrmplaliog yAjybepnrchase^oifa ntonnnieiit, |P ^w !eip«ctfnU}r invite you to call and see oar »tock and get our prices brfore yun place yonr order. We do all onr work I with pnenmatic toola, and goataatee onr stock wad work. 1 warn BaoDU FBOM z ^xva.^ striped hackle. Mack tali and.vtreeaisb black sickles! ' Tui ^e .r-llke in proportloii,_ sbccviieA; to perfection, delicidusly ilatored* It is the epicure 's delighlt. tbe'profeSsidsal man *s pet and tbrpceacber's id61. Brabma breedets Sfaouid particularly avoid vulthte' bocks, solid blade featb* ers and spots on back.-wblte, red and dark shanks and uuderwel|bt STAXDARD WEIOHTg. Cock U pounds M«n ...>.. pounds Cockerct.. lOpounds Zhilt*t .... ipeands FEATHERS AND EaatHBLLj^ My friend, be careful to^'w^om you ship. You mifl^t make a aillt>. So many make tbe blaai^r: to -sen stock right oft range for mi»et. don't catch stock dealepi selllnff ahae^> bofs and cattle that way. One hundred cblckena-famed 12<> pounds ,ih tea days and ate $7 #drtB of fattening food. At 18 cenbf pec pound tbe piain in pounds netted |21.6() Ad the profit was miM. D6e4 it ^ pay? Beports are already combig ia oT^ scarcity of turkeys. Lots batet^ died loff. of cotirse. as tisiiaJ. 'WbjSi^ it? Well, listen. WiywllLiial^ pay' a big price for a brood;; sow ykiid coasldsr ^ robbery . for . a ' tdtke; breieder? GIT^ i* uP:- So db-w^i,- . Thirty-five ddriars is a fair pfjc*'.for a pen of six large, fiteibhlobdiidj: tainted Brobze turkeys, aiad their; spring will pay a big profit On tbe-th- •ssttoent Xo. j-od're not craic^' .wben you pay $10 for a gobbler.'aad'lffi'ier a ben. You've got more braiiw and- vi ^l get the gains, while tbe imftji iakA wUI get tronble for bis pains. ^; . Tbe big rooster pot tip at tbe eJHlu)^ fab: ar fitttboro, Pa:; voted t<r :fS* most popular icaan In tbe UnitM tttm, went to tedd/ Roosevelt, Ue'l^ocked splinters OS ererrt&Uit Kt Sagamore tbe first day. If krl -tt^ Joins our tratemity, tbe egg and sqnii trust will bave to bust We hope tbe National Poaltty ikiao- elati<m's recent meet at Niaganl FiJ^s will Insure tbe futere sacfeee of tbO sddety. The many charges and oeuo- terctaargee and scraps baire .kept down tbe membenbip snd LoterMt H^Hien eae of out poultry Siawf/ilX editors adrtoed bis readers to tbrow com on tbe cub to ducics to keep t^ein busy, it sbonrs tbete is some "city farming" still in bloom. For pmctlcal knowMc* Dun't so to <»Ueg«. Fur bard bors* acnM Don't lost on the /encc. To get the know how Your back yoii must' bow. To become an expert Tou must sweat- la the dbt. ~ The oamplalnts ^f so many- that tor; key eggs only batched balf nader bOas this year are easily answered. Jaai note the difference In the vltalit}!' bTa big turkey ben and a common cblck. \k. chicken cannot furnish sofllcient ii^t. The cruelty of a reimsylTaata per was rewarded with a twenty-flte dollar fine at PhBadelpbia .in Adgust when he packed nineteen ducks and forty chickens into a;crate. Tbe S. P. G. A. needs active'agents at soibe town markets alsa The latest new journal V CaieVes of Buffalo. That tbe'goose I&diiStry. is active is shown by tbe early app^- ance of mwe yoang geese tban last year. There are two things some |>e»- ple in the towns luvcn't leam^yet— that tbe yooug gee «e aiod dacks are tbe finest eating .ind are wortb more ttian old stock, jnst as spring cbldiaia tMte better and cost more "^tlma old bene and rooetevs. Yoo may be wbndecing bowiyott lost •ne of your best egg eusto^^ iHna you are sure that •recy-^K b »-strJ |cUy frcai. But listen. An eg ^4M »aii^ly iHps down nader tbe fiest otabnaf, aikd If you fail to run. year- -tefM^ the straw t<iae egg mar J ^etwaiiklar a mentb Btitli the b ^Kfiina 1l>«i»;8Mii day. A cabto«er .istttBi ttetlp^wfiid •Ig rnsy txini-j9vi)sMu;£f%vi^^^

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