Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 15, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1891
Page 7
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How's Your Liver? Is the Oriental salutation, knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. When tha Liver is torpid the 'Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies in the stomach undi- • t ested, poisoning the lood; frequent headache ensues; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the -whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. As a general family remedy for Dy spepsi *, Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc., I hardly ever use anything else, arid have never oeeii disappointed in the effect produced • it seeios to he almost a perfect cure for all diseases of the Stomach and Bowels. W. J. MCELROY, Macon. Ga. *•» COPYN Worn-out, "run-down," feeble women, noed Dr. Piefce's Favorite Prescription. It builds them up. It's a powerful, restorative tonic, or strengtli-givcr —free from alcohol and injurious drugs. The entire system is renewed and invigorated. It improves digestion, enriches the "blood, dispels aches and pains, gives refreshing sleep, and restores flesh and strength. As a soothing nervine, it allays and subdues hysteria, spasms, and all the nervous symptoms commonly attendant upon functional and organic disease. It's the only guaranteed 'medicine for women. It does what is promised — or it asks nothing. It gives satisfaction, in every case, or the money paid for it is refunded. That's the way its makers prove their faith in it. Contains no alcohol to inebriate ; no syrup or sugar to derange digestion; a legitimate medicine, not a beverage. Purely vegetable and perfectly harmless in any condition of the system. GOLD MEDAL, PABIS, 1873. Breakfast Cocoa from vrhich the excess oi oil has been removed, is Absolutely Pure audit is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass, VESETMM-E THE PERSIAN NEW YEAR. Celebration of the Festival of No Kooz. A. Gorgeous Eastern Paceunt—A Day on Wtolch Every One Wears a Urn net Nevr Suit of Clothes—The Sliuh's Acl- dren. 1 * to th« People. [COPYRIGHT, 1SOO. BY J. TV. JOHNSOX,] "What :ire you about, Hassan?" I said one pleasant eveuing ra March to a Persian servant. He -,vas standing- holding 1 his bunds over his face while one of his fellou's named Ah Ashbur was turning- him urqpnd slowly. Alee, looking- at me, said mechanically, "Bally, Sahib (yes, sir,)" and stopped, hesitating 1 . 1 sa.w that .some peculiar ceremony was going on which Uie.y did not want interrupted, and waited ;ind watched. Alee gradually moved Ihissan. around until he was fairly turned to the west, with the new moon directly before him. On being- 'informed of this fact Hassan muttered something- to himself for a minute, then withdrew his h::nds and looked lit the moon with a. slight bend of the head. These men were both Mohammedans; but they were also Persians and descended from the old (ire-worshipers from whom it was evident they had inherited some vestig-cs of the religion, of Zoroaster, of which the scene i had just witnessed was undoubtedly apart. Persians stoutly deny that any Zoroastrianism practices are raiug-led with their Mohammedan belief. I'.utone only has to look_at their Ne\vJ Y'ear's customs in order to discover how curiously the two religious are blended in their usages. No Ivooz, or Persian Xcw Year, comes at the time of the spring- solstice when the sun crosses the line. This is a dis- tinctive.recognition of the sun as a being- ^residing- over human destinies. The Ko Kooz is indeed a great occasion with Persians, a season of universal rejoicing 1 , of visiting, festivity and cessation from, business for the period of ten entire days. For weeks before the groat event they are engaged in preparing for its coining, if f or no other reason because even 1 Persian, be it man, woman or child, expects to come out then in a brand new suit of clothes. Those who have not the ready money for the occasion place jewels, embroideries or other choice articles in the .hands of the del- lals or itinerant merchants to sell for them'and great bargains may be picked up at that time. Of course the weather is bound to be fine, for the short winter is over, the roses are all in bloom, and for sis mint. His Majesty then burns.incense oil a brazier. The royal astrologer in the meantime is carefully studying his instruments watching- the expected transit. As soon as the event is announced the Shah seizes a magnificent Koran lying- on a cushion before him and Bide'rjf the city walls. He lias a beautiful pa-\<lion -there built in two stories with separate latticed balconies for his wives. Spacious tents of embroidered stuffs are spread around for the benefit of the courtiers. The course is circular, a little over a mile long-, and the horses go around six times in each race The presses it reverently to his forehead, races are running matches, as trotting lips and bosom; he then turns to the Mollahs and earnestly proclaims: ' 'Mom- barek bawshed!—may it be propitious to you!" A priest then arises and chants a solemn -invocation to the Almighty. Each courtier, according to rank, next approaches and kneels before his sovereign, receives from his hands a share of the new coin, and retires from the hall, until all are gone and the Fving is left THE VIZIEB-I-LASKEr. IS COURT ROBES. COUGHS AND COLDS. 35c. nn<3 81. at nil druggist*. E, MORGMIS338, - - Proprietors, FFOVIDENCU'. R J. TBiDESCPPLi;:R:.yROSS GORDON, Laf"f!"f:tte, Ind. For sale by B. F-, Reesling. THE SHAB OF PERSIA. months at least there will be little or no change. The evening before, after sunset, the.people gather around heaps of brushwood placed in a row in the gardens, set.fire to them and then leap over them in succession. Does not this remind one of the statement in Scripture that the Jews when following the idolatries of neighboring nations "caused their children to pass through the fire?" This scene is provocative of much mirth, as one after another awkwardly jumps over the burning bushes and tumbles sprawling this or that way in his anxiety to escape being burned. The hour when the snn crosses the line, be it day or night, is the momentous period'of No Kooz, and is celebrated by an Impressive ceremony:at the palace. As the hour approaches, the high officers and nobles of the realm gather in the great throne room or audience chamber, -where, surrounded by the trophies of past ages, the Shah gives audience to his courtiers. Arrayed in their costliest robes they assemble and range themselves on each side of the hall according to rank. First in order are the litollahs or prelates, who seat themselves on the tesselated floor Persian fashion, that is, on their knees and heels. Next to the Mollahs follow the uncles of the Shah, the Sedr Azem, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Minister of War, the last two facing each other. Then follow other high dignitaries, including the official head of the Khajar tribe, to which the present dynasty belongs. All remain standing except the Mollahs. -Then, between the double row of dig-nitaries, the Shah slowly proceeds and seats himself on a carpet of pearls before the peacock throne. Then the chief of the Khajars by order of the Shah goes from one to the other followed by servants bearing trays of small silver coins from which each one present receives a pinch of coin in order that they may welcome alone in his glory. To me .there is something extraordinarily impressive and original in this custom of leaving the Shah alone in his audience chamber. This'grantl ceremony, which in its observance of the sun's crossing and by the presentation of fruits of the earth evidently far antedates the Mohammedan conquest, is only very rarely seen by Europeans :ind Christians. About aa hour before noon of the same Ja3 r , the .Shah receives the diplomatic corps, who go in all the state they can mustur to oiler the congratulations of the season. I dare say his Majesty smiles when he sees them for he knows that at least three distinct dates for tha New Year are observed by the nations which have legations at Teheran. The Rtissian, the Ottoman and the English Ministers, for example, each has a separate day for celebrating the time when the world began to be, all of which shows how perfectly well, with what absolute correctness, the precise date of that important event has been ascertained. It would be money in tho Shah's pocket probably as well as of the Ministers if there -were more doubt on the .subject, because so long as it continues to be a fact that the world was created on four different days different ceremonial occasions must be observed at the court of Persia. On the morning of each of these New Years twelve servants in scarlet livery appear at a legation bearing on their heads trays heaped with coefectionery. The trays are laid on the pavement before the parties of the legation where,-the weather being fine, they remain some days as evidence of the bounty of the Shah. But the Min- ( ister who receives this royal gift is in turn bound by the obligations of courtesy to present each of the bearers of the confectionery with - a present in money. Therefore we say that as Nursted-Deen, Shah, is a man of shrewd -wit he doubtless smiles to himself a sarcastic smile as he reflects on the various birthdays of this terrestrial ball. After the diplomatic reception of the No Kooz is over his Majesty, attended by his oldest son, proceeds to hold a popular audience in one of the pavilions in the gardens of the palace, one of the few occasions %hen he seems to come in actual contact with the people and recognizes the mutual character of their interests. .Ho occupies • the upper end of a marble throne shaped like a raised platform and supported by carved lions. Be sits on.his knees with a cushion of velvet embroidered with gems at his back, and faces the garden and the people. Files of soldiers are ranged on either side of an inJmense tank between the avenues, and around them swarm the people.. A jewelled pipe is presented to the Shah which he smokes with zest before hia subjects. One of the great court dignitaries then presents him with the congratulations of'the season in the is not a favored ga.it with Oriental horse• men. Tlie Shah enters a number of horses and prizes are given. The Arabian station which he presented to the United States "Legation had won . severahprizes at those races and ever- after whenever he caught sight of the race course it was difficult to hold him in because-he became so excited at the memory of his former triumphs. When the State ceremonials and pageants of No Kooz «are over then the people abandon themseves to unrestrained jollity and social intercourse. The • bazars ai-e cleared and every one keeps open house, having, according to his means, confectioner}' and sherbets spread on the rug or table of the re; ception room for the visitors who call to exchange the compliments of tlie season. With the wealthy it is no small burden to entertain at No Kooz, for they must be on hand to receive visitors who announce their coming days in advance and also pay considerable sums in fees to the servants who bring gifts to them from other gentlemen, as well as distribute largesses to their own servants. The -last day of the No Kooz is perhaps the most remarkable in Oriental social life. All barriers of rank seem to be let down for the occasion. As there are no public parks, every grandee throws open his grounds to the people who surge in from every quarter and roam with full liberty in every part of the gardens, being treated with marked courtesy by the proprietor. All are dressed in new garments and the scene is gay enough; and yet everywhere perfect propriety is preserved as if the people felt that the national reputation for orderly bearing was in question. The tinkle of the guitar, the beat of the rebeck are heard on all hands, and merry songs from merry hearts, but there is no license nor disorder apparent. On that da.y and that day alone in Persia does aPersian'walk abroad with his wife as one may see man and wife walking in Europe engaged in genial conversation and sharing- the festivities of the day. It is.a day which Persian wives love to anticipate and to look back to as indeed a white day in their otherwise secluded We are a.patient people—the ox is nowhere in comparison. We buy lamp-chimneys by the dozen; they go on snapping and popping and flying in pieces; and we go on buying the very same chimneys year after year. Our dealer is willing to sell us a chimney a week for every lamp we burn—a hundred or more a year—and we plow for him, pay him for goading us. Macbeth's " pearl top " and "pearl glass" do not break from heat; they are' made of tough glass. As likely as not our dealer would rather his chimneys would break; " it's good for the business," says he. He buys the brittlest ones he can get. " What are you going to 3o A,,4. ^4. i " about it? Plttsburg. Gio. A. MACBETH & co. Cheap Lauds and Homes iu Kentucky, Tennesee, ALABAMA, Mississippi and Louisiana. On thellne of tlie Queen & Crescent, Route can be fourid-2,000,000 acres of splendid twtrom, op. land, timber and stock: lands. Also tlie finest fruit and mineral lands on the continent tor ante on favorable terms. . FAEMEBS1 with all ttiy getting got a bojue tn the sunny'oOutb, where blizzards mid lee cUd plains are unknown. The Queen & Crescent Route Is 94 Ml.lwi the Shortest and ^Quickest Line Cinciuati to New Orleans Time 27 Home. Entire Trains, Baggage Car, Day Coach.* ,md . sleepers run through wltbout clKinge, MAKUI.F, THRONE-IN TAIACE TKHER.4.X. lives. This pleasant custom may also be traced back to the period when the religion of Zoroaster obtained in Persia and the bright luminary of day.was believed to have a controlling sway over the destiny of men. •tlmnlates the torpid liver, ptrcnfiTfh* bowel**, fuitl itrti uucquulcd us uu ANTI-BILIOUS ••MEDICINE, In malarial rtislrtcis t l>clr virtues uro widely recognized, us tliey POUSMJSM peculiar properties In freeing tlies.vstem from liint poiNon. Elesriintly Ntigar coated. JUouetuiulI. J'rice, iiiicta. Sold Everywhere. Office, 35> & 41 Park Place, N. T. FATHER IS GETTING WELL. He had such an awful cough. Doctor said he Had consumption And could not live long. He took Dr. White's PulmonaHa and ' ; Began to get better at once. He Is now Getting fleshy and strong, And will soon be Himself again. Such testimony as this is nothing new for this medicine. It is performing wonderful cures every day. it is entirely harmless and pleasant to take, and its action is simply wonderful in curing a cough. Three sizes, 25 cts., 5O cts. and $1, and :arger bottles for the price than any jtiier, and every bottle warranted. oOld'by B. F. •Keesling 1 and D.E Pryor. GET WELL-STAY WELL It canlitdone. II you, MAX. yoiinc or old, Have any Weakness, Malformation, Debiliu-.OurJE;- cLvsive jlfcrhotts eMonoyoly of Success explained In I «••/« .,,.., .»_., i (mailed free lorn lim- \ OUR MEW BOOK ited "'"^ «•» ««•» lM.^-l«MH^PM^M«« B H« H ta_l 7O ' Shortest, 3 Hours the Quluwxt Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla. Time 27 Hours'. Tlie only line runnliiji Solid Twins and TlirotisB 'Sleeping Cars. ONLY LINE FROM CINCIKiTATI To Chatranoga. Tenn., Port Payno, Al;u, JtoDraan. Miss., Ylckburg, Hiss., Shrevew)rt,..La. » 3lll<>5-t!je ShojtBst Cincinnati to-tewiudfln, Kr ,?»S?S rs Quickest ClneliinaU-to Kjitmille. 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'"Fidgets," or an uneasy;feeling at night, particularly in the lower limbs, -is a very common symptom of nervous dyspepsia- To understand the cause, one must know something about the nervous system. Tha spinal cord passes down from the head sending branches to various parts of the body. On either side of the spinal cord is a chain of ,nerves called the sympathetic ganglia. 01 these the solar plexus is connected •chiefly with the stomach and the luia- bar ganglia, with the small intestines. This last named sends two large branches to each limb. If there is any irritation of the lumbar ganglia through indigestion of fobd in the small intestines, its reflex action is felt in the limbs through, their connection with the lumbar ganglia. Coldness of the extremities is attributable to the same.cause. By this unnatural nerve stimulation the walls of the bloodves- sels are made to contract so vigorously. that the blood can not get through-— Dr. J. H. 'Kellogg. CARTER'S ITTLE IVER PIUS. 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This Is; a glorious opportunity for Home Seekers to Visit tfie"territory, named, and we would invite correspondence on the subject For full Information call on or address D, B. MARTIN, General Passenger Agent Democratic union -with the Alliance in the Western States, the Democratic composition of the Farmers' Alliance convention at Ocala, and the absorption of the Democratic party in Georgia and South 'Carolina by the Farmers' Alliance point irresistibly toward one conclusion—the Democracy and the A'lliance are hand in glove with one another. The free and unlimited coinage of light-weight silver dollars is the bond of union which binds them so closely together.—Albany Journal. AUDIENCE HAJLL OF THE SHAH. name of,the people, to which the Shah replies in a short speech given in hia usual earnest; somewhat abrupt manner, but expressing the'good will he entertains for his Persians and his desire for their welfare and prosperity. A poet then adyauces^witb an ode prepared for the occasion which he recites in a loud sonorous chant that appears to give all present immense satisfaction. This over At* e they would be ilmottpricolows to thoss wno Buffer from thin distressing cbmplaiit; but forfu- who oace try them will flndtboselittlo pills yalu- Bble in so many ways tliattliey will not bo -willing to do without thorn. Bat After aUalclc hex) ACHE la the bane of so many lives that hers is wheitt tromakeourgre»tboast. Ourpillscuzeitwhjla others do not. Oarter-s CftUo Liver Pills are very small and vo^f easy to take. OneortwopfflsmolioadoBO. Thoy are strictly vegetable und do not gripo or purgo, but by tooir gontla action please all who twothem, In\-lu]8Et25c(!n;a; flvefor$l- Sold by druggists eterywtieio, or seat by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE OnrMalydor Perie«Uon.Syringe tree'wiib «Y*rr Bottle. Prevents Wtrlctive. Cures Qan »n<l Gleet In l>to -»<!«>•, Ask your lor it. Sent to »ny', afldress for n.QO. AJd HAIYDOB MAMUP6 CO., LAN CASTER, a -•/ — -J . J./J Uhr-t,,UU l.LUJ_Ll.t_,.Ul3W OUlUlOJCbWll-lUkl* -I Ill^»VVCl the New Year with the good a-ngnry of | the Shah sententiously says: "Marab- money in their hands.- While this ceremony is proceeding high officials superbly arrayed, place salvers /before the Shah containing- specimens of the fruits of earth and water, or heaped with dazzling 1 piles of .intermingled gold and silver coins fresh from the hus!" which means "you have leave to depart," and the audience- breaks up. ; " The following 1 day* or, if a high wind be blowing on the next calm day dur-s ing the No- Kooz the great annual horse races are held under the auspices of the Shah at the Epyal Race Course iust out- THE SKIN. Is an important factor in keeping good health; if It does not act in tht way intended by nature, its functioni «re-performed by other organs,— 'the Kidneys and the Lungs; and tht result is a breakdown of general health. 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