The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 20, 1986 · Page 15
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 15

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1986
Page 15
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Fun The Salina Journal Monday, January 20,1986 Page 15 Home teen party is ultimate test The Far Side You can't get your black belt in parenting until you are the veteran of a party held in your home by your teen-age children. This is the ultimate test of restraint and endurance. Many parents have tried it, but it is some time before they can speak of it or put it in perspective. To begin with, there is no such thing as a "small" party, by invitation only. Kids' parties went public 15 years ago. That means when your child whispers in the ear of someone in the f estroom to be at your house Friday at 8, their voice is picked up by a party network and broadcast to every country in the free world. At 8 p.m. Friday, they will come by cars and buses. A few will fly in and converge upon your house like a thousand camels with sponge tongues and hands that work like scissors going up and down the table of food. One mother who thought a group of "quiet, reserved, not-too-popular" kids would consider bobbing for apples and eating a few cupcakes as a treat was overwhelmed'by 17 uni- Tank McNamara Erma Bombeck LOS ANGELES TIMES nvited guests who turned her living room into a house of horrors. She is still afraid to answer her phone and face the wrath of other mothers who charge, "What kind of parties do you give?" Another couple returned from a weekend out of town to discover their living room furniture had been rearranged, there were cigarette burns in the carpet dead center under the dining room table, a living room stack table lost a leg every time they lifted it, and a prickly pear cactus was in the middle of the back yard. (They live in Connecticut.) Something that resembled chicken grease had been spilled on the deck, there was a case of empty beer bottles in their daughter's bedroom, and a month's supply of meat had vanished from the freezer. It wasn't until a few weeks after the party that a woman who runs a community service office phoned and said they owed her for a phone call made from their house to a Coast Guard cutter off the coast of Kodiak, Alaska, that had been charged to her number. Their children pleaded innocence. It takes all the understanding and forgiveness a parent can muster to deal with these social disasters. They tell themselves it is all a part of the growing-up process. They tell themselves it is a learning experience that their children will benefit by. They tell themselves they can change their name, move to a new neighborhood, go on the "Newlywed Game" and start all over again. Some parents even have a sense of humor about it. Like the woman whose daughter's girlfriend called her boyfriend on the Goast Guard cutter in Kodiak, Alaska. "I can laugh at it now," she smiled. "Does that mean you'll leave them in charge again while you go out of town?" "Don't press!" she snapped. na remember, it's gfit to look n accident. Crossword By Eugew Sheffer Hit elephants The Family Circus ACROSS 1 Soft leather 5 Meadow 8 Frontier trading post 12 Mixtures 14 Samoan seaport 15 Strings of prayer beads 16 Coarse file 17 Winter mo. 18 Roman officials 20 Sheik's retreat 23 Chinese measure 24 Mimics 25 Optimistic 28 Beach bonus 29 Heals 30 Mature 32 Young blossom 34 Arum plant 35 Vestments t 36 Madrid gallery 37 Limited 40 High note 41 Inland sea 42 Clooney of songdom 47 Agatha Christie title? 48 Involved as a result 49 Germ 50 River in Scotland 51 Hardens DOWN 1 Elevator cage 2 I love, to Caesar 3 — Vegas 4 Blazes 5 Den 6 Uncle: dial. 7 Taxed 8 Breakfast cereal 9 Gem stone 10 Ascend 11 1981 Tim Hutton movie 13 Metric unit 19 Club fees 20 Fez or fedora Avg. solution time: 24 min. Ans. to yesterday's puzzle 21 On — (equal to) 22 Nevada city 23 Large convex molding 25 Rendered waterproof 26 Scarlett's home 27 Minced oath 29 Primitive chisel 31 Tokyo, once 33 Navigated 34 Dumas hero 36 Entreaty 37 Popular crazes 38 Dies — 39 Title 40 Italian noble family 43 Undivided 44 Pub drink 45 On pension: abbr. 46 Ten make a first down: abbr. W66P l£ TO tOGUJ ORCEAIO& , CARfep ASCOT . A. —""^ ^*^ MANAGING EPITOR For Better or for Worse RFTERSHE MOWED NcRlH ED UDFtt-fleo HERBRC BOTSHESRIDNO- •SHE. BROKE. UP UJtTH GOSSIP. SHE eivescpiS HISTORIES. CRYPTOQUIP CO WW=S RRSTHUSBWD Sure, I know the facts of life: Mind your manners, sit up straight, wash your hands, do your homework...." BUT TfeP BROKE UP toflHHER WHEN SHE ,fM> CONNIE MI AFZ WAWSNMG MFX IMCP XA M UGCZFP, "ASG NCUZ CI M WCYFCY." Saturday's Cryptoquip: THE TRAINING FILM FOR HUSKY LONGSHOREMEN IS CALLED A DOCK- UMENTARY. Today's Cryptoquip clue: W equals P © 1986 King Features Syndicate, Inc. The Lockhorns Hagar the Horrible THE SALESLAPV SAIC7 &\& HATS WEI2EIM THIS YEAP "I NEVER HEARt? OF GARLIC ICE CREAM BEFORE." "GARFIELD'S BUT,IT 6TILL WON'T START THERE 15 ENOO&H STATIC ELECTRICITY IN 20CAT6 TO 6TART A CAR ON A COLP MORNING i FUNPIN6 FOR THIS PROGRAM WAS PROVIDEP BY DONATIONS FROM OUR VIEWERS..." or 'ANP WA5TEP BY A PROPUCER IUHO PIPN'T KNOW WHAT HE UUAS DOING.." ~ ^r / CO/V\£ ON,Gi)Y6. \ <> ll'M LATE FOR WORK<^ * Hi and Lois Wizard of id ALL THAT PACKET OUTS/PE ? I PINP tfUT WH/4T COMMERCIAL Beetle Bailey LIKE WHEN •z. MO,SIR. X VO ALL MY PRAVIN6 PURINSTHE RAY 170 YOU SAY YOUR AT BEETLE? Rex Morgan M.D. CONFUSED ABOUT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH KAV WEBB, GRANT P6NISON DISCUSSES IT WITH DR. MOROAKI >. AFTER ANY WIPE DIEP, I MEVfeR -THOUGHT OF ANOTHER WOMAW COMING INTO MY LIFB/ I THOUGHT IT WOULP SC DISLOYAL 7 TO HER ( ASAKIV PERSONS WOULD DIFFER WITH THAT INTERPRETATION .SU6GESTING IT WOULP BE A CO/KPLI/MENT, TO HER EVEN |_ THOUGH ^ KAV \*> SO /MUCH YOUNGER THAN Blondie Born Loser N0A PLAYERS AVERAGE 325 THOUSAND A VEAR CAN I PUT A BASKETBALL NET ON J NO, OUR \ DEAR GARASE -^: -y. •.>.. •

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