Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1907
Page 5
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THE lOIA DAgg .81. IW!. Make your purchase, write out your check, and we will be glad to accept same, if you have money on deposit in any bank in lola or Allen County, and you can buy as much as you like. Your Check is as Good io us as your Mon&y, No matter how large or small your purchase may be, at the Satntdftjr abUnee snd Wt. "Mwmmtmmi BM tmOlxIm" Spwtal arattaee Prices 19-& m Night Prices S5e, S5e, 50e TirE CRYSTAL FRONT. POPULAR PRICE CLOTHIFRS TirE CRYSTAL FRONT. Outfitters for Men and Boys - TirE CRYSTAL FRONT. la 7o/a V^iaHuary Hospital West St-^ftt. lola. one block fron square. Dis-, asi ^a of dom^stic .itei: animals succtSbfullv treated,charge- moderate,good box stalls for pai ient Calls answ-Ted promptly night o; day, 20 years exi >t ;ri«-nce Veiwin ary Dentistry a specialtv. FrmnkS.BtiAUIe, V,S. Honoi« Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop, pital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 non RATS! Ge'. rid of them. RAT=BIS=K1T Does the Work. Either for Rats or Mice -f^-Ccnts a Fackage At SPENi^ER'S iiiK the off s.-^.TSdii lio .should KU'II ciiiisldcnililc ill si /1'. l)pins Imi 1"' wars oil], mill liy nci nicaiiw thrnii?;!i m-owiiiK. Ml- is III"' iiKisI !i|it yiimiu stor tliiit h.'is ever hrokf'ii iiKo lli'- caniG. for IK - Icanicii so fast diiriii. his shon stay with ilie loaiii last si'a- son that iho nh\ov iilny<»rs iiinrvclf^-d a' him. Ill' noviT forgnt. n Ijatsiiiaa".- •A >^akne.«s and ho fr'^qiipntly ^illi'd lli<' nttr'iiiion of iho n'dcr pitolicr;? on ili.- icain to (liosf. His altilily in liac'ni;; tio iday.s was asioiindiiiK to visitiiiu 'layers, f-'ifhlor .Tnnos paid .lolin<;ni: th«' cr.'atc.'-I coiuplimt'iit dmiii'i on.' of the caiiii 'S h<f<' whiMi ..loliiisdi! liackcd lip a play at tliird liasc and thus cut off a run. .Iiin<'s. aftiT wan-li 'iiir tho iihiy. rt'iiiarl«'<l that ii was tl:«^ first Unit' in liis Hfo that ho had ever s.<ii .-i yoiitiir ](itohfr Iiack up Iliis '•iav. and vfliloni thf old onos. .Tohn- son's siicpr'f.s di(i nor chanco hini in tho least. H<> was tlip sanio qiiii't. iin ass'.iiniiis. iiiisophistlcafod yoiii'it wh<'!i )•' h'ft for his h<imo in Caliioniia a<= whiii h«» i-:!i)io hr-ro from Idalio. TlU' fafi tliat lif li:id f;ain<'d a proat ropti- fation diir.iifr tho fow nioiilhs ho wav •'o h'll iv' affopt him in ilio >a"^t. —KansaT; City Star. 1.. STONK .VFTI.K RKAIf. •\0 INSTALL A LAIIORATOHY. Siipi'riiid'iKli'iil liiiiif Kniriiici 'riiiL' I5<'(^ "i" ('(impaiiy oil Kiir lliiiil. .Ii IK (••.(III SCIKIOI An- liifiT- <'s(('(| ill Srii'iwc. Call on LiEFFLiKK Whcu tietdiiig in>thiu>i in tHe Jrtweirv lint. riT¥ NKWi The sweetest story over told abont tile Dixie land at the Grand Saturday niaiinee and nighi. Pr. J. F. Jameson. Gradnate Auctioneer and Teterlnarian. Sales or colls made anywJiere. Phvuc IS, lola, Kas. C. ){ .\NI) S. R. Card wont to Yat •.; Ct'Ut< T this inominp on a husiii.'ss vis- iU Thiy have ICRal iniK'noss In iha' <:ty whicii thoy will att.^nd to .vhilo away. J. V. Taniirr. lircnNcd anftloneer and sale crlir, 505 >ortb McUea. Gas nty. .\T rollNlCY ciiii- IMtor wont ("oh.ny this niornin:; on Inisiiiess. to Wanted—Everybody to know that W. H. KeDoy A .- Son have moved their transfer ai]d storage office lo Sonili \V:i-;i;!iv'ion Oirite aad r>My Phom- (tes:i!i'ncp 'and riisiht t'hone 1" nr. Remold*. Phon«« »28. Re«. «14 P. E. Wan»h, Dentltit. Phone 1R5 <fflre oyer Bnrrell's Drag Store. JIM I.VMn. assistant stiporinfon dent of tho fola Eleetrio TIailway Co. who w:is thrown from a niovini; rar ''f'lid.iy ovci '.inc. is a Lr -;ir doa! hot i<r. iChannto Tritnino i I. I.. Stone, superintendi'iii ol ill- Iniiil Kiii-iiioorin:,' i-oaiiiaiiy. wtii>-l; I. Iiiiildin(i tho Mill oonicnt planl. ox-: l"-i-:s Io loavo in a fow da>s for iho (i.':.rl.s oil a hiiiuiii-.^ dil / '. j; ^.'liiiii; attor li,-ar. Tiior.- wdl ho' Isiiir oilu'is in tho p:!rt> two .\'-\v \ oi|;iis. Olio Chir.'moaii atiil ono 1 oiiisaii. 'fhori' is said lo l>o an os!• .i-j.-il y fiiio 111 Hill in tho hilis win-n- ii:oy ulll piirli tlioir oaiiip. and tlioy i-i'iilid-ntly oxpoot lo ^;<'is Its hlilo.; ••U'r'll liroalc ovii wiih I'rosidois' iloosi-vi'irs rocord." says .\lr. Slmio. ; IJesrisfiT Uanf Ad*. Rrinif l{i-»iilt> That ilio piosoni soiieration of sohool hoys i.- thirsty for knowledge is pnufii liy the fact that tho oishth urado lic\vs a: tho .loffor.son schofil aio ;ioiir.; m diir down iti their pook- o,:, and donaio onoiiiili money to iii- .-i.iil .1 laliiii au.'y. The movonii'iu is d:io lai-:,'o:y lo lin- push anil Ihoiiiilii- fulnoss of Principal Salsor of that liiiildiii;; wh.i is alsii oimirilmiiiii^ to I ho riind Maiiiisiii at Iho I'. H. rliiirch next Sunday niomini; and a ^reat fellowship sfivico in the ovoninK. Af.ilinoo and iii.nht Saliirday at tlie rrand I'l and rents. ( ATON (O.MPLETIXfi HIS WORK. .iecMiiiitinit Is In.slaniu(r .Svsleni Today. "T" t:. Caton. tho aocoiintaiit, who vonie tmio ago sold the county a sys- I torn of iMiokkeopin?. came In last ev- • enlnj: to completo the installation of the liooks and s.vstem. Some timo afio Mr. Caton wa.'* here to Install tli:' system but wa.'? called away boforo ho had completed it. The new sy.stcm will he a saving to the coiintr and will ho an improvement over ttio old , on •. .Mr. f'aloti canto in from Coliim- ; I. IIS. It is hard for most of iis to nnder- Kiand what tho man who .says he prefers a -dry" smoke gets for his money. ^ Matinee at tho Grand Satttrday. Spocial prices Ki and 2ii cents. FRIsro TO INCRKASi: SPFKH, Trains in Soiilheastern Kansas Doinc .More Kiislness. News ooinos from Pittshnrs:. Kansas that tho l:iri ;o incroaso in passenger 'raffle along iho Krisro in soiithoasl .••111 Kansas has caused tlijit railway ti; incroaso tho time schodtile on a nnni- ber of trains over this division. Sinn- the Mvo -coiit rate lieratne effec live iraffi<- alonu' tlie Frisco has in- ••reasod by leaps and hotind,'=. and the time allowed for stops at liie various stations on ilir ro;:io wa.- found to li too short loi tho crowds of passengers to got on otT till- i::'.i:i.-i. .\s a result, to ai 'Ciii.iiiKKlaio ilio 'jiassiii '^er? the trains v,. ro oi .mpollpd »o iiiako taster liiiii- iiotwo.-n all stations This increased the possihiljiios of wrecks irroat to p|ia-e the lalr.vay ollicia'r and it, was i.'00111 |y deciri.-d m iiK 'ii 'ase the I into aUoWuiici- ro:- Mains. Tho schi'dulo on ir.> piincii'a! trains over this .'w v.a .s tmn fi r,' increased so as 10 al'ov.- i^roalir time for slops :i: st .iiioi'--- a".d to r.ilow for tho |o- •roascii iiiiin'c: o!" coaches which those Mains an- now coiiiiiollod to j-ar- ry to acco:i!i;i<iilale ih" ir.'fflc. .\' lli- '.ncioa;!- 1- III'' ir.iffic nioans a o (i'S -^;iry iniioa-r i;i ilio coaches .ani' •1 iacii I I 'd li:i',".':i.L''' acrnriiiiodaiioll. Paitil V. Paper Ilaiigiir.;. Phoni? <;ivi: I itii. I;MM:T\INMI;NT. ; For Rest and Qiiirkcvt Resnlls PS!' the Register >\ant t'oluniiis. WALTER .lohnsons record speaks for i self. Ho piicliod twelve ganios in all. stinick out sixty six men, and only gav? eightoi n Ijasi-s on balls, says the NVashington Post. Thai more than anythii!-' o'sc. siuiws the ability of this groat younustcr. He sliotild ho a Juaivi i noxr ^' asvin. Dar- )U'\. .W. Mason iiinounces Coming 01' tiic llariianl^. I'" ov.'.'iing of th* "• k tho ';!.iriia;ds. a niiisioal organi'./.'ioii coti: if siino fjv.' .n- siv laionti'd mii- •!• • .r. :'rp Io 'ivi' a fno oiit'-rtaiii- , ri '':t .'it the Moihodi'^! CJUIKII. UCV. ,I. ;-M. .Mason, pastor of thai ciiuich. has iihe following to say of tho cn'oilaititnoiit: ••\Vo are iioi dcsiioiis of niakiiig any money on: of this iniiriainnnni. Wc .iiist want ('\eryl»)dy m I 'lnov a roa' lip !o da"' I nieilaiiiiiioiK. /irs:' in ovi'ry way and that too. ;ii our ex- penso. .\; eight oVlii<k shart. rain or shine, the oiuertaiiinnMit will go. I.e" ei'vr.\liody caJlio and enjoy t!io iiiiisio. Tho.i' i:iir\- violins, driiiiis. roinois. zyli)iil!oi:or.. eic. an dspond the evening pla.'iitig Oil those insiriitiiellis." SUITS indOVERCOAT'; In all the ''es'rahle patterns. KnhiiBros H-nle. m-ikos $10 to $25.00. CAe Barclay Shields Clothing Ccn^ TUi; STUB*: THAT SATISFIES. TO HKARSTATK .MKKTINt. RKPORT Ladies' House Shoes and Slippers! Perhaps ypii are needing a pair of nice house Shoes or fancy Slippers; if so, we have something that will appeal to you in this line. We carry them in all grades and prices, both tur trimmed and plain NOTICE Clearing House Certificates or Checks on the Local Banks ac epted the same as Cash. r ! A. n. T. A. Hiivi' Iniporlanl Meetiuij Saturday Nltlit. 'I'lie S. 1:. T. A. will IioM a m. cling Saturday night at which tlie deleguio.< will niako a roporr of the proceeding.s of the state meeting held recently at jP'irsons. Nothing of any importance ; "eiiainit:ir to the tawu and ireneri' .-ondnct of tin- organization was chang "d .11 the meeting, however. Tl'.oro are llso several candidates 10 ho initiated nt this meeting. It is imped thtw a full attendance will he had. Ladies' ForTrimintd Nullifier- 1 ad ><\ extra quality felt beitins; leath r s warm and comfort blc, all -izes Price, $1.00 Ladles' Fi 1 Qua it Nu'lfu's in b:o><n, black iid wine . ni' r, neath trimm d with fur, all size.'^ I 'ri e, $1.25 L Kiii-s' fine (juality Felt Nullilleis in lirown, ;cd .tiid black, fur trimmed, wood Cuban Lcel, all sizes. Price, $1.65 Lidi-s F. It House Shoes with heavy felt si/Xs, ;'.il s)/.'-'.s. i-rices, 65c \. il cs' Comfy Moccasins in red and g^ey, either soft or turn soles, lamb's wool indoles, all si/€.s. Price, $1.25 La ies' Boudoir Slipper-;, trimmed with s'k p-upotis, piuk, blue, champajine, red ami buck, all sizes. Pnc«*, $1.00 I.adi. ' fin- qnali'. ^pat- In red, brown, muk.t.iie and ^reen, six button length, r ice. 65c Ladies' Black Spats in 6, 7 or to button leji^-th, p-r pair, 25c. 35c. 50c. > L idies" Black Jersey Leggios, knee length, ifrimuied with satin rir>boii. Pr ce, 75c and $1.25. Women's fancv Dress Siioes, patent cr plain, $3. $3.50. $4. Children's soft ^o1e Shoes in all colors, 25c and 50c lx)ve ba.? ever been and mirst ever lie the theme of plays, but there are many kinds of love depicted in "The Sweetest Girl in Dixie." The Colonel loves h^r because she Is his one ewe lamb. Aunt Caroline loves her because she done raise her from a baby. Martin loves her because she Is so far abo\-ft him. Uncle George lovas her because she is "jes nachullr so grood to h^m." The young man from the North love.s her because she is the "One G'rl" and the audienes loves her because she is "The Sweetest Girl n Dixie." "The Sweetest Girl in Dixie" appeals to all classes of tlisa- tre goers from the box seats to the !-aek row ol the gallery. This play appears at the Gran* Saturday night. The company also appears in matinee Saturday afternoon. The ordinance of baptism will be Tdministered at the U. B. church next Sunday morning. THO.VAS WILL STAY AAYHILE. Be^liilpr Want Ads. Bring Results. 'iriiuk 3T»n lYho Liked the Town Has An Opporianity to Remain. "You sav vou like the town. Wall "•e wil try to arrange it so that you will he.attached to it for some time. I w'l) make your fine $10 and costs ond if vou don't pay ft you will stand committed to the county jail until it U paid. A\'?iile you are 'n the care "f the citv vou will get exercise on f'o otreets." V'j-h those words .Tiidee ,T M. Col- 'ii -s tiiis nioniinc d'soosod of the ctvse (he c'ty vs. Frank Thomas, colored, eharirod with being drunk last "••?ht. Thomas proud'y boasted of f'I'anulo as his homo. \\i canto in fi'o'i tho north some tiilie yesterday ind stonped off hero to sec some fr'oi'ds before going homo. He man •fed to discov?r some riqtior which ho '•'••i.jdod ajid Inst evening he wa.s in . 1; h'liic mood. N \'irile down at the '5'iiita Ko deiiot he w-as verv hoisler- oils J'lid used nrAfano and indocont 'n'lsrnp'-'o in the pres->nco of women. Tho iii>rco -ivore called Thomas told • hp accent fliaf ]ip -would liVo to see • he po''C''r"Pn who con 'd take him. Ti.r> i >ol'oer..qn who could fak? him ar- rved shor'lv. He was Wm. To^d •rho'«as was taV-on to t'he jai'. A\Tiile '•ni'oiite to tho hnsrtlo ho grew su'Ien ••lit not so much fiat Iho officer felt "vnrranied 'n handling him roughlv. v,7ion in .iail Thomas refused to let tailor >loovor Kerr search him at flrf He was per.siiadea shortl.v into 'enr'ng ass'stance to the officers in -oing throneh his ctothinr. N \Tien hr-'i'^lit tin heforo . TII/ITO Collins th's •norn '-ig ho had init lltt'e to sav forf i hims^'If. Tti? iiid?e 'octurod him se-t ' .-oT -riv dtirt thon fined hirn Jtio. remind;[' ing him that he got off easy. THEATRE (Formerly the Bachelor) ETERT JflGHT 8:00 to lOtSO. ]iratlnee.s .Snn<lay <i, Tuesdays, Thnr.sday.s and Saturdays, Program 1 rooo SAMSoy; l 2 ERNEST MACK. 2 3 LESLIE POMEROT. S 4 COLLDfS & HATfLET. 4 5 THE BAISDEXS 6 6 THE SPARSOSCOPE. « Always a Good Show. WO'AH SomU'lOo Iowa Store Just Received 500 Pairs of Sample Shoes No two pairs alike. Everything xhat is made in the shoe line. Now is the time to get a pair of shoes' that will fit and suit you. Respectfully, A. G. MUMAVA, Prop. ^H£ EST TOVES ^HE 1GGE5T TOCK s s HANNON'S wo IG TORES To Be Sure Telejihone Vour AYo"* Ads. to the' TfpffMer Oifire. . * .•\« an aecommoflation. the Ttecister .oxpives nds for its want column oye' the telephone, but exnects the advertiser to call at the office and settle soon as convenient, as the bills are too srnnll to warrant the expense of a col'oetor. Telephone your want ad to "ittior i.hone. Xo. IS or Ko. 222, and it will receive careful attention. SAFE, COHVENIENt ECMMKU { ' Kyoordtalardon'thMdleU, wiM»«* [THE STANDARD Oil- COMIPAIfgJ "Sweetest Girl in Dixie" at the Grand Saturday matinee and night. REGISTER AVANT ADS. pay because in Alien county nearly everybody reads the Register. Guaranteed the largest circulation of any paperln Allen county.

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