The Vicksburg American from Vicksburg, Mississippi on July 3, 1908 · Page 3
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The Vicksburg American from Vicksburg, Mississippi · Page 3

Vicksburg, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1908
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY S, M0. THE VICK8BURQ AMERICAN PAGE HIRED r i . fv HER ' HIVER BULLETIN. Flood Height Change tags river biaca last reoort 25.4 1.1 t I MISSOURI RIVER tansas City ... 21 I OHIO RIVER Httsburg 22 60 hncinnatl 50 9.3 , Vuisville 28 4.3 ttsviUe 35 7.9 kiro 45 32.4 f CUMBERLAND RIVER Nashville 40 7.7 ; TENNESSEE RIVER Chattanooga ... 33 2.8 MISSISSIPPI RIVER 'fcvenport ..... 15 11.7 . Louis 30 21.0 Memphis 33 27.6 jelena 42 36.5 rkansas City . 42 44.7 fcenville 42 38.7 iCKSBURG .. 45 45.2 tchez 46 47.0 few Orleans .. 16 19.4 ARKANSAS RIVER prt Smith .... 22 11.0 lttle Rock ... 23 11.4 YAZOO RIVER teenwooil .... 38 6.9 Ezoo City 25 20.0 RED RIVER ireveport .... 29 27.8 , JRise FalL I River Forecast 'Light to moderate Ehowers have fall- In the central valleys during the t 24 hours, In this district the Mis-'jsippi will continue to fall for an in-eflnite period. ' W. S. BELDEX, HJ Section Director 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.6 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.2 0.4 0.5 0.3 0.2 0.1 0.5 0.7 0.4 0.3 0.9 Arrived. j Cordill, Natchez. ' ' Leaving Today. '( Nettie Johnson, Davis Bend, 10 a.m. , Cordill, Natchez, 12 m. v ALONG THE WHARF. 1 " There was some little stir around boats to leave, otherwise it I A two 1 f $A dull. wThe Cordill was up and dowu for Natchez as usual. if m ' 'The "Cordill brought up 9 sacks of seed and eight bales of cotton. " The Nettie Johnson was getting ready to go to Davis Bend this mom s'' IDS. ' 'i Frank , Hirsch had not heard from ; the Harbin and he does not expect her If to come through to Vicksburg this 1 trip. :' v The Nettie Johnson gave an excursion yesterday to some of the Negro Business League. She went up to Young's Point and then up to the Yazoo canal. n oo THE WEATHER AND FORECAST FOR TO-NIGHT . ti SATURDAY. -; For Vicksburg and Vicinity. " Partly cloudy weather with probably bowers tonight and Saturday. ) For Mississippi. , i Showers tonight and Saturday. For Louisiana. H Tonight and Saturday partly cloudy feather, probably showers in couth-east portion Saturday. .. WEATHER CONDITIONS. , Cloudy weather is quite general this "Horning from the Gulf coast north- rard to South Dakota, Minnesota ar,-! he Lake region and in the middle . md south Atlantic sattes. and throueh ut thi3 area scattered showers and thunderstorms have occurred during ihe last 24 hours. As a rule, the rain-iall was light, although some heavy showers were reported in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, the Earolinas and Georgia. Decreasing pressure in the Northwest is attended by rising temperature. Under the in ifluence of high pressure rather cool .Veather prevails in the Missouri and 'upper Mississippi Valleys and in the Lake region, but maximum temnera- Itures yesterday were near the 90 de crees mark in the north Atlantic and Gulf states. Conditions are favorable to partly cloudy weather with probab Ij showers In this vicinity tonight and Saturday. W. & BELrEX, Section Director. oo GIRLS LURE A SUSPECT TO PRISON AND FAINT. WHITE W DEFEATED BY NEGRESS Cleveland, July 3. Marl;; C. Bclden. the thirteeu year old daughter of a( negro letter carrier of city, won i the championthip in the National In-1 tercity spelling bee, held in counec- ( tion with the annual convention of the i National Education Assignation. The duFky maid spelled Ci.rrtctly the 500 words 6U'mIt:ftd to her writing 100 of them and spelling 100 orally winning from sixty children representing Cleveland, New Orleans, Erie, Pa., and Pittsburg. When the pol l badge certifying that she wn the champion speller of the United States, was pinned on her she was warmly congratulated, even some of the youngsters from Dixie joining in the demonstration by shaking hands with her. Each city was represtned by fifteen children of the eighth grade of the public schools. More than six thousand persons assembled in the Hippodrome to hear the contest. The children were given numoers and received the words without the inquisitors Knowing which city they represented, j .acu pupu was given an tnaiviuuai percentage and the total was counted for each class. Mae Thursby, of 'Pittsburg, was a tie with the little negro girl, spelling all of the words, but her teammates failed her, and she with her class took second place. Her class missed forty-five written and two oral tests, while the Cleveland class missed only thirty-eight written and three oral. New Orleans missed fifty-two written and four oral, while Erie missed seventy-six written and two oral. "Misspelled," one of the test words, was, by an odd coincidence, among the most freely misspelled in the list. "Divisible" had its terrors for many, too, while "accommodate" was a popular stumbling block. "Sovereign," "cemetery," "negroes," "restaurant" and "professor" also proved difficult. The teachers in the audience talked, whispered and made so much noise that Francis H. Haserot, president of the Cleveland Board of Education and chairman of the spelling contest, was forced to scold them 'time after time in order that others might hear the efforts of the children in their battle with the jaw breaking combinations of vowels and consonants provided by the committee. "You'll have to stay after school and write your names a hundred times one Piundted times each!" shouted Chairman Haserot. At last he obtained calm of a kind and the contest went on to victory for Cleveland. Stage fright was the occasion of several rounds of heartless laughter, while the spelling and pronouncing of syllables evoked enthusiastic merriment. r FIND HERMIT DEAD IN BOAT. Pittsfield iMass., July 2 Homer Dowd, a hermit fisherman of Lake Garfield, in the Southern Berkshires, known to thousands of summer visitors in the hills, was found dead in his fishing boat on the lake. He was seventy-nine years old and had spent all his life on the lake shores in Monterey, By his own count he caught 1,014 pickerel last year, and hoped to heat that this season. He used to say that he had caught 50.000 pickerel with hook and line. Summer and winter he made his living by lish-ing for pickerel. The late President Cleveland, Mark Twain, John R. IProctor and hundreds of noted fishermen who have come to the Berkshires knew Homer Dowd as the old hermit who could pick out the best fishing holes in Lake Garfield. Dowd used to say that he had a romance once, hut lost and sought the wilds of Monterey for solace. He left no near relatives. -O-O- A TEST OF CULTURE. V & Wilkes-Barree, July 3. After keeping an alleged burglar company for the greater part of the day to prevent His escape and effect his arrest, Mis3 a Henry and Miss Anna Fry, of sV. "neevilte. nrnmntlv fainted whrn 1 ' Solice took him in charge. He is ph Stopinsky. While visiting fiends in Benton the young women hanced to see a watch he had given VL W. Smith as security. They recognized it as one which had been stolen last week with other things from the home of John Megarg ie, of Orange-ville. They sent word to Megargie and then set about gaining the ac-ouaintance of Stbninskv. He wan flat- Itered, took them for a walk about town and then to a ball game. By the time It was over Megargie had arrived, procured a warrant and caused Stopinsky 's arrest . On fINE CLOTHES MAKERS &MTIMORC AC-WYORj; Ben Warren' TeDs You: -that heat, perspiration and summer discomfort seem to forsake the man who is togged in a Blue Serge I CAN SHOW YOU THE MOST UP-TO-DATE STYLES OF THE FAMOUS BOYDEfi SHOES Price $5.50 to ?6.50 -combine comfort with style,"and style with economy too-envelop yourself in a suit of American Mills blue serge and say "boo" to the sun"o!d Sol" will never fade a blue turned out with this brand. : the young fellow who cannot look "striking" in one of Warren's f ytr j w serges well, HE is un-striking by na ure. V 63 Olf! otrflW lidtS and then thfcre are quieter fashioned serges here for men more ad- vanced in years sort of modest kind you know. summer clothes beget summer hats of course, and that mean3 now here's advice friendly don't that you must have a sprightly straw hat if about to wear a blue Warren's serges for pay SIS until you've seea serge Buit Warrea Das cornered every straw hat style worth while has them for enthusiastic "Rah Rah" boys for quieter gait- O C r A IV I r I in ed fellows and middle-aged gentlemen too. OU MInU Ur '"The Home of Good Clothes" BEN WARREN 216 South Washington St., VICKSBURG, MISS I'VE ARE I PEOPLE! Ill SELECTING BANK JUST THE TIME OF YEAR FOR ICE TEA. TRY OUR ELK'S DELIGHT, ROYAL DRAGON AND CONGO TEA. WE ROAST COFFEE EVERY DAY. WHY NOT GET IT FRESH? TELLER'S THE PURE FOOD STORE. Some one In discussing true educa tion has drawn up the following ad mirable list of questions as a test of the true culture which is the fruit of such education: Has education given you sympathy with everything pure and clean? Can you look an honest man or pure woman straight In the eye? Do you see anything to love in a little child?- Will a lonely dog follow you down the street? Do you think that washing dishes or hoeing corn are Just as compatible with high thinking as playing the piano or golf?' Can you look into a mud puddle and see a reflection of God's beautiful sky In it that is, can you see good in everything? Has education made you public spir ited, so that your Interest extends beyond your own dooryard? Has it made you a brother to the weak? Have sou learned the proper value of money and time? Have you learned how to make friends and keep them Have you learned to be a friend vto yourself? Can you toe high-minded and happy in the meaner drudgeries of life? Can you be happy alone? Are you good for anything to yourself? Can you look up into the sky at night and see beyond the stars? Does your soul claim relationship with the Creator? Giving careful attention to the stability of the bank and its willingness to co-operate with patrons la the development of their business. Our customers value and "bank on" our willingness and ability to assist them in every way consistent with safe, sound banking. Whether their account be large or small we appreciate their patronage. This makes for a mutually satisfactory and profitable arrangement and for the future well- being of both bank and patrons. , We shall be pleased to have YOU open an account with us. THE OLDEST AND STRONGEST SAVINGS BANK IN THE STATE PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK AND LOAN CO. 4 PER CENT, INTEREST ALLOWED ON ALL DEPOSITS Qhioi sav ngs Bank Vicksburg, Miss. H. E. Connor, President J. G. H. Bowman, First Vlce-Pres. Thos. Dillon, Second Vice-Pres. T. G. Ewing, Jr., Cashier. G. M. Mclntyre, Asst. Cashier W. S. Jones, President. W. L. Wells. Vice President. A CONTINGENCY. The foreslghted woman hesitates before ordering. Suppose one of these directoire gowns should shrink? Indianapolis News. OO Advertise in The American. ESTABLISHED 1887 C. J.. MILLER 226 NORTH WASHINGTON STREET Wholesale Liquor Dealer ONLY HOUSE IN TH E STATE CARRYING A Fine Line of Straight Whiskies AND HANDLE THE FOLLOWING B ANDS OF CELEBRATED WHISKIES OLD CROW BOURBON. OLD HERMITAGE RYE. GREEN RIVER, the whiskey without a headache. OLD TAYLOR. GUCKENHEIMER. OLD WATERMILL. ALL THE ABOVE WHISKIES ARE BOTTLED IN BOND. Duffy's .Pure Malt Whiskey JUG TRADE A SPECIALTY. LONG DISTANCE PHONE 143. V. LAVECCHIA 409 VV. CRAWFORD STREET Argent and Wholesale Distributer FOR OLD FITZGERALD WHISKEY. LEWIS 66 WHISKEY. OLD PRENTICE WHISKEY. McBRAYER'S CEDArf BROOK. OLD OSCAR PEPPER. OLD JAS. E. PEPPER. SUNNY BROOK. GUCKENHEIMER PURE RYE. Bottled in Bond. Bottled i.i Bond. Rottled in Bond. Bottled In Bond. Bottled in Bond. I carry the largest stock of straight whiskies of any house In the Stall Headquarters for Imported Wines. Liquors and Cordials of every d escrlptlon. Sole Wholesale Dealer ana Distnbator for 'PABST CELEBRATED MILWAUKEE BEER,1 Both in Kegs and Bottles. Galvanized Iron Garbage Cans op Tanks ANY 8ITE OR QUALITY. Hose for Sprinkling, Roof tr.d Stack Paint, Slate, Tin and Iron Rooflni. PLUMBING, PIPES, VALVES a nd FITTINGS ALL SIZES tit, US and 117 Mulberry Street Phones ttl d Ml W. H BRUSER. mhf$r,iqi 'fii:i(cisilK;iy;r fr i i I- ! !

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