Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 2
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mm —FJtsgr^rald, Ante LIrerj. PLoup. + * + Pritcilla Meeting. A business meeting of tlie Prjs ellla club has been caUe<| for I'ridny afternoon. Tr.e club wil tie f-nfirtaiii- ed at the home of Mrs. A. W. Howland on South Walnut .street. Ail members are roquesicd lo be prfs ent promptly at three o 'clock so that all the work mav be finished. • • • Informal Party. One of the hftpp.v parties of the week was plven at the home of Miss Bessie Beclc- la.sL eveuing whc-ii ilic members of the B. 0. Oi c'.uli were her Riiests. Several fiames of were played and there was music coiitribul- ed by the hosteHii and others. At limcheon time' plates were ananped for these friends: >rrH. \V. W. Nelson, Dr. and Mrs. IV B. Waugh, Miss Kl.«ai Illldner. Miss .Mary Cannon. Ml '*3 Lcttle Woodin. Miss Vefma Sleeper. Mifis Bess Beck. .Mr. Delipnr Thorpe. Mr. Thomas Bartlett, Mr. Clinton Mo- Cjurc, .Mr. Romalne Lowdermillt. Mr. Harold Beck and Wyc.kliffe Waugh. • * * Embroidery Club. Mr-!. S. L. .Jackson of North Washington avenue had as her guost.s yesterday afternoon the members of her Embroidery club. The afternoon wa^^ spent with needleworlL and Mrs. .lacli- son served a vory elaborate luncheon. • • • Misr English Coming. Miss Luclle English will arrive tonight to spend a few days with hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. English. Miss English is a pupil at. the Emporia Normal school this vear. V * , in Kansas City. Mrs. B. E. Clifford and Mrs. .1. U. Miller are spending a fev.- days with Kansas Citv friends. • • Missionary Meeting. The Missionary society of the United Brethren church is in session thlK afternoon. • • 4 Pension Day Dinner. A very. Informal and enjoyable gathering of G. A. R.,members and womeji of the Relief Corps was occasioned bj- the pension day dinner yes. tcrday. Several tables were arranp- «d with attractive centerpieces of Chrysanthemums and thi'ir leave.s. Dinner was served t<j .-iltout .';rv.-ntv- llve guests. ^ •> Progressive Club. Tho scmi-monUily meeting of ih.- Progressive club of Gas Citv occurrr-d at the homo of Rev. and .Mrs. W. \. I/Oepor last evening. The rooms of the residence were l)e.nMiill>;d wil!; 1.,,- /JUets of red and whito rariiation.-- the club flower and ferns In honor of the oveninr. The company asslst'd ^•ith a Khort impromptu riroK .-ani of music and .Mrs. Lei 'per ' served KV frcphmf nu-i. Those wlio wen- pre: f>nt v .i 're: .Mr. and .Mrs. r .umtn -i ion. -Mr. and .Mrs. Cail V.'ils.ui. Mr. aii.t Mrs. F. \V. Krevf.-t. .Mr. and .Mis. .1 3:. Hunter. Mr. and Mr.v. Rev. and Mrs. Iveeppr, Mrs. Roy Tavlor, Mr. M. Jl: fJohle, Mrs. n. \V. .miuff...-.' Mrs. Ella Trip. Mrs. Rriphatn. .Mis:lone Taylor. MJss f^ola Carl. .Mi-?s Auditorium Tom trrovt N'ghi Basket Ball HICII SOHtlOL vs. ArTOITORII'.VI TEAM Gniiii; Called 7:3a Mpntlay, } uesday anil Wednesiiaf HIghts JACK FOTCH Oomedy Skater Something; New and Original vided i-y the uo .so.'iaiion icir its n^.i^sn- htTii. •:• • Social at Bassett. MV:-. E. .v. .lunrs an -l thn .'-.i- who aie liiierestod in Ba.s.-i ii r-iiapol havf ananped a social for tomorrow ni.ght tor ilioso wiio b<»lon;; to the several Sunday school claR.m;s. ^iisB Florine Wheeler's class will preside at a candy booth and tlie rIris taught by Mrs. ,T. .M. Newman will Kell popcorh and other' confections. Coffee and douff"..nuts and ice ertam v .jll lie sorv- ed to tho guests. .> + * Sewinn Club. A half dozen plrl.s were puests^ of Alls.i Co-a Klein ycbierday afternoon for 'a I 'lodinu of thiir Sewinp club. .\ i^wmW limc-lif^oii c'risod the afternoon. I • i Micsionary Meeting. Therr> was a iiro {rr .'>tn and Informal tea ye.<^'erdny afternoon for the Missionary sncix'ty of the First .M. E. church. Mrs. .loin l>ck. 101 South Third sfivt. was tho hobti-.;.-! :i :id tho. aitendanr. w .is l:;r ;:fly rcpr* s.-vii;i- tlve of tlie ni'-mljorship of tlie society. Jlrs. Fliillip. fleipele had charge of the proprnm taken from the new text I)oolc on "WomGU of .Moslem Land:.' Mis. II. X. ICuowlion pre- sentf'd a verv inierfstini;. napor r <:i- aiive to the general subject. .\flfr tno busiiifPK meeting w' ich followed the propranj t<'a was served. Ml". Dt'i -k had tlip as.-;istancc of'Mrs. \. X. Lndp<^, Mis. C'lias. Ward. Mrs. A. Hrtrdfi-. anrl ."\Iis. K. H. K .\V!; in j .^••atinii till' siifsr.s. G'lild Meeting. .Mr.s. K. ('. Reynolds was at lioim' to.-woir-M! of the Ouiid of St. Tiiiio- tiiy's <-hiircli yrr^ii j-day aftf^rnoon. Tl.u'' only r-v<'nt of tlip aftomnon wa-^ liK' l /ii .'^lnf a.s meeting. Family Dinner Party. Mr; and Mrs. Al ;Fllis. 12 .N'oitli .Svcamorf' £tr<'f't. e!i;orlain<'d at iVv-. , ^ A .rs ,-arMS:'ViSs^:iren;^'!'-"^ -^^^ --^'"^ wiio are ce'enratinp t^eir fiftieth weil- dinp anniver}-:ai -y. The tab'o at which the elabnraio mr-nu served -was tioatiiifnlly doiic in iMiinnin loaves and lioour-t? of clirxsrTiiilK 'miimt and oa^-li place was n-arl .'-iT v.iili pn-trily drcjr at('d nlacc card.;. Tin- pin.'ts wr-.- rlose friond^-. and r'.-Ialive.; of th-- lioii- <•!• piie >!i .i !id Ilic ocasion was vcr.. !•!• at-flnt !i-<-a'i>i' of flic warm Mjiu 'rat- illations ai !,l <-x |ip-Hsjoiu; of pood wii-liis wIiiiTn were extf^nd <-il to Mr. and Mrs. Cray. Thoso present wcr<- .Mr. and M"s. ff. P. tlray. Mrs. .\!. .). K'lliert. Burr O.-i'.. l <!is.. Mrs. V. i'. Tliomiison. 'd:i- ''•) F'llI'--.. V'"'- ^- '•• I>fnvi-|-. '^•Tr. and .Mis. M. C M Kinnnv anil son. Mr. ami Mrs. II. I>. IhndiTboiu Mr. :nid .Mrs. .1. K. 1 f.'ii.Icr.son. Mm. V. M. Sirclir-iii. Iliiniboldl. and lifi ^rv r-:\a IsthejoyoFt^ie _ without it no happine »W^>^j^vs cofnplete. Ahgd$;^ia ^Mj2 and commend th^cUiWg ^f^j^j. iid aspirations of UiejlM ^wilrfe bending, over "^tlie '( The ordeal through which the e-xpectan t mother must pass she looks forward with dread to the hour when' she shall fed thi of motherhood. Every woman should know that the dangeir and of child-birth can be avoided by the use of Motliert Friend, renders pliable all ihe parts, assisting nature in its work. By its aid thousands ofi women have passed this •crisisin safety.-Ji-,«^PSS^.\|J«,';j liook of iafomutlna to women t<>ot free. >H_V H m^^m.-^^it THE BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO, ™^ " ^ " m.'^^.^f.i Atlanta. Ga. Both Branches- of Kansas Legislature Are in Control of Winning Party. ^ Topeka, Kas., Nov. 5. —The next Kansas legislature is Republican In both branches, with a probable work- Ins majority ot fifty members. The senate will have thirty-one Republican members and five Democrats. Fotir senatorial districts are still to be beard from. The house of representatives will have seventy-seven RepuDlIcau mem- ber.9 and thirty-eight Democrats, with ten districts still unreported. Of the 10-J districts, in both branches, from which returns have not yet been received, the Republicans will gel ten. .1. L. Bristow, the prlmar>- nominee of the Republican.<} for the United States senate, lar.t night called Chairman Dolley of the state central committee from Salina over the long distance telephone asking for the Jegiski- tlve results. The headquarters worker.^ congratulated Mr. Bristow upon the assurance of his election by the legislature. The Republic.tnmembers of ihc sen ate whose eleciiou is now-known are: S. .M. Brewster, Troy; J. 1>. Myei-s, Holir.n: Vlntnu Slilllngs. Ijcavenworih: .T. I.. P.iady, Lawrence; .1. A. Milllpan. narneti; E. V. Porter, I'itts- bur.c;: C. l.-HufrmaH>C;«luinl»ii.-;; J(!h;i Overfirld, lhdc|it-udeiice: L. S| Cani- bern. Erie: Frank Travis, loia:; 11.. E. Gange, Burlington; J. 11. Stavc-ls. Lyndon; C. Hamilion. Topeka: O. Eager- Imrp, Oldbiirg: W. I'. Brown. Hlue [household furnirure.—The lola Fnini j* Rapids: .(. it., Haddeii; P. C. j „jre Exchanp.-. A. W n .-cic. Prop. I* •}i'f'•l!":.^''!""i^"nV/..^•J^;,.•^^••^'?;' Phone 2n. !* WANJED^ ^miBomUmmmoua TO LOAN—000 private money on farm l.ind at fi per cent.—fo!a Land Co. WA.NTED—Two yoiin- ladies 10 solicit. ('.. F. I'iorenre. ttuoms 10 and 11. Evans Blcdc. W.-VNTED—All kinds of second hand Business Digectofy. DU. niLDBED CUBTiS • rhjHiciBn and Surgeon. • Oflice over Bu-Tell's Drug Store • Offlco Phone 554. • Residence 214 E. Jackson • Phone 5f>9. ' • Mrs. Steelman Here. .Mrs. C. H. Steclma nof Humboldt, a guest of .\lr. and Mrs. Al ?]lli9 and other friends y<->iierday and to day. •:• •:• Tn Vi'lt Parents. All .. A. I,. Rose, o! Denver. .Mrs. .1. Kiitt.rt of Burr Oak, this state, and .Mrs. F. B. Thompson, of Idai'O Kr .lls. Idaho, are ilu- piiests of tiioif liartiitR, Mr. and .Mr.s. ii. P. Oi;iv. ^ • V •:• f-Jo Inspection This Week OfTiceis in ti .i' local W. R. C. hay iicvivod word that the inspection will iUii occur here this weok. Mrs. Il» rock of Par.^ons who is lo enndiict th !n»iic.-tio'ir has written she will niile to cnnif^ until .\'ov<'ml)0 Wakefield; 1.. .M. i'oiier. Pealindy; C T. Stnnncr, Emporia; Fremont I.eldy, i WANTED—M< a to loam barber j« Leon; .lohu nnni.m. t^renola: A. F. tr.ade, few weeks required, paving | * Smith, Winfieid; CJeorge H. Hunter, ^-ork within the reach of poor man.'" We llnglon; J. H. Stewart. Wichita: T. Can have shop with small capital. [* P. .Murph.v. HnMf ad:'Fred ,H. Qnln- Wage.s from $12 to $20 weeklv. Won-;' * cy. Sallna: W. W. Caldwell. t'r.ncr,r- dia; Robert T. F.-.wler. Luean:'(T. L. Chapnian. Crcai Ueiiii. and Emerson Carrie, liutchln.son. The Democialic members are: F. A. Wilton. Kansas City; Oeorpe :i. liodge. Olatho; B. E. Anderi^on. Fort .Scott: A. S. CuoUc. Mitchell am! fieori-'e 11. 'i*liniiehill. Phillips. As mated tour aro In doubt. The Reinibllcan meniliers of the house of reprcsontalives whos-e election 1.^ now known are: DR. McMILLEPT, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. • Telephoues: Office 32^ Res. 332. ' Office over Burrell'g Drug Store • West Madison. • • •••••••••••••••a derful demand for Catalogue mailed free. Mo'cr Barber College, Kansa.s City, Mo. WA.XTED—To bui a' pood second [ hand bup;^y. Plinue Ii;:: or 1092. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land, (lolden West Land Co. OITice over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. • • • • Phone 687. Rea. 701. DR. 0. L. COX. Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Pitted« . Office A. 0. U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • SALESMEN & AGENTS—t $ ? ISO.OO C. W. Recder. Douipiian; E. II. .lohii Ip^jr week and over can be made sellliig i ~ ' jjg^ Campaign Novelties from nov/i' until election. Sells to Stores, Conn- * Offlra Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 46i I'l:; of l '!<'a ;:iiitc .ii. t.ti'- corps will occur on Friday, .t. . Entertain Friends. The Soiosis club is arran.i-inp a e.oning with music for Novi -inber fv.emy.flfih. The dub member^ wi ii.\it<' a limited number of friends at t; at time and tin re will ho an in lisrnial u'C<'!ifion. .Mrs. F. .1. llorio .Viil !.(• IlK- li0 .st<'KS. •:• •: V Wednesday Cliib. .Mrs. Merritt E.^rse iMili -rtaincil s <'V (•:al laldes of piicsrs al ••nchr*' la> ovt -iiiijp ai Uic home of lier faihi'r, .Mr f. 11. D'C'liite. .Aftrr rards refrfsh :i;c!::s wrrc sf-vod in two coiiisi-s a .!ir i-:ir .l laid':!. ' For Mr. a"d Mrs. Gray. .\.-; .-Ill .•lit.-ti.iiiiiiK'iit for h"i- grand :;a:''iits. .Mr. .iiui Mr.-. J.i. P. Cray who w. If (••li .l ' l!,p tii.ii- .'oldcii vvod.linp .(•.•it(-r(!av. .Mrs. C. McKinney ;rav( a wry )>ji-itv r,.-., ,,1 iou from tliree •niiil fivt' o'-lo'-;:. Tlie puosts were Ij»na Ferrib-, • Miss bla N^'eih, .Mips ''rir -nds who havo known .Mr. and Mrs, ^lla \yeih. Miss Addle Tl.oinpson, Gray for many vears and ihev enioy Miss iLiOtle Rowden, .Messrs. Erfl>o, ed a \ory plea.=;ant. . our loeether. The t^avell. E*lwln Hunter. Troop. Black nou.'o profusely decorated with and Rowden. . 'coouotR of uoMcn chry.«;anthemums •* and white flowor:< auinnr forns and In Social at Y. M. C. A. ihi' dining room the tab'e was trim' "The parlors of the A'. .M. C. .\. mod with the sann- blossoms with building will he used for a social to- sarni(i»i"es for the coi^ses and fav- nigbt for young people of the Baptist ors in the prevailins colors. I>irlng church a4id others who care to attend, the luncheon .Mrs. .McKinnev was as- Plans, for the'evening are in charge sisted l-v Mrs. \. ,\. Richards and of; Rev. and Jdr 's. Oirfield. Mr. IJpw- fMrs. A. L. Ellis <Wbond. irr- Aidxander and tlie giiest>,> Mr. and .Mrs Grav wfre married on irlll be "enf^rtaHied with gameS and November fourth, at Valnari-so may also eujoy' thf; amuitemeiits pro- Tndii^na. Tbev movod to Iowa in 18fi0 • ^ ^_ ^ ''•'^''iv ^f* Docembfr 1 >>'TT came to Tola. w'»erp"i! tiiev hnvt^ siix^e '-esf '-esided. In mote^ CMDpleie tiiau now. to^'eri <»•' the optcei" P'KI IOVP of thWr anir irien 'tH c T >inni><>r of benutlfiil i)res«rts werr* r'V''''""d. T'>"S'> fi-ii^n-lR were nrc^trnr: v^i-sd,'»mes H. I Hen- ''rrson. . F. Ilintli'.-on To'iu IV-lao. W. L. n .arllcs. J. Mcrintn. C. •^L Tralfi S M. .T.'>7.('i.-K. .r. H. Alid-^r- ^-f>n D W. Rha'«'-^:. C. W. Annie. ff. CTi»»ler; J. Pdwards. S. J, Waters. W. T?. G!'iO.-''d F. Procto*. M. 0-. RnhlnsoD. Tvman Sieencr. fJ. E. Pelmert. J. FiuiHionser. C. FX . Vcwton. M. 'fi^Me, Gas Citv. C. K. , «rellni»o. Hnmboldt, A. A. Richardff- T. 7. Crowell and >nss Poly Sim, lEons. Mr. Holn-.e? Here. Mr. T. Holnns ot Savoiilmrp v.a.-' Ill lola a f"'\v da..s on ills way to liiiuliin.'-.on, Kas. .Mr. II(dmes is :ii;;lit watchman at tli'- Ilutciiinhon M lorrautory and «ani<- li"rc In .asL his volo for Taft rind tin- n-st of te R« jaildlcan tIcLet. Try the Register Want Ad, Way. A DELICIOUS looming beverage—a delightful accompaniment lo luncheon or dinner—rich, fragrant, exhilarating— OLD GOLDEN COFFEE It is always "just tight;" full strength, smooth and palatable, ^ with never a SU?T:,'CCIJC.T of V "off" taste cffial- ,i ^ ncss. OLD GOIDKN Lan unusual bl-.?nd jvhich reveals coffee goodneis new to you. TORE VROS., Oes Koines, Iowa, j son, A. E. Mayhew, Atchison; C. E Sn.vder. U. C. Parker, lyeavenworlh; (!. R. Allen. Wyandotte; S. 15. Ilasklns. .lohnson: A. C Mitchell. Douglaa; .1. M. N'ewlin. Douglas; F. IL SLinnard. Franklin: T. W. Hnrris. Franklin; J. n. Rhodes, Ander.son; W. F. Wat.son.i ,\<l<«ii: IL W. Shodeler. Crawford; A. H. .McCorinick, Cherokee; Arthur Cranston. Labette; Sip. Lcman. Labette; D. A. Kline, Montgomery; P. L Hrlphton. .Monlponiery: Robert Ixiof- burrow. Wilson; W. H. Schlichtlug Woodeon; M. L. Ptot-kton, Coffey; ll.-yan l.a'.il)atirh. Osape; W. 1. P.ry- len. Osag*': Robert Pione. Shawnee; .1. S. Hopkins. .lackson; S. L. Riyan. Drown: W. T. LamlteriEon. Brown; .1. M. 'Rhode.:), Marshall; C. E. Morris. Polliawatoniie; E.-W. Mestgate. Riley; W. \l. Kenet:.,i:eai-y; .1. .\. Dolley. \Vdl>aun.see; .1. ,1. Buck. Lyons: S. DR. R. 0. CHBISTLUI Physician and 8arfeoa ty Fairs, Picnics and Private t'amliies. j* Rooms 7 and 8, Evans Bldg. Complete line of samples, charges pre- * * paid for .'JOc. Order today. CHICAGO \ * •••••»*••••••••*•• m N07ELTY do., 60 "Wahash Ave..}, Chicago. WA'NTED—Young men to prepare • * for coming examination for Railway j. Mail and .other, Government Positions. • Superior instruction by Mail. Estal)-,» llshed lA years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Inter-State Schools, 291 la. .\ve.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. P. n MARinr, • Surgery and : •v,-r>-.<.o« /»• a Office and Re.' ; v • -• > - • OfBoe 7 Ni.i::. • ^^Jf.-.v^..;, • WANTED FOR CASH— Frcni owner. 10 to SO acres imi.roved or unim-.' B. F. Pancoast, old rallable ]«w«i«c. 110 East'Street. FOR SALE-misoeUanmoua (irpan: '.11 South i FOR .SALE—An Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Hous.- North Buckeye. FOR iXCHAHOE Carpenter. Lyons: ,1. A. Edwards, proved near lola. Call or itlion.' Greenwood: E. .1. Fisher. Chaulau,,ua. immediafelv Cataract liofpl. lol 1 • W. L. Cunningham, Cowley; ,1. H. Aler cor. Chase: R. G. Kyle. .Marion: M. F. Amriiie, ,Morri.<«; C. A. Case. Dickinson: Dr. R. .1. Morton. Clay: .1. ,1. Vealch, Washington: .1. D . Wood. C:oud; .1. T. White. Ottawa; Charles Lander, .McPhorsou: H. P. Krehliell, Hai-vey; E. IJ. .lewett, Sedgwick: Cliff MatKon. Sed»;wlck; Nick Gcns;nan. Scdpwick: E. W. L. Phillips. Sn-nner. H. F. Harhauph. Sumner; W. .M. .Moore, Harper; Samuel Griffin. fUr- t)cr; L. C. .Miller. Pi-att; W. J. .Morgan. Reno: C. F. "Febr,. Reno; Loni.^ Ranker Rns.-;ell; F. 11. Crawford. Lincoln: 15. F. .McMillan. Mitchril: .1. A. .Morton, Osl>orn: F. E. Rurke. .lew.)!; Pei .M- I'ylp. Smith: .1. .M. fira*. I'lillil.s: .1. W. Da N'iowa; W. \'. .lat-k- son. ('cinanche; .eorpe ,\. Ellioi:. N'.Ms; I. W. Crumley. Thomas; K. .1. tiiiiibirt. tyigan: R. .1. llopklii.s. Fin- I'aiil Uith. ll.iiiiilion: li. R. «'ia- rcy. iliaiii-Sianloii: .1. K. MrX.or. tiii -Si 'uard; Ri<-Jiard Rmiilii-i. Moi 'oi)-Si»'Vi -n«, Lodge Directoty KNIGHTS OF PFTHUS^NeoslMi Lipdge No. 43 meets every Bloadv night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting blathers Invited. W. S. Thomnapn, B.O. Chris FJ'ter. E. of R. and S. '' • . Ri.\ Clear La Harp'* residences ?Ti)i)0 and $:>rMjO. Cash for nierchaiidise or farm. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Ka.^. KNIOHTS OF MACCABlEftr- Knlghts of Maccabees of the -Worll ' meets In K. P. Hall, second and fodrtt {Saturday nights ot each montk. 'X.^ Inquire 20sjw. Postwalt. commander; R. B. Fov-.- •tor, record keeper^; _/ W. (). Wi—Camp No. 101 meets i« K. cf P. Hall every Friday nighL W T. Steele, C. C, A. II. Davis, CT«»* ' j Visitors cordially Invited. LOST and FOUNO nicnilii.' of .h. The Di'Uii,cr.;'i< .ions" .'irc: Frank t;r:i ;:K. .I'-fftrKO!!: .l-bii f'.. ; tiiieliiuson. Wyaiidoii*.-; ('. F. Loud* r- j:;c;,. lioiirijon: .1. .M Davi.s. Roiirlon: Ralph Doacnu. (hc-rokee: W. T Vpyle, Cherokee; 1). ,M. llpwurd, Shaw »e(s I.. M. Penwell, Shawnee; .laUit-r Mof-k. cNiiiaha; .lohn Kuoni. .Mar.^-liall. Os <:ar l^.oneti. Elk; F. H. Urow. Muter; C. I". .Mlixwcll, I'.utler; II. .\'. loyd. Rfptib lean; .lohn liurke. Saine: W. S. Rrown, Kingman; .M. U. Walker, Stafford; W. P. Feeder. Barton; C. F. Foley, Rice; Joseph L. yyidry. WyahdoJte; William Grabcy '-::ili.s: Lewis Schaunibey, Rirehj D. A. Rly. P:iwnce; Lot Itiivenscraft, Clark: \.'lii;el Ford: W. A. .Morgan, Hodpeuan: .lohn Ashcnift. Graham, Charles Dalin. .Vurtou; .L D. Flannlpau. De-j eaiur; William H. Stone. Sherman: LOST—On .Si.inh Iv'iiiiicky. p.-u-kapo loiiiainii.p {•a'iro, of urn to liii.s oificr. si.i;;.! R.- OUR TELEPHONE is constantly rinc;lng these d.nys. September, you know, is the timo to have thn siiniuior d:::;t cleaned aut of e;ir- [iCf.a. We are busy, but your order wr'il receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. . lOU RUG FACTORY Piooe SII. j M. W. A.-The M. U. A. LodC* I meets every Friday night in M. W. A. ' H«ll. Vl.sitlug brothers Invlted .rF. C Cotneld,_V_C.. W. A. Cowan, Clerk. _ KOIAL .NtlGliBOBS^Iola CMBK N'G. 3ei>. Royal Neighbors, meetikl?*'' ond aud fourth Tuesdays of «ttl^ mouth. Mrs. F. A. Wagder. oraol* Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Streef Recorder. FKAIEHNAIi BROTHEBHOQD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 Jtpeet^ second and fourth Thursday ot eaof' month in A. O U. W. liall. Yfiltfii|i raemberH cordially Invtted. W. H. dersoii. president; Golda Blani. -- tary. Locked the Doors. A story c-omes from IhimboMt tiiat wh<-n the i-lociion olTiclals bcgati conntinp the ballots th.y lo(k> fl the doors to prevent a crowd from patS erinp and boilieriiip th. in. One fel- K. Oi]£iiiao '^ncral ContnetM'. Flagstone and Cement SidevaUn uMl Garbing a Specialty. Office m East JicksttB AvCk Phone tM, low, anxious to tin- iiro -.:rt -ss of • W. C. Dickev. Greelev-Wlchita; O. P.!'''? ''''"^t obje. ted to; tf^-oti. i-ine; .San P'rancisco. Grav-, f;"'"^' -y*"" so>"f 1^! Haskell. i ' "^"'ii'-^ lollowfd before ho left. The names of ihe ether five Denio^ ———— 1 crats could not be learned, as the Re' publlc.Hns had no Infoimatiou '; con- ceriilng them and the Deinocr-ats could ; not find their list. Texas Land!*. See us abbut Gulf Coast Country laads Hiat can be hou.?ht on nwnthly payment ptun, lands that will produce from |300 to icoo per acre: also 'sfime exchanges. ' A\HITAKI5R & DONNELL. Over Our Way. Humboldt Banker Here. W. A. Byerly, the Humbo'dt banker, was in tho i city thte morning on business. m Real Estate, Instiitui^ City and Farm Loaqs: Low Rate, Annual Interest. , Payments deceived at any time without notice,-and in- _ terest ceases on amount paid. J Long or Short Time'Loans. Cunnlnsham & AnieUN , —^.^^^—• -ri-- 7^.3.:::xA' y AnnonneenrnU ' Dr. Sutcllffe wishes to infbn«i .:ilif V. faririer patrons and t^e pal>l|p ^t^t;^^.j has resumed the generait; p^i^jCtr^jBl medicine, combining it.wlttt yifi||yf Office'hours 10 to 11 a;«j., Ittjn ^liBiiitvv^;^^ try tteLBeglaler vast e^iiui, -^Xv^"^ ft

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