Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
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/ - Thm td^lmimr Hmm ihm Lmrg^ Gtrctamiioa la Mtima Gokut^ of Any Mmwmpmpmr Puhllmhmain thm Oauaity. TOlUME X. JiFMBEB S21. EIGHT PAGES. lOLA, KAXSAS. XOTEMBEIl 5, 1908.—THURSDAY EVEXIXG. FIGHT PAGES. PRICE TWO CXHTft. AFTER THE BAHLE KEPjmirAXS ARE (LEAMXG IT THE nEAHQrAHTEKS TODAY. CANVASS VOTE TOMORROW THE hOARD OF COWWISSIOXERS lio GO OYER THE RET['RXS. Travis CaiTios AUen Coiinly hy 6Cj— ijoast by 230—Both Will faJTy Woodson Connly. Tbe Republican county central com- mittbe is today cleaning up the room on ^est iladlson street, which was headquarters during the carapaipn. The! committee was so very busy several days before the election that . it aid not have time to sweep, the room piling np with dirt, campaign lil- eratjure, :samplo hallotr. and copios of returns. • Tno chairs and tables which V«en brought from variou.s ofBcos about town wore tal.on back and the pVtlures j&T Taft, Bristpw and other rt iilidat<»s wore removed from t ho vaVl*. As. the committee left the rooj'v tiiey*recalled the exciting polit-. leal Incidents conneclr-d with the 'T)!iIItJ..Tig with mingled pleasure and wsrei—ple.xsnre that their efforts had brm'n successful, regret that the good tfanjeii they had enjoyed at the qu:ir- . t»r^ were. over. The election ofllcials aio bringing tTiC;'-returns into the county clerk fo- dn.v, his'ofllco l>eing filled wii:i .sack;; /•otitaining the ballots, the poll books an^ other paraphernalia. Tomnrruw fliot board of commissioners will met to ionicln'ly eanya.sB the r<-tiirn». Jhe last of th'> returns airt lielnKi reoe.'ved today. IVnitk Travis ca;Ti><I Allen county by Cfi voter, while .lud^f roiiKt gets It by nearly Mr. TrnvU Winn \Vood.-*nn cnnniv by about l.nO while .Tiidtfe rntisr uill win by nr/irly 2fi0. 'jl'lie rOuKirldc!- in llw othfr cou(e>i.-, r re'fraciicaiJy MK thowji yeMordiy in I'l'!' }le;.'l>;er. Tho 1 (omoeiatfj have f -'i|"i "iricnliy rt 'CovM '.vl jo Ui^cln payini: their bnts. VjeBlerday ihe.v ^-fll! hop "<1 ihiir oHil.vingipreeinr!!; mijiii; tura the tide but. all In vain. A«! a ri^.^ult (h-'y nre turning over ilie Vish .••.n.I l.-.ii-i'uj fhi' eigfir.'» and hai.t. • THE WEATHER. Forrrnst for Kaniuist .Fair tonlfcbt and Friday ( warmer toni^hf. j D .-iia recorded at local office, r. S. Weather Diireau, yottorday, today .nnd a year ago. XoTomlMT 4. Yester day. Yr. Ago 2 p. m e,-2 I p. ni '....CO «;« »; p. m ."il 5.'i 8 p. m ^. .l.'i ',(> 10 p.- m. ....'1-' IT 12 midnight :tft -15 Maximum temperature ..<".L' G7 Minimum temjierature . .?,U 41 Precipitation 7 p. in 0 i> NoTemlter .'», Today. Yr. Ago :.' .n. Ill HI 1.* 4 ii. jn :{t; 47 i; 2. m S4 4S 5 a. HI 3H ."1 10 0. m AS. 61 |-.* noon • 57 fii Precipitation TUi. m 0 (1 J{ ST A PLAIX riTIZEX. Pie«j|dent ROOSCTCU Decline*! an Offer of Special Prlrllejfesj Ijondon. Nov. .5.—The colonial office it was learned today, recently offered President Roosevelt the freedom of the government shooting preserves in Africa. Mr. Roosevelt roplied that he wi.«hed to he treated only as a private citizen and ih.-M he did pot de-sire PJ.O- cia! privilcues. READY FOR WORK STIRRS EXPECTS TO DO SOHE G(M)D WORK FOR KANSAS. Elected Governor bv a Pluralily oi •20.<l«(l—Tuffs Phintllly 5».fi«« in Tills SItile. TO FORM CITY CLUB 301 VOTES ARE SURE REPIRMCAXS OF lOLA IXVITED TO HEADQIAHTERS TONIGHT. PUN FOR CITY CAMPAIGN IXTERE.ST FOR A IS GROWIXC TODAY REPrBLlJAN ( LI'R. AiioUier .Vnllcr Which Is to Be Considered Tonight Is Tliat of Big Rutlficniion. Every Republican in lo'a :;:,.;eni- ly rofine.-ied to hi- ai headQuarters at. \r.MBEi! FOR TAFT EXCLl'DES .MFSSOrRI AXD .MARYLAND. / LEGISLATURE NOW IN DOUBT COXTEST IX DEER GBEEK. Democrats DM Xot Write Xain« In tlio Blank'Column. ' LATE TIDINGS (ONFIRM TAFT'S i:i,r.(Tit»N Avn iiAnLrvs. Kern >fay Go to Senate From dinna—3iarylund Prolwbiy Kittht. Ill Nen- YoHr. Nov. r..—Maryland and Missouri held cortain surprise when right o'clock tonight for the purpose! the Republican and Democratic poll of organizing a Republican city club, ticlans. to .say nothing of tho mere The maiicr was suggested this morn- voters, began early today to look over ing and ii me> with the approval of the restilts of the election. .\t tho every Republican to whom it was pro- opening of the day's dl.spatchos these posed. If the" Urganizatlou goes j things wore apparently settled: throuph. hiadquarters will bi» sec'ured j Leaving Maryland and Missouri out and mooiing-. win be held frequenily. • Jfr. Taft is assurod of thrr-o hundred Following elosi ly a mo.=?i derisive oen electoral votes and Mr. Bryan one|ic:in v:<!oiy in the counfy- it is hnndro.i Hft.v-six. Maryland witJv i»«'liovod thai the best time for such all'ei:iht oioetoral votes is elaime<? for erganizaiiort is now. li will noi bo|Taft with a margin of one hundreft i)i:Miy months iiiiiil th»» ei;y campai;;it • ihirty-six votes nnd a few districts to opens. For iho pasi fcv.- years the-lie heard from. In the case of Mi.s- party hns v.orkod in the city campaign souri late ridings arc giving Taft apparently a narrow niarrin of sixty-seven but .srnniod to niaUe practically cor- with on'.. .\ .•ommitlie. k I.-; believed that more effeoiivo work can be r.e- ee:v!ji 'iKticd ii ihoi-r- is a club to work tain the olcctlon of the R.-publiean in ((.Mjiiiiriion WIJII thf coiiiniiitee. igovernor for the flr.^t time in thirty- v.";h u l(.'piil);;c::i: I'lnb of several liuuinve ycai;;. Ilajlky'-.; plurality apnear- 'od as ir..t4S. Indiana appaiv-ntly fleeioil KILliED 9,000 HOGS Week's RecortJ at House is Biggest Yet To |ii -ka, .N'c.v. - There i.; uol the lfa."i iiuestlon bill that the llopubll- caii fiati" (loket was elected from top to bniH.n) Tiie.-«day and that the htate gave .Indue Wllllain 11. Tafi a lland- HOiue plurality. Taft ln<K carried the w/iie by a plurality to :!0,t "ifjO. This is according to percentage flg- ure.-i compiled from the ermplote j)re- elnct and county votes relumed, compared v.iih the vole on Secretary of Snrto two years-HJ^o, Ills lig .iri 'iJ-that <bf- nor.nifil Reptihllcan vote in this rlaie is aUoui. that e.r-l for ('. K. IX-n- ioii tor Secretary of State two years a ?i>. W. II. SI u (lbs i.^ eleried go»'er- iKu- by a plurality of UO.Oioi or 2 .">.OfiO. I Til'* i -;aio r.eke; l'-^ rn:iiilng liohind "«A» u -i n • 'Ti'f!. The .-:i;iie iirk'-; i-^i running ri«lil Wichita Packing Hinbhs iMCording to tho meager returns received oti the lower j)»ri of the Plate ticket. Attorney fien er.'tl .J.iek.son. who was a candidate for n -i lection, wil pi()!>iib!,>- lead the tick et and will have ahont the normal Re- WicUita, Kov. 5:— The biggest week! record :fo.r the slaughtering of hoits by ' a WichMa packing house marlo .,,.„„i „.,....„, last week when the Dold plant killed p.,f,]irnn \oto. He i'^ running ahead •).1S."> porkers. Thii? record exceeds j,,,^^. .,,„] re.'=t of the ticket 1:= ruu- any previous weekly record by fairly 2^000 head. And .yet there is a si-arcity of provisions."; .such a scarcity indeed iiat the price on pork products has had lu'- iirn:^." nil ...... — Knov. u u ii*it»iiin^ mm. n •* *%v. i<i .nrtyance ever since when the live p„hi;c.Tn victor<- in the siaio and na- Slock market has been on the do ciine. In tlie past months the hog tnarke.t shown a doelineof a liol- lar a iinndred, but' in the same time many of f.e products of the hog fiave advanced in price as have <!e- cllned. FRAMING CABINET FOR TAFT. Guessers Are Busy With Personnel of , His Advisers. Washinplon, Nov. .n—The ntiial cab- Iw.t slates, which inytiriably follow t';e election of a wyf i»resident, an.' iiaking their appearanee. Secret y Root Is oflon montloned likely to coniinne at the head of l?ic state departmoiii. If h<' doKlieR to I lay. it appears to be the goMorHl iin- lu-efislon that Seer, taiy Luke Wright • vill po another to remain, owing to he warm personal attachment br- weerf him.self and xho pr< sidenf-flect." It Appears to be quite ?*>nerally ae- jepteil that FVank H. Hitchcock, chair nan of the Republican national com- ulttr^, will-be included in the forthcoming cabinet, probably as postmaster' general. Th? defelt of Congressman He]>. bum of Iowa, long chairman of tWe commerce committee of ihe hotise of reprdeentatives, has aroused some comme;>.t as to his availability as scc- retariv 6t commerce and labor. jfcCJi to the. agricultural department (tliero JR a disposition to include See- retaiir Wilson's name in the list of continuing cabinet possihilltles. Bxkjovernor Herrick of Ohio, has Tieori snggested in connection with tie eecretaryship of the t reasu ry. NQV. iSTH FOR ARBOR DAY. Coui^try Schools Will. Hold Special Programs at Titat Time. Ctjunty, Superintendent Maude Funston. la sending out notices to the rural i< aehorej to ohservo November 25th aiij/'Axhpr Day" Bo many of the cbttxtry schoola arc closed in April :wliei VArbor Day" is usual ptwerved : it was ihoncbt b^. to hold H, wiii ov(ieri <t .'iee ;<iine dii'iiciiliy i;i kre.iii'!;; ron::MI <.I" the city. .liKUiir^ from tli" interest inanif<ni- t .-I iii^tlie iiiaiie," lodav there will be alf.-a! .^•pli ndid iiiriioii; :;! the headqii:ir!<is j I'lii io:i!;:lt:. .\:ib'iiei- niainr for the connidnra- tlon Hi' Iho liieetliig tonight is ill-,' rnt- W,ih such a complete vu--' tory nationally and lociilly. the He-i I.-.i pubii<;u:s f( el ihat lite oeciislon shoiilil 'tola the ni» .io'.-ity of Uie fiale Ugi.daiuio and In-, (liana nifiy sond K<^rn, who wa.s <Vv 1 for tlie vice presidi'iiey to the (I S'ales S"uate. It app( are.l 10- d:i>- I.-at »he .'^ioclnll.'^l.s were dinap poi;it.-»d. in tlie .ivnwed exueetaiiuii of <Mtryiii;; a '•million for Debit." I'.tit ilicir vole in gi-iieral showed a inafor iiciea-e. The I'rolilbllioii volo v/<.re It (li.iiipiiidnliiieni to lliou'; not lie i,.ii.sed by without w^ine kii"l{wii«. .jcr .i'Oieii ilie 'Prolilliitioii wavi of a ceiebruilon. The jiariy lilgliiy jiilil!a.ii :ii:(I hopes for an (;rca.''!on .-.i wlilch 111 exiires.s its feelingB. Railfi- eatlon:) are being held all over the country in honor of 'Tour ycais nio/e of pro/perity without one. wdill,I sliov.- a ;iiirpri..iii!.". liicr" ai. FjiMiri"* Xol I'oiTcrt Yet. SI. l/jul.^. M<i.. .Nov. 5.—In the election in the tnliulng coitniy. .Morfjiiii. the lioptiblicaii Hlile committee claims and Ir-.!a may not iicjihis for Tafi by a plurality of three hundred Fi.\iy iv.o less lliun Roosevelt received four years ago. On this basis Taft's lead in the state is now but in the absence of a comi/fte 'fijLur.' the result is far from decisive. Nviiher isarty is sure of the louiida- turc. The estinuied figures follov.-; Senate: Uernctrats IM. Republicana Jl. The Democrats t;9, Repub- "litan^ 7:'. With rile margin.s thtis the ehiinee.-; nt any o:;e eaadidai..' cannoi li!" loiec;;s;'d. A haid fii-.h' for the {>:aee is ceriaiii v.hen the legislature TELL ABOUT FUND Chairman Hitchcock Will Issue Print ed Lists of Those Who Helped Financially in Campaign. .Vow York. Nov. 5.—In a statement given to the i'ress tonight Frank ll.jmecth to choose Iho Fnited States sen Hi'.chcoek. chairman of the Republican national committee announcoil that a complete list of all the coutri- ning p. little beiow the plnralHie.=5 of iwo years ago. "i never leU heiter in my life." ?aid W. K. Stnbbs yesterda.v. after il was known ;o a certainty that it was a Re- tlcn. "Jl if: a great victory and ti de- visivo one. I am greatiy pica.sed at the deciPive control of the le-^iKlaUiro by the f;epnhlican.~. I came our of tlii.^ canti-aign foeii.n.c;' better jihysical- ly. moi-ally and iniolleriiwl.y than cv- f:r 1.1 Tore in my life." "I will uni uiake any :-taieinent as to \.li ;i; niv pojieier, will be. or what appoiniinetii.-^ 1 will inuko when I take un my diiiirs as govmior of Kansas." Mr. Srubbs said tod.i.v. "I have not giv^n that siibjecr a moment't: thought and will iiol n^^iUe any siaiement what ever ;is to what my policies wfl! be. I wl.i take iiji the diHio.xof governor v.'iih not a promi.«e to f.ilfill. arid will discharge tho duties of governor to tho lie .vi of my ability." REVIVES BUSINESS ABROAD. Taft's Election to Have Good and Lasting Effect There. Lon<ion. Sov. —The completeness of-tho Ilepiiblican \ictory in the United State*; yestonday was hailed on the stocTc exchange today with a great deal of .satisfaction and is ,calculated to have a good and lasting effect on the markets here and to give additional impetus to the already improving trade conditions. Bankers see in the result of ^he olcciions the probabilities: of a continuance of cheap monoy and the maintenance of the discount rate of the Rank of England, 2«A per cent and they consider tliat- with money so cheap in t^e United States as we'l as in most financial crnfers. Ix}ndon will get through the year without anythinr. hleher than a 3 per cent bank rate, should any occur. Underwent Operation. Mrs. Henshaw. whose home is on South Second, underwent an operation it the St. Johns' hospital this morn- inr. Mrs. J. 0. Brown' ill. Mrs. J..O. Brown Is reported a'llto sick. It is believed that shu Is threatened with typhoid lever, . Mr. Scott to Washinciton. O. C. Congressman Oos. P. Soott left last eTenlng for Washington, D. C. fl.OO boillo o{|Wahn» for nSc at J. 0.>ldndii ft Ca i aior and ii.irr ylines nmy be broken, itrjau .Scuds Congiatalatious. Lincoln. Nebr., Nov. '1. —Ilryan sent jthe foHcvving teiegrani to Taft today; •Hon. Will. .M. T^ff. riocinnail: IMraso ;ieccpi congraiul.ations and my he.^; wishes tor the Huccess of your adminLstration. Sikuqd, William .L Urvan " St. Louis. Nov. ").—Unofficial re- Mr. Hitchcock will eave heaiquar-' t">*ns to t:c Post Dispatch from 114 tors the latter part of this week for,of the J1.-» coimiios in Missouri, .Sfi of Chicago ••>'' counties being complete give Rry'.Tn 2f.'.i.i'>'.t>^, Taft lifiO.177. Taft's plii HELEN TAFT HEARD RETURNS. but ions to the Republican campaign fund would l:o made public in the near future, work tilready having been bet -'un on t-e labtdation of the list. This is voiT long Mr. Hitchcock sai.l and will give every contribution made. It will he issued in printed form. A contrnt is browing in DcerCreek townf.hip over the maifer of tlie cloc- tion of lownrhlp iruFie.^. Tho Domo- crat.s made no nominations but wrote in the name of their candidate. They did not write the na:r.o ia the .blank column provided for siieh ciijes but wrote it in on the Democnttic-folumn. Mr. nerkheipor ' wa.s'i the ReptibHcan candidaie. It seem.s that Mr. Dougherty, the Democratic nominee, received the most votes but the IJepub- licans aro claiming that he is not elect ed'as his name was not writicn in the blank column as provided. Will Move He . Ilenrj- Martin and wife went to lola Tuesday. Mr. Menzio will work in a meat market at that plaCe.—^Burling­ ton Republican. REPUBLICAN SENATE Party Will Have a Majority of Two Thirds in U. S. Senate^ as Result of the Election. [rality is 479. For governor, Hadley, [Republican, the vote was ^MJ'il, and e„,^„HTr^«4h.. «5aid When fo'" Cowherd. Democrat. 2S.5,60Rj-liad- L.*^^ 1.: . «?..5v .,ri/ I'^Vs plurality i« 1.-..1.-.::. Only Ian of- She Heard About New York. ^^^^^^ ^-^ ,lotermlne the political complexion of tho stale legislature. I^iiiladelphia, Nov. .">.—Helen Taft. a daughter of the no.\t President of tho,, L'nitod States?, received the news ofi her f.-ither's election last ni?ht, at a' front window of the North American W. J. building, in vii-w of thotis.'tnds of cheering men and womon .gathered 10 .lear the returns. flioer after ehoor ior;o in her honor. Le.-jri^ng out of the window she waved her handkorchief THANKS HIS FRIENDS. Bryan Issues Vote of Thanks to Those Who Helped. Lincoln. Nelir.. Nov. .".-^Bryan to- d.iy i.s^uo(l a .•;tatcm<nt of about Ave hundred words thanking his friends . . in reply, turning for their sunport. and s.iying he had from time 10 tinio to her companions, faith that the principles involved in ion of her elas'smatcs nt Bryn Mawr. the.Donvo.- jdatrorm would yet oom- She sent a tob-Krnin of congraiul.t- mand thora.selver; to tho .American lions to her father. The news from New York .'•late, indicating her father's splendid tnajor- Ity there, caused her pleasure. people. He said In part: "If I could consider t*:e defeat as purely personal 1 would conslilcr it a doss-in:, rather than a misfortune, for ••isn 't it splendid?" she .said. tiiiii -,i a,v relieved of the burden and reusing to her cirl frien Is ain! claitping. p<msil.IHties of an oflTice attractive her hands. |ouly as. it gives opportunity to roii- It W.IS one long, happy evoulntr for;der larger public service." the n«-xt young woman of the White' hotise. CHAS. ELIOT TO QUIT PrPKldrnl of Ilartard rnlversltv Has Tendered Roiiiirnation to Be Eifec* tho at Close of Year. APPROVE DIVORCE LAW. Washington. Nov. Tho present indications aro that the llepiiblican.s will have about a two-iiiinls majority in the United States senate, as the result of yesterday's election, or practically tho .same as at prrsent. Of the. ninety-two members of that body, sixty-one hold over, leaving only ihirty-ono places to fdl. Of these elg'.iteon are Republican.^, and tair- kMMi Democrats. Alabama, Arkansa.^, f .oiiisian/i, and Maryland .ilready have chufon IfJ.-mocrats, and Kentucky and Vermont Itepublican.^;. The OUK r sen- aim-s to wliom suooossors aro to be eie<'t:'d are: Ropubllcan .T —Alli.son, Towa.. .who will be .succeeded by a Republican; Ankoney. W.ishlnglon; Brand'-'geo, Kenlucky: Oallinger. Now Ham|)- sUIri'; Mnnsorouch. North n .al.ota: Ifi -yliurn. Idaho; Hopkins, Illinois; Kiltrcduo. Soiilh Dakota; Long, ICau- Uia.s; I 'iMiroKO, I 'ciunvlvania; I 'erkins. Cnliroiuia; i'laft. Now York; Sn)0<it, L'lab, and Stiplienson. Wisconsin. . .Ml will bo HUcceoi!ed either by liemselvoK or other ReiMiblicaiis. Kern May be Senator. D<.'iuocrats—Clay, Ceiorgia; f'ary. South Carolina; Gore, Oklahoma: .Milton. Florida; Overman. North Ca-.o- lin.i, alL «f whom will ba :-itccie(Vii by DemoriJ-als. Tho only sen.itorsliips remaiaia;; in doubt are those of Ohio. Iiuliana arid Oregon, which are now reprcseut- od by Senators. Forakor, Hemoiiway and Fulton, Republicans, and Colorado. Missouri and Nevada, represent- i:d by Senators Teller. Stone and -Vewlands. Democrats. Oovornor Cummins of Iowa. i.=; about to realize his ambition of becoming a senator from that stiato. if Indiana shon'd send a Democrat in place of HenTonway it is supposed hero tliat •lo' n W. Kern, the defeated vice presidential candidaie. would bo chosen ind he would bo the first Democrat lo ocouny a senatorial seat from Indiana since I.SOO when D.tvi'I Ttirpio surrendered his office to Senator novo ridge. Makeuo of the Ho-Jse. Chicago. Nov. .">.—Three Jiundied and seventy-five congressional dis- ^ri -rts have been heard from and the Dolitical complexion of the Sixty-first congress, according to present information, and with sixteen /li.striets yet to hear from, will be: Ropublican.i 206; Democrats 169. One hundred and ninet.i--six votes •will control the house. The house of represcniatives in tho Sixtieth congress consists of 1C,6 Democrats, 223 BoDub'Jeans, and there are two vacancies. The tabi*^- follows: Sute T>. R. Alabama n .. Arkan.<(as , 7 .. Cnlifomia S Colorado ... 1 Connociicut .'> Delaware 1 Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois* ... .. Indian.! Iowa Kansas Kenfucky Tx>uislann ... . Maine ^faryland MaBsachusetts LAST SHIPS LEAVE AMERICAX FLEET fOJIPLETES VISIT AT AMOY, CfllXA. THE RECEPTION WAS COSTLY CNTERTAIXMEXT TO SAILORS COST OXE VISITIXG MLLIOX. Fleet (0 Go to Hong Konf;—Admiral Emory Is Comings Home. Amoy, China, Nov. —The second squadron of the American battleship' fleet under the command of Rear Admiral limory brought the visit to a close this morning when they steamed , out of the harbor to join the first sn.uadron under Admiral Sperry at Olongapo, seven hundred miles distant. They will re.ich there November Igth. The departing war ships were given a farewell, a marked contrast to the apaihetic arrival. Tho cost of the coast rccepfion ex-^ ceeded a million dollars. The Chi" nese governor was lavish in gifts to the officeis and men. The battleship tieorKia and the flagship Emory will leave the fleet to go to Hong Kong v.hero Admiral Kmory will take the llni •• for home. The flagship will then coniinne to Olongapo. Sioux FallF, N. D.. Will Probably Be No.Longer a Mecca for Mismates.. Sioux Falls. S. D.. Nov. r>. —Only scattering returns ihus far have been received on the new divorce law. It fs generally bollovod. however, that it has been approved by a large ma- Ijority. The rc.stilt will not bo defin- wosion. Mass.. Nov. 5.—President, itoly known unti' countv canvassing Charles W. Kllot. for forty years the • boards meet, which must be within bead of Harvard university, tendered his resignation October 2C to take ef- fec* May 19. 1901). according to an an- nounrement made today by the Harvard board of overseers. The resignation has been accepted. Clnrles William Eliott was born In Riieion in 18.''.4 and was' graduated at I la ITS rd in 185!l.. Ho at once l)ecamo a tuior at Harvard and became prer-1- deni in 18i8. Charged .With Insulting. William Haddock was arrested this morniog on complaint of Mrs. Taylor, pf' East lola. who alleges that Haddock Insulted bor. Tho casa was sot for trial on next .Honda)*. ten days after election. The now divorce law proposes to remedy the present lax system, which •has made this city a Mecca for mis- mated married people. iVi^-' - • ( Investors Here. A party of investors were in the city this morning onroute fronr Wlch- Jta to Humbo'dt. wliero they:'(f^ll look over the cement plant itndcF fccqiptrUo- tion there ; ' Geo. Amo« In ToWn'.' Attorney fieonie H. AmoS was up from Humboldt today on bus!noes. I—Re % flooswr—Home indtiBtjrr— MeosHrr^Ter Cat at Our.-Way. ' • , ..11 ... n ...I 1 10 s ;{ •i n Michigan 1 s '. 11 ..11 Minnesota MlRsissinpi Missouri Montana Vehraska Nevada ... New Hamiishire .. New .Tersoy ... ... New York North Carolina .„ North Dakota ...;. Ohio -.. Okla'bma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina ... {toutk Dakota Teancssce TeScaS" irtah' -^ont fnia 'ashlngton- ... Waat yirgliiia .... W'ffcnnsin Wvomlne Total—Republicans 206. Democrats missing 16. Majority necessary for legislative conti»I. lOtJ, I 2»'. n s o 2R 1 1 2 1 I m 1 MOVING CONVICTS Oklahoma IK Taking Her FrlsAners From Kansas Fr-niten- Uary. Leavenworth, Nov. r».—Fifty more Oklahonia eotivl.tb wore taken back io .McAle.sier I'roni the Kati.>*a.i prison ai Lfinsing ricrnliy. The prisoners •.v« le I ran .iporied in a special priiion c.i.', :uv\ were .'ill handcuffed. Charles N. Cole, warden, and six officers wer« in cirarjie. The eiu- was backed Into tho prl.^on nnd flio men were loaded in-sidothe v.ull.', HO there was not the oiliihte .Hi oriportunity for escape offer;i. The iu'isoner.< were iu an unusual iy chiiorful. frame of mind fur the trip was with many of them the first break of the moi/lnoy of prison life for many years. They had no belter to hope II,r while nerving the remainder of their terms but the trip alone Was v.orth more than tho.=e who do not know what prison confinement is, can appreciate. There was only one life man included in this transfer, and ho had served only six yeans. .Most of the others were short termers, who have half of ilieir Berirences served. This makes one hundred convicts tha'i Oklahoma has taken hack to work on the now stale penireutlary and .^tate and county roads, within the past two months, bur the new state v.ill send them up almost as fast as hey are removed. Since the first fif • y were removed, forty new ones have bceji received at the pri.spn at Lansing. TROLLEY CARL COLLIDE. Motorman Met Death Were Seriously and Several Injured. d-aPorte. Ind., Nov. r..—John Wilson, a moLorman. was killed, Mrs. Edgar Anston seriously wounded and a doz- (m passengers slightly hurt when the Lake Erie & Western passenger backed into a trolley car from* Soutbi Rend this morning. A New Grocery Open. Tho Readicker grocery on East street and .lefferson avenue was opened for business today. Has Typhoid. Mrs. Tom Gordon, of 18 Bmner St., s reported quite seriously 111 with typhoid fever. Back From Guthrie. R. H. Williams has returned from Oiilhrie. Okla.. where he has been for the past several months, Off to Asylum. Sheriff C. O. Rollinger left this afternoon for Osawatomie witt» Harrison Steele who was recently adjudged insane. Steele lived west of tbe . river. It is thought that with careful treatment at the hospital he may recover. IX ti» AX t>PE.V LETTER. To tho Editor of the Rcvbter and I Want tite People of lola t» Kaew lhat I Mrito t!ic Followhig Tohin* tarlly.—Harry L.- GoedleL I have suffered for the past five- yoars, and have tried diftcrent doctora,"-. but have had no relief ^ntif,I hoQg&'t . -'. 50 cent box of .^liroitna'tfrom 'Gti^f.... «. Spencer ^ert-'vii. abert'-llpiie'agp.... •' TlM?'^fii>st U>x ^.Tne.EO^&n^hg^'Qod .. ihatvl Immediateljii purchfltfjed-fjioaier "PC 3tid r nbw feet,betier;t^im I have' r.t arfr .iiine in tlib past ftre yeara. Am able, to:eat aaX-thin'g'aod>every-. thiiig, apd. ::et a S8pd nigbt's aieep afterwards. TWas . EO <bad -at-one--time :• that'.ill-Irwas-able fo eat for over * imnth was k raw. ftge In .a.half ^ass of milk. t.wd or tfarfe tlmea a d^. L w6ji:d earnestly ^ise. anyone auf- foring as :i| waa. frtnA dyspepsia.''to give this remedy • K 'rial. I remain' gr?ten\Ify yours, Havry:>L. <!oodiel. No.

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