The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 11, 1963 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1963
Page 6
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'^'Xi'r, :u:,.;;,. ;.-r.;: j:,;:^ THE OTTAWA HERALD Monday, Feb. 11, 1963 By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloisc: Here is my nylon net story: If you are about to be married, buy five yards of white nylon net. At the reception, use it as a tablecloth with colored sheets under it. Then. . . after the wedding put it away. It can .be used 1 a t e r on to scour pots and for dishcloths. You can even use it to trim the bassinette . . and to put over the buggy when you put the a b y out to sun! Helois* And save some to make a bride doll for your daughter. . . or for your little girl to wear for her wedding veil when playing bride! Without a doubt it is a worthwhile investment! And one more suggestion! Use OPEN HOUSE TREAT — Serving punch during open house at Wcllsville Methodist Church Sunday afternoon was Mrs. Jim Nabors, wife of pastor. Open house followed consecration service for Hays Hall, new educational building of church. At right are Rev. and Mrs. Nabors' daughters, Melissa (elft), 8, and Cindy, 9. (Herald Photo) Ann Landers Unmanly Of Willie Not To Speak Out • Dear Ann Landers: Wilfred's ; mother is a domineering woman. -. I've tried to stay out of her way ' because she has a sharp tongue • and a hot temper. 1 Last week we took our chil- . dren to Granny's house. The 2• year-old got hold of an ash tray : and started to bang it on the • floor. When I took it away from ; him he began to cry. Granny , snatched the • ash tray out of my hands and • gave it to t h e -.child saying, : "If he breaks : it so what? It's : only an ash ray." I was irritated and replied, "I'm trying to Ana teach the boy respect for property. He is my child and I don't think you should interfere." Granny shot back, "He's your child, all right, but is he Wilfred's? We haven't had a brown- eyed blonde in our family for a hundred years." My husband hear this and said nothing. I almost bawled. When we got home I told Wilfred he should have spoken up but he said, "She is my mother and I must always respect her." Was he right or wrong to remain silent?-CRUSHED WIFE Dear Wife: No husband should allow such a damaging remark to go unchallenged. It was unmanly of Wilfred to remain silent. Your husband's reply to his mother need not have been j disrespectful. But a single sen-; tence expressing complete confi- | dence in you was clearly in order. Dear Ann Landers: What arc you trying to do — set females back 50 years? I almost swallowed my gum when you told the girl who was planning to be married that she and her husband should own everything "jointly." You said, "The less thine and mine the better." A husband is supposed to support his wife, isn't he? If not. j what does she need him for? I've been married five .years. My salary is almost as big as | my husband's. He doesn't see one penny of my check. He gives me $110 a week to run the house. He waved your stupid column under my nose and said, "See, this is what I've been trying to tell you." He thinks we should pool our checks and put something away every month for our retirement. I say, "Nothing doing." I'm putting my money away for me. He can take care of himself.— DUMB LIKE A FOX Dear Dumb Fox: I doubt that your husband married you to glora on to your paycheck. He probably expected love, companionship and understanding. Your letter suggests he is getting noth- ing out of this marriage — and paying $110 a week for it. To borrow your phrase, "What did he need you for?" Dear Ann Landers: Six months ago my niece's engagement was announced. The wedding was set for March. We were all delighted. The young man came from a prominent family and all the prospects for a good life were present. Several parties were given to honor the couple and my niece received some beautiful wedding gifts. Last week the mother of the bride-to-be wrote a cryptic three-line note to all members of the immediate family saving the engagement has been broken. This morning the gift we sent was returned. No one has a clue as to why the wedding is off. It's insulting to be left totally in the dark and treated as if we were strangers. JOSEPH MICHAEL, —I'/z- month-old son of Dr. J. R. Henning II and Mrs. Henning, might be saying, "You may be an Admiral but I'm a doctor" in this picture sent to his grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Henning, Ottawa. His father is flight surgeon at Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Tex. Holding Joseph Michael is his maternal grandmother, Mrs. M. C. Elliott, Beaumont, Tex. I feel they owe the family an explanation. Do you agree?— SLAPPED IN THE FACE Dear Face: I do not. The reasons are none of your business. Inevitably, this is a painful experience for the young girl and her family, and if you want to make the ordeal more bearable, don't ask any questions. Does almost everyone have a good time but you? It so, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Well-Liked," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. rov* MANN-BELL DRUG CO. 501 N. Main CH 2-3924 Nations Beauty Salon Week February 10-16 The Beauty Salons and operators listed here are those who will participate in hair dressing for patients in local nursing homes in observance of Beauty Salon Week Cook's Permanent Wave Shop Mabel Cook Marie's Beauty Nook Marie Barnett Millie's Beauty Salon Millie Engles Styl-Art Beauty Salon Goldie Daugharthy j ThelmcTs Styling Salon Thelma Moore Trina's Beauty Salon Trina Sawin — Princeton Wilma's Styling Salon Wilma Hickman Grace Allard Rose Marie Baxter Beverly Caylor Mildred Cook Bula Cummings Elosia Hiatt Bonnie McBride Zoe Shisler Hints From Heloise Nylon Net A Must For Bride-To-Be a manila envelope marked "He loise Clippings" to file. Mrs. C. E, Ricketts Now aren't you the cutiest! Love You Always, Heloise Dear Heloise: I sent your idea of using a clip-type clothes pin to hold your shower cap to my daughter in college, and told her to clip the shower cap to her towel. This way it is not necessary for her roommates to move the camp when they want to use the shower. Later, I found some plastic hooks with clips attached which I sent the girls. Now, they can each hang their own shower cap on their own towel bar. Thanks for this tip. I also bought a clip-type hook for myself and now my shower cap is always handy and I have not had to pick it up from the floor since I started using this idea! Cen Letter Of Thought Dear Heloise: My memory seems to have left me long ago. . . Why? Mother of Five Dear Mother: Have you done anything recently because you wanted to do it? Quit worrying! Try doing something for yourself today! Anyone have an answer for this mother of five children? If so write to Heloise in care of this paper. Heloise Dear Heloise: For mothers with children in cribs or bassinettes: Take your worn and torn sheets Our Own Special Frosty Malts SELECT DAIRY 1020 N. Main CH 2-1607 MB cut them to BIW MM they are as good as any other sheet. These can be made into "fitted" sheets for your children's crib or bassinette. Nancy Dear Heloise: I spilled bleach on a black crepe dress and also on .a blue cotton print dress. After having dresses < cleaned and washed respectively. . . I rubbed the faded spots with crayons. I then pressed it with a hot iron. I repeated this until the spot was thoroughly covered and then ironed the crepe dress on the wrong side. I ironed the cotton print dress on the right side. . . matched the color of crayons to the print in the dress exactly! It completely covered the bleached spots. Alma Ford Heloise welcomes all mail, especially household hints which she can pass on to readers as space permits. However, because of the tremendous volume of mail she receives daily, Heloise is unable to answer all individual letters. She will answer readers' questions in her column whenever possible. Your old piano or musi- sal instrument is worth more on a new . .. WURLITZER At... BUTLER'S ALL NEW from MOTOROt-A Hand-wired Roll-abut Cabinettt TV Attractive base includes polished brass accents, patterned grille cloth that's easily cleaned. Genuine hard_wood veneers and hardwood solids in Charcoal. Mahogany, or Walnut-grained finishes with Model 23T17 TV in matching finishes on metal, slightly higher. NOT A CLOSE-OUT! TRADE-IN NEEDED! ROLLS EASILY ON BIG 3" CASTERS! • (onnll «!•». imw.: OS H. In. eMM riming ww> Enjoy big-screen TV anywhere in the house... IN CHARCOAL .MN PATIO with full year f uarantM-Manufacturer's one year guarantee covers free exchange or repair of any component proven defective in normal use. Arranged through selling dealer. New engineering breakthrough makes possible lowest price ever on brand-name 23' TV F,?^%E,ff^^ brMlTant nlfwdar S C C "'* SySt6m " ring * '" picture »" d solSd w°th • Hand.Wir.d TV Chassis specially designed to operate at low power drain This means economical operation, added component reliability. COME IN! SEE ... COMPARE ... SAVE! Do You Own A Motorola TV? If So . . . Motorola Has A FREE GIFT For You. The Motorola Company is Establishing the location of all Motorola TV Sets now in use in our area. Fill Out the Following Form - Bring it to Our Store - We have a FREE GIFT for You! Name Address Phone Model No. Serial No. Headquarters For Motorola TV and Stero And Kroehler Furn. In Ottawa.

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