Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1907
Page 4
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irsrBoom 222 Office ts FROMUHAM yniA. DA\ mXfHOLIFPE DIED Sn )D?NLY TS MJLSSA'CHUSKTTS. ^ , ^BUBSCRIPTIOir RATES. la IoI«£43as €itf, Lanran- Tlll0 -^r'lift.]larp«. ^ >4'><Jiie Week , in cents 't-Xtoe Month 44 cents ar . .......... |5.0(J JBj MalL 1^1- -r One Te«r, in advance .; .$4.00 i^^T^ree Months, in adranco $1.00 .v^One Montb, in ndrance 41 '•'"^tertd at Tola, Kansas, Postofflce, as S^6nd-c1a£s Matter. -i- iAdrertisIng Rates Made Known on "•r-i'^-j- , Application. OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OF B.\S- .1 IT SET.- i WAS EAST ViSiTiNB RELATIVES A UIMKF IIJAE.SS PROVED FATAL -MOTHEi: OF MRS JOHN WASSOX. ROT . Strel(pnlMirg;or and Mr. Fri>d Gets llnrc none in Unnsan Ciiy for Serii's of M(H4!nR<), •EMBER' OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. Sielolft DaUjr RegLster is a member of =tk» Associated Press'snd R«ceiTPs tke daj report if Uut irrcat news or- imBlntioB for Exelusire Afternoon FaMkaUon in lola. SLEPT jy A BOX CAR. Ulii Boys wiiJi'«Kan<ta.<i Snnflawer" Mbsed iAe Train. : Sleeping one cotd night in a box car witli iiothing but baled hay as.a bed >aad a laundry bax for a pillow, was tliiiexperience which Carl Saylor, TIra Canatsey, two lola boys itnd the rest :ot tbe Kansas Sunflower troupe, were compelled to undergo recently. It was in the northwestern p .art of 'the state at a Juncilon point where ihe troupe expected to nialie eonnccilnn.s with another train, l^pon alighting at the depot- ibcy found they hail missed connections and would li.avo to - Kpend twenty-four hours in a town the buildings of which were limited to a depot and one house. The p ;iriy «speut the afternoon Ashing. At supper time they came back to the town and found that ihe landlady had prepared a chicken supper for them. There were only two beds in iho honSe and the women of ihe troupe • Were assigned to them. The men bad - Just about made up their minds to 'Sleep in the first barn they found when they •were lucky enough to run across a t>ox car half filled with baled ;hay. By tearing down the bales they were -able to make fairly decent beds. ; One ot.tlie. iKjys in a letter home i says that the Ivansas Sunflower is drawing good crowds every iilace - they Visit and that half the time tlipn> Is not standing room in the hnu^'c mLL INSPECT NEOSIIO RIVER. >. A. SeeretJOT-Cmmblne and Prof. Barber Begin Tour. (Topeka Daily Capitai.) ^; Secretary Crumbine of the State Board of Health, and Prof. .\. .\. linr- . ber of the State University, left To-L pelca last night for fimbria vdie>e ;they will l>egin a trip down the Xeo- jshb TiYer. The purpose of the trip-is ' "to ascertain the pollution of that • streani by,city sewage and industrial 1 waste. Several small cities gei their ;water snpply from this river and ife- ports-have reached the board of dan- - jgerous conditions as a result of the pollution of the -water. They will takcJ samples of the.water every mile and . ~ the samples win be taken to the State -"•University.and analyzed. From the anaiysia, it can be learned Just whnt ^ !the'extent of the pollution is. ^ coRjr wpsKiSjEi oy is EARXE.ST. - - ^llea. CbflBtT Faraers .Say Yield Is •EMMniffing; , Com husking has begun in earnest rJtt' Allen county. During the past week - espedaliy since the damp | weather-. many farmery have 1)een buskiu^ -rtheir^crop. .A' great many are hunl- - - =Ing inen- Several farmers report that •;tbe yield Is better than they anticipated. John T. Wood has begun husking Us com and says that the ear is filled out better and the yield heavier than he had expected. ••But He Had Gone." City Marshal Donald received communication yesterday from Alma Kansas, a.sklng that he arrest a man hy the name of Albert Ketchem who is wanted on the charge 'of forgery but when ilie mar.shal came to look for the man he had gone. The mar slial learned that he had been in this i!ity over Sunday and- Monday morn lug. but in some way;goton to the fact that the local olllcer^ Were looking for him and left without ceremony The officers will keep a close wafrb for him and if possible ascertain his whereabouts. Mrs. IlintchclifT Is Dead. Mrs. John Wasson of this city received a telegram yesterday that her mother. Mrs. Dan lllnteliclirf. who is visiting in .Massjichuseits died in that flty after a short illness. .Mrs. llint<:h cilff has not been well for a number uf months but her condition was not Ibougbt to lie dauRerous. The news ot her death cjime suddenly. The de- reased will not IK* broucln here for burial, but interment will lie made, in the east. Rev. .Sireilenberger to Kansas <'ily. Itev. Streitenherger an <l Fred (iels. his soi.iiist, li 'fi KMlay fnr City where there will be a series of pro- rraeted nu"'eliii;;s. They jiisi rinseil a very sueeessful series in this oily, there being over iliii'ly eonversloiis T^tia-is I IM»-si'eond series <if meeling^ whieli Uev. Streltenlierger lias held in Ibis eiiy. Iiiith of which have Iteen very siiece.ssfiil. There are many l .a llarpo people thankful bee.nuse lie came tn this city. Are Skating Again. The La liarpe young people have not lost any of their fondness for roller skating. They have the hall several nights this fall for skating. L-ist year the young jxiople of this eitv skated throe times a week. The hall has been rented a number of times ihis fall ot lola and (las Ciiy youim people. The Oas City young people will skate iiere Friday night. Farmers' lusiitute (loses. Tlie Farmers' fnsiituie which has !jf-fu iu .si-.-<»iiiii ill tUi.-i city for tin- past two (lays closed yesterday afternoon Willi a very iiileresting discussion on how to select seed corn. Per- liaps this was the ninsi inslriu-iive lecture of the iiiiiro institute. The professor from the slate agriniltuial college gave the lecture and had the discussion in charge. The institute was a success in every particular. (Jviisies Were in Town. The gypsies who traveled from the house to house in this city yesterday afternoon frightened many ladies l»v their demand for money in return for tolling fortunes. They were the sAurce ot a great deal of amusement for the [vvnung people who gathered in the streets. They did not remain on the business streets Ions yesterday afternoon. Will Atfend Foot Ball Game. Many i.a 1 -larrie poopl*^ are planning to attend the foot liall game between the Gas City and L«IV>y teams which will Ije played on Klectrlc park grounds tomorrow afternoon. Many of the Ga-S City players live in this city and forniorly played with the second team here. The rooters will r«)o^ for the Gas Clly team. Personals. ^ Albert Gl.son of &ivonhurg. came in yesterd.ny and will accept a iiosition n the Iji Harpe smelters. W. H. Nelson was iu the eiiy yester- SOMESUTEMENTS REGHBDINB NEWtHEORY " FOLLOWERS OF COOPER .IJiD HIS y'OTEL IDEAS GIVE REASON FOR THEIR BELIEF IN HIM. ^^f^<^den ^^aUcaT^iKovarr'^and "Favorite Prescription." • The answer is that "Golden Medical Diacovery " is a most potent alterative or blood-ptiriller. and tonii: or Invigorstor and acts especially favoraUy in a curor five way upon alt the mucous lining surfaces, as of the nasal possaiies, throat, bronchial tubes, stomach, bowels and bladdeo^carlng a large per cent of catarrhal cafes \(hether4£e dibeaseaffects the nasal pCV^ges, the Thwat, larynx, bron- cbl», stomaclhJtas catarNul dyspepsia), boweU,(iis miI^pitt>4Etscl%ikJf bladder, uterus or other pelvic oiv9>R^ Even in U^f ff^r^iili; fl- ..i«..r«ti.,^ •tPfft'^ t l<nfti»n giiecessfiil Inalfect- eifcfrr NEWS miil^ BANK HAS ADOPTED RILE TO REGILATE CA.SH WITHDRAWAL. Svorlte 311 irOin?' Trpri'i: JT3CgV7'^2Jfc^tiI:vauUi t FT J U Ui I iW r. y.t l^Xixii uiiuxun jnariimiUeH Incident to Wrimetj on^Tl is & powerful y«i gently acting Invl^fat- Ing tonic and nervine. For weak worn- out, over-worked women—no mutter what lias cani«!d the bn^uk-dnwn. "Favorite t'rescripilon" will be found nior-t effective la building up the strcugth. regiiluMiig the womanly functions, sulxluing pain and bringing aboiit a healthy, vigorous condition of Ibo whole system. A book of particulars wraps each bottle giving the formula! of both medicines and quoting what scores of eminent medical authors, wliase works arc coii.);ulted by phvsicians ot all tlio si-hwilsof practice as guides in prescrihing, say of each ingredient entering Into these medicines. Une words of praise bestowed 011 the several Ingredients entering Into Doctor Pierce's medicines by such writers should have more weight than any amount of non-professional te:-timOiiiuls, bccau.<i^ such men are writing for the guhlaiice of their medical brethren and know whereof they speak. Itotli medicines are non-alcoholic, non- Eocret, and c<iiiiuin no harmful habit- furmlngdruR:;. Mnjt comixised of glyceric extracts of the r.>f>ts of native, American medicinal forest plants They are Ixitb sold by dealers in i»<iliclne. Vuu caii'l afford to accept as a sub-^titiite for one of theie medicines of known couifw.^ltlon, anv secret luwtriim. Dr. Pierce's Pellets, small. siigHr -coated, easv to take as candv. regulate and iu- vlgbraie stomach, liver and liowels. $10 PER DAY IS THE AMOUNT WITHDRUVAL I'Elt WEEK 0\ SIN­ GLE ACCOrNT -Ven -Myers Was Busy (leaning llie Street Crossings Yesterday. Will Give i^IO a Day on Single Areount The (5as City bank like almost every other bank in Kansas, has adopted rules re.ij;iilating the withdrawal of cash to u clay 011 a single .-iccoiint and tlieii not 10 e.vceed $2."> a week. Tlicrc has liecii no excitement whatever since the rules was adopted, the people b.ivlni: l.ikeii it as a niatier of .ifiN'ssity. ilay iran.sactin;; liusiiiess with local liiisiness men. .\. II. .Martin, of J.niijsv!lle, Ken- luky, <-ame in yesterifay to visit old frienils. He forineily made his lioinc II tlii.s city. H. O. .Adams of South Piiisliiirt;. Tennessee, caiiic In yc.s'erday for a I'c-w ilays' visit wltli liiciiils. .\. L. Ili-oimlium 01 iii '.-ir Iti-niisiiii. was in till' eiiy toila.v ii'an.<a('tiiiL> (iisiiiess. TO ( IRE A COI.D IX ONE DAY Take I,.\.N.\TIVl-: DIIOMO Qiiij^ine Tablets, nriiggisls refund monev- if fails to eun\ I-:. W. GROVirs 'slg- atiire is on each box. L'uc. RED IHEN'S BIRYIXG GROCND. Rones of Pony Found Near Unman Skeb'ton I'licotered North of Channte. iChanute Tribune.) I.. I.. Stone, siiperinteiideni for the liiiir l-Jimint'e ;-iiiir c-oiiipaii.>' .-it the ill ceni .'iii plan;, .jii.-ii nortii or Clia- iiio. .xivs i!ia! till- bone.-; of a pony f-re fniiml close lo lln .se of tlic skcl- loii wltich xviis iiiieiii-! !ic'| lo wn-.-i;- II'!! (iis.:ii!!.^; .1 ti-eiKii ai iln-<.s lew days ago. When the finil was made ii was rcporlcd to liiin. Il:r gavi- workmen i!>!-.i met ions lo jri i i !ie koletaii oui as iiitait as Ibry oould iiey .g'li'.^si 'd wiotig at liie (lireclion n wliich the head lay. however, and first pick dropjied into the soil crushed through the skull. •"The bones were so aged that they ould lie crushed in one's hands." says r. SI one. The superintendeiir has many intcresiilig stories to toll of the Indian burying ground at Tabic .Mound, which is now ilic site of a great cement plant. The Osage used to meet tliere in large numbers," he says, - and it seems have lieen a f .TVoriie biiryins ground of theirs. Their mode of In ernient was very simple. There was an abrupt cliff there in which the rock was full of clefts. When nn Indian toyk the trail to the I1ui>py Hiinllnp Grounds, his body was shoved into one of these clefts as far as it could be pushed and left there. Dust' settled on it and falling earth heljied lo cover the corpse. Whci^ the cement plant was building, we blasted out the side of this hill, and it was no uncommon thlnp to see a great lot of bones thrown out or exposed to view by the explosion." Eninier's Ha by I.s ill. TUe ten-months-old son of Mr. and .Mrs. Kmiiier whose home is on North IJaly street in tnis city, is thought to lie in II very serious condition, suffering from a severe attack of jineu- nionia. The little child is thought to be in a very critical condition. It has bi'i'ii vi -ry ill fill- the past scevral days. Will Skate Friday Night. The .Gas City young people have rented the opera house in Ui llurpe for Friday night of ibis week. The evening will be used roller skating. This is (he lirst roller skating party for he Gas I'iiy young people this year. • 1:11 last year the young people skated several nliihls each week in l.a llarrie where thi>y can rent the'opera lioiise for the em ire evening. Ren (leaned the .Streets. lieu .M.vei-.s was liiisy yesleniay .-ifiei- iioou (-li'aiiiiig the crossings froiii lie- I wlii (-li Kalliered on the crossings after ilic recent lains. lien is ibe clu'.s bandy iiiaii iiiid a .!iood one be is because he is able and willing to do anylliiii^ for the gooii of the ciiy. I'eopli' wet^e able lo walk out last aiiilit wiibout the use of rubbers beau.-^-' the streets liad been cleaned. STATE HAS THE CA.SH. Will Pay All Ihe .Stale Employe.s as I'suaL . "With aiheory thatihuman health is Sependent on the stoinaidi and with-a metffetaie vhldi he sajrs proves this J theory, L.LT._;Ppol»er^ a comparatively yovng man; has bnilt'^p an imnense follovtae4iiT {iie the past year. ' Cooper ba#vfeibMl moet^of the lead- Ing «Itfes of the oobntry, and fa each dty nsa aroosed a storm of discussion . abottt^liiB bcjiets and his medicines. T^ereveri be -jjas ^gone, people have - called abonlilngi^lgr; tens-of .thousands, laad-^ j^pandoh has sold in im. nenserig naAtUfies.' -•; • , Tb%'s tie of j^his XEtedlelne' haa now apread. t nfer^tbe.'eB^ eoontry. and Is -mneUts «iooi»pw^r. eJiiril-itey. In view of>thi«,.^ he-lBimiwiag ttitKaentB from two ofit 1$ «i#t Biinibier of foHoirere wudi;h t^woK^I^. aire of general in- ^MnkrAgbea^ '.LtDnlSjAveon er. of.«42 SL ;siias the foHow- iof tbeCcKHier „ Jtire ttau- ten I'iSdirutabe^tb. I lit^;%*i.:Miir--iier-: ><;MKan foriose mr Mi)d^ iteiemhiBr. fm^im»r^ fhad \j!jttjny body >i9lnc«p(rtii mm being welt again when I read of .Mr. Cooper's remedies. 1 decided to give them a trial, and I began to feel better at once. After taking the medicine for two weeks I can say that I am a new woman. I ean eat frith enjoyment, the ^ns iu my body have left me. and I am stronger than I have been for years. "I cannot say enough for Mr. Cooper's medicines. They are wonderful, for they have done everything claimed for them in my case. Another statement by Mr. W. D. Stewart, 109 W. Madison St.. Chicago, is as follows:!" "i have bad stomach trouble for years, and anyone who is afflicted this way knows what an aw- fal distressed feeling It causes. Many aiime I have felt that I-wqnId give most any "price* to be cnred. It was by accident that I heard of thia man Cooper's remedies^ I immediately made up my mind tp buy a- treatment JDf biro.:. *I used it for atioat two weeks, and>lt la ImDoiMlblelto tell how much —'IthasddoQme., I feel altogether iffcrent }. hare more life and energy than I have had for yearaVThix med- teiiie. ceritalaly does' stinnlate " and igtmngtben the wbolev-syatem. Tired fsellm; and weakveoadiijbit of'tb* Btbiba ^i baa entirely pMu'eS aihOr. % ^-^^JHu^e^r- Topcka, Kas., Oct. .11. —Ity careful- holding air cash receipts, and allowing money to pile up in the big vault the state house. State Treasurer .Mark Tully has managed to accumulate about, $10,000 in currency, and will be aide to pay off the whole lot of state house employes today, a? usual. The aid of no banks will be necessary to make this transaction. Ordinarily money for paying the state house employes is secured from the Topeka banks. Th» other bills of the .state for the monih of October will be paid by state warrants as usual. These warrants will in the course of a week or ten days be "cleared" through the Bank of Topeka, and it Is likely that they will all be taken up in cash. In case of emergency, tbe-atate could get about $5,000 in cash by drawing $1()0 from each.of the state depositories. But thU is not likely to hS resorted to Waiter Payne; chelf clerk in.ttie state treasurer's office, said today: "We can handle the October .payments all right, but the trouble will be abont next month, unless condiUons continue to do bu.<dness on papers about so long, but the time will 'come when cash will have to be put. up by Bomfbody." • Ooferaor Hdcb his not yet returned from 'Washingtoii. Hla secretary, Horn er Roch. states that tbisre have been very few Jetters revived concerning tbe_finaneIal'sItnation.; i We bad one letter advising ns^ito declare- a -holiday.;;of - two." • he sald^ Liirht PruPlice Today. The G;:s City fcMit ball team will not ake a hard prai-iice iiiis afternoon hill will do nothin:; but light signal work. The manaijer will not risk any of the reuiilar players ^jetting hurt on the eveiiiii.s before a bi.s game by SI ndiiig bis men llirniigb hard sr-rim- mas.e;ice lliis afifrnoo'i. The li-aiii V ill rii:i Iiii-u;i...ii sieii,!;.~ ia ijie li:;ll liilliel.: 'I'lie lioy.s are now iskiim: lor !;nn(i u-c.iiber. If ihe weaili •r .|M>;-')iiIs liie lio .Vfi ibiiiV: tiiey :ire in ••Oil) eii'ii'-li (-oiulilion lo irii.i Ihe idllicli (]••>•>> I.erio;. riL ;lil t'hailllle Will l;e llje iie\l iiiiiirli llii- Gas Ciiy iciin will li ;iv(- lo conl'.ronl af ler the itniiie .villi I.elfoy Friday i-f- teriiooii. (•biiiiiite is saiil lo !>e v.-ork- iiig hard and will be in ihe game from the start. The ^aiiie will be played on Ihe |-;i.'c: iie parlc ;;roii!ids. Persona N. Paul Goes, of W.'ii t'iiy, is in ilio -.-ity vj-^iiiii-.r i'rieiids. .Arthur Goes wlio tinflerweiit an opr.i-alioil at tiie Si. .lolin's liospi!;il. is s-.lid to be some lieiier today. !l .1. V.arion of Kniporia. was in ibe city ye.^ierday n!i a liii.-;i;ie.s.-; visii. 1.. O. Wliiiniore left ve.'iiei -day for 'l"opeka oil a biisine-s vi^:i!. SO.MKTHI\<.' SIKIM.D lu: DOM What Is Causing (he Increase of Catarrh iu lola.' In spite of the best effiirls of medical men. troubles are increasing not only in lola bnl ail over Ihe country. Catarrh Ls a germ di.'icase. and to cure it genu life in the breathing or- ;;ans should be de.itroyed. and tn do this no other treatment has such positive and beneficial action as H.vomei. When Ihe mucous membrane Is Irritated and raw and the tissues weakened, there is an ideal lodging phice for catarrhal germs, r .reatlie ll.vo- ni<-i and see how quickly it soothe.^ the membranes, vitalizes the tissues and destroys all Ihe disease germs, rendering cfll.irrli no longer po.ssible. There Is no dangerous sloinacli dnig ging when Hyomei is used: no lableis. or liquid Tnixinre.s. whereby the tli- eestlon Is often destroyed and intestinal troubles added to the horrors of catarrh. Breathed through the neat pocket inhaler that comes with every H.vo­ mei outfit, the healing balsams penetrate to the most remote air cells of the. throat, no.^e and lungs, destroying the catarrhal germs so that quick recovery follows. Cb&a. n. Spencer agrees to rcfuna the money to any purchaser of Hyomei who docs not find that it docs all that Is claimed for it. The complete outfit costs but $1.00. TELEGRAPH CONDITIONS BETTER Loeal OHke of Western Fnlon WiU .Vcceiit Telegrams. Improved conditions in the telegraph serv'ce Is noticeable in newspaper offices which have a ta'egraph service. The local WIestera Union telegraph office has received ordiers from the head offices removing the order to ^ccepc telegrams si^bject to delay. This means that the oompany assuraei; all risk again as before the' strike and thaflt no longer fears da- lay. : For some time the local office has been'bandling business promptly and bw bad but lltfle'trotible with delay of any kind- • The. office- is' now. carry- iiir about; Its rttcual" amonht - of biiisi-: So chafming iiuJ bright,. Hit garments sue B^iDfd " On (he ItgUt running White* This is the No. 27 Automatic Lift, Swell Front White, It's •a swell machine and is made for those who desire an extr.i fine article. Somethinjf unique, but at the lame'time a thoroughly practical machine. Let us show you Why a White is more Convenient, will run Lighter, will Make Less noise, will Sew Better and Last Longer and is Prettier than any other machine. We Can Prove IU II its a .piano bargaiu that you are looking,for—you will find it an easy matter to drive a trade with iiB. We are showing difTereiit makes and all the different styles made, en-. abling yon to suit yoturself, both as to the finish and size and price of the instrument. Come in loilay and lienr them. AVe will gnaranlfe yon will he pleased. John y. Roberts Piano House We also have cheap machines from $5 up. The lola Furniture store A. W. Beck, PiGCiieior DlitiUel Water One hundred ponnds of Crystal fee will make 12 gallons of distilled water suitable for family use. Try It Ittblce&ColdStonseCt PRA.NK RIDDLE. Mfr. Look for Ihe Flag. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds: Cash Paid for Poultry and flides OTTO HINZE, UT-TO-DATE HEAT MARKET Its East Madison The Junior Department Store Buy Your Hallowe'en Favors and Jack'O'lanierns of GROCERY Hcadqusrtsra fsr Good things to Eat. Tele |)hoDe 159 Suit the Interest oi' your business— Youp Choice will be Intellijgent— HOW .M.drcil I.S .SATl.St ACTION WORTII TO YOU? Do you prefer n:ctli<ids now going out of date or ui>-l<>-date methods thjit will carry far into the future ? A typewriter nuide just good enough f o sell or the L. C. SMITH & Ilnfis.TypiivinTCE, with every aiefiil, valuable feature inbuilt / and Writing ENTIRELY ;nll Sight? LKT US .SEND YOU THE 11. L U STIt A T 1-?1> C A T A L O C f K I. G. SMITH & BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. =J 812 DelawarcSL) Kansas City, Mo. b= lola BEsiaess College Night or Day Session Penmanship, Arithmetitf, Elocution. Rookkeeping. English, Physical Culture, etc.. Shorthand, Letter "Writing. WilMams Maible and fifailite Works Mored to oar aew shop, SOI Sontli TfsMhingfon .ire.,, wherp li^ are better prepared! than ever to fnrobli hifh grade- MoDnments to anyone needhiK anythlas on onr floe. | . Telephone c ;t.' 301 Sfbntii Watililafton. #7. ^. GILFILLAH, 'GenerisI Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks ani Curbing a Specialty. Office 115 East Jacksoa ATCP Pkeae IM. m Soatk WasIilBgtoa .-Hell» VO, For Sale Ctieap, Good Farm and City Property. 8M the ^ \ IBE JAWirkEBXAllDCO. ^ for qaick resnlti. Old Cknirt pons^ Well, Frie|id5 Pancakes are In order. Wc havei the materait to make them of. Italston P. C. Flour, per pkg.....lOci Ralston Prepared B. W. Fllour, • per pkg. [..,....10c Peruna Whole-Wheat Flour, 121b sack ...... .: .50c Good Fresh Heal, per sack ......20jc Syrhps to eat on Pancakes. Maple, Fancy Table, White Table. and Sorghum. ^ CHRISTyAS PJteSEKTS Nothfngs better than a magazine for a friend: Fbr your magaxtnes see J. K. HODEBSOSr, i Phone 88. 9. Bvekeie. ^ auctlpu newrlgoodaiJ^at^ iSr^jTrfiff^rnoon at 1.80?»if<ti9liJhK«t' ^^^^P^^""^ street<jP5^rf FRYER BROS. ar«c«ty and Meat Marlwt Piioais ^osaada ^i s

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