Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1907
Page 3
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:-ir TELEPHONE TOm WAXT ADS. TO THE REGISTER OFFFrE. As an aor,oniod:iiion. ihe Itogisit-r receK'os ads for its want columns over Hie telephone, hiir expoots the advertiser to call at rlie onicn and S<M(IC as soon aK cnnv.Milfnt. as tlio hills an- loo small lo vvainini. ilio exiion^i- of a collector. T<'|p|ilii)ne your wiinl :id lo either phone. .\<>. If^ or L'l'L'. iiml ii will receive cnn-fnl niienilon. HELP WAMTED WANTED—A dlnlnpr Hotel Thomson, W /\Nri :n— Whin- ••<.<ik House. WANTED— f'oni hiiski-i- ion— J3 Oas City. rfioni V.\Y\ at l<il:i l -hoiK WANTED— Chanihi 'Mii :i id Pennsylvania hotel. the WANTED—Farm h:iiids. A. li .Miiil. Carlyle, Kansas. MAN WANTS to do house cleaninR. Inquire 601 South Elm street. W.ANTED, CiTRt.S to work .-ii th- Brown Smoke House. W.\NTEp AT ONOi: chambermaid at .\readt' wages to fight party. - l'\iM 'ri <!i.i il FOR RENT—Furnished down sfnlrs rooms for honsekeeplng. 31(1 S<iiilh Walnut. LOST mnd FOUND LO.=iT-rrid.iy the iSih. h.tsv.en <::i:i and l.:i II.II'IM -. sfnvi- IU'MIIII. \U- vvaid. .Viilily A. .1 Cnllilis, l..i |I:ir|i< FOR EXOHAHQE WMjMnSD- 'HfUmomllmamous WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gnn. Inquire liCi South Second stret WANTED—Slock to winter. CM!! "H 01^ address Guy Tiirney. lola. WANTED—nood. .soiiii .l y.niiiK horses wanted at The lola VeicriiKii> Hospital. See W. .\. Frazier. WANTED—Boarders in ]>iiv.iii- family. Have modern house, n.wly furnished. Inquire at No. i Efwin. FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE FOR S.\LE CHEAP—Two house-, good Improvements, Reasnii for sp!!Ing, going away for henlth. Toc, Noi'i, Cottonwood. FOR S.^LE—My four-acre truck patcH, good four roomed liou.-c imc mile from squnre. Ale.v .Miller. FOR SALE CHEAP—Seven j->«in modern cottape. two Mocks i'!d:M square; short time only, t;r;iic Arnold. FOR SALE OK TRADE—A •-•""! Arkansas farm, wi-H iniMro\pf| nml stalk, J-''or further infortiijitioii iiii|iiiri- at <12 West .Martin. FOR SAlE^miaomllMamouB FOR SALE—Two yoiinij cow.~. cheap. Going away. lOT .North Kirs; FOR SALE —Good drivini: ni;iie Inquire at 21 East Calhoun LOOaE OIREOTORY. "liXUaiTS OK<:A'BKKS.- KnlKhlH of .\Iacc:il«'es of (he World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth WeiliKSday nlgliis In each month. J, W. Pofltwall, commander; R. M. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W-— Camp No. 101 meet* In K. <if P. Hall every Friday night. W T. Steele, C. C; A. H. Davl», Clen Visitors cordially Invited. "lili ^milTS^OF'pfTHIAS.—Neoahc I^dge No. A'.\ meets every Monda> iii;;lii. «t K. of P. Hall. Visiting bro ihcr.s invited. W. S.'Ilioniiison, (;.('.' <'liii.s Itiiter. K. of It. ami S. JJ. W. A.— The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In .M. W. A hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. 11 Anderson, V. C; W. A. Cowan, Clerk ROT ^Ii >'EIGHBORS.—lola Camp .No. 3Ci». Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tiie.sdays of each iiionlh. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle: .Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 Street Itecorder. K. A. A.—Golden J.«af Council No lilL'. F. A. A. meets first and third Wednesday nights in each month ID K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey. president: Miss Mable Rhorlack, secretary. FRATKHXAL BUOTIIERHOOD.- Fr.iiernal ilrotherhood No. ;{S0 meett -ecind and fourth Tuesdays of each fiionth in A. O. IJ. W. Hall. Visiting members cordialy invited. W. H. An- •lerson, president; Golda Elam, secre tary. .Innior Order Tnited American M» chanlcs.—Meets every Wednesday ev- •--tiin;; at S o'clock in-K. P. Hall. .41' •.•i^.iiiiiR niemliiTS Invited. R. .A Ai.iick. Couucelor; C. H. Illack, Rec •^c '.'.-et.'i ry. BUSINESS aiREOTORY JEWELERS. H. F. Pancoasf. oiil rtillable Jeweler 1 lu East street. » f-\te Y.tu » IfaNOii*' Said to Re One of Ihe Best Farce Craiedies Ever Seen Here. STAMMER. Complete court at th? best schoo r<.r si.iiuniei'er.s !ii AiuCilca at uu6-J li:tlf price this fall and winter. White for inform.ition at once. McKle Schoo •or Stammerers. 2"(iu East 12th Stre«t. -Ciiiisas City. Mo. Iteslsfer Want Ad.s.. Ic • Word. FOR SALE OR E.XCHANGE— acres in Hodgeman county. K.insns. Only three miles to railro.nd: :irrer fenced. Price ll.i.Ou per acie. .\Iso 20<) acres pas laud near Thayer. .N.c- sho county, Kansas. Price $r.(i.iiii jier acre. For further particulars, si-i- I.. Hobart. FOR S.\LE—Two larKe jinnies. fo:i; and five years old. and a youn-.; hl.n h jack. Inquire O. K. Livery h.irii. I.M Harpe, Kansas. J'hoiie Itj^ FOR S.\LE— A driving ni.ite iind buggy. Horse city broke, .'^.ife lor lady to drive. Inquire S::2 North street. FOR SALE— Mare. Gas City: C30 North .Mtiiii, FOR SALE—Choice Diirnc male pigs. 'For sale cheap, if taken soot A. R Mull, Carlyle. FOli SAI.E—Good mare with foal. Call at 810 West street. FOR RENT' mmUmioiM FOR RE.NT—I'lirnlshid rooms for housekeeiilng or sleepiiis. -12 Wc.-i Madison avenue. FOR RENT—Two good office rooms. Call 10»i .North Wiashington. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms with hath'at the Harris place. 421 South Walntit. Phone 7i;2. .Mrs. \V, F, Tyler. FOR RE.NT—Furnished rooms ;enfleteen. Mrs. F. J. Oyler. for TO RENT—Offlce rooms In the Stevenson building. FOR KENT—Furnished bouse, mod- erti. Apply this office. FOR RESCT—Three unfurnished rooms. Inquire 504 South Buskeye. Jtsf Econoi^y To ^iave yonr Carpets I and Hags cleaned by .rftioMirSM*- P0L4R BE4R FLOUR Has Stood the Test Becaose its the Best 4cce|)t No Other Wm. Ofaerdorf, Agt. Eakln's Hardware Aniinnnifion put up to cuiupl.r with the pure fciid law. 1112 .Sonlh Kentucky. Plinne 4:». Evans Bros. 1 matlBlmmm, 4««Mf«ef SM Where quality Is main consld- •mtfon, we bay the best Wber« demands will lustify, we carry all grades and prlcea. Wm Sollolt romf Trmilm- •qtlTH tlDK MUAU DOST BEAD THIS. Unless ou are seeking first-class investments. There will he fortunes made this fall in listed meritorious Nevada Minnig Stocks. The recent decline has ])laced the market In position for Ihe biggest boom In many .vea rs. Our advance inside information furn ished for a portion of your profits. Write at once for full particulars. THE MIMXG FIXASCIAL BTBEAP, OaklaaA. Califonfa.' A handful of people last night saw what was without doubt the beat show of (ho .season at the Grand and wliat was p<'rhaps the most cleverly put on farce comrdy tliat ever appeared In lola. That a play with such rich nnil wlujlesoma comedy and iiresented by ^ich artists as compose "Are Yoti n Mnsnn?" should have l>een so genoml y (ivcrlooKcil liy the Tola tlu-iilre par loii.s. is uiii'onunaie for the maii.'ige- luenl, the theair.' going piildlo. and il ,e show Itself. It Is really one of the funniest farce comedios ever put oil the lola stage. It lells the amusing story of a pay yoimg husband, who to cover iiii his gay b?hovlor during hiv wife's absence, tells her that hi.' has become a Mason, and thereby ex- Iiliiliis why he had been coming ht)nie ill the wee small hours of th;' morn which fact had been reporle<l to li's wife, by Ihe servants. His wifr h :td h .-eti iirsing him to Join the Ma >iuis, because her father hail for 2ti .\«:ir-< d .velveil IHM " mother with tin <:iiii.- lueleiise. In fact Aiims lllood R«ioil. her father, had advanced him soV In his mock masonry until he had led his family to believe that he was the .Master of his lyvlge. Frank Perry, th? young hiisbni.d. wanted to linn-ow $20,000 fi-onj his parentsln law. ami to his eonsiernafion lite vvlicil.- f ;iuiily ci.nies lo hi.s house lor I llf is ill eoiistiint fe:ir llial 'i.s (l.-cejdion will be iliscoveied :inil l!l (iodgoo(l is in the saiii • ll.x Perry •liuilly coiift ^sses TO fh>' old Rentlemiin. The f :ither -i )v'nw severely upbraids hill), although he is renll.v delijrhted :ii ilii- turn affairs have taken as he 'hiiiks that his own secret will not be •li )-<'OVer.''d. \iiother funny cmuidicnlioii arises ''loMi i!i>> fiict tl ;;it in bis young d :iys ';lood.:.'ooil had :in affair in which .1 voiiii'.' sirl was r<'por(«'d lo have eoni- uiittcd siiicidf because of his deser- •;on of her. The supposedly deceas eil .Vng^'lina was revived almost dn'ly for twenty years by RloodgoodV wife, whenever her husband's crmdnci did ot suit her. .As Perrv was at his wit'-; end he conreivcd thi- iilea of •valine his father-inia w lie'iev.^ that !e had a daughter. So he perstiad- t'd an actor friend to come to the Mouse and inipersnnate the daimtiter .An.seiina. He does so and th.^ old 'enileiiian is alioiit to .give the twenty 'housanil to his supposed daitchier. Other complications occur until all •f tile characters are involved in ti •".-e oi" l|fs and cnnfns'oii. Every- tliiiiJ is I 'iiially .stialgliteii;>(l oul. Iu »w- •v< r. I'lir .\nge'lua comes to Iil "i» anil H 'Dodgood is hapyiy to find out that his wife can no longi -r throw up the ' onilili- past to liini. A reniaikalde thiiur tilxmt ihc idav s :hai it -i .-iuiis to have no le:idiii -4 :n i <-T. .^ev .-'ral chariieter^ in the .'a.\ •.i:<- MT,-. iiroir.ineni. h :ive equally siiuii:; r.d--,- and s >'i'Ui <fi eiiuaMy ;ic •on :iii;>he (l in handling their • rl 'I'll. >• v ."t ;t- it Io»t- iiMikiim, iiicf aiM**<o- •iiK liiincii and carrieil the air and di- •iUM '-r of hiuli <-'ass show pfoplc. None or the charaeters were ov.>i- 'oiie or unnatural, and the .--ase jiiid •reedoni with which they handled t'leir lines was one of the Vfry com •eeii <la !de features of the iierforni- iiicf. Should ",.\ie Von a .Mason" v.- luni to lola. and the public Ix- infli:- li"-i 'd !iy what tl 'O-ie who attendc! ' .s- iri :I :t inirht have to say of the how. a packed house would he iii'-v- iiaMp . It is said that on*' of the iiu 'nilicr •I" I'le .Managers .\ssociat .ion has writ•' II ah <'a ;l to iKiints w!i.-»!-e the .>hov s to appear that ' .\re Voii a .Ma.^on ' •"• at) undf serv Ini- company. How an.> •i .a3fr could arrive al; this conclus- is ilimciitt for those who sjiw the oiniiany last nicht to understand ':itiaL'<-r C, If Wheaion of ihe <ir.inil '••ho is one <if tlie directors of ih ^Iai !ai;frs Assficialion i;iv,->s it his im r-'.scrv.d approval in snyin- that it i^ •-."o i.f I;K > iicst shfw.'i ih;it has .apiH -.-ir •d a! hi.s house this season. Styles, Siipreme Satisfaction, Ecom omy and thisStorego Haadia Hand This Store strenuously endeavors from day to day to s :lve you all that you can desire in merchandise* at the same time offering to you unexcelled opportunities for practicing economy. Some of those opportuities are presented below: Unequalled Coat Values for Ladles. Misses and Children nought from Landisman llirsch- heimer, Cleveland. Ohio. We count this one of ihe best lines made and Ctiii lit any size no inailir Imw small or hiiw l ;ir:'.c MHI anv Splendid v .iliic^: frmii #.-1.011 til ii ^mm Misses Coats from .., til $1.1.00 .Iiinior Coats from . .. ..*».0« to *l4..-.0 fhild's Coals from #1.^.-. Ill *7«i« Warm Underwear for Men. Ladies. Misses and Children .* Men's Pnderwear. .' HIC quality for STJic. .The best values in I„adies Garments that can be bought for 2.">P, JKc, ."(lie, T.'*!' and $1.00 per ,!;aniieni. Misse?. I :;i ;;ii .iil- J.",;- In ;,0i'. .".00 Pairs of Warm I'llaiikets from ."lOc to $7.00 per pair. ::.-.() Trimmed Hats in practical and attractive styles. Sfiecial for $1^*10, )ft.V '.0, HajM, #1.(10 and *.-i.0fl. Dress Goods and Trimmings. If you are in need of a new Gown it will pay you to visit our Dreas Coods Deparlment and see our ele.nani line of Dress Goods and Trimmings in evi -ry ;iew color and weave. Prices ran!;ing finm ;Sl .>i.'» In I.'M' per yard. M .jffi^ ' Richardson's Chicago, Oct 31.—Mayor Busa^ was told yesterday by Captain P. ,D. jOBri-. en. chief of the detective burescii. of tie Chicago police di^partment, that t6e police do not d.-ire arrest-the .big thieves and crooks who Infest the clfy. The oJHcers are afraid that thejriirould lose tfipir Jobs if ihey nijtde the arrests. The mayor has ehttre control over the police department, subjeft^ only to the civil r.ervlc'e law. Hftre^ is the way the mayor pnt the gituattoD to Cnptiiln O'Brien: "You. O'ffcrlo^i, know every crook in Chicago. Your men notonly know' them, but every policeman who ,l)('eii In the department for the ta$t ;ten years knows them. Why,are th<|y noi driven out of Chicago? Every ;now and then some poor devil is at*• rest I 'd but we, never hear of the hlg fellows being taken in." ' x I The mayor yvaa amazed when Cap- ,taln OHrien caihe back at him with the deelaratlon that It would he as much as his job was worth for hint (OHrien) lo arrest any of the big, crooks. "Wh.v. .Mr. Ma.vor." be said, "these fe.lows are bigger than I am in the de.nartment and they wopid soon get my job. Their iKiHtical |jufl wo|ild mean that I would be tranpferred.'' The mayor was staggerei Then he .offered to jiut the matter tora test. He Uo!d Captain OPrien to go put and ar| rest severtil of the big fellrhvR and see what would hajipon. Olirien declined, lie sitid I hat lie was afraid and the 1 whole iKjIice department was afraid. .Now JIayor Busse threatens to overturn the whole police department. Tt V.>f.«; II.ITE .STROXa LIXEUP. Big Ra.sket Bail Oame Will Be Flared at V. sr. r. .1. • \ The big basket ba'l game/ of the e:iriy ' s«-ason is to be (ilayed next IVid.iy night at th.^ Y. .M. C. A. rooms I when the Gas Ciiy jj^d Y. M. C. A. i teams contest. Both of the teams are ; going to show a strong lineup and tho i result of the conetst will be watdied I with a great deal of Interast. The i game i.s to l>e called at 8:,"JO. The j line-up is as follows: 1 Gas City Positions j Gas City Positions Y. M. C. A. H. Kpliiig ... Forward ... Wheeler Trabue .. Forward .... Heylmun .Medlin Center :.. AHen F Eplins Guard A. Nalson O. Epliiig ... Guard .. Hershkowifx A I.V.STIXG EFFKf r. This KWdence .Should Prore Ewry t hilm .Hade for Dunn's Kidnev PilN in loin. The pastor of the U. B. church. Rev. Mlsamore. desires e\ery member of his church to be present nest Snnday morning. lUtktv Want Ais, Pay l ^aase la Alien Capatr aftarly erMTbMjr raada Kelief from the pains and aches if a bad back Is always welcome to every backache sufferer; hut to cure a lame, weak or aching back Is what's wanted Cure It so It will stay ciireil. t can be done. Here's the strongest evidence to prove It: .Mrs. I). Fisher, of :!on Soiiih .S .\caiiiiiri: spel. lola. K:iiisas, says: '1 lolil your repri -seniai ivi- four yc .ir.- .•ii;o \kliat iJoan's Kidney Pills, pro- ciiieil at C. II. Spencer & Co.s drii'j store, had done for me. For .six year.- I had been subject to backache am' kidney trouble, and every time I tool cold or overexerted myself my bad nched severely. At that time 1 liai u.sed'one box of Uoan's KIdneS' Pill.-and had started on the second. Thi benhi I received was very great ani I did not hesitate to recomend i be rem edy. .Now, after four years. I car Slate (hat their use cured me. and si ihoroughly rid me of my trouble that in spite of all <he hard work I havf done since then I have never beer troubled with my back or kidneys." For sale by all dealers. Price 5f eent.s. Foster-Mllbnrn Co.. Buffalo. .\e. York, sole agents for the United State Remember the name—|Doan's ant take no other. ! OLD GAS WELLS REVIVE .S|i<r.v Kriiin Indiana Siiys Pressure 'increasing In Weak (.'assers. Illattford City. Iniiiana. Gazette; i The Sneath Gla.-v compaii.-i has n;a• ria'ly increased its supply of pas by c'u-aniiig out tliret- wells on ito leases Hear .Molli<'. Two of the wells tailed to show any inci-ease but for all thai the Crui.inels beli»ve th^ c!c::ning out will result in extending :lu' life of the wells, the third wsll showed a marl.ed increase of jire-ssure and volume. The company has a ri-z up for a new well a quarter of a mile west, and north of .Mo'li •. The pas fioin Ihe wells is i:seil in Ihe lelirs irt il'..' factory. The Ft. W.iyne company after tiiie ri-nioval of its puiupiii'.; station, sold a number of its wells to farmers aiar Millgrove and the gas in th^se Kflls show a pre.ssiire of seventeen pounds, whereas when bought thev only showed a pressure of one pound. •rh> Ft. Wayne wii: drill sevieral wells cast of Hartford City to add to the ?as supply of its line to Montpelier. There i.s no myster;.- .-ibout the iiro- cess of natural pas making. It is |)r-)- :iieed by passing air throhgh some hydro caHmn as petroleum. Just so 'onu as there remains any unused p. BAD BLOOD "P^fnr* I I^c»n limine r .iwnr ^t^. I Iin»1 n I'Jitl com- pii'Xi«'->. l ><rMit :«-i ftii hiy 1:tff. uiid Iliy t<M»| w:.t ii<<L it;*.-.^:.'.! »i <.)i *>Ti:tl ivi\»* l»rt*ii. N'nv I .-iiit miiivly Ml ... un>l ilii*)»>ii;>^'< l>:ivfnll ilisniiiwur-'l fr "»i n>y .'..•o. t •i-.jtliiiillv'.riv liir .r r »'i**nrrH are jii'-t iSaiiVt vli.-*. u: I h.V ••l.'iUriir.nlyfrtii c.f I Best for r ^^^^ The 5owel3 ^» win THK (IM.I.K(TIO\ W.l.S Bit;. Sa ui .Small Didn't ilUc Ills Hearers a (ha lice ti» -Sneak Out." HelK'cca Will Meet, The Gas City Rebacca lodge will nicer at the homo of Mrs. Bloom, at "(It; North McRea street, next FYiday aftenroon at two thirty o'clock. E»T eiy member is urged to he present ais he delegates to the state convention wliich met only a .short time ago will make a reiiort. Oilier business of im- ponaiKi- will come up for conslder- alion. PISO'S CURE Pleutnt. P.iUUtt". PM»nt.Taite Ooort. PnOood, K<i»er Siolt -n. W?ii;i»ii nr Crip,-. Mr. i^. S4c. Norer •old III Imlk. rhi" irmiuiiir mliWt «t.iiiii»->« C'irQ. tiuttrnnltH*.! tii i-iirc t»r yrnir i(f»fi.4jr I.set StiTlini; Rrrafdy Co.. CliiJano or N.Y. 6a> ANHUAL SALE, TEN MIlilON BOXES F«OI) M.\Y BE rnE .\PEl!. Siibst inttsil lieductiiiH in Prices I.nnked for liy Dealers. Is (Ottawa. Republic.) Sam Small's.lowest price for delivering one of his iMipuIar lectures is $L',">. \\'Tieii he spoke at the First Uap- t'st church Monday night the coUec- i t:"on amotmted to $28. so that as 't j turned out he didn't have to talk for j less than his schedu'e rates, j But the collecton iirobably would • not have proved so large h.Hd it not b?en for a certain wise precaution taken by .Mr. Small. The evangelrst^lecfurer is a man of experience in the matters of collections and he arranged for the taking I 'lp of the one after his Monday nisht Irctiire. Wlieif his exce'lent addre'?s on tempenince was fini.shed the men with the baskets started at the rear or the church and worked forward. '"I don't intend to have any of the! black sheep in the congragatton sneak I out when the collection box goes' around." Mr. Small said when he ex-; flf"? the fonnm^en of dndil; 1 cnif<uinf>(ion. )-(?t tbi -y cao be l>rok<-ii up and enltri-l]' cured if _prop<-rly m -.-itod. Il .Ji. oiii'y by roniorine.Ihe cause of thi- disurdir itiai an abs<»l»I*.* QUTP can bo ofiected. Piso's Ciir.» itoos to ibc root ot the (rouble and restores the liinm! toanornial condition. It is a safe'-and cfl<«-,| - liTiTcmcdir. r. All DninUtoaS Cats OUGHS COLDS Chir.i.iio. Oct. :'.l.—Thai the present distiirlied financial condition may bring in its wake a general and substantial reduction In the cost of livin? is the talk among jobbers, wholesalers iTdenm In the trenlon. eiioughto car-jnn'l retailers of meats, eggs and othei' HE WOFLDNT SlTPOhx ItlFE. Ciirard Bariter Is XmRtei on rom> plaint of Wife, (Pitisburp; Headlight.) J. ..M. WJlloughby. a Glrard barber wa« arrested yesterday on comp'a^n ' oj bis wife who charges that be ha- refnced and failed to support her nnt' the family. This neglect, she allegear has continued a'nce .Kugust 3S. Th sfata law makes this a. serioiis offepsr and Wi 'lionsfaby li liabla to be sen- up. The preliminary examination hat been' iKt foi' November & to SmUc' Crawford's coiirt at' Qlrarit • 'irnt/e Ihe air. just so lone and no •'•nper will there be natural eas In 'Vackford coinity. when that oil Is I 'svloated the <i;(l for hotli oil am! •;;is has b.^en reached. \EWTO\ IX.ST.ILLS NEW .H,\(Hi\E Luti'st Bosom Iroiirr .\dded Ifl lola lornndr)- Plant. C E. Newton, of the loin laundry s i'lstnillng some new and iin-to date •luiehlnery today. It Is a Ch.implon •(osoin lron?r. The patent is still •'ending on the m.ichine and very few If any of them are in the west. It will mean a saving of time and also •m Improvement! In the character of the work. The machine will be In operation by the first of the week. food proilncts. Some of them expressed the belief that a reduction of ten per cent in the wholesale price in meats may be made within a few day." should the pre.sent money stringency coniinuc. Nearly one million cases of eggs are in cold storage in Chicago. For several weeks sold at 2" 'cents a "ciKiled" variety at In South Water street many dealert- are quoting the best creamery butter at 26 cents a pound, wholesale. This probably will cause a rediK^lon In lh» retail price of :iO cents to :10 and H?. cents a iwiund. The fact that a girl reads a nian'.= letter many times means nothing. But if the man' reads the girl's letter.' more than twice that is important. plained the plan. COMBS ALT. KINDS ALL PRIC £3 J.W.CpFrEY&SW Xxclasive Jewelers^ - East Stfe.' No womah'a bappl* nessciin be com^t# virithotit chUdren;. it is her nature to loy« . and iwatit tlMHai; as mach so as to. love thebeiui-' tifui and ptlt9»_ The critical ordeal through which the expectant mother must ptisa^-.' however, is so fraught with dread, pain, sneering and danger, that th« fresh eggs have I very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror. There is no; I dozen and the ' necessity for the reprodufction of life to beeither painful or dangerooa.- ~ ^ ' The use of Motber's Frleiid so preparaa t£e aystem for the comingerent that it is safely passed without any daiager; ,i This great and wondetfiu' remedy is always applied extern.aHy, and has carried thonaands if Women tiiroiiwh the *V 't>K crisi'. without suffering. ; •ku-l t-' fneVv^ 'wnVtlnliiK InreraaatiS* tf «• 8'»i"»*'' r-fl.M«»— ' m.. Atlanta. Aa.

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