Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 14
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 14

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 14
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it ^It ika weUknown fact that Wei sell to ana satfefy moire lola women tiiwi aniother jt^ ntinue to sell and satisfy these thousands ot keta buyers unless they felt they were gfettinriaie most^ M 'I 1 monwwin^bir^^ln^^ are simply getting^our desserts. -We offer them^exoelled values, unexbelledr assortments and unexceUed service, and for that reason we nave attracted the greatest following. -y'. • ••" A Big, Marvelous Coat Sale AN Ladies' black Coats, 5'i Incjics long, semi-fitted style, trimmed in braid and velvet' half lined, Bpe^kl for this gg Junior CoatH In pretty mixtures, Eni- ]M;ror styles, for youujj girls, sizes 14, IG, 1 s. Special for all this week Ladies' "»2 inch all Wool Kersey Coats, semi-fitted styles, prettily trimmed, half satin lined, In blaclr, navy, red, brown and cantor, extra value for all tlits week- .... Ladies' 54 inch strictly lailoretl Coats, made of very fin« all wool Kersey, lined with satin, ..elf trimmed, fnin: M to 4r,, regular |2«MH) vabie, spet'ial Ladies' fine broadcloth Coats, all lined thrnnghout wiih natiu, l>eau(ifully trimmed satin band?, Kmjure styloi. I*or all this week, J|5 00 We call >our tt |iecial attontinu to our Coals lu the Iwttcr grades, in Koipire MylH.9, .semi-fittcil and full nticd #10 (OA (OR $7.50 ;ey Coats, I, half sa„own and SIQ.00 $12.98 RIBBONS, RIBBONS. Slt-inch Hciyv Taffeta Rilihnn for ii.-tir. )io»s. Jiisf ihp ribbon forffiie 5^HKW<I s;irl.' all shades, yard ....2»»e \OVFLTT XECKWEIR. Tin* np»e.<«t the laipsi chic dc^lKiii:. the mofii nrllsiir oomhlna- ilon.c to lie Mmd here onisoii Siookfi <»f l*rinef<«f» nnd Irish Laros. rnltQrMt suM -Us ill while ami colnri»i| pffecis. V »»r\ s |M -(iiil :ii *itio « IKTAIX SWISSES AT lOi- Y.IHII. Inii rwfivrd jilepos <r" SWUBM. Ww Pniterns. rrosB Hiiri ul.h pinliroliloreil flnwers, Vi s|i .'«i;il. yard |0e I.AIUKS .STREET JiLOVE.**. •<'.rj.,>" qualffv smart iiP >v O'ovp.a <ii iDPdiiim wpisht. otip htitioii riasii. • »<T« ji.iir is ftil.'j- ;;iinranippd. worth J I i»r luir ... #t..TO .\.>vv lip.nvy wPiKhi fiiW: <;iov<'.«;. »he pol.liinit 'd • Kayser'" brand silk lln«>rt^ "\o\\ |.;(ir fill .••badp<< anil i*\«i.F\t,iiKii .^rsi.ns. f^iippiiil iiiiops line :'.«MMCh 8oa I?l;n»,l (inbl <':iohPd iiuislh). \v»»rlh im', uC . .................... I. I. MUNHII . worth •'•'«<'. iii Oroai Saie ofTaUorotiSuHB Our new line of •'Printzcss'* Suits is making town talk. Good words, they are, too. Yon'll join in the chorns when, you see them. They have a piquant, danhiug style—moat charming. And they're made by the most expert tailo.-s in the world. All Pi'le^m f#r mil Slylism. S<Jc our f »j)ecials for all this week, at the following prices— $15, $18. $20, $25. $30 and $35 aig SpeoM 8» IB Silk PaUloomlm 6(J black .Mik Petticoats, extra fine .'ihiffon silk, QC extra dc«p ruffle, rngnlar |6^(K» value, at vJlOU Extra SpeoM Sale Oramm Qoodm mad SHiM Our advertising today is deeplysignlficaat. It relates to staples—nrcavc.«! that represent the hackl>one of the hnsi- ness. Take note ol our price-^ Q6 C dress goods .Suitings for . . . 29c 7dc dreiis goods in fancy Worste<ls SOC 11 .00 dre.M good.s, plain and fan«<y VVor .sicdK, 79c |1 .«26 dress gomis, plain aii<1 faui y Wor.slc <l8. 98c %\X,^ dvoss gnods, plain and fancy wnrRte <ls, $|,|9 $1.25 Chiffon Broadcloths 98c • l.OO ChilTo.i Broadcloths 69c KMT IMIERWEAR IIEfARTMEXT. WmiiPir.^ Iii-avy ri|>l>f<l. f|p.«<«t| lii)p«| Vi '.-^i- :ir<l I'aiits. .'<|iPc5;,l.' -aph •. .1., •'irw \V«>iii«'>iV 4>\ir:i SOHI iijiialiiv flpoopd I'tiioii SiiiiK a '!<.-<i.ii|ph flii- l>P ..:t on ! l;i:t!U<i fiT. -jiniiPiii . .. ."iO** l'>..>i-i ii.iiii' ll:ii >lnii. Iinlri Htsir. Tlii- -ii |iPi)or fit and «|iialiiy fif iMx r.iiitiMiN iiiii !<i vvcai fiM >u<>iiit II anil fbndrpii ts KPiiPraH.v apkiiowli'dupd n>: 'til' Mainlai'd bland. .\o. :*..'(<•'WoniPii M flin' roimii VPSIX and llrawer-i. IHUP wliltp. all PII«|M-H. >:{irinpni iMIl* .\'o. fCl l.-nion iJtt.lNI I'lili.ii SnliH. f'\fia KI/.' %\M!i \<i WitiiMMi s Wliitp Silk ati<l;V.«iol inlxpd v«f»t'. .111 (1 draw»rs af 'yar- in.Mii jKI.'i.** NOVELTY VEILI.N«S. Ilerp are 10 IH» found the crrai and only piaoliral Vellines. ".^^ironK Hair." pvpi-y yard. Iiihelled. try a VPi!. y/.n'll ii<'v<M- bnv another kind. IMtESSIMi SvfKS. To rjpan out a Im of DroRslnR yapkf. UP shall iilaro on .-alp S Uoxen hiPHHtn;; Hacks and Hliori Klniunai« iiiadp of Kld'Td'iwn ami I'lpopcd ina- iprlal. I'inall HUP :tl'. :!•! at the lo»v |ir |pp of. parh . ThPHP KHriiiontH yon ninxi buy in a hurry: ai ihlx prlpo thp« will only ia.^i oiip iioiir llalrll::lii ('oinpadonr ( VOWIIH . worth t. PUPII •».'»«• $2.98 A Qraai SpeoMSale oC ehliarBn'o Goaim ^ Children's Cloth Coats, prettily trimmed, valties up to $4. US, special . Children's Cloth Coat.«i, all nicely trimmed, valnes np to 1^5 IW, at CWldren»<t Cloth Coats in fihci\ ^, 10, 12, M. Values up to fV.nO A full line of (toatn in nizta from r^tt."-."!'. $1.98 $T.5(I WflLUMERY SoniB Speolal VSIUBB for this week Choice of any o« our High Grade \ elvet or^atln Hat.s. AH new niodds. roRnlai price j:''>.oo nnd >6 50. choice each SB.OO Choice of mv of our swcU Velvets or Satin Il.nts. Blank or rr.loiV.l? ir^'.nlar pri«v> $>.oo. each $3.9B HJ« l,.tTnaiu-, in onr Cap dcpartnjenl for the liitle oiits. Choice o! any .S'H- cap. in colors, rarh 39o Tam O'Shantas in fancy Cloth. Bearskin or Velvets, al! color>, regnlar; (or, each 9B9 WAISTS Jl.tDE IT.TO.IiATE. Ilavp yon pver ron.«!ldM«d ih*' value of ><inr old waists. There are. Ui- dwl. few women who have les-s than a dozen Rood »-al)>i«« aiKl, there are ipwer who hnveii'i more but the ma- joiiiy of every wAninn'js »iipply Is out of dale a,-< roreni phancon In Fly )p hnvp bppii vpry radlpni. Here lit a plan whipli ninken It {HWHihle for .von to uet all 01' the wear oiil of all of yonr \vai>io. and ar an alriiosi inFlRliifloanl poKi. and at the iiame time lie in fa .>'h- iOil. . ' I'.ii.x a I ..adle8' Ifonie .loiirnal .Sleeve I'aitprn. It l« then nwflssiiry to buy only enoiiRh material for the sjeeves and .voiir od wal.sf IP a new one. The Uidio..' Home .louraal Patterns represent I ho rishr styles for present wear. t :ip Ions tichi BlWfe. Leave yonr order r.i the pattern eonnter for the n<'w v.itupr ,ityle book whleh will be i><mtPd chorily. (Hll.IMtE\'S I'NnEKUEAR. ( hildrvaV I'mtcrnrat' flee.'ed. p.xira frofid i|iiaiiiy in yrey, KIZP to :;4. vest.and pants i ....*iOe 'o Children's fleeced; I'nion Snim. all si/PS. paeh ^ 'iil^ . ('hildi(-ir> fine nnality white and crey I'nion Sniis, full fashioned. Barmen i .JO* Inlani -i white wool Shorts ^ Infant'r" extra fine fleeced Shlrta. eaeh lOe and ]5e Bienketst Bhinkeiat to-4 cotton Blankets in tan, grey and white, in this sale, psrpnir .......:.4 |#0 to-4 Ashwood grey, tan and white, sbft man flnish, per pair 11 -4 extra fine finish cotton Blankets in gray and 1 soft Oerman finish, in this Mle, per paii ......... ..^tt 11-4 Angora cotton Blankets, in white only, fine finish, full size, in this sate, per pair > .0 §ilB&- 13 -4 Stanhope Cotton, Blankets in gray pidy, extTB"^ size, fine German finish, tu this sale, pair ..; 01 < 12 -4 Alliance Cotton Blankets, in grey and whlte,^ large size, big enough for two,' special price in this s^« p*>r. V- fipa 11^4 Wnite Wool Blankets, with pink and bine tiocien, silk tape binding, in ibis sale, pair $9^90 11-4 all wool Bltokets in gray, with pink and blue borders special, per pi^fr $3»08 1 1 -4 Sycamore Wool Blanketi, in white and grav^. a^- intety sanitary, id this sale, pair .$BaOO: n-4 Palmdale Blankets, .silver gray also plaids, 4trietly all wool, with pretty borders, special pr}ce foij th& sale, pair.... n-4 Monnt Vembn white Blankets, made from fine long Australian lamb's wool and steam shrank, in this sale; per pair .'..............fjJrO 11-4 Princeton strictly pure wool white BIaaketf» California lamb's wool, with beantiinl borders, special iii tliis sale, per pair. .$aM 'I1 ni« SALE OF mKS. at .special price for tomorrow at rJ9#*. .lOe. ;0^, 98e. #1.10. -^1.39- A s-ivlnp of from lAp to iT.e nh evftry yard. »« Pnttcrns hi Antia^rs. •2.*. pieces, light Oipins. choice, \d .>C 20 pieces dark 0ut.':n??. choice, yd.. .5*^ !.•> pieces V'anc.v Oniings ex; in a;ood ' lUaJiiy. all co'oi* aiid p.i«icnjs. per yard — .S'i<» SwfU patterns in fleeced ott<ia;:&. wUi aad wiUioui twrdcr. n^b* and dark parttams. eholice. yard .....tOt Our Olemk StOt Seetiem 9e "The iteuMe of ..••ij SlylmPlttm Our Rule of Ti^mm XEIf 8ILK TAILfiRED WJtlfTS. i: Just'received from New Yprk li» / i black, bhie. brown and gray.. ' 15.00' Silk Tailored Waists at^^; ««.00 Silk TaIIored~>Valst» afc^ fCSO Silk Tailored Waista at.,W.OI^ m Ladies' Union Suits, bi ftne qoalities, worth Croni*'! I1.S1I a garment: etoiee and 3 yards '4

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