Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1907
Page 2
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ilrf^ JTortjinip, President iifittiiy ftf ttii Piitk-Stetw Milt ill! k AII N C I. MElTHf VBONS, Aut. Cftakier. Hallowe'en. Then draw ihs curtain "cross iho imno .Shut in the fm>Hghrs p'ow. \V«'II naMy, liido. A\Tille iWiichos rlilo "• T)ielr broonisUoUs to ;in<1 fin. For Hallowe'en Is WitcheR" Nicht. WJicn elves and fairies roam. Wnid pnmlis they play But break of day Miret find tJieni safe at hotne. Pi^m. Hallowe'en by Kleanor T Kimball. + * • The Wbman's A.ssoclation of the f {t»- fDrmed chnrch Is tneetins this afternoon at the home of Mi-s. Herman K 'aiinian. ^. Xtrs. .T. D. Wiitman. of St. I.nnis. Is spending »h? weels. liere. + + * , Mrs. A. J. Servi'v lias ri -tiirucl Uom 'a visit of several months in Pennsylvania and the east. ^ Mr. and Mr?. W. n. Port will give a part.v this evcninfi to celebrate Hallowe'en. * • • One of th? most beantifnl of the early fall recept'ons was aiven yesterday by Mrs. Charles. H. Apt •}('! ^uth W*Bshinpton avenne. Tlior.^ were ninet.v invitations issued fop the altemoon and l>etw.^en the imurs of three and six the rooms of the spne- ioiu residence were filled witli siiesi^-. The colors of the antunin were made to predominate throiiBhont the house •wltii an unique effect. Tn the fii-s! par'or an immense hank of palm>- conoealed an orchestra which played daring: the reception. The second pur kw and reception hall wer.-» hunp with • «aq «iBltely tinted autumn leaves an<l arinound of tiny i>otted ferns formed a background for the dainty afienioo'i toilettes worn bv the ladies in attend once. Th? library was transformpil i\jlo a minature woodland bower for _the 4Jcca .sion and rod and white can- jflles gleamed amid tral 'inB vines and ropes of autumn follace. M'ss Ferine \V6eeler served punch from a ta­ bid set with a beautiful serviee of Hey TharoF "Where are you goitig?" "Ooinff after a sack of SmPtdmnl Flo'ir. My wif*: won 't-nse anything else." mmwiom mip, A E/v. Op, I silver and, cut Rlaiss. The table \\-as loverrd 1iy a eloth richly embi-oidered j ;•!!! stit'wn with maple leaves, red and ! • ri -eil. 1 Tim dininK room was a study in ; <'n and whit \ ^niwlnR sword ferns bowls of While carnations' mak- ; iuu ;;rarefu! d 0 ('rat |;)ns. The liirpo 'tald«' was graced Ir. a hau<Is .-<«.n'> I l >iiiii/(' eande'dlira hold'n^j white ciiii i ( :> s and {:!,> favoi.-. jjiveii v.-ere whit<' : c .iniMlit.ns. Til • cakes were iced wlr'te and srren and the ices, mint:: : n I iKmlxiiis were of the same color. ! .\M >. Apt had the assistance of Mrs. !(!iar !.<s ||. Wlieaiun. Mrs. W. T. Wat- |n.ii and Mrs. KenierlinK in receivinp. 'A IHVV of pirls. Miss Rlizabeth Apt. N '.'Hie llriiihHni. .Miss l.iicile ( (.iK -laiid. Miss Mary Crouch. .Miss I':'ra KKin. .\ti .ss .May nripham ami lle.ssio Fuller served, and all i \wii,» while costumes of sheer niater- i :il wiiii paniltiires of pale .preen or othrr tints of the autumn Wves. Miss UTieeler wore a dress of pale preen, i .Mrs. Apts ehanninp hospitality I '.iade the occasion mo .st successful :'!.d the aflei'iiuon Was one of the most l><aiitifiil piveii darini: many s'.-ison- < '. I (d:i sociely. + * • A iijriy of younp neople will par tcip.iie ill ;i niasoiie hall a' the sl ;at li'.il; this eveninp. • + • ji T'.:" Cliii.--l':'.u Kiideavor soc'rtv cf Mh" I're.shyleiian cVurch had a brief |'ii-in <-Ks nie'^tinp last nlehc and se Iccted niemh'-'r.^ of several commit- t c>.- for v.-ovj; in the church and the ; ciet V. ^ .t. X 1 \'rs. Oscnr Foiist eniertalncd thc ''Vcdnesday Kuclue club last even np. The fo'lowinp ciiests were nresenf; ^'r. and Mrs . M. F. Sick'y. Mr. an.' Geo. Havis. Mr. and Mrs. A. Howlaiid .Mr. and Mrs. C. I., "liiuiker. Mr. a '.id Mrs. YJ. E. niish .1. F. Turner, ^Jp. and Mrs. (• C Aushf^rman and Mr. R. C. McClaiii Miss Clara Fonsl. M vs Tln- rharlo.c and Miss Setta 'VMIlson n:s i-ird In cnterl.iininp. • * • Ai nve o'clock last eveninp was sol- ei"ii;/.e'' lh<> '.narriape of Miss Ka'h '•r ;i> • Wvcl-off. d;>URh1er of MrE. W. s. W'.ckoff and .Mr. Roy C. Erwin. 'f St'ern<an Texas. Rev. Ma.son. pas- r of the First MetUod'st church of- "ei :it <'d nnd read ilic marriace service i-i the presence of a j-roup of relative-' pnd c'ose frii-nds. The parlor was iircllily trimmed with wiiili' carna- M '^t 's and br'des roses. The bridal loil -ue w;'s an evouis'le cn^at'on of "ii't.. chiffon tnfffta and the bride '•'I'Tio! roios. .\fter tli? ceremouv a '•ce course diiin"r was served. The 'V ./-oi -:>tinns were roses and ferns . M.- np-i Mi-s. Edwin left last even- 'I 'er f' r Sher"ii>n. Tevas. TI13. bride's uf >'ii-- away costume was of blue broad The sale of First Class Time- pii'ces Is ail imporiunt feature of our luisluess, and we sell strictly hish prUde watches at extremely low prices. We never iiiisrepreseni our poods, but will all limes sell .vou an hmiesi v;n(c)i at a close prh-e and piiar- nntec to pive you full value for 'your money. McNElL BROTHERS. famiy of Momn: Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Wyiiii and daiipliler Helen, of Kincald: Mis. .loliu Slitiron of Kansas City, ;:ild daiiplitj-r, ."Mrs. W. II. Lipht :<>r \Vi:conslii, who have been life lonp • friends of the Wynn family. •> <• • .M ster Spencr, Card will enlt>rtain a fi \v friends this eveninp with a llal- l::we'eii frolic. H\M)I»AINTi:i» IMCTniKS. AH Imported Hand Painted Cbina will be closed •"^out at dne-balf price. The reason for this is that we must have the room to display our holiday line. Every price m'arked 'i'J plain figures and. evtry piece a real bai^ain. ^ r ^'Wei JMU Fe M4 M . I. *; T. WttrlilBiiMJCtoi* cloib with hat and ploves to match. IJoih the bride and groom are well Known nnd iinivc-rsally admired in tills community where they have lived fcr several years. Mr. Erwln Is with a ;iiosp.->roiis contractinp firm in Tex- The cordial wishes of many lri<i>i!s- hav? l»een expressed for a hap P* luiiire ill their southern home. .J. .> Mrs S. Vinceni and dniiphter. Mrs. I". \V. Fitzperald. left today for a wiii^ t.r wiih relatives in California. • • • .Mrs. .\. H. Ij ^ox planned a most i'-li;:htful snrp^^ last eveninp ft cel- la-aie ilie birthday of her hn.sband. riie invited piiests were nelpbhorhood !Kinds who enjoy.-^d nn iuforiiial hour at cards. "Those present were; Mr. :Md .Mrs. T. O. Uuip. .Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Warner. Mr. and Mrs. C. Hut <;'.in;cr.. Mr. and Mrs. U. Schwaitz. .Mr. and .Mrs. W. H. Morr:son. Mr. ;ir .d Mi-s. E. C. Eakln and Mr. and Mrs I.. Harbier. • * • Crescent Theater Has n Novelly (or Ise Ht Shows. Ilandpniuled niovinp pictures arc ilie new fad. The Creacent theatei people have just received a reel which Is colori'd by hand. An idea of what palniiiip of one of these pictures means can be jiidped by tin- fact that in one loot there arc si.xieen pictures and the reel is .siMi feci lonp. This would mean thai ilie IHTSOII who painled the piciiiie would have to jiaini I2.S0I) stjpiinite pictures. .\s each of the pic lures <oniain from six to ten different colois. the work of paintinp a sinple reel is a hip job. The plciure h calied "The Red Spectre." SOME RARE BARGAINS Vercluint Jewelry ('omiwnr finslng: Ont Imported Hund Painted China. . Tn order to dispose of their large Block ot imported hand painted china a move that Is made to make room for holiday goods, .The Merchant Jewelry Company baa decided to cut the price In the middle, selling the poods at a i^cductlon of fifty per cent' of the regular price. Their stock Is a large one, contiiinlng many handsome articles and the offer is-a, rare one Indeed. LECTirRES CREATE CO.MMEXT. r It liens AVho Have Heard Dr. Hllsehe .Are Pleased. The .Mothers' club held a brie.'' nieeiiiip yesterday aftenioon in Tjitlle 1!: il c '.apel. The members in al len.'ai '.ce devoted the afternoon to •;cedlcv.f>rk. * • .\lr. and Mrs. I.. F. Ciilberlson, of .\iV ;n;'. III., are here Toy a brief visit .lib relatives. Mr. and^.Mrs. Culbort son wt 'ie piijsis at (he ^^'^•ckoff-Er• ftin weddinp. • •:• .'dr. and Mrs. .T. .1. .Miliidls are home from a live weeks' visit with Illinois i> da fives. * + • Mr. and .Mi-s. F. C. W'Jrt are to sp.>nd the winter in KlrksvlUe, Mo. where Mr.'AVIrt will attend the ,\mer lean school of Osteopathy. Mr. and Mrs. Wprti have spent thepasi few weeks wlih Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Steven son and will so to Klrksville tomor row. • * Mr. and Mr.s. George Trombold and "-on Robert, will leave tomorrow for Ciiaiiuie where they will make their hi 'ine. Mr. and Mrs. Tronibold are at present visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R n. Stevenson. * •> + Miss .losephine Conroy. ^of Coshocton. Oho. who visited h ?r sister. Mss. Haxter D. McClain. several weeks ago, has accepted a position in one of-the departments in the state house at To- lieka. Miss Conroy is at home with her sister, Mrs. A. B. Conlay. * * + Mr. and Mr.s. C. .T. Doxsee have "nrt" to Kansas City for a few days' with Miss Beatrice Doxse^ They ^vel•t» acct)mpaniert by Mrs. Doxsee's ("•other, who ks going to her bonis in ^fonl!cel!o. 111. Ji. j;. Mrs. Edward Stanfield of Chann.te came up this afternoon to attend the Camphell Jleid card party. + • One of the pleasant events of' the -'a.son wiiK a family reunion of th.^ Wynn ftimilv at the home of Mr. nnd' Mrs. H O. Cotts. 14 North Fourth ttreet. where Mrs. T. .]. Wynn's now n'nilnc her home Mrs. Cou being the .voungest daughter. The «Hnner wa? <:Iven in honor of Mrs. Bmma Wvnn Kiniey' and John A. \^'^Tin. The puo*ls were Mrs. T. J. WJjrnn, Mr. and Mr«. T. A. Klnwy, Mr. and Mrs. Ororge Voglespnff. Mr. and Mrs. John Huddleson, Mr. and Mrs. Gwtrge Wyijiii, all of tola; John A. WVna and TO sriJVEV M;\V (K.MF'IKI{V. City Engineer tind Assistants Will lie- pin Tomorrow. City Enpineer .\nimerman and his fi )r<'«! of assi.^ianis will start work tomorrow (HI I he hip two months job of slakinp out the lots in the new city ceaieiery norih of town. The new ccuK -tery will have over fi.OOO lots und each Im will rorinire from Iwo t( four Slakes. There are also Ihe road wpv;! and circular w;ilks to be slaked The work will renuire a force of fou' men workinp iwo moulhs 10 complete the job. The work of pradinp the new cemetery will probably not be taken up by '!ie city uniil early next spring. F.\H.>!E»S' IXSTITITE CLOSED. Days Session of Particular Inter est to Farmers. The last day of the .Alien County Farmers' Insliinre, which has been in sfbsion in I-aHarne for the past Iwo 'lys was a great success. Many sub f.>cts of Interest w ?re taken upand discussed by the fanners who were present. .Much pood was derived fron- •he nieetinp. Thinps pertaining tc he household wore also discus:ied I'eihaps the most inter.'^stinp and ben- eflcial lecture of the entire ses^sioi; '.•.as that of Trof. Ten Eyck on how tr select seed corn. LKCTIRK <»• J.\PA>ESE. .Secretary Slarkey Will Speak at Y .M. C. A. Itonm.s. ••.lapan and tlie .Tapaiiese" is the •iubji'ct of the lecture at the Y. M. C. \. rooms tonight. The Icclnre is t- be given liy Secretary Starkey. This lecture is; illiistrutcd by 98 picture^ md is very iniereslinp as well as in- Atrnctive. Touiphl beinp Hallowe'en, the .vounp people will be out having 1 .pood time, wliich will give the older people an excellent opportunity to hear a pood lecture. WANTED TO PAV TAXES TODAY. Many People Did Xot Want to .Halt Cntil Tomorrow. County Treasurer M. F. Sickly is ex- •ectinp a bip business tomorrow when the tax rolls are opened for payment. Several parties wore In today and wanted to pay np while many nther> called up over the phone In regard t< heir taxes, saying that they expecte'' o pav their taxes tomorrow. Mr. Sickly says that it looks like he would do an unusually large business for the first day. Look ot Our .'5,... * LibHey Cat G!»'«*-. R.x.k- wood Potterv and Hand Painied Chioit. Jeweler and Opticiar u >4 North Waslitiigtbn. ' Rev. S. S. Hilscher. pastor of tJie F.rsI Presbyterian church. Is making rrpiitatlon over^ the state with his lecture. ".Metaph.vsical Qiiacker.v." Last Thui-S4lay night Dr. Hllsehor eave his lectura .it Fredonla, Kansas, and again this week at Emporia. Kansas. The •Wfls;on County Citizen has the following to say of his lecture In Fre­ donla last Thursday night: Those who were fortunate to secure a seat in the court room last Tuesday .evening certainly heard an eloqnent address civen by Rev. S. S. Hilscher, D. D.. of lola. on the subject of "Metaphysical Quackery." The room was crowded with people who gave close iltciitlon to this deep subject as the p ?8kcr, step by step in plain Ian- 7untro made it so clear that even the ".hlitl could underst."nd. All that is cood in the ".Mctaph>-vical Cults" of i !ie day was given duo credit, while •ill ihnt Is false wa .t; opened to the very cor.\ but without one word of ibiiKC or censure to any of the dovo- 'ues of these t-o-calle*! religions; how- •ver. the speaker clearly and logically M -oved to the man. woman or child "lio Is looking fop the salvation of •'icir soul, thi^t It can be found only "id tiowhere else, save in the all suf- 'cent blood of .lesus Christ, the Div- ue Son of Rod. Mr. Hilscher expects in give this <>ctur3 In lola at some future time ' II' Ibr date and place has not yet ' oen decided' upon. ' AN IMPOKTAXT SERVICE. •>r. ."nrlln of Rflker rDlrersIly. Will Ke at M. E. Church .Sundny. Rev. .T. M. Ma.son, pastor of the Methodist church has announced that pedal business of importance to the •'euibers of the church "will be taken •n at the Sunday mominR service, •hen Dr. Murlin. president of Baker •ni>ersily w*ll br present. Tt J» sup; •I'-cd ih .it the business* to be tran.s- oie-i will bo in connection with Mr. •'n-^ln's work. Sam Small the Geor- inn evange'lst who made a hit somo- 'nie aco with the Tola nublic in his 'V 'r .-ss. "His Maiestv. The Devil." <s 0 be pre.senc at both the morning and veiling services. The announcement 'oUows: Next Siindav at the First Methodist •'ni'-ch we .nre to hs favored by the •vos 'Pce and work of two of our be.«:t ucn PresVleiii Mnrlln of Baker Ifnl- "r; ly and Snni S"'all of Atlanta. Ga. ""•(•v :>ve .•.> be with me in both scr- •ices al II a. ni. and 7:.*10 p. m. Don't "•|i to hear ih?m. At the mornin?: service wo esnecial- ••• uvee all memhf^rs to be priekent as •ntterg of 'mnortance wi'l come np. ''ref;'dont Murlin cannot b? with ns n the eveninp and voii will surelv ant to -meet bim. Evervboly wel- "ome. Come early to be sure to get 1 S (>at. .1. .M. Mason, pastor. (ALLED TO PASTORATE. 'V. !f. Stnekhniise W"! Take Two .H Churches. W. H Stackhouse. the Tola laborer ho a few-1 weeks ago decided to take 'in tiiitiisteVal work in the Free Methodist chnrch. and five his life to that ork. las been assigned to th? hiircdies at Neosho Rapids and Hart- 'ord. Kans.. and will leave about the Oth of next month to take up that vork. The transfer of Mr. Stackhouse •"loni a laborer to a minister is not vltlu >iit consideraCion. For years he •ad lueii a great worker in the thnrcli and a student of the Bible. '?r lie was occas'onally called upon 'r> fill Me pulpit during the abs'^nce 1' the i)a.'.tor. He applied himself to 'he work and in a short time the con- 7repat 'on bagan to compliment him 111 his excellent sermons. The fact • hat hev was a good talker, spread and •he result w^as that he was called to •alee a pastorale. SIMPSOX IIEARIXO TOMORROW. nan Is Charged With FIfklnfr Pockets on September 30. The preliminary hearing of Mort Sampson, who was arrested on th 'O •veiling of September 30th on the •harse of pick'nr pockets, will be "leld in .Tustlce otter 's court-<lwtnor- -t)w r|iorninp. The case has been con- Iniied from f-'me to tims until the atom c .vs for the defense say that the -ase must be heard tomorrow. Simp>>n '^ charged with attemoting to lick the pocketsof Mr. Russell, a far- Tier living nornh of Gas City. ••O ATTEXD MIXIXG COXGRES.S. "''evrriiJ lola Me'i Win ;lltend Meetlnes -••t JopIIn. A TT'Pt p'nnv of i"-» 'ecnl men who re •"ter '-Rt »d in the m'nfn? biislnes* •Itnnlnii to n«t'nd 'be M 'n-'n" ein- -ress which will •>o held' in .Toidln. ^'o. next week. Thore wUI b'* men oicd In mining circles from all over -ho TTnlted States at; this congress. The lii-Ai men who. will attend are •fycv* who have Iniercsta in tbo Quapaw mining camp. W. n. AlfDERSOir, Att«rney-at-I#w. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phone 455. • H.A.EwIng, 8.A.0ard, O.R.Oard * EWDTG, GARD A GABO, • • Lawyers. ?• • Practice in all Courts • 9^ W. Madison. Phoaa S83. » DR. HcMlLLEX, • • Special attention given to the • • treatment of all Chronic Diseas- • • es and Diseases of Children. * • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. * • Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg. • • West Madison. • • Phone 687. Rea. 701. • • .DR. 0. L. COX, • • Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • • Office A. O. a. W. Bldg. • • • • • 9fflce Phone 10S3. • • DR. B. 0. CHRISTIAN. * Physician and Snrgeon. • * Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. * » Phone 932. Fuller Bldg. • DR. GLTA'X, • * SpMlallst * * By«. Ear, Nose and Throat. * * Glasses Fiirnished. • • • • • • • • Rea. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • DR. J. B. PEFFEB. • DenUst • Is permanently located orer • E. C. McClain's Clothing Store, • and is prepared to do all kinds • of up-io-date dental work. Evening work by appointment. • • • • • • • • Phone 554. lola. Kana. * DR. EDITH 8. HAIGB. • Office and'Residence over Bnr- * rell'a Drug Store. • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m.. 3 * to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 erenlngi. • Sundays by Appointment * r. H. MABTDT, • • Practice Umlted to Stirgery. • • 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 676. • • • • • • DR. W. B. BEFLM^. • • ' Pbyslclai £ SnrgMB. * • Offipe N. E. Corner of Bqnare. • • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. " • Res. Tel 38. Office Tel, 602. • DB.,L. TOZEB, • • fqla Inflrmary, 292 E. JaekioB, * • We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, • • Static, Galranlc and Faradls • • Electricity with vibratory stbn- • • ulation in nervous and chronic * • diseases. Phone 386. * • P. L. Lathrpp, • • Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. • • OSTEOPATHIC FUTSICIAK8. • • Special attention given to Dls- • • eases of Women and Children. * • Over East Side Hardware. • • Office 'Phone, Main 468. • TH .\Y ARE FRE^H. A dho'.cj a>sortment of this popular biHDd CRABB'S . When you boy LotJvnev's Chocolates hire, our pe^^on^l pledge «>f their freshness goes with ihem Qet > our nek" candy at Crabb's and %ee how well it pleas, s you. CRABB'S DRUG ST6RE. Corner Washington and West Sts, . Masquerade Ball! ON SKJATES At The RoMaway Skating Rink TONIGHT. Admisskm 25c j Baths of AH Kinds. ExclDsIve Apartnent for Ladles D^riicDmb M\ Hoose aod Mineral Well (1,500 Feet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave., Fort Scott. Kansas. - . I Tills «;il»r l'o.slliwl> f'ur<-> K |>H«ui »*tf.«*m, lirlt'tit'" 'Disease, Stoiiiu4.-li Trouble and .lirne. ' Vr(»f. 4. I.. Bisboi*, 1heinn)«t Vi-'f'sratrrt .Hnssnj'Ut and llydropath- 1st In the Coantry, la otteadanee glTleg naasaf o. WATEB SniFPSD 15 FITB (S) eJOLOlT BOTTIES OHLT.

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