Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 13
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 13

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 13
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BO k* or water -BO pietemtiTe It Jot li ligMikcd atvimd UM MMd caaa. ara dtas— •ajnMfff* am Aak aa# cffb* torn •nd try » tn today. • BROS; OnO OfNZb,- OOR WAY Tbc f^uinc "Scalshipt" Oysten are al-arava aold fram ft White J'orcelain Display Case beariog the "Sealshiat" tnde tnailc in blue. This ia feu* jonr protecdoo—look for ic Tbc "Scalsbipt" Carrier System is patented. Infringe. meats will be proaecute<l to the full extent of tin Uw. NATIONAL OVSTER CARRIER COMPANY South Korwalk, OF GAS CITY •) • ^BERE \% .\NOTHEA I IHF OF SfARrirt FEYER IS TOWS'. thi Cbaral Hub Meuilim V<>t U«< Etfoing and RpbMnied Mnaie for Tbeir EntprffliDnii>nt<. Choral Clah Vet. The Choral rinb hi»'.l th^ir repular weekly pracMop in.-ih<» hijrh school bnilding last pv«>ninjr. Tin' inenii)«'r.'« are rehearsing niusi<* wliUli win l>o used In the enterialnni'ents which the club will give during thp winter IN on Dead Finv The Cherok^' smelter In ihis city was on de^ia fire yesterday because it was inJiSbsslhlf" to »:et or«». As ;;oon IS ore arrives the different hiocks of he 'pmelter will be starte.l It IR Elertlon Baj. Today la election day and excitement? iB running high. Both the Dem- bcrits and JRepnbUcanH are clalminc ihe city. PRAISE FOR HINKEY Ntw York Worid Baya tola Man Put Ht\i Life lit the Yale Team By Hit Fiery Coarhing. The New York Worljl r.f »>lday. Oc- loher So. Kay.'^: .NVw H .-iVen, Conn.. Oct. 29.—I'nder adverse wea.ther conditions for the ihir .1 il:ne this week the Yale squad had a long, hard practice under the rnaching of Prahk Illnkey today In- Ft.lred hy his fiery words the "varsity r«»pnlfetl" ih«» scrub team aeain and .ipaln in It? advance.^, and Anally the .-econd team hacks Mer«» unable to lie;^dway ri ^aiust ILQTE ON MiENDIIENTSf to dmsmoK TO PLAIT TO nr. CBEIBt irm^LATrRF SALARIES. Fhe PmMealUI aid suir TkbHa la 1 leM-RallNad MM to fate Aarwkere. inalrc ih." ? llehtest (hf« Varsiiy. liinkcy Hi-iit the nu'iV nlniis; at top speed, .nnd before he got through with Theiu ihe pla.vers were pacsing and l.s.-kliiif. with more ginger and force than thoy have displayed this .season Hlnkey paid especial attention to the ends, and lie succeeded In imbuing fhem w ^iih some of the spirit and rthlch cbaracterixed his play when he the like, are permitted to vote wher- Topeka, Kas., NOT. 2.—Here are the 3ta |MS for which the Republicans and I>emocrats will do battle in Kansas today: Ten presidential electors. 8 sob^feasmen. 15 state officers, including liie ibree supreme court Judges; 10 state senators. 125 representatives. 16 district Judges. 1^60 county officers .and about Ifi.OOO township officers. AVliIle there are five presidential and aiate>tieketa In the field—Repub-' Hcan. Democratic. ProhibltionUt. Socialist and Independence—the contest is simply between the Republicans and Democrats. All the other tickets are mfrely side issues. ^he alaip officers to U voted for are: Tbree members of the supreme court, fovernor. lieutenant governor, secretary of-state, auditor, treasurer, tttori}ty ceoeral, superintendent of icbooli. luperintendent of l&surance, state printer and three railroad rom- miisloners. Twehe Ceanlf Offlrer*. County officers to he voted I'or ;are Crt«inty clerk, trea.iurer. register of Aet^B, county attorney, probate Judge, sheriff, coroner. superintendent of schools, surveyor, district clerk and wo county commissioners. Township officers to be elected are: Truslee. clerk, treasurer from one to two justices of the peaoe and the same number of constabies in each township. The polls open In th*» cities at 6 o'clock a. m. and c! at p. m. in the cotuntry precincts the polls open at r a. m. and clo.<c at i: p. tu. Tho eleciiun officers ar« appointed hy the rustee in the country and election comml8Ston<ir or city clerk In the city upon the recommendation of the chair man of the respect lye political county ommittees. In ca.<>e the trustee has failed to do his duly the votens will meet and select the, officials. Rallraad Men Tete A B} where. Railroad men—that is. those whose occupations keep ibem on the road on election day—ritmitng trains and Aaotber Taxe ef Scarlet Ferer. Tbo Btliail daunhier of I'rniiU I '^r- irer who has »i«^en III with arurli-i fever for the paM ^ tlayv. 1* K .tld to be much - ht'ii*'!' liow.-ver. ht -r youtiR couRln who in living HI the Herger home is tmld >>» Uuvi< «'(iiiiraeted the malady ano U now very ill held the position of end more than a lecade ago. Every man cn the team knows Hlnkey's foot ball history hy heart, and they followed his Instructiou.<i impUr- Itly when "h<' gave ordr-rs. for lllnttey didn't iiier<"ly suggest today -hf com ,'inanded, and \ih: c <(niin:iiiils wen* fufce ful Read) Try New IMa)«i. l-'rom Kow on \uU' will liegin lo pu: Iniu' pr.'Kii.^e ail of her various iK'W plfivK, and Bhe will he i«l>lt» to do Ml with iiupunlty until vhe faces I llrown. bv which time h<T playrt will Dr. Uavell relumed InM night frnmL,, p^rfecied and her lean, in Allen, Kas.. where he went to attend 1,^^, working nrd^r. the wedding of hi» sister. Mr. and .Mr;.. H. Hampton, of Al­ ii Illnkey Inspired ihc m .«ri in their work by his presence, he als^ broughl toara, was in the clly yesterday on i j„j h^arm „f the !oyal under- bUSlnesB. igrnduateg, for his methods have tend- S. L. Jackson, of Alloona. was in thel^^ bring order out of what was a dty yesterday on real estate business. condition, and he succeeded in bringing about a semMancp of team !w<iik In toda.v '8 practice Mr. and .Mrs. Marshall, of Nevada, Mo., are here vlslflng relatives. James Wilson,, of To|>eka. IF here j tilttlliK. ' - Mr Hlnkey has been In tho east for 9. IL Williams, of Kanaas^liy. wasJRonjp tluic. Ills many friends lere here yesterday lalllng <H\ the local L.|H fp^j irItU pleasure of his success business men. HOW.iRD JONES IM'iai.lRT. In assisting the Yale team In Us practice for ihe big game. Tola Boy YTOB Fast Root on Point t at Oeaver. At an Elk's smoker In Denver. Colorado, last Friday night, Howard Jones won a lioxlng match from the" cbamplon of Denver. The was for six rounds. While neither, was able to knock the other out, Jone^^ won jtBa decision on points. Howard Jones lla the son of W. \V. Jones of this city PAID IN |1,tOO TAXES. Amount for First Day Is Light This Year. -V and, knov;n lo the local high was sdiool students where be attended aeboo). last year us "Red." mmmmmmmia'9'mesmmasiBmammmam People^_^re__too interested in the election to think of payinfj" th^ir taxes. Testerady the first day for. paying the tax only about |],S00 was paid, against something like $3,700; last, year on the first day. Ilowpver, nearly everyone is payinp in full showing that,people f.ave money. ever they can. They muft show credentials proving that if they were at home they would bn entitled to a vote. Their voles are then certified back to heir re -jpectlve home countiei, to he counted. There will be two constitutional antendmonts to voi<> u|>on One incripasea the pay of uiemhers of the leglslatur*. Al pret-eni a member ri- celves |S a day for the regular fifty- days' session, and fio a mile for mlle> age, He nlfo iliesame mileage and name |i8.v per day for n|tec|nl sen- i.iiuik Ihe propoLfd MUieiidment fixes the salar>' at f .'iOO for each regu- Inr MesMloii. |)IM) fur cacb niMViul M-S Sinn nnd S cents a mile, both days, for I raveling expenses. The other amendment proitoxes !io change the constitution so that a district Judge will not Iw barr *M| fr «(m running for another office during h)^^ term adjudge.. It aliio placet probatf' ludqes on salary. X« Fight on Amendnicals. ' .N'cither political i>ariy has paid any attention to these two nmendmenis. No attempt has been made to lineup the.voters either way on the proposi- lion. However, most of the leaders of _botb parlies are In favor of the Rmendinent to Increase salaries of memlters of the legislature and are op nosed to the amendments In regard lo •llstrlet and probate judges. Chairman Didley of the •llepnhllcan (oommliloe said last nluht: "I have heard from a number of cnuntieM toilay and I have hcurd iiolh Ing that causes nie to.change iny prediction In the least. Taft and the state ticket win receive a plurality of 20,000 or more and we will elect three- fourths of the Iegislatur<> and every congressman. Cooditipns are excellent and I have no fc -Jr of the result in Kansas—absolutely none." WOULD BORROW $1,100,000. Eastern Steamship Company to Pay all Claims. Wants Is t9 love children, (ind no home can be happy without thorn, vet the ordeal tlirough wliich the expectant mother must p.i.i.s usually is .so full of suffermg and dread tttat she looks for- iward to the hour with apprf- ih«ldoii.i MillMr't Friintf,iby Its penetrating and .soothing; properties, \aili^ naitwa* nervousness, unpleasant feeiinss,/ and so prepares the system for th? ordeal that she passes through the] event wiUi t>ut littk , aaffering, as riumbers have"~ — ' i^^^^mam^^m^^ ^ iMfiea and said» "it is worth iNw^ingoId.'V .TOBOa AtlMita,6a. Portland. Me., .Nov. 2 —A petition asking for nuihority lo I.OITOW jl, lOO.AfW) from a hanllnk house In Iloston with which io''ni-ci claims against the Kaslern Siraiiisblp Com paiiy. now In the hands of the re- c. Ivers. wtt«7prenonl«-d in the federal court toay by Charie)! p. Lihby, on behalf of the directors of that com pany. The proceeds enabled the dl rectors to prevent the sale of the company'a assets under forecloseiire. A be|irlng was ordered for Monday. Blrtli. A daughter was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boolden of Sooth First street. t i"* door. Tfti i.all.he ecsU: a?' )Ac:^cli. rott. I rrza so T-esl: i- cooid not -raiifi I teak Hl-o-oa tablets, and bare been able'to worii: like eating hearty ever 1^ since, and. I am a tiipr/l t aristt I could go and thaak you ,nqr8elf. I send you my picture, awl' yiMi '«an use my w^rd and niy picture, and I-thank >-ou again '—Mrs. Neisi.n Lucier. 112 Fish St. Albol. Mass Mi-o-na cures dyspspsla. It any ot the readers of The Rcgiater are suf. fering from stomach trouble of any kUid. Chas. R Spencer « Co. will sell you a box of Ml-o-na for 50 cents with an absolute guarantee of relief, or money back. In many cases one box will effect a pennanent cure; in chronic conditions more is necessary. Bui one thing is certain: one box of Mi-b-na will make yon feel so much better and brighter, so much more energetic, that you will not give it up till cured ' SAiLORSc IN A FOOTBALL GAME. Eleven From the Battleship Virginia Beat Ohioans 22 to 0. Amoy. Nov. 3.—The feature of the entertainment on shore today for the men of the vif ^ltlng American battle ships va£ thi^ football match between elevens from the Virginia and the Ohio 'The eleven from the Virginia won with a score of 22 to 0 After fh** game the men were glv eti a luncheon at the reception and then visited the tbea- ere*. Seventy-six officers were entertain*'.! at luncheon today by the for- elen cornnnlniiy at Amoy. At the re- nur >st of Mr. Thomas, chairman of the foreign committee, no speeches were made, it being recognized that t ^e olllcers are the guests of the Chinese government. A HALLOWE'EN VICTIM DEAD. W. t. jackett Siiol George McMichael In Cunningham, Kas. WJemTaTKns.. Nov. 3.—George Mc- MIcha* I. 20 years old. died In Cunningham, Kas.. fifty miles west ot this city this morning from a gunsbot woun«l he received Saturday night while In a party of Hallowe'en rejtel-^ ers. W. E. Jackctt who did the shooting, has been taken to the county Jail In Kingman to prevent lynching. A crowd of boys threw stones at Jack-' ett 'R house, he fired at them with a revolver and a WJncbester- rifle. A rifle ball pierced xrcWchael's abdomen Year of Jubilee. nakrr Ihilversiiy at Baldwin IP n by half century old. It is proposed Pi-<-hident Murlin that thic be kn6wn iJK the "year of JiilT[iee" ami JUKI as (• last hours of^ llii> schiHil .vear draw n<>ar Ihn-e shall be a mighty gathering, such Indeed an Ilaldwln and naker UnlverRliy lias neilher Ke <«n nor heard. f>.'ery Alumnus shou'd be there. Kvery former Baldwin citlz.'n should be there. Every preartKin -.flnd every man, woiilian or child who love.s Baken Tniverslty should he there. There sboi^ld be enough lovers of Baker University 1 to fill the campus and stand ten de^p around the outside. Then as we look back over those fifty long years of struggle and toll nnd victory we .shall nil be glad we came. What Do Thty Oont The a 'boirieoQesUoa is often naked roa* aMi TisW -Golden IMIMI j^^is^Mr^— faces; aa (3 the nasal tubes. Aoeldent^oii^lPotiiBae RIv«r*Cai»td *r Lo-.v «ai5s ©if \yat«r-—0>.a ;>:an Killed. Washington, NOT. 3.—Earl; today a ooillsion occurred in the Potomac river between the steamer City ot Washington and the terry boat htcV awanna. bound from WadUagton Alesaadria. One . man.'Samuel ae- lankcn. forty years old. a merchant of Alexandria, was killed. The collision is believed to be due to a confusion of algnahi and Inabll Ity on accnuiit of the low stage of tbe water to properly handle the ferry boats. RET( H\£D A.N |ll.fl«» tilFT. Married WoBua Befnsed Diamond Crfi«s Fraia Msitimiliionalre. St. Louis, Mo., Nov . 2—Circuit Judge Matt G. Reynolds here yesterday look under advLsement the divorce* petition of George M. Burn*, former manager of the Wabash railroad between Detroit and Chicapo. HI--, wife. Mrs Clara Burns, wh.> has been living with her. brother in Detroit, was In court yesterday with Charles 11. Buell, her Detroit attorney, hut not to oppose divorce If the decree Is grantfd Off a Simple charge of desertion. Burn.^ restiried that'she left him jif^ l«r be objected to her drinking. She deposed that he knocked her down. "I war. not nn habitual drunkard like other society women," she deposed. "I took someibin? tor drink when I went out In company with iny husband." She said a man worth llR.OOO.OOfl gave her an $11,000 diamond cross iand asked her to get a divorce and niarry him, but she told him she was not that kind of a woman and returned his present. The vacuum .suction agitator of the .STEEL KlXfi Washing Machine wiH' wash in less time than any other machine without wearing or tearing the clothes. ' Take,one .borne ani_irf^ Erery one is tally gDaraateed hy the Vanii- faetorm. For sale only by*' Brifbm RardwareCo. £iST .mnE SQUARE. OKLAHqMA VALUATIONS STAND. Federal, Court Meld Agalntt the Pullman and Western Onion Companies. Guthrie, Okla.. Nov. 3.—In the ITnit- ed States circuit court here today. Judge John Cntteral held for the state the suit brought hy the Pullman Car company, and the "Western Union Telegraph company, in whic^ the companies alleged that the ' state board of equalixation has returned an excessive valuation against the properties of these companies. The court said that it could not set aside excessive aBses.<?ment3 unless it should appear that they were due to fraud and not to mistakes of Judgment. Powder ME.i3IS JrST WHAT IT SAYS. Better than any other powder on the market. So glycerine In Its compasltlen. Does notfreete no matter bow cold. Absolutely DO daa^r in handling.' Use Trojan instead of slyceriiie and save theatres of yonr men, and your ccTcpiuv fr.-rn dBisage flSltS. E.WaCoverdale AGENT Room a, .<;tevensnR BIdg.—tola ARE LEAVING TOPEKA PMllliral TTeadqaartem and Office* l)e«eHid While Mea iia Ifumf 1 to V«te. Topeka. Nov. 3.--The statchiiuse prnciically Is deserted today. Only a few clerks are left to transact business, and moM of these are women. tAc^pt in the )>oard of agriculture, l-itard of health and lax commissioners office all of the heads at departments have gone home. Many went last week to mix in local politics. Most f the assistailts and men clerks left toda.v. For the last week nothing except pontics has been talked about. liio i-olltlcal he.idquariers are not tr.insactluK any buHiness. At Ucpub- lcj» head<|UnrterN Chairman Dolley and W. T. Ileck. ihe secretary, were clciir.iiH? up llielr deska and answering .-tray letters. There were no of- fiil;:i.>: at Democratic headquarters ex cei.i a stenograplifr to answer the telephrnes ' inH liiili miiMifW JlwajT Ti" worn-f out SraMrerKdra w^i^* has %a^MHtM iK«ak-down, * Favoiita CMTaalhora. wboca works aro contiilted ^pbTsldiMof #11 tbatehoolsof pracilce ''.a.lnpr.^wnfc^of^j.cb^ Uaa bestowed ootiM . entering lato Doetor bTtBchwntmahoold , ttan aay.amoaat of tlmoBlats., bseansa are ii«»«}eiAellvwM^ and conlala no karmful wbitluitoforoMoC TIIF. GOVERNMENT FINANCES. Ust Moatb's Deficit Over 10 MiUIoss —\ Bond Issue Soon. B.S. BARNARD S«4.tse \orth Diekeye Street, Iola»,KaB<ias. Y.-.ii start right,'end right the market. Get a square deal. Don't pay any commission or expresfl chary.t:.. Hon't nel! to any truat or )>i\o mlddiemei^ •.ail) profit V and don't have any regrets when you ship or sell to B. S.BARNARD He Sure Yoiire at the Right Place. Washington. .N'ov. 3.—Government expenses last month wore $I9.71M.0;:8 greater than the recelpis. The total revenue was 119.317,734. an Increase of about a million dollars over the receipts of October ISO", nnd tbu expeu- dlitircK were 7 initltoiis greater than last year. The Incrense in expenses was duei entirely to the sum turned over to the Pnstoffice^ department to cover the deficit In postal revenues for the past three months. The net available cash balance In the treasury is million dollars, of which nenrly 131 millions are in naitonaI.Jianks and 4 millions In the treasury orrfiB -PhllipplDe Isjands. leav Ing the available cash In ihie national treasury about 30 million dollars. "The LsBue of 14 niillionii treasury dollars ,of Panama canal l^nd£ will be sold soon, part of the prtK ceeda to. reimburse the treasury for expenditures already made. Tbe issue of 14 millions of treasury notes put out last year during the financial disturbance becomes due on tbe 30tb o^ this month. Tbe present interest bearing debt of tha goreripent 1« 897 ;)4 mlllian dol^ lata. \ Take our No. 410 when Eastward Leaves lola 7:19 p. m., ar-"^ rivea St. Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. Louis. Por further particulars call and see us C. p. Hale, Agt. eta be secured of'. f\ l.B.Hea4frMB who deals with tba pubUaUra as4 famlsbea tbam at tbe lowatt prtea potfibie. Trial sabserlpUoa to Vai Nordaa'a.iS moii^a 26c Pboaa .tt. 414 N. B««tay«

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