Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1907
Page 1
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TOL. IX. \o. WWo >o. (Oft*. 8JX PAGES. roiA, Kil^SAS. OCTOBER 81, I^-.-TIirRSDAY EVKXINO. SIX PAGES. A GtEARING HOUSE BANKS M.W AIMH'T THIS METHOD TO BEl.IKVK I.(H AL fCJMHTIOXS. JUDGE SMiTH WILL BE CUSTODIAN BAXKEBS THINK rLEABr\« HOISE WILL BE rWElESSAKY HOWEVER Anion of Uio nnnk*! Has \nl SliHkou C'cnfl'triirc of ralroiis of luxtiliilion^. 1 At n niri'iiiiK of ilio local Imnlior? whlcli was callod for thi' |mrp<is<> <il rtlscussinc'tlio IIKMI fiiinnrlal sliiiallon II. was fl«'cl !ril if li lifcjuiii- luTi 'ssary 10 ost»bIlst:^n liicnl cli '.-irlir-; liiiiis.< anil ls8llo dM 'tilic;!;!'!; wlitrli will l»' Itack- 011 ii;) witli a siaf<>(l iiiimuii! of .tpi)!!)*- ff) rollatciarvvliicli will t»' |ila<'<'(l In flic liaiiils of a cii.-iiKli:!!! who is not vcrsonally «'<)nii<»<'U'il wiili any hank Tho cnsloilian will lilct^ir h<' .luilc .1. n. Smjill. TIiosi' roriiliraii-s will IM ipsur<l in i!<^iioniiiiaiJ<>iis of I'lvo. trit and twonly fivi* dollars pach iiiid will J>o siRiK^d hy iho fiishiors of ili:> thvoo banks ami Uio rnstoiliau of il.o <o' latoral. II was a;:r.^o<5 ihat rac! bank bo pprniitU'd to isviio o-rlilii-ulp.-: .up lO KPVOIIty fivi< li .M- PPIIt of ilu . a.moiiut of oo !l;it (M -aI which thoy iilac od in. tho hands of ilip fii>u« The ccrtlijcai'^-; will he accpidcil hy tho merchants in tho ciiy just ilip sanin as cash in hand and wuh ili-' Jhn^o hanks of ihis oily hiickinfi rhoni thoy will ho as SOTMI as Kold. It is pos ^.il.lp ili:it tho nth 'T haiil»- of Iho county will lako advaiUasP of tho opporinnily and doiiosii. ilwir co' lateral with the <i)stoili:in W 1 H> h:i.- boon appoint .-'d. Hut in so doinsr tboy will havo to comply with iho- nil np niado hy tho Tola banks with roirard to the issuinK of tho collaloral n|i to seventy five i >or con* of tho amount of itio collateral iloposit .^d with iho ciis todlan. In talkini; of tho iirocantions taVr 'Ti by the local bankers. Mr. I.. Xiijih- rup. president of iho Xonhnin Xat ioual bank, siati^d that ho holiove- thnt (ho cleariiic hoi«;o c Ttlfioalo.^ wooU nerer bo pui iu Uj.o lit-re as ?v ilibuRht tho situation wviuld be rel ov od without it "I l -oliovo thai wo will b,» aide to mecl tiH^ faciory pay rol' on November ."jih in ca :-h. as is oip usual custom." rouiiinusl .Mi-. North rup. Not because ;i t. -.ssarv but ju.<;' to reassnn' It • <i' lor,-, .- IIKI cusioin- ors that coiiilii ov.s ar-" not at al' alarniiiic itw N.irihnip N'ai'.inal Hank today IsKiioii 111.' folltiwln:; si.aoiiiont: lolai Ka... Oci. ".I. limT. To (ho I >'iM >sltois of Iho .Vori.'iriip National nank; In coiisliloriitiiiM of \iiiir. :'nil each of your rolaiions to tho Nm-U 'rur NaliouHl TJank, lola. Kaiis's. and in view of Ihe lut'sonl financial s'lnatioi oxisliuK In sonio parts of ili,- i:nilpi" .StatoB, ajid ill u'uailiiiico ili -i rmaiic'}'" vtabiJily of the siiM hank In th' minds of aiiv and al' nerson.s. vin<th or dci>ositors nr not. if such stabll 't' fchould bo qiiost:on'>j^ (wli -fh wo d' not believe 'xisis in a s 'liolo ^"stance'* vo. the «.n'lorsi£rno<l stockholders an'' directors of said bank., each and nl' hereby .nersonallv jruarajitee tho do pof .its of tho said liank and^bv plodR? our several and collective fi" r.ncial resi .ousibiliiy in s !|'l>ort o' such cuaraniy. Witness our hand.s ilio Oay above w rill en. 1. T.. NORTHRt'P. MARY K. NORTIIRI-P. P. A. KORTHRVr. n. p. NORTH RUP. V. .1. TIORTON. r.EO. P.. NICHOLSON. A. HRlJMRAI 'Gir. .1. W. PRRRY. T .\. I,, niiinihsnu'i. CThhio'- of the ••-•i^d bank, hoiv -liy certifv that Ui.'' aliovo mid af'noyroiii;; ;:iiaraal.v wa? dii'y d«-livoivd Id ni" as such cashier. Ihi .s :!inh d.iv of OcJobor. 1!I07. A. T.. PRTMRArOIT. Ca.shier. Snbscribi'd mid sworn to before me (his .liith d:.v of nctol.or. A. n.. 1907. TRAlGir: A. McDOWKIX. .Volary Pnhpc Cwnwiiia&;on (•x|,i>-.s AuciiM K. ^'MO Tl;e actons i,f ii„. PK-.-II l .iinkor* (owaid liroifiiMi^' -Jn-'r iul '>resig and (ho inioivsts of tho conimnniiy have boon altnosf iinivorsalK- conuneudt»<l Tlioro ha-s b'cn but liiUo if any ill r.-. Pi.u'. It ,i ,f. -,.,„:,a' f ^i -liim'ihU (he baiiko;, an- doiiiK iho Ix-st that can 'lo diiiii' iiiider Iho circninsiaTicoR Oih-r haiiii .s in the <-oniin' have tjik- en slens bimilar to the lohf bank-s with (bo 'doa "if i.r..v.-niiiiK i" o withdrawal of CH .sli. Mo^l of Iho banks in ih' oo'intv. how .v.r. have tii ;ido r' liuiK of Jtft y..'r riav 1.11 a ',lii"lo accoMTit and (»>eii iio» 1" .M- .1 »•::, I,,.,, xvoi -k In Btond I" r d :i\ .i ,,t lo ox- nood •r.n nor «.•.!; liio hdii lianko I'avo done. A sriT TO <; ET WA<JES. y. B. John>"iii SJITM 3fr«. c. Whr4>Ier Owes uiiH m. A suit of N. U. Johnson \s Mrs. C. \^'beeler was filed\in district court (his aftwioon in which the nlaintlff alle.pcd that (ho defendant owes him >24 for labor wlifcli bo did wliile Mrs. Vteeler was condiic(iiig a general i<^erchaud>so store in Lone Kim. Mrs. Whoe'er savs that ber.iiasband vi-as c nduct'nr the store {i&4ier name and ttkt she does not ow^rrtlie bill. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas; 0?nerally fn r .oaisht and Friday, except showers In .^ast iioriion tonisht: cooler Friday. Data rocortled at local olTico. 1.'. R. Weather Hurean. UHlay, yesterday, ind a year aso: Yosl'ily Yr. ago 2 p. m ^2 fi p. m 41 12 midnight .'.2 -11 ."recipliafJon 7 p. in r>l 0 Today Yr. aco 2 a. m .-,1 :ja (1 a. ni. . .-. ."il ?,4 12 noon .".1 <7 :->i/<lp"iialioii 7 a. ni 0 o BOAOS l\ It VII < ilMHTlOV, Villi .Miilii-s Trii>«'l Slow H <il TirCNomi- lo llor>^cv Tho dociors aii'l I'Viiyo .i' u 'ri li:i 'lad a •.;r<'al deal id df'iv .>.•. i i cfi i i 'ho ffw da ;.K ri'ii HI I!M- IHM'•<> bo in a very ha! rinniii nii. Om lector said this liiorniiii; ihn -ii iiiaiiy duces thoy won* iilriio'-l iiiip.r sild>\ Tlio liv >'ry ;non s ;iy thai ilicii' hii':'.; vhlc-h woiii out ihir. nioi ii iiu wore iv- urnod coverod wlili inud. 'I lio horso.'- iri'^ I 'rod nut when I 'li-.v aio bioii.':hl a fniiii drivis which oiilinarily would 10I lir.' ihi'iii ill ilii- h'a.;t. IIII) .MOBTOAtiKO I'lMiri-RTY. "hanro (o Which (ico. riippy .Hiisl A iiswcr. .\ waiivint was issmd from the •)iii.iy aiinriit y\>< i>lVn-i- loday I 'or 'lei rKO rii|i|i> , charsiiijr hilii w ih con •I aiiiiu and •.••iiiuviiii; nioit .-d prop- •rly. Tl <• ('oni|daiii( was sworn to by 'hiis. Trno. who all. s.-s thai last M.iy 'lo Sidd a to Ciipiiv for $2>«. and *hai $1S was paid oii iho animal. Cup•'V. it is allo'iod. ^av,> a iiiori'srafjo on •lio boi-so for iho lialanco dii.- on llie "iri^inal .salo| prico. W^uii I'l.- mort- •ja ^o hecan.i^ duo whith was s.uiio •Hio .-i-o. ("iiiipy. ii is claiDiod. fail •o pa.\ il. Whin an i ffiui w.i': in.-ido i not iio' !..u -se. il loiiid not ho found, '•enco Triiio is.sii.'l a wanam. for Cup ly. Cndr-rshoviff P-oatri ^ht went to Wpoilsoii county loda.v. < VII.TO Ciipny •s said lo bo r>sidir.i.'. lo si rvo tli" •varraiil on him. "{Kl'OHTS HEADY KOK ((KM.MITTEE niock M»v lie SdcctMl t'' Prove Ad- U.sahilltr of Ollod BoniN. Sircol '^onuni -sioiH-p- J. S. Whlker nnd nr. »'. fllyiiii havo tho report -onipleiod wh'uh ihoy will make lo •ho hiroit and alhy comniaioo of the "ly C'liiucil. ill r-.;ard (o iho oiled Mroois. If ilio r.'i'.oi'l 's favoroil bv •'lo icaiiliiitH'o 11 wMI lio s-!o<'iod ' block 1,11 a ii-.i-l wliiili is used a •real dial lo b • ii.soi! as ilio l "'S| f'>r •lo oil iM .mir roiiiK'iliiii'ii C (' 'I. ('. tlKiiti ai'd Stroot fo:iii .wsinni 'r '*'a'kor havo iiivosi'j;alod loid find "lilt ii Is wiiri'ty r.f a trial at iho pros III I lino. T IS DUE TO PIRATES THEFINAXriAL FLl HBY WAS>.OT BEALLY A PANH-HY.STEBIA. THE COLUPSE OF COPPER THE EJECTION OF HEIXZE BANKS STABTKO THE TBOIBI.E. IViill ,Slrool Has Such » Hahit of llc|tcni|inK on Ihc Vfd of riicle Siiiii. HK(ii\ HEvniE»ni.iu\<; M«IM»AY ^Vork (III YHcriniirv nn-itiiiil Ulll Be Pii >hca Itapidl.v. Wnrk will l.o;in on Iho lto;itiio Vot- -•riiiarv- hospiinl uexl .Monday, .s.-ild ^'r. Heat lio tips morninir. Tin- build- 'iiK is to i>o t-rocted wosi of the Ti"e- nciit horel. Tlie buildiiii; which stood -"n thi'.^e lot.s was moved away yos- •erday so tl:»f work can betin at once •ui the hospital. The insiiiuiion will >e a credit to tho coiumtinity. '.AID THK IIBST lU.'K K TClDAY. 'York on IoI:> S(-i|e Bank Biiildinir Proirros^!!!.-.-. The coniiac;»ir laid tii" firs', brick briflc ill tho walls jir.'ip:Mof Iho lola Sta'o hank liMildinu ihi>^ noon, at the ?onior of .loffeniO'i and Madison. The fonndatioii is now almost <-oniidol<-d so Ihat work on the walls can lio Diislifd. ^ If iJio wo:ill .i -r is favo!-:i!de til.' work ci! the luiildiiiK should pro ^fi-.^-s rapidly. A. H. CAMP|;|:LL has i-iiiriid ••|iiiu a liii-,ii!-s; trip to IKS .Moiii. S Iowa. USE OF Iho doii-.i.ifui birlhjay dn nets was i;ivoii yi'%tordav at iho homo of .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. .Vorris. of 111' North Kl:n i^irooi in hiiio:- of Ii.'r sister. Mrs. K. H. Rvan of Cas Ciiy Tlio ladies are twins. Owiii:; ;o had weather Mrs. Ryan could n-ii ;.lto!id pr..'sout wore Rov. .1. M. .Ma:--«ii !'.ud wife. .Mi.-s Sadio .\1 .rris of lola .Mr. W. Ranks of Cas fity. HE ORDERS MANAGERS .Mavor Orders MHnaerni and M^r- phunl^ Musi Clo»«- IMace^. Omaha. .\Vh.. Oct. .II —Ma.vor Dahl- niaii luday issued a proclamation cali- bis; u |Kiii Ihe iln-.-.iors and oilier aiiiMscnK'iii places ami jill loitiiiie'-s ?oiici>rnK which has boi-n open 41^ Sundays to ohey iho law l.y closlii., their places on Ihat day. Tlie piiida- aiailoii comaiids ilie chief of police lo enforce ilie order. LOCKS TEN FEET WIDER Nary Department Makni Hiirht Chance In Plao.s for Bi? BlUb. Washlnston. Oct. 31.—One hundred and ten feet Is the width which the navy departiueut has finally fixed up- OD as desirable for the locks for (he Panama canal. This is an Increase -of tea.feet in wUtb.oirer .tb9 plans on vlil^ tiie mmmtelon ii noir woridnc. Chiia^o. Oct. :il.—The Tribune's S |icclal coi rospoiidciii In .Vow York .d/.os up Iho causes of ihe lliiaiiclal .'liiiiy as I'ollows; Nov. thai <onlldoiico in iho money tiiail'.i'i has hooii .so rapidly restored -o lital Iho -iliialion can li" ilis Missed >M!I!I 1.\, il is Worth while IliidiiiK oiil >Mio and what slariod Ilu- Iroiililo. Of .ouisi', il was lack of coutidcnce,'bin ••von SI. mo of Iho old heads of Wall .^1 rod ai^' piiifiilly at soa roi;ardlnK 'ho oriKlii of ihis lack of confi- iflico. Tlio hi^ inoneyi'd men of .Now York lavi^ for .si!(di a loni; lime loseutcd my <-riiicisni of iho iinaiicial iiiothoils of ihciiis'dvcs iir their noi.uhliors. and lavo lii'oii so ready lo denouuco Roose- ioli. or lln.i^hos. or sonio oihor individual, thai " iliey havo ovorlookod much uiiiro dotinito causes ih-iii lack of conlidonoo, ri^lii nndor their own eyes. The banks and trust companies of .\ew York, as a whole, are undoubied- ly solid. Kven ihii.sp whitdi siisp<>n<lo.'l ill Iho i-losiiiK hours of last week expect to rosiimo in a day or two wllli- (.111 resort jii^': lo rocoivers. The hanks of the vest of Ihe cotinlry arc even licilcr off. Ibisiiiess in the west has been hoomiii;;. Thi^e is noiio out of employment, and the reserve savin.^s of the farmers, of the jiklllod mechaiii.-s. and even of Ihe .iiore thrifty conioii laborers must ho anoinii.u.s. Lirense (« "Plrales" (he Cause. These conditions show that Ihe rumpus in New York !;.sl wook was local and not iiaiional. Ii was not panic but h.vsteria. It was im-linod lo •^rnv: rap idly and fo a daiiKcrons desroo. Just •IS hy.sierlcs spread in a Riris" school. If was dangerous only durlnjc ihe time while a conibiuatloii of the Kovern- menl, the cloariiiK lioiise and llio moneyed Keiiera Is like .MoiKaii were coni- liliiini; III slop li. The case and prtHiiplness with which this was aeconiplished tio lo show (hat • ho hysteria mijlil havi>. Iiocn aiiliclpiil I 'd and prevenicd hy ihe same com- 'iliiatioii of (jrcat lisiaii'cial iutcrosis. The coiiHervaiivo baiiker.s and lliiaii- I 'lors could have preveiiiod this Hurry, lad thoy can pieveni others like il in ilio fiitiiro hy inakluK ll iiiiposslldo for linancial puaios and hl^^lildiidei . J ID dn litisliies.s. Tho lonservalism which'prevails In Chlrayo. SI. Louis, .New Orleans, and other inierior ciiies would do ii whole lol of Rood in New York and liosioii. There i.s neid for a Iliij-hiiiK of Ihe spwor.s and ces.-ipools of Wall sircel, and .some people are dimly bei;iniiin.? :o realize ihat if this had hecii done (piicily and iiieihodically a shun while •ij;o the whole risky epi.sodo of last week niicht ha\o been avoided. Copper Deals Hare Jnirelery. This financial disturbance which is ;ioi 10 bo dii,'iiified hy the name of a I aiiic. was I'larticipated hy ilo.' collap.--e of (lie copper combination. lleiii/,o and Morse were forced oui of a siiiti .i; of hanks into liiey hail iiijrctod Iheniselvos iioi lo do a )ei;;iimar^ baiikiuR Imisiiiess bid lo supply money for their own siock operalioi:s. When Iho cra.sli caine in coiipor. and Heinze atyl Morse were laished out of their own bank.s by the delerniiued action of ijie cleariii;r house, it was loo Iat>'. Till' public had taki-ii alarm, and :ialuraliy so. It was slarllii'R enough for a di po.-citi.i- lo barn that !iis money wliicii he had a rij:hl lo expert hiioiil.; • .•^afely invisd-d. had bee ;i ii.'^ed for stock jobhin.s; ojiernlions of I he niooi-, indefensible character. Then the hysteria happened. The public could not discriminate snddenlr lietween banking hotise.s. Runs were Ipstitnted on perfetrtly solvent oon- Uerns, ami a di.snstroiis endiiis for thousands of people was averted only by iironipt and wise action on the part III the eon.scrvatlve element. •^Bespeetahlcs" at Fault. Tlie difflciilty with Wall street today has been thai this snhsiantial element .li»s always 'KUKid" for the pirates until a crash was acliially in Highl. Then they di.savowed the buccaneur .s ;:nd towk credit lo Ihemselves for ilieir virtuous action. The cAiidliion of the hip: insurance compjinle .s was perfectly well under- Ktixtd in Ihe inside circles UniB before Mucins ho ^an liis .surgical operalions. .Many of ilie stroiiKe -st men in Wall Istreei had had Iheir consciences .so jiituiiied Ihat they looked on Idly while lliesi' Kreai corjioralloiis were beinn .^y.ileniailcally milked.* llarrlinan. loo, was not one of Ihe sniiili fry nor o*. the ephemeral son. He was trained to ihe business from early life, and he eoiild comtnaml Uu support of the siroimest men in the linancial world. Kvon llelnzo .•ind .Morse had wiili Ihem on the directorate of the banks they controlled lueii who would scorn lo be called aiiyihl;i!.c htii solid ami conservative. Willi street always acts well enough when It does act ai. all. hut it always acts loo slowly and it never seems to lake a radical step iiiilil the situation I'ecrniie .s so acute as lo ihreatcii the IHickcihooks of the really his men. II lets piraiical firms jjei such a slari thai in Ihe i-tid ihey can iioi he crushed wi !lu!':t a crash. "IMsiiifccliiin" Proper Beniedy. It his been the hnbit in the linan­ cial ilistrici of New York to consider that the rniied Slates ireasiiry could and would slop in to averi a panic .-it any time. Tweni.\-live or fifly years ap:o if Ihe .secretary of the treasury should ar- rii-v at the subireasury and cause ii to be know-n in the .cireet tliat before sun dowji lie proposed i (i dump into ihe principal banks iweiit.v millions in money ilie reaction would he iiisian- liineoiis. One secreiary after another has been apiH-alcd to and has al^vays used the money «)f the .^overumciit tc sireiu;theii the banks. No action of the tnasiiiy of this cliaiacier nowadays is siifilclent to lesiore public coufideuce diirlnfr such hyslorlcal times as prevailed within the last few- days. .Nor sluailil it be expected to act ill ilio j ,if }>iiion of I lie family ^di.vsieian. belim eaTled' upon lo"huri"y In Ilie e \.>iy ihne.llw: paiieiit lieeame ill. .\ lillle more finaiieial salillation, u little more biiin'si disinfecilon amonB the financitil Inslilutloiis of the me- troiioli.; would KO a IOIIK ways toward lirevi'liliiiK such frishls ;is llley wet'c given I;ist Friday. ROYS AS POLICEMEM Wl( HITA TOTBY ( OINCIL BUFFS .SCHE.ME TONIOHT. S.ME MORE PURE FOOD RUUN6S 1 OMPOFND SPICES; C<^BED TIN- l-CAK AND OYST\^S HANDLED. AKonie} <>'enor:il FlU-s Demurrer <o IVIillon of Hnllrond Companies. PPT l\ *-.lMMlO,OflO. Willi! Corlclyoii lias Done lo Bellero tho K'liiinirliil j^lrlnKency. Wasliiii ;;ti )n, Oct. III.—President Ilooyevell Has ill CoilferciICO with all llieinb .-rs of Ids calilliel except SeiTO- ary 'I 'tifi fur morft ihaii two hours yesierihiy. The financial situation was under consideration. Secretary Cor­ lclyoii aliliou;;li averse lo niaklii;; any piildii' st .-ilemoiit on the laihjeci. views the siiiiatioii with far Krealer erinan- iniilv than at any time diiriii.c; the last ten dayn. From- tho first ho has not hesir.-iied to make immediate u^ If the .:.;reat resnureos of the tretisury to cliock the aiiiirehensioii manifested last week, naiiiij; llie last seven da.v.s he has deposited in the national hanks a sum approxiiiiaiin.? $r>n ,O0O.O0 'i. and .-diice early in Septraiher, • when the secretary bcKau Ills weekly di.ilribii- lious nearly $7(i.OiiO.'10ii have liecii deposited, which briii;;s the amount of piildio funds now in the national hanks up to ovi>r S^l .'i .fiiiO.O 'Hi, of which about $Il '..-.iiii iiiiil has been de ,ii >site<i to ilic <-redil of .t;i/veriiiiiiiii liisti iliiiliii^ of- fir -r.-. I Mil ins: Pi -.'sidi -nt riiveland's fir .-t leini v (iy lar .^e aiiioiint.i of pulilir fiiinis Were deiiosiied in the naliona' liaiiks f .ir lie' declared piii|io:-e of rc lieviii;i ihf ir.'.iMir;. of a liiirilelisoiii'' siiiiiliis. l.iil never biiore have such larRo sums iieen plaei-il with lieposi- tory banks to avert (iii :'neial troiilil" AMNOUNCEMEKT The nndersigned beg to announce that all checks drawn on tl^ie local bank?, drafts on Eastern Cities, or Clearing House Certificates will b; accepted as cash in their respective establishments for Mer.liandise or in payment of accounts. BEYNOLDS DBIO STOBE. T. B. SHANNON. BA.VSAV BROS. D. C. CO. J. (.'. .MITTLERAt II (-The Palaw") BABCLAY.SHIELDS CLO. CO. "EA-MOrS." NEW YOUK STOBE. M. J. ERIHHMAN. S. B. BrRRELL. JOHN V. ROBERTS. J. W. (OFFEV k SON. SC 'HELL k 3PCAE1. C. R. SPENCER k CO. T. A. JOYCE. Ol'R WAY RESTAI RANT FRYER BROS. ZOE ATCni.«iON B. C. BROWN CIGAR CO. EOGERTON k lULLES. A. MARK.^ V HEHBIMi'S S.MOKi: HOCSE. H. W. STEYEB. A. >Y. BECK. CABBIi: PBinOTH. I'KKHA.M k ,SOV. EVANS BROS. A. I„ .MOOItEHEAD, .M'.YEIL BHO.S. H. M. COITANT. E. C. .M'< LAIN. E»W\« k Bl'RDK K. W. H. BOOT BBODEBSON k MOBAIN. C. H. SHIELDS SHOE CO. BEIMSCH k BOTT. PEOPLE'S STORE. i. D. MINDIS k CO. ( OWAN * APSHERMAN. W. L. CBABB. T. W. BARTLES. J. V. MERCHANT. I .'special Corresiiondence.> Pure I'ootl Bulinirx. Topeka, Oct. :!1.—(.•<>ni |M )uiid spices, eoiiired vliio ;;ar a ;id oysters packed in fluids other than tJieir natural Jiilce.-i w .'ro dealt a knorOc out blow: yester day by Or. S. ,1. Criimhlne, Secretary of ihoi Stale Hoard of HoalHi, follow- In;: a liiiKlhy conference wHli two /•oiiiaiorcial ehoniisis Koprosoiitint; arKo food iiiaiiufacliiriii); companies rosnrdins standards iitidi 'r ibr- now pure food law. Federal standards wore adopted by (ho Kansas Roard of Health sevenil months and the •loot ill-' yesterda.v was witli rofrnrd •o laallois ov.T wiiicli' (he Kansxs law Rivea Iho onieers more control than is '^iveii hy Iho fi'doral law. T'lider the now standards adopted compound sp:ei .f4 caiv not !)•' sold as they have beeii,. I-'or Instance comiwund pepper muse lioreafte.- bo a preparation of iiepper of two or more different ijuar tie;;, not a comiKuind of pepper and ;r&iuid )ie :is. A ban was also plac ?d on colored vinegar and Rr. Criin-i '.>In ^ sn>od pat in Ins rulbiK on the oyster question. The hoard is now s"iiil inj; fiut circulars warniiiK jobbers tyid! retaiiws that special serial Biiarai)teo "abels^'for use on foods drugs so'd nrior/to .laiinary 1. 1907 are her 'nK sent out for use b.v snmo '.nanufacturere. Thrse piiarantee labels do noi comply with the law and thc'r use wUl not protect dealers from prosecu- Mon for violation of the law, according; ^o the circular. » Boys for Polleeinon. ^ - iB'icUiifc.-f>cL .'.13-CfUef-oi^Poliee.|oneo oilier it into offoc!. (< Woods of Ihis city is prepar ii>r adopt the •'(•oimei} Rliiffs scheme" of Iiolieiiip: lh» eiiy llallowi^'en iilRhi v;iih .a view to bettor jtrotectiiiK prop -^:ly from the prankfi of misehovioti.-- I 'oys. The "Council Rliiffs" way is lo appoint hoys a.'* special police olTliv 'IS. Iho Ido.-i hoiiif; ihal boys will bet lor know how to cope with oih.-r boy.s The plan lake:- it name from f'ounci! niiiffs. Iowa, whore It was first trie-I. \z proved succossrni there. It is probable that more than (wonty-nve hoys wl'l he iis<^d ns pollc.->.neii hero innl'.;ht. BeicMer Food StuiYs. Topeka, Oct. :!!.—iitato sovereiRnty has been ra'.sid jis a minor Issue In the suit bi'oiu;lit in the United State.'* Circuit court li.-'ro bv Marion W-. Sav a'.'o to enjoin C. \V. Hitrkelt, direr • or of the Kxperimont station nt the Manhattan .AKr.'cuKiinil ColleKC, from enforcin;:: the state law enacted lasi •vinfer msulatinK the sale of concsn •rated feediuK stiffs for live stock. Tho siatiiio in question is a .sort of iuiro fond law for the jirotection of live stock interests and provides*that alii coiicontrai.-»d stock foods sold in Kansas iiliisl ho registered with the f)'roctor of tho Experiment Station, who must, a'.so iio informed of tlie for- ••inla u.sed in ilio manufacture of such foods.; The Iiw makes it an offens.-- 'or iliaiiufaclurors of concontrated feedim; stuffs to offer tlieir iirodiict> I 'or sale in the state without. roRistra tioii. S.'iv.oeo, who is a inaniif.teiuror of a concrntrated stock food, broniihi. ilu suit to t .'st tho validi;y of the law ir 'ho federal court for the reason thai lo- is ,"i win rOo'df-Ht of Th' situation is thorofore similar to thtt* in s<-veral state:; whero the railroads 'lave sou.-? into tho federal courts and "nj'dnoii states from enforciiiK th' mnvisioiis of freight and passenRor rate laws, niakinK the laws Itioner ativo dui-ins die pendency of tjio bli 2 ;alion. In a brief filed y,->.sterday .Mtorney 'Icmer.i' Jackson contends (hat tli' luostion of llie validity of the la« should bo "left lo the orderly pro coduie of state, courts, instiliitoil by ;»ato ofncerfi.V A portion of th:i brief beariiiK on (he state 's r;Khts question s .IS follows: •"riio conitilainaiits well sav in Iheir bi'ef that llley ar." mot at the thresh hrdd of the coiitrovors.v with the con- •ontlon on tli:' lUirt of (bo nttiinie'' .'onerul who represenm the defend- •Miis. 'that this coiin does not have 'nrlsd'ctjon, for the reason that It Iv ••'alined that this Is an action ntrnln.i* •'lo stale cif Kansas, and therefore li vtiilatloii of tlf o 'i 'venlh anieiiiiinent ••I Iho coiisiitnt'on of the llnlloi' «lai( 1'. Wo have no desire I') enter 'I 'lo iinv leii'-'lhy illseusslon of the con 'rovcrsy now exIslin'-T In several •ales on tills iirntKio 'tlon. but rnore 'v d>siro (o einpliasize a few facts -•'I'di idaco (h's case cleprlv withlr ho ooncedod nrincinleti of the eon- •roversv. We recognize also the fac* •hat (hii court has liad .occasibn" Ip 1 recent C -T50 —ithe raUroad -caso o' ^'ss-oiiri—which has l>ecom?' of na tinnal Importance on (h*s .oiiestlon be "HUSO of tbo controvorsv roferrcl to 'o review in nil exhaust'''" tn^nncr a'' of the ro«'«» ui>on th'« <"»bject.V Ton«>Va. Octr* .11.—Tbv'* hrbieiii'r o' (nlunetion mya a^ainfit y}«lafor< of. (y is dependent upon the,opinion of the Supreme court hi two cases in which decisions are expected next week. K the contantions of Attorney (ieneral .lackson In (heso cases are aiistainetl it is more than likely that a largo number of injunction suits will be instituted a;;ainst jointists and owners of buildin?s where Joints hava been riinnins in Piitsburs and otlier citit-s in Cr.iwford county. It is now almost a year since, tho Injunction method' of fioinff after vio'ators of the prohibitory law has been tried In Crawford county. acconlinK lo statements made by .A'tt'irn;?.v ^en-oral .lackson. Injtinciions wero sought asainst two liquor men last winter hut .ludui' Arthur Fuller <i( th(? dis- Ir'ct court refused m grant Ilio tern- I'.or.iry oriler.-:. Tho piosi'CiitIng olllc- ers promptly carried Iho inatt;'r (o the Siipreiuo court and as the case.'' were arjued a month a!;o decisions are Iord<eit for no.\t week. If .IiidKC Fuller IK not sustain .'d Crawford coiinly will ho f.iirly well trovored by Injiinciioii hororo.tho first fif .laniinry. .Atchison count V is another county where the liijiiiictlon p'aii Is not yet workiiiK satlsfaetorily hut Attorney (general .laeK.son .slated yesterday that Jv? expects an iui|irovonieiit there bo fore a great while. Private advices fnmi Atchison rei-oivod hero are to the effect that many stiloons are <ipeii- ing quietly in Ale! isoii and iliat the situation is now niiicli Ihe saav-^ that it has been for years past. In Licaven worth (here has b «K >n a decrease iu the number of o|ien saloons. Jjut there lie still dozens of drinking places run niiig. say the ofTicias of (he State Temperance Union. However, th-:> county attorney at Leavenworth ii" bringing almost daily against violators of the pi-idiibltory law. and .Vttornoy flenora! .Tackson is lipocful that il • will eventually niako. a "dry" city of l.oaveiiwortli, or at leqst make it as "dry" as Kansas City, Knh .'«»3. Topeka and \\"iciiila. Froiulit Bale Complaint FlleiL Topeka, Oci. Ml.—O. F. Orattan, al- 'orney to tho State Hoard of Railroad Comniissionor.s. tost no lime in pre Daring and filing a freight rate complaint in keeRin.g with tho instructions of tho Board and asking the establishment of the proposed new distance tar'ff. His complaint, which i.s quite short, was filed yestcrlay af ternoon. . It alleges tbat preS '-int ratss are iinrfiisonable. presents tho, pro- nosed tai-lff as iiroviding reasonable rales, and asks that (he Poard at Copies of tl.<' complaint will iinnied' ately Uo fiiriiislied tlu- tliirloen rail road companioK operal"nu In Kansa.- •iiid they wi 'l ho given tui days in which lo eilli.'r give iiolico that ihey will iiiit Iho rales Into offoct or file •luswers lo the comp'alnt. .Moinhert •if the Roiifd yeslOrdav nftoriioon ex u'oss'll slight hone thai Ihe road? Avill nut in tie rates without a light Legal repreKOiitaiives of the railroads hero and .1. n. Koontz. poneral freight agent of the Santa Fe, state how.?ver that il Will • be the po'-'cy of the •allroad companies to fl-jlit the pro- ifisoii rodiicilons lo tho Inst ditch. , .Mr. Kooiil/. says that the rates pro' IOK(M 1 by Iho Hoard are unreasonable mil that llie roads catinot stand the rediiciion.s. What steps will lie taken 'ly the legal reprosenlaIiv*'s of tlu' -aliroads he riot's not slate but Paul Walker of tlie Rock- Island legal de- larliuent and N. H. l.oomis of the Union Pacific intimate that the mat- 'cr will first be fought out w:th the Board and later in the courts if the Board goes ahead and orders th? now Tariif into effect. Covernor Hoch is out of the city and until he retunis nothing will b? 'earned regarding hi^s plans in regard 'o the frei.ghr rate quastion. Some *inio a.go be intimated (hat he might -all tlio le.gisl.iture in special se.ssion 'or the purpose of enacting a maxi- iiiini freight rate law with the ii;'W •ciiediile as its basis unless the roads ihey the order of the Roard. It would ^e Ills idea to make p>-iiallio:; for vio- 'ation of tiie law so lieavy that IIK railroads would not dare disobey ;i while testing its rca.sonab'oness ir »he conr'.s. In any event it is not irobable Ihat iliero will be Import lilt iloveloiun.-'iits before the ten davf I'voii tho railroads in wiiicn to file mswoi s oxiiiros. A SANE OCiiASION Demurrers Filed. TopeI;a. Oct. :'.l.—Attorney General V. S. ..lackson yesterday afternoon fil- 'd ill Hio United States Circuit Conrt •lere a demnrier to (lie petition of Me railroad companies in (lie two ent pa.sseueer fare cases. The suit was slarieil by thirteen railroads oi)er- iliug in; Kansas forj the- pnr|> of -ett'ng aside (he twq cent fare order •nade liv the State floard of Kal'road Commissioner.^ I 'lid an Inliiiicdon is asked restraining Ihe members of (he 'oanK 0. .F. Orattan, attorney to Hi? Boiird. and Attorney General .Tackson ^rom proceeding agafnst them for vto 'ailon of the two cent fare order. Ill his demurrer Attoriiev Genera' Tack«on rnli'es ihe contenlltm thnt th? CDiirl 1« entlrelv without tur'sllctlon 'o enjoin hint from doing hlH duty as lie c<uistiliiiional law officer of the <liifo. Ho doe -i not foiich iinrui Ihe •datt». The railroads Koek to have •he attorney general enjoined from dlsehantintr hia dtitlet uotjer tlie constitution. It ig Hinipiy another presen- «a»on of the state soverlegnty controversy that has he«n on in Minnesota. Georgia and Xorth Carolina for several months. No pctlon regard'ng th*? two cent '"ire suit has as veL been taken by '1. P. -Tlrattan. the nttomev to. the Board wto wii» nrohat/y handle the H 'atter (he Board. vnifttpien rft »«nifmei»te«'. TonoVa. Oct. 31.—Maior A. M. PiiU- -r tho r^tular armv olPcer on duty ".'tb (he Kanoas Nat'onul Guard enTv .•nendsv tlje Kansws mU'Oamen bhrhly ^^^^ . loIa Yonths Are Not .^yin? Xaeli Ahout llullowe'eB NIgbt Pranks. Unless the American boy is "play» ing possum" today, Hallowe'en Is going to lie a very tame affair. With • that eventful time but a few honrs distant, wliich In former years was an oc<:asion of much delight to the youngster and of much annoyance to elder persons, inoist people In lola! are unaware that Hallowe'en is "here except, as it is called to their atten* tfon by a. casual glance at tjio calen- ; d|»r. Cliief fJafos. of the police force, how , over, is not going to be fooled by ap- \ peaiaiices. He is today ca.sting a ?«»- pic."i)iis glance at the j'omigster who , with all the iiepioanor of a good little, hoy on bis way to Sunday school, i» qui.->tly marching along the street tc day. In fact the chief has adviaeit his force to ho on a close watch and has given them iitstriictions aa to how miicli property can bo destroyed iinil how much disturbance is permlBS^ iblti boforo tho agenlH of the law have aiiv rigid to "butt In." The ofliceis of cours*' understand that this is one occasion when thejr., are not siiiipos »Hl to have any control over the kids. This is genarally un- •Icrstood to bo the one time in the i fo of Ihe lK )y when he has a right t.> exorcise his lungs to their utm08(,. tn lie wires aci-osvi Ridnwalks, pile- boxes in the front of doorways of tho .J ' steal buggies from"; hams and run, them into the river, or lo anyiliing Uiat the exuberance^ if vontli may prompt him to do. How.-ner. life iioiice wilir'place a limit on the fi;oe<loni of the youth. Tbo hfty with the strhlstic temperament will not lie exiiecled (o leave samples if.hbi wfirk on the windo\<'» of the bii.sin?ss boiisos, nor tie up the Electric raiiijay 1>y soaping the tracfcfv Neither \|ill he bo expected to demolish any properfcy. ..' i The origin ot Hallowe'en Is [a delightful stor.v and (he following frtra an exchange may be of interest to those •who have not given the subject much study: ;.. The observance of Hallowe'en, oc All-Hallow eve. is a tradition hianded down from the anclsnt DruMftr 'Who celebrated their harvest festival on •he last day. of October. The next lay was AlbHallow'.s. or .^ll -Salnt ^l li.v. nn.l so Ihey called (he 'festival All Mallow e'en. Th? gay game.q of modern times ire not n>iteh like the solemn rites QC Ilio. nniiils. hill a connection may be, raced beiweeu iho supernatural he-' 'iefs of tho aiici.'iits. and (ho burleK-' •Ilio all em ids lo pry into, the rayster-.' 'OS of the future which oiir Hallowe'en 'tin represents. [ , after the time of thn Druids.' simple-minded country people continued to: hoUeve In charms and witchcraft, and especially claimed that ott. the night of Oetober :tl wttchefl and. goblins h dd revel and fairies dimeed 'iboiit in the woods. From HieBeJBnlP- t.i, or their manifestations. It W«B be." •loved ihiit the future could be fore- 'o!d and liuiuan destinies disco^leired. As our celi 'hration of the occasion, merely a wHmslcal odaptatlon of ill this, tliore is one thing clear at •ho outset: To a successful Hallow­ e'en party the young guests mnst brin? a largo stock of imagination, a 'est. for m?rriinent and- an unfailini; 'iiad of good humor. For manyj Hal- 'owe'en (ricks result in turning the 'aiigh on one -pr another, and this •mist be accepted in a .gay, good-nat- ired spirit. Old fashioned Hallowe'en parUes '»er3 held in the kitchen, and where this is practicable it: is a goodiplace for many of the games. But all ot the rooms sh.^tild he decorated 'withl., frophies of tho harvest. Pumpkina. annlos. gra=ii stalks and autumn leaves ^ffer materials for beautiful anil ief-| 'oelive triiiinUns; and. If desired.' IraiKT^es of red and .vellow cbe^e- 'rkf h ami oniameiitatlonsi of red anif •efiow^ ereii.^ paper mav be added, 'ack o" laiitorii.s are, of ieourse,.a no- -es.^ily. ' '1 TRAIN DERAILED—NO F.VT.HITIES^ Vccidrnf Near Hprrinirton Besnltei Is Injury to Eight People. ' Topeka, Ka.^.. Oct. P. 1.—None, of the -igbt persons injured last night In a Icrailmeiit near Herrington, Kas., of•he >veKt bound El Paso passenger 'rain number twenty-three, on the lock Island were f itally hurt TheTr were brought to the company's hoa- oital here and it is stated today thejr viii prohablv soon be able to resume their'joiirney._,» ^ RI'.SSIAN WO.MAN HANGED. Oealli Poiullr Enforeetl Beeanie SiM ^ Murdered a Ocneral. • [ Peiorsiui'g. Oct, ai.—Mile, Ka«- 'M opiunikova who on:October 28th hilled-*-^ Jiuicral .Maxliuoff, director of the de- ntirtineiit oi the prison, was harfgnd this moriilrig. —IP— tlon and conduct durlnc the reeeift anniial encampment at Ft. Rtle^ •ad''^ makes but two criticisms la hla t9-- •wrt to the War Departmont. whlett has; hist been transmitited to QovenHfr*-1 Hoch. He c<HnnientB favorably on th«"| d'«cdp'jnc display^di andi says fluU, ti^ri^ din not see an (ntioixlcated oiBeer or^ man during the 'encampment. : Hs^^ takes a rap at. tho bfflcers for.Ca *n properlv insnect the coiolc px ^^mutam (ents of tbe enlisted men thbii^ aJOLf criticizes the-men for failnre^ta ahimi'' ijropor r^soect tor cOBinilaaiMedti flcersL This latter fault he." ^*-*- iHurtially hv at^ement oC-;! dliio^ at

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