Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1908 · Page 12
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 12
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4 imiOLA ICE Ato GOLD STORAGB CO. CRYSTAL ICE Ami ]Nati|l«d W#ter Set up and connectcdi'felso any other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. Leigh Hunt at Chanutc I>:gli Hunt and come of his «J«ri»- eArt; camA down fmm lola this mom- 'mg fo look OTPr th»? north plant h«r». Those accommttTintr hiai wpre E. SI. Stpv^n^ and E. C. Champion. • • • J. M. SK'wart is down from lola "gn bneine<is todar—Tbannte Sua. fl .f »0 Y^,tl\f of Wabon for 35r at J O M.indif 4- Co. TnJH^. AB4Har Jin XatiMi. imtg* fr«« an4 JttdiB^ TBnttaa. Att smih OB tbr 8 <Mnb '>ni Kaamt ator rnvft^ wfll *|k«-*k totfar at Oar- 0<>tt att<l toaixkt at 1.rntf«i. J W<>st and Vr Tolk? KD to roffcrrVle. Vr. Smtt (n lola m4 Mr. MatkNi to hii own boa^ to maaia atil aXlr thr elMrtkin.— Lawrraee 4Sai«tte. Mr KasotK 'Af of Allen eoontr. pmbibltionlsr-^teporla Oax«tl«. b> a —OTBt «r« aBT wylo at Omr-mny. Rev. Bertch Mere. Rpv. C. EL Bertch l«»ft last pvi'nlng for a trip to Oarn»;tt. lola, rbanut^. Fori Scott and other towns incloded in his district. He is tbe district superintendent of ibe confermiee of the Pnited Bretbr's'n church and during hi.c. trip be will bold ten qnarteriy meet iarsi—Pittsburg Headlight. lap mut'P^iphf'Hmm^&i —Sign painting, rbona 1(28. Pred Rowdaa. A Record-Braaking CrovM. Senator Long reaehed lola . this week in a trip to Garnctt to fill a speaking engagement there, nndlag the roads impassable, fce consented to speak in lola, and the crowd vaa a record breaker.—Ottawa Herdd. —Alt* Suafa aad an kfats ar ]lracr«Fk0M fvpabbf* 'Mi- Cnmiaa Jc Frldav the eountr «»urt?l« the par- ini; coairac< to r:ilflilaQ.>£ 9nn 10 pare the an cnuare feet -^rr.m the .hlfoii rack?. Tola brick will be: used In the paving. The contract price was %\AA per square yard. The cotitiract for cnr>*ine the square wafl let lo P»t Bropby for 47 cents per Ilaeal foot. Parthaire lime stone i .<t to be nsed for-j the curbing:—N'erada Post. •bo 4iM or fefer M ihie atJM^ rlBUseeit ' rrsitts tn electing •« lire roumy tirfcei la Tftimtzctoxfry We <{Mat hear the r^«i? of jBtok ea ^Ti^ . - ., fuil of aerffabeat. irregular <if paMa;» "^to" sew.-al days afier or aiten4«|4 br a MnsaOon of scaldiar .in the P !:ni ^pine«.•* The ttmpuma «< kJiaey troable aire, iMi unaiiatalcaliie that tkej- leave ao, itgnay ^r,mad to*jlo«h «L arir. 1^ fortr 4ar» *tx^r Tilf- b&ck aches coustaatttr. beadadies /ind dizzr spelt? mar occnr aad the' viciim ts irfteii' weighed down by a' feeling of laagoor and fatigue. .\'e«-' Aai Pr. StntfXmt wl5hes» Inform le.n ihe«e warnings and there In dan- «"nner patroas and the puhtlc that he ger of dropsy. Bright's Dts*>a."*e. or dia has resamed the gfnerat practice betcf. .Any one of these symptoms Is '.medicine, combtnine » with ^rnlng enough .0 begin treaUng the „ . „. , He ii ftMotswrf tv tjlo ra» Brat* of KnnMS. ti iters •ie .rfed to each. tj coaCBrr.nir ib^feta: Seeti /wt i The CaBowiac tint Ki 3m>nd the »tAfe vUftmt ia f.. .It - 'joAiilfeil Hectara a( (•.r ti *rir spprdralor li. 3rtict« X boi :.. .'.-u-i a.s fc»llowa: Sie. MLP • !<-.~5 »,f ibe ^aprcaMH tA ai: eourta ^.t«eoa#if •rar^ £-fcaif, at Stated ttoea^ ||Miv« fbr ii}<-»r .senrices such tt /rngthmUtm 9M ,:z.»r be provided by lawl'^iidl AgU |nf>! be increase dariac tfMBr !T:Te terms of oHlc*j, of Enrgery 9a ([li Jastieca ir :jiide >5 shal! recehra Bp feea or paf>> ™*igiil.>itfs nor bold any other ofllea tqt profii f.r tri:st under the authoritf of »li>> state, or the italted Saataa,"^- the office of jndge of any fcdatal Delay often prcvea , Rooms f^ men. T. H. G. A. balldlag. (iteam heat in each mora. Baths tree. Ftad X««r Ffeli. H. A. CartWTlght; manager of the gas company telefibOBed to Mrs. Cart- WTlc^ early FrMf:^ moraing that tliey had fonnd gaa (la Hhe well they are gas fa tary aacoarasfag. - Bata^ las tkaft^tha.wail win baf«tad^ ;Biii ^H|t9a .ltespiWi^ ^ —Oar Orvtan; INa. 7 to f p. n HIS CITIZENSHIP RESTORED. Udaeys at once faUl I Tou can use no better remedy than ; Doian"a Kidney PUlg. Herp's folal proof: ; . M .T. .\nnle Adkinsi rf 311 Vorth Disabilities in Case of Dr. Goddard street rola. Kas.. says: F^nr some. Removed by Folk, ^ime I was subject to attacks of dull! . hearing down pains across my loins T-#f«ri«n n iTuT K^r Dr J and some Umes feH It Juat over my' J««erson CI ly.Mo...NoT. X—Dr. J. hips BHag Bare that the cause was D. Goddard of Kansaa Qty. who re- £om.' derangemeat of- the kidneys and cently* completed a long teirm ia the seeing Doaa-sKldn^ Pill, highly j pe„,tentla."T. had kla dtaaH|ltlw j» recmnmeaded in our local papers. lIlVv, „-i^ ftZToowwiS went 10 Chaa. R. Spencer * Co-'s drag*"^*** ^orernOr store and got a box. 1 aaed them aa.fVilIt to^y. Dr. Goddard was Mnteae- directed aad mast say that they did a« aa infinite aiaoaia of gaod. F hava • A court or justice or judge of a ccPBrt flf \ *° ! this state, dnrlng the tena^^of olBca DQT od. for twenty yearn on eqatrletlqa of mnrder la the second dacrae. Qor^ Mr. Cartwr^gat did aoc lay aov aifcn gas there waa. bet tkb flediaf of aasn heea since using Doaa's Kidney Pills. , ^,»„M««r M. •••iii. Ttor sale bjr all daalani Prica 50 reara. At the pealtaatlaTj^medl. ca£ta Poatar-lfObara Ce^, Buffalo, lea! kaowladga araa-atUlzed W the the York, solo^amia for, ti|a Ualtad nospltal^aad It is>iald.thattha waa take ao ctbcr- now aald to be at Claasaat an. Mo. which such InjuEtices afid llteaa i^iall be elected, nor practice'lawful any of the courts- in the state dniiag u^r continuance la dffiee. ' 'Bee- %. This. proposition shall ba submitted to the ele^^rs of »tha at the geiieral election oCreprea tiyes in the year* l«DR for th9l^.< t-foval Or reiectlon.-The am« hereby proposed-- shall be OB the ofiicial JidlloL hjr the title: ~The Jtidlcial amendmaail eonpUtntion." ahd shall l|a*^ or agaiifst as proride*' " iach>title. ./-^i**- Faased the Seoaia^l PiUiad the Hcnisal A^rared Marfan^' I kereby cerfUr lk|#; If a traa^ aad senate BOW oa flla M-16-36.

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