Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1907
Page 6
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PLEAS15T TJtLLlST. 1 There will be no leagae at the Valley Sunday night, November 3rd. We wish to attend quarterly meeting at Diamond. There will be Epworth League Snqday, the 6th, the same as usual—7:30. p. m. All cordially invited to attend. -Mr. Wm. Bird was out to his farm Monday on business. Mrs. Dave Wlllmoth. brother and siRler, Mr. and .Mrs. Lucas, from 111- inolK, wore vlsltlnB them last week. Allen Gnsmingcr is working on the new cement plant at Carlyjle. at present. A!«o Tom Wilkcrsoni They seem to like their work real well. Miss Cecil HolllnKSWorth is visiting In La llarpc this week. There will be a box social at the Spring Unuirli school house next Saturday night. .N'ovenibcr :Jud. The public is tiivlied to attend. I^^dics don't forget to bring your well filled boxes for there will be plenty of young men to buy them. Aliss .May Wlllmoth spent Monday night with LeOrrel Berklhiser. FIl.ilKlE ROSE. The ladies' .\id cleared between $9 and .$10 on their lunch at Mr. Ulgg's sale Thursda.v. They will serve lunch at Wayne Wright's sale November 7. The rainy day Friday brought disap pnininicnt to a number who were invited to the quilting ahd carpel rag tacking at .Mrs. Laury's. •Mrs. Beeson drove down to .Mr. Bennett's west of Elsniore one day last week and called on Mrs. Kronk and little baby daughter. -Mrs. Broniagen and daughter. .Mrs. Maggie Worth visited with friends at .Mr. Bigg's the day of the sale. County Sii|)eriutendeiit Mrs. Fuu.«ion was vi.siting schools iu this pari of the cotinty last week. . .Mr. .Myler is having the house occupied by lien Ludiuni moved to-the north east • corner of the place just south of Charley Ford's and is building a new stable, .Me.«ilanips .Anna Ford. Flora 'Slyves- tcr. Fannie W«iod and .Mary Wood wore guests Thursday of yUf.. Tom Wood. .Mr. -Aitloberry and family of Con- croln. .Mosdanies Ida Wright. Heckon- liablo. Kniery Broughton and .Miss Maude llockonliable were guests of Mrs. Biggs the iday of the sale. .Mr. and .Mrs. Uiirrlss came out from l.:i Marpe .Monday for a week's visit with their daughter. Mrs. Minnie Rog- ns. and family. While out here Mr. Biirriss will build some sheds and do ^lmlo oilior carpenter work. Mr. and .Mrs. Colgin of Illinois, arrived Saiurda.v night for a few days' vi.':!! wlili the laltei's cou.sins. .Mrs. .Mary Ford, and .Mrs. .Matlie Wood and other relatives. .Ilni Rogers and family spent Sunday vi.-iitiiig relatives in La Uarpe. .Mr.-i. I-oIlle R'lljb took .Mr. and .Mrs Colgin .Monday to spend the day will their aunt, .Mrs. .Mary .McCinnis, near Old Elsnifue. Mont Brown, of lola. visited the- l.ftlor p.irr fii the week at the home o! his nurlo. Frank Knaii|). As an oyster is protected by its Sihell, so are (^sterettes protected by the moistiire and dust- proof package which brings them to your table -with a delicious crispness and savory flavor that give a new. relish to oysters, soups, or chowder NATIONAL. BISCUIT COMPANY DR. MURLIN TO SPEAK ABOUT A THIRD TERM ULSTini T .>0. :1K Miss Hattie Miller olj LaHarne. wa-r the guest of Mario Mooro last week. Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Huff and .Mr. and .Mrs. Harris of. Savonhtirg. an.' Mr. and Mrs. .Monio Walqiiist visiten at Mr. Roberts' Sunday. Mr. and .Mrs. .Moore visited rela tivcs and friends in .Moran last wesn. .Mrs. .\nthon Thomiison visited at Chas Thompson's last week. Misst's .Mario Moore and Halti<- Milior visited .Mr. and .Mrs. R. D. Lakt Monday. Chas. .Tacohsoii is painting th:Fair View school house. President of Baker UniTersfty to Appear at ¥. M. V. X. Sanday. Secretary Starkey of the Y.M.C.A. has secured Dr. Murlin, president of Baker University, for the men's meeting next Sunday afternoon. Dr. Murlin Is one of the strongest speakers n the state and lola people who have heard him praise him highly. Dr. .Murlin has chosen as his subject, "Having a Good Time in Life." The n\eet1ng is to be held at .1:::u Rhari), and will be for men only. A. L. Boatright has consented to sing at the meeting. No home is so pleasant, regardless 'if the comforts that money will buy. 18 when the entire family la In perfect health. A bottle of Orino Laxa- 'Ive Fruit Syrup costs 50 cents. It will cure every member of the family of constipation, sick headache or stom ich trouble. Burrell's drug store. Labanrchc, the Famous Engli.shman. PralMeti Kooserelt's Kefuitul. HIBERT GOT SIXTY DATS. Former lola Man Conldn't "Work" Kailnay OfticialM. ScoU*s Emulsion is an invaluable remedy for Hubert, the man who stole dynam ite from the lola Portland cement nlant and placed It under a railway i>ridge near WSchita and then not! -'d The officials of it with the idea of getting a reward, was given a fine and sixtv dav-s in jail at WSchlU this week. Word J to that effect was received here today. Hubert is said to have worked the game successfully several places. He was formerly em ployed at the lola Portland cement plant. ED FILI-ER TO KEFOK.MATORY. Into Thief Was Taken to Hutchinson Today. yourself family. It makes a and your thin baby plump, a weak child strong, a delicate woman robust, an ailing man hearty. Emulsion builds up the system and in that way prevents disease. PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE f SAFE - CONVENIENT ECONOBIML *. U]raar4MlwdaotliiUilMSt,«ilteto THE STANDARD OIU COMPANVj Ed. Fuller, who pleaded guilty to stealing Dr. P. S. Mitchell's automobile, was taken to the Hutchinson re formatory this morning by Sheriff C. O. Bo'ilnger. The stealing of the Automobile and the capture of Fuller is stUl fresh In the minds of the read •rs of the Register. He took the automobile from the garage on West Madison street, drove it twenty-eight miles northwest of Tola and concealed "l In the dense timber, and then went to Rich Hill.,-'Mo.. where-he-was cap tured by Officer Creed and Sheriff Uollinger. Owing to Fuller's youth he was given a sentence in the reformatory. HEAR CHr .NMNfl CASE TODAY. "harged With HemOTlntr Morttraved Property From ConDty. The hearing of W. R. Chimnlng. charged by the Peoples' Store with re- Tiovlng mortgaged property from the county, is to occur this afternoon In ludge Potter's court. Chunning was brought back from Neosho Falls yesterday by Undersherlff Boatright. He claims that he did not take the property out of town and that it is still here. The pro|)erty was bought from »h«» People's Store on the installment plan. London. Oct. 29.—Henry Labourche, forty years a member of jiarliament, now a member of the king's privy counsel, is one of the keenest observers of American political atfiiirs. In the current Truth he says: "President Roosevelt may be his own successor, but were 1 an American I should be against this on general principles. No matter what the man's abilities may be, it is idle to su|)pose there can be only one man in the fnited States who Is fit to be Its president. History has shown that the best kings are more dangerous to self government than the worst, and what is true of kings la equally applicable to presidents, probably even more so. for they have more power than most constitutional kings. "Washington did no wiser or more patriotic thing than in refusing to be president a third time. Kven second tei'ms have had their disadvantages, for many American presidents have been too mtich influenced during their first term by the hope of sectiring a second. "A greater danger in a republic is that one of its citizens should he so I)opular that, under republican forms, he becomes to all intents and puri)oses a sovereign. Once a man becomes practically president for life the idea is encouraged that it would be better to accept his son as his successor instead of leaving this to popular election. Soon lo.valty to the family of the ruler is inculcated as a patriotic virtue and devotion to the sovereign replaces devotion to the country. We have a monarchy, hut we have laid it down as a principle that our sovereign reigns, hut does not govern. If the United States were a monarchy the result in all urobability would u if be so fortunate." SIX .HO>THS IN STATE PRISO. Former Mutnal Life Vice President .Sentenced for Perjnry. New York, Oct. 29.—A sentence of six months in the penitentiary was today imposed upon Dr. Walter E Gillette, former vice president of the .Mutual Lifa Insurance company, who was convicted of perjury. Dr. Gillette first denied, and then admitted to a grand jury that ho had deposited 4^5.000 in a bank to be used in Influencing legislation affecting in surance companies. A physician testified today that Dr Gillette was suffering with heart trou ble,,and that imprisonment might re suit in his death. trie for—you With three broken ribs and a sprained ahouider, unable to raise his left arm. Jim Lamb, assistant superintendent of the lola Electric Railway company, performed his usual duties yesterday. ' He seldtHn complained, al- htough bis suffering must have been intense. Realizing that there was not ah extra man to go on the car.and do his work he continued his regular duties as if nothing had happened. Monday evening as he attempted to board a moving car Mr. I>amb was thrown to the ground where he , struck his shoulder and left side on a trade With UB. Wc are—, . the rails of a switch. Both his face juff different makes aud ^^ilUr and head were bruised severely by the *> Tta 1 f", j ''57S?>iDif heavy cinders. In the fall .Mr. Lamb the different 5tyle3 made,' suiJtained three broken ribs and a ^bUne VOU tO SUit VOVOnAtlP'' 'i sprained ligament in his left shoulder. K !s to the finish ^^20^.^ 1 FRriT IS TO BE A Li-xiRY. and price of the instrument. Hapfty the Housewife Who Had Some Left Over. a piano bargain looking " a easy matter $200,(100 TO E.NTERTAIN HOOT. Mexico Says OfHcial Expenditure Was Over Rated. City of .Mexico, Oct. 29—On account the magjiiflcent manner in which Srcretary of State Root was entsr tained in this city, exaggerated re- l.orts of the expense of this entertainment have boDn sent out. Although the government has made no official statement of the expense, and probably wll not. it is said by persons In a position to know, that the expense will not exceed $200,000 In Mexican money. Of course the entertainments of private persons and serial organizations would bring the total many times higher, but the expense to the government has been very generally exaggerated. ASK FOR WHAT YOF WA\T and ask ompbaiically. Do so ihidiiKh he Register 's want columns. If you want an employer or an emnloyoo ,\t>ii can find him in a hurry if you tak< this course. The RrRlKior will loll our wanlK to many Ihousunds of neo!o as quickly aj) you can tell thorn personally to a dozen people. Vou can't afford the slow way. OID\T THAM.'E BOI'XDARY LIXE. ''ountr Snpertnlendents Deride I'oanfy Line Srbool Matter. on County Superintendent Maude Fun- iton and County Superintendent C. H. Kennedy, of Anderson county, held 1 conferance at County Line school li^trict Monday afternoon to decide ->n the matter of taking more terri- 'ory into the district. They decided •o leave the boundaries of the district IS they are at present Parties had oetltioned to include more territory 'n the district and it was up to the superintendents iif the two counties to decide the matter. CHRISTMAS PRESE.\TS Nothings better than a nuigazino for friend. For your magazines see 4. E. HE.XDERSON, Phone S)8. 414 ,\. Bucki^e. I'O E>TKKTAi.> XOVEMBER .S. I'rcsliyterinn Sunday School Ha.s Is. sued Inrltatlon.s. \ number of the Presbyterian Sun•lay school have Issued Invitations to their parents and friends to an entertainment, which will be held in the. Pipsliytorlan church Sunday school iiarlors on the evening of November Mb. A firogram Is being prepared, which will furnish the amusement for the occasion, after which refreshments will be served. Tomato pickles, preserved yellow pear tomatoes and canned rhubarb win grace the table of the economical housewife this winter in place of the customary canned peaehes. pears and cherries. . The scarcity of fresh fruit for canning purposes has been felt by the lovers of these delicacies for the winter table. Some of the small fruits such as strawberries and blackberries, have been canned, biit only in small quantities. Local grocers say that only about 25 per cent of the usual amount of fruit and jellies wera put up this year. Some of the more fortunate ones have a large supply of fruit on hand left over from last year, hut happy may the grocers be, for ther.= is only a smalj majority of the regula.- fruit eaters thus fixed. Generally speaking there were no neaches, apricots or paars canned this fall in the city. .\s for cherries, the watchful farmer has had no need of the customary scarecrow to protect his fruit this year, and the cherry pie eater will have to do without. "Even in California fruit is high." said a dealer, "for even there only about one-third of the usual crop of fruit has been raised. In some sections, perhaps, where the crops are too small, to ship, the fruit will be .sold reasonably cheap, but this is not true of the country as a whole, for even" In localities whore fruit is plentiful the prices which can ba had by shlp- Idng the fruit are so great that the local fruit Is sold on the same scale of prices as the retail price in other parts of the country-. High prices are general throughout the United States." Come In today and hear thea. , Wo wIU guarantee you iril| /]; pleased. , . '»;. ./'^^ John y« Roberts Piano Hoitse^ mm Water One hundred pounds of Crrs. tal Ice win-inake 12 gallonaoC distilled water aaltabl* liir family use.' Try it. ' - Malce&ColiStirasoCt FRANK RIDDLE. Mff. - - /In most cases consumption resultf from a neglected or improperly treated cold. Foley's Honey and Tar cures the most obstinate coughs and prevents serious results. It costs you no more than the unknown preparations and you should Insist upon having the genuine in the yellow package. Barren's drug tsore. Home Made'Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for... Poultry and HidciujJajiiJ OTTO HINZE, UTTO-DATE MEAT AVARKET 118 East Madison CULBERTSON SPOKE Was Foruully Inaugmrated Into Oflice| of President of Emporia College At Emporia Yesterday. .MOVIMi DRILLIXn RlflH. Four Wells Will Be Drilled nn the Horrllle Farm. r)ril!iug rigs are holns moved to the Horvillt' farm west of this city again today. The Kansas Porlltind Coiiient M >irH>auy drilled in a number of wells on the Horvillo farm some lime ago. but no wells have been dril'- I in this field for several months. Four wells will be drilled in this field again before the rigs are moved away. DRPRICES At the twenty-fifth anniversary ceremonies of the founding of the College of Emporia Saturday morning. Rev. Henr>- Coe Culbertson. formerly pastor of the Presbyterian church in this city, was formally inaugurated into the office of president of the institution. Rev. Culbertson gave an inaugural address on the subject of "The Distinctive Missions of the Denomin ational College." He spoke of'the influence of the life of Christ upon the world, in its social and spiritual life. Christian education, he said, was important, and was believed in by the people of the Unite<l States because it makes man more of a man. "The College ideal," he said, he would uphold, giving the relative pes! ions of the coMege and the university. The latter Is the place where higher education and greater works should be undertaken, and the undergraduate work should he done in th.= denominational colleges. Is the opinion of President Culbertson. The smaller numbers attending colleges make It a better place for the gi-ttlng of learning, because more attention can be given the Individual students. Individuality Is also better developed than In a large university, whera one loses himself In the large nimibers. The uncultured and unlearned are not given the aid of the brilliant. The ties of brotherhood and of democracy are not made, and- the school is divided into cliques and fraternities which take from the unity of the student body .Mr Cu'bertson stated that he thought better work could be done in a collage of less than three hundred students, and said he hoped the Synod would start another college as soon as the number of students in the college de partment of the College of fimpor'a exceeded that number. "Equipment such as that offered by large imlversi- tie» Is desirable." said President Cu'­ bertson. "but when we look over the past years and inquire why the Co! lege of Emporia has sent out men who have won the respect and admir ation of the eastern colleges, the answer is that they have been In contact with teachers who taught them to think for themselves." STEY mm Good Tfiings to Eat Teie |>hoD6 IS9 lola Business Coilejie Might or D»y SoBmtom Penmanship, Arithmetic, EliicntloiV Bookkeeping, English, Physical Coir ' ture. etc.. Shorthand. Letter Writing, ClenenI Ctmtnttm, Flagstone and Cement Sldewallu Curbing a Spedaltjr. Office lU East Jaduoa • 'J. 111 SoBtb WasUartoi^fllb The fbiest la tbe world i^^n ordering ask for Dr. Price's by aamcb ebe die grocer may Uxgelt the land you are aTffwtometi to. Ladies 'XlsiORury Wfll Hold Offeriatr. The Ladies' Missionary society of •he United Freabjrterlan church will hold the regiilar thank offering service "on Thursdwr evening In the church at eight o'clock. A brief mis- sionarA' service frith the thank otter­ ing. The con^esatlOB and friends are cordially Invited to worship with us. A congregational aoclal will follow the Mrvlce. - Sccrjrtary and Presldeiit. Well, Friends Pancakes are in order. We have th* matcrail to make them jot. -„ Ralston P. C. Flour, per pkg.....lOe Ralston Prepared B. W. Flour, per pkg .....>10e Pcruna Whole Wheat Flour, 12tb sack ^...'.........-.SOc Good Fresh Meal, per sack .20o Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maple, Fancy Table. White Table, and Sorghum. FRYER BRQS. ar««ry aod Meat JWwlwt Phoors 308 ipd aOl j m For Farming landk-in for fam laadsj or lola. Gas City

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